14/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

So, we left Lee and Tucker in the middle of their fight upstairs.. Amanda stands to the side watching.. Suddenly, a door opens and Augie happens upon Lee and Tucker fighting and gets caught in the middle of it.. 2.22 MBF.avi_002658925He gets hit, and thrown down over the balcony to the room below 2.22 MBF.avi_002660927
[you can see his medal here clearly- looks like it has wings- could he have been in the air force? or be posing as air force?! How ironic.. as he is about to get ‘airborne’! 😉 Love Augie’s face here! haaa!! Winking smile ]
– he lands on Walters and his gun- neutralising him whahahaaaa!
2.22 MBF.avi_002663930
[Maybe a medal from Ubondwa for Augie?!]
Downstairs the former security team jump up and take control of Walters.

Upstairs, Lee and Tucker continue fighting as Amanda looks on. Whoo Lee tore his jacket!
2.22 MBF.avi_002666933
A punch and a kick, and stunt man Tucker whahahaa.. 2.22 MBF.avi_0026689352.22 MBF.avi_002669936Tucker is sent over the balcony to the room below. He lands on a table, head first into a cake.2.22 MBF.avi_002670937
It’s sooo funny because you can see his feet behind him go flying up into the air haaaaa!
2.22 MBF.avi_002671438
Tucker truly does.. take the cake! Or as Jestress said in her awards  thread (over at Nedlindger’s-check it out!!)  Tucker gets his ‘just desserts’ genius Jestress! Smile -Jestress you want to post a link to the Murder Between Friends awards here? go for it!!)

I love how the crowd watches stunned! I do think that is Sam Melville’s head in the cake- you can 2.22 MBF.avi_002672372see his left ear sticks out a funny angle but his right doesn’t. Winking smile

Good sport Sam Melville!

2.22 MBF.avi_002673039Lee and Amanda can see downstairs that Augie is being thanked and congratulated by everyone for ‘saving’ them. 


I am sure it was also satisfying for Lee to throw Augie off the balcony 😉 he can always threaten to repeat this in future! 🙂
2.22 MBF.avi_002676009
Walters has been arrested. They see Tucker is still laying face first in the cake. Not moving. 😆 he could suffocate in there!!
2.22 MBF.avi_002680947[Is it just me or is that portrait of the blonde in red on the wall far too contemporary and out of place for this mansion? I wonder who she is. Anyone recognise her?!]
No thanks and praise for Amanda and Lee huh.. I don’t think they mind one bit- they are happy to have each other Smile
Amanda looks up at Lee next to her.
2.22 MBF.avi_002681514Lee looks at Amanda.
2.22 MBF.avi_002682182
Amanda looks back downstairs..
2.22 MBF.avi_002682849
..and sees Billy and Francine enter the room. They pick up Tucker and take him away.
2.22 MBF.avi_002692926
[Or they come and ‘mop up’ after Lee has finished as Travis would say! Smile ]
2.22 MBF.avi_002694260
Lee to Amanda: I think I ruined the dessert. [oh dear.. there goes Lee with his cheesy line after nabbing the bad guy haaaa.. I can almost imagine that is also what Amanda is thinking here! ]
2.22 MBF.avi_002695595
Amanda pauses a moment, looking at Lee – and then breaks i2.22 MBF.avi_002696663n to a big grin.
Lee laughs and smiles.. A silent acknowledgement of how bad his joke was? maybe? 🙂 

2.22 MBF.avi_002697464
..then Lee puts his arm around Amanda to give her a side 2.22 MBF.avi_002698131hug as they look on the happenings downstairs – 2.22 MBF.avi_002699199

I notice he keeps his arm around her, as they look down at the clean up going on below..(Awh!) and the scene ends.
2.22 MBF.avi_002700266
Aren’t they too cute here?!
Lee doesn’t usually hug Amanda after nabbing the bad guy.. why now? well.. they are not being watched by anyone. and.. I think the hug may be: I’m so glad you’re with me!!
What do you think?
Given Amanda resigned from the agency, she hasn’t worked with Lee a few days and he thought he wasn’t going to work with her anymore- this hug may be a great big- hooray! You’re by my side!!!

So now.. What’s Lee going to do about keeping Amanda by his side hmm?? He going to help make that a permanent situation?? At least at work?? [way too early to be making it permanent in their private lives Smile]
Moving on and it’s tag time! Back to IFF, and Amanda’s car has the prized spot out the front..
We hear Lee off camera: Do you believe this?!
Billy: I thought he looked better in a cowboy outfit.

In the bullpen. Lee and Billy are looking at the paper together  laughing. Seems Augie made the papers!
Lee: hahaaaa Augie!
2.22 MBF.avi_002707974
Amanda is seen in the background arriving. She stops to talk to an unknown blonde (she was in that earlier conference with the plus signs- whooo she’s back from goofy golf! Winking smile she must have lost tee hee).
Amanda approaches Billy and Lee.
Hello Amanda.
2.22 MBF.avi_002712979
Amanda to Billy: I got a message you wanted to see me, Sir.
[Phew. Yes this message was actually from Billy and wasn’t a set up for her to think she was going to die- well.. that’s a relief! If I were Amanda and got a message from Mr Melrose I’d be scared! Smile ]
Lee puts down the newspaper. Interesting! Amanda puts her hands in her pockets – and Lee? He then does the same thing: mirroring Amanda- a nonverbal expression of their connection Smile
BTW- that is one ugly white cardy!!! Nooo!!! enough of the ugly cardys!!!
2.22 MBF.avi_002717117
2.22 MBF.avi_002718118Billy: that’s right. Ah how does it feel to be a free woman again?

[I take it this is referring to Amanda no longer 2.22 MBF.avi_002719619being charged with Murder?]

Amanda: Oh.. ha.. great.

Amanda smiles nervously.
[Her hair is much longer and softer here- did she take a few weeks vacation? Winking smile  Pretty!!! can’t wait for season 3 hair!!]
2.22 MBF.avi_002721121Billy smiles, Lee starts to say: We have some good news!
2.22 MBF.avi_002721621
Lee looks at Billy and then looks back at Amanda. I Love watching this scene and each time focusing on just one character to watch- watch Billy- he’s enjoying Lee and his interaction with Amanda here Smile taking it aaaallll in!! 🙂
2.22 MBF.avi_002723123
2.22 MBF.avi_002723623At this Amanda animatedly enquires: Yeah??!!

Billy: Yes. President Nabuti’s mission here was very successful. He is now safely back in Ubondwa.
2.22 MBF.avi_002726126
[Oh Billy is a tease! I think he is teasing both Lee and Amanda here enjoying himself! He knows Lee wants to tell Amanda the news about her job. Not Nabuti! And he knows Amanda is hoping for a job offer IMHO- well.. Billy needs to have a bit of fun with these two Winking smile ]
Amanda: Ohh.. wonderful..
[Great. though not the news she was hoping for Winking smile ]
Amanda smiles and looks at the ground.
2.22 MBF.avi_0027306302.22 MBF.avi_002730997
2.22 MBF.avi_002732632Lee: yeah well, we have some other good news too. Ummmm…
Lee hesitates,
2.22 MBF.avi_002735635and turns to look at Billy. He seems to be telling Billy come on don’t draw this out tell her! Billy silently shrugs 2.22 MBF.avi_002736136as if to say- why don’t you go ahead and tell her! Lee nods to Billy, happy to have this task! Smile
2.22 MBF.avi_002737637Lee continues: How would you like your old job back?
2.22 MBF.avi_0027400062.22 MBF.avi_0027390052.22 MBF.avi_0027386382.22 MBF.avi_002739139Love how Lee tries to play it cool as he says this wahahaha!!  2.22 MBF.avi_002740140

