15/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

A couple more hugs in our walk down huggy lane [thanks Julia, LASinLA, KC, Valerie and Happy Camper!]
SBTB- awhhhh..
Hooo haaaa! I am not now..
ACAct.. whoa!!
2.09 A CLASS ACT.avi_001406306
FRaul- LOL!
Tee hee!!! See now this is when Lee wasn’t half as comfortable at being sweet! Winking smile so glad you mentioned this ‘awkward embrace’ KC!
And last one:
Smile [Shame it’s a long way away though]
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_002681748
Okay I just had to throw in that last swoony one! 😉
Have I missed any?

On with the show! As tags go… this one is rather cheesy.. but given how heavy the episode was- I don’t mind a light ending! The way the last scene ended was perfection- so why try and top it?!  Winking smile
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002686252
We find Amanda, Dotty, Phillip and Jamie in the hallway putting their coats away..
Dotty: I hate to give up room service, but it is nice to be home [Love how that contrasts with Dotty’s reaction to be home from camping.. yep.. Dotty is not going for the outdoorsy girl award!! Winking smile ]
Amanda: It sure is Mother.
The boys hand Amanda their coats (they can’t hang up their own coats?!).. but just look at Phillip’s jeans!!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002685752
Rofl!! did you notice?? Phillip has ‘Lee’ Jeans!!
Dotty: the police did say it was safe didn’t they?
Amanda: Ah yes mother its safe.

2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002688254
Phillip and Jamie make their way up the 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002693259stairs.. only Jamie finds a fingerprint on the bannister so he stops to 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002694260point it out..Hmm more bratty Phillip.. he tells Jamie it’s calamine lotion from his hand ‘Bozo’ – that’s wearing thin.. enough.. please grow up! Winking smile
But hooray!! Poetic Justice!!! Phillip begins to scratch!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002697263
Dotty notices: Oh my Gosh!!!!!… [Yep!! she really does say it here!! Winking smile ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002700767To Amanda: …I told you now they both have it! [Love how she says this as she grabs the bannister both the boys were just touching- when she thinks it’s contagious.. 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002701768lol!] She rushes the boys upstairs into the bath.. leaving Amanda downstairs – conveniently alone Smile [What would Amanda do without Dotty??!!]
Amanda calls upstairs: Ahh How you would like a little hot chocolate from room service huh fellas?!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002710777
boys: sounds great! Yeah!
Amanda (room service) heads into the kitchen as Dotty yells down:
Don’t forget the Marshmallows!
Amanda puts the light on in the kitchen and 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002722288Lee knocks quietly at the back door [wow.. it’s like he was waiting for her out there.. and 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002724290when the light came on he knew he could knock- just how long was Lee out there huh?!! Winking smile ] Amanda hears and comes out 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002726292to join him..


Love how as Amanda makes her way to the door- you can see Lee looks around- he’s happy to be there! Smile 

Lee quietly: Hi

[Oh my.. even just the way he says ‘hi’ now sounds different!! Smile ]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002736803

Amanda: Hi

Lee: How you feeling?

Amanda: Oh I feel alright now.
Lee: good…
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0027413072.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002741808
… I just came by to tell you that it looks like Redding won’t be getting out on parole this time.
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002745311
Amanda: Ohhh well good. that makes me feel a whole lot better.

Okay, I know I don’t watch smk for the amazing crime drama.. but.. they never found Redding’s money.. he can just hire another hit man/woman from prison! Winking smile tee hee.. [Fan Fic!] They should have mentioned finding his money..
Lee chuckles: Yeah!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002749816

you know it was really awfully strange.. Looking at somebody who looked exactly like me. You know I use to think that I wanted a twin.. 
[love the look on Lee’s face here? eh??!!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0027533192.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002754320
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002755321when I was at school and I would go to school on Monday, 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002756322Wednesdays and Fridays and she would go to school on Tuesdays and 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002758825Thursdays and you know we’d alternate off like that 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002764330[breath Amanda!] …but to really at somebody who looks exactly like 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002769836you, who could just walk right into your life, and take your place..

I do love that Lee listens to Amanda’s amandaramble here about wishing for a twin..[She really did have a rich fantasy life as a child huh! Winking smile along with fantasies about secret agents Winking smile ]

Lee actually looks like he is trying to listen and take it all in!! but it’s still clear that she’s being a little errr.. unique! Smile  hehehee..
Lee stops her here..
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_0027708372.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002771338
He’s got an answer for that: Amanda, I don’t t2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002773340hink anyone can pull that off.

