8/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the Private Party offices.. Amanda is called into a meeting with Malcolm and Vic, the baddie bros.
Amanda: Hello. You wanted to see me?
Malcolm: Have a seat, please.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001491191_thumb[1]
Vic: Mrs King, you were assigned to Senator Wrightwood’s party, isn’t that correct?
Amanda: Yes, it is.
Vic: So, you were on the cleaning crew there today?
2.16 LOTP.avi_001493193_thumb[1]Amanda: Uh, yes.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001500200_thumb[1]Malcolm: Perhaps we should get right to the point. The senator’s wife phoned a few moments ago and reported that a pair of diamond earrings was missing from her bedroom. You did clean in there, didn’t you?
She sure did! Just like Mrs Flannigan told her 2.16 LOTP.avi_001502202_thumb[1]to! Smile Poor Amanda! she is completely unprepared for this!!!! Shocked!!! Horrified that they could think such a thing.. and.. she’s so unprepared for it that it is perfect – had she been prepared she may have given away the fact she is on to them!  So in a way, Amanda’s cluelessness here is ideal! Amanda: Well, uh, yes, I cleaned the bedroom, but I– I 2.16 LOTP.avi_001506206_thumb[1]don’t know anything-

Okay, I could put a stop to this accusation right here! right now! Amanda could not possibly have taken the diamond earrings! This is the episode where Amanda is only interested in super matchy matchy earrings! now.. if she were wearing a diamond studded top.. I would be the first to point the finger at Amanda.. but as it is???…  nah!!! Winking smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_001511211_thumb[1]Malcolm: Would you mind emptying your purse for us, Mrs King? [Ahhh Amanda is so complying, certain they won’t be in there..]
2.16 LOTP.avi_001515749_thumbAmanda:
No, not at all.
Amanda dumps out most of her belongings onto the
2.16 LOTP.avi_001523256_thumb[1]table…but freezes when she sees a pair of diamond earrings obediently laying next to each other, juuuust so, at the bottom of her handbag – rofl!!!
2.16 LOTP.avi_001526326_thumb[1]
2.16 LOTP.avi_001534234_thumb[1]whoooo they’re pretty! but they don’t go with Amanda’s outfit!! Smile
2.16 LOTP.avi_001537237_thumb[1]
Malcolm gives Amanda a suitably condemning look. Ugh he is appalling.. 1angry
2.16 LOTP.avi_001538238_thumb[1]Ohhh I want to give Amanda a hug!!! I don’t think she is playing along here.. does anyone? I think she doesn’t realise at first what’s going on here.. poor Amanda!
Malcolm stands up and holds out his hand for Amanda to give them back- with a ‘you’re dirt!’ kinda look… ohhh these two make me soo mad! I really hate this kind of baddie!1argh
2.16 LOTP.avi_001541574_thumb[1]
Amanda:  I really have no idea how those got in there.
Amanda hands them back..
2.16 LOTP.avi_001550250_thumb[1]Vic: Mrs King we, as well as you, have a reputation to think of.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001553253_thumb[1]Amanda: Yes-
Malcolm: Hear me out. We can arrange for Mrs Flannigan to
2.16 LOTP.avi_001558258_thumb[2]return the earrings in tomorrow’s clean up.

[There you go! she’s in on it too Amanda!] They’ll 2.16 LOTP.avi_001564264_thumbbe found under the bed, and Mrs Wrightwood will assume it was all a mistake.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001568268_thumb[1]Vic:
Mrs King, we will ask a favour in return. One for which you’ll be paid very well.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001571271_thumb[1]Malcolm: At tonight’s party, we would like for you to slip into the senator’s office and bring us some papers.
[Hmm!! suddenly not so concerned with their reputation huh!! 😉 ]The scene ends with Amanda silently realising ahh.. so that’s what’s going on here..

At least now she doesn’t look so devastated! Smile 2.16 LOTP.avi_001578278

It’s interesting how our perceptions of this show change through the years.. I am pretty sure the first time I saw this I thought the Burlings were baddies.. no worse than any other baddie.. Nowadays? I Hate these guys!!!