Amanda’s reaction is immediate! No playing it cool for her! haaaa..
Amanda cries loudly:
Ohhh!!!! Oh oh!!!
2.22 MBF.avi_002740640Amanda smiles.
2.22 MBF.avi_0027416412.22 MBF.avi_0027420082.22 MBF.avi_002743643Lee continues: With, a raise.
2.22 MBF.avi_002744010Amanda:
with a raise! Ohhh my old job with a raise 2.22 MBF.avi_002745011that’s really wonderful. I really appreciate this. Thank you so much Lee.
2.22 MBF.avi_002747647
Lee, Billy and Amanda are all smiles enjoying this moment.
2.22 MBF.avi_002748014Amanda to Billy:
thank you sir
Billy: You deserve it Amanda.
2.22 MBF.avi_002750016Billy is back in my good books! I love this line- He acknowledges that Amanda deserves this raise- she isn’t getting it so she can stay, or because her family need it- she is getting it because she DESERVES it!!! Such a wonderful and long overdue acknowledgement here.. Much better than a certificate she can’t hang anywhere! 🙂
I really love this little line of Billy’s!
2.22 MBF.avi_002752652Amanda: oh well thank you, I appreciate it. Yes Sir!
Billy walks off and leaves Lee and Amanda alone. [I notice at this moment Lee’s fidgety pockets err begin to become distracting!! Winking smile ]
2.22 MBF.avi_002754154Amanda: Ohhh Lee! Listen I don’t want to be too nosey or anything but well how did you manage to get me my old job back…
[Lee looks so proud here doesn’t he?- awh!! You did good Lee!]
2.22 MBF.avi_002755655

with a raise with all the expense cuts and everything!
2.22 MBF.avi_002759025Lee doesn’t get a chance to respond..
Francine storms up to Lee and Amanda. She’s not happy.
2.22 MBF.avi_002762028Francine holds up her letter: Have you seen this??!!
[Francine is copying Amanda’s ear buttons!]
Lee: what is it?
2.22 MBF.avi_002763663Francine: it’s a memo. Cutting my undercover wardrobe budget in half.
[The fashion world heaves a sigh of relief!]
2.22 MBF.avi_0027666662.22 MBF.avi_002767033At this, Amanda seems to realise what has happened. Watch Amanda’s face here the whole time Francine is ranting – KJ is hilarious here!!!! 1rofl
2.22 MBF.avi_002767667
Lee sneaks a look at Amanda while Francine’ tirade continues.. 1roflFrancine: Now I just bought an original Chelsey gown for the Sikkim ambassador gala 2.22 MBF.avi_002768668
…and if I have to pay for that gown myself…
2.22 MBF.avi_002770170

2.22 MBF.avi_002770670Amanda can’t meet Francine’s eye and looks off into the distance. 1rofl1rofl

2.22 MBF.avi_002771671Francine snatches the memo back off Lee.
I’m talking to Billy right now.
2.22 MBF.avi_002772172Francine walks off. Lee and Amanda wordlessly watch Francine storm off. 1laugh till cry
2.22 MBF.avi_002774674then simultaneously look at each other saying in unison (with mutual glee!):
Lee: your raise!
Amanda: my raise!

2.22 MBF.avi_002777677They break into laughter and the episode ends there.. Love the little giggle we hear from Amanda as  the frame freezes.. 1ha haaaa
2.22 MBF.avi_002778678Oh how sweet it is!!! 1heart_eyes Seems Lee actively searched for a way to help Amanda come back to the agency- he approaches Billy about it.. he must have pleaded Amanda’s case to Billy- reminded Billy that Amanda has earned this raise.. and Billy agrees. Hooray! To top off all this goodness? The raise comes at Francine’s expense!! whaahahaaaaa!!

I love Amanda’s reaction when she realises where her pay rise has come from as Francine is ranting!!!  yep.. Lee’s alliance is 100% with the fashion police.. and Amanda! Save us from Francine’s fashions! oh yeah.. Lee is totally on Amanda’s side these days which is lovely!! He has his partner back! 

I think this is a wonderful episode to close season 2- because it really threw up in the air if Lee and Amanda would be working together anymore. Just like the original season 1 planned ender – Charity Begins at Home had done. In that Tag, Lee for the first time acknowledges he will see Amanda again. So it has a nice ring to it.. In Brunettes, it was questioned whether they could and whether they should work together anymore. Amanda decided she wanted to keep working for the agency. Whether she was Lee’s partner or not. Lee decided he wanted to keep working with Amanda, and that he would start to acknowledge her as his partner (sort of!). It solidified things between them for a while. but here again in Murder Between Friends – Amanda’s finances act as a catalyst to finally confront the issue of Amanda’s place at the agency. Her work conditions and her future there. Where in Brunettes Lee mainly accepted Amanda as his partner, here Lee had to actively work to keep Amanda as his partner Smile and I think in Brunettes Lee didn’t need to tell anyone else Amanda was his partner.. The agency certainly didn’t acknowledge their ‘partnership’ – here? Lee had to acknowledge to Billy that Amanda is his partner- hooray!!
It was time for the agency to step up and acknowledge what Amanda contributes in a way that was more meaningful and practical than a flippin certificate (meh!).

For Lee, it was a wake up call. He has taken Amanda at the agency for granted. After Burn Out, he values her more for sure.. but he was still taking it for granted that she would be at the agency and work with him. When she was only employed as a part time secretary!!!! I like to think this sets things up for the beginning of season 3 – but I’ll hold off on discussing that for now – nearly there! Smile 

This was a wake up call for Lee personally also- that Amanda may not always be in his life, and even if it was only for a day or two- he got to face the reality that he would not have Amanda in his life all the time anymore. Ouch!!! He would have been confronted with how shocking this was, and how very upsetting he found that. This episode gives Lee plenty of food for thought, though circumstances meant the full ramifications of Amanda leaving in the long term were not fully explored – I think the writers chose not to take the personal relationship that far down that road yet.. too soon.. but still,  mentally and emotionally they had split here- and it was a very sad and traumatic experience for both of them – which in the long run made their connection, and their commitment to each other even stronger – now Lee has helped Amanda to get her raise. Though things are not fully resolved for Amanda on the work front – She is technically still employed as a part-time secretary!

For me, Amanda demonstrated in this episode her closeness and connection with Lee is very valuable to her- but it is not without it’s limits. She has a family to look after and she will put them first. The events of this episode lead me to think Amanda is not in love with Lee- and she has good control over any romantic feelings for him. As in DOA, I still think they are buried deeeeep in her unconscious.. and don’t make an appearance just yet.. we’ll get to that! Smile Now we are coming into a time of big changes in SMK, I feel like we should end each episode asking each other – is Lee in Love yet? where is he? is Amanda in love yet?! where is she?!

Bring on Vigilante Mothers! We are nearly at Season three!!!! Lastly, what do you all make of Amanda’s excitement over getting her old job back- before she knew she also had a raise?? Hmm this is a huge post- I’ll share my thoughts in comments on this one later…  byeeeee everyone!

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  1. Amanda on the other hand feels strongly abt him too but she is afraid to commit to saying anything….Lee was different…although it started off as a crush with him..she realised she has grown to like him as a friend and cares a lot abt him too…she enjoys being with him. And he has been partly responsible for her to get her identity as Amanda the person and not just a housewife and a mother. And she is fully aware how he feels abt her but for her..a commitment means not only her..but being there for her boys too. She was not sure if she should push Lee into that kind of relationship…she loved him but was he ready?

    I guess both have their reasons to play this CAT AND MOUSE game..both are on this very thin ICE .

    You know…rewatching SMK made me realise something..2 things really. 1…SMK is very much like BOLLYWOOD MOVIES😊😊2…All of you would have made great ROMANCE NOVELIST.

    For S3..i actually watched OTL as episode 1. I felt i liked it better like that. More character builtup😊👍


    • LOL about it being like a bollywood movie. Very interesting choice to put OTL first in season 3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes😂😂😂😂minus the song and dance,of course😂😂. Yup..i believe very much that OTL should be first..coz,then it would fit with my reasons as to why Lee jumped from his RANDY BABIES to MATRON LESLIE😂😂😂My comments above abt Lee actually brings me to reason it such😊👍


  2. #Rewatch Fav of S2
    I watched a few of my fav episodes after SOS and i really liked them this time around. My top fav being BURN OUT and MBF..followed by DOA and OOADP. Alot of their personal growth is highlighted here…
    As i mentioned before..Lee,though has his own issues on emotions to deal with…he is less complicated than amanda. Up to this point,i feel he is in love with Amanda..he senses it but does not know how to deal with it…He had always liked her alot from S1..she was different from the other women he dates. She is responsible,brave,very beautiful,smart and in a very special place where he feels he cannot reach..he has always found her desirable,hence the jealousy towards men who are even slightest bit attracted to her. He loves being around her,loves caring for her,loves being there for her,hence all the PDA even when they are not undercover. He wants her more than anything he ever wanted but feels he is not the perfect one for her…
    So,why doesn’t he tell her?? Why all the uncommitted relationships with RANDY BABIES,GILLIANS ETC??well,FIRSTLY…he just wants to block away these desires he has for her. He knows Amanda has some feelings for him but he does not know if she feels the same..She has teased him abt his RANDY BABIES but has not openly showed any anger or jealousy towards them😂After his episode with Eva,he prefers to keep things as they are and not tell her.


