5/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Lee is shown into the Senator’s office.. and the next thing we see is Amanda at the MOTYA judging.. Hmmm.. So is this later the same day? or the next day?  Soooo Lee was going to see the Senator and Amanda was suppose to go see Billy to check mugshots for the guy who shot Gelles.. did she do that already? Everyone’s in different clothes..

Anyway, Amanda is at the judging.. we see Mrs Woodrow is there with the four other mothers.
Mrs Woodrow: All right mothers. Find your places!..
….Thank you. Now this is all very simple, really, and a lot of fun…
[For you maybe.. ugh!!]
…We want to see how all of you go about making your specialties….
…Hopefully it will be something edible ha haaa.
[ At this Amanda laughs, looks at Mrs Woodrow,
ALSALS.avi_001409576then turns from her and rolls her eyes at the rest of the mothers!!! rofl!!! that is sooooo Amanda isn’t it!!! ]
…You may all begin.

ALSALS.avi_001411578Maybe Amanda would never have chosen to be in a contest like this – though I am sure she loved the honour of her family nominating her.
LOL.. Mrs Woodrow is excited! Women are –baking cakes!!!! Ohhh what a small life she leads!!
ALSALS.avi_001414214Aaaand here comes the ever annoying Detective Tuggy… with no care whatsoever about how it looks that the police want to speak to Amanda- and how did he know she was there??!!
[he’s been doing this job long enough- he should know better! Shame on him!]
Seems ‘Officer Tuggy’ (as Amanda calls him here!) would like to ask Amanda a few questions..
LOL!! you think Amanda remembers him correcting her and so Amanda calls him ‘officer’ on purpose because he didn’t believe her at first?? you know.. I wouldn’t put it past her! and note- he doesn’t correct her this time- because he needs her now!!! You know in the script Amanda says ‘Hello Detective’ – ugh!!! this way is better! Smile )
Tuggy: I’d like to ask you a few questions, about that  murder. [–in front of everyone??!!!! At this we see the close up of Tuggy dumping his cigar ashes into Amanda’s cake batter!]
ALSALS.avi_001438838 Mrs Woodrow in the background: Murder??!!!
Ha! Mrs Woodrow!!! and you were worried about Ants!!!!ROFL!!! I am sure they’ve never had a finalist ALSALS.avi_001440940like Amanda! Smile Love the close up on Tuggy dropping cigar ash ALSALS.avi_001441241into her cake.. very realistic 😉 Like how Amanda slaps his hand – he was going to stick his hand in there and try and grab it!! haaaaa!!
At this we see the smug baddie, Foreman spying on them from around the corner with an ‘I’m a baddie’ expression on his face! I just love subtle baddies! Winking smile
Foreman turns and we find his buddy Kincaid is there also.. and a very convenient public telephone! Foreman calls Rita. ROFL!!!! Rita has the baddie telephone!!!!
Ohhh toooo funny!!!!!
Foreman reports that Amanda is talking to the cops now..at this
‘mother’s bake off thing’
Charming Rita: How did you let it get that far! she’s not swapping recipes with them take her out now!
[I’m loving these crazy evil pics of Rita! Rofl!!]
ALSALS.avi_001468034 Rita hangs up on them.. [I vote for Rita in the BOTYA- you know… the Baddie of the year award! LOL and Foreman for the GOTYA- the Goon of the year- Gotcha! Smile good name for goons no?!]
Kincaid: now what?
Foreman: we cook her goose.

Ohhhhhh hoooo hooooooo.. now that is Shakespeare!!!
Just what Foreman has in mind.. we don’t know yet..

Back to Tuggy and Amanda.. she agrees to see Tuggy down at the station in 20 minutes- wow.. that is too ALSALS.avi_001486052kind! I mean she is right in the middle of making a flippin cake! and he can see that.. he has alot of nerve.. she should say no!! Plus, they found Gelles’ body yesterday morning– why didn’t the police contact her when they found the body and pulled the car out?! grr….

