2/14 Season Three, Episode 05: Welcome to America Mr Brand- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order- Episode 01)

On to the Bennington Club!
Lee and Amanda are walking down the hallway toward the dining room on their way to meet ‘the accountant’. I guess Lee has given Amanda a ride huh..  looks like he has in more ways than one Winking smile– Lee stops super excited Amanda to explain what will really be happening. He won’t be heading in with her.
Lee!! The Bennington Club!!!
…Now, the agency is gonna pick up the cheque right?

WTAMB.avi_000283883WTAMB.avi_000284884Amanda doesn’t let Lee answer quickly adding: Oh never mind it doesn’t make any difference because he’s English and he’ll probably offer to pick it up anyway.
WTAMB.avi_000287387[LOL I think Amanda was spoiled by Lord Bromfield.. what a sweetie he was!]
ha yeah.. Listen Amanda..
WTAMB.avi_000290390Amanda: Yeah.
WTAMB.avi_000290890WTAMB.avi_000292392Lee: Umm.. this isn’t going
WTAMB.avi_000294894to be… exactly how I WTAMB.avi_000295895described it. Ok? this guy is a little ahhhh …
[At this we cut to Amanda letting out a huge seething breath- IMHO trying to control her temper]
… errr ahh.. I’m sure he’s a gentleman though.
Amanda: Lee, you promised no more grabbers.
WTAMB.avi_000302902Lee: Noooooo no no no…
[love how gentle he sounds here]
WTAMB.avi_000303903this guy is.. is not a grabber believe me! 
WTAMB.avi_000304904WTAMB.avi_000305905 …He’s much better than that!…
[Whoa! watch Lee scramble. He gives Amanda a smile as a convincer.. meh.. she doesn’t buy that anymore!]
Lee adds: …Much!
(smile planted firmly in place): What is he exactly?
WTAMB.avi_000311411Lee: He’s an accountant.
[Lee tries to sound light. LOL!]
Amanda: Oh. [Amanda is soooo not happy!]
Lee: Ah in pensions!
WTAMB.avi_000314414WTAMB.avi_000315415 Amanda: Ohhhh!! ho hoo!!…
… That’s really very exciting!
[Amanda is exaggerating to prove her point here me thinks..see my thoughts at the end. ]
Lee: Ohhh!! (as in yeah!!!)
WTAMB.avi_000319419Amanda says through gritted teeth: ha haa.. You owe me for this one Stetson. 
WTAMB.avi_000320653She then walks off and leaves him.
WTAMB.avi_000320920Gooooo Amanda! I am so glad she didn’t just let him get away with this!!!! suffer Lee!!
As Lee watches her walk away his smile disappears..
He pauses a moment..
He lets out a bit of a chuckle, turns.. and I think I can just make out he is smiling there.. do you think?
and Lee walks off  – like a man with a purpose. WTAMB.avi_000326926
I think he’s already mentally moved on to his assignment with the Clayton-Dobbs guy.. but just you wait Lee Stetson!  He’s thinking the accountant is sorted, Amanda is out of his hair.. she’s stuck with a boring accountant.. she can’t get into trouble- well- She’ll show you!! Winking smile I’ll stop here before we head into the dining room with Amanda to meet ‘the accountant’.

Iwsod’s comments:
Lee: ahh.. this isn’t going to be exactly how I described it. Ok?
Uh oh!! I thought Lee had moved beyond this tactic! But no.. Lee has gone and told Amanda one thing to get her to come and then only once she is there does he fill her in on what the true assignment is.
This really bugs me!!!! I also think that it really bugs Amanda. She deserves better than this, I really don’t find this fair at all.
It is implied from what Amanda says that Lee told her that the assignment would be exciting, and I am wondering if she knew Lee wasn’t joining her on this one?? Lee not being honest with Amanda about the assignment causes her to doubt whether he is breaking his promise of no more grabbers. I can’t blame her. When he tells her lies to trick her, how can she trust him?! Bad idea Lee.. and I think this actually sets up the simmering conflict between Lee and Amanda in this episode.. they are still friendly and friends, but there is an underlying tension to many of their interactions in this episode – starting here.

– Tell me what you think..
but I think if Lee had told her the assignment was to play tour guide for an accountant from MI6, she would not have been excited by it, but she would have happily done what the agency asked of her – because she is a trooper, a professional! this tactic of Lee’s to not be direct with Amanda hints that Lee underestimates her here.. IMHO. When will Lee learn huh?? seems.. he still has a way to go Winking smile 

– What do you make of Amanda in this scene?
I think she is so excited.. and then she goes and gets her bubble burst by Lee – Lee lying to her, and tricking her into this assignment.