  3. Am having a brain cramp…is this the last time we see Augie? I’m glad he got to go out on top if it is. 🙂 Maybe we don’t see him again because he’s off in Ubondwa setting up their PWBL (Professional Women’s Boxing League). 😆

    Yep, bad joke, Lee. Not even Amanda knows what to say about that one. But, aww, love the side hug – they are very cute there, iwsod. I do think the hug is a bit “I’m glad you’re back by my side,” but Lee does touch or hug her after stopping the baddies or bombs in Savior, Weekend (hand hold after he unties her), TLODG (group hug with Emily but Amanda is in the middle), Possum, SOS and OOADP. I’m sensing that the more dire the situation the bigger the hug, especially as they grow in their relationship. But I guess that’s stating the obvious, huh?

    Enough of the ugly cardys!!!

    I agree! Especially when Billy’s cardys are better looking than Amanda’s.

    I’m so glad Lee did whatever his part was to keep Amanda at the Agency. Not only does he want her there for his own reasons, but I think he also recognizes and respects the fact that Amanda likes her job, that she is very proud of the job she does and that even though she isn’t trained or full-time, she does add value to the Agency and to him as an intelligence operative.

    Great screen caps, iwsod! At this point, as if there were any doubt, Lee has Amanda higher than Francine on the loyalty chart. When did that scale tip? I’m thinking it started after Spiderweb, hit bottom so hard with Burnout and did a little bounce and then came to a final rest here with this tag.

    As far as either of them being in love yet, I agree with what you say about Amanda but I’m ignoring the unconscious part ( 🙂 ). For Lee, he is not consciously in love but does care for Amanda as a friend a great deal – enough to help her get her job back with a raise. I think for him the whole idea of being a suburban step-father is not something he wants so he is just not going there with Amanda. He may love her as a friend, but I think it stops there for him for now (in his conscious).

    Okay, now I’m off to read all 1,000 of the other comments – I’m curious to read what everyone has has wrote!

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    • Hi BJo!

      Oh I have no idea if we see Augie again.. we’ll see!! 🙂

      AWh glad you enjoyed the screen caps!

      As far as either of them being in love yet, I agree with what you say about Amanda but I’m ignoring the unconscious part ( 🙂 ). For Lee, he is not consciously in love but does care for Amanda as a friend a great deal – enough to help her get her job back with a raise. I think for him the whole idea of being a suburban step-father is not something he wants so he is just not going there with Amanda. He may love her as a friend, but I think it stops there for him for now (in his conscious).

      Rofl! ignore the unconscious part if you like! 🙂 There is plenty of conscious stuff going on too isn’t there 🙂 Though! sometimes the conscious stuff seems to be a bit contradictory for the character.. sooo it leaves us to ponder what’s going on for the character inside 🙂

      Lee does at times send the message he doesn’t want to be a neighbourhood dad.. and yet here he was suggesting he move in to the Cooperman’s.. Hmm.. I think Lee thinks he doesn’t want it – but deep down.. he kinda does 😉
      you know how we like to kid ourselves sometimes about stuff?

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      • There is a lot of conscious stuff going on! And I’m sure there is all kinds of sub and unconscious stuff going on too – I just get a headache when I try to think about it all 🙂

        With Lee suggesting he move into the Coopermans, I think in my mind it’s as simple as this: it would be a simple, quick and easy cover. He’s going to be focused on the case, not on being a suburban dad. He’s got no fake kids or fake wife as his cover, it’s just a means to get close to Dr. Fletcher. So for me it works and I don’t feel the need to take it any deeper. I think it’s possible for him to suggest this as a cover without denying anything with regard to Amanda or himself. But I do get that we like to kid ourselves about stuff. I do it all the time to myself. It helps keep me sane! Although, I wish they had shown the welcome wagon come to his door!!!

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        • LOL there better be some conscious stuff going on.. or we are in trouble! 😉

          Regarding Lee and his decision to move in to the suburbs?? there’s a line coming up which informed my view that Lee is changing here.. I’ve mentioned it so you’ll see when we get to it (in the sprinkler scene) so I won’t say anymore about it now or I’ll repeat myself..
          Welcome Wagon? rofl!!! yes that would have been a hoot!! I think the didn’t get one because then Dotty would have been a part of it.. and they can’t have Lee meeting Dotty just yet..

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      • Oh, Iwsod, I like this!


  4. You guys as usual have done a sterling job discussing and as usual am late to the party with not much to add.
    I will leave it succinct: loving the side hug. Highlights exactly where Amanda should be and that’s right by Lee’s side. In love? I see there being varying degrees of love, but they are not at the stage where they are either willing or able to acknowledge those feelings properly. That’s Pandora’s box and once opened it cannot be shut 🙂

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  5. Okay, I am going to jump in to the where are Lee and Amanda at this point. I’ve been quite vocal about the fact that I think Lee’s feelings turned into love in burnout and I do think Lee is in love at this point, but I don’t think that love has really taken control yet. My husband actually thinks Lee started falling in love in Service Above and Beyond. I disagree but i think that maybe where Lee’s feelings really started. It may sound corny but the way I see Lee’s feelings for Amanda throughout the show are like this. I don’t think the fire of love is burning until the end of season 2 but it takes sparks to start a fire and I see sparks all along the way. I think the sparks finally catch in burn out and the fire is burning but it is still a low burning fire. But I think in MBF and several episodes going into season 3 that fire is being fed and soon it is one Lee can’t ignore anymore, but he is ignoring it now.

    As for Amanda I think there’s been a low burning fire for a long time but it is one that for the most part she can still ignore. I think it is hard not to romantisize a man that has self appointed himself your knight in shining armor but she did realize in season 1 that doing that was going to get her heart broke and she put her feelings aside in favor of earning Lee’s respect and trust and friendship. She knew she wasn’t going to get that following him around like a love sick school girl and I think getting those things from him was more important to her as a professional and as a person. And while I do think there’s been a low burning fire for Amanda she is not stupid, she’s not going allow that fire to be fed when she knows that so far Lee cannot offer her what she needs. She needs a commitment and she needs someone who will care about her family’s wealthfare as well as her own. I don’t think Amanda’s fire starts to get fed until later into season three when Lee starts to show her that he cares about her enough that he is willing to commit.

    .So while I do see Lee and Amanda loving each other at this point I am not sure either is at the point of no return yet. Lee might be. It’s ironic because while I do see Amanda as falling in love first I see Lee as reaching that point first. Amanda was just always so much niew carefully guarded, aware she could get her heart broke if she wasn’t careful. Lee never knew what hit him.


  6. Okay, I’m going to jump into the whole “where are Amanda and Lee fray?” I think that I wrote a little about it yesterday, but my brain was all infused with chocolate, wine, and visions of Lee in a tux. I think the fuzz has worn off and I’ve had a chance to read some other responses. I hope it makes some sense and I apologize if I repeat what anyone else has said.

    I think most of us agree that Amanda is more emotionally healthy than Lee. She has had people around her to support her and help her, especially getting through difficult times in her life. I think most would also agree that while Amanda initially had a crush on Lee, she got it under control. I think Amanda discovered or realized that she was dealing with Scarecrow most of the time and not Lee’s true self. She was able to see through the facade he had firmly in place. She put what she was feeling aside.

    As time has gone on, she has gotten to see more of who Lee really is. She knows what he has gone through and how that has affected him. I think she is waiting to see if Lee is someone she could or even should give her heart to. I think that while she values and treasures their friendship she is not sure if he is ready for all that a relationship with her would entail.