Lee knows Karen didn’t pull it off- and he knows why! 😉  I love how he basically compliments Amanda telling her no one could pull off taking her place..awhhhh!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002774341
They share a silent look and Amanda grins..
We hear Phillip off camera: Hey Mum (Mom!) don’t forget the marshmallows! [err ever heard the word please??!!! ugh..]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002775842
At hearing this Amanda smiles.. and 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002778345responds: You’re right and you know why?
Lee quietly: why?
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002779846Amanda quietly: because nobody knows where I hide the 2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002781348marshmallows!

[I love how she starts cracking up before she’s actually gotten the words out!]
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002782349
They share a laugh together!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002782849
Just enjoying each other and sharing a joke!
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002783350

hooo haaaaa!!!  I like to think as Lee laughs away here he’s secretly thinking to himself- Well, that’s not how I knew it wasn’t you Amanda – but I’ll go with your explanation!!! yeah.. that’s it!!! marshmallows and Oh My Gosh.. but Lee knows something else that was missing between Lee and Karen!! There was no zing!! Smile
2.17 ODDS ON A DEAD PIGEON.avi_002784351

Love how Lee  joins in heartily on Amanda’s joke.. They are very close friends now aren’t they- it’s all so warm and fuzzy!! Winking smile
Is there a metaphor here about these two and marshmallows?? Winking smile I’ll leave that up to you ha!

Don’t like the tag?? do tell!!!! Smile   [btw- there was no Amandaramble in the script] Like the tag?? do tell!! Love the tag?? Oh okay.. do tell! 😉

For me, I think this is a perfect way to end the episode.  I wouldn’t rate it a tag favourite.. but in the context of the whole episode- for me it works.
Lee said something genuine here, light-hearted but sincere – underlining how irreplaceable Amanda is! Smile
Then, Amanda brought it back into the safe territory of friendship.. and instead of taking things into a serious zone, she lightens things with a joke Winking smile I think Amanda wants to keep things light where she can.. a coping mechanism because of her growing confusion and feelings for Lee? Hmm… well next episode we will have a few of our Amanda musings and questions answered!!! whoo hoo!

The title! Ahhh yes.. the title! Odds on a Dead flippin Pigeon???!!!! I’ll share a few ideas..
I don’t have  a definitive answer!  Winking smile tee hee.. Please feel free to share your thinking!

Like many smk titles, I think it refers to more than one meaning..
Firstly, Karen says Lee is a ‘dead pigeon’ – what do you think that means?? Pigeon shoots use to be real hunts and shoot real pigeons.. now they use Clay pigeons!!! Winking smile
But.. Lee is odds on favourite to come out a winner here! So odds on a dead pigeon!

Then.. ever heard of a stool pigeon? A stool pigeon is a fake pigeon, who is put on display to attract other pigeons so they can get caught or shot or whatever.. is Amanda the stool pigeon? Is Karen the stool pigeon (acting as Amanda) – When Amanda whistles Lee comes..right? 

Finally, we’ve already seen smk do the doppelgänger.. In Dead Ringer – Francine and Magda had their double trouble.. There was an Dead Ringerold Betty Davis movie titled: Dead Ringer-   the plot of the movie Dead Ringer fits this episode and it’s theme well.. an evil twin, a good twin.. one twin kills the other and takes over her life – yep… just like Karen tried to .. it seems like the inspiration to me.. but! you can’t call the episode Dead Ringer – that’s already been done!!!

According to IMDB, the Dead Ringer movie was based on a novel by Rian James titled: ‘La Otra’  It’s english title? :… ‘Dead Pigeon’ !!!
– so there you have it! I think this is the original inspiration for this episode and explains the title of the episode.. but I don’t know for certain.. just my ideas I’ve worked out from reading Agatha Christie Winking smile tee hee..

Well in spite of a slow start.. and some big old plot holes.. this episode rocks! I’ll probably just fast forward through the dumb dull bits next time – but too much swoony goodness here to have this episode be anything other than brilliant!

