11/14 Season Three, Episode 05: Welcome to America Mr Brand- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order- Episode 01)

We see an establishing shot here we’ve never seen before.
Does anyone recognise it??
I’m not sure if this tells us they are there. But when we cut to Lee and Amanda in conversation –I’m thinking they are suppose to be standing in front of James’ hotel.

Lee is sceptical..
WTAMB.avi_001626793Amanda: That was no accident. I am positive. Somebody tried to run him down.
WTAMB.avi_001629295[Here we see James arrive in the background, he stands in the doorway unnoticed by Lee and Amanda but listening in]
Lee: Amanda this is Washington. Jaywalkers are fair game. Especially when they’re out (he points to the road)
on their hands and knees picking up nickels.
WTAMB.avi_001633800Amanda: Lee, he’s in danger. I know it.
WTAMB.avi_001635301Lee: ughhh!!!

WTAMB.avi_001636302We cut to James.. still listening in unnoticed. (In a trench coat no less Winking smile )
WTAMB.avi_001638304Lee: Look at this. This is a telegram that Billy got...(Amanda takes it and reads it)
…Brand is suppose to be under observation at a sanatorium in Cornwall…

[Ah! ‘Brand’ again is it Lee..not ‘James’ anymore? oh dear!]
WTAMB.avi_001647313…Orders from MI6-
Amanda interrupts:
no, uh uh.. I don’t believe this!
WTAMB.avi_001654821…He’s here on his own vacation and he’s doing this on his own. And besides that- why did Mr Melrose get this now huh??!!…
…He checked Brand out when he first got here, right?…
(At this Lee wryly smiles..)
WTAMB.avi_001660326…Why didn’t he hear about this before?
  with finality: It’s out of our hands…WTAMB.avi_001661828
(he takes the telegram back)
.. Billy has been asked to hold onto him until the MI6 guys arrive then we’ve got to turn him over.
WTAMB.avi_001667334Amanda: that’s not fair.
Lee: It-
WTAMB.avi_001671838WTAMB.avi_001668335Amanda: It’s really not fair. He may be a little different but he’s not crazy.
WTAMB.avi_001673340(We see James here begin to make a move out of the hotel, past Lee and Amanda to his car)
Lee: Amanda, he is an accountant who thinks he’s bloody James Bond…
…The guy is a little strange.
WTAMB.avi_001677344Amanda: A little stra-?
Lee: Yes!!!
Amanda: Everybody is a little strange sometimes.
WTAMB.avi_001680347Lee: Ahhh!!…
WTAMB.avi_001681848Lee changes tactic.
Lee: Okay… (Lee nods)
WTAMB.avi_001683183…I know a research guy at the Library of Congress. I will run James’ story past him and see what he can corroborate. All right?
WTAMB.avi_001690857WTAMB.avi_001691358WTAMB.avi_001691858WTAMB.avi_001692359 Amanda smiles: Way to go big fella.
WTAMB.avi_001692859She gives Lee a playful punch in the chest thrilled he is not giving up on James. They are too cute here!
Lee chuckles in response..
WTAMB.avi_001693727WTAMB.avi_001695362The moment is broken by the sudden roar of an engine.. James drives off in his car.
Lee: I don’t believe it. He’s running.
Amanda: no, he’s not running. He’s just.. wandering…
WTAMB.avi_001700367…Don’t worry I’ll follow him.

WTAMB.avi_001702369Lee checks his watch and heads for his car:
yeah well you’ll have to. I’ve got a four o’clock with Stanley.
Amanda: Yeah. Oh well. another session with Dr Pain huh?!
WTAMB.avi_001706373Lee: the last session. the worst.
Amanda watches down the road where James is driving..
Amanda: try to remember the cobra death grip.
WTAMB.avi_001712879Lee disbelieving:
the cobra death grip!
Lee drives off.
Amanda takes her time getting to her car to follow James no? Oh well..