    While Lee has experienced love and caring in his life he has also experienced quite a bit of loss. It has been so long since he has experienced that love and caring that within himself it is repressed and he does not overtly recognize it. He has had unconditional love from his parents. It was so long ago and so early in his life that what emotions he may have may be innate or have been laying dormant inside.

    He had a partner that he trusted and cared about. That partner made an ultimate sacrifice for Lee. Lee also has a caring friend/father figure in Billy, but he holds Billy at arms length as well. Lee knows love and caring, but all his losses prevent him from showing it as well. Lee learned early on from his uncle to suppress his emotions and feelings. It wasn’t that he didn’t have them, he just wasn’t allowed to show them. He has become an expert at trying to hide what he is feeling and he definitely doesn’t not want to deal with anymore loss so he does whatever he can to prevent that, even if it means pushing someone away, which is what he did with Amanda initially. Now he tries to prevent loss, by protecting her in any way he can.

    Here comes Amanda who has gradually filled all those roles of love that he has previously experienced. Amanda has been unconditional in her caring and support of him. He knows that he can trust her as a friend and partner. She has been a rock for him and a steadying influence. Amanda is unique and special and while his Scarecrow brain may refuse to see it, recognize it, acknowledge it, or vocalize it his Lee heart already has.

    I hope this has some sort of semblance to it and is not rambling.

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    • whooo Valerie I really enjoyed your description of Lee here!! Very sweet.. and full of the promise of great things ahead for Lee and his heart 🙂

      I also really enjoyed your take on Amanda. There is only one very small part that I see differently.

      As time has gone on, she has gotten to see more of who Lee really is. She knows what he has gone through and how that has affected him. I think she is waiting to see if Lee is someone she could or even should give her heart to. I think that while she values and treasures their friendship she is not sure if he is ready for all that a relationship with her would entail.

      I love your description of Amanda and her rich understanding of Lee!! 🙂 It’s lovely. And he is lucky to have such a good friend. the only bit here where I see things differently is the idea that Amanda is waiting ( a very tiny difference!).
      I’d say Amanda is not waiting because Lee is not someone she should give her heart to. At this point 🙂
      His relationships with women and views on marriage and family are sooo not right for her – he knows it and she knows it.
      But! Coming up very soon.. when Amanda realises this is beginning to change, then she can begin to question again whether she could give her heart to him. For me, this is not answered in an instant.. this takes time.. and eventually, she can say to herself that she can and she should give him her heart 🙂

      He knows that he can trust her as a friend and partner. She has been a rock for him and a steadying influence. Amanda is unique and special and while his Scarecrow brain may refuse to see it, recognize it, acknowledge it, or vocalize it his Lee heart already has.

      This is beautiful!!!! 🙂 Thanks for laying out your thinking Valerie, what a wonderful way to start the day!

      It’s a bit tough discussing this without mentioning specific events huh.. bring on season 3!! LOL.. we keep saying that.. see now this is another reason why I wonder if Vigilante Mothers shouldn’t be last – it gets overlooked after all the drama of Burn Out and MBFriends… as a finale it’s a bit.. Meh!
      I’m completing writing the final post for that VM today – it’s going to be only 10 posts! Though don’t worry there is still a few fantastic moments in there and I have enjoyed it – [though I think I’ll enjoy it more once I’ve discussed it with you all and heard what you guys think of it all! ]
      Though, it’s just not up there with Burn Out or MBFriends (not many are!)
      Okay byee for now!


      • I think Lee actually values marriage and family extremely highly. After-all he puts his life on the line constantly to protect the right of his country’s “normal” citizens to lead safe, normal lives free of fear. What he thinks though is that he is not cut out or good enough for marriage and family, that it’s a life that he wouldn’t suit and he couldn’t fit into. He feels he is not capable of the love and commitment required to make a good marriage and to be a good father.
        Amanda is not a prude and she doesn’t seem constrained by any particular religious code (I can’t think of an occasion where church or religion is mentioned throughout the series – can anyone? I do recall she had a crucifix necklace in S4 but that always seemed to me to be out of kilter with the character of Amanda. Maybe KJ started wearing it after her cancer diagnosis.)
        Anyway, I see her maintaining a sound moral code but one based on common-sense and what is healthy for her and her family. I think she is (1) very mindful of her failed marriage and will not get into a serious relationship or marriage unless she can be satisfied it will last this time, and (2) she has two pre-teen boys to consider and she wants to set a good example for them. (I don’t see her ruling out a discreet pre-marriage physical relationship with the right man – and we all now who that is 🙂 but that is for discussion much, much later).
        So to make my point, Amanda doesn’t really judge Lee on his lifestyle. She loves Lee as a friend and his lifestyle doesn’t affect that. Ironically it is only when it looks like he may have a normal relationship that she gets genuinely upset.
        PS. I hope I haven’t offended anyone with my comments above. I’m not anti-religious but organised religion just didn’t seem to play a role in the show or the lives of its characters.

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        • Hiya kiwismh! Lovely to hear from you! Everything you say about Lee and Marriage I agree with 🙂 He’s a mixed up dude!

          Gosh.. what did I say again? let me go check.. LOL!
          Ahh I see I said:[yes I’ll quote myself so I’m clear lol!]

          His relationships with women and views on marriage and family are sooo not right for her – he knows it and she knows it.

          I think this is the part you are responding to kiwismh? I agree Lee does value marriage and family highly.
          Sorry if I was unclear with this. I was thinking Lee doesn’t value it highly for himself- in his own life but he values it highly as an institution.. This is what I meant. If Lee doesn’t want this for his own life, then he is no good for Amanda who does want marriage and already has a family.
          Lee has most of the time seen Amanda as a no go zone because she isn’t the type to have an affair.. and Lee so far has just wanted affairs.. I look forward to exploring this all with you as we continue on our walk 🙂 so much good stuff coming!!

          Somewhere in the great big void that is the comments of this blog we discussed how Lee is both attracted to and repulsed by Amanda and her family/ family values – he craves it, longs for it, but at the same time he is terrified by it. This was especially so in season 1, but there is a moment in Vigilante Mothers coming up, where Lee revisits the suburbs, that this all comes up again – so I hope we can continue with this line of thought as we go through VM! I think up to this point we haven’t seen a lot to say Lee does not feeling good enough to marry Amanda. I think that part of the story is more ahead of us – so I’ll wait to discuss this idea.
          the only hint I can think of so far is Lee’s disapproval of Playboy types paying attention to Amanda – because they are not right for her – when he himself is a playboy. [so maybe so far it is vaguely implied?? this is my impression, but maybe this is just how I’m experiencing it so far! ]

          Oh I agree, I think Amanda is by nature a non-judgemental person. I think Lee in the beginning and Francine (well most of the time), are much more judgemental towards suburban housewives!

          I think Amanda doesn’t approve of a playboy lifestyle, and doesn’t see it as a healthy way to live a fulfilling life- but to me that is not the same as judging someone. To judge is to decide you are better than they are, and I am thinking Amanda never does this – she accepts Lee and his choices. Whether she approves or not. He’s an adult.
          So yeah- basically kiwismh I heartily agree with this part of your comment also! I think you are on the money!!!

          Now, about religion in smk.. well there is an interesting question. Being the 80s and America, I think the Christian values are implied throughout, but the writers leave it quite vague for us (wisely IMHO!). For me, I don’t think we are given enough information to draw any firm conclusions and we are left to decide for ourselves whether they are or are not particularly spiritual.
          There is mention of a Reverend a few times..(YODTwice I know for sure. Didn’t the boys go away for the weekend with Reverend and his family? I don’t know! Anyone else?? maybe there are some coming too I don’t know about)
          …but does this mean the family are regular church goers? or Dotty alone is??
          I have no idea 🙂 They have christian values, that was all I was comfortable to conclude..