I love this phase of the show.. short hair? ear buttons?? who cares!!! I like to joke about it.. but really- I don’t care about her hair or ear buttons..this is a wonderful time in the character’s journeys- Lee looks at Amanda like she is wonderful – and she is.. so who really cares?? right?? Smile 

What’s your overall impression of the episode? did you like the tag?? Go for it and share! There’s lots of smk fans who want to hear what other smk fans think!! and.. I’m one of them! Smile Coming up in a couple of days- we will be having KC’s big debut- with her first tie patrol post – she has a few arrests to make! Winking smile hilarious!!! Stay tuned!!! then.. Morley has a post share.. and then on to DOA: Delirious on Arrival we go!!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts – as always! byee everyone!! 

45 responses to “15/15 Season Two, Episode 17: Odds on a Dead Pigeon-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Just a note regarding shows that use the doppelgänger device, Castle just aired an episode called “Disciple” in which two of the major characters have doppelgängers. (Castle is very similar to SMK, one professional who resents the amateur but falls in love eventually and so forth. It’s really a modern day take on SMK.)
    Yep iwsod, before I move on to DOA, I’m using the slow motion button on my bluray repeated to catch all the swoony goodness! They may not have many scenes together, but did you notice how much Lee and Amanda look into each other eyes for lengthy periods of time!?!?! Only people who are really close do that, I mean veeeeery involved with each other. Loooong looks! Deeeeeep looks!! Oh drat, where’s that helmet when I need it??? *swoon thud repeatedly*

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  2. Hi Everyone! Great to hear from you all!

    Cindy watching OOADP while multitasking is a brilliant idea! and we can just stop what we are doing for those all important swoony moments! At the same time, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot out of this walk through and enjoy and appreciate this episode more.. in spite of the plot holes 😉

    Hi Morley– good point! the tag does give us an indicator of how Amanda is going to cope with these changes she is beginning to see in Lee! for now keep it as light, fun and sweet as the marshmallows 😉 No heat yet please… or they’ll disintegrate because they are not ready! 😉
    All these metaphors are so funny! Marshmallows kept in tupperware!
    I quite like the idea that the ingredients Lee brings to this breadmaking are not yet ready for form a dough haaaa.. they must be making sourdough.. you know how to make sourdough starter?? it takes care, nurturing and time.. and only then can you bring it into the recipe.. and – once you’ve got a fabulous starter you tend to it always – and can keep drawing from it to make more bread ( not that Lee wants to make other relationships- one loaf with Amanda will do rofl! hmm someone help me with this metaphor?! tee heee..)

    Anyway, the flour is out.. the salt.. the water..both Lee and Amanda I guess are contributing starter haaa.. and they are getting their starter ready to make the dough :s maybe?? tee hee. I digress!

    Yes Morley I can’t wait to discuss DOA and Amanda also! I love to talk silly or superficial over smk… it is a great panacae.. at the same time – I also enjoy going deeper and exploring the characters with you all… I hope you all feel you can share as much as you want.. and as light or as deep as you want – all views are welcome! 🙂

    Did I say Amanda kept it light for Lee’s sake? I can’t remember.. but right now I’m agreeing with Morley – she did it for her own sake.. but it happened to be good for Lee too 😉

    What would Amanda’s reaction have been to finding out Karen lured Credle and Treloggen with her feminine wiles? I’ve always figured she never found out! I’ll bet there are fan fics! 😉 This could have been tackled much more directly in this episode – but I like that they kept it as subtext (that Amanda is sexually desirable) – the relationship progression isn’t ready for it. and I think this is dealt with at a later stage.. so I enjoy that they put it out there in the subtext but left it – kind of suits Lee and Amanda’s relationship now! Ah I see Melissa R agrees with me on Amanda not finding out! Yes I think Francine would just repress that connection – too freaky for her to cope with!

    Oh how wonderful Jeanine I’m so excited to hear that you’ve gotten something out of our walk through this episode!! Thanks for sharing that- it’s really exciting! rofl.. swoon warning eh! haaaa.. I think in future Jeanine, just make sure you have your smelling salts and a helmet before visiting JWWM okay?! 😉

    Hiya Valerie! yeah I was tickled pink with Dotty’s ‘Oh my gosh’ too!! 🙂 I liked to read your thoughts on that- very true! Lee is very patient with Amanda it’s true.. though not loving her ramble.. IMHO which is great because it is still weird! 😉 the ‘boys’ came to fix the door? good one Valerie! haaaaa.. yes girls can’t fix doors! pha!
    Yes Karen’s comment about the Nordic type is fascinating!!! and does raise a host of interesting questions!

