11/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Sooooo with Amanda in danger.. where did Lee rush to?? Amanda right?? Nahhh.. The Senator’s office! LOL!!! ALSALS.avi_002319119The Senator is still hitting the booze (guilt will do that to ya Senator- come clean!). Lee storms into his office unannounced… Haaa funny Senator Hoffmeir sounds like he has caught Lee’s cold.. ha haaa ALSALS.avi_002335935Lee reads to the Senator his entry on the page of the trick book.. Lee: let’s see if you’re familiar with these shall ALSALS.avi_002337137we… [Yes Lee, a little more sex and scandal.. oh yawn!] ALSALS.avi_002340340 he dresses up, he wants to talk… [ yeah go ahead and humiliate the guy.. is that really necessary??] ALSALS.avi_002352752he prefers blondes. [Love how this is a PG version of a trick book! I find the ‘likes blondes’ part interesting.. given ALSALS.avi_002362762what we have seen about Lee’s taste in women so far..meeting Randys etc.!! Especially ALSALS.avi_002366366given the ‘you’re scum’ look Lee is directing at the Senator! Winking smile I love that look from Lee Smile tee hee] ALSALS.avi_002369969The Senator tries to intimidate Lee, treating him condescendingly – he even calls him ‘son’! ugh!!!…[Go ahead and humiliate him Lee!!! He deserves it!! Winking smile ] He threatens Lee’s career.. reminds Lee that, as a Senator, he has lots of connections.. ALSALS.avi_002371171IMHO that is just the sort of thing that would make Lee’s character even more determined to see things through! ALSALS.avi_002373573Lee looks at the Senator like is worse than a piece of Lint (A nod to Von Snob!) okay – Radioactive Lint maybe?! ALSALS.avi_002378378ALSALS.avi_002379979 Lee reminds the Senator.. this isn’t sex scandal, this is murder! Come on!!! Spill!! [I think Lee should remind him of what the trick book says – this guy ‘likes to talk’ – maybe a blonde ahem not thinking of anyone in particular okay Francine would have been a better ALSALS.avi_002381214choice to ask the questions here! Winking smile ] Nah.. this is all about Intense Lee –putting the screws in the Senator to do his job! Winking smile [remember my reference to that earlier?? this episode has taken soooo long I would not be surprised if you didn’t!] Lee implies the Senator could be implicated in the murder of Gelles.. points out his voting record.. please! spill! put us out of our misery here!! ALSALS.avi_002384384ALSALS.avi_002385218 Someone is pressuring the Senator and Lee wants to know who it is.. [Pal!] ALSALS.avi_002396796ALSALS.avi_002389989 ohh geee.. maybe… a lobbyist?? who you saw in his office?? whose job it is to influence voting??!!! ALSALS.avi_002404004 Whooo Lee tells the Senator that Sachs was just shot.. and he warns him that if he is the only one left, he could be the next target! [well actually there is Amanda.. she is a target!] ALSALS.avi_002413613 Ahhh… swoony!!! Intense Lee!!!!! The Senator says he wants protection.. ALSALS.avi_002419219 LOL! surely he already has protection! he’s a flipping Senator!!!!!!! what a wimp!!! ALSALS.avi_002422022 Lee waits for the Senator’s answer.. ALSALS.avi_002426426 Finally Lee hears the all important name that he couldn’t have figured out for himself. ALSALS.avi_002430830Hoffmeir: Rita Holden! Lee is suddenly freaking out at this shocking news! ALSALS.avi_002431231ALSALS.avi_002433266  Lee: oh my god Amanda!!!! ALSALS.avi_002433633ALSALS.avi_002434034 and he rushes off to find her.. I love a ‘Amanda’s in danger?? Ohh  nooooooes!!!’ moment as much as the next person.. but this is all pretty weird to me! Lee already knows a killer is still on the loose before he visits Hoffmeir.. [maybe he wanted to be sure it wasn’t Hoffmeir himself?? but then in his questioning he seems to assume this is not the case??] Why when Lee finds out the head baddie is Rita does he immediately exclaim ” Oh my god Amanda!” – why is it worse for Amanda that it is Rita? Really weird! [Maybe Lee has experienced the horror of knowing there is someone else who has your haircut?! Then again, of course Lee would have no idea what it would be like to know the person looks better with it that you do!!!!! Not!!! Possible!!! Winking smile ] To me it makes more sense for Lee to have exclaimed like this at the agency when they figured out she was not safe!!! Or he would have found Amanda first and given her protection first.. or sent some other agents… Again, I think there has been some rewriting that’s gone on here.. and it hasn’t worked!! ohhh what the heck I will go with it! There is nothing like seeing Lee in panic mode over Amanda’s safety ( swoon..) – I am glad I got to see that! ALSALS.avi_002439639Back at the MOTYA ceremony which is about to commence. Dotty and the boys haven’t arrived.. So Amanda is preoccupied with searching for them. ALSALS.avi_002446046Rita looks at one of the crafts on the table trying to blend in.. Ohhh wait!!! I think  it’s a clown doll!!! [IT would have been Rita’s favourite tv character as a child!!] IT! – ugh!!! Rita and children’s toys? don’t make me gag!! Still, it’s a lovely juxtaposition of what kind of woman Rita is.. and what kind of woman a MOTY nominee would be! ALSALS.avi_002470470Rita plants the smoke bombs.. and the awards ceremony commences.. with still no sign of Dotty and the boys.. ALSALS.avi_002485318 Whooo lovely shot of Action Lee looking desperate to get to Amanda!!! ALSALS.avi_002498498 Lots of Intense Lee goodness!!! A lovely little reminder that Lee is on his way to Amanda!!! [err finally! Winking smile and yes it’s never explained how he knew where she was.. I like to think they are such good friends now Amanda told him the big ceremony was on today! Smile ] ALSALS.avi_002500100 Go Lee!! Love how we can see Lee takes a huge breath to calm himself.. [He’s Mr Determined..but he’s not cool and detached either – Just the way I like him when Amanda’s in danger Smile ] ALSALS.avi_002501334 Back to the MOTYA – I just love all the random knick knack thingies that are around on the tables.. just what was the rationale for props that day? Stuff mums would like? tee heee.. so random! Especially the Red Adidas sneakers amongst all the homely stuff.. Smile ALSALS.avi_002504904 I Love how Rita sits in the audience looking very suspicious!!!! ALSALS.avi_002517350 too funny!!! as she plants another smoke bomb under the middle table..[No!! not the table with all the yummy cakes!! Winking smile] ALSALS.avi_002522522 Mrs Woodrow’s speech is ummm interesting.. : a mother’s little jobs are endless and her many little victories go by- Rita interrupts.. and screams there’s a fire!!! ALSALS.avi_002529362 Love Mrs Woodrow’s reaction!: Oh oh ohhh!!!! don’t panic!!!! ALSALS.avi_002534134 Rita manages to yell over the top of Mrs ALSALS.avi_002540540Woodrow (who has the microphone!) : fire! Everybody Out! and you guessed it.. evALSALS.avi_002542942eryone listens to Rita! [I wanted to hear the end of that weird and wonderful gem of Mrs Woodrow’s.. victories?] … in the chaos Rita pulls the gun on Amanda.. ALSALS.avi_002550150 LOL when she does this and Rita and Amanda are looking at each other?? It looks to me like it should be a scene out of Odds on a Dead Pigeon! ALSALS.avi_002551384 [Will Lee be able to tell them apart?? oh my gosh!!! tee hee.. Winking smile ] Ohhh hoooo hooo.. this is too funny!!! There was a line in the script  here where Amanda says to Rita – but I didn’t recognise you!! I even thought you were a man! Roflmbo! If she had said that to Rita in the episode that would have been the funniest line of the episode (at least to me!) given the lousy haircut