12/12 Season Two, Episode 14:A Little Sex, A Little Scandal- Scarecrow & Mrs King

Tag time-finally! LOL It’s only taken what? a month??!!!! Back to Lee’s new apartment at night.. I love how this scene bookends with the first scene at Lee’s apartment.. This is pretty funny, we see the exterior shot of his apartment block, which zooms in on a second floor apartment (we saw it earlier too)
…then we cut to the interior and it looks like Lee is 20 storeys up from his panoramic view out the window! ROFL!!!
These spy apartments are awesome!!! Is this like that magic ‘trick’ that means the agency all fits into that little building???!!!!! Ohhh I am gonna laugh about this one every scene in Lee’s new apartment now! hehehee..

What’s Lee setting out to eat?? Umm.. invite Randy over.. and provide her with ummm.. a cake?? Cake!!!! what’s that all about??!!!

Lee: Why Me??????
[because the cake is not defrosted- it’s a sign Lee!!!! Ditch Randy!!] Haa.. I like Lee talking to the cake. Also I love the Buddha behind Lee- a hint that Lee is in need of some ‘enlightenment’? Lee hears a knock at his door..
Lee: You were suppose to defrost!!
Umm Lee, how long have you been taking to cakes?? Since Lester the duck?? oh wait.. this cake is perfect for icy barbie!.. freeze away.. [The script has Lee taking the price tag off the champagne this time… I prefer the script – as this means he bought Randy another Bargain!] I love how the cake is frozen solid, and he puts it out anyway!

Is it just me or is that not something you put out on a hot date?? Okay I see he puts out champagne too- but cake?? strawberries- sure I get that.. but cake???!!! [lol it even is white, like a wedding cake!] It could be what Lee serves when he’s about to break up with someone???!!!! teee heeee.. I think it takes the cake!!!! Winking smile 

Okay..wishful thinking I know! I see the champagne and candles too.. drat!
Lee goes to answer the door…
Lee: ah hem.. Randy-
There’s silence for  a beat here..
Amanda: -Baby
Boy.. Am I looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this scene!!!
Lee (sounding nervous, he checks his watch):
ahhh Amanda what are you doing here?
[I.e.. Lee doesn’t want Randy to see Amanda again.. or wait – maybe he doesn’t want Amanda to see Randy too???!!!]

I won’t mention it again-promise- but I hate these earrings on Amanda!!!!!!

Amanda is smiling and seeming a bit…. bashful maybe??(what do you think?): Ohh.. I’m sorry…ah
(she glances inside the apartment) I guess this isn’t a very good time is it?
ALSALS.avi_002693026Lee: ahhh… No noo ahhh..
[Lee turns to look at the candles in his living room I think ALSALS.avi_002694527this is what Amanda remembers in her delusional state in DOA!!! but.. we’ll get to that! Lee plays down the interruption.]
…The time, it’s fine… Ahhhh.. what’s that!
Amanda: oh it’s ah..

