6/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

So… the bomb has gone off.. sirens are sounding.. and we find Lee has rushed to the scene of the bombing looking for Amanda.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000945512
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000948314He’s getting frustrated looking around and actually gives himself a slap on the leg.
[I’m guessing this is Lee cranky with himself for letting Amanda go do spring cleaning without him.. serves him right!]
Suddenly, Lee stops looking around and focuses on a figure in the distance on the hill.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000949916
He recognises it’s Amanda.. from that far away..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000950717
swoony! though I guess the red skirt did kinda help Winking smile
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000951117Lee lets out a huge sigh and off he speeds to catch up to her.. and I mean speeds.. he actually runs up the hill to her..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000952385
BTW- check out the baby carriage on the ground.. you know.. the one the bomb was in when it went off! man, they sure do make them tough!!!
An  awful moment where Lee searches for Amanda after the bomb has gone off huh!  The moment he sees Amanda on that hill he has to get to her asap!!! like not even walking – but running!!! swoony no?! he has a sudden moment of clarity – there’s no preoccupation here! Winking smile Lee has just been reminded of how flippin much he cares for Amanda. He’d be devastated to lose her..Hmm.. what is he going to do with this?
Well, I think while he was scared to have almost lost Amanda in the bombing- he was also scared to realise just how deep his feelings for this woman are.. and their relationship changing?? could mean he risks losing her too!!  But.. for now.. Lee is just happy to see her alive!!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000961995
We cut to a view looking down the hill. Amanda isn’t looking around for Lee. She’s off in her own world- deep in thought. About what? Anyone??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000963530
Lee: Amanda? (On hearing Lee’s voice she quickly turns to see Lee fast approaching. drat! she missed him running!) … Are you okay?…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000964731
…When I heard that you were here.. I thought maybe-
Amanda: yeah I .. I”m okay…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000966332
(Lee grabs Amanda by the arms.. as is his way.. and Amanda puts her hands on the lapels of his jacket)
…but that poor man never even had a chance….
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000968335
…Lee I felt the bomb when it blew….
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000970003
…It was like running into a brick wall and I wasn’t even all that close…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000973206
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000973540
They hug each other..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000974341I think Amanda leans in for a hug here and Lee happily obliges.. no hesitation at all.. would you agree? Amanda isn’t looking into Lee’s eyes.. she’s off somewhere else.. probably reliving the trauma of what she just experienced.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000976343
[call me crazy but Lee’s lips seem to touch Amanda’s huge shoulder pad here! hoo haaa]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000977944
Isn’t it sweet how Lee kinda rocks Amanda to comfort her? [maybe a little comfort for Lee too!] Lee puts his arms around her and really snuggles in.. though Amanda keeps her arms between them. Hmm! Is this because of the conversation they had the last time they saw each other?
Lee: I just thank God that you weren’t hurt. That’s all.
[She’s hurt! Just not physically!]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000978812They draw back and their eyes very briefly meet before Amanda nods in agreement.. and Lee looks off at the drama going on down the hill.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000980347
Why does Lee look away? Hmm.. maybe he needed to keep Amanda in his arms.. but the intensity of it all was a bit scary? Okay, or maybe he just senses hostility approaching? do share what you think!!

Amanda gives Lee a look while he is looking away.. what a lovely profile- right Amanda?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000980613
In this moment, she seems to be looking at Lee, her hands on his lapels.. and thinking about the two of them. Whoa.. what do you think Amanda is thinking here guys?? S
he continues to look at Lee, as she adds quietly to herself: I’m okay.
She moves her hands slightly, though they remain on his chest. and she smiles lightly.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000981214
My guess? she’s thinking to herself: ‘the moment I’m in Lee’s arms, I’m okay!! I really am okay now. Whoa girl!! Umm.. what is going on here??!!’
[In the script Lee lashes out angrily at Amanda at first before realising how distressed she was.. stupid! I’ll forget that! Thank goodness they didn’t go with that!!]
The cop Manny comes into view. So this is what had caught Lee’s attention. I already don’t like this cop – he got in the way of their hug!
Lee: Hey Manny, is this your case?
Manny: why don’t you go crawl under a rock where you belong?

3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000984351
Ouchy.. that’s a bit harsh isn’t it?? feeling threatened Manny! Not feeling like such a big strong manny with Lee around? ! Amanda looks at Lee here a little shocked at what Manny says to him.
Manny: I’ve got a simple bombing case here… [rofl! is there such a thing??!!] I don’t need you spooks complicating my life. [boo flippin hooo Manny]
Lee simply clears his throat in response. Guess he knows not to antagonise Manny! Lee looks over at Amanda.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000986820
Manny to Amanda: You know this joker Mrs King?
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000990757Amanda quickly looks to Lee: does he know???
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0009924253.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000991558Lee (regretfully): yeahhh he knows..
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000993560[Okay.. how swoony is this profile Ladies?!]
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000995628Lee to Manny: Amanda’s part- time. She runs errands for me.
[Okay, I guess Lee is trying to protect Amanda by minimising her involvement with the agency here.. but this grates on me!!! she runs errands for me?? what happened to her doing a little typing? this sounds much more subordinate to me than her doing some typing! and.. with all this coming to a head in the last episode ( Mr Brand) and I think in this episode – I think  this might be a 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000996763comment to watch and come back to…
Amanda nods and smiles at Manny.
Manny: so you’re a spook too. Well why didn’t you say so? [ err cos you would have told her to crawl under a rock? I don’t get this guy!] .. it’s no crime to be a spook. Not even in this town.
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001001167[though I will add – those sunglasses of his deserve an arrest! ]3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001002836

Amanda sees that Elizabeth has been cuffed and is being led to a patrol car. ridiculous!!
BTW- that is sooo not a toddler in that bundle the lady is carrying!

