8/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Bryon walks Amanda out to the front of his home, 2.22 MBF.avi_001202369where the limo driver is waiting to take Amanda home. Uh oh.. nice big close up on the limo driver –he’s one of the baddies who was training with Tucker!- Isley is his name. [Great, so the baddies will once again know where Amanda lives!.. argh!]
Byron: now are you sure you don’t mind my limo dropping you off?
Amanda: Oh no I understand you have to work.
They smile at each other.
Then Byron greets the driver
: thank you.
[See! He’s a nice guy! He thanks the little people! Winking smile ]
2.22 MBF.avi_001213380
Byron to Amanda: It was a terrific evening.
Amanda: thank you. I really enjoyed myself.
2.22 MBF.avi_001215382Byron: thank you.

Both smiling at each other.
Amanda: goodnight.
2.22 MBF.avi_001217884
Byron: goodnight.

2.22 MBF.avi_001219486Amanda hops in the car and Byron closes her door for her [gentlemanly thing to do!], and watches her drive off. Another instance of watching someone depart-so many in this episode! What does it mean??
2.22 MBF.avi_001226393
Sooo what do you think of the goodbye? There doesn’t seem to be any awkwardness here to me.. They had a good time.. and there is no move for a kiss or anything – so I guess Byron is honouring what he told Amanda about not pressuring her (Err I mean other than being her boss and asking her to a dinner date on her first day at work ahem!). I’m convinced the writers want us to like Byron and find him to be a good guy.(I think they failed! Winking smile ) I see that Amanda thinks he is a good guy..

Anyway, moving on! Back in Byron’s love trap Winking smile
The fire still roaring, and Byron finds Tucker his partner and a goon, Walters,  inside waiting for him. 2.22 MBF.avi_0012374042.22 MBF.avi_001241408Byron seems surprised by not scared.. would you say?  2.22 MBF.avi_001240407ewww Joe King errr I mean Tucker caresses and smells 2.22 MBF.avi_001248415Amanda’s serviette.. eww ewww it is sooo weird to hear him talk about how attractive ‘Mrs King’ is-  plain bizarre- well he ought to know he did marry her! He even calls her by his 2.22 MBF.avi_001249416future character’s name Mrs King.. ugh.. I always hate to watch this scene.. eww!
2.22 MBF.avi_001257424This Tucker guy asks for the access codes to the Nabuti safe house.. Byron refuses and starts to give Tucker a lecture on security and how ‘just because 2.22 MBF.avi_001261428Tucker bankrolled his company Tucker, that doesn’t give you the right to’– Byron’s rant is cut off, as 2.22 MBF.avi_001267434Tucker grabs the steak knife using the serviette he was holding and stabs Byron-2.22 MBF.avi_001268435twice.. Byron really didn’t seem to see this coming. Not even in the last second 2.22 MBF.avi_001271438before he was stabbed. Seems Tucker never really thought Byron would give him the code.. Byron slumps dead to the ground.
2.22 MBF.avi_001288455So awful!!! Rather violent for smk too wouldn’t you say? Tucker gloats that they can blow the safe, everyone will think the security code has been compromised and then Tucker can install a new system. booooo!! Only- Amanda knows there are no codes in the safe!!!

What would have been Tucker’s plan if Byron hadn’t invited Amanda to dinner?? and he hadn’t been able to set her up so easily?? who knows.. Poor Byron, he didn’t deserve this.. I guess this is the Murder Between Friends part of the episode! Winking smile  

On to Amanda’s the next day.. (so guess this is Sunday?) Dotty is calling out to the kids that it’s time to go. Amanda is in the kitchen baking loaves of bread – ugh.. is there anything Amanda can’t do?!
2.22 MBF.avi_001299466
When did she have time to do that?!! and I thought Dotty put bread on the shopping list in the first scene? Oh well.. I guess baking your own is more economical? Looks like the boys have their baseball gloves on.
Amanda: Okay, be sure you got everything now. When you get ground balls, what are you gonna do?
Dotty and the boys gather their things…
Dotty: we’re going to-
Amanda: get down on one knee and-
Together: Scoop them up!!!