They remind me of Sydney Whitset in Three Faces of Emily!  They set up innocent women and force them to do their dirty work for them, they exploit the women  who work for them. They are predators preying on women..  Grrr.. The Burlings have the nerve to say they will do Amanda a ‘favour’ and return the earrings, and she will be paid well for it. Like the woman should thank them for being blackmailed? Maybe some women won’t care, but when you consider that a good woman like Amanda was put in this position I see these men as exploiting vulnerable women. Worst of all, we actually saw what Malcolm does [and what Vic goes along with] to women who try and get out of doing this ‘work’ for them.. 1angry

Watching them here in this scene, Malcolm and Vic are a well oiled machine, they’ve played this routine on many women.. and I find this kind of baddie to be the worst! How about you?? .. anyone feel the same way? what’s your worst kind of baddie? Give me the Mafioso ‘call me Frankie!’  butcher any day..

I love that these two men do get their just desserts!!!  I also think it’s awful that Mrs Flannigan knows they are blackmailing women like this, and she lets them.. though granted.. maybe she doesn’t know about the murder of Sally!

Well moving on.. the next thing we see is Lee on the phone back at IFF.. [uh oh..the flat hair is back! not a fan..]
Ahhh he’s talking to Amanda!

2.16 LOTP.avi_001581281Lee: That’s great. No, no, this may be the break that we’re waiting for, Amanda…
2.16 LOTP.avi_001582282…Now, look, I will meet you an hour before the party and give you some papers that we’ll dummy up to look good to the Burlings. Then we’ll follow you over to their offices tonight.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001590790
[He is silent a moment listening to Amanda 2.16 LOTP.avi_001591591say something we don’t hear.. He looks a little indulgent! 🙂  Let me guess Ummm Amanda says- ‘ 2.16 LOTP.avi_001591725Lee! When will I see again?! I miss you!!! I want to work with you not Francine!’ Okay.. probably not! probably a typical ‘am I in danger??!!’ Which Lee never responds to saying she is!! Winking smile]


2.16 LOTP.avi_001593460Lee responds:  Don’t worry, Amanda. You’ll be in our sight the whole time, believe me.
2.16 LOTP.avi_001595995


Uh huhh!!! He always says that.. I mean we all know Lee wouldn’t want something to happen to Amanda.. but.. lol this is another smk routine isn’t it?! Winking smile  Lee hangs up..

So.. things are in place for the party that night…. I guess Amanda and Francine work at the Senator’s party, but we don’t see this – surely Francine would have seen someone she knows there??

Did anyone see that on IMDB the character ‘Dean’ is credited for this episode???!!! [Actor Thomas Babson] Isn’t that weird??!! I can’t see that he is mentioned in the revised final draft of the script.. but could he have been one of the guests at one of these parties?? Could it have been scripted at some point that Amanda have her own parallel experience of running into a former boyfriend at a party while working as a maid?? Hmm that would have been interesting! I’m guessing Amanda would not have cared! Smile What do you think? Could it just be a mistake that he is listed on IMDB? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Oh well.. I shall finish up there.. and we’ll rejoin the gang after the party! byeee for now!!

41 responses to “8/14 Season Two, Episode 16: The Life of the Party-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019rewatch
    What I find truly creepy is your employer having access to your purse, which is stored in your locker along with your street clothes. That’s obviously how the Burlings planted that pair of earrings in Amanda’s purse.


    • Amandarambler

      I’m wondering if maybe that was another way Mrs. Flanagan provided assistance – planting evidence. They do elude to how she can have them put back under the bed upon cleanup.


      • #2019rewatch
        Private Party must have had separate men’s and women’s locker rooms so it makes sense. Plus, she was clearly an accomplice.


  2. Amandarambler

    I’m not an art person, but I did notice in rewatching this episode today the earlier portrait hanging in Mr. Columbus’s – err, I mean, Frankie’s office….and now take a look at the wall hanging behind Malcolm’s desk…or is it Vic’s desk…or are those horses dealing with the same power/sibling struggle as the Burlings???? Hmmmm….interesting choice of artwork for their office, would you agree?


  3. Iwsod, you perfectly describe the way I feel for Amanda with the earring discovery and the ickiness I feel for the Burlings. Especially Malcolm. Icky! 😖

    Maybe Dean was supposed to be at the party as Francine’s ex, too. Maybe Dean would’ve been the REAL Life of the Party! Hahahaha. Ooooooh, that would’ve been hilarious to see Francine and Amanda had both dated the same someone. Oh. Wait. 😂😉

    Liked by 1 person


      Liked by 1 person

    • You have a delightfully devious imagination … carry on … please!