    Hi KC you love this tag?! Cool.. I am actually a little surprised that alot of you really enjoy the tag. did I say I loved it? heck.. I can’t remember now.. I enjoy it – but I dont know that I love it – but glad you do!! and was really happy to hear your reasons why you love it – FFFT?? can’t remember it!! When you think of these things – do bring them up when we get there!

    I am on an SMK diet – I don’t watch ahead at all – I even resist the urge to watch Nightcrawler-so when I get there it will be fresh!!! but.. I can go back and watch episodes we’ve covered already 😉 It’s an smk-controlled diet.. did I read somewhere that BJo you are doing it too?? cool!!!! anyone else?? I like to try and experience the emotional ride of the episode.. like I would have if I had watched it back in 1985.. I know I can’t do it perfectly – I knew it wasn’t Amanda in the opening! but.. I try and recreate it as much as I can!

    Jule your enthusiasm is infectious!!! I am so glad you are loving smk!!! Congrats on the blu ray find!!! I can slow it down and watch on my computer on the vid player I have- that takes all my screen grabs.. you and your husband must learn to share the remote! 😉

    BJo hi!!! I was very excited to hear your thoughts on the tag!

    By the way everyone: I know I tend to ask oh why do you think such and such.. but everyone – you don’t have to answer me haaaa.. you are always free to share your opinion and not have to justify it or anything _ I just really enjoy hearing why someone thinks what they do- so I hope you see the distinction and don’t feel restricted in anyway [LOL the only restriction here is: pls don’t jump ahead in the story! 😉 ]

    Getting back to BJo’s fab comment- whoo hooo!!! gooooo BJo!!! Mary Contrary!! haaaaa.. sometimes you may think you are Mary Contrary but- in actuality there may be lots of others who agree with you! you just never know till you put it out there!

    Gosh I can’t remember what I said now in the tag post – too much in my brain at the moment.. – but I am pretty sure I didn’t say it was in top 10 worst tags! But.. nor is it in top 10 best tags either!
    you liked unique BJo haaaa! 😉
    I agree with alot of what you said actually BJo– the ramble was kinda dumb! 😉 but for me it doesn’t stop me from thinking tag is just fine 🙂 but that’s because I don’t mind the context- context is everything!!! if this tag had been at the end of A class Act (an awful tag) I would probably be complaining about it for the very reasons you said! 🙂

    yes BJo– like you and this tag- Phillip just plain gets on my nerves.. though I try not to focus on it – the writers haven’t done him any favours, he gets all the smart mouthed lines correcting and criticising others.. calling his brother names grrrrrr.. and very few moments which would endear him to me 😉 Right from the first episode he’s hitting his brother in the head with trash! ugh!

    Hey thanks for some feedback on the title BJo! I really appreciate hearing what you thought! thanks! I had fun playing detective.. it’s great to hear what you thought! haaa yes I haven’t forgotten about the ‘82 Pommard! 🙂

    LOL! I see I’m not alone in feeling errrrr.. not terribly warm towards Phillip’s character! 😉 I am hoping it improves as the show progresses.. we’ll see!

    ROFL KC.. cornflakes tasting weird! haaaaa.. yes that Cindy-ism was genius! good one!!

    Hi Melissa yeah you are probably right about the boys and not having their dad around [another reason for me to not errr ‘enjoy’ the Joe King character??]
    oh and was it Jestress who pointed out this pun??? Jo-king??!!!! I had never noticed.. I was always too angry with his character 😉 I love it!!!!! Joe king as a family guy is a bit of a joke if you ask me.. ahem…
    Maybe Phillip is trying to take on the role of Man of the house with all his domineering, know it all behaviour.. Hmm.. interesting!

    Wow Debilyn, yes comparing to that Phillip is an angel 😉 I really can’t abide by the name calling – Not on..

    Very true Debilyn, the ramble would reassure Lee this is the true Amanda.. I hadn’t thought about that – because I am all wrapped up with the idea that the moment Lee had her in his arms on that ledge – the zing was back- and there was zero doubt about his choice! 🙂
    when you are ready to share about Amanda’s journey – I’ll enjoy hearing about it! 🙂 Amanda is being cautious? I’d agree with that Debilyn!