2.22 MBF.avi_001306006
Amanda smells the bread: Thataway! Have a good time.
Dotty waves.. the boys Leave.
Dotty: Wish me luck.
Dotty heads to the front door. The boys call out goodbye. Crazy chaos..everyone saying bye at the same time!!! [Hey, more goodbyes.. interesting!]
2.22 MBF.avi_001314481
Amanda calls out:
Good luck!! Phillip you didn’t wear your jacket!
Jamie joins in:
-didn’t wear his jacket!
I know I know Jamie. Phillip, come here! Okay come on put this on…
Amanda hurries to the three of them at the front door and helps Phillip put on his jacket.
Amanda kisses them all goodbye.
Amanda: goodbye. Have fun. Goodbye Mother.
Dotty: Goodbye sweetheart
  [wow.. two sets of goodbyes! so many goodbyes in this episode!]
Amanda: by byeeeee have fun now!

Amanda closes the front door and heads back into the kitchen to check on her bread in the oven and smell it some more. The doorbell rings.
2.22 MBF.avi_001334501

Amanda opens the front door, Standing there is the police.
Amanda: Hello!
2.22 MBF.avi_001346513
Detective: Amanda King?
Amanda: yes.
Detective: I’m detective Barr…

(He shows Amanda his police Badge) …you’re under arrest for the murder of Byron Jordan…
2.22 MBF.avi_001355522
(He pulls out the miranda rights [Thanks DMW and KC for checking my transcript on this!!] and begins to read as the uniformed policeman cuffs Amanda)  …You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right…
2.22 MBF.avi_001358525
…anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law….
2.22 MBF.avi_001360994
You have a right to speak to an attorney…
2.22 MBF.avi_001361661

The scene ends with once again, Amanda wishing she’d never answered the door..she’s either getting kidnapped, held at gunpoint or arrested for murder these days! LOL!
2.22 MBF.avi_001364998
Love the expression on Amanda’s face here as it fades to a commercial!
2.22 MBF.avi_001365131

I just love how the police don’t ask any questions of Amanda at all!!! They don’t even tell her Byron Jordan has been murdered – they just say she is under arrest for it! Nor do they ask her what she did the night before. not a single question!!! Lame!!! LOL I guess it is all for dramatic effect huh.. My goodness.. talk about the first day on the job from hell!
My goodness.. a good thing falsely accused Amanda knows Jessica Fletcher errr I mean Lee Stetson!  Considering Amanda thought Byron was a good guy – this is quite an awful way to find out he was murdered after you left his place the night before! It is never easy to find out someone you know is dead. Much less you were the last person to se him alive (besides the killers) and you thought he was cute and maybe a future relationship! Not to mention… her boss! eek!!

On to Jordan security…love the dramatic scary music going on haaaaa.. The stakes are high now!!! Interesting to note the script has the next scene as Amanda in jail and Lee coming to get her – then this next scene.. Meh! I think Lee should have gone straight to Amanda! Oh well.. I’ll go with what we got.. Some will love what we got here: a close up of Lee’s hands! Smile
2.22 MBF.avi_001375542
2.22 MBF.avi_001381548
[I see Lee has changed from his action watch back to his usual watch! Winking smile ]
Lee is standing at Byron’s desk looking at blueprints when Tucker enters. Surprised to see Lee.
Tucker, indignantly declares:
Well, Make yourself at home!
2.22 MBF.avi_001387554This is sooo funny!!!!! Remember I thought Byron’s office was the same set as Lee’s apartment!!! haaa!! – This is Lee’s home!!   I’m not going to hunt down pics for that now though sorry, I’ll keep on with this story. Tucker slams the door closed.
[Hey! don’t slam Lee’s door! Winking smile ]
Tucker:  I swear you guys carry on like nothing’s happened.
Lee: well we don’t have too much time. Nabuti is arriving in two days.

2.22 MBF.avi_001395562
So today Sunday. got it.. I think.. It feels like Lee is putting the case before Amanda because he is here first.. but.. I guess if he can solve the Nabuti problem then that also may can help Amanda.. In a way, he is already setting about helping Amanda I guess!Smile
Tucker: You know, Jordan really liked that friend of yours, Amanda?
2.22 MBF.avi_001398565Lee: Yeah.