WTAMB.avi_001719386On to the Library of Congress. Ta da!!! is this really the Library of Congress? can someone confirm? I’ve never been there.. Seems Lee doesn’t listen to accountants, but he does listen to librarians Winking smile tee hee.. okay I exaggerate. this guy is an ‘Antiquarian’.
WTAMB.avi_001720887So here is our introduction to T.Percival Aquinas (Guessing the Aquinas is a reference to Saint Thomas Aquinas the philosopher?). okay okay.. Lee has probably built a relationship with T.P and so trusts him.. I’ll go with it. TP is occupied by his box of chocolate as he explains to Lee what he knows.
WTAMB.avi_001727894TP: So a telegram from London says that Mr Brand is as mad as a hatter (whooo Alice in Wonderland Reference!)
big deal, Shmig deal!
Lee: Big is not the question here TP. Now if we presume he’s not nuts, how can you explain it huh?

WTAMB.avi_001731398[der.. isn’t it obvious? okay.. I”ll go with it..]
TP: haa Leezo, isn’t it obvious?
[whahahaa!! yeah I thought so!! haaaa!!] …I mean the Englishman is a big potato he’s well connected…
Mr Brand is a pipsqueak. A simple transatlantic phone call could have motivated that telegram.
WTAMB.avi_001743143WTAMB.avi_001745412Leezo: what about Clayton-Dobbs’ involvement in these economic incidents around the world?

TP: oh well I doubt the seventh earl of twickensham (does he say frickensham?!)
would get his delicate fingers dirty on such things. Particularly since he died in a Turkish bordello in uh 1957.
WTAMB.avi_001756923Lee: He’s dead?
WTAMB.avi_001758925WTAMB.avi_001757424TP: mm hmm
Lee: why doesn’t anybody know about this?

WTAMB.avi_001763430[Um didn’t James say earlier the guy wasn’t upper class as he made out? Lee shouldn’t be so shocked to hear this? Honestly he must have zoned out everything James said except the KGB lady! how does this fit with Dobbs being in Suez in 56? was he not an earl then?! me confused.. ]
TP: Well, the earl of Twickensham has never been a very weighty title. Uh nobody bothered to keep tabs out WTAMB.avi_001770437there. And since this was more bizarre than your standard Englishman’s bordello death the WTAMB.avi_001774941family just hushed it up and let him fade away.
[The family was happy to just ‘lose’ this title?? anyone else find this strange? ]
At this, we see TP pricks the chocolate so he can suck out the liqueur inside the chocolate.. I guess this is 101 in how to make exposition interesting – kooky eating habits of guest stars! [what was it Amanda was saying- We’re all a little strange?!]
WTAMB.avi_001778945TP: Mmm Mmm

TP sucks on his chocolate.. 

LOL! He is in ecstasy .. too much ecstasy? Winking smile I wonder if he’d kill for chocolate Winking smile  …Double dipped belgian chocolate cherries with WTAMB.avi_001784951brandy centres. You do know how to gladden my heart Leezo!

Lee: so do you, TP, so do you.

Lee reaches over to grab something from TP’s desk, but TP grabs his hand to stop him. I guess it’s the file on the earl??
The scene ends here.. so I shall too!

iwsod’s comments:

– I’ve found the time frames in this episode a bit confusing.. because here is Lee in a new outfit.. but Amanda is still in her pink pyjamas! Winking smile I figured that the garden party was the second day, and the episode’s events happen over two days. but still I couldn’t figure out a way for Lee being in a different outfit here, after the garden party- no sense at all. I counted that on this day – Lee will wear four different outfits Winking smile counting the tag as a third day. Though I love the blue shirt on Lee Winking smile 

-I love this little exchange between Lee and Amanda… they’re such a couple.. and um… Lee is looking mighty fine here with his less styled Hairdo.. once again we have bit of a tense moment here between Lee and Amanda though it is always evident how much these two care, value and respect each other 🙂  I love it when they fight Winking smile and they don’t fight often! I think the way they fight is also a good sign- that they have a healthy relationship.. they resolve things well here Smile awh!!

This sets things up well for the next episode.. ahem.. Amanda is beginning to stand up for herself and her point of view more. This is a big step for Amanda here wouldn’t you say? Has she really argued her case like this to Lee before? about a case?? Gosh.. I can’t think.. Anyone?? what do you all make of Amanda here??  I mean they’ve disagreed about things before, but usually Amanda makes her point in a much less confrontational way. I think it’s because she is standing up for James. She finds it easier to stand up for others than she does for herself. So because of this, Amanda gets to stretch out here and gain some confidence in pleading her case. go Amanda!!! 

