2/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

I had a thought! [Uh oh!!] Given this episode should have been after A Relative Situation and Spiderweb (where Amanda has long hair) this could have been the 16th episode.. seems it was a time in a tv shows’s season back then, where they make some changes- like what they did in Saviour of season 1 [hey that was episode 16 too!!] This episode was filmed around christmas/new year.. and they probably had a bit of a break before filming this episode.. so during that time.. they built new sets.. etc.  Let’s see if we can spot what’s new!! Smile

On to Amanda’s.. Phillip and Jamie are arguing over whether cutting out the article is a good idea..
Article? what article? Whoooo white flowers in the kitchen? they’re new! and Hey! Jamie has  had a haircut too!!! Only his turned out much better than Amanda’s! Winking smile ALSALS.avi_000630797Dotty cuts off the boy’s arguing – she wants this to be a very special night for Amanda.. so she tells them to stop arguing (here here!) Whoooo we hear Amanda yell out a big hello!!! She’s here!!!

All three of them rush over to Amanda all excited and Amanda gets well hugged by the boys!
Dotty takes off Amanda’s huge blue jacket [hooray!- don’t stop there.. take the earrings too!]
Dotty:You’ve had a hard day.?
ALSALS.avi_000646813Amanda: murder mother! [haaaaa good one!]
Whoa chaos! Amanda pulls her huuuuuge shirt out of her jeans so it is no longer tucked in – weird?!
Dotty tells Amanda it’s pot roast for dinner.. and she rushes out to the car to get the flowers. Amanda tries to tell Dotty they are all knocked over but Dotty is in a hurry!
I wonder if the roast is a shout out to I am not now, nor have I ever.. when Dotty wants to make Amanda pot roast and succotash to spoil her?? Smile Nice!
Anyway, Amanda sits on the couch with the boys for some cuddles
and a read of the paper ??– yes Amanda you reeeeaaaally must read the paper (it’s how the murderer will find you! LOL!!) I love how Dotty says trying to be casual ‘Just read….. that page!Winking smile
Ta da!!!! Amanda is in the paper as a finalist for the Mother of the Year Award ! (the ‘MOTYA’! hehehee..)awhhh… Amanda is thrilled.. and it’s very sweet!!
This next pic would have been a really gorgeous pic – if KJ had kept the flippin newspaper out of the way!
LOL how natural are these guys?? So funny.. if you watch Phillip he then goes and kisses his mum’s hand! Makes you sad for the upbringing Lee had huh!!
Amanda: I want you to know, that this is really an honour.
Awh!! she is very touched..
Shame she witnessed a murder that very same day and now has her face and name in the paper!! LOL!!!

By the way, has anyone freezed the newspaper to read the article? well.. you know these things amuse me!
Right under the headline ‘Mother of the Year’ we get a story about how residents feel they have been taken advantage of ever since the tax law governing their additional land holdings were reviewed and increased! whooo hooo!!! Yeah! that is what makes a mother of the year! – eh?! Winking smile 

I just have to share this!!! Apologies to those of you who enjoy Amanda’s headbands.. here is how the script describes this newspaper article!!!:
“There are photos of five women — one of them is Amanda. It’s a candid photo with Amanda wearing a sweatband around her hair. Not the most flattering of photos.” Hmmm sweatband & Not flattering???!!! Winking smile Interesting they didn’t end up going with that instruction – she looks better in the pic than in the opening scenes!

We again see the newspaper article and hear Amanda saying about it: Can you believe that?!