2.22 MBF.avi_001400667
[So… does this mean Lee saw that Byron ‘liked’ Amanda? anyone?? or maybe this is after Lee has heard about the murder, so he would already know about the candlelit dinner..Interesting that Lee is so ‘minimalist’ in his response here! though it looks like Lee responds putting his hands on his hips! – saying watch yourself Pal?!!!]
Tucker: Always did have a soft spot for women. This one got him.
2.22 MBF.avi_001406573
Lee: Now, you just hold on!!! Amanda King did not kill Byron Jordan. The case is too thin. It won’t wash.
2.22 MBF.avi_001410577
Tucker: what are you talking about? I thought her prints were all over the murder weapon!
[I use to think well derrr the chauffeur saw Amanda say goodbye to an alive Byron, and he drove her to her house! but then I realised the Chauffeur is a baddie- which makes it even more confusing, because if the Chauffeur lies and Lee and Amanda find this out- this would lead them to suspect it’s an inside job no? I mean surely the police would be looking at how Amanda got to and from this dinner of hers – if she was suppose to have left with blood all over her? I can’t remember if the chauffeur plays into this later – I’ll stay tuned on that one!]

Lee: yeah they were, but I know Amanda. She couldn’t kill Anybody.
2.22 MBF.avi_001416583
whoooo watch Lee’s cheek here as he looks down at the desk to get control of his tempter – BJo will love this: Lee’s cheek muscle is flexing away!!
2.22 MBF.avi_001421588
Tucker: Yeah well, we’ll let the police decide I guess….[you made a mistake there mister!! Lee knows Amanda 2.22 MBF.avi_001418585better than you think!] …
I’m sorry. This whole thing’s got me a little bit rattled.
Lee: Yeah, but I’d say we 2.22 MBF.avi_001422589have bigger problems.

Lee looks down at the blueprint.
I’ll finish up here for the moment..and pick up right where we left off..

As always – I would love to hear your thoughts! feel free to share your questions, your theories.. gripes or fave moments! byee for now!

37 responses to “8/14 Season Two, Episode 22: Murder Between Friends-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. First of all let me say I am totally with BJO on Lee’s cheek muscles flexing. When he does that to control his temper it is the sexiest thing ever. Even more so when he does it with Amanda. I could melt to the floor, it is sexier than Lee in a tux. Well, now that we got the important stuff out of the way I suppose I should comment on the content of the scene.

    I always assumed we didn’t see go right to Amanda in jail because he couldn’t just mosey down there and get her out. He probably had to make some calls, get it arranged and went about business well he waited for those arrangements to be made. C’mon guys Lee is not the type of man to sit on his hands while he waits.

    And in my mind Lee did know Byron liked Amanda, but don’t know if Lee knew about the candlelight dinner yet. Probably did. I am sure he found out the details of the case. Just musing to myself now, I think I will stop.


  2. I think this is a lovely goodbye. Jordan has proved to me that he is a nice guy, meant what he said about no pressure even though he clearly seems to be a little bit smitten by her. He seems to really think she is a lovely woman. I believe Amanda was being sincere (but not that kind of sincere 😉 ) when she said she really enjoyed herself. Having said all that, I just think it could make for a really awkward working environment for Amanda if there is nothing from there. It might also be a bit awkward for Byron, but let’s face it, he’s the boss, so it would be way worse for Amanda.

    Byron’s love trap 😆 What would you call Lee’s place? Lee’s lair?

    I hear ya on the Joe stuff, but I laugh every time he says, “She doesn’t eat very much.” ROFL!!! To me that seems like it could have been a really good ad lib by an actor with a history with KJ, but I’m guessing it’s probably in the script. But stil – 😆

    Well Joe, I mean Tucker, is certainly a man of opportunity – who knows what his plan was – but he did take advantage of Amanda being there for a late candlelit dinner. He probably would have made it look like a plain old break-in/robbery/homicide. His mistake was involving Amanda – he should have known. 😉

    Baking bread is more economical than buying your own – at least I think it was back then. I remember my parents went through a bread baking phase sometime in the early 80’s. I hated it. I just wanted them to buy the cheap, Wonder brand-type stuff, but they didn’t consider it “healthy” enough. Fortunately this phase didn’t last long and my PB&J’s went back to normal in no time.

    I wonder if it runs through Amanda’s head here that this is another Agency screw-up somehow and that they didn’t think she had a need to know…LOL…sort of like Sylvia Sampson using her ID on YODT. This ‘you didn’t have a need to know’ business is getting old IMO.