-Do you think Amanda cared that it was an accountant and didn’t like that??
She seems to react to it when Lee tells her.. but- I think this is her reacting to the fact that the assignment is not what he had told her it would be.

Accountant doesn’t automatically scream exciting.. but then Amanda is an open and accepting person and would not hold it against this guy that he has the title ‘accountant’ – unlike Lee and Billy.. ahem.. But we’ll get to all that!

-What Lee expects to happen..
I think Lee is expecting Amanda will find the accountant a bore (he still has no name.. which in itself says something.. ) and she’ll stay out of trouble.. but.. Lee is in for a rude shock here and this is all going to backfire on him deliciously!!!! Smile
Lee seems satisfied with himself as he walks off..what do you think?  phew.. he got away with that one – better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission huh Lee??!!! I love that this backfires on him in the long run… I hope it’s the last time he tries on this lying to Amanda about assignments. I really don’t like it.

– Episode Title & James Bond!
The name of this episode is interesting.. anyone got any theories on what it is referring to?? I am guessing it is a James Bond reference. It doesn’t refer to a James Bond title directly. But “Welcome to Japan, Mr Bond’” – is a well known line said by Japanese agent Tanaka, who JB works with in Japan in the Bond film titled:  You Only Live Twice!! [I keep going to call it You only die Twice! Winking smile ] it was also the name of a TV movie made to promote the upcoming release of the  same movie. [which btw is on YouTube] 

Does anyone know about this stuff?? – I am guessing that there is some kind of copyright limit on how many direct references to the James Bond character a piece of TV/film can use – maybe they can have one direct reference and not have to buy any rights.. but more than one, they may need to pay $$$. This is just a guess.. but it seems as we go through this episode there are stacks of references to James Bond, but only one of them is a direct reference.. it’s going to be fun trying to find them all Winking smile feel free to speak up if you see any!!!
So here ya go.. my first ‘JB spotting’!: the title of the episode..

-What are we making of Amanda’s outfit? I’m liking it!! does she wear it again? I have no idea.. I hope so.. I like the waist band on it.  LOL I wonder if I would have liked it as much if she still had the hair don’t.. but still.. huge cardy’s are gone! ear buttons gone!! Hooray!! BTW- I also notice the large mother handbag (that can fit everything in it) has been updated- nice!!

Okay a short and sweet scene today.. but plenty going on between Lee and Amanda here no? Really looking forward to discussing this with you all!! [as always!] byee for now.

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  1. lielalreadysomeone

    In re-watching this one, I just noticed that the flags outside the Bennington Club are at half-mast. I wonder why… when was that stock footage shot? What had happened to necessitate the flags being hung half-staff?

    On a more SMK-focused front… I also like the waistband on Amanda’s outfit and the smaller purse. As for her hair… it does look awfully flat, but is that because I’ve just watched the ‘hair-don’t’ episodes and so this is a startling contrast? LOL! It’s definitely flatter than what I’d call her “usual” fluffiness. But I’d WAY rather have this than the ‘don’t’ !!

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    • In re-watching this one, I just noticed that the flags outside the Bennington Club are at half-mast. I wonder why… when was that stock footage shot? What had happened to necessitate the flags being hung half-staff?

      The episode aired in October 1985. I guess it could have been filmed during the summer?? In June 1985, TWA flight 847 was hijacked and a US Navy officer was killed. Maybe that was for the officer? That’s the only incident I could find.


  2. I actually like that in the bullpen with Billy in the previous scene, Lee seems to express concern, maybe even looking out a bit for how Amanda will feel with the assignment when he talks to Billy about the “octopus” – and that it is her exact first reaction in this scene what her assignment actually is! I think it emphasizes how well he knows her!!

    Also, here this building is used as “The Bennington Club”, and I believe it is also used in ALLA as Alan’s hotel and again used in season 4(no spoiler but it’s in DYTTS?) – maybe more. Anyone keep track of recycled buildings (like the Cumberland or that building the football players stayed in in Sudden Death that transports itself across the Atlantic for one of the European episodes (I think)?)

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  3. Taking a break from work with a random blog post.. ahhhh smk oh how I’ve missed you!

    Aha! The random post is WTAMB! I did love this episode.. I was surprised how much I enjoyed walking through this one. Hard to believe it was more than 2 years ago???!!!!! Ohhh Myyyy Gosh!!!

    This is a bit weird! This is one of those episodes where I didn’t share my thoughts till the end of the post! I find it a little disconcerting and not what I’m use to. Hmm maybe one day I’ll revisit these and edit them back into the old format! Bye!

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  5. Okay, am I the only one that thinks Lee’s smile as he leaves is a sign he’s hoping the “you owe me” part will be a chance for them to spend time together outside of the office?