          I would add though that IMHO if Amanda was a regular church goer, by no means would lead to the conclusion that she judges Lee for his behaviour. I still don’t think she would. Just because she disagrees with it, doesn’t mean she would judge him for it churchgoer or no- this is the picture I have formed in my head so thought I’d share my 2 cents – a really interesting thought this kiwismh! 🙂

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          • Ah! found it.. Dotty and the boys go away with Reverend Milton for the weekend in Remembrance of things totally random 😉

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          • I agree that Lee is a contradiction when it comes to marriage and families. I think it probably has something to do with his childhood experience. Maybe marriage and family is a bit of a glass house for him, something precious and fragile and the best way for him to deal with that fragile, impossible dream is to just stay away from it? It could contribute to the anger and impatience he expressed towards Amanda in the beginning. But I agree he values it, and at this time still believes that it is not for him, but because he is unworthy, or unable to keep it. It would be one of those irrational thoughts that a four year old would have and then has hardened into an irrational belief that has become part of the core of his being.

            As for Amanda and church. I do remember a note on her kitchen chalk board about choir practice in an earlier episode. If that was a church choir then it would mean to me that they attended regularly. But it is true that it is not front and center in the show. I think it is just part of the characteristic of the time of an average suburban family.
            I do agree with Iwsod that even if Amanda held some strong Christian beliefs I do not think it would make her judgmental. If she did come from a background that tended to have ideals that would make people judgmental she probably had that shaken up a bit by her divorce. But what I pick up from Dotty and Amanda is not that type of a religious ethic. I think, instead, their church going must be about community and a basic sense of love and decency.


            • I agree, I don’t think that Dotty and Amanda are judgmental types. If Amanda was judgmental, she probably wouldn’t have been drawn to the crazy, playboy type that Lee was in the beginning. I don’t think that she really approved of his style of dating because she kind of ribbed him a couple of times about it, but she still cared about him. As for Dotty, from the things she says, I think she had kind of a wild youth herself and is content to let people live their own lives. ex. “One minute you’re changing their diapers, and the next minute, they’re off in Honduras, getting tattoos.”

              However, I do think that Amanda is more conservative than Dotty is in some ways and that she believes in being cautious and discreet in personal relationships. I forget which episode it was that Dotty was planning on going away for a weekend with an old friend of Amanda’s father and Amanda was worried about that.


              • Oh, Jestress, that is in an episode that is coming very soon and it will be fun to talk about Amanda’s reaction to that then….


              • Yep, and in season 1 Dotty had a Podiatrist gentleman friend that caused her to discuss her erogenous arches with Amanda (thanks for sharing! LOL!) and she was rocking the low cut outfit when she going out on a date(perhaps in Artful Dodger?)


              • I don’t think of either Dotty or Amanda as judgemental either. Dotty really does seem to be live and let live and I think Amanda sees the good in everyone. I don’t know that I even view Amanda as being more conserved than Dotty. I think part of what bothered Amanda about Dotty going away with a man was that Dotty was her mother. Even as adults it can be hard to view your mother as being a woman. There is also an episode coming up in season 3 that hints Amanda might have been a little more wild in her younger days or her college days anyway. While, I do think Amanda is conservative, I don’t see her as being more conservative than Dotty, more like more cautious. Amanda has two young boys and has been through a divorce. She is not going to get swept away in a whirl wind. If Amanda was too conservative she never could have fallen in love with a playboy whenever you think that happened. I see Amanda as being very moral and very grounded, but not judgemental. What gets me is that while I don’t think Amanda judges others she cares way to much about what other people think of her. Like in Bromfield affair she wasn’t going to leave London until Lord Bromfield told the truth about them not being involved. She needs to give herself a break.


          • When Amanda “died” (Sylvia), one of the callers or flowers came from “Reverend some-body.” This makes me think that they probably attend pretty regularly, and I think a Christmas service is mentioned in S4. I agree that it was probably assumed in the typical 80’s suburban neighborhood that church attendance was practiced.


  7. So, a wrap-up to another stellar episode walkthrough!

    Did anyone else see Lee smile as he sends Augie hurtling over the rail? I wonder if he was simply enjoying the comicality of the moment, even in the middle of a serious fight, or if he was enjoying the chance to even the score with Augie, or if he was actually planning the distraction that Augie’s grand entrance would cause?

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  8. As far as Amanda jumping for the job in the tag, I think she was up a creek without a paddle now. I don’t think there was going to be anymore Jordan Securities with the boss being murdered and his partner being the murderer. At least working for the Agency is better than no job at all. But Lee did do away with any chance of Amanda continuing to look for something else eventually with the raise. I love that he chose Amanda working for him over Francine’s wardrobe. What sweet justice. And I love Amanda’s face as she figures it out and the way Lee looks up at Amanda as she does.

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  9. Today has been a JWWM day. This morning I went to the store to run a quick errand and decided to check out the candy section for treats for my class. I found myself in the midst of heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (Hershey, Lindt, and Lindor to name a few). As I kept looking, right near the chocolates was a display of wine. And then checking for what’s on TV tonight I see there is a movie named Rabbit Hole starring Nicole Kidman. Coincidence? I think not. The wine is chilling as I write….

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  10. Hiya! Great to hear from you! I’ll get back here later to reply to comments..
    Just wanted to add stupid wordpress has shifted the pics in the post a bit so it isn’t matching the text as much as I would like – I’ll fix that when I get back too! you know.. when Lee says with a raise, the picture near it should be that moment.. not a moment a few sentences earlier! sorry about that!

    I’ll be back soon to soak in all this goodness (and fix my post!) byee for now!


    • Ohhh hooo!!! I am so clever.. not! My comment about how the pics were out of place was wrong! they are fine!! I was just looking at the blog with higher magnification so it had to adjust the format rofl.. don’t mind me.. haa! In my defence, it was before my morning coffee!
      Well there’s a hint for ya, if you are reading the blog at a higher magnification and the pics are all over the place – take it down a level or two and you’ll see how it’s suppose to look 😉
      I’d publish with a larger font but the font is part of the blog theme and I’m not able to change it without paying money.. at least I’m pretty sure that’s the case. Aie!

      Anyway, it’s been a great episode huh!! maybe at the end of Vigilante Mothers we can together thrash out this issue of the episode order for these two… I’m in two minds.. Hmm!

      Looks like Vigilante Mothers is going to be 9 posts, 10 tops. There isn’t half as much going on (though I do enjoy the episode and feel that it sometimes gets overlooked )

      So the next post will be an update on what’s ahead for the blog.. and then into Vigilante Mothers! 🙂

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  11. Lee’s journey is so much more obvious in many ways than Amanda’s. With her we’ve got to get inside her head a bit more to make sense of where she’s at. Emotionally more mature and healthier than Lee she may be but she’s also got some baggage that haunts her, especially her failed marriage.
    Lee I think loves Amanda at this point but isn’t even ready to admit that to himself, let alone her. De Nile is a long, long river. What he has admitted to himself and how he probably explains to himself what he is feeling is that she is his best friend and he wants her in his life in that capacity.
    He has matured a great deal in the past 2 years but Amanda’s influence on him and the changes have been so gradual that I think he is only just beginning to realise how much his life his changed in those 2 years. For instance, without really making any conscious decision to do so, he has effectively stopped dating. From here on out I think he begins to consciously think more about where his life is headed.
    Later episodes/discussions will reveal when he begins to admit to himself that his feelings for Amanda are really about more than friendship. Right now a relationship with Amanda means no going back, long-term commitment, and a ready-made family. If he were to contemplate it he would see himself at this point as not able to be that man. Ultimately Lee’s denial and later slowness to advance the relationship is about him seeing himself as not good enough for Amanda and the life she represents. It isn’t and has never been about Amanda not being good enough for him.
    Even Lee’s initial irritation and anger at Amanda in S1 was deep down about him seeing her as too valuable and too good to be involved in this murky and dangerous business. Yet to protect what she represented – a safe and healthy normal life, family, community, and nation – he saw himself as expendable and was ready to die to protect those values and a life that he thought he could never understand or be a part of.
    That’s enough from me. I want to hear what others think.

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    • Kiwismh, everything you wrote made me nod my head, yes!!!

      I was thinking as I read the post that maybe Lee’s relief about having Amanda back may be a bit misplaced. I think he interpreted his gut wrenching reaction to her resigning was all about losing her as a partner and as a friend who was a daily presence in his life. And so now he is happy and relieved to have her back in that place and it will solve all of the emotional reactions he is having and now he can carry on. Well, not so. The poor boy must dig a little deeper before he hits the truth. But at least he is willing to agree that her daily presence is very important to him and he would miss her dearly if she was not a regular presence in his life. I think part of this realization that he would miss her if she left his life is another reason why he is unwilling to move her out of the position of friend. If he did let her become something more personal he could loose her if it didn’t work. I think that scares him into inaction. I do think Lee is falling in love with Amanda at this point. But I do think that true love is something that Lee will not recognize or act one easily.