    Nice hands shot, iwsod!! I may have to pilfer that for stats when I get there!!

    I am not troubled at all by Lee not going to Amanda first. He’s got a very important job to do and only two days to do it in, Amanda no longer works for the Agency, and she’s got to go through the criminal justice system’s process and Lee would not be able to see her during that. And while he may have hesitated a bit at first, I’m sure Billy would have reminded him that Lee had to know where his loyalties lie or what his priorities had to be. Plus, he knows there’s no way Amanda is guilty and he’s not in love with her yet and heck, maybe he’s a tiny bit glad she’s locked up and out of harm’s way for once 😆

    I would think at this point that Lee already does know the particulars of the crime scene. We learn in YODT that the Agency gets the police reports from the night before. I’m guessing Tucker/Isley called in to report the crime and maybe gave a witness statement to the police about Jordan and Amanda having dinner together – nice. We all know what a late candlelit dinner at Lee’s lair would mean, so I’m assuming that he has an idea that Byron was most definitely interested in Amanda. He also knows Amanda, however, and wouldn’t figure her the type to fall into bed with Jordan or do anything out of character, so I doubt he would feel threatened by a now dead guy.

    Cheeky Lee!!! Another cap I might just have to ‘borrow’ in the future 😉 Thanks, iwsod!


    • Hi BJo! I liked what you said about Byron proving he actually was a good guy with his goodbye to Amanda. Very true. I find with this walk through, while I don’t like how fast he is with Amanda, I am not reacting as strongly as I have in the past – and I too find that I can believe he was actually a good man, and his murder – by his trusted friend is simply awful. Of all the final thoughts to be floating through your head as you sink to the floor.. just awful.. ugh..

      Lee’s lair? tee hee.. Hmm.. Love shack? 😉

      Oh good to hear you like Joe- I’ll be looking forward to hearing your insights on him when we get to wrong way home.. my memories of him are rather fuzzy.. and we’ve pretty much heard zippo about him up till now..

      BJo wrote:

      His mistake was involving Amanda – he should have known. 😉

      I love that!! soooo true!!!! If he knew that was how Lee shows he cares for Amanda? He never would have gone near her! haaa..

      Pilfer away BJo- glad you enjoyed it!

      Oh I’ve gotten my head around Lee not going to Amanda , everyone’s thoughts on it have made sense.. I did find it curious though that they swapped the order of the scenes in the script.

      haa glad you enjoyed ‘cheeky Lee!’ 🙂

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  3. ROFL!! Love the comments about the sweater,& bread! You all realize that Dotty was out with the boys, so if Amanda called Lee to tell him what happened, you know, in her Amandaramble, she could have asked him to go check the oven, turning it off, & locking up her house,right? And, hey, as a bonus, go ahead & buy a Wizard Whammer, in case she doesn’t get a raise-LOL-just having a blast with this!!


    • Thanks for closing that plot hole, Molly! I can now rest easier. 🙂


    • hi guys! Based on the next conversation we see between Lee and Amanda- Which I am about to publish- I was thinking they hadn’t talked. To me it didn’t sound like they had spoken already. Lee knows she’s been charged with murder before he actually speaks to Amanda (IMHO) – and will need a criminal lawyer and it’s unlikely Amanda will know of one (this is mentioned in the script this detail- in the episode they left it out) so I think that is why he organised the lawyer before talking to her – plus I figured Lee was in Fixit mode.revelling in it and the writers wanted that.

      So while I love all these explanations I see it differently – and I’ve put it down to the writers struggling a bit with making their pieces work! But don’t mind me! 🙂

      Oh and Thanks for the info Valerie!!

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  4. I assume that after her arrest Amanda was allowed the requisite 1 phone call that we hear about in all these US shows. Who ya gonna call, Amanda? Who’s Amanda’s *go-to guy in a crisis?*
    So, Amanda calls Lee, fills him in, tells him she didn’t do it, and that she’s okay for now. We know Lee’s been filled in somehow as during this conversation with notJoe Lee indicates that he already has some knowledge of the case against Amanda and that it is pretty flimsy.
    Lee has contacts within the Police force, he would organise for her to be released into his custody when they have finished questioning her. I don’t think he would be allowed in to hold her hand while they are questioning her, so there is no point in him going down there until they are ready to release her. They couldn’t exactly remand her in custody on purely circumstantial evidence and with no prior criminal record.
    And I’ll make one final assumption that she was given the opportunity to have her lawyer present during questioning. (Okay, that would make 2 calls – one to Lee, one to the lawyer – but presume the call to the lawyer isn’t counted as your 1 phone call? Anyone know how this works in the US? PS. You don’t have to tell us if you’ve been arrested, we’ll just assume you worked for the Police ;-))