    I see Amanda as being excited about escorting the Englishman, and Lee as mostly just listening on the way to the Bennington Club and making the occasional comment. I see Lee as enjoying her excitement (as he does more frequently now), but finally having to tell her the whole story when they arrive. She has come to expect bad news when he does this type thing, so assures him that he owes her. He’s enjoying their new closeness, so her “owing him” intrigues him a bit, and he can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

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    • No, you’re definitely not the only one thinking that, debilyn! I think that’s why I never read that smirk as a “I managed to talk her into doing it” response, so reminiscent of the old days. I always saw it as a secret enjoyment of their banter, an appreciation for her, and yes, a certain pleasure in anticipating some time down the road when Amanda seeks payback. (That sounds more suggestive than it’s meant to be. That is meant to be read as a strictly “G” comment!)

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      • I agree! I think Lee is really enjoying this side of Amanda, the one that doesn’t take crap from anyone but will still do whatever she needs to to get the job done. Not that it didn’t exist before (one of my favourite screen caps is from the end of Magic Bus, where she’s definitely giving as good as she gets!), but we see way more often now how assertive Amanda can be.
        And I’m definitely seeing personal undertones too, raffie5!

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  6. Is it just me or does Amanda look like she just got out of bed? Her hair looks unusually flat. I’m not digging this outfit of hers.

    I totally agree with you, iwsod, Lee is a bit of a naughty boy here. He sugar coats this assignment with Amanda to make it sound good and then gives her the real scoop when he knows it’s too late for Amanda to find a way to back out of it and stick him with the accountant. Not nice, Lee! Amanda deserves better – you stinker! Despite all of Amanda’s professional growth, he still just can’t let go of the fact that she’s “just a housewife” who gets lucky and makes good guesses.

    That being said, I don’t think he’s trying to be mean here, I think this type of behavior is par for the course when it comes to the newer, less trained employee getting the crap jobs. I still don’t like it, but it’s not personal – Amanda is earning her stripes.

    I don’t know about any kind of copyright limit or anything, but this episode does make a lot of references to the idea of James Bond. I wonder if the episode title is loosely based on From Russia With Love – ok, very loose, but nonetheless.

    Oops – no go on Amanda’s outfit for me…sorry!

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    • Yeah, I kind’ve thought her hair looked a little flat too but since I’ve been harsh on her outfit I thought I’d give her a break on the hair. 😉

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      • I hesitated to put that in there about her hair because it really is so much better than the hair don’t of S2, but this is really the only time in the series when her hair looks like this. I wonder if it was a first timer in the hair and make-up department.

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  7. I am late to the party and I don’t have anything to add so I will hit the invisible like button repeatedly 😉


  8. The internet is an amazing thing. Iwsod, I was trying to do a little research on the title and didn’t really come up with much. One of the SMK writers must have been a real Bond fan to pull that line out and work it as a title. I did see that one of the characters (female) was named Brandt. Also, in the movie James Bond participates in a Japanese wedding ceremony and has to use a false name so that the wedding is not valid. Now does that sound familiar or what?

    Also, Harvey Jason who plays Brand was in one of the Jurassic Park movies, which I have seen dozens of time and did not recognize him at all. And…he played in several episodes of Bring ‘Em Back Alive with Bruce Boxleitner. They did like to bring in people they had worked with before. Going to check out a couple of other things….


  9. Lee seems to have fallen back into that routine of only telling Amanda enough to get her to do the job. It’s like he has forgotten how far they have come or he is backing away from how far they have come. Lee is still a bit on the fence about Amanda at this point as far as his feeling are concerned. He was faced with a lot in the last few episodes of Season 2 and maybe he is trying to distance himself from what he is feeling so he is reverting a bit to his old ways. He was starting to be a bit more obvious and open towards Amanda and maybe he was trying to reign it in. This might explain some of his behaviors in the next couple of episodes. Also, Lee hasn’t yet received that greater responsibility of the Q Bureau so he hasn’t had to be in a role of responsibility or a true supervisor and I think that changes how he informs Amanda of her duties or assignments.

    I think Amanda’s irritation might also be based on her being given an assignment that she maybe thought Lee was supposed to deal with and that because it was an accountant he passed it off to Amanda. Amanda has worked with expense accounts and other financial work at the Agency in the past. I wouldn’t think she would have a problem with it being an accountant. I think her irritation is firmly fixed on Lee at this point.

    I actually like the relaxed atmosphere that they seem to have here. We’ve actually learned a lot already. Lee is still protective of Amanda when it comes to other males. The guy from Interpol wasn’t a guy he was an octopus. Amanda refers to Lee as Stetson instead of Lee and indicates that she owes him. And Lee looks as if he knows he’s going to have to pay for it sooner or later. That is a friendship that has grown stronger.

