8/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to IFF- Lee and Amanda leave the bullpen and head down the hallway… Is it just me or is it unusual for Lee to be wearing a jacket and pants that don’t match?clip_image002
Ah okay Lee told flower guy that the agency would pay for the damage.. drat! I wanted Officer Tuggy to pay! clip_image004
Whoa!! Francine runs into Lee.. literally!
It doesn’t look very natural to me.. maybe it’s just me! clip_image004[1]
I do like though how Lee doesn’t notice Francine- he’s too busy looking at Amanda! clip_image004[2]
Francine: Ohhh am I glad I caught you!
Lee: Caught me? you almost tackled me!

Francine: haaa yeah! wishful thinking!

[so what do you think this is all about hmm?? I think this is Francine being her egotistical self- Lee wishes Francine was trying to tackle him! and another chance to throw in a little sex/innuendo]
clip_image018Francine tells Amanda her car has been sent to Elmo’s body shop.. [Elmo?? Okaaaayyy…] It will be ready later this afternoon.. wow.. Francine is in a good mood! She even fills in Amanda on her car happily??!!! I would have thought Francine would resent it!
Amanda’s name badge has moved between us leaving her in Billy’s office and seeing her here in this scene! clip_image004[3]and.. Lee’s hair seems to be suddenly much more styled.. shorter maybe??  I prefer it with more movement!
Amanda is appreciative of this good car news- even if it comes from Francine!
I love how Lee watches her gratitude and IMHO- he seems to enjoy it clip_image004[5]She’s a good woman isn’t she Lee!!!! clip_image004[6]
[v swoony!]
Ohh Good! Thank you very much!

Francine: by the way, it was definitely tampered with [Ahhh so that’s why Francine’s in a good mood! clip_image028]
I knew it!!
Lee to Francine:
What about that coded piece of paper..
Ahhh Francine’s smile just got even bigger! I think she was looking forward to telling Lee!
Francine: well ahhh Bartlett finally decoded it..

[Give Juanita Bartlett a break! It took time because she was busy executive producing this episode- so the code cracking took a while.. my head hurts.. ]
yeah? what did it say?!!

Francine: weeeeellll.. listed some very clip_image046prominent
names in the DC area [ was Bryce Topping in there?!] clip_image048and then afterwards it said things like ah.. ‘loves to clip_image050talk’ .. ahhh ‘little bo peep’ …
… and just plain frisky!
[the script said handcuffs- not frisky.. lol guess the script version was too frisky!
Lee is suppressing his giggles..
Amanda just looks serious and confused! haaaaa..

Amanda: It sounds like a code within a code.
Lee just looks at Amanda!! not sure what to say!
Francine: you could say that…

Lee: Ahh…

… Amanda it’s a…
… trick book.
[Lee is too cute here!!!!]
Amanda quickly
: magic?

Francine: ha huh!…
[like.. oh boy she’s so naive I won’t even bother explaining it!] …Anyways,…
The camera cuts back to Lee and Amanda- they are just looking at each other..
LOL!!! Intense!!! then Lee turns to Francine and cracks a huge smile while Amanda looks confused!
Lee laughs..
Francine continues: anyway those names I told you about, many of them are elected officials of our government… ALSALS.avi_001972806
suddenly! We hear Amanda gasp!!! I think she gets it!
Francine: …If you catch my drift.
Amanda: Ohhhhhh…..
Lee is enjoying this! He turns to Amanda with a smile.. as he sees she’s finally cottoned on!
I think Lee enjoys Amanda here.. I’ll get back to this thought in a minute!
Amanda rolls her eyes..haaaa!
Time to give the audience a reminder of the plot.. with all this sex and scandal floating around.. and those cute looks from Lee at Amanda? I’ve gosh darn forgotten!
clip_image093Lee: so what we’ve got is.. Chris Gelles who’s an aide to Senator Hoffmeir, he rips off someone’s client book.
and he ends up getting killed for it.
clip_image097Lee asks after Rita and Leon and if they’ve been contacted yet.. Rita- not yet.. and Leon??
clip_image099Francine: Ahhh well there’s really no love lost between Leon and I. During the Bielak investigation we really butted heads. [ No kidding! just what has Robert Bielak- Scarecrow and Mrs King’s regular writer.. and script editor of this episode- been up to that he was being investigated?!?? Hope he wasn’t annoyed that Juanita got 2 mentions and he only gets one! clip_image100]
clip_image102Francine does have a source at the newspaper though clip_image104he says Leon will be at home – so Lee can go talk to him.. Francine hands over clip_image106Leon’s address and walks off.. you know- if not for the matching stockings and shoes and outfit – I really like this outfit!!! Gorgeous colour, and a style IMHO that could be worn today!
Lee offers to drive Amanda to pick her car up – after he’s gone to talk to Leon (and besides, shouldn’t Amanda go see what he looks like? He could have been the dude in the front seat?!) and off they go to Leon’s..