    Hiya kgmohror, indeed the tag is corny – I think I said it was cheesy! Mmm cheesy corn that is too sweet! 😉 Oh I’m sorry you find it deflating… yeah the tag in SAAB was better – but for me the relationship is more real now and less fairytale like – Amanda was still in full on crush mode back then (and I think Lee knew it and enjoyed it 😉 he knew she was swooning a bit that he carried her IMHO!) but now.. there is no more of that going on – for me the context made this okay… but I see you feel differently- and that’s fair enough! Good to see BJo is not alone in not liking this tag – see there you go BJo!! 🙂

    Kgmohror, there was a lot of discussion about why Francine is so nasty when we walked through Life of the party – maybe you could check out those comments.. there was plenty of discussion about what’s her issues!! 🙂 A cool topic to discuss!!
    I also gave a link in one of those comments to an interview with Martha Smith talking about the Francine character that had some insights..
    I don’t see Francine as being in love with Lee.. and I pretty much agree with Jule’s and Melissa R’s thoughts they just shared – the working woman of the 80s was discussed as we saw life of the party also- a favourite subject of mine! 😉
    but I won’t go back into that subject here on this OOADP post.. feel free to go back to Life of the party and see what we all thought- and raise any questions or share your own thinking on those threads!!

    If someone would like to write a post on Francine- I’d love to publish it for them (I can do pictures if you like) – sadly I don’t have time to write one myself right now! boo!!!
    Byeee all!! Back to work!!!

    [KC’s debut post will be published in about 24 hours..whooo hooo ]

    [edited this comment so it was no longer a reply.. apparently it was so big it was annoying to read: sorry about that!]

    BTW- Hello Paula!!!! Lovely to hear your point of view too!!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts HappyCamper- I agree.. I don’t like the title either!
    byee again!


    • I love it when Iwsod stops by and leaves one of her long comments responding to all of us.

      The only thing I wanted to add is that Amanda knows that Karen was used to take care of Credle and Trelogen, she probably was curious as to how, knowing that Karen would have been presumed to be her. I don’t think there was anyway for her not to find out. She would have figured some of it out because we all agree that she is pretty bright and perceptive. Would Lee have told her, Billy? I sure hope they didn’t leave it to Francine…


      • Hmmmm… good question. My first gut reaction was that Lee and Billy wouldn’t have done it–they’d have tried to get Francine to do it since she’s a woman (which would have been awful)–but then I thought harder about it and I decided that it probably would have fallen to Billy. Papa Bear. He would’ve gently broken it to Amanda. (I think it might’ve been too much for Lee at this mid-point? Back in the early days he would’ve had to qualms being blunt, and later on he would’ve wanted to tell her himself to do it gently, but right now? I think he might’ve freaked.) Just my Kiwi 2 cents, which would be about 1 and 2/3 US cents right now. 😀

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      • Hmmm…interesting question, Morley. Amanda may be Lee’s ‘partner’, but she is not getting any formal training and still isn’t even a full time employee. So I’m thinking that this information wouldn’t be offered to her because it’s not a ‘need for her to know’ and they are still fairly tight-lipped with her. The only one of them I can see Amanda asking is Lee and I do think he would have told her in a kind and gentle way. I don’t see her asking Francine – these two don’t really talk casually I don’t think – and I don’t really see her asking Billy, at least not unless she was in his office with Lee and she was given encouragement to ask questions about the case, as in some sort of debriefing. But even if that happened, I could see Lee taking Amanda aside with just the two of them to explain – like he did in the tag of SOSpies or in ACAct.


    • Yes, iwsod, I did say that I am on an ‘SMK diet’ if that’s how you describe it, but only for the episodes. However, I do read any and all fanfiction or will watch a favorite music video on Youtube if I need a romance fix. I can’t go cold turkey!!!!


    • An smk-controlled diet?!?! Wow, you all have a lot of self-control. After getting the dvds I was on an smk gorge-fest. I do love coming by here, though, and reading everyone’s take — I missed so much, even watching episodes multiple times.


      • Ahh, yes LASinLA – it is hard sometimes! But I had my own little SMK gorge-fest from February thru August so I’m now able to have a little self-control. I’m just not watching any episodes start to finish beyond where we are in the blog. But if I fall off the wagon, that’s okay too.