[Amanda whips the cover off what she’s carrying] …just a little cake I whipped up for the mother of the year contest…
[ Lee looks thrilled! amazed!]
[Is it just me or is this look Lee gives Amanda hilarious?? I mean I think Lee never would have guessed he’d be so impressed by a woman whipping a tea towel off of a cake Winking smile Usually women are probably offering to ‘whip off’ a bit more than that!! Winking smile but.. Amanda has him doing lots of things he never thought he’d do!! anyway.. I digress!!]
Amanda continues:  …I thought I would give ALSALS.avi_002708341it to you as sort of… my way of saying ALSALS.avi_002711644Thank you for being the only one who believed me.
Lee is stunned! :
[he shakes his head smiling in Amazement-Lee seems to be doing that regularly lately!! Smile ]
[Wow. That. Smile. It’s a good thing this is the Tag- I don’t think I could follow the plot anymore now!! ]
Amanda you are a lifesaver….
Lee takes the cake from Amanda..
turns to go inside..
Lee licks his lips.. [thinking yummy cake maybe Winking smile ]
and then turns back to Amanda- Amanda looks surprised to see Lee turn back to her. I don’t think she was expecting it.
Lee: So ahhh by the way I just wanted to tell ALSALS.avi_002721554you, it will be in the papers tomorrow, ALSALS.avi_002723556but ah Senator Hoffmeir resigned. [I think Lee brings things back to work- where he is comfortable!]
ALSALS.avi_002725458Amanda: Oh! [Is it just me or does Amanda seem a little- ‘who cares?? why are we talking about work? here??’ I think this also highlights a difference between Amanda and
ALSALS.avi_002726359Francine – Francine enjoys all the intrigue of dirty antics.. whereas Amanda has a busy life and doesn’t really choose to talk ALSALS.avi_002727260about those things for enjoyment] …well I guess he sort of brought it on himself didn’t he.
Lee: Mmmm hmmm! Yeah! haa yeah! Ah…
ALSALS.avi_002731464[suddenly serious] ALSALS.avi_002732665What did happen with that mother of the year thing?…
[to me it feels like Lee asks Amanda about it before he realises he is asking.. and Amanda is surprised he asked!]
ALSALS.avi_002735068Amanda: Oh well ahhh they put it off a couple of days.
ALSALS.avi_002736269Mother and the boys got there…ALSALS.avi_002740473 in plenty of time to… see me lose.
Lee: Ohhh!!
Lee smiles..being gentle
ALSALS.avi_002742275with Amanda here..but it is evident that he realises how important this was to her-awh! [Thanks to BJo- I can see his jaw is going here!]
[To me.. I see regret in his eyes.. that this whole thing had to interfere in that for Amanda- that’s pretty darn empathetic! Lee is emotionally very attuned to Amanda nowadays- squeee!]
Amanda: I guess my lifestyle was just a little too hectic for the mother of the year judges.
[No Amanda.. they were judging based on superficiality!!! IMHO a theme of this episode!]
Lee: Gee that’s too bad.
[In this moment.. Lee – again- seems to have completely forgotten that Randy is due to arrive at any moment, and he seems genuinely regretful for Amanda here – knowing it mattered to her and she’s disappointed- awh!!! bless him!!]
ALSALS.avi_002748615Amanda’s been watching Monty Python – you know.. always look on the bright side
ALSALS.avi_002749282of life! : Ohhh C’est La Vie! You know!
ALSALS.avi_002749683ALSALS.avi_002750350[she gives a big smile.. nice try Amanda but we know it mattered to you.. poor thing- give her a hug Lee!!]
Amanda: Well… [Amazing, with one word- things are given a sense of finality! Lee looks ALSALS.avi_002753453back up at Amanda.. Randy is on her way and Amanda needs to be heading off]
Amanda: …umm… I hope you and Randy a nice evening. [yeah! ‘nice’ LOL!]
Lee nods and smiles acknowledging her well wishes.. What’s going on here you guys?? what do you think?? Lee isn’t in a hurry to see Amanda leave, and Amanda seems to maybe be ummm stalling???
Lee: thank you! [Lee looks down at the cake.. as in thanks for the well wishes and thanks for cake] …thank you very much!
Amanda: have a good time!
She turns to leave and Ta da!!! Here’s Randy!!
I don’t know if it’s both Lee and Amanda..but when they both see Randy there’s an audible gasp – like Uh oh!!! she caught us together! rofl!!!! I am sure that unconscious little sound only confirmed Randy’s suspicions (ohh goody!) Of course Randy baby is not happy to find Amanda there..AGAIN!!!! LOL she looks like psycho barbie here (notice for a second there her horns are showing!)..
Love the sideways ‘uh oh’ glance that Amanda gives Lee!
It seems to me that Randy goes to say her line too soon
and Amanda butts in with ‘Hi Randy’ over the top of her! I think so..
Randy simply declares: That’s it!

So over the top- she’d be a great baddie! Right up there with Rita and those expressions!

Lee calls after her: Ahhhh Randy!!!!!
We see Amanda has a huge smile plastered to her face – LOL – Awk-ward!!!
Lee: Oh ah.. Randyyyy!!!! …
…oh ah ah.. 

she- Ahhhh
  [turning back to Amanda now.. ]
oh gosh I’m really sorry…
… I mean you have your candles and your…
.. err..
well I…
…she must have misunderstood.
[Hmm Maybe Randy wasn’t such a dumb blonde after all – she did sense something cooking between Lee and Amanda! Does it seem to anyone else that the silent question at the end of this sentence is.. ‘ or did she?’]
Amanda shrugs:
I mean…
Lee: yeah.. I .. errr.. [Amanda lets out a big sigh]
ALSALS.avi_002779679…I guess so… errr..
Amanda: Well!…

[she says it like a goodbye.. but she isn’t moving! ] Smile
Lee suddenly recovered:
you want some cake?
Amanda laughs..
and Lee smiles at her..
[hooo haaaa I’m sure I’ll be reminded of this ‘cake’ moment in the tag of Dead Men Leave no Trails!! Winking smile ] LOL it looks like Lee is disappointed for all of 2 seconds before he offers Amanda some cake.. Amanda is easy company .. and Randy Baby is not..

Lee- are you starting to see ‘quality’ now????? I like to think so.. IMHO there are now definite undercurrents between these two that there is more here than either wants to acknowledge – and I think by now they both see this.. maybe they aren’t sure what it is either.. Amanda certainly isn’t going to dwell on any romantic ideas about Lee while he is dating ‘Randys’!

Looking forward to hearing what you all think overall of this episode. It’s interesting that the theme of this episode seems to be judging people on superficial things and not looking for something deeper and more substantial (the MOTYA and Lee’s dating choices! and maybe who we choose to elect to government even??)

It’s ironic to have a theme of superficiality given Amanda’s hair don’t and fashion choices this episode are a real distraction!!! Could this have been intentional? I doubt it..because I don’t think they would intentionally turn Amanda ugly! I’ll share my thoughts on this ‘new look’ in response to Morley’s post which is coming up next- Morley has a few ideas about this change in appearance and has put together a post on this!! whooo hooo!!!  I’m looking forward to exploring ideas with you all!