– Seems Lee has done a bit of backtracking with James.. since he is suddenly ‘Brand’ again! Lee’s confidence in James has been shaken by the set back. I am sure he has not gotten any encouragement from Billy to support James Winking smile.

With this new information, Lee seems to try to take a step back from it all and wash his hands of it. James is strange, and it’s not worth the heat. Everything Amanda says here makes sense.. and I think ordinarily he would have thought those things himself. But because it’s James and he doesn’t want to be involved. He doesn’t see things clearly.

IMHO Lee is still fighting those rash judgements.. he is jumping to conclusions.. and has not completely learned his lesson.. James is an accountant who thinks he’s ‘bloody James Bond’ – that is not what you base your beliefs about a case on.. what about the evidence?? the KGB agent?? all forgotten by Lee now!

BTW is it just me or is it strange tactics for the baddies to try and kill James at this point?? I mean KCD had the telegram sent.. let MI6 pick him up.. why try and kill him? It only helps to support the fact James is on to something!! 

-Again we see Amanda and her accepting, non-judgemental attitude toward James, reminding Lee that everyone is a little strange sometimes. The script has Amanda mention to Lee that Lee is a bit strange because he admitted his favourite song was ‘secret agent man’ or something like that Winking smile but guess that got cut.. it’s probably more gracious and Amanda like for her not to directly raise a way Lee is a bit strange no?

– Amanda manages to convince Lee to not give up entirely on this case. She is fighting for James and IMHO because she is fighting for him, Lee makes this offer to try and do a bit more investigating. I think at this point, Lee is only doing it for Amanda.

-Amanda knows it too, and rewards Lee with a big smile.. a ‘Big Fella’ sighting!!! Amanda acknowledges Lee is giving a little here. Good for you Lee… This shows how Lee is making allowances for Amanda now, taking her views into consideration and though he doesn’t want to think there is anything to it – he’ll check it out for Amanda. Progress! Small progress.. but progress none the less.

-By the way.. is something funny going on with the location for Lee and Amanda’s chat?
One moment they are on a very quiet, empty street with a tree behind them..
and the next, Lee’s car is behind them, no tree and suddenly there are passers by!

-TP Aquinas.
Well hello TP!

‘Mr Brand is a pipsqueak. A simple transatlantic phone call could have motivated that telegram.’

Okay.. ordinarily, Lee would be able to work this much out for himself.. Lee is being a bit dim at the moment ( the plot requires it Winking smile ) maybe if Brand wasn’t so much of a pipsqueak Lee would have given him more credit. I love that description! Pipsqueak!! Smile

LOL just what is with this ‘Leezo’ business? oh dear.. sooo glad they didn’t continue with that.. or at least I don’t remember if they did. Leezo?? ugh.. sounds awful! sleazo leezo!!  that’s enough of that!
So.. Lee is able to corroborate that Dobbs is not as upright a citizen as he makes out. Funny thing though – why couldn’t the all powerful all knowing agency find this information out??!!!  I’ll put it down to Billy being completely uninterested in James and his accusations against Dobbs – Billy to me is like Larner in Spiderweb = already convinced he knows what’s going on and only looking for evidence that supports it.. or making up the evidence..

-BTW James already told Lee that he wasn’t really an Earl. How did James know this? well we never find out..

-having TP confirm Dobbs is dirty, Lee is excited again that maybe Dobbs is up to no good.. trouble is.. he’s got to see Dr Pain… Trying to stop the ruin of the US economy apparently has to wait for Dr Pain haaaa..

-Lee tells Amanda he has a 4 o’clock with Dr Pain, but the clock behind James in the foyer says 420pm! Smile After catching up with TP Lee will be really late for his appointment – maybe he’ll buy Stanley some chocolates too Winking smile

Okay I shall finish up here for now.. What did you make of this part of the episode?? see anything differently?? agree on anything? (ha! Smile ) Aren’t Lee and Amanda together here too cute?! We don’t see alot of them together this week.. but this exchange is wonderful!!! More than makes up for it IMHO! byeee for now!

42 responses to “11/14 Season Three, Episode 05: Welcome to America Mr Brand- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order- Episode 01)

  1. So an earl snuffs it in a Turkish bordello, his family hush it up and yet there is not another relative in sight to become the 8th Earl of Twickensham?! Did the writers ever actually think about what they were writing?! I know, I know I can hear my husband now saying “don’t spoil the magic” but please SMK if you’re going to write back stories at least make them believable!

