13/14 Season Three, Episode 05: Welcome to America Mr Brand- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order- Episode 01)

Amanda and James follow Dobbs as he takes a taxi somewhere unknown.. whooo don’t tell me they are heading into the evil countryside! whoooo!
Did you guys notice as they follow the yellow taxi – how the music sounds like the James Bond Theme? I think it does.. !! a very cool touch!!

Dobbs exits the taxi and switches to  a work van and covers his suit with overalls (like Dotty suggested Amanda do in the previous post ha!) .. Dobbs, still followed by Amanda and James stops his van by an overpass, gets out and puts some traffic cones out to direct the traffic into the one lane.
[Nice gum leaves btw- are there any gum trees on east coast? I knew there were some on the west coast. WTAMB.avi_002105271Is this a giveaway this is filmed in LA?]
As Amanda and James watch from a distance they see Dobbs put on a back pack, climb onto the overpass and check the time..

WTAMB.avi_002128795Right on schedule a tanker comes along..
Amanda: that must be the tanker he mentioned to Krulnikov.
WTAMB.avi_002136302Dobbs the human fly jumps onto the tanker (which I guess had slowed down because of the signs?).

James and Amanda run back to the car to follow the tanker and see where it’s going.  The amazing Dobbs pours his canister of magical fading chemicals into the WTAMB.avi_002150316tank, says Abracadabra, jumps off and runs into the bushes. (Okay, I lied about the abracadabra! Winking smile  but he should have said it Winking smile )

WTAMB.avi_002189856More James Bond like music!

James and Amanda follow the tanker to  the Bureau of WTAMB.avi_002202369Engraving and Printing! ta da!!! Smile Amanda and James are pretty happy with their find.. and the scene ends.

On to IFF and we see a shot of Lee driving his corvette into the magical new garage under the Q bureau there. That’s new!
WTAMB.avi_002208875Uh oh.. time for Dr Pain! err.. Stanley! Winking smile
WTAMB.avi_002212879Stanley gives a ‘hiiiiiiyaaaaaaa!!!’ cry and comes at Lee full force.. my goodness, is this what Stanley does all day?!
WTAMB.avi_002221888They do some kung fu moves.. Lee lands a couple of punches and uh oh.. WTAMB.avi_002223390Stanley is not happy with that!! The gloves come off! (oh wait they were already off Winking smile ) Stanley gets Lee – face first onto the mat. Ouchie.. just watch the face Stanley.. not the face..

[Is it just me or is this pic hilarious!!!! Meme anyone?!!] Lee rolls over and while still on the mat and desperately makes a ‘time out’ signal with his hands.
WTAMB.avi_002234401Stanley is unmoved Winking smile
Stanley: I am sorry Mr Stetson. concept of Time out WTAMB.avi_002246913is inconsistent with an effective hand-to-hand strategy…
..In a duel to the death with an ace KGB killer you don’t call time.

WTAMB.avi_002248915Stanley does his karate cry again and motions to Lee that the fight continues. WTAMB.avi_002249416
Lee is still on the mat, wishing he was somewhere else.. maybe even with James.. right now James is looking like fabulous WTAMB.avi_002252419company – even in large doses Winking smile 

Lee gets to his feet.. and at that moment the phone rings.. (Lee is saved by the bells) Seems when fighting KGB agents to the death, WTAMB.avi_002256423they won’t stop fighting for time out, but they do stop for phone WTAMB.avi_002257424calls Winking smile
Lee seems surprised that Dr Pain stops to take the call…lol! He makes a huge sigh of
WTAMB.avi_002259426relief as Stanley answers the phone.
Stanley: Stanley Chow’s office (rofl!)
.. uh yeah just a moment.

Stanley holds up the phone and calls to Lee: Mr Stetson, for you.

Lee is
WTAMB.avi_002264931surprised he gets to take a phone call..

How nice of Dr Pain! wow!!



He smiles with relief..

When Lee is within arms reach, Stanley suddenly wraps the phone cord around Lee’s neck crying : Hiiiyaaaaaaa!!!!!
Lee is really taken by surprise!
Lee looks terrified!!! [too funny!!]
Stanley suddenly relents and chuckles: .. Just kidding!!!! haa haaa
WTAMB.avi_002274941Lee plays along and has a laugh too..
but the moment Stanley’s back is turned
– Lee looks daggers at him!
Hilarious!!! I think in that moment..
I think Lee truly hates that man!!! 🙂
WTAMB.avi_002282949Lee unravels the cord from around his neck, gingerly
WTAMB.avi_002284451rubbing his neck and then takes the call: Yeah. Stetson here.
WTAMB.avi_002285452Amanda: Lee it’s Amanda
(she’s at a public phone booth, James is impatiently
WTAMB.avi_002287454waiting for her to hurry)
Lee: where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you. [no no Lee what you say is: where have you been all my life!]