I think the first time I saw this scene with Francine I was really annoyed! Really annoyed at how dumb Amanda acted! and in front of Francine no less!!! But now?? Now I feel differently! I actually don’t mind it anymore because I love what it reveals about Lee and his view of Amanda! I now don’t get the vibe at all that Lee thought it dumb – I think Lee kinda likes it! he finds her lack of worldliness here kinda endearing clip_image100[1]soooo I’ve grown to really like this moment! With or without Francine there.. the looks Lee gives Amanda here make it all worthwhile! clip_image100[2]And at least Amanda gets it by herself- eventually!

Is this the first smk plot which is related directly to the US government and happenings of Washington DC?
So anyone remember watching this as a child?? LOL! This plot really isn’t for kids is it! I think this scene with the trick books plays differently in the script.. there is no ‘magic’ joke…. though personally I think having a piece of paper with writing on it survive being drowned in the river and still being readable is pretty darn magic.. lol yes Amanda- It was a magic trick in itself! A magic book … a magic trick book! so there you go.. Amanda wasn’t wrong!
clip_image100[3]tee heee..

Well on that note I shall finish up! I’d love to hear your take on this scene! Have you always seen it the same way?? how do you find this scene??? Thanks for reading – back with more as soon as I can!

15 responses to “8/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Morley said: “This scene about the trick book is interesting to me. It is as if Lee and Francine have similar knowledge and experience and so they have a connection. But now Lee has a new connection with Amanda who lacks that knowledge and experience. But they share new experiences with each other and a growing knowledge of one another’s emotional makeup. It is interesting to watch Lee transition (does that make any sense?)”

    I LOVE this, Morley. You articulate things so beautifully!!!!!!! I am thoroughly watching this transition. Binge watching through season 2 in revised order makes Lee’s growth clear as day, and so lovely to watch.

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  2. Ugh – the thought of Lee tackling Francine. Sad really. Says more about her than him, I think.

    Elmo’s Body Shop? Is that on Sesame Street? Sorry, couldn’t resist!

    Bryce Topping! Good one, iwsod! I’m guessing he wasn’t in the trick book otherwise Francine’s smile would have been bigger and she’d have dropped that bombshell before giving Amanda the good news about her car. I’m having a hard time believing that Amanda is so naïve that she doesn’t get the trick book thing right away, but Lee does seem to enjoy her discovery! So to your point about now liking this scene, I understand. I’m not crazy about Francine’s blueberry look though. Think it’s the stockings that ruin it for me.


  3. Iwsod, with your comments about Francine’s outfit… are you suggesting that if you hold on to clothes long enough it can come back into style?? ( That will make sense in a few more posts)

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    • haaaaa!! can’t wait to get to that rather bizarre scene ( was it Valerie who mentioned it?? I know someone else did – sorry! but just wanted to say yep! looking forward to that scene and I agree with whoever said the Lee/Francine interaction is weird!! I think the script explains this a little.. but.. I .. must resist saying more.. I must.. I must.. 🙂

      byeee everyone!!! I can’t tell you how big my smile is to be hearing from you all and enjoying smk with you again!!!!!