Elizabeth is being taken to the station to be finger printed and to check her against a ‘federal radical list’ – Oh dear.. is that what Amanda would have been working on with this spring cleaning? Umm.. shouldn’t they be able to fill Detective Manny Trudeau in on this?

Manny leaves them saying he’ll talk to them later. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_0010111773.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001012779
Amanda: Lee!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001013580Lee knows exactly what she means by saying his name.. awh…
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001014381
He looks regretful: They have to. 3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001015982

Do they? really? hmm.. Interesting.. we cut back to Amanda and in response to Lee’s comment that they have to? She doesn’t look to accept this at all. She’s unchanged. IMHO she doesn’t think this should be happening.. and well.. I agree with Amanda! I think it’s dumb!
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_001016783Okay everyone.. so how did Lee know Amanda was there?? who told him? Amanda didn’t look to be expecting Lee so it wasn’t her.

The agency didn’t know Amanda had gone to that Rally. They would have known she was doing spring cleaning on Save our Bay, so maybe it was a possibility they could have followed the lead eventually.. but how did they know? who told Lee? – oh wait.. they have their ways!!! Winking smile 

How lovely is this hug huh?! Lee doesn’t seem to be withdrawing from Amanda at all after their last conversation, he welcomes her hug.. and snuggles in.. Amanda? She’s upset and looking for comfort.. but she isn’t sure what’s going on with Lee – and keeps her hands between them.. what do you think guys- do you think this is significant??
3.03 OVER THE LIMIT.avi_000978011

Interesting to think that this is the very next time they see each other after Lee’s ‘she’d look really grrr grrr great! in your dress Amanda’ gaffe!!! Is it just me or is Amanda holding back here with Lee a little?? How do you rank this hug people?? do tell!! I find Amanda to be very different to the hug she gave Lee in OOADP!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002677811
and that was after a close call with death also – she was very open in OOADP and loved his hug.. here?? she’s suddenly not so open.. and while loving it.. hmm I don’t know if she is loving loving it haaa. did that make sense?? She is no longer peacefully happy in his arms maybe.. ??

An interesting opportunity for us to gain some insight into where Amanda is now – compared to back in OOADP.. just what is going on with her? Can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!!

BTW- here is the banner by Lovesmk which covers this scene.. I may as well put it in the post also – so in future people will be able to see it no just when we are walking through this episode- it’s so beautifully done!!!! Kudo’s Lovesmk and thanks for sharing your talents with JWWM!!

Okay I’ve rambled enough.. sorry! I’ll post this and open things up to hear some of your ramblings also! byee for now! Smile

79 responses to “6/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

  1. No, her keeping her hands between them when he hugged her I think it was a subconscious barrier thing. Sure she was looking for comfort, but Lee was, too (even if he didnt realize it at the time) the way he hugged her made it seem to me that he wanted to confirm to himself that she was indeed okay, that he needed to physically see that she was okay! SWOONY … it almost makes me forgive him for being a jerk in this episode … almost 😉


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  3. I don’t think Amanda is keeping her arms between them as a barrier because of his earlier behavior. It’s not a barrier. She’s just had a bad scare and she wants to huddle inside this big guy. I have a big tall husband and when I’m cold or scared I hug him like this. If I have my arms around him they are on the outside and feel unprotected.

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  4. Oh boy. It’s coming. The hug. THE hug. My heart is going pitter-pat. I see Lee as being really worried and concerned for Amanda here. I can hear him thinking, “C’mon, c’mon, where is she? She has to be here, she can’t have been hurt!” I love that he runs a little to get to her, he is just so flippin’ relieved to know that she is okay. With Amanda’s penchant for getting into things, he was worried.

    Oh dear. What is Amanda thinking about. I think she is thinking about the bombing and that huge hunk of burning Rawlings she had to see. She probably is also smelling it. Blech. This was too close – so close that she felt it. How awful. This is probably the most brutal and literally impactful killing she’s ever seen. Is she thinking about Lee here? Maybe. I think she is more focused on business and getting mad at whoever did this despicable act. She is hardening professionally.

    I agree with your take on the hug, iwsod, Amanda leans in for comfort and reassurance from Lee. This is nothing more than that for her – her arm position between them tells me so. Lee, on the other hand, really is thanking God that she is okay because he is realizing that she means an awful lot to him. I think he looks away simply because he sees Manny approaching. With the relief he’s feeling and the dawning realization of the importance of Amanda to him, I don’t see him looking away because it was too intense or scary. No, not this time.