I am not sure I have fully formed the lesson we take from this episode about Lee, and his dating choices.. I am sure you guys will be able to articulate it much better!!! I’m generally thinking that up till now Lee seems to have chosen dates based on superficial considerations- in addition, he has kept the relationships superficial, and himself superficial (astronaut!) – with Amanda, there is now nothing superficial about their relationship – they have moved beyond this! Almost stealthily, it has snuck up on him! Amanda: the love Ninja! Winking smile
For me.. at this stage, I think Lee is beginning to tire of the superficial dating thing, and he is beginning to enjoy his time with Amanda more. I really look forward to what lays ahead- there are some fabulous episodes coming our way soon!!

Amanda arriving with the cake is interesting.. a part of me thinks it’s a plot device because they always end the episode together or thinking of the other.. but if the MOTYA was a more than a few days ago – why would she have made that cake for it?? plus her cake wasn’t even chocolate.. soooo what gives?? Is this a continuity booo booo or did Amanda make another cake so she could take it around at that time – knowing Lee had the night off and that if he was still seeing Randy she could be coming around.. and that Randy would not be happy to see Amanda there again??!!!!

Or is this another one of those SMK coincidences?? that in any other show would not be a coincidence??  What do you think?? Was Amanda getting up to some mischief here? sabotaging Lee’s date??

I can’t decide what Amanda’s motives were – other than her genuinely wanting to demonstrate to Lee her gratitude. Either way, it is significant that this is the first time Amanda has come to Lee’s home, unannounced for a social Call!!!! Smile That’s enough for me to squeee about – I think it demonstrates Amanda’s new security in their relationship – and her growing assertiveness.. [which I think the haircut is a part of!]  I really can’t wait to hear what you all think!!

What do you all think of this episode overall?? do tell!! I am always open to hearing other ideas – and LOL of course it is always lovely to also hear someone agrees haa! Smile  – hope you have enjoyed this episode as much as I have – once I got past the new look Amanda it turned out to be an episode with a few gems and lovely moments between Lee and Amanda – plus a chance for us to catch a glimpse of the sort of women Lee has been dating up to this point! I also enjoyed the oh so bad baddie Rita!

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that my workload nowadays is crazy.. so while I’ll be reading your comments with glee and monitoring the site, I won’t be able to reply to comments as I would like- I’m sorry 😦  so please.. feel free to comment and respond to each other -go for it!  Morley I will be sure to respond to your next post – but generally I have enough time to either write a post.. or respond to comments but not enough right now for the two 😦 booo hoooo!!! I figure I’ll keep the posts coming as best I can!! byeee guys!!!  

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  1. I was absolutely on the floor between your “Icy Barbie” and “Psycho Barbie” comments, Iwsod! 😂

    I think the Lady of Year Contest, judged by Lee, is certainly won by Amanda.

    Valerie said: “I like the episode overall for Lee’s responses to Amanda–his reaction to her plowing through the flower shop, expressing his worry in front of Billy, shielding her from Billy’s anger, not maligning her for not understanding the trick book, regretting his choice of disguise when showing up at her house, believing her about the murder, actually asking about the award results and feeling bad that she didn’t win, continuing to be the one to rescue her.”

    So well summarized, Valerie. The armor certainly seems to be chunking. The beginning of Season 2 is just tough for me. Sure, Lee looks fabulous and the scenery is pretty in Europe – and there are some gem moments in each episode. But these later Season 2 episodes where things are shifting to different levels, personally and professionally for both of them…those are standouts to me.

    One more cake comment, since I brought up early Season 2…Lee doesn’t like men like Volkenauer in OMIT to have interest in Amanda. But he still has Gillian’s, Margot’s and Randi’s….it’s only with Amanda does he learn he can have his cake and eat it, too. 😂

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  2. I am working my way through the episodes. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be caught up to your blog episode. I wish I would have discovered it sooner. I recently rediscover Scarecrow and Mrs. King again. I had never seen Season 4, but decided to refresh my memory by re-watching Season 1 -3. I re-watched season 1-3 rather quickly about a month ago. I decided to watch the episodes again, but this time at a slower pace. I have been reading the comments on the Yuku board, until I found your blog. You had me in tears today about the table with the red Adidas sneakers. Why was that table even at the MOTY contest? I cannot wait to go back and read the commentaries on Season 1. OK enough about my Scarecrow and Mrs. King history.
    This episode, what can I say about this episode. I am sorry, I mean no disrespect to KJ, but I cannot get past the hair. Wow, it was a bit jarring. The earrings, they did not help. I am wondering did they think the earrings would distract the viewers from the haircut. I am sorry, but the haircut made her look older. It is funny, I do not remember the haircut when I first watched the show in the 80s. But in the 80’s, I was a teenager and I lived in New Jersey. Big hair, perms and Aqua Net hair spray. So maybe nothing surprised me. Trust me, I had my share of bad perms. I have a friend that still reminds me of when my hair looked like Darth Vader’s helmet. So as I finish up Season 2, when I am having issues with Amanda’s hair, I will remind myself I had Darth Vader helmet hair and therefore I should not judge.


    • Jo, you are not alone in your dislike of that hair style. It’s known as the hair don’t at JWWM. And the “ear-rings” are ear-buttons.
      I finally cracked and got the episodes on DVDs in February and also binged on them (some days 5 episodes 🙂 )and then started again slowly, so I know where you’re coming from. (And I think we have all re-evaluated our “fashion” choices in the 80s while watching SMK!)