Rita has (and Amanda shares!). Lee arrives just in time to see Rita leading Amanda out of the hall.. Why when coming out of the hall, is everyone coming out coughing – except for Rita, Amanda and Lee? !!! ALSALS.avi_002562195 ALSALS.avi_002576543Rita forces Amanda into a car and tells her to drive [Is it just me or would it have been hilarious if Rita had forced her in and told her to drive- only for us all to find that the car is a manual (stick shift) and Amanda can’t drive ALSALS.avi_002585852it!!! ].. Lee does his jump on the bonnet (‘hood’ to Americans yes??!!) move and he isn’t letting go and losing Amanda!!! ALSALS.avi_002586252 Rita yells at Amanda to floor it – basically hurting Lee by doing so.. but Amanda refuses, she isn’t going to play along.. ALSALS.avi_002586920ALSALS.avi_002587187 Amanda whacks Rita’s gun.. ALSALS.avi_002587320ALSALS.avi_002587587 ALSALS.avi_002588254[LOL! I love how you can see the gun go flying!!!] …they struggle.. ALSALS.avi_002589989 Wow.. go Amanda!!! Look how far she has come!! I think this is soooo great how Amanda steps up here and doesn’t just acquiesce to Rita’s demands.. Rita who is holding a gun on her!! why?? I think she steps up because – there was no way she was going to do what she asked and hurt Lee – awh!!! ALSALS.avi_002591424Lee watches on as the two women struggle! Rita stomps Amanda’s foot down hard on the accelerator..  Love the crazy eyes Rita shows us here – once last time! Kill Leeeeee!!!!! ALSALS.avi_002602635 Someone- I don’t care who! Winking smile  slams on the brakes.. Lee goes magically flying.. ahem.. ALSALS.avi_002605171 Ouchy!!!!!!! Rita tries to run for it.. ALSALS.avi_002605438 Do you notice, not only does Lee Magically come closer to the car in his moment of unconsciousness- but the car has actually moved and is now much closer to and facing the curb rather than down the street.. Oh yes.. Lee has been reading that Magic Trick book me thinks.. ahem.. ALSALS.avi_002611011 Lee recovers in time to pull a gun on Rita yelling at her to stop running: Don’t make me do it Rita ALSALS.avi_002615448 [ ohhh go on Lee!! ] ALSALS.avi_002625458ALSALS.avi_002617450 Rita: you wouldn’t actually shoot a lady would you? ALSALS.avi_002627460 [pretty sexist of you Rita!!! ] ALSALS.avi_002633466 Lee: no, but I would shoot you. Ohhh Cheese alert!!!!! rofl! that is sooooo cheesy!!!! but.. I love it!! It wiped that smile right off Rita’s face! [Which BTW puts a big smile on mine!! Smile] ALSALS.avi_002637470 Whoo I love how Lee whispers to Amanda: are you alright? ALSALS.avi_002641141 Amanda: yeah 🙂 ALSALS.avi_002642742 Call me crazy.. but hair-don’t and fugly earrings don’t matter-  I think Amanda looks really pretty in this moment with her smile at Lee!! I love how Lee looks warmly at Amanda… ALSALS.avi_002643143 then looks back up at Rita and his whole expression changes… ALSALS.avi_002645478 …no more flirtin with Rita now!!! She’s getting the ‘you’re scum’ look! Smile [ha!!! That’s a YSL! It’s Yves Saint Laurent no more!! haaa!] So what do you think of this whole idea of ‘lady’ ?? We still have the tag to go – which also refers to this (IMHO) but I think the episode hints that superficial charms pale in comparison to a good hearted lady and only living for the superficial is a recipe for an unhappy life. There is no doubt from Lee’s behaviour here that he can totally see the difference- Squeeeeee!!! Soooo come on everyone! What do you think? do tell!!! I love to hear from my fellow smk fans! I’m just a little old smk fan like you- [who feels compelled to blurt out all her smk thoughts on a blog and call herself ‘iwsod’  Winking smile ] – LOL!! but.. I relish hearing what other people think!!! So jump on in and say hi – and share your opinions!!! Smile Next up – It’s Randy Baby time!! 🙂