WTAMB.avi_002295962Amanda: with James.
Lee: Fantastic. Tell him my research guy confirms his suspicions of Clayton-Dobbs.
Amanda: right. Now listen, we followed Clayton-
WTAMB.avi_002307474Dobbs and we saw him dump something into a tanker
(they saw him do that?? wouldn’t Dobbs have noticed the Aston Martin behind the tanker?!maybe the Aston Martin was also magically invisible!) .. And you know where the tanker went? The bureau of Engraving and Printing. So I looked up the tanker and it belongs to a company WTAMB.avi_002312979called Atlantic and Chesapeake industries. And do you know what they make? Printing supplies.
Lee: It must be printer’s
WTAMB.avi_002316983ink inside that tanker.
Amanda: Right. It’s magic.

WTAMB.avi_002318985Lee: what? what’s magic? [Lee and Amanda! sorry.. just had to Winking smile ]
Amanda: It’s magic. Whatever Clayton-Dobbs put WTAMB.avi_002324991inside that tanker is gonna make the ink disappear. just like Phillip made Jamie’s sweatshirt disappear. (LOL Lee wasn’t there for that conversation Amanda.. he has no idea what that means. haaa. there goes a bit of an Amandaramble no? (at this James heads back to his car off screen.) Lee copes well with Amanda’s random comments these days.. he knows she means something!
WTAMB.avi_002326993Amanda yells to James:
James, where are you going?
WTAMB.avi_002330497James: Clayton-Dobbs’ estate, we can’t wait any longer!
[lol.. 2 more seconds James!]
Amanda to Lee on the phone:
Uh Lee, James is going. WTAMB.avi_002336002I gotta go. Maybe you ought to meet us there.
Lee: no no no don’t go there.
WTAMB.avi_002336503Amanda has to go: ah!!! Do the cobra death grip!!!
Amanda hangs up on Lee and cries out to James… they get in James’ car and drive off.
WTAMB.avi_002344511Lee hangs up and calls out: Doc?? not knowing where Stanley is.. then we hear a Hiiiyaaaaaa!!! from off screen and Stanley comes
WTAMB.avi_002350517at Lee full force.. he kicks Lee in the face (oh no!!) and Lee falls back against the wall. Stanley grabs Lee around the neck and won’t let go.. Stanley actually laughs and laughs here.. too funny!
WTAMB.avi_002359526Lee pleads: Stanley? Stanley?… but Stanley shows no mercy!
Lee barely gets out: Okay, you asked for it. The Cobra Death Grip!!!!!!
WTAMB.avi_002367534WTAMB.avi_002368034He reaches back, and gives Stanley – the cobra death grip!!
The effect on Stanley is instant.. eyes and mouth wide open.. he lets go of WTAMB.avi_002372038Lee’s neck, and slowly slumps to the floor – WTAMB.avi_002375041completely unconscious..
WTAMB.avi_002380046Lee can’t believe it: Stanley? hey!
WTAMB.avi_002383049He gives Stanley a couple of pats on the cheek trying to rouse him.. but no use.. the cobra death grip strikes again! The scene ends there.. so I will too! Smile

Iwsod’s comments:
-Kung Fu
It’s kind of funny watching Lee do kung fu.. since he never really uses it in any of his fights..

-Dr Pain
he’s hilarious!!!! He enjoys his work waaaay too much! I love how Dr Pain switches seamlessly between crazed maniac and reasonable nice guy rofl!!! Culminating in his ‘joke’ on Lee wrapping the cord around his neck. Oh Stanley you really are a sick dude!

-Cobra Death Grip
It’s so funny that Lee resorts to the cobra death grip! I guess he was desperate and willing to try anything.. but maybe it’s also a hint that he is seeing Mr Brand isn’t completely useless after all Winking smile I confess seeing Lee do that to Dr Pain’s neck just makes me cringe- I want to hear later that Stanley is not in a wheelchair and he is breathing on his own okay! Winking smile 

-Lee’s anger/ disgust? at Stanley’s joke is hilarious!!! Poor Lee!!! but BB knocks this reaction of his out of the park!! Just too funny how he is joking and laughing with Stanley, but the moment Stanley’s back is turned it’s 100% hatred!

-See the poster behind Lee on the telephone? It’s for  a women’s weightlifting competition in 1981! 😉  [this episode would have been filmed and aired in 1985 🙂 ]

-Hooray! so finally James and Amanda have figured out what Dobbs is up to..

-Loved the incorporation of the James Bond like music as James and Amanda were on Dobb’s trail – really cleverly done!!

okay well that’s it from me for now.. hope you guys are well and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!! Anyone not find Dr Pain and Lee’s reaction funny??  do tell! byeeee!!