    • gosh.. table with red adidas sneakers?! I don’t remember that!! but.. really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

      Ahhh Jo, there may be other readers who are reading through just like you – maybe they’ll join in with you.. but I am sure that we all enjoy hearing thoughts on earlier episodes.. reminds us of past episodes and is always fun and interesting! so please, do keep your thoughts coming!

      lol when you go back to season 1 you’ll be shocked.. they are so much shorter and less detailed!! and I love love love season 1!! I was new at this blogging business.. and it has evolved into what it is over time.. so brace yourself – season 1 is not as detailed.. but there is still lots of great comments from everyone and discussion and I hope to go back and rewalk season 1 once I’ve completed all 88 episodes – and give season one the number of posts and detail that it deserves!!

      Oh yeah the 80s was hilarious!!! I’m going to share a video link over on Nedlindger’s about it.. in the KJ’s fashions thread – feel free to join in with the gasps of shock and horror! haaaa!


  3. So I think that Lee looks more handsome in this tag than he has done so far because (as has been suggested by others), his “inner beauty” (what do you say about a man??) which has developed over the last year and a half, is finally showing through, and it’s better than his external looks. Maybe it’s the plaid as well lol. And this “inner beauty” is what makes his hair don’t in season four (or as I like to think of it, his bird hair do) almost irrelevant.

    I have really found the first half of season two hard to take this time round, (walking through it with JWWM for the first time), as I have been so much more aware of how crass, insensitive and rude Lee is. While “Brunettes” is in the obvious turning point, for me, it’s actually after SOS that things really start changing – from a Relative Situation maybe? Anyway, I’m really starting to enjoy him again, although for different reasons to in season one


    • All makes perfect sense to me Learjet!

      As a young girl watching I always thought Lee was dreamy – not I appreciate more being treated well.. and find as Lee learns to treat Amanda better, he grows more and more attractive – his inner beauty is starting to shine for sure.. inner hunk maybe?! tee hee..
      I enjoyed reading your thoughts here 🙂


  4. This is so funny. I’m sitting here watching an episode of Star Trek:The Next Generation and one of the guest stars is Tricia O’Neil. I heard her voice before I saw her face. I knew that I had seen her in something when I saw this SMK episode, but couldn’t remember what. She actually looked quite pretty. Gone was the mullet and she made history in the Star Trek universe by being the only female captain of an Enterprise ship. She was a true lady and on the side of good in the episode. Still doesn’t make me like Rita though.


  5. Great insights here, I can only imagine how wonderful the episode would be without those earrings. 😉


  6. My goodness, so much wonderful discussion. I went out on a much needed date with my husband and missed this. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day and I can join in! yay!! So many wonderful ideas to play with!!! You guys are great!


  7. I’m going to try to put my thoughts into some sort of order before I miss out on the fun of participating in this thread. Some (most?) of what I think has been mentioned by others…
    I see Amanda morphing and becoming more confident as a complete woman. I think she was always confident in her role as mother, but the divorce left her feeling unsure of herself in other areas. Now, she has gained some confidence that among other things she has a knack for finding solutions (although also understanding that she also has a knack for getting into trouble—but the solutions outweigh the trouble). She’s no longer just a mother; although she was very involved in volunteer causes before, now she’s doing something for her country—and making the world safer for her boys—and I think it gives her an extra feeling of usefulness and confidence. What she does really matters and she’s happy being anonymous ‘cos she’s not the type to want fanfare, just an occasional honest thank you. Her “makeunder” highlights the fact that she’s competent–not just window dressing any more–and not a showboat.
    She had a crush on Lee at the very beginning in season 1 and we saw her move past it—occasionally breaking down a bit, but we see that although she cares for him deeply—as a friend—by season 2 she’s packed her heart into a box and put it up onto a shelf in the cupboard. (She’s a very intuitive and sensible person, and she’s not going to give her heart to the playboy Scarecrow, but she does end up giving it to Lee.) In season 3 she takes the box off the shelf in the cupboard, but leaves her heart inside, occasionally cracking open the lid…
    Lee, on the other hand, is becoming more human—more sensitive—and less confident (or at least less brash); we see him becoming more Lee and less Scarecrow thanks to Amanda. He learns to appreciate having a loyal trustworthy friend—someone who would do their best not to hurt him. At the beginning he’s surrounded by “Randi-babes” and knows that there’s an endless supply—when one’s gone, another one or more than one will be all over Scarecrow. Over time he learns that while there are “Randi-babes” everywhere, there’s only one Amanda (finally learned with Leslie in s3 OTL) and maybe he should be spending some time appreciating what she has to offer (friendship, for now).
    Over time, we see one reach out and the other not ready—shrinking away—then the reverse. It reminds me of a warped Newton’s cradle (warped, because there’s only two balls and they’re magnetized)… one ball thwacking another away and it coming back and itself thwacking the other—the reactions diminishing over time, aided by the magnetism (attraction and growing friendship and trust)… until there’s just a place of peace. Does that make sense? I wish I could write this more coherently, but I’m crazy itchy from poison oak… 😦
    [IWSOD edits to add: These Amanda comments have been incorporated into a post on Amanda which can be found here: https://justwalkwithme.com/2013/08/02/1-amandas-journey-from-the-first-time-to-a-little-sex-a-little-scandal/ – please respond to these great insights from KC over on that thread – that way we can keep general Amanda insights together 🙂 Thanks everyone.. and thanks KC!! ]


    • KC, love the visual of the Newton’s cradle! Never knew that’s what it was called until now – that’s what I learned today! Thanks!