    I do think Amanda does think briefly about him and what’s going on with their personal relationship right now when she gives him that last look in his arms. She is not unaffected by his hug and sincere words of thanks that she wasn’t hurt. I think she is thinking it is ironic because she is being hurt by what she thinks is his new overnight guest habit coming back. Not from a romantic sense, but from a claim sense. I made a comment on the previous post about Amanda’s claim on Lee. Her, “I’m okay,” is more her talking to herself than Lee, I think.

    iwsod, Lee is extra good looking in this episode, his softer side does it to me every time. And I was never bothered by Lee’s comment about Amanda doing errands. I just figured it was his way of giving Manny just enough info. to know that Amanda was with him without telling him what she really did. He doesn’t have a need to know!

    Another gorgeous screen cap! That soft, “They have to,” look. He knows what is going through Amanda’s mind and he feels bad for her. Love it!

    I know how Lee knew Amanda was going to be at the rally, iwsod. Jill called and told him. Duh! Or was it Jack. Oops, just stole some of my own thunder….


  5. IWSOD your comment about the pram made me snigger. It sure was indestructible!
    The hug. Ahhhhh. I don’t see the hands on his lapels as putting up a barrier more that she needed to touch something comforting aka Lee. She’s visibly shaken, possibly thinking how close she came to becoming a fireball, and she’s trying to keep a lid on that. Lee shows up, worried and full of concern and the first thing she does in response is to touch his chest. Granted I’d be touching more after a brush with death but we shall keep it PG 😉
    She doesn’t seem to be in any hurry either to move her hands. Would you be after a hug like that? 😉
    It’s lovely to see such concern and panic in Lee. All giving him and his feelings a shove in the right direction 😉


  6. I am thinking about the difference between this hug and the one in OOADP still and as I was, I started thinking about the circumstances that precipitated both hugs. The one in OOADP does have relief because Amanda was saved and Lee saved her in the nick of time. But he also had been able to recognize the real Amanda and I think that was a part of the warmth that was there between them. They were just beginning to realize and acknowledge the depth of their friendship at that point and there was a bit of wonder and rejoicing that they knew each other so well that Lee would be able to differentiate the real Amanda from a studied fake. I see that as part of that serene smile on her face in that picture from the episode.

    This hug in OTL is a bit different. Sure there is comforting going on and relief that Amanda is safe, but instead of that sublime happiness that they were aware of in OOADP because of Lee’s ability to recognize the real Amanda, there is confusion. I wonder if Amanda is wondering if she would be able to recognize the real Lee? Is he the one that is comforting her now, or the one who scored a 13 on the scale of dissolution and dissipation? And I wonder if Lee is beginning to realize that maybe he can still tell the difference between the real Amanda and an Amanda substitute?

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    • Very interesting, Morley. I do think Amanda’s arm/hand placement is not accidental, In OOADP I think she was glad to be alive. Here, that was never in question. I like how you describe the two hugs and I also wonder if her hand placement isn’t also a little bit of professional distancing. What just happened right in front of her eyes was horrific. Is that the world she wants to live in professionally? Maybe Lee represents that and her hand placement was just her subconscious (:wink:) way of letting her need to distance herself from it come out.


      • I was just noticing, as I was looking at the pictures again, a bit of sadness or regret on Lee’s face as Amanda describes feeling the bomb going off. I wonder if he is thinking, with regret, that he brought her into this world of bombings et al? But, with all of Amanda’s volunteering, she could have ended up at that news conference anyway, or one like it…


  7. I was thinking about this scene again and Lee’s frantic search for Amanda. I’m wondering what Amanda was waiting around for. Could she possibly have known that Lee would somehow show up? It’s obvious that she has already spoken to the police as Manny calls her Mrs. King. Was she told to wait around in case of further questions? Is she waiting for a ride from Lee seeing as he drove in the first place? Is she waiting for Elizabeth Sullivan? Is she just taking a moment to regain her composure? Lee’s behavior indicates that she wasn’t easy to spot or find right away. I can imagine if she had headed back to the Agency or gone home without having seen Lee. Maybe she was just taking a moment, but it just got me to wondering.


    • I figured that Amanda was probably both waiting around to talk to the police more and because she was shaken by what happened, but you’re also right about her not having transportation. She’d have to call someone for a ride. I don’t think she contacted Lee because he was so upset when he was looking for her. It’s possible that she called and left a message with the Agency, but whatever message Lee got must have been vague because he didn’t know whether or not she’d been hurt.

      Here’s an idea: maybe she left the message with Billy. Billy would have been angry about Amanda being left by herself, so he may have had someone hunt down Scarecrow to tell him where Amanda was but left out the part about her being okay in order to throw a scare into Lee.