    Urgh the baggy silk PJs getting even more of an outing.

    Poor James, his face when he sees what Lee is saying. He’s strange? Bad Lee. Yet TP sucking the alcohol out of chocolates is totally not strange (much prefer doing this with a cadburys creme egg ;)). Way to go Amanda, she looks past all that quirkiness and sees James for the man he is. She sure is someone you want to have on your side. And Jule I agree! she makes me want to try harder too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Cadburys creme eggs!! And it is that time of year over here! Yum! In fact I’ve got one in my cupboard right now calling my name 🙂


  2. Haven’t had much SMK time these last few day, ugh! So I’m going to try a new tack tonight. I’ve got limited time, so I’m just going to scroll down through the pics and skim the words instead of pouring over every syllable and thinking about it all.

    Iwsod, am lovin’ these Lee pics here. He is lookin’ mighty fine. He really seems to be humoring Amanda here. Awww. Love it when he leans in – that’s got to mean something in body language…Jenbo???

    He seems to be smiling at her a lot even though they’re sort of arguing or debating here. Guess he thinks it’s okay for Amanda to play James Bond along with James Brand – it all must seem a bit Mickey Mouse 😉 to him based on his looks to her here.
    Love that picture of the two of them right before James takes off.

    Poor James, he get no respect. I wonder if he let his feelings get hurt when he saw and possible overheard Lee and Amanda discussing him.

    Gosh, I’m a fan of TP, but this first outfit of his, meh. Not a big fan of his jewelry tie thing he’s wearing – forgot what it’s called.

    Iwsod, I hope to come back and comment more thoroughly later, but had to check out the eye candy!!


    • Not a big fan of his jewelry tie thing he’s wearing – forgot what it’s called.
      Bolo tie. And it’s a big ugly one! waves at BJo
      I actually don’t like TP much here–he’s much better in his other appearances. I think they made him too over the top here. 🙄


    • Hi BJo! awh lovely to hear from ya!

      Oh yeah!!! Lee is lookin sooooooo good in that outfit!!! I think that he is not disregarding Amanda here and that he compromises here and looks further into things makes him look just that much more dreamy 🙂


  3. Okay, so I can finally speak. I hit the comments button and skipped the Lee pics and sort of went backward. What is with the costume department in this episode and what is it with all the plaid and argyle in general? I don’t remember the 80s being this wacky. TP’s outfit is way out there. Maybe accountants and antiquarians like argyle as James was in mismatched argyle socks at the beginning of the episode and TP has that bizarre mix of the argyle sweater and plaid shirt. Don’t get me started on the bolo tie. Thank goodness TP settled in. He would have been a bit too quirky for me.

    Okay, now back to the Lee pics, that will help me forget that test pattern of TP’s.


    • I think it is interesting that Lee goes to see TP, and he trusts his opinion on the information and TP is rather a strange one too. And Lee makes this visit after Amanda’s comment about everyone being a little strange…


    • “Maybe accountants and antiquarians like argyle as James was in mismatched argyle socks at the beginning of the episode and TP has that bizarre mix of the argyle sweater and plaid shirt.”

      If you go back to S1’s The Long Christmas Eve (in the 1st of its 3 blogs), you will see a screen shot of Amanda’s Christmas gift to Lee of argyle socks and iwsod notes that we never see Lee wear them. Here’s what I imagine happened.

      Lee, who is neither an accountant nor an antiquarian, could not bring himself to toss Amanda’s gift in the trash so he donated them to a thrift (second-hand) shop. There they remained for a year … unsold … until one of the volunteers used those argyle socks to repair the damaged front panels of a donated vest. Along comes T.P. Aquinas, who occasionally visits thrift shops where he has found rare, old items of value. Being a typical antiquarian, he also fancies argyle and, when his eyes lit upon that one-of-a-kind vest, he just had to buy it!