LOL.. with ‘Can you believe that???’ still ringing in my ears – The next thing we see is the baddie, Rita (with an identical Amanda hair-don’t) looking at the newspaper article declaring: that’s her!!!! Amanda King. [Too bad they didn’t use a pic of Amanda with long hair! 😉  they might not have recognised her!!!!!!]
smk coincidence1 The baddies ID her!! How can that baddie woman recognise Amanda King? If you ask me, it was so far away this woman would look just like her.. same big ugly earrings and short dark fluffy (fugly!) hair-don’t..

bad guy Foreman: Lucky break for us! [cha! too lucky! buy a lottery ticket!]
Rita: what was lucky was catching Gilles trying to steal this trick book. What I’d like to know is how the hell he knew about it.
Hmmm! Trick book huh.. Yep Rita is one classy broad!
I’m not going to go into detail on differences with the script (if anyone every wanted to feel free!) but I’ll share occassional little bits which I find particularly interesting! There’s a line here that has been cut- where Rita says: “If we hadn’t caught up to him, then our Washington call girl ring would be worthless and we’d be on the run.”

Very interesting! Explains it all up front.. too direct??

Back to the episode we got.. and Rita sees a blonde knockout coming down the stairs. Rita: Shauna, you look exquisite.
[Hmmm.. if she had said ‘gorgeous’ I would say this is a mirroring of Lee’s greeting to Randy Baby! Another blonde bombshell.. Poor blondes.. they do get pigeon holed on smk! Sad smile ]

whooooo Rita tells Shauna that her evening with Senator Hoffmier really paid off.. Rita wants to know when Shauna will see the Senator again. [The script has Shauna heading off to Senator Brockton’s now- Hmm hold that thought!]
Shauna:  he does seem to like me.
Rita: well, with the right woman, all powerful men are just like little boys! Now you remember they play our game.

Rita puts something in Shauna’s hand (the script says it’s lots of money) and she sends Shauna off to do her thing.. err whatever that may be!
Rita tells the other two baddies that Gelles probably stumbled onto their little scheme himself, as he is Senator Hoffmeier’s aide..
Moustache baddie (Kincaid) reassures Rita the body and the car are disposed of:
He sleeps with the fishes as they say.
Rita: well let’s hope it’s a deep sleep.
Whoa.. Rita is relentless.. a very unlikeable baddie.. LOL I guess I am not suppose to like the baddie.. but umm well usually they are bit more entertaining, funny.. quirky.. Rita? she’s just a hard nosed nasty woman who’s up to no good!!! but.. exactly what- we don’t know yet!
Rita gets this glazed over look and continues:
and I ALSALS.avi_000783950think we should handle Amanda King in the same manner. She’s the only witness who can connect us to the Gelles murder.
Wow.. that baddie has  a really great smug baddie look going on! Smile
ALSALS.avi_000788955Rita continues, nastier than ever: we have a good thing going here! ALSALS.avi_000787954I really don’t want it messed up. So make it look like an accident.
ALSALS.avi_000793960Rita walks off and leaves them to it. [You may have noticed- I’ve had fun choosing pics where Rita looks as nasty as possible- and as little like Amanda as possible! tee hee]

Smug baddie Foreman smiles at his buddy Kincaid saying: Love to Smile
whoooo see now this baddie has a bit of attitude! he’s so smug that it is over the top funny.. with Rita? she just makes my skin crawl!!! Anyone think she is a great baddie?
Whoa… the script then has us straight back at IFF- for the opening scene in Murder Between friends- with a terrorist training exercise! weird!!! this next scene with the Senator isn’t in the script! [I’m looking at a final draft- I guess there were a couple of revisions!]
Nice Washington DC night shot! Someone should do an artwork with them!

It’s raining! (LOL) and the next scene starts with a ALSALS.avi_000810977close up on the ‘Brockton Bill’ file – ahhh we are at Senator Hoffmeir’s.. [I can only guess this is Hoffmeir and not Brockton because they cut out reference to a Senator Brockton.. ]his ALSALS.avi_000815982secretary says goodnight and the Senator asks if she has been able to contact Chris Gelles.. she has been trying everywhere and can’t find him.. Hmmm so the senator knows something is up huh.. The secretary leaves, and the Senator heads ALSALS.avi_000847013straight for the alcohol.. uh oh.. he really knows something’s up! with shaking hands he pours himself a drink..and drinks it straight!