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  10. Ok, I have often given thought to the possibility of what Morley is saying that the lack of chemistry in this episode is almost intentional on the part of Lee and Amanda. That what they were feeling was starting to become so strong they almost had to intentionally get things under control again. That’s easier to believe watching the episode in this order and not so far into season three. Like somewhere between what we didn’t see between the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 that Lee especially decided it was time to get the focus off their personal relationship and get back to business. Though, I don’t think he would deny that they are close friends at this point getting back to business is like an extension of his there is nothing personal between us mantra. The boy is in deep denial the first couple episodes of this season.

    And I can see Amanda having some coolness towards Lee if he was acting like that because she often follows suit as to where he is in their relationship. And I don’t blame her. Let’s face it Lee has to be in control and getting ahead of him just wouldn’t work. Hey in my fantasy world I am totally in love with Lee, and I would not have risked my heart on him in season 1 or 2. Not to mention the fact that if Lee had been being more cool to Amanda, she would have quickly gone back to the nothing is ever going to happen between us mentality that she had already accepted a long time ago. True I think something shifted between them at the end of season 2 but neither one really admitted that to themselves yet so if Lee was trying to shut that off. I am sure Amanda would too. In fact I always thought that Lee was going to have to show Amanda something was different before she’d ever completely lose that mentality, despite the chemistry and the draw that has always been between them. I think Amanda is a brave woman in the fact that she is very open to love, but also a smart woman in that at the same time she is not going to take any foolish risks when it comes to love. I think Amanda had feelings for Lee all along, but having feelings and risking your heart are 2 different things.

    I also see this explanation of Lee and Amanda intentionally putting the kibash on their chemistry being much more believable with the episodes in this order with the fact that you see coolness in this episode, but the issue of their chemistry will be pushed to the surface next episode, where as in the original airing order we already got to see the issue being forced to the surface and then getting this crap. I also easily see what Morley is saying about Lee seeking a deeper relationship but intentionally not allowing himself to look toward Amanda at that point. I think he wants something deeper, but at the same time he is still terrified of something too deep. However, it does seem like from the next episode on he does start to make a decision to see where exactly things could lead with Amanda. I think he still has moments where it terrifies him but for the most part he starts to listen to his heart rather than just his head. Although, though I do see all the rational reasons why Lee would not pursue anything romantic with Amanda in the past, at some point even his head has to begin to tell him he is never gonna have with anyone else what he already has with Amanda. When the head and the heart can come in agreement on a person to me that is a sure sign that person could be the one. I have never believed in just following your heart. or in just following your head for that matter.

    I also wonder if maybe Jestress is right about Billy telling Lee not to tell Amanda anymore than she really needs to know about Brand. Maybe Billy is testing Amanda to see how she handles being on the spot in difficult situations. What Jestress said about Lee allowing Amanda to believe Brand was an agent and that in itself being more exciting than accounting is along the lines of what I saw Lee telling Amanda because lets face it, I don’t care what season your watching, if Lee was telling Amanda how exciting and wonderful a guy is while pushing her to spend time with him, that would be clue number 1 that something was off.

    Anyway my little ramble is just to sum up the fact that while I don’t particularly care for it, this episode is more enjoyable in this order, and other people’s insights have made it more barreble. I watched season 3 doing the first 5 episodes in blog order a couple weeks back to prepare for season 3 on the blog and it really did make a huge difference in how well the episodes flowed and increased my enjoyment of season 3 over all which is great because I really enjoy most of the season 3 episodes.


    • I like your ramble, Misty.


    • Misty said, “In fact I always thought that Lee was going to have to show Amanda something was different before she’d ever completely lose that mentality, despite the chemistry and the draw that has always been between them. I think Amanda is a brave woman in the fact that she is very open to love, but also a smart woman in that at the same time she is not going to take any foolish risks when it comes to love.” YES!! that is totally spot on.
      And this too, ” I think he wants something deeper, but at the same time he is still terrified of something too deep.”
      Those are the two things that make them kibash their chemistry. And the fact that they try it here with areal good solid attempt makes the rest of what is coming even better. That is why I like this episode. Not saying it is my favorite, but I don’t think there is any episode that I could fast forward through, because each one shows a step in their journey and I think each step is valuable.

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      • hear hear!!! I really loved these comments of Misty’s too!!!!! 🙂
        I agree with you both – this episode is part of that change in their relationship that needs to take place.. I’ll hold off expanding on that though for now.

        And Morley I agree with you also in that this episode is not a favourite – but it is very valuable – and I would not skip it 🙂

        I’m really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this one with you all!