    • Maybe Dean was supposed to be at the party as Francine’s ex, too. Maybe Dean would’ve been the REAL Life of the Party! Hahahaha. Ooooooh, that would’ve been hilarious to see Francine and Amanda had both dated the same someone. Oh. Wait. 😂😉

      genius Amandaramble!! I love it!!!
      I guess we could argue that Francine and Amanda have both dated the same someone..
      They both dated Lee no?! [eek!!!!] I try to block out that knowledge but.. well..

      iwsod edited to fix typo


      • Yes, I evidently block that out as well, Iwsod, because as I was typing out my original comment it dawned on me…”wait, they do certainly have one significant other in common….” 😆 Who knows…maybe they did have two. Who’s to say Francince didn’t have to go undercover as a meteorologist once? Need to know, I suppose…😂


  4. Ha ha hah! Iwsod–I just noticed when I was watching for your part 9 of this ep that Lee does his staring into the phone handset act again that you’ve commented on before… like he can see Amanda down the phone line. ROFL. (Also, it seems like Amanda wasn’t her usual polite self and must have hung up on him abruptly. LOL!)


  5. This is Melissa, coming out of lurkdom with a plot hole question….so did Amanda get Safecracking 101 for the rest of the afternoon? How is she supposed to know how to get to the important papers in the safe? Am I overthinking this?


    • Maybe she was given one of those things that Penny had in the opening scene to put on the safe and the dial spins and it cracks the safe for you.


    • Ahhh… the crater-sized plot holes. 😀 It’s just one of the many things to love about SMK… Like I’ve said before, it’s totally unpretentious–and that’s part of its charm.
      (Hey Jenbo–maybe that can be one of the games on Nedlindger’s [woot–got the spelling correct!]… Spot-The-Plot-Hole…???…)


  6. I thought I remembered somewhere someone saying that Amanda was trying too hard in reference to her matchy-matchy earrings. Was that you, Iwsod, in your last post? Funny how we are praising her professionalism but she is trying too hard with her earrings. Although I have to agree. I am more comfortable with her hair in this one, maybe I am getting used to it or maybe it is because the PP uniform looks more like the old Amanda way of dressing. But the earrings still look like she is trying to put on a style that isn’t Amanda.


  7. Hiya! I’ve loved hearing your thoughts! Everyone!!
    BJo- Glad you enjoyed the matchy matchy earrings 🙂 – it only gets worse!!! It was really interesting what you said about thinking Amanda was putting on an act. I think I thought that too..but now she looks so horrified I see it differently now.
    Amanda may have heard the comments about how to earn extra money – but she could have still been taken by surprise at the earrings being in her handbag and not realised yet where it was headed… It wasn’t till it became clear it was blackmail that she could have seen IMHO!

    Hey you can never think too much about smk BJo 🙂 I completely see what you are saying about the baddies! Tee hee.. I don’t know why but I was never horrified by Russell Sinclair – though you are absolutely right about why I should be haaaaa! I guess the way he was portrayed, for me, mean’t I couldn’t take him seriously.. even with all the murders.. weird isn’t it?! I mean he ties up Amanda and yes hangs up all that dynamite and I still think him saying ‘it looks very realistic’ is hilarious! It’s over the top and completely unrealistic.. so I go with it.. 😆

    Whereas nasty men who are not funny at all, and who exploit vulnerable women make my blood boil! It’s going to be an individual thing I imagine.. but I’m guessing maybe sometimes it’s about tone.. Sometimes it’s off – like in 3FOEmily.. and yes Debilyn is IMHO, spot on to raise Sinclair in Brunettes as being creepy!!!
    Debilyn I must have deleted him from my mind.. ugh – I’m with you.. he wins the prize for most despicable! Yes Uuggglly!!! I’m with you Debilyn!!! Good one!

    Jenbo, why blackmail people and then pay them? this made sense to me, but then again, it could just be me! because by paying them, the baddies can say – what’s the problem? I’m paying you!! You know.. like with Sally –Malcolm responded: you tired of making money?? the rest doesn’t matter ( apparently).. and.. I guess if they are paid money for doing it then they become complicit in the crimes, and are further trapped.. I saw it as an additional way of manipulating the women.. I didn’t think it was a dumb baddie thing to do lol.. It’s a bit like Columbus giving the Burlings veal chops – but he’s so nice.. he gave veal chops!

    Tee heee.. glad you enjoyed the Amanda defence Jenbo- I love to hear if bits are funny to you guys! that way I get to know your sense of humour! and I can be writing and thinking.. whooo I think Jenbo might like this one!! and it’s even more fun!!!! 🙂

    Ohhh I see Valerie has mentioned the ‘doing a favour in return’ idea – good call Valerie!!! that is a great parallel!!! I love how you put that!! I’m sure that’s deliberate given Columbus’ upcoming errr ‘sales pitch’ to Vic.. I love Lee’s patience too Valerie.. oh yes.. and the dimple! swoon!