ALSALS.avi_000854020In walks Shauna smiling.. This actress seems to always play this type of role!!! she was in an episode of the Nanny once! Jane Sibbet?? I think that’s it. Shauna is trying to get him in the mood but he’s not having any of it..
Senator: did you know that Rita and her goons were taking pictures of us the last time we were together?
Shauna: No.

[ugh!!! she doesn’t sound convincing!!! and if she didn’t know she should be horrified to find out! stupid girl!]
Sooo did Rita approach him with the photos?? and if so, then why would she do that and then send the same woman back to him? weird..
ALSALS.avi_000897063The senator throws down the Brockton Bill folder: here’s what you came for! Now Rita will know how all the other senators plan to vote on the Brockton Bill. She can decide how to approach them.

Sooooo is that what Shauna turned up for? Why didn’t Rita turn up and collect it? I’m confused.. oh who cares right?!
ALSALS.avi_000909075Shauna picks up the folder and then has the nerve to ask:
Would you like to go back to the hotel?
ALSALS.avi_000911077Senator: you tell Rita, she gets nothing more from me.
Oh please.. this scene is ridiculous! enough! hooray he sends Shauna packing.

Do you think it is a ‘coincidence’ that Shauna and Randy Baby are physically quite similar?? and whoa.. Rita and Amanda are too!! aie.. I’m seeing double!

Now I know this scene is not in the final draft I find it even more annoying.. here’s my theory on what happened here! They originally had Shauna in the one scene mentioning Senator Hoffmeir- and Rita also had the line about their call girl ring they’ve got going.. well.. they decided to remove that line, and have Shauna actually visit Senator Hoffmeir- [show don’t tell!] this way- we can see a little more sex and a little more scandal – shame smk!!  You don’t need  sex and scandal!! This episode was aired after a few weeks break I think.. and they were looking for a strong, tempting story to get viewers to watch – Can you imagine what they did with the promo??!!!  and IMHO this is why they put it ahead of Car Wars and A Relative Situation. Trouble is.. this scene makes no sense at all.. for the reasons I’ve already mentioned and is just a bit more sexy times for the audience to see promos of or something! this bugs me!! SMK is a better show than this!!!  Okay, maybe the one good thing about this scene is that it shows Senator Hoffmeir knows he has been had- he feels lousy about it, and he is refusing to do anything more for Rita..

Okay, I’ll let it go! Winking smile
ALSALS.avi_000928094On to IFF.. Billy finds Lee and Francine in the bullpen and he asks about Chris Gelles
– Lee knows who he is.. a congressional aid for Senator Hoffmeir! rofl!! Lee just knows EVERYBODY IN DC!!!!
Francine interjects will a little resume on Hoffmeir.. which no doubt will prove useful for us to figure out what’s going on..
Francine: Hoffmeir! Sits on several key committees including the senate defence sub committee..
[Oh geee do you think the Brockton Bill has anything to do with *gulp* defence?????!!!]
Billy: it seems he parked his car at the bottom of the Potomac.
Francine: I wouldn’t pay those parking garage prices either.

[Not funny.. in fact rather painful that one..but.. maybe it’s just me]
Billy: he had a bullet in his head at the time.
The police just dredged his body and the car up from the bottom this morning.. he had a torn page from a small notebook on him
(which must have consisted of waterproof paper and been written on with waterproof ink!), it’s in some sort of code.
[What’s with everyone and their pockets?!]
All this time Lee has been looking very thoughtful.. he interjects to ask: what kind of car was it?
[It’s almost like he already knows the answer]
Billy: A maroon hatchback.
Billy walks off.. Cue intense Lee and a close up!!!!
Lee: I should have known!!!
Too right you should have! this one is chocoblock full of coincidences!!

Good old Amanda!
Okay –if the police found the car this morning.. why haven’t they already contacted Amanda???