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      • You know I never thought of it that way, Morley. It really does amuse me that these two have their feelings so under control in this episode knowing that they come charging back to the surface out of no where for them in the next few episodes. Don’t know if that makes me enjoy this episode more but it does make episodes coming up more enjoyable so in a way that makes this episode important. There may be no chemistry in this episode but the amount of time these two can contain their chemistry is becoming shorter and shorter lived. I agreed with what you said in your post, Morley, about Lee and Amanda going through plateaus. It may have taken two years to get there, but I think they have finally plateaued to a point that they can’t keep containing everything they feel for each other. Or rather Lee can’t keep compartmentalizing his feelings for Amanda and Amanda can’t keep hers tucked safely away in the Tupperware anymore so to speak.


    • I think Amanda is a brave woman in the fact that she is very open to love, but also a smart woman in that at the same time she is not going to take any foolish risks when it comes to love. I think Amanda had feelings for Lee all along, but having feelings and risking your heart are 2 different things.
      Like everything you’ve said here Misty, especially this part. I’m late to the party on this post so no need for me to repeat what others have said with my comments. I’ll just keep hitting the invisible Like button.


      • rofl. the like button is invisible no more Kiwismh!
        The great thing about revisiting old posts now is – we can like comments now we couldn’t actually press the like button on at the time 🙂
        Now that I can ‘like’!

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    • Hi Misty – loved your comment, especially this part:

      In fact I always thought that Lee was going to have to show Amanda something was different before she’d ever completely lose that mentality, despite the chemistry and the draw that has always been between them.

      I’ve always thought that it really took Amanda much longer to trust her heart with Lee than it did for Lee to trust his heart with her. Like the complete opposite if them trusting each other as professional agents. She trusts Lee with that practically immediately but Lee doesn’t get to that point until much much later.

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      • That’s a great way of putting it, BJo. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to reconcile why/how Lee felt safe enough to trust Amanda emotionally, how she came to realize she could trust him, and usually my thoughts have come out in rambling, un-publishable fanfiction. It’s a really interesting contrast, though, the way each of them trusts the other in opposite progressions.

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  11. I wonder what Lee actually told her? I bet the info that he gave her had more to do with the guy being from MI6 and that it was an assignment and that was what had gotten her excited about it. Once they got to the restaurant he would need to give her more details and include that they guy wasn’t really an “agent” he was in accounting for MI6. I like the continuity between the Octopus from Interpol and Amanda’s reference to the grabber.

    I tend to view this episode as more from Amanda’s perspective than Lee’s or from even a more mutual one. This is what things would be like if their relationship didn’t progress. This is what things would be like if they continued at this plateau. It has always seemed to me as those these two go through an intense series of events that forces their relationship to grow and then they try to live on that new plateau until they hit another event beyond their control that forces them to become more intimate in their knowledge and care for each other. I think in the next events coming up they both actually make some decisions to actively chose to go towards the increasing intimacy instead of it being brought about by things more outside of their control. But what I like about this episode is that it kind of paints a clear picture of what it looks like at this stage. Maybe both of them are trying to kibosh any chemistry. I could see Lee actively making a decision to pursue a normal relationship with someone due to the changes that have occurred in his life and trying to treat Amanda as a good friend and professional partner. I also could see him trying to let her work on her own and not worry about her or give in to his “need” to take care of her. I like it that he raised the “octopus” with Billy instead of getting overprotective and suspicious.

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    • For some reason I missed your comment, Morley and wrote pretty much the same thing about Lee trying to reign it in. I still see a closeness, but the friendship is what’s front and center.


    • Like, like, like Morley. 😀


    • I like what you say here too, Morley. This line in particular:

      I could see Lee actively making a decision to pursue a normal relationship with someone due to the changes that have occurred in his life and trying to treat Amanda as a good friend and professional partner.

      I think from OOADP on, Lee is realizing some things about himself and what he wants in life from a woman. At this point he still doesn’t think he want the woman with what I think he would consider baggage (kids, MIL, suburbia), but he is starting to think that he might want something more “real”. He also does know that Amanda is very important to him and they are good friends, maybe like he and Emily in a way.

      In Lee’s mind, this MI6 guy is “just” an accountant, so Lee doesn’t give any credence to the thought that Amanda might be in danger with this guy so he’s very comfortable leaving her alone with him. He’s nothing like Lee, David Benson, the Dodger or the lint-picking baron so there’s no danger of Amanda falling for the guy either.


      • I think Lee may consider Amanda’s family and suburban life as “baggage” but not as much as he used to. I think by now there may be growing a healthy skepticism that he would be the right kind of guy to step into her life. I think he also would be aware at this stage that to enter Amanda’s life as a romantic partner would have to mean a life time commitment and I think he is not sure of himself or how much he cares for Amanda in that respect. All that is enough right now to keep him focused on “just business, nothing personal” Keeps it easy… for now.