  8. Okay I just enlisted my husbands help to do a hugging experiment. First I had him hold me while holding onto his T-shirt (he’s retired for goodness sake, he doesn’t wear suits, ever) and then I did the full hug. Got to say it was kind of a nice snuggle having him hold me with my arms inside. Just had to do it whole bunch of times just to check to see which I liked better. It’s a tie. Go ahead try it at home, it’s safe and effective. 😆

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    • I may need to borrow a handsome chap to do this experiment. I’m doing open homes right now, maybe a handsome chap will present at one of my open homes today. Wonder if I can sell the idea of Jules hug experiment? Hmmm, this idea has possibilities. 😉

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      • ROFL! Go for it Kiwismh! You can tell ’em it’s a psychological experiment for a tv show 😉

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        • No luck yet Jule – all so far have had grimly jealous looking wife or girlfriend with them, and the rest just not guys I’d want to hug. :-/ Yikes!
          Anyone out there have a spare good looking – in a Stetson kind’ve way of couse – 45-50 year year old chap excess to requirements? 😉

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    • Jule — I love that you felt the need to experiment!
      Kiwi — Sorry you couldn’t find a suitable bloke. 😦 I feel your pain.

      My only comment pertinent to the discussion (?) is that Amanda often touches/smoothes/pulls on Lee’s lapels… and I think that’s just what she’s still doing here… and she just gets caught inside Lee’s squishy all-encompassing embrace.



    • Oh, Jule…you crack me up! My husband has a stomach bug right now, so I’ll be holding off on any experimentation, but when I try it, I’ll be sure to report back. 🙂


  9. I was thinking about the hug again (why not?), and I thought of something. Amanda holding her arms like that looks like she’s putting a little space between her and Lee, but it also makes it possible for Lee to put his arms completely around her with nothing escaping his embrace. Check it out! No part of Amanda is outside of that hug. (Feel free to take as much time as you like looking at the pictures. 😉 )

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    • Heck yeah! why not indeed!! 🙂 whoooo me like Jestress.. she is certainly cocooned in his wonderful big strong arms there 😉
      I was looking again (hardship huh!) and thinking she seems to hang on to his lapels.. before the hug, during and after.. like she doesn’t want to let go? [after all she isn’t wearing a swoon helmet! 😉 ]
      I wondered if she can feel his heart pounding away with fear (lol the run up the hill may have added to it but let’s not tell Amanda)..

      I think I’ll see the hug as both Jestress- holding back a little, while having her fill haaaa 😉


      • I am finally able to comment! But this time I am just going to scroll through and respond when something pops in my head.
        I like this hug discussion 🙂 I do think that Amanda is holding herself back a bit, putting a barrier up between herself and Lee. There is a contrast between the hug in OOADP. And it would make sense that she wouldn’t embrace him fully after what had just transpired between them. But I like this other idea that it enables Lee to hold her completely and engulf her. It makes the extent of this hug completely Lee’s initiative, although I do think Amanda pulls him in as she grabs his lapels. Actually I think it is a picture of the two of them. It doesn’t matter what protective barriers either of them put up, they don’t work. It does cause this hug to be very tender and even intimate. I love the way Lee tucks his head onto her shoulder and rocks her. It is such a tender view of Lee and how he truly cares for and about Amanda.

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        • Another hug to compare it to could be the one from Class Act. That was right after another explosion, one that Lee and Amanda had just narrowly escaped from together. I think that’s actually my favorite part of that episode, where Lee hauls Amanda to her feet, and they’re just hanging onto each other and repeatedly asking each other if they’re alright. I think if Lee had been with Amanda at the rally, they would have been doing something similar after the bomb went off.

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          • Good comparison, Jestress. I can sense the need for a Hug Post! Got any takers??? Have we had enough hugs yet?


            • LOL I thought it said “Hug party.” I’m in! Post or party- we can always use hugs!


              • Ya got that right! Consider this my party RSVP. Will Lee be there?


                • As long as we all meet down the rabbit hole, then of course Lee will be there! 😉 Ok, by the powers vested in me as a chocolate eating, wine drinking, fuzzy-robed bunny, I declare today Hug Day. Just tell everyone that it’s Hug Day and hugs are mandatory. See what happens! Don’t be shy, just go for it. Report back any unusual results. “Hee hee” she cackles as she flees through the door in Billy’s office down the vortex to the rabbit hole, chocolate in hand and wide open arms ready and willing


  10. I’m loving all the comments so far! As for Lee knowing where Amanda was, well, i figure if something like a rally is going to delay Amanda’s completion of her field assignment, it would be appropriate to call in the change of schedule to the office/agency. This sounds like Standard Operating Procedure, especially for newbies — I suspect Lee would not be as diligent, nor, based on his experience, would the agency expect him to be.

    I’m glad they changed the script. I wonder who was responsible for that? Although I will add that it would have been a very normal reaction. Think of a child who runs into a busy street. When the child makes it safely back into the parent’s arms, the parent hugs the kid for all he’s worth at the same time they yell at him not to ever do that again. I can so see Lee acting that way.

