1/2 Tie Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

Welcome to the first Tie Patrol report!  smile  In this report, we’ll cover Season 1 Episodes 1-8; later reports will probably vary in the number of eps covered…  This won’t be a deep and meaningful series of posts, but hopefully they’ll be at least a little entertaining.


The stripey tie from The First Time
First up in this inaugural Tie Patrol report, I want to mention a tie that was already discussed in an ep recap on this site, and which was partially responsible for the instigation of Tie Patrol.  This tie is quite distinctive and very special—because it was actually there, right behind Amanda, when Lee first spotted her at the train station…  woot


I wanted to write a fun short fic about this tie and how Lee ends up with it by the end of the season (Tie Patrol spoiler alert: Lee wears the tie in Waiting For Godorsky), but even though I’ve had a couple of ideas, nothing decent has really gelled yet.  Maybe later…  by the time Tie Patrol gets to the end of Season 1?  In the meantime, let’s hear it for the stripey tie from The First Time!  cheerleader  (Closely cropped image is from Waiting For Godorsky.)

S1E1_OtherPassenger_FourStripes_sml               S1E21_Lee_FourStripes_crop

I want to give this special tie a name.  I’ve narrowed the possibilities down to two; I think both of them convey an element of this tie…  maybe you guys can help me out (name meaning given in parentheses):  David (beloved) or Simon (the listener).  I think I’m leaning towards Simon.  Got a better idea…???…  speak up on the blog.  smile 

Who’s been wearing whose tie?

So—who’s been sneaking into whose closet/wardrobe and snaffling their tie/s?
Well, first up, we have the Internal Affairs agent—Belmont (ITCK)—borrowing (?) the tie of Mr. You-would-look-delicious-in-blue Davenport (TGTN)!  (Now that’s kind of creepy…   twitch   at the very least, weird.  Maybe giving up the tie was part of a plea bargain Davenport struck with the Agency after Lee reported him for lecherous conduct?  lol)



From the same episode pairing (ITCK/TGTN), we have the ex-Agency baddie doctor Glaser wearing the Connie Beth muscles’ tie (maybe the baddies have a rental shop for ties…???… Ties”R”Us? Tie Club For Men? smiley-confused013):



In Magic Bus, we have a baddie rummaging around in an agent’s closet!  Yikes! Somebody call Security!!!  Good thing it’s just one of the nameless agents  confused  (from TFT) whose tie is stolen by baddie Standish:



Ha ha—the striping of this tie reminds me of the king/milk snake in OOADP!


I don’t know what was going on with the baddies in MB and TACMK, but they must’ve gotten together for a baddie coffee klatsch at the tie rental shop or a baddie tie club event—or something  drinks—because we have Dorin “borrowing” Holt’s stripey tie and Kaufman “borrowing” Standish’s speckly tan/yellow tie  smiley-confused009:


(Note: the overly brown colouration of Holt’s tie is caused by red lighting; the suit that Fremont—standing beside Holt—is wearing is actually grey, not brown.)



And it’s not just the baddies getting together and swapping ties…  the nameless agents are in on the act, too, in MB and ALAGHITM.  (Maybe they “borrowed” the tie from whatever was available in the elevator wardrobe?chaplin)  I think I’m going to call this the random-agent-at-the-edge-of-the-camera-shot tie:


In one of the most stunning snaffles in these early SMK episodes, the creepy Hollander baddie who injected Amanda with muscarine in SAAB  smiley-angry034  got away with one of Billy’s ties (I guess the Agency had better see about setting Billy up with a better house alarm system!  smiley-laughing004):


Finally, not to be outdone, the timid Mr. Singer—who was informing on Hollander/Delano in SAAB—pulled out a bold move and stole the tie from Internal Affairs Agent Belmont that he in turn had stolen from Mr. You-would-look-delicious-in-blue Davenport…   A double snaffle, for bonus points  winner:
S1E2_OtherDavenport_MaroonWithCircles  S1E3_AgentBelmont_MaroonWithCircles


Lee wears the same tie

In this first report, this section is a mix of the same tie/shirt/suit combo and just the same tie. Instances where Lee wears the same tie and shirt/suit combination in different episodes—presumably filmed at the same time—might possibly help shed some light on episode order…???…

So—when did Lee wear the same tie/s in episodes 1-8?