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    • I have never been arrested, however I did spend a short time in Law School. Some aspects of the arrest procedure vary by jurisdiction or state. In some places you are only allowed to make one phone call and that would be to a lawyer. Other places will allow more than one or several. I’m not even sure if it depends on the circumstances. I would think that Amanda wouldn’t want to upset her mother and probably called Lee immediately because she knew he would take care of everything.

      If someone doesn’t have a lawyer one would be provided for them. And someone can be held for a short amount of time for questioning based on probable cause and the suspect can request to have a lawyer present during questioning. Each state has their own set of procedures regarding some aspects of due process, while some things are federally mandated. Okay, enough of that. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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      • Thanks Valerie. It helps if we can come up with some plausible reason why Lee isn’t racing to the rescue straight away. I did some basic law papers too but not criminal law, mainly civil stuff like contract law, torts, land law, etc.


        • Yes, thanks, Valerie. It is possible, as you say, Kiwismh, that he was simply waiting until he could see her. No sense wasting time when he could be working. Lee doesn’t quite know how to handle these emotions concerning Amanda’s well-being, so he channels them into work. (We see this more clearly in a much later episode.) Tucker bringing them back up makes him pause for a moment to get them back under control before he completes this conversation.

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      • And Re: the police not asking Amanda any questions, anything she says before being read her rights is invalid as evidence and if they don’t do the Miranda thing before questioning her it can really muck up the whole trial.


  5. Ah, yes–Amanda doesn’t have to train Byron to thank/pay attention to the “little people”… he does it already! And yes, I do give Byron some credit for not making a move on Amanda when he sees her to the limo… 🙂

    Love the crickets chirping for the night-time setting!!!

    Byron’s stabbing is a more violent/gruesome end for a character than normally seen on SMK. I dunno, maybe ‘cos he’s a goodie and not a baddie??? shrug (But I do love the flying lettuce beforehand, when Tucker slams his hand down on the knife/plate–maybe they figured that helped to offset the stabbing?)

    Maybe Dotty and Amandat got white bread at the store? It looks like Amanda’s loaves are brown bread… 😉

    Yeah–I love the look on Amanda’s face before the commercial break. “Seriously?!?!? Again!!?!! I don’t even work at the Agency any more–how can this stuff still be happening??!??”

    I don’t know what Lee was thinking by going to Byron’s office before saving Amanda–maybe he thought he could find some clues there that the cops missed? But I love the juxtaposition of the blueprints and the jellybeans in the closeup shot. 😎

    Is it just me, or does Tucker look really reptilian with his blinking when he’s talking about Amanda, and Byron having a soft spot for women? I half expect him to flick out a snake tongue any minute… 😛

    “what are you talking about? I thought her prints were all over the murder weapon!”
    Well, they were… until you smudged the heck out of them with the napkin when you viciously stabbed Byron TWICE! shakes head Sorry… my bad… must stop thinking of practicalities. 😛


    • rofl! I heard those crickets and thought of you KC! but.. no parrots! rofl!! 😉

      Yeah how he stabbed him without smudging the prints is magical! 🙂 There’s a lot wrong with the idea of framing Amanda.. sooo I’m just trying to go with it!

      ROFL KC! I love your description of Byron’s murder!! Flying Lettuce??!!! too funny!! I did see that it went flying in Tucker’s haste – but ‘flying lettuce’ that is such a funny way of putting it! Hmm maybe from now on if there is violence on smk we could ask if it is a gruesome flying lettuce moment?!! whahaha..


  6. So why doesn’t Lee run off to help Amanda the damsel in distress? I think he is convinced of her innocence, and maybe he is suspecting an inside job, so he knows that he needs to work on the case and he can find something to help her case. But I also think he is in old Lee work mode. He is going to go get her out. He says, “we have bigger problems” talking about the case. I do think he didn’t like hearing that Jordan really like his friend Amanda. I think that pulled Lee a little out of his work focus. He does know Amanda better and I don’t think he is worried about her being in lots of trouble, but I kind of think he doesn’t mind letting her sit a bit. not for punishment for going on a date with Jordan. I just think he is trying to keep his priorities where he thinks they should be. Maybe this is one of the reasons why I think he wouldn’t have made an effort to really keep their relationship where it was while she was at the Agency.