Anyway, without Amanda’s generosity we wouldn’t have this brilliant joke coming up at Mrs Woodrow’s expense!!!! [Seems while Foreman called Rita, Amanda managed to make her cake, and put it in the cake tin! she’s super fast while being questioned by the police! ]
Mrs Woodrow, acting very judgemental, approaches Amanda – my goodness.. good people talk to the cops too you know! Amanda should get bonus points for being such a good citizen!! and for preparing her cake while being questioned by the police, and spied on by judgemental Mrs Woodrow! Smile And.. all while smiling!! 🙂
Mrs Woodrow: Mrs King.
Amanda: Mrs Woodrow.

Mrs W: is there something we should know?!!
Amanda: well ah yes, there is. I’m going to have to be leaving now for a few minutes so if you wouldn’t mind, could you put this in the oven for me at about oh I’d say 350?
Mrs W: Well that’s not really in the rules.
ALSALS.avi_001507073Amanda: oh well, you know there are no rules for mothers Mrs Woodrow, we ALSALS.avi_001510076just sort of make them up as we go along, we have to think on our feet.ALSALS.avi_001513079

Mrs Woodrow: oh but the police-ALSALS.avi_001517083

Amanda: yes the police were here but they’re gone now and I’m going there so ALSALS.avi_001519085if you could put this in the oven at 350 for ohhhh
I’d say about 30 minutes I would appreciate it.
Mrs W
: I don’t think you can tell me what to do.
ALSALS.avi_001525091Amanda: Ohh Mrs Woodrow,
that’s what mothers do
 they tell you what to do and then they tell you if you’ve done it right.


That’s the best line this episode!!! rofl classic smk- love it!!!!! 1rofl1rofl
Guess what’s in the script????!!!! Just this:
“That’s what mothers do. they make the rules.”
This is soooooo much more brilliant isn’t it!!! The bit about checking to see if Mrs Woodrow has done it right?? tips this into utter brilliance!!! I wonder if that was a KJ ad lib.. well done whoever came up with it!!
At this.. Mrs Woodrow is speechless!!!!!

uh oh.. next thing we see Kincaid is tampering with Amanda’s car.. Amanda heads to her car.. So the baddies watch her hop in.. Hmm too bad Amanda didn’t see them.. as she would have recognised one of them as the bad guy who shot Gelles!
She starts her car and uh oh.. her accelerator is stuck!

At that moment Lee pulls into the car park, so she has to avoid hitting his precious corvette and killing herself! Like she didn’t have enough to deal with!
I love how she yells out her window at Lee as she speeds past that her accelerator is stuck.. He must have
ALSALS.avi_001564130had no idea what she was saying.. but it being Amanda King.. well it’s probably not good! Smile I love how we get lots of close ups on her foot pumping the pedal – and Lol Amanda is suddenly wearing heels! Before when she walked to her car- she had on her nikes! Drat.. Nike missed an opportunity for a close up here!!

ALSALS.avi_001586152Anyway.. we get a few moments of Amanda panicked.. and –hmm I think this might be the same square from Fearless ALSALS.avi_001587153Dotty?? where they filmed Dukes of Hazzard? well.. she heads out of control through the square, fabulous facial expressions from KJ!! She turns a ALSALS.avi_001592058corner but faces a woman and a pram in the  process of crossing the road!!! Ohhh nooo!!! 

ALSALS.avi_001593893So she swerves into the flower shop- driving straight into it at full speed!!!


The caALSALS.avi_001601167r’s crashed into the flower shop?

Commerical break!!! Smile

I shall leave it there for now.. will Amanda be okay? LOL.. err I guess we all know.. but stay tuned!! As always thanks for stopping by and reading- and for joining in the fun!!! It is so encouraging to hear from others out there in cyberspace reading..[A big welcome to KC who is new to the blog!!!]  I love to share smk ideas, thoughts and enjoy the show together! Back with more soon!