      • It’s a great visual huh!!! Yeah I didn’t know it’s name either BJo! Thanks KC!

        Morley’s post is coming up straight after the one I just posted – as it’s a continuation of the Amanda discussion!! 🙂


  8. IWSOD – I love the pictures that go along with the dialogue. This is one of my favorite S2 tags because of the interaction, smiles, glances, etc. There is an underlying communication going on that both are not aware of. Notice that after Lee first glances at his watch he doesn’t look again. They both know that Randy Baby is coming but are hesitant to separate, They enjoy each others company. And I love that Lee invited her to stay for cake! Sweet!


    • Thanks Jeanine glad you enjoyed the pics too!! I enjoyed picking them! 🙂 Amanda looks quite flirty as she says her final line before turning to find Randy!!

      Maybe this is weird.. but I was thinking of ‘Cake’ in smk.. and all it’s instances.. uses in plots.. etc.. I think we could do a post on that! there are a number of moments involving cake – which are quite telling!!!! Do you think someone had a real thing for cake??!!!
      Kept telling people everything was a piece of cake??
      or that’s enough, that takes the cake??!!

      Shall we try and think of all the ‘cake’ moments?? After all, it would be the icing on the cake! 🙂

      byeee for now!


      • That’s so funny about the cake. When you said that, iwsod, it made me think of the TV show The Golden Girls. Whenever they wanted to have a serious discussion they always headed to the kitchen and pulled out a cheesecake. It’s like it was a staple item because they always seemed to have some in the fridge. I wonder how deep a cake discussion could go.


      • Ooohhh–I like the idea of a cake/dessert moments post!!!


        • Aie!!! Valerie and KC.. now I’m getting hungry! 🙂

          Hope the poison oak heals quickly KC! – Check your email.. just sent you one 🙂

          MMmmm I think if me or someone else writes a cake post – it will definitely need to be read while eating cake!


          • hmmmm, chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, chocolate buttercream icing and oh, what the heck, top it off with a layer of dark chocolate ganache….sounds like a cake we could share with Francine and Amanda if we ever got stuck in a freezer waiting for our hero to come rescue us! I love cake! There really are a lot of dessert mentions in this series…cake, pie and even cookies! Anyone else out there hungry?


            • Melissa Robertson

              I just baked a chocolate cake for my daughter’s birthday 😉


            • Pick me, pick me!!! I LOVE cake! In fact I love it so much I teach cake decorating at the local craft store. I make an awesome ‘Death by Chocolate Cake’. Mmmmm! It’s good! Sounds a little like BJo’s.

              Chocolate Fudge Cake torted in 4 layers with rich chocolate buttercream filling made with real butter and cream. The cake is then iced with a thin layer of chocolate buttercream and finally enrobed in rich chocolate ganache. Finally topped with Chocolate Buttercream Roses and molded chocolate leaves.

              Anyone else drooling out there?


              • Am wishing I had a big ‘ol slice of your Chocolate Fudge Cake sitting in front of me for breakfast right now, Jeanine! Guess I’ll have to sop up my drool with something else 😦


              • Pick meeeeeeee!!! Jeanine, I love chocolate cake! I will be happy, happy(!) I tell you, to sample any of your stupendous creations, just to be sure you know?! Cake tester? Is that a real job? I want it!! (no wonder my hips and I don’t get along……)


  9. If all of Lee’s women were similar to Randy Baby, he was probably used to having them call it quits on him. For a jealous type, his odd schedule and unexplained absences must have looked really suspicious (like not making it to Gillian’s lodge!) Besides, serving them frozen cake and cheap champagne probably takes its toll.

    I love how, in Remembrence of Things Past, Lee tells Amanda that she isn’t a “lousy one-nighter”! Even though he said it to reassure her (and himself) that he didn’t have an ulterior motive, I like to think it is an unconscious complement to her, saying that she is far more valuable than that! Even at this stage in their relationship, Lee realizes on some level that Amanda could never be a cheap fling, and wants other men to know that about her too. That would explain some of the jealousy he experiences towards men who show admiration for her. It’s like he wants to say to them, “Listen, Pal, she’s no quickie chickie!” (OK, sorry, couldn’t resist).


    • Happy Camper, love your observations and totally agree. It would seem that there is some layering to Lee’s jealousy. When it’s some random guy Lee shows some anger and maybe a little shock and disbelief at their interest, when it’s Joe, Amanda’s ex, he shows a little fear and concern that he could possibly lose her and he knows there’s a deeper connection to their relationship. His jealousy causes him to not only want to protect Amanda, but himself as well.

      I wonder how many of them got past a one-nighter. Margo, obviously did. His disappearances and absences probably did cause some suspicion for some of them. But then as an astronaut, military guy, and private investigator he probably came up with some interesting excuses.