  3. I saw the tag a little differently, in that I didn’t think Lee and Amanda felt in any danger of things getting too serious. When Lee says his line about no one being able to replace her, while it reflected on everything they’d just been through, it seemed like a direct response to the Amandaramble she had just delivered. He listened patiently, with affection, and seemed to be enjoying her, but he did look like he was having trouble following the thread of it all. This is one of her idiosyncrasies that he’s learned to appreciate, and it seems natural for him to comment that no one could ever BE Amanda. Amanda’s response about the marshmallows, I thought, was because she was glad she had made it home to be with her boys. To mother as dedicated as she is, that would have been a primary thought after such a close call. That’s just the way I see it; Lee’s thinking, “Nobody could ever say that quite the way she did”, and Amanda is thinking, “Nobody could replace me with my boys”.

    I appreciate the detailed analysis of the title. That does help it make a bit more sense, although I still think it’s one of the clunkiest titles in the whole series, and probably the worst one in Season two. But that’s just the my word-mania showing. Have to put that English degree to some use, you know!


  4. I like this tag for the great bit Lee smile, chuckle, and dimples. 🙂

    I do think this little Amandaramble assures Lee that he picked the “right Amanda” from the ledge. You have to think that he still had some moments where he questioned that. I do see it as Amanda pulling back before things get too serious. I’m still thinking about her journey, but I think she’s at a point of cautious right now.


    • There, that’s my sentiment exactly! I always felt Lee would have been needing reassurance he really did save the real Amanda for a while after that experience. I also think that Lee, in hindsight, could admit he loved Amanda by now. I think Amanda’s love has good reason to be cautious, because Lee’s not too far removed from the Randi-babies in his life just yet, and she has more to protect than just her personal feelings.

      I’d love to stay and chat some more, but my own little “Lee” (baby Leo) is feeling neglected right now. Bye!

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  5. Well, just call me Contrary Mary because I really, really don’t like this tag. The Lee jeans on Phillip are one of the highlights…that and Lee letting Amanda ramble and him actually following her with interest – boy has that man come a loooong way. But other than that this tag makes the list for one of the 10 worst tags of the series for me.

    Unique is a veeery nice way of putting it, iwsod. I sure hope there is no metaphor between these two and marshmallows – gag me! I have a weakness for sweets, but this is just too sweet. I agree with and like the ‘formula’ used here – Lee saying something light, Amanda keeping it about friendship and then sharing a joke. What I do mind is the subject of the ramble – elementary school? Marshmallows? Lee will you play with me on the playground? Nobody knows where I hide the marshmallows? Ugh – it is waaay too sweet. Besides, we all see where you hide them in S3 Eyes – so there.

    As much as I think Lee has grown and has realized some things here in this episode, I think this tag takes it too far. It’s as if he’s had a lobotomy and forgotten that he is one of the best agents in the country and takes down the KGB just by flexing his masseter. I buy that Lee is falling for who Amanda is, but give me a break! This is too much! I’m not buyin’ it. Ugh. Oh and add to that Amanda’s hideous green-winged sweater, the shiny brass plates for earrings and the horrible hair styling of the already horrible hair-don’t just make it worse. Okay – rant over. Sorry! But boy, did that feel good.

    Iwsod, just what did Phillip do to make you dislike him so much? I guess he just gets on your nerves, huh?

    As far as the title goes, I must admit I’ve never given it much tought – to this one or any other title. But since you’re bringing it up, I’ll participate. I’ll jump on the same train as you, iwsod – I agree with what you think is the original inspiration for the episode. You make a good Miss Marple. Now go and find Redding’s money so you can buy that ’82 Pommard and fly to the Georgia and share it with me!

    KC and Morley – looking forward to your posts!!


    • BJo–did your cornflakes taste weird this morning? 😀 😀 😀
      Phillip’s a brat. :p
      I hope Tie Patrol doesn’t disappoint. 🙂 At least I had a blast researching/writing it. 🙂

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      • LOL, KC!!


      • Melissa Robertson

        I have to agree, Philip’s a brat.

        Both of those boys are given more freedoms than they should be allowed too and they do not listen very well, but I think that’s because there’s no male role model in their life. My boys at times can give me hard time and it helps that my husband reinforces me. Amanda has no male to stand behind her.


        • Philip is definitely a bratty older brother, but he actually doesn’t bother me. We had friends (brothers) who would literally fight each other over very little, so a little brattiness is nothing.