16 responses to “5/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Love the sneakers that turn into heels, love the cigar ashes in the cake, love Amanda’s parenting philosophy (sounds a lot like good agent philosophy, “thinking on your feet”), love the way she “parents” Mrs. Woodrow. Isn’t what she says about making up the rules a lot like what she said to the Colonel?

    And, BJo, that is interesting about the heart shaped necklace, does make you wonder.

    And that “baddie phone” cracks me up. What a sense of humor these SMK people had. Too bad we don’t see Rita drinking tea.


  2. Just seeing the ashes in the cake were enough to make me nauseous-surprised they went ahead with it the way it was-ugh! Anybody remember him from Murphy Brown?! Great part he played on that show!! Hey, maybe Lee reads lips,’cause that’s the ONLY way you could understand what Amanda was saying to him with the window rolled up-ROFL!!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    This is a great scene and I absolutely love Amanda’s line~That’s what mother’s do we tell you what to do and then tell you if you did it right!! ROFL!!!

    She’s also right there are no rule books for motherhood and we make it up as we go. I tell my oldest sorry you are the guinea pig 🙂

    Obviously, Mrs. Woodrow is not looking for a real mother for mother of the year. We all know that Amanda should win hands done because while she is out there serving her country she is raising her boys with out a husband and is very active in their school and lives.


  4. I love how Amanda was giving everyone their “just desserts” in this scene. “Officer” Tuggy and that smug Mrs. Woodrow. You”d think that Tuggy would get rid of the cigar after what he’d done but you can see Amanda trying to protect the cake from further ashes.

    I’ve called Rita vile if I rearrange the letters I can now say she’s also evil. It’s funny how they do voiceovers on this show. Amanda’s window is rolled up as she is flying out of the parking lot and yet you hear her saying the accelerator is stuck. Love Lee’s expression as she sails by. And somehow Amanda had time to change those shoes when she got in the car.

    It’s one thing to be a judge and another to be judgemental. It’s as if Mrs. Woodrow has already decided what kind of person Amanda is based on flimsy circumstances. If Mrs. Woodrow had bothered to ask Amanda some real questions or interviewed anyone who knew her they wouldn’t have needed to even finish the contest. I mean she was chosen as a finalist for a reason.


  5. Welcome, KC! Glad you found the blog! Hope you have lots of fun here.

    Iwsod, I do love this line that Amanda gives Mrs. Woodrow, but my pick for best line comes toward the end of the episode. I’m sure you’ll know which one is it when you get there! Whoever came up with this line of Amanda’s has to be a mother – or someone who had a mother like Amanda IMHO. I just love how Amanda pretty much puts Mrs. Woodrow in her place. This contest would have been so much better if Amanda were in charge, don’t you think?

    This is so off topic, but I’m listening to an audio book that goes back and forth between current day and the mid-70’s (Criminal by Karin Slaughter). Two of the main characters in the book are policewomen. Between hearing how the policewomen are treated by their male counterparts and how they are expected to behave, plus seeing the Mrs. Woodrow and her cronies makes me glad to be an adult woman now. Not to mention how women were treated in the Mad Men era (60’s? my husband watches that show, not me). Not sure if that show gets any play outside the US.

    I need to go OT again. I just looked up the episode Double Agent to see how to spell Augie’s Swann’s name for my comment on ALSALS post 4. I saw that Arlene Francis was in that episode. I always wondered who she was, so I looked her up on IMDB. In reading her full bio, I saw that her trademark was a diamond heart-shaped necklace! OMG!! Is it just another weird SMK coincidence that Amanda wore an extremely similar necklace? I wonder if KJ had some sort of friendship or connection with AF in real life and wore the necklace because of that. Or did Amanda start wearing the necklace after that episode meaning there was some sort of AF/Amanda connection after meeting? I don’t remember when Amanda started wearing that necklace. Here is a picture of AF when she was much younger.


    • Make that my wodka!! LOL!! Good one Iwsod if you did that on purpose!!!