      Nevermind Jenbo – it’s good we like different things! Yeah I love the colour on Francine and found it quite wearable- for Francine!! 🙂



  4. I have to agree with your comment. It kind of reminds me of Jack and Jennifer from Days of Our Lives and Jack’s reaction to hearing Jennifer confess that she was still a virgin. The look on his face said it all and he became even more enamored with her. I think it’s the same for Lee. Here is this woman, a divorcee with two children no less, and yet there are elements of her that are completely naivete. It makes you wonder if Joe was her first and only one. I think that possibility intrigues our Mr. Stetson!


    • Squeeeee a Jack and Jennifer mention Alma?? too cool! I loved them!!! they were my fave couple when I was at University ( the first time!) but drat I missed this little revelation!! 🙂

      Still I love your insights here – I agree with you – Lee seems to enjoy her wholesomeness.. I don’t think he always did.. Early on I got the vibe her innocence was an inconvenience.. though at time still kinda charming (like that look he gave her when she said she would feel like she was having a thing in there goes the neighbourhood!!!! hooo haaaaa!!!) and in weekend? not sharing the bed was just plain irritating.. what’s the big deal?? but here.. I happily see a little hint of appreciation for this part of her personality and I love it!
      LOL yes Alma.. there are some scenes in season 4 I think you are especially going to enjoy discussing!!! 🙂



  5. Firs of all, it is true that Lee often wears suits, but sometimes he does were blazers and slacks- he wore a tan blazer and darker brown pants in ACM kid (only aware of that because I am working on that episode’s costumes now)

    “Glad I caught you” “You didn’t catch me, you tackled me” kind of could refer to Lee and Francine’s relationship? Not that I think the writers thought to do that, but I thought it 🙂 But really, I don’t think Lee is playing the game with Francine any more, they use to flirt with each other in season 1 (not sure about early season 2)- but it is all over now and I think those clunky, flat scenes that Valerie is referring to between Lee and Francine kind of highlight that. I think they may be flat on purpose because Lee is new to this new way of relating and Francine doesn’t get it.

    In all those moments with Lee “enjoying” Amanda (I love your use of that word, Iwsod) it seems as if Lee is beginning to enjoy and appreciate the real woman that Amanda is. She is a lady and a real down to earth, beautiful woman is something to enjoy. The new day for Lee is dawning bright and clear, me thinks.

    This scene about the trick book is interesting to me. It is as if Lee and Francine have similar knowledge and experience and so they have a connection. But now Lee has a new connection with Amanda who lacks that knowledge and experience. But they share new experiences with each other and a growing knowledge of one another’s emotional makeup. It is interesting to watch Lee transition (does that make any sense?)

    I love how close Lee and Amanda stand to each other- as if they lean on each other. I know they do this all the time, but I always notice it here very clearly.

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    • Morley I never questioned if Lee was flirting with Francine here (Only if Francine was flirting) – and until I read your comment here I didn’t realise that I hadn’t questioned it either!! I think I didn’t think that was a possibility because Lee is looking at Amanda the whole time he is reacting the Francine, like he is sharing the moment with her – not Francine ( squeee!)

      You know.. this interesting idea of yours – of the shared knowledge or point of view of Lee and Francine is mentioned by me in the tag – I think it comes up again .. so I shall hold off on that one – other than to say I’m thinking something similar!! 🙂

      Yep! makes perfect sense! can totally see Lee’s allegiance has shifted. He is now Amanda’s partner.. It is not Lee and Francine the agents and Amanda on the outside.. I love it! I think this is a wonderful time in their journey and I’m really enjoying it!

      I was thinking today that Amanda’s short hair/ fashion revamp coincides with a new direction for her character.. which was more noticeable when the show was watched with A relative situation and Car wars as before ALSALS.. but eek again -I might hold off sharing further on that till we finish this ep and get to your post on Amanda’s appearance change Morley!

      Okay really must go now ! Am loving hearing from you all!!!

      Claudia it is fabulous to hear from you!!!! what a lovely surprise!! so glad to hear you are still with us!!!! 🙂 and thanks for the lovely encouragement!!! thanks to you all!!! You’re all fabulous!!! 🙂

      Oh and a Big Hello to BJo!!!! Hope you are doing okay! No pressure to respond if you are busy – and I know I am yet to get to your latest posts sorry!! I’ll try to get to them soon! byeeeeeeeee!!!!