  12. I think that Billy might be partly responsible for not explaining the accountant to Amanda. After all, it was his idea to have Amanda look after him in the first place. Also, in The Boy Who Could Be King, Billy didn’t tell Francine what Eddie was really like when she went to meet him. For some reason, he doesn’t seem to think it’s always necessary to tell his people everything, or he can’t bring himself to shatter their illusions. He just kind of lets them find out some of these things on their own. Bad Billy, keeping his people in the dark!

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    • Hello Jestress and everyone!

      This is a great idea Jestress.. Hmm would be great to put this one on Billy! 🙂 You are right he does tend to hold back information to teach someone a lesson from time to time. And it’s true Billy must have been the one to tell Amanda about this assignment (because they swapped that opening scene – this mucked things up for this Lee/Amanda scene though).

      Here we have Lee telling Amanda ‘this is not going to be exactly how I described it’ -not Billy! I think this is all because they swapped the scenes, and originally Billy told Lee Amanda would be great and so then Lee called Amanda to describe it to her.

      Soooo anyway, Lee’s line tells me that there is no doubt that he was the one who described it to Amanda not ‘exactly’ accurately 😉

      Plus, Lee sprung this news on Amanda right when she was about to walk through the door.. you can imagine he listened to her excitement all the way there.. waiting until the last moment to tell her. He’s done this a few times now – in weekend, with going to the Cumberland and being ‘Mrs Lee Stetson’ – totally sprung that on her..
      and in SOS being engaged.. any other times?? (not a rhetorical question! 🙂 )

      So I see this as being not a new thing from Lee – though we haven’t seen it for a while. Is it now out of character?? I don’t see it that way – it’s disappointing in light of the progress they’ve made as friends but Lee still has some progress to be made in this episode IMHO – this sort of behaviour from him is on the way out from now.. JMHO 🙂


      • Oh, yeah! I forgot that Lee admitted to being the one who described Brand to Amanda. (Jestress slaps her forehead.) That is a good point. In that case, swapping the order of the scenes does make more sense.


        • don’t worry Jestress I didn’t even make the connection about how the sequence of the two scenes impacted who told Amanda until you suggested it was Billy – it was a good idea to explore! glad you mentioned it 🙂


  13. Here comes what I like so much about SMK, these exchanges between L&A where Lee mostly doesn’t have the last word and stands there speechless. Hello Lee this is S3! You have a grown up Amanda. Strait informations and no lying. No more “wischi waschi” as we say here 🙂
    Like Amandas outfit!

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    • Hear Hear Claudia! Amanda is growing.. and in this episode.. Lee is going to be making a few adjustments 🙂
      Wischi Waschi? love it! haaaa

      I love that outfit too.. do we see it again? no idea!


  14. I personally can’t see Amanda being upset at all if Lee had just come out and told her she was going to be dining with an accountant. Yes despite the fact that Amanda is pretty demure and reserved, she does seem to go for more exciting men, but I think Amanda would have just been doing an assignment not looking for a date. I do think there were a few episodes that Amanda got a little too smitten with men she should have had a more professional attitude about especially when you are working for the agency, but Lee should just be happy Brand wasn’t a man that was likely to happen with, and he should know Amanda well enough to know she likes everyone until they give her a reason not too. She is just not the kind of person who would fuss over having to spend time with someone when she hasn’t even met him.

    It almost seems out of character for Lee to treat Amanda that way at this point. I tell myself that it is because if he had told Amanda Brand was an accountant she might have asked Lee to go into more detail about him, and Lee didn’t want Amanda to know just how geeky Brand really was. I actually really see that being the case, but Lee should have just given Amanda credit and told her everything. It seems to me Amanda always does whatever the agency asks of her so her refusing to go would not have been an issue. I see Amanda being more upset here by the fact that Lee seemed to build up this guy to be something really exciting, and then was like oh he is just an accountant. I mean Amanda is more upset with Lee for letting Amanda think this guy was going to be exciting and than bursting her bubble than she is by the guy being an accountant.

    And I am probably the only who felt this way watching this episode, but Amanda kind of bothered me a little bit here too. First she is mad when she thinks Lee has set her up with another octopus and then has a little bit of attitude over the guy being anything but. And I am sorry but I don’t see Lee intentionally setting Amanda up with an octopus so I kind of think Amanda was underestimating Lee a little bit too. Amanda may have ended up on a date with an octopus, maybe even more than one, but is that really something a guy would display for Lee or Billy before hand. I doubt it.

    And if the fact that the guy was an octopus was the issue, and Lee was still even letting Amanda go on the date, which I also doubt considering how possesive Lee can be of Amanda, I think he would have at least warned her. She may have been more reluctant to go, but Lee has always been able talk Amanda into doing things by making her see how important it is. He doesn’t need to lie to her. She went through with marrying him in SOS for gosh sakes. Lee should know he doesn’t have to lie to Amanda, and Amanda should know Lee would not leave her with someone he knew couldn’t be trusted. Just too much of they both should have known better going on here IMO.