Same tie/shirt/suit combo (TGTN and MB; but with the collar studs/tie pin thingie added in MB):



Same tie only (TACMK and SAAB; d*mn his hair color is… uh… vibrant and matchy-matchy with his tie in the scene from SAAB—maybe this is where the ID badge pic comes from that almost makes him look like a redhead?):



And, while I’m on the subject I have to say, I love this tie—the deep blue watermark pattern on the brown…  (No dimples to be seen in this pic, but intense Lee is still swoon-worthy!  faint2)


OK—breathe…   Back to the tie “stats”…  Same tie only (SAAB and SBTB); it’s funny that drinking adult beverages clip_image009seems to be a common theme with this tie (which I’m going to name “Heather”)—will the theme continue in later episodes…???… :



The Walk of Shame…

Was anyone spotted wearing the same tie twice in one episode?  clip_image001  Yes…!!!… but not who you might expect.  Billy was seen wearing his navy-with-small-white-spots tie on two different occasions in Magic Bus (but he wore two other ties between appearances of this particular tie):



Lee also wore the same tie (bolo) twice—but this was a cover tie, in The ACM Kid:



So, ultimately, nobody did an actual (tie) Walk of Shame in these episodes… but Tie Patrol will keep watching and waiting.  clip_image010  (Back down the rabbit hole…)

Most worn tie

The most worn tie in Season 1 Episodes 1-8 was… drum-roll, please…  clip_image011

A tie (!) between Billy’s blue tartan tie and his red knitted one!  He wears both of these in five of the first eight episodes: the blue tartan in ITCK, MB, TACMK, ALAGHITM, and SAAB, and the red knitted in TFT, TGTN, MB, SAAB, and SBTB.  Whoo! 

Billy actually scores a trifecta, ‘cos he also has the third most worn tie: one of his navy blue spotted ties (in four of the eight episodes; MB, TACMK, ALAGHITM, and SBTB).  Billy—you seriously need more ties, man!  clip_image012

Blue tartan, red knitted, navy blue spotted:




Smoothing the tie

We don’t have any instances of Amanda smoothing/touching/retying Lee’s tie in these early episodes…  sad  The best I could come up with was…

Amanda smoothing Lee’s security badge after clipping it on him in the elevator during MB (which is actually a pretty nice substitute for the tie  smile):

S1E4_AmandaClipsLeesBadge  S1E4_AmandaSmoothsLeesBadge

Also, we see Lee adjusting his own tie (and looking like he’s trying to strangle himself  lol) in TGTN:


Well, that’s it for the first half of the inaugural Tie Patrol report.  Thanks for bearing with me, and I’ll be back with the second half—including fun stuff like “Where’s Lee’s tie?” and “Billy looking ruffled”—sometime in the next few days…

Officer KC out.


18 responses to “1/2 Tie Patrol Report – Season 1 Episodes 1-8

  1. This is fabulous and hilarious! Well done!


  2. Thanks, KC. This is a great post – I am amazed at how you noticed everything. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. I really really enjoyed it. I have noticed a tie that Lee wears alot – I dont think its that same stripey tie from TFT but something similar. I’ll keep on reading to see if you mention it. I’m sure you will – you notice amazing things.

    I used to feel like the show’s biggest fan because I thought I was the only one who watched it obsessively, noticed little things, watched it in slow-mo, dreamed about Lee….but I am obviously not…I bow down to all you guys here! It’s really wonderful to read all these posts and comments.