I shall finish up there for now.. as always I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.. anyone enjoy Rita?? What do you think of the plot so far?? Anyone enjoy Francine’s ‘joke’ ? Byeee for now!! Back with more as soon as I can!! Thanks for stopping by and reading!!! I’d love to hear from ya!

38 responses to “2/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Also, Car Wars should be before this one because I think her hair is longer. Plus you can hear the way a head cold goes through the cast — Kate starts it on Car Wars, passes it to everyone on Life Of The Party, and then Bruce still has the tail end of it in this ep.


  2. Morley said, “What a wonderful thing for Amanda, all that unconditional love and affirmation. There is nothing like the love of your children and your Mother and especially after witnessing a murder, having no one believe you and intruding on Lee’s evening entertainment plans.”

    Beautifully said, Morley. You stated this so well! When Amanda gets a little squeaky voiced and emotional in response to finding out about Mother of the Year, it’s so touching. I imagine she has to have her moments of self-doubt as a mom like we all have, and add to that the inconsistent encouragement she receives for her work (which she can’t discuss with her family), and add to that the fact that her work actually takes her away from her family under odd circumstances a lot, that had to be such an overwhelming, lovely moment for her, to be honored by them in such a public, yet also personal way.

    On a different note…

    BJo said, “I love the “Murder mother” line! Hey at least she’s being honest about her work! Amanda pulling her shirt out of her pants reminds of a magician pulling and pulling and pulling a scarf out of their sleeve. Good gosh that shirt is big! Hey look, it is a magic shirt! On the couch it looks more like it actually fits her instead of looking like a tent!”

    🤣🤣🤣I laughed so hard at that my 4-year old paused playing with her Legos and I think my mascara is running…


  3. this post came up as a random blog post..

    Billy: it seems he parked his car at the bottom of the Potomac.

    lol!!! this one went right by me when I originally walked through this line – good one Billy! Francine’s quip immediately following kind of overshadowed it..

    Lee: I should have known!!!

    oh rofl.. there’s smk and those coincidences!!!

    the boys look so young now when compared to where we are currently up to in the walk as I write (Wrong Number)

    And Amanda’s earrings?? just.. I’m lost for words!
    Hooray they are history!

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. Did anybody else hear Amanda call her boys “babies” when she first entered the Family Room in the opening scene of this post. They run to her and she goes to hug them both and says something like hello babies. I wonder if she had “Randi baby” on her mind?


  6. I can’t stand Rita either … one of my least favorite baddies. I didn’t mind Francine’s gallows humor — Billy actually started it by saying the guy parked his car at the bottom of the Potomac. It’s hard to pass up an opening line like that! There is another great Potomac line in Burn Out … but that’s a few episodes away yet so I’ll be patient.

    LOL, BJo, love the sock theory!


  7. I love waking up and finding new things to chat about with this show. I agree with how particularly nasty the Rita character is. She seems to have no remorse for whatever she is doing. I didn’t notice an Amanda resemblance til later on and was irked by it when I did.

    Jamie and Phillip do like to argue. I think Amanda pulling out her shirt is one of those things you do when you get home and it’s time to relax, like kicking off your shoes, etc. It is a big shirt, but hey in the 80s everything was big, big hair,etc. Glad the headbands are gone, didn’t like them.

    Great interaction with the boys, especially the crossed legs and the cuddling and kissing. Cute chemistry. I agree that the newspaper was constantly in the way and some great shots were missed. How is it that Rita could see Amanda so clearly, but Amanda couldn’t see her and refers to the person on the passenger side as a man later on? Maybe that’s some foreshadowing for later on. Maybe I giving the show too much credit at being subtle.

    Jenbo, I was thinking the same thing, about Ross’s ex-wife on Friends. She also played a gold-digger in some movie my niece had me watch about an au pair. She was very conniving.