    The way both Lee and Amanda are acting here just seems out of character to me at this point after the strong friendship you see between them in the second half of season 2. They are cooler here towards each other than they were in the first few episodes of the series. I didn’t really notice much tension between Lee and Amanda throughout this episode when I was watching it, but I always noticed a distinct lack of the chemistry that had always been there between them, I guess tension could account for that. The lack of chemistry has always been one of the reasons I didn’t really care for this episode. Amanda seems more taken by Brand here than Lee. The tag even ends with them. After the strong bond we see between Lee and Amanda in the latter episodes of season 2, especially the last 3, watching this now, it’s like what the heck is this? It doesn’t even seem like the same characters or the same relationship. It would be much worse looking at this episode as being later in season 3 with this going on, but it still seems so out of place to me for Amanda and Lee to be like this in the beginning of season 3 after the way they were at the end of season 2.

    Okay, so thus far my opinion of this episode is not changing much, but I really am going to try and keep an open mind as we go. i will stop complaining here.


    • Naw Misty, you keep complaining because I feel the same and you just voiced it for me, so thanks for saving my fingers from doing more kvetching! Just a resounding “Ditto” and hope I find the episode more enjoyable this time around with y’all!


    • yes, I definitely noticed it was a Lee-lite episode (and like I mentioned before, because I watched this right after Artful Dodger, I didn’t mind as much, I actually needed a break). Maybe the powers that be wanted to show that Amanda was able to act without Lee and this (as well as her upcoming agent training) was putting her on a more equal footing to Lee so when he finally realized and decided to act on his feelings it was more believable and sustainable. * shrug *
      I know I would have hated this episode with a passion if I had seen it in the original airing order. That would have been a huge let down.


      • It is definitely an episode with a different vibe.. and because of this it offers some unique insights! 🙂 but I’ll hold off sharing more about that and I’ll bring this up again in upcoming posts.. I agree this episode is much better in this order than the airing order!


      • I believe this was the first episode they shot after the season 2 hiatus, and the one where (SPOILER ALERT) Bruce Boxleitner got a concussion tackling a stunt man. He’d spent the summer filming “Passion Flower,” so maybe they started filming without him, or perhaps he had to take some time off after the thump on the head, so they had to rewrite a bit so Lee wasn’t as present as usual? Just speculating.


        • hi kgmohror! That’s really interesting!!! ouch!! yeah maybe that explains things!

          btw- I forgot to respond that I also really enjoyed your Remington steele insight – and that this episode was maybe a bit of a tongue in cheek dig at Pierce Brosnan and his Bond ambitions! Tee hee!


    • oh my Misty! so much to pull apart here! 🙂

      I will hold off discussing how Mr Brand works as an overall episode until the end of the episode – I think that will make this discussion easier once we’ve all walked through it and we all know where we stand.
      Great to hear you are keeping an open mind! I am too!! – and it’s not a requirement that anyone like this episode better at the end of it all 🙂
      But… yes do give it a go- I ended up rarely referring to previous notes I’d made on this episode because I approached it this time looking to find it’s gems – the first time I wrote up this episode I was quite relentless in my teasing of Mr Brand- and for me, I think it got in the way of me enjoying the character. I enjoyed the episode by having fun at Mr Brand’s expense.. whereas this time, I’ve enjoyed the episode because I’ve grown to like the character, and I love all that we learn about Amanda (and that Lee learns about Amanda) in this episode..
      I’ll discuss this more as we go through the episode..

      Oh Misty, I hear what you mean about Amanda underestimating Lee and he reneging on the promise of no more grabbers – I saw this as being a reaction to Lee’s lying to Amanda about who it was she was playing tour guide to. While I would never say Amanda is perfect- I could understand her momentary doubt about Lee when he has just let down her trust in him here. lol I felt he kinda deserved it 😉 and it sent him scrambling a little which is perfect because so he should have been.. Lee you can’t mess with Amanda’s trust – you want her to believe your promises?? you have to tell the truth.

      I think Lee and Amanda’s relationship in this episode goes through some interesting moments.. and there is a tension between them throughout because Amanda is on Brand’s side.. and Lee wants to be on Amanda’s side.. but.. errr not Brand’s side! but.. we’ll get into that in more detail soon!
      Okay I best be off or I’ll start discussing the ending or something and we aren’t anywhere near there yet lol!


      • You know, I sort of wonder if some of the tension here, Amanda’s concern that Lee is lying about the grabber, has to do with the true depth of Amanda and Lee’s connection with one another that they are trying not to acknowledge?