      Amanda, on the other hand, I do not think is allowing her self to fall in love at this point. I do think that she is thrilled that she and Lee have become close friends. I think she knows that she has finally earned his trust, and she knows she is important to him. I think she took Lee off of the romantic radar early on and got a handle on her crush. I think she may be aware that he would be easy to fall for except that he is so not a candidate for what she really needs and she is about what she really needs and wants that. The way she took the job with Jordan kind of showed that I think. The problem with the kind of friendship that she and Lee have though, is that it is kind of hard to share a good close guy friend with another woman, especially if that other woman is a romantic partner. But no one has forced that issue yet.

      The two of them do both deal in denial don’t they though. Amanda won’t allow herself to fall in love and Lee is falling but won’t allow himself to recognize it. Makes it so much fun to watch!

      Ah, it is nice to have some time to comment on the blog!!

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      • Morley, like your comments, especially about how Lee is dealing with his feelings. Oooh, good point about sharing a close guy friend with another woman and how this forces the issue with Amanda. Can’t get into that discussion right now but looking forward to getting there. 😉


      • Wow Morley!!! I see things the same way as you are! 🙂 It’s like you’ve read my mind here and put it so much better than I could 😉 so thanks for that! yeah.. what Morley said! 😉

        I especially enjoyed your comments on how at this point, Lee may feel pretty comfortable that he has sorted out these strange emotions he’s been feeling.. but.. he is so wrong.. haa ahh poor Lee! 🙂 Absolutely agree – he will now want to guard his friendship with Amanda – even blocking any idea of changing the nature of their relationship..
        Ohh there are interesting times ahead! 🙂

        Loved hearing your thoughts on Lee too kiwismh!

        It’s a joy to think about these characters and explore them isn’t it!

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      • Ah;, two votes above for what you said about Lee, Morley, but I really love how you summarized Amanda’s postion, in particular the place she has ended up in after overcoming her early crush. Her practical side is overshadowing her romantic side … for the moment. I wonder if that history of overcoming a crush makes it harder or easier to step into a romantic relationship! Looking forward to OTLimit!


      • Morley, I think I’m going to start referring to you as “Doc” with all the rights and privileges that comes with.

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    • I really like what you said here, kiwismh, especially these parts:

      From here on out I think he begins to consciously think more about where his life is headed.

      Later episodes/discussions will reveal when he begins to admit to himself that his feelings for Amanda are really about more than friendship. Right now a relationship with Amanda means no going back, long-term commitment, and a ready-made family. If he were to contemplate it he would see himself at this point as not able to be that man. Ultimately Lee’s denial and later slowness to advance the relationship is about him seeing himself as not good enough for Amanda and the life she represents. It isn’t and has never been about Amanda not being good enough for him.

      I think Lee’s conscious doesn’t get with the program until sometime in S3. I’m curious to see how the discussions and episode order of S3 impact my thoughts on when I think this is. Fun ahead!


  12. I love seeing how happy Lee is at the end. I’m pretty sure the cuts to Francine’s wardrobe budget were more his idea than Billy’s, not only because he was so eager to help Amanda and get her back, but because he’s made comments before about how prissy and high-maintenance she is.

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve been playing a little game on Nedlinger’s, giving the characters awards for funny stuff they do in each episode. Check it out the ones for this episode at http://nedlindgers.proboards.com/thread/45/character-awards?page=5

    If you feel like leaving comments on the forum, please do. That’s half the fun. 🙂


    • Hey Jestress- I meant it.. I love your awards they are lots of fun! 🙂 I hope others enjoy them too and let you know – keep it up!!! 🙂


      • Thanks! 🙂

        I’ve been a little slow lately on putting out new ones because I’ve had to work a lot of overtime, but things are calming down now. Like you said, the awards make kind of a nice summary of the episodes, so they’re good to read after watching one or reading about an episode here.


      • By the way, I don’t think I mentioned it before, but I did like your “takes the cake” pun about Tucker. As you can tell, I like puns in general. 🙂

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    • I’d like to think that Lee contributed some of his expense allowance to the cause as well. That kind’ve sits better with me than just having him raid Francine’s expense account. Granted Francine’s expense account is clearly excessive but I think initially Lee would have looked to his own resources to fund her increase first, and then to raid Francine’s kitty to make it a decent raise. Lee wants to make sure Amanda sticks around, so I’m thinking he wanted it to be a decent pay increase so she doesn’t have to stress about living costs anymore.
      So I’m thinking he went to Billy with the idea of reducing both his and Francine’s expense accounts to fund Amanda’s pay increase. Maybe an idea for an episode filler fanfic.<<<Read this last bit as a not so subtle hint to someone out there with some writing talent and time to write stories? 😉

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      • It would make sense if Lee also contributed to the rehire-Amanda fund, especially since I’m sure it was his idea. I’d love to see Billy’s reaction to his request. Billy’s been trying to get the two of them together all along, so he’d probably see it as a sign of success. I agree with you, Iwsod, Billy’s reactions in this final scene are great. He knows how badly Lee wants Amanda back, and he thinks it’s great. 🙂


        • Yeah! Lee might have offered!!! but I figured Francine was so grossly overcompensated with her cover wardrobe that it was high time she do more with less 😉


      • Oopsie.. I just responded to this comment of yours when I responded to Jestress’ reply to this comment of yours.. is your head spinning? mine too! 😉

        Yeah fan fic is not my thing either- kudos to fan fic writers! .. You could always start a big thread in Neds about ideas or wishes for fan fic.. I’d definitely have a few ideas to add to it.. 🙂
        I can’t wait to read your insights on the King home kiwismh!
        Byee all!


  13. It still works for me that Amanda has been aware that she has romantic feelings for Lee since Burn Out. I’m not saying that she is in love with him at this point. Amanda is much more mature about recognising and dealing healthily with emotions than Lee, so I see her as having recognised her feelings but realising the futility of trying to progress a romantic relationship with Lee she has dealt with it in a healthy way by focusing on their friendship and not allowing herself to dwell on notions of falling in love with him. Allowing herself the luxury of exploring her feelings and falling in love with him comes later down the track as they become closer and she begins to realise that he is ready to return those feelings.
    To be able to continue to work with Lee knowing she has these feelings also takes strength and maturity of character, which Amanda has. However, I’m thinking that maybe Byron’s job offer was timely on more than one level for Amanda – there is no doubt she accepted it solely because she needed the money and that given a choice she would want to remain at the Agency which is a job she knows she enjoys more than the less challenging security work. But in accepting his offer I see her also thinking this change, which necessitates putting some distance between she and Lee, might be a blessing in disguise. I don’t believe she wants to cease their friendship, but she thinks the new job will enable her to ease away from her ongoing peripheral awareness of those deeper feelings that everyday contact with Lee naturally brings. Again, maybe not something she really wants to do but Amanda would see this as good for her emotional health and wellbeing in the long run.
    I’ve done this before, sometimes quite erroneously, in seeing an opportunity or change in life as a solution to other issues that you would not otherwise have done anything about.
    However, we’re not always correct in what we think might be an easy solution to a difficult issue. There’s also the chance that if Byron had lived she may have found that seeing Lee less often might actually cause her to dwell on her feelings for him a bit more – absence makes the heart grow fonder? Oooh, what might have been if Byron had lived – who knows? Thank goodness we never actually had to travel down that tangled path with this relationship.
    I’m seeing her in this scene not just glad to be back at the Agency but glad to be with Lee again. Perhaps even this short absence has made her realise that it is healthier for her emotional wellbeing to be with him than away from him.
    I’d be interested to read what others think.

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    • Well I was gleeful when I saw this long comment of yours kiwismh! 🙂 Love to read everyone’s thoughts on all this at length anytime you want to write them 😉

      I was nodding and cheering yes!!! the whole way through reading your comment! I thought: wait a minute! I agree with everything you have written here! 🙂 So I’m going to be very boring here and say I agree with everything kiwismh has written here!!! For me and my experience of Amanda’s journey, you are spot on with Amanda here!!