    When Rita says that with the right woman all powerful men are little boys, did anyone else think of Lee and Amanda? I did. Amanda was certainly the right woman who helped the little boy Lee to become a mature man. I think of Spiderweb when he was trying question her like Perry Mason and she wasn’t buying it. She took the wind right out of his sails.

    The IFF scene sort of bugs me. Having re-viewed this episode and then going back to this scene something bothered me at the very beginning. As Billy is coming out of his office you see Lee and Francine very close to one another physically as they are looking at some file. Based on some later interactions between the two in this episode, it just bugged me. We know that Lee and Francine had some sort of thing at some point in time. (I try not to think about it cause it makes me shudder). And maybe I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill, but Lee is still too kind and solicitous of Francine for me, even when she makes what I think is a tactless joke, but that is Francine. Billy is the one who shuts her down.

    Of course in coincidence land, Lee figures out Amanda’s connection. You can just see the wheels spinning in his head. But I think he’s starting to sense that where there’s trouble, Amanda is sure to be involved or somehow connected to it.


    • Valerie, you and I must have been typing at the same time. I know I give the show too much credit for being subtle, but I don’t care, I love to look at it that way. I mentioned that comment about men with the right women too, yes it reminded me of Lee and Amanda as well, the same principle used in a wonderful, wholesome manner.
      I also noticed the boys legs crossed across Amanda’s lap, just like Amanda does in later episodes with Lee.
      I didn’t notice the closeness between Lee and Francine in that scene, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there, but it doesn’t surprise me. I don’t like it either, but I think that Lee is exploring his reaction to women in this episode, maybe because he is gaging a change in himself or maybe it is because he is panicking because he is realizing something has changed and he can’t really put his finger on it (yet).


  8. [Too bad they didn’t use a pic of Amanda with long hair! 😉 they might not have recognised her!!!!!!]
    Ha ha ha! So true.
    I didn’t recognize Tricia O’Neil on Babylon 5 so I IMDB’ed (new made-up verb alert!) her. It was a difficult episode (in a good way). At least she doesn’t play the same character over and over again.


  9. What a wonderful thing for Amanda, all that unconditional love and affirmation. There is nothing like the love of your children and your Mother and especially after witnessing a murder, having no one believe you and intruding on Lee’s evening entertainment plans.

    I really like that they juxtaposed the baddie call girl plot against the mother of the year contest, as well as the kind of affection that Lee ( and Hoffmeir) choose next to the affection that Amanda has in her life. They could have chosen any subplot for this episode, but they didn’t and I think that is significant. I also find it very interesting that the script makes a point of Amanda’s photo being unflattering. I think there is a reason why we all find her hair and clothes uncomfortable (I think Amanda finds her shirt uncomfortable hence the pulling it out to relax) and this comment in the script kind of confirms that for me.

    Yes, Iwsod, I think the mirroring of Shauna and Randi and Rita and Amanda, even the words that Rita use when she speaks to Shauna are on purpose and I also pause at Rita’s other comment to Shauna, “with the right woman, all powerful men are just like little boys,” especially as we have just seen Amanda with her little boys nominating her for Mother of the Year. (Your pictures of Rita are hysterical!)

    I actually think this episode is one of those significant ones and I think it needed to be about Sex and Scandal in order for it to be so. I know I am being cryptic, I am trying to be patient and methodical like Iwsod is as she walks thru each episode.

    As for that last scene you covered, the one at IFF with Billy, Francine, and Lee, I think Lee remembers Amanda’s visit more clearly than Randi’s – it’s pretty forward in his mind, he made that connection pretty fast (or else he is finally understanding SMK coincidence).


    • Love your point about Lee remembering Amanda’s visit more clearly than Randi’s! I didn’t say comment on it on the last post, but Lee keeps the copy of the police report after Amanda leaves. You can see it in his hand the whole time – even when RB kisses him. He just can’t totally let her out of his mind and life now, huh?