      • LOL BJo, I don’t know what happened! I woke up this morning and that link was in a comment of yours.. I just converted it into code so it would show up okay.. I’ll go and delete the comment with the ‘wodka’ pic in it! 🙂

        Hi everyone! Hoping to get back here later today and reply to you all – glad you are all engaged with this ep!! byeee!!


    • *cue twilight zone music* heart shaped pendant, coincidence? I think not!!!! Spooky 🙂


      • Hi Everyone!!!

        Haa haaaa Jenbo yeah you are right the cake making is all over the shop!!! I thought that too but decided to skip it as it was all sooo realistic and all 😉 I think Amanda’s cake had fruit bits in it.. Not chocolate.. [isn’t that what she gives Lee at the end? or I may have remembered that wrong I’m not up to it yet! but if that’s true.. well it could give new meaning to Amanda’s turning up at the end with her MOTYA cake.. Which actually isn’t her MOTYA cake..] Uh oh I’m rambling already!

        Hiya Bjo! so wonderful to see you back again! 🙂 Hmm gee which line are you thinking of?? I’ll look forward to finding out! -ahhh suspense!! I actually can’t guess! yeah it’s all very condescending isn’t it! Love Amanda’s eye roll! Go Amanda!!

        Hey everyone, do you think if this contest had been in ‘The first time’ that Amanda would have had a problem with Mrs Woodrow? What do you all think? I wonder if she would have.. or at least would not have rolled her eyes like that- with the way she accepts the awful behaviour of the honeycutt typewriters guy – I wonder if Amanda has grown since the beginning of the show..and now sees this treatment as wrong. what do you think?
        I always find pining down Amanda’s growth, her journey, to be a little tricky..[Maybe we can construct a post on her journey together?!] but I throw it out there to see what you all think – Has Amanda now grown in confidence as a woman, as a person of value in the world – that she finds the likes of Mrs Woodrow condescending??
        Interested to hear what you guys think..

        Bjo loved your Arlene Francis (AF) discovery! yes – I agree with Jenbo it does seem to be too much of a coincidence!!! I am pretty sure I noticed at the end of Double Agent that AF was wearing a heart necklace – but I thought it was just a coincidence and hadn’t realised it was an AF trademark look or anything.. it does seem like a ‘passing of the guard’ between AF and KJ.. I wonder what they were guarding? 😉 – Bjo you should post that discovery in a Double Agent thread so anyone walking through that episode finds this little discovery! It would be a shame to loose it in the vastness that this blog is fast becoming! [vast smk goodness!! 🙂 ]

        Hi Valerie– ‘just desserts’ ??!!!- I love it!! genius!!
        I suspect Valerie enjoys a good word pun! Valerie you are a girl after my own heart 🙂
        Rita is vile and evil indeed! [An anagram!!! Valerie I’m loving it!! 🙂 ] it’s funny because when I think of this episode Rita doesn’t immediately come to mind – but so far Rita and her vileness are pretty dominant! Amanda had time to change her shoes when she got in the car? Rofl!!!! good one!!!
        ‘It’s one thing to be a judge and another to be judgemental’ – oh here here!!! I love that Valerie!! Mrs Woodcow can go jump! [Over the moon?? with the dish and the spoon!what a nightmare!]

        Hi Melissa R! you’re right.. the line about mothers is funny – but it’s also very true!
        [from the sounds of your homeschooling adventures I’d say it’s very very very true! – would btw would you like me to priveately pass on your email address to Morley so you two can swap homeschooling stories/advice? Just let me know.. 🙂 ]
        Ohh indeed Mrs Woodrow is not looking for a real mother! Freaky woman!!