      Maybe our timing of Amanda putting those feelings away is slightly different. I see Amanda doing that in Season 1. For now, I think Amanda’s feelings for Lee are locked away in her unconscious, growing below her level of awareness – and I have a clear idea of when this bursts out!! [I think you can guess what episode that is 😉 ] though when they burst out – I don’t see them bursting out fully formed- we’ll get to this soon!
      Just VMothers, and Welcome to American Mr Brand to go and then we hit Over the Limit.. [my next post here will explain what’s happening with the blog and early season 3 before we move on to VM] How does this fit with your thinking kiwismh?

      As for your question about whether the absence has had an impact on how Amanda sees Lee. I really am not sure what to think here kiwismh. A great question! I guess because I see Amanda’s feelings for Lee as being below her level of awareness at this point – she consciously views Lee as a dear good friend and that’s it – unconsciously her romantic feelings are beginning to grow stronger.
      I can only guess that Lee finding a way to help her get the raise she deserves, and demonstrating how he actively worked to keep her as his partner – has got to be a huge plus no? 🙂 the absence? Not sure how that would have impacted.. I’ll leave that one to others!

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    • I agree with everything you are saying Kiwismh. I always thought that at least on subconscious level part of what Amanda was doing here was trying to get away from Lee. I said on an earlier post Amanda was trying to let Lee go because I think she knows she has feelings for him but does not see him ever giving her what she needs at this point. I think Amanda was well aware she had feelings for Lee is season 1 but as I said earlier she put those feelings aside in season 2 in favor of building a real friendship with Lee. I can easily see that while doing that those feelings only deepened as they got closer and then Amanda turned around in Burnout and realized just how deeply she did feel for Lee. De Nial is a long river and they are both floating down it, but Amanda is coming to the end of it in burn out. I just don’t see her being unaware of her feelings for Lee until OTL because she deals with a similar situation in A Relative Situation when Lee is talking to his uncle on the phone about his new girlfriend. There to me Amanda doesn’t look jealous she looks genuinely hurt. At least until she knows the girl doesn’t exist. It’s like a foreshadowing of OTL. If Lee is telling his uncle about a girlfriend and willing to introduce her Amanda is probably thinking it is not just another bimbo. I think Amanda is able to handle the bimbos but it is when Lee is with a woman he could be serious about that it gets to Amanda. Partly because if he is with a woman he actually cares about it means Amanda has to compete for Lee’s affections and partly because she wonders if he may be willing to make a commitment why isn’t it to her. Amanda’s response in A relative situation is just so strong to me she has to be aware she has feelings for him, it just doesn’t strike her how deep they run until burn out. However, I think she buries them again in an attempt to go on working with Lee and they do come back without warning to slap her in the face in OTL.

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      • Hey Misty! It’s been lots of fun to read your comments on Murder Between Friends! thanks for sharing with us!!

        I think I agree with most of what you’ve said.. though I didn’t see Amanda’s look in a Relative Situation as being as significant as you do. Then again, I can’t remember what I wrote about it! I think I put it down to her just not wanting to hear about his women.. and at that stage she hadn’t met any of them I think. I don’t know!

        Some of this is very interesting, but is about a future episode – soooo I’m gonna hold off commenting for now – but it won’t be long till we get there 🙂

        I really liked your comment about Amanda’s unconsciously trying to break free from Lee here.. that works for me 🙂

        LOL.. you seem to have noted my dislike of Byron in your comments Misty.. Funny because this time around I liked him much much more than I have in the past – the whole thing considered.. I thought he wasn’t such a bad guy.. and I think when he honoured his no pressure promise but not trying for a kiss or anything with the goodbye? I liked him more after that.. I found watching it this time, and actually having some liking for Byron ( while yes, I also didn’t like him haaa) that it was an incredibly sad way for him to die like that.. awful!
        Bye for now!

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        • Yeah, to me Lee’s fictional girlfriend really did get to Amanda in A Relative situation beyond just not liking to hear about Lee’s women because wether Amanda has met any of them she seems to know about them throughout season 2, even by name, so she must hear about them. But for the most part she seems to take it in stride even teasing Lee about them like she does in 3 faces of Emily. She obviously does not like it in A Relative Situation and does not take it in stride. I just watched this episode last week and that’s why it stands out to me now I think. She looks genuinely upset to me and that to me comes back to the fact that while she can take the bimbos in stride she can’t handle the thought of Lee actually being serious about someone. Though, I always wondered how Amanda seem to know about the bimbos especially enough to know them by name. I can’t imagine other than in OMIT where Lee talks about Gillian just because he is ticked that he goes around telling Amanda about them.


          • I’m not sure where to put this comment, but I want to respond to some of what’s been said so I’ll put it here at the end of what kiwismh started.

            I understand what you guys are all saying and I wish I could see it, but I’m having a hard time agreeing with Amanda trying to put some distance between her and Lee, even subconsciously. I see too much regret in Amanda’s eyes when she tells ‘the gang’ that she is leaving the Agency that I really only see her doing it because she needs the money and her practical side is taking over. I think Amanda is fully invested in being Lee’s friend only at this point and therefore I see her as being very loyal to him and putting that loyalty ahead of everything but her ability to provide for herself and her boys.

            And I’ll have to go back and see what I wrote for ARS, but I’m not sure I ever saw jealousy or real hurt for herself in that look of Amanda’s either. For me, I think that look of Amanda’s when Lee talks about his new girlfriend is more about disappointment than hurt. I think that she has firmly tucked away her crush, but in some ways probably still can fantasize a tiny bit every now and then about Lee because he still is her WK. When any girlfriend is mentioned it blows any fantasy to pieces. Sort of like when I remind myself every now and again that Lee isn’t real. (Sorry, iwsod 😦 ) I also think that Amanda thinks she can be a good influence on Lee and sincerely wants him to not be a playboy for his own sake. I think she experiences sadness for him or possibly discouragement when a girlfriend is mentioned because that means he is still probably wanting to act like a playboy.

            I think S3 on JWWM is going to be very interesting because I think I see there being so many different views shared and changed and changed again. I really like reading everyone’s deep comments because I do not go very deep on my own that often. 🙂 I do think it is funny, Misty, the way Amanda asks Lee about Margo in TTFOE. She tries to be subtle but is anything but!


            • Hi BJo! I’ve been enjoying catching up on your catching up – tee hee!

              I just wanted to add my agreement to what you’ve said here about Amanda and moves to put some space between her and Lee. I agree with you – I don’t see Amanda doing this consciously or unconsciously..

              I think Amanda is fully invested in being Lee’s friend only at this point and therefore I see her as being very loyal to him and putting that loyalty ahead of everything but her ability to provide for herself and her boys.

              Loved this BJo!!! 🙂 I see it this way too..
              I feel Amanda acts for the good of her family – an unintended consequence of this for Lee and Amanda is that they get a bit of space – but I don’t see that as being a reason why Amanda acted. While I see Amanda as beginning to be confused over Lee, I still see her as being in control of her feelings for him at this stage.. so no need for distance.. This is a small difference I have with others who see this as being partially unconsciously motivated. [and goes to show, where we see the characters to be influences what we see at times… so we will see different things]

              I think it’s great that you don’t look for the unconscious BJo, because it means you are more focused on what is observable. Statistics genius that you are! you are a great balance for us fans who enjoy pondering the character’s hidden motivations and influences. Do feel free to say wait a minute Iwsod! but I saw this- how does that fit in with your ideas? 🙂

              I think there is no harm in pondering and speculating.. and formulating theories on what’s behind a character’s actions – but at the same time, we need to balance this with what we see the character doing to see if it adds up.. you know?? It’s like we hypothesise and then continually re-evaluate our hypotheses about the characters!

              I see Amanda and her decision to leave the same way you do BJo, though I’ve really enjoyed hearing and considering the different theories of why and how Amanda made the decision.