  3. I don’t know how you spot them KC! My mind boggles at the various neckwear on offer, even if it’s recycled 😉 I am afraid I am too busy looking at what’s above the neck tie :p although exceptions are made for that ugly tie pin, can anyone explain exactly WHAT that was supposed to do?!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s funny, I remember ties being the go-to Father’s Day gift along with handkerchiefs. There was one principal that I worked with who was really into his different ties. After watching some of the SMK episodes a few times you start to look around and notice other things and that stripey tie is one that you can’t help but notice…in several episodes. It’s funny to see the repeats all strung together. Great post!!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Great job KC!!! WOW, that had to take a lot of time to research. Thanks for sacrificing for our enjoyment 🙂

    Looking forward to part two!


  6. whoo hooo!
    I’ve been looking forward to reading this post all day! It’s my reward for a hard day workin! LOL…

    Congrats KC! You are officially a JWWM published author 😉 tee heee..
    See how things go with the number of episodes you want to cover – I’ll take it however it comes 🙂

    Loooooove your badge!!!

    Great gif! and.. there is Lee saying: Just Walk With Me!!! stripey tie was there when this blog came into being? 😉

    Sometimes it is fun just to explore.. even if nothing comes of your fan fic idea KC.. so long as you’ve had fun thinking about it!

    ROFL I have no idea why but the long skinny pic of the tie is hilarious!!! A special name eh.. Hmm out of the two you’ve suggested I’d go with Simon.. ( as there is a david benson) ..
    A good name for a very common tie could be ‘ Tyler’ 😆 tee heee.. choose to name them however you decide KC!
    Or Taylor also.. though they are very similar.. Hmm… you could also give them different nationalities.. and we could call them ‘tie’ in that language. LOL! Sorry I’m digressing already!

    Ugh Davenport is simply gag inducing! could it be standard Boss attire.. maybe?

    That baddie in there goes the neighbourhood looks alike like the assassin in ALSALS.. it’s not the same guy is it?? sorry I just noticed that because of your great pic of him!

    Glasner? more gagworthiness!

    tee hee.. appropriate the baddie wears a ‘coral snake’ tie 😉 love it! I think the baddies try to emulate the goodies, so we can’t tell just from looking at them that they are baddies! [well not until they reach for their baddie phone, or their cup of tea 😉 ]

    Tee hee! is that a WC fields emoticon??!!!! we’ll have to bring that one out for sour grapes 😉

    I can’t notice anything in that shot in the war room.. Francine’s fashion disaster is so ghastly I am light headed! Someone please arrest her!!

    Nah.. Billy is a trend setter!!! all the baddies want to shop where Billy does!

    Tee heee.. very bold of singer! 😉

    Very nice pics of Lee.. such a fantastic excuse to see new Lee pics.. like we need an excuse!

    i’m not a fan of the tie pin thingie!! are you?? anyone???

    Argh Not even Lee can carry off that shiny brown tie with the white suit.. noooooo
    Oh yes, up close it is much much nicer! I like that tie too.. and I like being up much much closer to Lee 😉

    Drinking tie? haaaa.. Maybe it should be called the duff Tie.. as in Duff beer… rofl.. why Heather? I’m not following sorry!

    Tie walk of shame? that’s too funny! floosies!

    Love the drum roll!

    Awh.. love that elevator scene – nice pics!

    Looking forward to the next installment KC a fun diversion – thank you!!!!

    are you the policeman in the village people?! what a fab emoticon!!!

    hoo haaa.. can we have some Lee looking ruffled in the next post? 😉

    so funny Debilyn, they swap ties at the YMCA!!

    Morley, are we raising a child at JWWM? 😉 tee hee!

    I never noticed the reuse either- it makes sense I guess.. they didn’t realise we’d have dvds and be able to do all this technological stuff!

    Thanks for faithfully patrolling for us officer KC! 🙂



    • It takes a village to do anything worthwhile, I think SMK is completely worthwhile. Ties, costumes, dimples, tuxes and all!