        Hi Molly! great to hear from you again! 🙂
        yes I guess the ashes floated on top of the mixture so Amanda was able to scrape them off – after all a mother thinks on her feet! 😉
        Was Tuggy on Murphy Brown? who was he? that was a great show!! but it’s been ages since I saw it..
        Oh yes Molly- it was ridiculous Amanda’s scream out to Lee wasn’t it! haaaa – it’s even in the script.. but as you’ll see in the next post Lee didn’t catch a word of it – he just knew that Amanda King and Trouble are usually close together! 🙂

        Hi Morley! there was lots of smk good fun in this section wasn’t there!! Ohh yes.. being a mother is probably the best agent training ever – I hear driving your kids to the macy’s thanksgiving parade is very handy for learning about controling an RV while being pursued by the military 😉
        Whoooo that’s true! Amanda does say something similar to the Colonel.. when he complains that there ought to be a rule book for raising kids.. the rule book has one rule Colonel – there are no rules! 🙂 LOL maybe there is another rule- have fun!! 🙂
        Haaaa yeah I’m loving the baddie phone too.. ahhh smk baddies are sometimes very err refined/greedy! Rita drinking tea? LOL.. who knows maybe it’s coming up?! I don’t know!! 🙂 I’m flying by the seat of my pants on this one.. not getting ahead at all!


      • I agree…I mean, were there any other celebrity guests who played themselves? All the ones I can think of played a character, not their real life persona (i.e. Jean Stapleton comes to mind). So AF is very unique in that way.


        • Ooops. Meant to reply to Jenbo’s above comment. So I’ll add – Iwsod, I’ll copy and paste this comment onto the Double Agent.

          And to answer your question on how Amanda would have dealt with Mrs. Woodrow.,,,I’m not sure. She seemed so sassy early on and part of me thinks she would have been a little sassy with Mrs. W. But then I realize that contradicts all of what you said in your comment and I do agree with that. So I’m not sure where that leaves me. I wonder if the Honeycutt situation had more to do with the fact that she was dealing with a man versus a woman.


          • Hiya Bjo!

            Yeah I know what you mean! Amanda is a conundrum! maybe she was sassy with Lee in particular? She can be quite the pushover with others in the beginning.. Did Amanda stand up for herself with anyone except Lee early on?
            I know eventually she starts to speak up at the agency – asking for lessons in how to hit etc. LOL! By saying this I am not trying to support an argument of mine though – I am just throwing it out there because I am not sure what to think.. gosh maybe we should just get any old Amanda’s journey post up so we can start thinking this all through together! I’m heading into a busy time for me.. so it will be three weeks before I get to that..but I’ll try and get back to it.. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on Amanda’s journey! and.. I see people are going back to the start of it all – how fabulous!!!! Keep an eye out for Amanda’s journey!!
            Jenbo I am loving hearing from you as you walk through the earlier episodes!!! Keep them coming please!! You make me laugh 🙂 I am sorry I don’t have time at the moment to respond to you properly but I do love them!!!

            As I said I am heading into a busy time now – booooo hoooooo!! Posts will be less frequent.. but I’ll aim to keep them coming at least once or twice a week.. As always – feel free to chat amongst yourselves 🙂 Maybe a few of you could start at the beginning and go through it together?? It could be fun to have a little group go on the journey together and have each other to chat with about it!!! just an idea!

            Byeee for now!


    • Funny thing about Arlene Francis…that’s what my Dad wanted to name me..two reasons why I don’t have that name…my mother said no and I already had a cousin with that name. My family obviously liked her.


  6. Rita, that’s a rather ostentatious phone you have there!
    IWSOD I love your capture of the goons look, very pensive LOL
    I definitely think Rita would win BOTYA, she’s totally menacing. Hell hath no fury and all 😉
    Officer Tuggy……you wouldn’t survive in UK now with our smoking ban!!! I don’t know how many make cakes in UK but here generally a cake that size wouldn’t really be batter! It seems a bit runny, and if you look closely the bowl he supposedly drops ash into looks to be mostly flour, it certainly isn’t well mixed as the close up shot. The cake that she hands Mrs Woodrow is a different consistency too. Although perhaps that’s one she made earlier LOL
    Suffer Mrs Woodrow, never cross a mother, especially if that mother is Amanda. You’re just no match for her LOL


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