    Instead the show played it so Lee was a good guy rather than a bad guy, and I think this was appropriate too. I truly feel that neither of them are thinking a thing about the level of romance in their hug just now. Lee is relieved that his best friend is not injured, while Amanda is shocked and grieving for the death of an innocent man and how close she came to being killed herself. Unlike Dead Pigeon, there is no sense of relief here. She needs comfort, not romance. I am sure she’s not thinking “black dress” here either, although she may subconsciously still be feeling a distance. This scene is really special that even though timewise they are just a couple hours away from the black dress scene, emotionally they are in a totally different place.

    I bet Lee did some pretty heavy soul-searching when he reran this through his head later. I have no doubt that his knee jerk first reaction would be that his actions reflected the fact that they have become friends, and in the field her safety is his responsibility… yeah, that’s it, he was feeling professionally responsible for a friend. And then, because he is finally getting brave enough to do this, he would sit back and carefully allow himself to question whether there was anything more to it. After longer moments of contemplation than he has ever permitted himself before, he would then forcibly dismiss the thought, but then would allow it, almost beckon it, to come back to be pondered a bit longer before he dismsses it again. Repeat.

    I have no such visions of Amanda’s rewinding of this. I believe this was a transforming moment for Lee, but not yet for her.

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    • raffie, I need to take note of your thoughts for Scotch Thoughts. I totally agree about how Lee would view this moment looking back compared to Amanda’s reflections. There is so much depth under the surface for them and in moments like this, when there is just reaction to an event like this they pull from that deep place with each other, don’t they?


      • I was thinking of your Scotch Thoughts as I envisioned this. In fact, I couldn’t picture Lee doing this introspection without some scotch for comfort and fortification (a thought that I confess bothered me just a little, but then I remember that my grandfather enjoyed his evening scotch as well!).


    • Love this Raffie!!! I’m seeing it the same way you are.. Lee is questioning and trying to come up with answers on and off..

      I’ll be brief! Amanda isn’t finding any answers.. she’s confused.. 🙂 I didn’t see Amanda as leaving Lee and the dress conversation and thinking about it.. instead I saw her as stoically putting it out of her mind and getting on with things..
      will be interesting if to see if we agree on what’s ahead for Amanda 🙂 byeee!


    • I agree, raffie. This is a transforming moment for Lee personally, but not for Amanda personally. I do think this may be a transforming moment for her professionally, but I won’t be sure until we get a little further in our walk. I’m currently working on a post of Amanda’s professional growth, so it’s been on my brain a lot.


  11. I had to go back and watch but I still don’t see Amanda hugging Lee here. It looks the other way around to me. It looks to me like he embraces her and she wants his comfort but is definitely keeping a little distance between them. I don’t think Lee is thinking about anything else but his relief here and he’s not paying attention to how much his feelings for Amanda frighten him here because the thought of losing her frightens him more, ironic that I think one of the biggest things holding him back is the fear that if they cross that line he could lose her. Amanda on the other hand has had a little bit of a chance to process what just happened before Lee arrives, so by the time he does I think some of the walls have gone back up. I think despite what she has been through Amanda is still very aware of how much Lee has been hurting her lately, and probably somewhat confused as to why she hurts so much.

    Manny doesn’t bother me, so he doesn’t like spooks. Probably isn’t anything personal, it probably has something to do with when spooks are involved it means more red tape, more paperwork, and more headaches for him. The errands remark does bother me. Even in season 1 it seems to me that Lee would have said Amanda assists him sometimes or helps him out from time to time. I don’t think he was protecting Amanda from the cop that doesn’t like spies. To me it’s more like because he is trying very hard at this point to minimize what he is feeling for her personally and finding it difficult so he just goes all out and minimizing the importance of their relationship in every aspect of his life.

    As for how did Lee know Amanda was their my guess is since she is suppose to be working that day, Amanda had to check in with the agency as to where she was. After the bomb went off it’s very likely Billy or anyone else in the agency told Lee Amanda was there. Thank goodness one very swoon worthy scene is an episode I otherwise find Lee hard to watch in. This moment almost makes me forgive him everything else and I probably would if I didn’t know what was to come. Oh, well I am just going to relax and enjoy the moment.


    • Hi Misty! Great to hear from ya!

      Oh cool. I’m glad you went back and had a look at the hug ( such a sacrifice 😉 tee hee) – I’ll be interested to hear what others think..

      Up until I wrote that part of the episode’s recap I was thinking Lee hugged Amanda, but slowing it down, and choosing the photos, it seemed to me when Amanda exclaims ‘ohh!’ she gets overwhelmed with remembering the horror- and she leans into Lee very slightly – Lee is on it in a second though and picks up the cue she wants a hug – and he is happy to oblige -this is how I ended up seeing it. I liked that Lee was attuned to Amanda and picked up the signals without any conscious awareness of what he had done 🙂 I think it plays into Lee’s unconscious/conscious struggle that is going on about his feelings for Amanda – it appeals to me.. weirdo that I am!

      Ah so not just me who doesn’t enjoy the running errands bit!