    KC I agree with you.. I dislike Malcolm more too.. but Vic goes along with it.. Vic as a character is very interesting and well done – and very well acted.. I say a few more things about him soon!

    Morley solar panel jacket? rofl!!!! why.. it could save the planet!!! Save the clams!!! 😆
    byeee for now!


  8. “This is the episode where Amanda is only interested in super matchy matchy earrings! now.. if she were wearing a diamond studded top.. I would be the first to point the finger at Amanda.. but as it is???… nah!!! ”
    super matchy matchy –love it! I may have to start using that turn of phrase. 🙂
    I thought it weird that Dean was supposed to be in this episode according to IMDB.com. Is he listed in the credits at all (too lazy to check myself). I have pointed out several errors to the site about other shows (I guess that makes me an editor — WOOT!)


    • Hey good idea Cindy ( editor of IMDB), I checked and his name isn’t listed in the credits. booo I was rather enjoying the idea of seeing how Amanda running into an old boyfriend would compare with Francine.. I think Amanda would have been an absolute pro – and I don’t think she would care what Dean thinks! 🙂

      You go for it! Let IMDB know for sure! 🙂

      oh and tee hee! glad you like the super matchy matchy earrings! This state of affairs gets a few more mentions before this party is over 😉


      • I agree Amanda would have been completely professional is she had seen Dean and I don’t think it would have bothered her either. In fact I think it would have confirmed to her that she had made the right choice about work and about Den.


  9. Just wondering if Lee would have been more protective of Amanda if he knew what happened to Sally?? He would have tried to pull her from the assignment and found another way to implicate the Burling Brothers.


    • Hmm interesting idea Jeanine! yeah.. I’m guessing not.. which is why I was so bugged that Lee let her go down into the pool hall alone, with two known killers.. ugh.. soooo wrong!! (err IMHO of course 🙂 )


  10. LOL, iwsod!!! Your matchy matchy earring theory is correct! Now if she were wearing her solar panel jacket like Morley says, then that would be a different story! 🙂
    I think I always figured that Amanda was putting on a good act. But now that I’m on this walk with you, I think you may be right – she is clueless and didn’t realize that the Burlings used blackmail to get the maids to steal the documents for them. I guess I forgot about Amanda hearing about how you can make extra money from the other maids in an earlier scene.

    I first read your post when I woke up this morning (12+ hours ago) and have been thinking about your baddie question on and off all day. I’m still not sure what I think, but here is what I think right now (I reserve the right to change my opinion!). When I think of all the SMK baddies we’ve had so far, the one who I think is the worst is also the craziest – Russell Sinclair (ROTPast). I realize this may sound completely horrible, but when I see a woman getting exploited on a fictional TV show, I tend to partially lay the blame at the woman’s feet. Awful! I know! But it is fiction – remember? Kids are different – I don’t even want to think about that. Head crazy baddies like RS in ROTP are the worst and scariest because you don’t know what they will do next and they do not follow any normal thought pattern. Just how did he manage to hang the guy inside the agency without being seen and why does he need all 100 sticks of dynamite??? The mafia baddies I actually like – they use their manners and have a code of honor – plus they give presents like veal chops and cars.

    I didn’t know about Dean being listed in this episode on IMDB – weird. It’s either a mistake as KC says or maybe he was supposed to be Betsy Jordan’s date and Lee feels bad for Amanda so he makes a show of being her boyfriend at the shindig at the beginning of the episode! I can dream of just how he would do that, can’t I?


  11. Maybe it was supposed to be Amanda running into Dean instead of Francine running into her ex… or maybe the IMDB users just plain got it wrong! 😀

    Urgh! The Burling Brothers are awful! I dislike Malcolm much more than Vic, but Vic goes along with it so he’s no angel. And as far as preying on women–anyone who preys on someone they *view* as weak (women, children, elderly, sick, …) SUCKS!!! Grrrrrr….

    Hmmmm… yeah–Lee’s hair is kind of funky… I think it’s the way it falls down over his ear, and the top looks like he’s got a hairdryer blowing on it…

    (Uhh–is it just me or does Lee look like Michael J Fox in the last screen cap? 😀 )


    • Haha, KC! You’re probably right. Amanda running into Dean instead of Francine running into her ex BF. I like it better this way because Amanda comes off sounding like the seasoned agent instead of Francine. The whole model to maid thing is very funny and I can’ imagine how the scene would have played out the other way around.