23 responses to “11/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. That fall Lee takes off the hood — I’m honestly amazed he wasn’t hurt worse. He seems to get up with no ill effects, but he looks like he should have some kind of head/neck injury. I think the stuntman deserves a medal for this one.


  2. Totally random observation here, but it seems so sad when Amanda gets knocked onto the floor and trounced during the chaos at the ceremony. ☹

    Jenbo said: “This haircut aint big enough for the two of us tee hee.”

    Mmm, love Lee’s rescue talk to Amanda. Sheesh. (Randi baby who, Lee?)


  3. Hi! I was so glad to find this blog. I remember watching smk at my grandparent’s house when I was little. I remeber that it was my favorite TV show, but I have only a couple memories of isolated incidents in the show itself, and no memory of the story arc. I can place the time I was watching as Season 2, which has no romance yet between Lee and Amanda — yet I do remember I always thought they should get married! Way to go with the subliminal messaging!

    I still have seen very few of the episodes, as I have little time for watching. I’m getting my fix instead by reading all the recaps, which in turn has helped me choose a select few for watching when I have time (i.e. on vacation


    • Hi Happy Camper! [great handle btw!] Lovely to hear from you!!! So glad you found us and have been revisiting this wonderful little show – sounds like it made an impact on you in your formative years… I had a very similar experience – I have very vague memories of the show but think I only saw one or two episodes in it’s original run .. but the show made a lasting impression and I rediscovered it in adulthood.. [ yep at times it takes me right back to childhood and being a silly young girl!! and I don’t mind one bit! ] you’re grandparents sound very cool! 🙂

      So do you know how things progress?? Hopefully we won’t spoil you too much – but if you are following the recaps and learning story lines for the first time – It would be fascinating to hear sometimes your point of view on things – given I have seen all the episodes and while I don’t remember them all completely, I have a rough idea what happens – so to hear from someone with fresh eyes on the characters would be very enlightening! 🙂

      Do you own the DVDs?

      Welcome!!! Welcome Happy Camper!!!! Oh and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask away – there is likely to be someone here who knows the answer!!! [and if not? we’ll have fun finding it out!!]



      • Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome. I would love to share my “first-time eyes” viewpoint if something comes up. I have a pretty good idea of how the story progresses, as I have been skipping around a bit in my reading — I’ve read all the more recent posts, but still have a previous one here and there to go back and catch up on. I don’t have the DVD’s; I’ve gotten the episodes that I have watched digitally from Amazon or iTunes.


    • Welcome to the blog happycamper!! I’m glad you found the blog too! We all like to have fun here on the blog and also enjoy a good screen cap of Lee with his dimples! Hope to hear more from you as you go through the recaps.


    • Welcome Happy camper! I love it when people who have very little previous exposure to the show become involved in it again. Its like we all get to experience it again with “first time eyes.” I hope you can find time to share your reactions and responses with us.These recaps and discussions are a lot of fun. There is just something special about SMK. Enjoy your vacation times!


    • Welcome happycampero. I am the similar to you.. I remember watching the odd episode of Bring ‘Em Back Alive where I first saw BB and then later in a few episodes of SMK but i could only recall the opening credits! So it’s been exciting to watch the show again with fresh eyes as you say.
      Enjoy walking with us 🙂


    • Melissa Robertson

      Welcome Happycamper, hope you enjoy the blog. But I warn you it’s addicting 🙂


      • Hi Happy Camper! I recently found this blog and I have to say that it is awesome and I’m sure that you will enjoy all the summaries and discussions. SMK came out when I was in college and I was immediately hooked on it. Was able to catch reruns on several occasions on various channels, and recently found it on Amazon instant video. Have fun watching and chatting!!


  4. I would have loved to hear the rest of Mrs Woodrow’s very condescending little speech as well.
    Difficult episode because of the plot holes and the hair/earring combo (and I think, like you, this episode suffered from some hasty rewrites that didn’t quite work) but you captured some lovely Lee and Amanda moments. 🙂


  5. Not only does Rita have a hideous curly mullet she appears to constantly sucking on a lemon LOL
    I assumed Lee went to see Hoffmier to have him confirm just who the killer actually was. Sure he could have gone to the MOTY award ceremony and might have seen Rita but I guess this way no mistakes can be made and he knows exactly who he’s looking for.
    Lee looking lovely when he’s all mean and moody. Off to protect the woman he lo……no wait not the L word. It’s the earrings. He just wants to make sure those planet Mars sized earrings will be safe.
    Well done amanda, shes progressing. in previous episodes she would never have tackle a gun toting baddie but she makes her move against Dita brilliantly. This haircut aint big enogh for the two of us tee hee.
    His little aside to Amanda asking if she’s ok *swooooooon* so caring and protective. No car bonnet is too dangerous when it comes to saving Amanda 😀
    When I heard Rita say you wouldn’t shoot a lady I was totally expecting him to drawl in the style of John Wayne “you ain’t no lady”. That would have been cheese overload, I like the line he uses much better.

    Definitely think episode hints at personal gratification vs being selfless. Rita vs Amanda (who gets more points for having the better haircut ;)). Rita is grasping, power hungry, will stop at nothing to achieve her aim. Amanda is giving, of time and attention to her family and her job. She is just as driven to achieve but it’s never for her own ends. Even the MOTY isn’t for her but for her boys.
    Even the Seanator, who should have been serving his constituents rather than his own gratification loses in the end, loses his job (probably) and his reputation. All for a little sex…..