      • It’s fabulous characterisation isn’t it Valerie.. no superficial jealousy.. but multi-layered!

        Morley’s post on Lee’s women will be great! I don’t know why but I wasn’t thinking Lee had one nighters.. but he didn’t try hard to hang on to the women if you know what I mean 😉 I’ll think a bit more on this one for when we get to Morley’s post! That will be soon! 🙂 byeeee!


    • Hi Happy Camper! My guess is Lee see’s Amanda as a ‘mother’ – you know how many issues Lee has with ‘mothers’ – and so this is why he wouldn’t see her that way.. at least at this stage of the game.. but that’s just my thinking!

      Haaaa love your quickie chickie! I think I said the same thing in SAABeyond somewhere – it was begging for it!!!! Love it!!!! 🙂

      Morley has a post coming up about Lee and his women! So hopefully we can get a discussion going about that up to this point of the show..
      Gotta run! Lovely to hear from you! byee


    • I love these ideas. I have always thought that Lee was attracted to Amanda from the beginning. He asked her out for a drink in the 2nd episode right? I think that before he really got to know her, he may have tried to add her to his string of women, but as he got to know her (and because of who Amanda was, that didn’t take very long, Amanda lets the kind of person she is be known) he realized that she was not that type of women and his Scarecrow ways would not work with her. She was different and he respected that. He got to know her on her terms, really. But I think at some level ( and I never really know what levels Lee is thinking on) he knew that a relationship with Amanda would include marriage. He makes that comment in The Mole about never being a bomber father and I think it may be because he has thought about it in someway and he knows that getting involved with Amanda would mean that very thing.
      I also think that Lee has as great a respect for marriage as Amanda does. His comment to her in SOS about how strongly she feels about marriage is significant, I think. He holds it in very high regard. Another reason why their journey is so slow.
      Happy Camper, I don’t remember that line from Remembrance. I can’t wait to go back to hear it. It makes me think that Lee is already aware, even then of how unfulfilling his lifestyle is. And adds a bit more poignancy to the “normal” experience he was having with Amanda during that episode. Strong currents even then! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Melissa Robertson

    I love the fact that neither Lee or Amanda seem upset that Randi left. IMHO it seems that Amanda is laughing at the fact that Randi would be thinking there was anything between her and Lee (I Truely believe that she is comfortable in her friendship with Lee). Makes me think of LOTP where she laughs at the girl hitting on Lee in front of her. I don’t think these type of women bother her anymore because she knows that her and Lee have something better and that is a strong friendship!


  11. Okay, I still see this as following right along with the “flirting” theme I mentioned earlier. There is a bit of subtle flirting going on between Lee and Amanda in the tag – intentional or not. However, Lee is learning that while flirting is fun, communicating for real can be more intimate and fun in ways he hasn’t experienced before – at least, not the same as he does/will with Amanda.

    I do think Amanda cooked two cakes for the re-do of the MOTY contest. One for Lee and one for the contest. Food is the suburban response to most anything – thank you, condolences, greetings. As a typical suburban mom, she would do this. (And may I say, I don’t see this happening as much today as it did in the past – including dropping by just to say “HI” or bring a thank you, etc gift. We tend to be much more cautious at showing up at someone’s home, calling first to be sure it’s okay.)

    I do think there’s that spot of mischief in Amanda that would delight in ruining Lee’s evening. Not because she wants him for herself but because, as a friend, she would want the best for Lee and would realize that these superficial relationships of his are not best. I think she cares deeply for Lee at this point, and may secretly hope to be in his future, but I don’t think she believes it would happen. Later, I think she believes she has a real chance and that’s when she realizes she’s been in love longer than she would admit. I won’t say yet, but when we get to that point …


  12. I’ve said it before but I will say it again. It’s not the haircut. It’s the moon sized earrings that are the problem!!!! Amanda’s hair was fair nicer than Rita’s mullet job *shudders*
    I don’t believe Amanda had an ulterior motive for taking cake to Lee. Its her usual method of showing friendship and thanks. OK partly a plot contrivance since MOTY was possibly a day or two ago but I see no reason to see hidden agenda. I have to say though Amanda does linger a little too long after Randi strops off in huff. I got the vibe that she’s loitering in the hope of an invite which she obviously gets 😉
    Cake and champagne?! Hmmmm Lee not sure that’s gonna impress a lady. I do love the expression on his face when Amanda comes bearing gifts. You can just see him him thinking “oh Amanda you’ve just saved my hide”! If its frozen does that make it a cake or a dessert? We don’t have frozen cakes in UK so was wondering if it was more a gateaux or something. Which is still weird but slightly more acceptable (in my mind). Perhaps Lee just really like his desserts 😉
    It is lovely that despite him checking his watch and knowing who is on her way Lee isn’t scurrying Amanda away. Baby steps but significant nonetheless 😀
    I think my favourite part of this episode is his concern about Amanda crashing into the flower shop 😀
    Can I just say that in the last screen shot Randi is looking decidedly butch! Was she played by the stunt woMAN from Playing Possum? 😉