      I think this plays out more as we continue with the episode.. which is why I’ve taken note of it.. but we’ll get back to this 🙂

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    • Misty, I like the way you highlight how fear is working in Lee. His fear of losing Amanda is keeping him from being close to her. I have always thought that fear was Lee’s issue, which is interesting coming from a man who needs to be so brave to do his job. The Bible says that perfect love casts out all fear, does that mean that the opposite of love is fear and vice versa?


      • I don’t know if fear is the opposite of love, but maybe it means we can’t really open ourselves to love the way we should until we let go of fear, and that loving the way we should help erase fear. I can see it working both ways. Unfortunately as mere humans I don’t think we ever obtain perfect love, but it is what we are to strive for.


  12. I like Manny. He’s a very believable character – a somewhat jaded, probably over-worked detective. I currently work with two ex-Police officers, They’re great people but they’d be the first to tell you that when you’re in the force you do get a bit tough and cynical. I’m sure Lee is not the slightest bit bothered by Manny’s “greeting”.
    Hey, even in my job, you get a version of this sort of thing. It’s water off a ducks back to most of us, you pretty soon learn to harden up and not take things personally. I have a colleague in a competing agency who I occasionally need to do business with. I usually greet by calling him a “lying, thieving Irish b&!” and he knows I’m semi-serious as it is an apt description of him. He responds in kind. By the way, I have Irish heritage myself before anyone gets overwrought about me being racist 😉 Anyway, the point I’m making is that the way Manny greets Lee and conducts this conversation is probably about as close as SMK gets to how a real conversation might go between these two personalities in real life. It doesn’t bother me but I can see how it might seem a bit harsh to those who aren’t habituated to such “earthy” conversation.
    Similarly I’ve never been bothered by Lee explaining to Manny that Amanda is “part-time” and “runs errands” for him. I always figured this was Lee ensuring that Manny takes it a bit easier on Amanda and to minimise knowledge outside of the Agency about Amanda’s role there. I’m quite sure Amanda would realise this and wouldn’t be in the slightest bit offended.
    I think the Police would have to take Elizabeth to the station for questioning as she, or at least her organisation, is the primary suspect at this point. The cuffs might be a bit over the top but maybe it is procedure to cuff every one as you never know who might be dangerous – “Looks can be deceiving” as James Brand so correctly observed in the last episode.


    • Whoops, those pesky Italics got a away on me. In trying to keep my comments PG by using asterisks, I unleashed the WordPress Italics Monster 🙂


    • Yes Australians are well known for giving mates a hard time in a similar manner kiwismh 😉

      now I have watched a little further into the episode, I’m finding I’m liking Manny more -but we’ll get to that [I watched the episode a few months ago and haven’t seen it since – but now I’m writing the episode recaps I watch it a bit at a time as I write- but I don’t watch forward so when I write the episode is fresh and I am not sure of the details of what’s coming 🙂 ]

      I do find Manny here to be a bit Jekyll and hyde! but whatever!

      Sure take Elizabeth in for questioning.. but cuffs? separating her from her baby? -I’ll hold off saying more for now- Gosh you wait till you read the next post – I’ve had a rant!


      • It’s kind of like when they suddenly arrested Amanda for murder, isn’t it? In real life, I think they’d just question her first.


        • Exactly! That arrest keeps coming to mind as I write up the police/arrest scenes!
          [I mentioned Amanda’s arrest in a post I was writing yesterday- post 12 – I’m up to the second scene at the police station (29minutes in) if you are interested- yes this episode is going to be a lot of posts! ]


    • I don’t mind Manny either or the way Lee calls Amanda part time… I don’t see Amanda reacting as though it is a put down so I think she recognizes that Lee is trying to buffer a bit.


  13. I see Lee as looking very worried and may be a wee bit frantic at the start of this scene. Normally as a trained agent would be expert at concealing or channelling his feelings of worry or anxiety, and would act in a more detached manner. Like Jane, I see the shock of this scenario being the fright that Lee needs to finally illuminate his feelings for Amanda. He doesn’t have the luxury right now of dwelling on the wherefores and the whys of what he is feeling, it is simply at this point experiencing a catastrophic event involving his best friend.
    His reaction and actions when he finally finds Amanda are very telling of his true feelings. His hug is heartfelt and close. I’ve always noticed though that Amanda keeps her arms between them in this hug, and it has occurred to me in the past that this may have been deliberate to demonstrate how, even with the shock she has had, she is trying to keep her own feelings under control. She is clearly relieved to see Lee and needs that hug, but now it is like she is no longer sure that a full on hug (a-la OOADP) is appropriate or prudent. I think this is kind’ve a protective mechanism for her. Usually in the immediate aftermath of shock or disaster situations people forget any gripes or issues they may have and succumb to the emotion of the moment. For some reason Amanda doesn’t do this – maybe she’s just had enough time to get over the initial shock and has recovered sufficiently to realise that for her own emotional well-being she needs to keep some personal distance – both figuratively and literally – from Lee. It’s tough for her though, she and Lee do continue to hold onto each other for a significant amount of time after the hug.
    At this point Amanda still doesn’t really know what’s going on with him, but she’s had enough clues so far today to figure that he is more likely than not in a personal relationship with a significant someone else. If in her mind she and Lee have been getting closer over recent months, the knowledge that someone else is on the scene would naturally make her pull back. She needs some quiet time to adjust to this potential new scenario and how it is impacting on her, but so far today she’s not had the luxury of time to do that.
    I’m glad they didn’t follow the script and have Lee be angry at Amanda initially. Given she could easily have been killed or seriously injured, that doesn’t seem like a reaction Lee would have.