      I sort of see the Lee/MJFox comparison, but not really. Sorry!


      • :p I’m used to people not seeing my comparisons… but ‘s’OK — you did agree with me that Lee looked like a Ken doll…!!!… 😀


        • Maybe it’s because I think of MJF as cute at best whereas Lee is just plain smokin’. I think it’s that voice of his. (Please picture a melting, sizzling stick of butter emoticon. Thank you.)


          • MJF was like Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. He was cute as a teenager and then proceeded to stay looking like a teenager even into his 30’s etc Lee doesn’t looks like a boy he looks like a man woooooo *fans herself**


            • I’m getting kicked out of the clubhouse *again*, aren’t I? 😀


              • Awh! KC there is room for all views in this clubhouse 🙂 – LOL!

                I have to agree with Jenbo sorry.. Lee is all man.. and MJF – well to me he never grew up.. he’s always that kid in family ties! 🙂 but you stick to your guns KC! 🙂


              • Naaah, LOTR, Top Gear, Ford, MJF…it’s all good…. Guess I just can’t help that Lee makes my heart beat a little faster than almost all other men. And you did ask! 😉


          • Smoking is right! *swoon thud* Love the emoticon for melting butter idea LOL!


    • When you mentioned the comparison I went back and looked, I could see it, something about the roundness of his eyes and the way his face was smiling. But to me it was the way the pictured captured his face, it isn’t something I regularly see.


      • Whew–I’m not completely crazy… just a little! Thanks Morley. High five!
        And yes, just in that one pic–that’s why I said
        “in the last screen cap”–I don’t see it otherwise. Just like he doesn’t normally look like Ken… it must be something to do with him being on the phone ‘cos he was on the phone both times! 😀


    • KC, I *often* find Lee channels MJFox, so no, i don’t think you’re crazy at all! But I also agree with others that Lee takes the look to a higher level, looking hot whereas MJFox looks boyish. Believe it or not, there is one ep or maybe two where I see Lee looking just a little like a young Michael Douglas…. but Lee wears the look much more softly. Can’t think which eps they are, and even if I remember, I can’t screencap to make my case and not seem crazy! :-/


  12. The Burlings are definitely atrocious in how they prey upon these innocent women. They discover just how badly they need money and use it against them. I find the line that Malcolm uses interesting. He says that “we will ask a favor in return”. That sounds so much like a mob line. It’s like something out of “The Godfather”. But isn’t that pretty much in line with how this episode is going? What’s equally intimidating is to have both of these brothers coming at you like that. And there is no good cop, bad cop situation. It’s a very intimidating and high pressured situation.

    Considering how they were able to get those earrings in her purse I’m sure Amanda was concerned as to what else these Burlings might be capable of, which is probably why she expressed concern to Lee. I love how he is patient in listening and calmly reassures her.

    Lee is looking especially gorgeous…there’s even a dimple…sigh!


  13. *snigger* the idea of Amanda’s defence is they don’t match her outfit LOL
    What I don’t understand is why they proceed to blackmail people AND pay them? Surely if they threatened to report to theft to the police they could have gotten away with manipulating women for free, no extra cost. Me thinks the Burling Bros need to raise their IQ level a bit, especially having blubbed their antics to mafia butcher boss Frankie. They’re paying out money they don’t have to.
    Am liking Lees pink shirt and maroon tie combo 🙂


  14. I think it would have been more fun for an agency scene with Amanda and Lee having their discussion, but I’ll take the “haven’t we been through this-type conversation enough?” look on Lee’s face. He’s always so reassuring when Amanda or her family might be in danger, though he’s probably thinking “Amanda, haven’t I already proven that I care about what happens to you? While I can’t actually express it, I’ve proved it by my actions over and over.” Than again, Amanda hasn’t seen “that look,” which we the audience have all enjoyed. LOL

    I’ve never liked baddies that preyed on innocents, duping them into doing their dirty work. I did like that Whitset got “out-baddied” by undercover Emily. WooHoo! Sinclair, though, was the worst baddie to me. Selling people, especially women, for whatever. Uuggllyy!


  15. If Amanda had run into Dean he probably would have said something about it being too bad that she hadn’t married him. Then she could have worked at the weather station instead of having to become a maid.
    I think that the diamond earrings would have matched the solar panel jacket from the opening scene.
    Lee doesn’t role his eyes once when he talks on the phone with Amanda. And he listens patiently while she finishes speaking. I like that.

    Liked by 1 person

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