    IWSOD sorry to hear you’re crazy busy BUT I can imagine writing these posts and getting the screen shots isn’t a 5 minute job, not to mention me playing catch up on earlier episodes and posting comments nearly every day. Hope things calm down for you soon x


    • Grrr not Playing Possum I meant Class Act. Sorry having a blonde moment 😉


    • Hi Jenbo! I agree somewhat with the earrings being the bigger problem with Amanda’s look than the hair. In the next episode, LOTParty, Amanda’s short hair is styled differently for some of the scenes and it looks much better IMO. Thank goodness they didn’t give her a mullet like Rita’s! Here in the states you can buy a frozen cake much like you can by a frozen meal (i.e. pizza or lasagna) and it only takes a couple of hours or so to defrost. I’m thinking that’s what Lee is planning to serve to Randi versus a more elaborate gateaux. I think Lee just has a sweet tooth! Yes, Randi does look a little butch in the last scene! I don’t think the make-up artist did that actress any favors that day.


  13. Lee does have a magic apartment, doesn’t he! I especially love the view out his window…certainly looks like D.C. Not! Sort of like those famous D.C. mountains you noted earlier….

    I love cake – it is my favorite dessert. I could pass up ice cream, pie, brownies and cookies all day long just to get some cake! But not frozen cake. Bad Lee! He was too busy saving Amanda that he forgot to take the cake out to defrost. Good Lee!

    I bet Amanda is super thrilled knowing that her cake is going to be served to Randi. Wonder what would have happened if this had been Leslie and OTL? Food fight? Okay, I don’t want to get ahead of the game, but don’t think that would have gone over very well. At. All.

    I’m impressed that Lee brought up the MOTY thing at a time like this. He really is trying to be a friend to Amanda here. He knows Randi is coming, but he doesn’t shoo her off. Good Lee! He does seem genuinely disappointed for her – love the screencap where you say he is emotionally very attuned to Amanda! I love Lee’s dimples and grins, but I think IGMM out of his YSL and more serious looks where you can feel the intensity in his eyes. Then add in that whole jaw muscle thing and sigh….

    Yeah, the end of the conversation between these two does seem a little awkward. It’s as if they don’t want to part but with Randi coming and all they need to part. I think Amanda does hope Lee has a nice time, but not too much of a nice time, ya know? At this point she knows she is solidly in the friend category and probably wants to be a friend to Lee and knock on his forehead a few times and ask him why he keeps seeing these “i” women. She knows the path he’s on and wants to get him off that path and onto a path that’s real and not superficial.

    OMG! Never noticed Randi’s horns before!! Too bad her dress isn’t red!


    • A red dress would have been hysterical. I love the way you guys see things like horns using the lights. Ha ha! Have you ever noticed that Leslie’s black dress with spaghetti straps looks just like Randy’s white one?


      • Leslie’s dress does look just like Randy’s! Randy’s is a little bit toga-esque with the drapey bit at the bust, but otherwise they are the same. Lee sure loves his italian! I wonder why they chose the the dress colors for these two as they did…I bet you’ll get to that in one of your posts in the future!


  14. Valerie, I love your list of the things you liked about this episode. Seeing all those great responses that Lee had towards Amanda put together like that really seemed impressive. It was as if all the little changes in their relationship that started happening after Brunettes and were reinforced during SOS, were put together here in this episode and now their is a whole new reality forming between these two. I think you are right, Iwsod, when you say they are becoming aware of undercurrents but neither wants to acknowledge it. And I love it that this awareness happens during a time when Amanda is looking awkward. Whether or not the producers decided on the haircut, there was that description in the script of the newspaper photo of Amanda calling it unflattering, and I would go with the theme of this episode having something to do with superficiality vs real. I like that Lee and Amanda begin to be aware during a MOTY contest and the rest of this context. It’s not like the shows where the man falls for the girl only after seeing her all made over, like some Cinderella. This is a man falling in love with a real woman, because of her realness, because of every wonderful part of who she is, despite himself and despite herself. Now that is real! (I know, it is a fictional tv show ;))

    And I am not sure of Amanda’s motives here when she shows up at Lee’s the second time. Sometimes I feel embarrassed for her while I watch this scene, because she isn’t so embarrassed. Sometimes I think she showed up like that on purpose, but it would be so unlike her. I agree she is more assertive here and I like that, but I can’t imagine her sabotaging one of Lee’s dates. And Lee seems a bit shallow about the cake that saved his night, I am glad he ended up sharing it with Amanda instead. I bet he had a better time with Amanda and the cake than he did on the previous date with Randy. Well, I will qualify that with “better” meaning it was easier company for conversation and being oneself. I am sure the activities of both nights differed greatly ;). But maybe Lee is beginning to realize he preferred one evening over the other?


    • I love your thoughts here, Morley! Especially the bit about this all happening while Amanda’s having a “make-under” with her appearance. It truly emphasizes the point of Lee falling for a woman for who she is and not what she looks like. I think Amanda is at her prettiest physically in S3, so for these two to be going through this phase of their relationship while she is not at her best is really pretty wonderful. It makes it feel very real even though it is a fictional tv show.