  14. I think Lee is particularly cross and distressed because letting her deal with this by herself was not a considered decision based on knowing her capabilities as it was in Vigilante Mothers, it was purely because he doesn’t like Spring Cleaning and had something he would rather be doing.


    • Hello ffwl! Great to hear from you – it’s been ages! 🙂

      Great insight- very true!


    • I like this idea. His concern is not that he got her into that scrape, it is because of his own inability to deal with his emotional situation with Amanda and his choice to indulge this distraction ( and I think at some level he knows that is what he is doing, that is why he is blaming things on insomnia and denying anybody else’s presence in his life) Amanda is left alone and without his protection here.


  15. Oh I am so glad they took out Lee yelling at Amanda from the script. That would have been really hard to stomach.


  16. I always thought when Amanda says, “I’m ok” she meant physically but was also trying to reassure herself that she was all right emotionally, both as far the bombing and as pertaining to Lee. She sounds like she is trying to convince herself that her heart is safe. Maybe I am reading too much into this scene but it has always stood out as a turning point for both of them.


    • Noooooo not reading too much into it at all.
      I agree with you Jule!
      I don’t see this moment as a changer for Amanda, but she does pause for a moment here to ponder what’s going on – reassuring herself fits for me.. because I see her as being confused here – I’ve seen her as confused over Lee for a while now.. but the confusion is increasing.
      With the way I see it, I don’t think she has any answers yet though..
      lol not sure I’m making any sense this morning! 😕


      • Actually, everyone here has me thinking and saying to myself, “Good point.” (Yes, I talk to myself a lot; and sometimes I answer too. It saves so much time LOL!). I almost see both of their reactions as a heartfelt and self-soothing behaviors. Too much? back down the rabbit hole to find my fuzzy robe and some chocolate , you know for some disordered self-soothing

        Liked by 1 person

    • I’m with you, jule. I agree and think she was saying, “I’m okay,” more for her own benefit than Lee’s.


  17. One of the parts of this scene which always catches my attention is where Lee is fiddling with his official ID. He takes it out of his jacket and looks around like he’s trying to find someone to show it to so that he can demand answers about Amanda, but he can’t find anyone to talk to who looks like they might know something, so he just slaps the ID case against his leg in frustration. He has such a look of despair on his face as he does it. It’s just a small thing, and it’s over pretty quickly, but to me it just sums up his thoughts and emotions so well.

    He’s had time to take in all the damage around him and to see some of the injured people, and he’s probably conjured up some horrible images of what could have happened to Amanda. He wasn’t there with her, so all he knows is that she was there at some point. For all he knows, she could have been injured and taken to the hospital . . . or worse, she could be dead, and he has to find out from someone who was actually there and can tell him what happened. To me, that little slap he gives himself with that ID case says that he’s thinking of how useless it is. He can’t use it to do what he really wants to do: ensure Amanda’s safety. I think he’s realized that whatever happened to Amanda has already happened, and there’s nothing he can do about it now. Even if the ID helps him find out about it, it’s far to late for him to really help her.

    It just makes his relief at finding her alive and (more or less) well that much more poignant. Whether or not Billy chewed him out for leaving Amanda, Lee has had time to consider the possible consequences of his actions. They were both lucky that Amanda wasn’t hurt. Lee goes on a guilt trip whenever something happens to someone he cares about, and I don’t think he’d ever forgive himself if Amanda was hurt because of him.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. I remember this episode with such clarity when I first saw it-way back when. I was overwhelmed with swooniness when Lee searched for Amanda and found her. He knew she was special and she gave in to something she did not want to admit to herself. Both changed forever IMO. This was the real start of admitting to hidden feelings.


    • Hi Jane! Great to hear from you! Hope you are well!!!
      How wonderful to have a clear memory of the first time you saw this way back when!!! 🙂

      It is still quite swoony – Lee’s frantic searching- huh!!
      Jane wrote:

      Both changed forever IMO. This was the real start of admitting to hidden feelings.

      What does everyone think of this? I am thinking there will be others who agree.
      While it’s a swoony moment, I’m seeing other moments as being when they admit to hidden feelings.
      I just reread my post (as it’s been a while since I wrote it!) and as I was reading, I was reminded of Car Wars.

      In OTL, when Lee says: I just thank God that you weren’t hurt. That’s all.