  7. I’m with you on how dumb it is for the police to simply arrest Amanda without even asking her about what happened the night before. They couldn’t possibly have enough evidence to get an arrest warrant at this stage. It would be more realistic if they’d taken her in for questioning instead of just jumping in and arresting her.


  8. Good that we get to see the Amanda/Byron relationship back on a more realistic footing, albeit briefly before his untimely demise. Who knows what might have happened if he hadn’t been murdered. I see the potential for a relationship down the track but ultimately it would all depend on Amanda. Byron was an okay middle ground between OhSoBoringJoe and OhSoExcitingLee, but as we learn in the future, for Amanda “okay” is not enough. Wandering off down the path of pure conjecture here, I think Amanda and Lee would have continued to gravitate towards one another over time even if they weren’t working together. Amanda would realise eventually that Byron was “okay” but that wouldn’t excite her, he wouldn’t challenge her in the way that Lee does, and that type of challenge is healthy for Amanda. Similarly Lee needs her in ways that Byron doesn’t. Byron is apparently the perfect guy, well adjusted, intelligent, excellent businessman, kind, compassionate, no skeletons in the closet, no childhood traumas, no neuroses, in fact not even any small but annoying traits apart from being a bit pushy on the relationship front and needing a good haircut. There’s really nothing for Amanda to work with, is there? He’s perfect already… yawn.
    On Amanda being arrested – I am sure they would have taken her in for questioning rather than just slapping the cuffs on her, but in a 46 minute show it moves the plot along I suppose.
    I assumed Lee didn’t go to her immediately as there was some “due process” happening at the Police Station in the way of questioning, fingerprinting, etc. No point charging down there if he can’t get to see her. It would be good to have a body (no pun intended) of fan fiction that took these plots and reworked them somewhat more realistically – although some episodes would be a major challenge to make realistic.


  9. Oh my the detective seems a little too eager to be reading her rights…..how rude not to give her the courtesy of telling her what she’s been handcuffed for first!
    That cardi is a crime against clothing however, perhaps that’s what she’s being arrested for 😉
    Poor Byron….was he not wondering why his wealthy partner was sniffing the tableware. That is just a leeeeeetle bit creepy.
    It’s interesting if Lee does put his arms on his hips it’s a territorial gesture, including one of dominance. Amanda is his territory and he’s putting across his authority about her innocence very clearly. He may not have rushed to her side immediately but he’s sticking up for her good name 😀


    • Whahahaa love this Jenbo! they are very quick to slap on the cuffs! 😉 yes.. that’s it!! Must be the fugly cardy! 🙂 good one!!

      Okay heading out now.. byee everyone!


  10. The jar of jellybeans on the desk — didn’t Ronald Reagan keep jellybeans on his White House desk?

    If this is Lee’s apartment, what happened to the closet inside the front door, the one he searches in for the ice bucket? Guess they turned that into Tucker’s office. Amanda gets the office with the view, Tucker gets the former closet. Maybe that’s why he’s unhappy and turned to a life of crime.

    The arrest scene always stresses me out. Did they just put the cuffs on Amanda and lead her out to the police car?? WHAT ABOUT THE BREAD IN THE OVEN?!? Did they let her go back to take it out? Did she even remember it in the shock of hearing about Byron? Did Dotty come home to burning bread and a missing Amanda? No wonder she was worried.


    • Hah! That was my first thought, the bread will burn! Ohhh noooo! And yes, Jenbo, arresting Amanda for that freakingly awful cardigan is reasonable. Murder, schmurder, the fashion police are making an arrest!


    • Yes haaaa the bread in the oven was funny!
      I think Dotty would have come home to a burning house. rofl! still at least they could sue the police! 🙂


      • Too bad spiderweb was before this — she could blame the insurance money payout because of the fire that resulted when she was wrongfully arrested and her bread burst into flames. 🙂


  11. I mostly try to avoid thinking about Tucker and the baddie role in this episode. I am probably in the minority regarding my feelings about Joe King, but I’ll reserve that discussion until we get there. I always wondered why Lee didn’t go see Amanda first, but I like all it all plays out eventually. I love how he defends Amanda and gets upset that Tucker could think she she would kill anybody. Lee has his strength of conviction as to what kind of person he thinks Amanda is. He is as staunchly in her corner as he was in Spiderweb. I love how he says that he knows Amanda and it comes up again later on.