      I agree that there are some undercurrents here, but that Lee doesn’t know what to make of them. He’s still fighting it and Amanda’s appearance doesn’t help. He’s confused because he has all these feelings towards her that he’s probably never had for a woman before and isn’t sure what to do – hahahaha, Lee not know what to do with a woman…that hit my funny bone this morning 🙂 Lee, when all else fails, offer her some cake! Even if she baked it!

      I also think Amanda doesn’t know what to do with the undercurrents either. I think she’s thought of her and Lee romantically being involved but only as a fantasy. As they become closer from working together I think Amanda is really falling for Lee and she is starting to want that fantasy for real. But practical Amanda can probably see all the issues with a real life romance with Lee and is able to keep things at bay, but only for now.


      • I know this is rushing ahead, but give me an inch and I will take a mile… One comment to the keeping things at bay thought. I actually think that Amanda keeps the feelings of romance at bay better than Lee does especially during season 3. And as far as Amanda looking prettiest during season 3. I think Lee’s attention to her causes her to blossom. My husband said that about me as his feelings for me began to grow, I know I responded to him by becoming more comfortable about myself. You know, that whole, “you make me feel like a natural woman” thing.

        Yes, I think Lee is confused. Its that compartmentalization thing. I think Lee’s emotional make up is like a highly organized closet, at least at first look. Bear with me, I have this image in my head that I want to try to describe. It’s like a closet that has all the Tupperware containers holding things but its only like that on the surface, push one of those containers aside and their is a huge mess behind it. That is where Amanda is hiding back there in that mess, and he is beginning to know it, but he doesn’t want to go there because there is other stuff hiding there. And here he thought he had it all neat and tidy and controllable.

        Yup, this blog is addictive…


        • Completely agreeee!! In fact I couldn’t agree more! If any one of us ever gets an Amanda Journey post together it will be fun to discuss over and over what we all think!

          Like your closet picture you describe. It goes hand in hand with what you’re saying about keeping things at bay. I can picture the messy Tupperware of Lee’s closet just falling out all at once because it is so messy back there. But Amanda’s Tupperware is always neatly stacked and nested according to size so even if a pile tips over it doesn’t just all fall right out at once. She has to (or Lee has to) purposely remove each piece to get them all out! Much easier to keep at bay when it’s all tucked neatly away!


          • I have got some ideas for an Amanda’s Journey post. Has anyone ever read Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge? It has some interesting ideas that I would love to use to think through Amanda’s journey. I also realized that I have a member of my family who experienced a bit of what Amanda did with Joe and the divorce and the going off to Africa stuff. I just need to sit with it a bit. But I also don’t want to monopolize the topic, but we all do a really good job with discussion here, don’t we? 🙂


            • Loving your comments Morley keep them coming.. whoooooo go on write an Amanda post!!! Let’s get the ball rolling!! it’s going to be a looong while before I get to it 😦

              Monopolize? no chance!!! go for it!! 🙂


    • Morley, I like how you refer to Amanda as a real woman. Amanda is the only real thing Lee has in his life. The whole spy business with the code names, secret identities, undercover operations, disguises, etc. cause Lee to live in a false reality, his own little Oz. He refers to some of his colleagues as friends, but you never really see that friendship other than Billy and Francine. But Amanda is a real person with a real life something that Lee had always longed for. That’s why he was so upset in Spiderweb to think that Amanda could be anything but. He couldn’t possibly believe it because she is so real, so genuine. And she has always remained that for him.


  15. I was just welcoming Happy Camper when a new post appeared so I figured that I would respond. Since the ceremony had to be cancelled due to the fake fire, it’s possible that things got ruined in the melee to get out of the building. Maybe Amanda had to bake a second cake for the ceremony. However, I would assume that some sort of taste testing had to have occurred so knowing Amanda she would have made more than one cake. Just a guess here.

    So often we see Lee showing up at Amanda’s it’s nice to see her showing up unannounced at his place. It’s interesting how they both have reached that phase where they linger with the good-byes. Whether it’s at her place or his they seem hesitant to leave right away. Lots of changes-new hair, new apartment, new attitudes. Definitely a step forward and in the right direction.

    Even though Randy is out of the picture her name does come up again, but we find out that she really is out of the picture. Lee doesn’t seem that distraught that she leaves. He certainly doesn’t run after her or even indicate that he’ll call her later and explain.

    I like the episode overall for Lee’s responses to Amanda–his reaction to her plowing through the flower shop, expressing his worry in front of Billy, shielding her from Billy’s anger, not maligning her for not understanding the trick book, regretting his choice of disguise when showing up at her house, believing her about the murder, actually asking about the award results and feeling bad that she didn’t win, continuing to be the one to rescue her.

    While I’m not a fan of the haircut or the earrings, I can’t say that I had the same reaction when I first watched it in the 80s. There were a lot of unfortunate fashion choices in the 80s. It’s amazing how some styles come back into fashion, not sure the 80s is going to be one of those.


    • When I read your list of reasons why you like this episode, Valerie, it makes me want to watch it again – despite having to see evil Rita!! What a contrast from S1 Lee! Or even early S2. Lee is becoming just as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside. I’m glad though that they didn’t give him a hair don’t. Oh wait, that’s S4. Sigh.


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