  10. You know, I’m noticing that all the characters seem to go through a “bad hair” phase. All except maybe Phillip and Joe because their hair doesn’t ever change that much or does it? Even Billy’s short short hair looks a little straggly in an episode or two. This hair cut is definitely an improvement for Jamie – although he’s always looked cute, this is his best look IMHO.

    I love the “Murder mother” line! Hey at least she’s being honest about her work! Amanda pulling her shirt out of her pants reminds of a magician pulling and pulling and pulling a scarf out of their sleeve. Good gosh that shirt is big! Hey look, it is a magic shirt! On the couch it looks more like it actually fits her instead of looking like a tent!

    Too funny on the article below the Mother of the Year title! I had never bothered to freeze and read it – I should have! Hahahaha!

    Rita Holden…she is one nasty baddie. I wonder where she’ll fall on Cindy’s baddie list… Great pictures of her, Iwsod! Boy is she ever ugly inside and out. I think that’s why I even like evil Ava better. And it just really bugs me that the nastiest baddie is made a woman and an American. Grrr. As if American women baddies lack imagination (think Russell Sinclair) and honor (think Zinoviev). It’s a double slam that she runs a call girl ring in Washington D.C. to blackmail politicians….just through and through ugliness! No wonder lobbyist is a dirty word here in the U.S..

    I just looked her up on imdb and she had a guest spot on just about every popular tv show from the 70’s to the 80’s it seems! She was even in episodes of Charlie’s Angels and Babylon 5! She certainly gets around!

    The plot in this one never really bothered me. I was too busy being bothered by Amanda’s look and Rita’s nastiness. And Randi baby. And the undies in the ice bucket. Wait, it’s a sock. Maybe it’s the sock from BAI? You know Lee was just sooo happy that Amanda wasn’t going to resign that he just threw the sock into the back of his closet to hopefully never see it again!

    I did think Francine’s joke was a little funny!

    Yes, Lee, you so should have known! This is SMK Land after all!


    • I like this sock theory. There is something about socks for Lee? Socks and partners, isn’t there? That could become a significant sock, (My tongue is in my cheek)


      • I knew you’d like it, Morley!! Socks are significant for Lee and pie is significant for Amanda….hmmmmm….now what can we do with that?


    • 🙂 “bad hair phase”, love it!
      I always wonder how Amanda put her big Shirt in her jeans.
      Francine in Captain Kirk look 😉


    • Melissa Robertson

      What you said about the Rita actress getting around, this winter we were watching a few old shows from this time period and got to laughing because we were finding these minor characters on each of the shows (ie Crankshaft in The Mole was MacGyver’s Dad)


      • We watched a Magnum Pi recently and Eva Spinelli was a ballet dancer that Magnum had to protect and had a little “thing” with. That was a stretch for me.


        • Ooooh Tom Selleck as Magnum. The only man EVER to make a ‘tash look sexy. Don’t forget his dimples too and his short shorts LOL


          • Short shorts?? did someone say short shorts???


          • Melissa Robertson

            Oh, yeah Tom Selleck!!! What’s a tash, Jenbo?


            • Hi Melissa.. It’s a Moustache.. but Jenbo was so overcome she couldn’t get the whole word out! 🙂


              • Melissa Robertson

                Thanks for explaining…I do learn from this blog. I impressed my mother in law because when we were traveling we saw a tire shop spelled Tyre and she said glad that she wasn’t the only one that couldn’t spell so I got to tell her the difference between the two words in Australia. Honestly I wish American English was like that 🙂


            • LOL sorry Brit slang there, IWSOD got it correct in one 🙂


          • EVER is right, Jenbo! And forgive me for adding, but Magnum’s short shorts look was better than Lee’s…IMHO. He had more muscles. The “Hi Guys” I sometimes use here on the blog came from Magnum – I can just picture him all smiles and ‘stache and dimples talking to his friends or “the lads” as Higgins called them.