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  4. This doesn’t appear to be a Lee shushing Amanda argument, this seems to be two people discussing their different opinions and they are listening to each other as well. Amanda calls James “Brand” here as well I think. It just seems like a partner discussion and I like that Lee is willing to dig deeper and so we get to meet TP.
    All I can say about the “Leezo” is that it could be a nickname, kind of term of endearment, signifying the fact that Lee and TP have a different sort of friendship, one that we really haven’t seen Lee in yet. And this nick name comes after Amanda calls him “Big Fella.” In the past two season all we have seen of Lee’s life and support relationships are Billy and Emily really. During this season we meet a couple of other people that Lee has in his life that may be a support network in some way for him, TP is the first.


    • Hey Morley! I hadn’t noticed Amanda calls James ‘Brand’ here in this argument with Lee! good catch!!!

      I think I didn’t notice it because while Lee’s use of ‘James’ or ‘Brand’ seems to ebb depending on how confident he is with this lead – Amanda’s support of James does not waiver.. even when she calls him ‘Brand’ here – she does so while championing on his behalf.. so I’m guessing she uses ‘Brand’ here either to not antagonise Lee- and so make it easier for him to listen to her (!) or to reinforce her primary connection/loyalty with Lee – while she champions for James..

      yeah I noted in my post also that TP here is rather strange himself.. and it’s interesting this comes after Amanda tells Lee that everybody is a little strange – I thought it was full of lovely irony! but you’ve taken it further given that TP is an old friend of Lee’s.. and this ‘Leezo’ is suppose to as you say – inform the viewer that they are friends.. I don’t think anyone else could call Lee Leezo and get away with it 😉 tee hee.. but then again. since TP never does again – maybe he didn’t either wahahahaaaa! 🙂


  5. The exchange at the beginning of this post was always one of my favourite scenes from an episode I didn’t particularly care for overall. Yeah, Lee is pulling back from his faith in James’ investigation but he isn’t getting angry or impatient was he would have in the past. He is still open to Amanda’s take on the situation and still willing to help resolve the whole thing if he can by consulting TP.
    Love, love, love it when Amanda calls Lee “Big Fella”. How often did she call him this throughout the series after SBTB? Not often enough. It’s so endearing and I like to think it is a good description of him in more ways than one – I meant big hearted of course. 😉 KC, get your mind out of the gutter!
    Amanda, he is an accountant who thinks he’s bloody James Bond… Lee is channeling his inner Brit here – how often do you hear an American say “bloody”, particularly in the 1980’s. I don’t know if it is common usage in the US now that ease of travel and the internet have exposed more people in the US to other cultures. It always has been in common usage in Australia and New Zealand.
    Them pink silk pyjamas are just not gonna go away, are they? I have come up with a back story as to why Amanda is determined to get such good mileage all at once out of an outfit that’s really seriously out of kilter with her normal fashion sense (fugly cardigans and a tendency to plaid aside). I figure the outfit was a gift. I’m going to blame Aunt Lillian again for this because I think it’s also her that supplied Amanda with all those fugly hand-knitted cardigans we saw in S2. You know how Amanda hates to lie and likes to make people feel good about themselves – well, I figure she wears this outfit once and wears it to the max so if it comes up in conversation she can look Aunty Lillian in the eye and tell her that she has worn it lots and to lots of places. Well, that would be the truth, wouldn’t it? 😉
    Leezo is just wrong on so many levels. It doesn’t sound right coming out of TP’s mouth and it certainly doesn’t sound like something Lee would like to be called. Thank God someone woke up to how incongruous this was and, from memory, I don’t think we ever heard it again beyond this episode.
    Iwsod, I can’t imagine Lee’s favourite song being Secret Agent Man. It doesn’t seem quite right for a guy who’s into the Stones. I kind’ve imagine the Grateful Dead, the Who, the Eagles, etc, as more his type of music.
    And yes, it does seem strange that the baddies would try to kill James by such an unsophisticated method as running him down when things had already been set in motion for him to be discredited and carted off to a sanatorium.
    Love the reference to the Seventh Earl of Twickensham dying in a bizarre fashion in a Turkish Bordello. It adds some real depth to the story when SMK strays into the seedy real world. This is something one can imagine happening in reality and of course it’s such a scandal it would have been well and truly hushed up by relatives (he probably had a long history of embarrassing the family name). And, of course, he may not have married or produced an heir – too busy at the bordello! 😉 What relatives remained may not have been sorry to lose the title. If the Earl owned a manor house and estate it was probably costing an arm and leg to keep up or to pay its way. The family may have done very well out of the sale of the property – probably worth giving up the title for!