    I think Lee’s “yeah” is almost a dare for Tucker to make some unkind assertion about Amanda and I think Tucker realizes that Lee is not someone to trifle with at this moment regarding Amanda as he seems to back off. He also knows that at some point he may need Lee and the Agency to further his plans so it’s best not to aggravate him too much. He doesn’t want to tip his hand too much.

    Now, kgmohror, you know if Bring ‘Em Back Alive went on forever, we wouldn’t have our awesome Lee Stetson to swoon over. I don’t see anyone else in that role other than BB.


    • Now, kgmohror, you know if Bring ‘Em Back Alive went on forever, we wouldn’t have our awesome Lee Stetson to swoon over. I don’t see anyone else in that role other than BB.<<

      What, not even David Soul?


    • I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts on Joe Valerie! When we get to Wrong Way home would be fab.. but if you guys want to discuss Joe now more fully you can always start at thread at Nedlindger’s and discuss the character there 🙂

      Yes one good thing about Lee not going to the police station first is- we see Lee believes her and is championing for her – before he has even heard her say she didn’t do it.. that is a beautiful thing! Maybe that’s what the writers were going for..?

      Oh yeah! so true Valerie.. Hooray that BEBA ended! We have Lee Stetson!! 🙂


      • Well, of course I prefer Lee to Frank Buck, though BB did take his shirt off a LOT more often as the big game hunter. We got a scant few scenes of gratuitous beefcake with Lee in Season 1, and after that Mr. Stetson was pretty much buttoned up to the neck. Wonder if BB put his foot down?


    • I have a feeling that I might be in that Joe King minority with you, Valerie. I have always had a soft spot for Joe. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it. (I’m assuming you like Joe to some degree since most people seem to really not like him.)


      • (I don’t mind Joe or hate him either. WWH was such a powerful episode for me as a teen, it didn’t have the usual “let’s split up the supercouple by an awkward contrived plot device” that most other shows fall prey to. I usually avoid fan fiction with Joe in it because I hate what the authors do with his character.)


  12. Gotta go to work but just a quick Baddie comment before I dash. Love notJoe’s line about Amanda not eating much – this little bit of dialog between notJoe and Byron is a real gem of acting and writing.
    NotJoe is on my short-list of S2 baddies – as you know I’m a fan of a little more gritty reality in SMK and this murder scene does send the cold shivers down the spine. Edgy stuff for 80’s prime time in the US I’m sure.
    NotJoe loses baddie points for being so easily and embarrassingly dispatched at the end, but we will get to that later on.
    In a way NotJoe is a lot more interesting character than RealJoe, who’s just bland and boring really.
    Gotta go. Back later.


  13. Yeah, the murder of Byron is kind of on a par with that poor German fraulein (but I liked her better than him). At least Amanda doesn’t look too broken up about her boss kicking the bucket – I suppose she’s in shock. Hope she didn’t already buy that Wizard Whammer; I’m afraid her career at this company is going nowhere fast.

    It irked me, too, that Lee didn’t rush immediately to Amanda when he heard she’d been arrested. Could it be because he found out she’d had a “romantic” dinner with him? Might he be subconsciously punishing Amanda for hurting him by letting her cool her heels in jail while he attends to the Nabuti matter? Or maybe he’s REALLY looking for something that will clear Amanda, trying to get to it before whoever is framing her does, and just pretends he’s working the Nabuti thing.

    Meaningless aside: “Nabuti” reminds me of a hysterical moment in one of those “Bring ‘Em Back Alive” vids I’ve been watching on YT. After vanquishing an evil kung-fu guy, Frank Buck (BB) looks at him with contempt and sneers, “You’re not Bushito. You’re just BUSH.” Bwahahaha. Between lines like that and the snug-fitting jodhpurs, that show should have run forever.


    • Bring ‘Em Back Alive is when I had my first introduction to BB, I’ve watched the YouTube vids but I’d love to see the series again 🙂


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