            • BJo I agree, Magnum’s short shorts were better than Lee’s. And I am afraid to say the Ferrari was waaaaaaaaaay better than the ‘Vette.
              LOL we should do a Magnum vs Lee Stetson blog post see who comes out on top!


              • Fabulous idea on the Lee vs. Magnum post! LOL! Okay, so maybe in a car purist world the Ferrari was better. But not with all those a’s in way…. 😉 Being an American and all I guess I’m still partial to the ‘vette…


                • Melissa Robertson

                  Not sure that there would be much of a contest Magnum was way cool and who would want Hawaii over DC!


                • Ah if you asked me to choose between the Porsche or the Ferrari…….tough choice. I love Porsches 🙂
                  DC or Hawaii…….now let me see…….a city or beaches with some of the best surfers…sorry surfing around. What a tough decision 😉


              • I wonder what they would have thought of each other? Imagine a SKM/Magnum PI crossover? what would that be like? Magnum in DC, Scarecrow and Mrs King in Hawaii? Maybe the Agency was called in by Robin Masters, I bet Lee and Magnum would not hit it off right away and Amanda would smooth it over. I bet Amanda and Higgins would enjoy each other, wouldn’t surprise me at all if Higgins and Lady Farnsworth knew each other….Hmmm…


                • Magnum vs. Lee…now that would be something. I will always be a Tom Selleck/Magnum fan. Since I’m from Detroit, I love his loyalty to the Tigers and the city.


      • I think Murder She Wrote is another show where these actors keep showing up. I know Rita was on that one too.

        Oh no! Ava and Magnum too??? He was another 80’s hunk that I tuned in regularly to watch although that was more about plot than anything else for me.


    • Yes, Lee should have known. Especially after that comment in Mongoose where Amanda was getting on the bus. “Conrad has a way of getting himself into trouble.” “Like someone else I know.”


  11. Thank you IWSOD. When I watched the whole epi yesterday I couldn’t place where I had seen Shauna before. As you’ve given her name I know!! *Random pointless information alert* she played Ross’ ex wife on friends. Phew now I can sleep tonight LOL
    Awwww the cuddles with the boys is so cute. How come its not Mother of the Year Washington DC? How big is Arlington supposed to be? I actually have no idea if its real or not LOL just seems odd for a suburb rather than a town or city to be running a MOTYA.
    IWSOD I think Amanda pulls out her big oversized shirt as a way to “let it all hang out”. Only she doesn’t exactly have much to all hang out LOL
    Sure that pic in the paper didn’t have a headband but maybe that’s the unflattering pic the script talks about because its the dreaded short hair!
    Rita is ruthless but not very subtle. If she managed to keep drastically changing voting wouldn’t someone start to notice?! I have no idea what a lobbyist actually does. I’ve heard of it before as I love the film The American President and Annette Benning is one too but what do they actually do.
    Her and Amanda must have visited the same hairstylist. Lobby for your money back girls, you were robbed 😉
    Actually I didn’t mind Francines joke but then again I do love a bit of black humour/comedy 😀
    Lee’s looking dapper but I was groaning further on in the episode at some of his behaviour!!!


    • Washington DC is not just a city and it isn’t a state. It is a district, very unique and one of a kind here in the US. Because it is the center of the Federal Gov, they didn’t want it located in any one state, so they made it is own entity. Arlington is a Suburb of DC, but it is in the State of Virginia. It is pretty large (population wise) and it has a lot of historical significance. Arlington National Cemetery is there where many famous people and presidents are buried as well as the location of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is pretty famous. I read your question and knew the answers so I thought I would add them here, (I am a homeschooling Mom, we do that kind of thing ;))


      • Thank Morley, it’s very interesting. I have always been fascinated by history, American history included 😀


      • Melissa Robertson

        I homeschool too and love it! Grew up in VA and have relatives that live in that part of the state took many trips to DC and area 🙂


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