    • KC, get your mind out of the gutter!
      Dangnabbit. Why is it only me that has to get her mind out of the gutter? All the other gutter-dwellers get to stay there… pouts
      Well, it was out of the gutter for about ten seconds–does that count? :mrgreen:


      • Oh no KC, you are not alone down here in the gutter! It’s the quickest way to the rabbit hole anyway 😆


        • I know I’m not alone in the gutter… it’s a great–and well-populated–place to be around here! 😆 That was my whole point: I was the only gutter-dweller called out for being a gutter-dweller! :mrgreen: (Does that make me Queen Gutter-dweller, or something, and is that an elected position, or otherwise?)

          All storm drains are rabbit hole portals?


      • Maybe she thinks there is hope for you and has given up on the rest of us 😉


    • I love your back story of the pink pajamas – darn you to heck, Aunt Lillian! Maybe Amanda took physical risks in the PPs hoping they would be ruined and then never seen or spoken of again. Of course, Aunt Lillian might replace them if she knew they were wrecked. It makes me squirmy just thinking about that polyester material up against my skin for so long.


    • Aunt Lillian, too funny!! It’s probably like the neighbor’s dog who might get blamed for trampling the flowers under the kitchen window, when it’s Lee.


  6. I’m sorry, I don’t know any of what this post is about. I saw Lee…and then his hair…and then it fluttered in the breeze…and then… and then…um….

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  7. I’ll add my thoughts on this part of the episode later, but I just wanted to say that I think I tracked down the building: the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency – complex. http://www2.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2013-08/federaltrianglemap4.jpg


    • Ugh. The pink PJs were bad enough at the garden party, but they’re absolutely abominable here in the street outside the hotel. Wardrobe needs to be shot!

      Everybody is a little strange sometimes.
      Absolutely! And if they weren’t, the world would be a very boring place!!!

      Awwhhh… yep–the big fella bit is sweet. squee

      no, he’s not running. He’s just.. wandering…
      Like a kid wandering in traffic! Oy.

      “Leezo” – bwah hah hah hah!

      Uhhh… just ‘cos the seventh Earl of Twickensham died (in a Turkish bordello–LOL) and the family hushed it up and let him fade away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there couldn’t have been an heir –> eighth Earl of Twickensham. Right?

      Yes–Lee’s outfits are all over the place.

      Yep, it does seem like Amanda finds it easier to champion others’ causes rather than her own. And yep, Lee is still being judgemental/jumping to conclusions.


  8. Jule here from the nether regions of the rabbit hole, chocolate in hand of course! Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed all the discussion on the little gems tucked away in this episode. Love Amanda, “no, he’s not running. He’s just.. wandering…” She’s the best friend to have, always sees the positive! Makes me try a little harder. Ok, off through the wormhole that leads back to the rabbit hole 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • hiya Jule! I was only thinking the other day we hadn’t heard much from the rabbit hole!! Was wondering if you were okay 🙂

      I love to hear from ya! My brain is quite fried at the moment.. so deep thought for me isn’t really happening just now.. but gosh…. I could totally do with some time down the rabbit hole right now!

      I agree! Everyone could do with a friend like Amanda!!!


      • It’s kind of you to think of me when you’re so busy and swamped Iwsod! Between moving and school you must be ready for some major rabbit hole time! I hope you get it chance to catch your breath soon. As for me, my body and I are having an ongoing battle and it’s winning right now. Nothing lethal, just frustrating so my energy level is nil. But I’ve been totally following along all the posts/comments and enjoying them even if I’m too fuzzed to actually absorb everything. Thinking is highly overrated! 🙄


  9. OMG I hate those pink silk pajamas….what was the wardrobe department thinking? On the other hand I am loving Lee’s “no so coiffed” hair, he looks sexy, relaxed and flirty…woo hoo!
    Btw, the picture of the Library of Congress looks real. I have been to DC once and we went to the Library of Congress and it is pretty much like I remember. I am anxious to see if anyone knows what the building is in the first caption ..I haven’t a clue but it is huge.


    • Hiya Gruvy Granny! great to hear from ya!

      Oh thanks for confirming that is the library of congress! that’s great!

      by the way – Congratulations on celebrating your anniversary!!!!!!


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