              Oh yeah! Season 3 is going to be very interesting! Brace yourself BJo I think there will be lots of things bursting out of Lee and Amanda’s unconscious, through their preconscious and bam!!! finally into their consciousness!!! haaa…

              Yeah true.. Amanda is not subtle about Margo haaa.. but I also found it interesting that Lee was touchy about it and didn’t want to discuss it with Amanda.. whooo this will come up again soon! 🙂


              • Hey iwsod, glad you’re enjoying my catch up 🙂 I’ve just got one more post to go – I hope to get to it tonight after the Olympics opening ceremony.

                After reading your comment, I wonder if I misunderstood what folks wrote. My linear, literal brain has been known to do that before. 🙂

                I guess for me I just have a hard time coming to a decision on subconscious things because there is no real clear answer for me to see or hear – it’s too gray. But I do love that others have the ability to do that and I hope I’ve never intimated otherwise. I see no harm in it at all – in fact I love that others are so good at it – I wish I were too. But it’s not a strength of mine and I don’t really enjoy it so I stick to what I feel good about doing. I do like to add what I see when it’s different from the group and I’m okay if I’m the only one who sees something or comments on it.

                I think S3 is going to be interesting for me, because like you said it seems like a lot comes bursting through and I’m going to have to justify it in my mind somehow. I think the episode order will have a huge impact for me. I’ve not watched the episodes for S3 in a while and never in the order we’re going to walk through. I’m looking forward to it!

                Liked by 1 person

              • Um, I like this too, both what BJo said about Amanda and her decision to leave the Agency and what Iwsod is saying about feeling free to not delve into the subconscious of the characters. It really helps to have someone in on he discussion who calls what they see. Keeps it real, for a fictional story…


  14. Belted banana!! Cindy, that is awesome.

    Swoony sigh for Lee and Amanda as they look at each other on the little balcony and for the side hug. Another sigh for the tag. So when Lee told Amanda earlier that he was going to get her out of this, he must have meant more than the murder accusation. Amanda’s possible disappearance from Lee’s life spurred him to more action than we knew. He must have been working overtime trying to figure out a way to keep Amanda by his side. He couldn’t financially do it, but he was bound and determined to find a way to help her. It would be interesting to figure out just when Lee worked out this little plan.

    I think that Amanda possibly coming back to the Agency after Byron’s death and the Tucker fiasco was pretty much a no brainer and a foregone conclusion. It’s the raise that’s the issue. She needed it and Lee was probably motivated to make sure she got it or face the possibility of her leaving again at some point.

    I think that Lee and Amanda are still working out the true nature of their friendship and so the “in love” aspect is not yet a factor. I think there are more defining moments yet to come where that become the focus and one that they both ultimately have to deal with and handle. I think at this point they’ve both realized how important they are to one another and how much they want the other one in their lives. But I think that’s as far as they will let themselves go at this stage.

    I think that Amanda and Lee are getting back onto some solid ground as friends after the last couple of episodes and I still think that VM shows more how that partnership has grown and gotten stronger. It’s getting closer as to when I’ll be able to explain why. I guess I could go either way with which would be the season ender. I wasn’t overly fond of the tag in VM, but we’ll get to it. I may see it with different eyes this time around.

    We really were fashion challenged in the 80s. It is so cringe worthy when looking back to that time period. Big hair, big sweaters, horrid jeans…what were we thinking? The Miami Vice trend didn’t help either.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Good Lord! I love BB, but thank goodness he didn’t go for the Miami Vice look. SHUDDER!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Valerie!

      So when Lee told Amanda earlier that he was going to get her out of this, he must have meant more than the murder accusation. Amanda’s possible disappearance from Lee’s life spurred him to more action than we knew.

      Sooo true!!!!! Love this!! But.. his ‘actions’ so far are still quite compartmentalised huh!

      I think you’re on the money with your explanation for why Amanda jumps at getting her job back- before she knew about the raise. and Sooo true what you say about how Lee was

      motivated to make sure she got it or face the possibility of her leaving again at some point.

      When Lee decides to act, he certainly does act decisively 🙂
      Ah! I’ll hold off discussing the order of MBF and VM till we’ve looked at VM Valerie, but I’d like to come back to your thoughts here on this then! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Beautiful tag screen caps (as usual!).
    A couple of random rambling thoughts
    a. Where is the picture of Augie in the paper? Just going by your screen caps (and I’ll look at the DVD later to confirm), when Lee lowers the paper he and Billy were looking at, it was all text, no photo.
    b. Yay! Amanda has her job back. It must have been very stressful to suddenly have no income coming in. Not enough income is way better than none, but I was yelling at the TV — ‘play it cool, Amanda! Hold out for the raise!”, But, maybe it’s better this way — Billy finally does acknowledge that Amanda is very valuable to the team. Byron offering Amanda the way better paying job was a wake up call for Billy as well.
    c. Belted banana is a hard look to pull off. Sorry, Francine, I much preferred your Star Fleet uniform.


    • Yes, I noticed there seemed to be no photo on the newspaper page Lee and Billy were looking at but it’s a small oversight compared with the plot craters in the rest of the episode.
      “Belted banana” ROFL. That get-up always looked to me like a lemon yellow trench coat – what was Francine thinking when she bought that? Maybe if she has to use more of her own money in future to buy these outfits she might not be so experimental with her fashion choices. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m afraid I don’t have very high expectations that the budget cut will tone down Francine’s wardrobe choices. She spent three months’ salary (ie her own money) on the gown she took to Munich, remember? (Times They Are …) The wardrobe budget was certainly enabling, but unless someone stages a more serious intervention, her apparel addiction is likely to continue, IMO.


    • ❗ Alert – Fashion Crimes in Progress ❗ On looking at this scene again I see what I thought was a yellow belted dress is actually a yellow belted jumpsuit. Well, I guess a jumpsuit is a bit more trendy, but still someone call the Fashion Police because I still think we need to make an immediate arrest on this one. Amanda must be given a final warning on the cardigans too. I’ve been revisiting S1 to research Amanda’s house and notice that her cardigans were overall more restrained and trendy then. Amanda sews and has such a busy life I don’t think she has time to knit, so I’m thinking that Dotty and Aunt Lillian are the knitters in the family and therefore responsible for these abominations. I’m issuing an official caution to them too as Accessories to Amanda’s fashion crimes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Melissa Robertson

        ROFL!!! Dotty & Lillian as Accomplices to bad fashion that’s a good one 😉


      • I have a theory about Francine’s experimental fashion choices kiwismh I think they use it to liven up dull scenes full of exposition..that or distract us from plot craters.. at least at this point in the show.. man I wish Francine had needed to go undercover and live in the suburbs – and wear huge cardys 😉

        Haaaa yes do make a fashion arrest kiwismh! I’ve become jaded and been letting too many fashion felonies go! 🙂
        Hey I like the idea that Dotty and Aunt Lillian are to blame for all the fugly cardy’s!!!
        Does this mean when Amanda wears them it is a badge of honour?- showing us how much she loves her family? she is choosing to wear a cardy she knows is ugly because people she loves made them for her?! you know.. like the Hot Mama T-shirt?! 🙂 though granted.. she doesn’t wear that one out of the house – oh what a wasted opportunity.. I would have loved to see that t-shirt pop up again!


        • Melissa Robertson

          Yeah like that T-shirt show up at Lee’s place after their married 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

          • haaa yeah! Actually I was thinking last night Melissa, that I assumed Amanda wears the hot mama t shirt only around the house. I think Lee asks her if she wears this and she says yes. soooo maybe she does wear it to the grocery store 😉


      • Actually, I thought the banana was one of Francine’s better looks. Maybe because I used to love jumpsuits and had a couple of memorable ones with huuuge shoulder pads. hangs heads in disgrace, wanders away to find chocolate covered strawberries


    • Cindy– belted Banana?? I actually thought for Francine the outfit wasn’t too bad!! It’s a lovely colour on her. I think it’s the 80s accessories that tip it over the edge into Fashion arrest territory! 😉 I think I’ve been saturated with bad fashion so much so that I don’t notice them as much now Uh oh!!
      I think same goes with no pic of Augie on the newspaper.. by post 14 I was like – meh! of course there’s no pic!! ;)So I’m glad you pointed it out.. I think I had hit my limit! 🙂
      Play it cool? rofl!!! so true.. Amanda does a terrible job playing it cool haaa!


    • Here ya go Cindy… I couldn’t resist! I’ve gone a little meta!


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