          I think some of the boys’ freedoms come from the fact that they are in a safe, suburban area in the 80’s. (Though apparently not completely safe, as Amanda has learned.) Most kids in the suburbs were watched out for by the whole neighborhood, since everyone knew everyone else because most had been there for years.


        • Count me in the ‘not a fan of Philip” camp. But I guess it’s what you are used to. The name calling would have never been tolerated when I was growing up.


    • I don’t like this tag, either. It’s just … corny. After the strong moment at the end of the last scene, this feels deflating. I’d rather have a tag like the end of Service Above, which had lightness but also a some strong emotional content.


  6. Oh delights of all delights! I just figured out the slow motion button on my new bluray player and, oh such delicious and delectable scenes I have been rewatching, just to see them in all their glory! Oh heartfelt and enchanted sigh!! On no, here comes my darling husband wanting to carry off the remote to watch the news. Noooooooooo, no no no no No!! Oh dear, there it goes…….arrrrgh!!!


  7. I love this tag! It’s not stellar/special in and of itself, but it fits onto the end of this episode just perfectly… the continued release of tension… Lee checking that Amanda is really OK… and the shared laughter–which is a perfect precursor (?) to the tag coming up in FFFT. 🙂


  8. Melissa Robertson

    I like the tag for the part where Lee tells Amanda that no one could take her place. The rest is okay. This is really not one of my favorite episodes, but I do like the fact that it shows growth on Lee’s part 🙂 and that last scene…yes as some one said get the smelling salts!


  9. One of the things I like about the tag is Dotty’s “Oh my gosh!”, It shows where Amanda gets it from and shows her closeness to her mother. The other thing that I like about this tag is how patiently Lee listens to Amanda’s ramble. He is attentive and doesn’t interrupt and he doesn’t show any signs of being impatient with what she is saying. I think for him, this just reinforces the fact that he made the right choice and chose the true Amanda. I also think it shows some growth for him in his relationship with Amanda. He is learning to appreciate who she is and is learning to enjoy all of her little quirks. Love that they can share in a laugh together.

    I also like how Lee’s first question is about how Amanda is feeling and again reassures her that Redding will not be a problem In the future. He is truly becoming a fixture in that backyard. He’s back to using the back door. I wonder if he had someone (some “boys” probably) from the Agency come fix what he destroyed. I think back to Karen’s question about whether he prefers the Nordic type or the Amanda look. That preference for him is slowly becoming clearer and clearer. I think the Nordic types are now history, but he still has some progress to make otherwise. Glad to see that although they were apart for most of this episode they ended the last two scenes being together.


  10. I too have often overlooked this importance of this episode in the building of a beautiful relationship. Thanks for all the insight! The tag is just right for the end of this episode with Lee and Amanda coming back together and sharing a laugh.
    Although, the one shot of Lee smiling and laughing with Amanda with his megawatt smile and dimples showing needs a swoon warning. Oh my gosh, so radiantly adorable!! Quick pass me the smelling salts. . . I’ll get back to you guys later, I need time to recover.


  11. Anyone else wonder what Amanda’s reaction was when she found out about Karen having lured Credle and Trelogen to their deaths under the guise of a tryst with her? Or what Lee’s reaction was when he realized that Karen had done that and those two had thought it was Amanda? There are fan fics that go into that…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa Robertson

      I could see Lee sparing Amanda and not telling her, but Francine on the other hand…well maybe she wouldn’t go there because she couldn’t believe that anyone would be interested in a housewife from suburbia 😉


      • Now, that would be interesting…just what would Francine think about that? I can hear her making snide remarks about her being “average” and then also being snarky about Credle and Trelogen’s taste.


        • Somebody give me some insight on why Francine is so nasty. Is she in love with Lee, and thus jealous of Amanda?