        • Yes Lee lying to Amanda like this again – when we thought this sort of thing was behind him? could lead her to doubt where things stand.. and I do see Amanda as -at this point- getting confused about her relationship with Lee.. so that makes sense to me !


      • Funny, IWSOD, you though there was tension because Lee wanted to be on Amanda’s side, but he did not want to be on Brands’ side. I always thought it was more that Lee wanted Amanda to be on his side and not Brands. Petty, yes, but it’s what I think. I love both characters but I think they are both far from perfect(wouldn’t be relatable if they weren’t) and I think Lee can be really petty sometimes. And while I totally agree Amanda is showing some mistrust in Lee here because he isn’t being completely honest with her(I am not convince he out right lied) I still think she should know better. Are we honestly suppose to believe someone as intuitive as Amanda is has really never noticed how possessive, um I mean protective Lee is when it comes to other men. I have often said even before Lee fell in love with Amanda he would’ve been happy to just stamp a sign on her forehead that said private property, do not enter. Okay, so I am ranting again, as I said in an above post the insight of others is helping to make this episode more enjoyable for me. I just don’t know if I am gonna make it from more enjoyable to just enjoyable. But for the record I don’t actually dislike Mr. Brand. I know I called him bumbling and geeky which I think he is, I also think he is sweet and charming in his own way. I am just not a big fan of the whole episode and it is really Lee and Amanda that make or break an episode for me. That’s why I didn’t like Class Act even though the story was ok.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Very interesting!
          You may very well be right Misty!! or.. there’s always the old: maybe it’s a bit of both 🙂

          maybe we can keep an eye on this as we walk through the episode and then it may become clearer to us what’s going on 🙂
          I didn’t sense any possessiveness from Lee in this episode – but where and why and how.. we can address as we experience the episode – so far, we haven’t even met ‘the accountant’ and haven’t even been told his name yet.

          I found that very telling.. that no one thought he was worth it – addressing him by his name.. ouch!

          byee for now! I best get on with my day 🙂


          • You are probably right about it being both. Now that I think of some of the scenes I can see Lee as wanting to take Amanda’s side but not wanting to side with someone as bumbling as brand, Lee has a reputation you know.

            And I didn’t notice any possiveness on Lee’s part in this episode at all. It would be nice to see Lee reacting to Amanda with any emotion. I just think Amanda should know better than to think Lee would knowingly stick her with an octopus considering how possessive he has been in the past. That’s all I meant.


          • His name… isn’t the worthiness of it part of the theme of the episode?


    • I agree Misty. Even though this episode works much better as the season opener, it seems out of kilter with how things were progressing at the end of S2. It almost feels like it belongs somewhere in the middle of S2, not in S3 at all (like the S1 episode Charity Begins at Home which ended up airing part way through S2). It will always be a “weak link” episode – maybe if it had been written/crafted better. I wonder if it was subject to last minute rewrites for some reason??


      • Hi kiwismh!

        I’m thinking this episode fits well at the start of season 3 – so I’ll be interested to hear what you think of this episode as we proceed 🙂
        I guess it’s a bit like Vigilante Mothers- which isn’t a powerful season ender – but does seem to pull things together in a season finale kind of way. This episode is not a hugely powerful episode.. and seems a bit flat as a season opener – I’d agree with that if anyone is arguing this.. but I can still see it was intended as the season opener – for a variety of reasons which will be explored as we walk further on..

        Hey, how is the format going of me commenting at the end? are we happy with that?
        I do want people to be free to think for themselves without my own view colouring things, though of course it’s great if people would like to respond to my comments too – I imagine you all like to have a response also 🙂

        okay, bye!


        • I never minded this episode too much. True, it’s a bit low on romantic chemistry, but it really sets the scene for a new stage of their working relationship – Amanda alone in the field, babysitting a civilian (echoes of Lee in Season 1, anyone?) and Lee trusting her to act without his supervision. If we go with Morley’s order of episodes, I really like the way WTAMB shows a new two-way professional respect between Lee and Amanda, which is then followed on (I promise I’m not jumping ahead!) with more extreme examples of Amanda either backing Lee up or acting alone in the field, and Lee trusting her to do so. It seems like their personal relationship is taking a backseat to their professional one for awhile, but I still see that undercurrent of teasing flirtation every now and again that I wonder what they’re doing off-screen between scenes!

          I think as an audience, we needed to see how Amanda is perceived/treated by the Agency, because that has changed since S2.


  15. Bad Lee! Honestly, Amanda would not have cared if the man she was playing tour guide was an accountant or not. She was probably only told he worked for MI6 and had visions of being able to talk espionage tales with him. Her reaction to Lee is because yet again, he kept important information from her.
    And you would think Lee would know better. Amanda will stumble onto the case he’s working on (even if he doesn’t know there is a case).


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