    • Woot! An official JWWM author! 🙂
      Ha ha! I’ll have to let your tie naming suggestions simmer in my demented brain and see what pops out…
      I don’t like the tie pin thingie and am glad when Lee finally ditches it.
      There’ll be plenty more pics of Lee in part 2. Stay tuned… (Maybe keep a drool bucket close by, and also make sure your helmet’s handy?)
      My bad re: “Heather”… the tie is actually heather coloured. (Heather can be purple/green/blue/whatever with grey flecks… or–as I immediately think of it–a pinkish purple, kind of like the colour of heather flowers… since the tie is pinkish purple with grey flecks [and muted blue and grey stripes], it really fits the [colour] bill.) I actually do say that in part 2… sorry.
      I’m not coordinated enough to be the cop in the Village People (even the emotie version)… I’ll just stick to being Officer KC–that’s about all I can handle. 😀


  7. Awww… thanks, everyone! 🙂
    BJo, Debilyn: yeah–SMK didn’t have an unlimited budget, so it makes sense that the costumes were reused by different characters. It’s just funny to note, especially when some of the main characters have “their” ties/what-have-you “stolen”.
    Morley: it *does* take a village, and I’m looking forward to your next post!
    Debilyn: the YMCA emoties rock, don’t they? 😀
    Jule: uhhh… let’s just say that I can multi-task pretty well and leave it at that–but that it takes me a while to patrol an episode, and at least for these first few I watched them too many times (I’ve now got a better handle on what all I’m watching for). I actually find that I notice so much more about the episode in general when I’m just “viewing” the episode as opposed to viewing + listening to the dialogue… Oh, and of course I have to watch the ep at some point just to watch it and swoon over it. LOL!
    Plot holes, schmot holes… they just add to the fun that is SMK! (Just like the stunt doubles including Mancine, and hand/arm/leg doubles, and stunt horses, and … you get the idea.) SMK didn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s just a part of the magic of it.
    BTW–the pics for the second half of the post should be bigger (which I think you’ll appreciate, ‘cos there will be more of Lee)… it’s a learning process for me. 🙂
    Thanks again for supporting the first Tie Patrol report! 🙂


  8. Oh,this is great, but I do have a question. When do you ever have the time to notice the ties?! I’m so busy drooling and swooning and sighing that I tend to just notice bad hair and horrible clothes. Oh and plot holes you could drive a bus through. But thank you for your perseverance and dedication so that the rest of us may enjoy the tie patrol along with you!


    • I’m with you Jule, the attention to (non Swoony Lee) detail boogles my mind but I am so glad someone is able to do it. I tend to get hypnotized whenever our favourite spy — oops I mean intelligence operative is on the screen and do not notice such things.


  9. The Village People “YMCA” is such a fun way to end this post. Maybe that’s where all these guys met to switch ties – while they were working out in order to be able to handle all the fighting scenes.

    It is soo interesting to see this post. I guess the SMK costume people were doing an Amanda and stretching their budget. (But I bet they weren’t looking for a Wizard-Whopper out of it. I think that’s what it was called. Oops, getting a little ahead of things. Sorry.)

    I do like how we all notice different things. That’s what makes discovering and rediscovering SMK so much fun. Thanks for a great and fun post, KC!


  10. Great job! I love all the details that we can find and the fact that each one of us notices different things and we all love to hear what you notice. In all of my paying attention to costumes, I have never noticed the ties like you have. It takes a village…


  11. Ooops! Frogot to say something about naming the tie from TFT. I’m not sure which of those two I’d pick. I like the listener idea, especially if you ever do get around to a fanfic idea that does gel for you – told from the POV of the listening tie. The beloved name would seem more appropriate to me if Lee wore it all the time and it seemed to be his favorite tie. Have you seen a tie yet that you would call a favorite of Lee’s? Other than perhaps a tuxedo bow tie?


  12. Loved it, KC! I’m looking forward to future posts and the other two categories you mentioned – Where’s Lee’s Tie and Billy looking ruffled. Love the swoony Lee pics! I had no idea the ties were being used over and over again – guess we all notice such different things about this show. You don’t miss a trick do ya?

    What’s with the village smiley people? Is that what you do your ‘happy dance’ to?


  13. Very well done!!


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