      Very similar to what he said in Car Wars when comforting Amanda after her scare with the car thieves and the bendy knife HERE: I know..I know.. I’m just glad you’re alright.
      JWWM doesn’t look forward and compare – it looks back and compares to what has come before! I find this similar situation and the differences between Lee and Amanda here very informing!
      In Car wars – it was heartfelt, but very new and awkward.. Lee felt care for Amanda, but wasn’t quite comfortable with owning it. And Amanda wasn’t use to it and didn’t know what to do with it – though she knew it was lovely and sincere and she liked it.
      Now? These two are much closer, and the care between the two of them is openly and comfortably acknowledged. Lee no longer hesitates to express his care for Amanda.. and Amanda is able to seek comfort from Lee more easily – I found it tells the story of where these two are now when compared to Car Wars
      [Any thoughts on this anyone would like to share?]
      In response to Jane’s comment – I raise this because I see it is significant in showing the progress of the relationship, but for me I don’t see it as a moment when everything changes- I don’t know if I’m explaining myself clearly but I see it as a reaffirmation of what is between them. Rather than a realisation.. am I making any sense? lol!


      • I just wrote my Car Wars stories… that episode is only a few away from AABH in the revised order. So the touch and the caring words are really very poignant, especially because there wasn’t much touching in 3 Faces and BAI which are the two between them. So that reaching out that Lee id and then the deliberate decision to keep going was really significant.
        I agree that here it is much more a comfortable part of their relationship, of who they are they can lay aside the awkwardness from earlier and comfort and receive comfort. I do think that Amanda unconsciously puts up a boundary and yet she still seeks and receives his comfort.


      • Hmm. Like raffie said up above, I do think this is a transforming moment for Lee personally. He is realizing just how important his relationship is with Amanda and how much he would miss her if she were gone from his life. So it’s a start for Lee, a start for him to realize those hidden feelings. But when I think of the word feelings, I think of romantic feelings and I don’t sense that yet. But it’s all semantics, right? I’m not 100% sure when I think Lee realizes he has hidden feelings for Amanda, but I know I’ll figure it out on this walk. That’s part of the fun!

        Iwsod, love how you describe the scene in CWars:

        ”… heartfelt, but very new and awkward.. Lee felt care for Amanda, but wasn’t quite comfortable with owning it. And Amanda wasn’t use to it and didn’t know what to do with it – though she knew it was lovely and sincere and she liked it.”

        And also how you describe the scene here as being more open and comfortable. What growth! It is a great milestone showing the progress in their relationship. It is a reaffirmation despite all the uncertainty in their lives right now.

        So to answer your question, yes, you are making perfect sense to me!


  19. Ahh, it’s a rainy Friday night. I’m having a glass of wine after a long week with students and these swoony pics of an anxious and worried Lee show up on my computer. While I like the worried and concerned Lee, he wouldn’t have to be worried if he had taken care of Amanda as Billy had asked. He really is distressed about Amanda.

    I’m loving the rocking in the hug. It’s truly one of comfort and caring. Is this the first time they’ve been this physically close since this season began? I’m thinking Amanda is keeping a bit of distance between herself and Lee. Amanda has seen quite a bit since beginning work with the Agency. But this has to have been the most violent thing she has had to see. I’m sure that she is very shaken. So while I think she is open to the comfort I’m sure that she has not forgotten what transpired between herself and Lee a short while ago.

    I think they are both trying to focus on the situation at hand and not the one that is brewing between them, which is kind of like a ticking bomb itself. That may be why they can’t seem to look each other in the eye, at least not for long. Not sure what to make of Amanda being the errand girl. Not sure if Lee was trying to keep Manny from knowing too much. Manny already doesn’t seem to like Lee and maybe he’s trying to keep Amanda from having to deal with Manny’s attitude about spooks.

    Like how Amanda and Lee have that shorthanded way of communicating. We know they can do it with their eyes. And now they can do it with the minimum about of talking.

    How did Lee know where Amanda was? Is it possible that Amanda called in and gave some status reports as to where she was? She went off the beaten path by going to the rally in the first place. Maybe she checked in at the Agency after she got to the rally. Lee then could have also checked in or gotten a call to go check the scene. Not sure how often the Agency gets police reports other than the morning news. Maybe there’s someone monitoring a police scanner…


    • Like your comments Valerie. Figuring out how Lee knew where Amanda was is tricky but I guess may be the Agency gets immediate reports of any events that might be terrorist related, such as a bomb explosion. Lee must’ve known the Save Our Bay organisation was on Amanda’s list to visit, so when the bomb report involving that organisation came into the Agency he would have naturally wanted to check to make sure she was involved or hurt.
      We don’t know how much time has passed since he and Amanda parted company after the dress conversation. Enough time for Lee to finish whatever “errand” he had to run and return to the Agency, or maybe he got a call on his car phone about the explosion.
      Could be a good story in here for a “filler” fanfic.


    • Hi Valerie! great to hear from you!! especially like how you put this:

      I think they are both trying to focus on the situation at hand and not the one that is brewing between them, which is kind of like a ticking bomb itself

      Good one! 🙂 I agree neither of them are thinking of the big picture here.. just the here and now.. awh!!


      • I like this too, Valerie.

        I made it through all of the comments, yay!
        What a wonderful bunch of thoughts too, perfect ending to a busy day, thanks!


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