    • “The new day for Lee is dawning bright and clear…” What a lovely metaphor, Morley! And what you say about watching Lee transition makes complete sense to me. And don’t we all love watching it! 🙂 It’s funny to me that no one other than Billy seems to notice Lee’s transition over the years and these people are supposed to be spies. Lees feelings towards Amanda seem to be written all over his face much of the time – even in the bullpen. I guess everyone is too busy with their work to notice.


  6. It took me a while to like this scene. I had to look at it a few times. Francine’s ego is as overblown as her hair. As time progresses I like how Lee focuses on her less and less and doesn’t join in with or appreciate her snideness towards Amanda. As I mentioned before there are a couple of weird scenes in this episode between Lee and Francine. This one and the next one are both kind of flat to me. They seem awkward. Lee and Francine’s friendship plays better in other episodes, not so much in this one.

    I appreciate how they don’t dwell on or make light of Amanda’s innocence in this situation. These types of scandals are not a part of Amanda’s realm of reality and therefore she wouldn’t know what a trick book really was. When she hears codes and tricks she may be thinking of things her boys play with and assume it has to do with magic. Maybe because Amanda was still so innocent and naive is why they had her wearing so much white in the beginning of the series.

    I like how Lee is kind of patient with her and just sort of waits for her to get it because he knows that she ultimately will. He’s still in concerned and protective mode. Such a guy!

    Again, welcome back Iwsod, so great to wake up to new posts and I know you must be excited as well. Haven’t been able to watch any episodes in a couple of days here. Weekend full of weddings to attend.


    • Francine’s overblown hair! LOL!! I agree – Lee’s friendship with Francine does play out better in later seasons – one of the things I have learned to appreciate about S4. Despite all the reasons to dislike Francine, I actually do like her.


  7. I reckon it’s reading all the sexual preferences that got Francine all flirty! Sorry IWSOD I am not feeling the love for Francis’s dress. I had something similar aged 10 in cerise pink *shudders*
    I love Lee’s reaction to hearing its a page from a trick book….him trying to stifle his sniggers. Bo Peep?! They should have left the handcuffs line in it, makes more sense for something like that to be in a trick book 😉
    Oh dear Amanda showing her naivety a bit until she hears that Government officials are involved 😉 Ah sex and politics got together like peas and carrots 😉
    I do worry about some of these car repair shops. They don’t seem to be doing very well if they are so slack for work they can fix a car in one day!


    • Lol, Jenbo! And at the other pole is Paula, who not only loved her sweater dresses, but clung to them until they began to unravel on the hangers 25 years later, waiting until they might come back into style…

      Okay, I exaggerated, but I had a lovely purple and black checked sweater dress I wore, sans monster shoulder pads, during pregnancy (ahem, earlier this year). 😉

      I actually appreciate this episode more now than in my youth, probably because much of the innuendo went over my head as much as it did with Amanda in that scene. I do remember a time when I thought Rita’s hair was uber cool, but now I find it kind of frumpy-looking.


      • Paula!! Hello!!! So Fabulous to hear from you and to see that you are still stopping by!! 🙂 Are you doing much writing?
        LOL.. you know I own a sweater dress now.. they are around still – but the style is a bit different. they are more fitted and less boxy.. at least this was the case the last two winter seasons in Australia!

        Lol at the shoulder pads! Yep… everyone was wearing them at that time!! Anyone seen Big Business with Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin?? Ohh that movie cracks me up! there is an ongoing gag where Lily’s character constantly finds her shoulder pad is no longer on her shoulder – instead it is dangling from the sleeve down at the cuff.. I always think of it when I see the big shoulder pads! 🙂


        • You know, this conversation of sweater dresses reminds me that back in the 80’s when I was in high school I wore a sweater dress that was my mother’s when she was in college, in the 60’s. If you hold on to something long enough it does come back into style. Come to think of it, I bet I could have worn it even now (if the moths hadn’t done it in)


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