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ahhh, I’m so glad I’m finally able to get back to SMK!! I am done having company and traveling – yay! I must admit though, if I was going to miss an episode, ALSALS and evil Rita is one I don’t mind having to miss.

    I’m loving all the swoony, intense Lee shots, iwsod! Your pictures are looking particularly clear lately since you’ve fixed your internet issues. Do you have new equipment or something?

    I think Lee says his “Oh my God, Amanda!” line because he knows Amanda thinks the second person is a man and will not be suspicious of a woman who may be trying to kill her. I do think the line is a little weird too though and they should have given us more to understand it. I don’ t know why Lee seems so surprised that it was Rita anyway. Earlier in the episode he had “two candidates” Leon Sachs and Rita Holden. Well, Sach is in the hospital so that leaves….

    ROFL at the idea that Lee would have no idea what is like to see someone with his haircut that looks better than him!!! Ugh, those big red ladybug earrings with that black and red sweater on Amanda just really make her look unattractive. She would have looked much better in Mrs. W’s blue dress.

    Yikes! What is with that clown in the sewer? Am guessing that’s from IT? I’ve never seen that movie – can’t handle horror flicks!

    Love how Amanda fights back against Rita – Lee’s in trouble here – Amanda to the rescue?!?! Hooo haaa! Love the Rita face where Lee is pointing the gun at her back! She doesn’t look very evil there, does she? I’ll have to stare at that one so that’s what I see in my head when I think of Rita.

    “No, but I would shoot you.” IMHO that is the best line of the episode!!! Love it!! I bet Rita doesn’t like what she sees now!!! Rita is no lady!

    I must agree, iwsod, if you focus on Amanda’s face and eyes in particular, she looks pretty. KJ has perfected this look of thanks and happiness (and someday love) from Amanda to Lee! And you caught the cheek muscle thing! I can’t remember what it is called at the moment….but you can see the little bulge in his left cheek when he’s looking back at Rita! Makes the YSL so swoony!

    I also agree with your take on the episode as a whole being about superficiality versus true goodness. I think I heard a few more chinks being made in Lee’s armor from this episode.


  7. Always so nice to wake up to some yummy smk goodness. First of all, I saw that movie IT. Not even sure why I watched it seeing as I don’t like clowns to begin with. That movie made it much worse. I shudder to remember that particular scene of the pic posted. Anyway…

    Maybe Lee went to the Senator to confirm the identity of the blackmailer because he couldn’t necessarily think of it being a “lady” that is behind all of this. Maybe it’s scandalous to him to think that a woman, a real woman would run a call girl ring, be into blackmail and extortion, and plot all this murder and mayhem. Especially considering how sweet she tried to be when they first laid eyes on each other. She was evil and vile, but was trying to veil her identity.

    All those items on the tables at the awards ceremony remind me of how a lot of schools and churches here seem to wrap a rummage or bake sale into every activity or function. Maybe the items had been made and/or donated by other mothers. Maybe they were using them as a fundraiser. We know that Amanda has made similar goodies for fundraisers.

    Lee does love to jump on the hood of a moving car and always with such total abandon. Also love how Amanda doesn’t just acquiesce and puts up a bit of a struggle. There’s a shot of Amanda after Rita makes her you wouldn’t shoot a lady statement. It shows Amanda looking at Lee to see what his response is going to be. I like that little shot. It’s like she really wants to hear what he has to say. Will it be a little sex or a little scandal? It turns out that he is a gentleman and Rita is no lady. Also love the little aside to Amanda to see if she is all right, because that was his true concern. Notice how he doesn’t go over to Rita to cuff her or try to restrain her in any way. He stays right next to Amanda. Still in protective mode.

    Okay, last play on words. While Rita may have been evil, vile and tried to veil her identity as a lady, Lee still let her live….


  8. Yup, those last looks of Lee’s, the tenderness towards Amanda and the fierce disgust for Rita. That is the contrast in a nutshell.
    I wonder throughout this episode if Lee even sees his own activities in a different light, maybe while he is addressing the Senator here? Would his black books be anything similar to a trick book? Just a thought there?


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