          • Melissa Robertson

            IMHO I think it has more to do with her beening a woman in what seems to be mainly a mans job. She’s had to work hard to get to her position and then a housewife comes in and pretty much naturally has the ability to do the thinking part of the job. Billy is constantly having Amanda work with Lee out in the field while Francine is normally behind a desk. So yeah I would say she is jealous over the job. Even though Francine and Lee were romantically involved at one time I don’t see anything more than friendship between them. These are just my random thoughts 🙂


            • Oh I do agree with you Melissa. The 70s/80s were particularly tough for women finding their way in dominantly male environments. If you were not in a traditionally female job (teacher, nurse, secretary, etc) it was exponentially more difficult to make your way. Even in those “traditionally” female jobs, you answered to men in charge. Back in the 80s when SMK first ran, I had a secret empathy for Francine (when I didn’t want to kick her that is!). In Francine’s eyes, Amanda just seems to waltz in and luck into everything Francine worked so hard to achieve. Nowadays my stepdaughters take for granted that they should equally have access to jobs. They think I am exaggerating because they haven’t had to face those same pressures, thank goodness. So yeah for we women, we have come a long way! And we don’t have to wear those godawful man suits and shoulder pads any more as an outward symbol of power! Hee hee 😉


              • Melissa Robertson



              • Yeah, I’m the one who pointed out that Joe King could be a pun. It also bothers me that Lee answers to “Mr. King” a couple of times (like when he took that pizza from the delivery boy in season 3). If King was really his last name, that would also be a terrible pun. 😛

                If you’ve never checked out the Institute for Naming Children Humanely (it’s a website), do so. They have an entire section on the subject of pun names (The “Funny the First Time” Category — http://inch.stormpages.com/ftft.html) and why they should be avoided at all cost. Although, I don’t have much sympathy for Joe, both because he could also go by Joseph and because he probably deserves it.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Thanks for the link Jestress – I love a good pun!

                  I think smk did it a number of times.. made puns out of names that is..

                  Singer, the informant in Service above and beyond.. and my favourite has to be Bernie from Need to know – whose house burns down..

                  Seymour, the photographic specialist.. I’m keeping an eye out for more as we go through so if you see any please let me know..

                  Lee-king roflmbo!!! that is flippin hilarious! I love that!! I’m off to check out that website haaaa. thanks again!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • I thought that they had more examples of pun names on the INCH (Institute for Naming Children Humanely) site when I was last there, but now I’m not sure. Oh, well. I do like the part about the only people who should have those names are Carmen Sandiego villains. Maybe that’s secretly what Joe does when he’s overseas. 😉


                    • Oh yes yes yes Jestress, Joe is on an evil mission for his boss, Carmen San Diego ( in a nice way of course, coz he’s a nice guy; Amanda says so and needs to believe it). He a minion and a puppet, not a puppetmaster. Okay, I am just trying to say a bit wussy. Never mind, I will go back and finish icing the Black Magic cake and head back down the rabbit hole with a big piece in tow. I’ll share! 🙂


                    • hi Jule! I’m starting to wonder about Jo-king! 😉 Maybe Gordon used that hidden away money to pay someone from prison… to have plastic surgery to look like Joe King, give him a season for the stitches to heal.. and to learn his voice, buy is wardrobe.. ahem.. and he just oh so easily (too easily) slotted himself back into the old family and – laid the groundwork for mass murder!!! Muahahaa!
                      Joe never returned from wherever he was.. and the show was cancelled before they could do this big reveal!
                      you know what’s really nuts? In smk universe, this is not impossible! We’ve seen two dopplegangers now! 😉 oh wait.. no three.. because wasn’t it a Lee doppelganger in the Artful Dodger? 😉 tee heee… you know I love that episode! not!! 🙂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Hi Jestress ah yes I went and had a look.. it was a cute website! but there were not many examples it’s true..
                      if you find any- or if I find any.. maybe we can post them over on Neds 🙂 but thanks anyway! It was a fun diversion!!! and the name INCH is a hoot! 🙂


                    • Joe King working for Carmen Sandiego! ROTFLMBO!!!! Awesome… hehehehe


    • Interesting, Morley…do you recall the name of those fanfics?? I’m curious to see how the writers handled that. I’ve never given either of those two things any thought. Surprised? 😉 LOL.


  12. I like the tag, because it does tell us a lot about how Amanda handles this change in Lee’s behavior towards her. Keep it light, marshmallows (there are a lot of marshmallows in SMK aren’t there?). I wonder what would have happened if she hadn’t kept it light? What would Lee have done? My bet is that he would back peddle really fast! But I don’t think she went that direction for Lee’s comfort though, I think she does it for her own. Can’t wait to discuss what we learn about Amanda in DOA!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. I certainly enjoy the episode much more that we’ve walked through it ever so slowly. 🙂 The huge gaping plot holes mean I usually have it running in the background while I am multitasking, so I have missed much of the wonderful goodness of the episode (due to the great acting of BB and KJ). Brava!


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