10 responses to “13/14 Season Three, Episode 05: Welcome to America Mr Brand- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order- Episode 01)

  1. I love the expressions on Dr. Pain’s face as he slumps to the floor!
    Anyone think this is what inspired the animators for facial expressions of a certain kung-fu panda?


  2. I love this scene with Stanley, so much delightful, over-the-top SMK humor (including their shameless stereotyping) in it. I’m not sure BB had fun with this one, but I’m quite sure the actor who played Dr. Pain was having a blast. It shows in every move he makes! Agree, BB nails the dagger look — he is almost always spot-on with his comedic acting.

    And sweaty Lee is always such a nice look. Oh, that reminds me, aren’t we coming to the last scene where, during Lee’s fight with the baddie…. Oh, I’ll squelch my shallow thoughts until I get there!


  3. “[Nice gum leaves btw- are there any gum trees on east coast? I knew there were some on the west coast. Is this a giveaway this is filmed in LA?]”
    Uh, yes! There’s a bazillion eucalyptus here in SoCal. I snicker every time I see SMK scenes where they’re driving past stands of eucs…


  4. I am sure the James Bond-like music was as close as they could legally get to the real thing without having to pay royalties, tee hee!
    I love the screen caps of sweaty Lee on the mat. 🙂
    And I also cringed with the ‘Cobra Death Grip’ and hoped Stanley didn’t end up paralyzed.


  5. This was one of the scenes that I showed to my students. They loved it. I got kind of a kick out of it, pun not initially intended, but I’ll go with it. Lee is usually so self-assured about what he can do and that he can handle himself in these kind of situations. He did tell James that he could take care of himself, but ended up using what James had shown him.

    I agree that we don’t get to see Lee do this kind of fighting, but he does do some pretty good kicking. Did love the part with the phone and the fake chuckle from Lee. Stanley really is into his job. He probably knows that he is referred to as Dr. Pain. He’s got a reputation to live up to.

    I did notice the James Bond like music. I like how Lee tells Amanda that he’s been looking all over for her. I can imagine that search. I wonder if he made an appearance at Amanda’s house.


    • Yes, I think that it is note worthy that Lee Stetson, highly trained agent ends up using the “Cobra Death Grip” that “pretender” James showed him and Amanda reminded him of. I know it is kind of a running gag in this episode, but you know me. I do think it is a point of reference for what they are trying to communicate to us. Lee is open to learning new things from people who may or may not be as they seem. He is respectful of other’s experiences and contributions, I think that is growth. And I also like that they didn’t show that Lee was on top of his game here, he was a bit unpolished and it looked like Dr Pain could have given him a run for his money if Amanda hadn’t called and reminded him of he Cobra Death Grip. I like that.


      • Hooray!! I finally get a chance to respond to your fabulous comments! I wish I could respond more! Love to hear your thoughts guys!

        LOL are we all feeling like we’ve had our fill of Mr Brand? one more post to go! I’ve enjoyed the journey with you all 🙂

        Hey Jenbo! reverse shot? really? cool! good catch! haaa yeah I agree.. it’s the little things that smk does sometimes ( sometimes unintentionally 😉 ) that make it quirky and fun!
        ‘the one to end all dirty looks’ – rofl! ain’t that the truth! Yeah I agree Jenbo – Stanley’s switching between personas is hilarious.. Stanley isn’t the nice man he appears to be!

        Hi Valerie! rofl.. what a fabulous job you have showing smk scenes to your students.. I hope you got them to sign a form promising to not try the cobra death grip on anyone other than their teddy bear 😉 I can hear it now, Jule will protest that teachers could do the cobra death grip on their students in the victorian era 😉 tee heee..

        Yeah I agree Cindy! it’s very clever how they copy James Bond music without actually copying it.. kudos to Arthur B. Rubenstein..(Or Abby Treloggen?!) they certainly got their money’s worth!!

        Hi Morley! very true! It is very significant that Lee ends up using the cobra death grip – spot on! I think it means something too.. He is no longer straight out discounting James (now TP has pointed out he is a pipsqueak! ) and.. I like to think it is significant because it shows Lee is pulling a rabbit out of the hat out of desperation – because Amanda and James are in danger now and they need him… he needs to get out of there fast and Stanley is well.. not going to let him! lol!!!
        I’ve said a bit more about this dr pain moment in the final post so I’ll hold off saying more – there is a few more things significant to come from it all. well, at least I think so! 🙂 byeee


  6. If you watch the footage of James and Amanda watching Dobbs you can see the last shot is being shown in reverse, saving on film SMK?! It’s the little things that make me giggle 😉
    Lee’s dirty look to Dr Pain is one to end all dirty looks. I love how Stanley switches between psycho killer and charming man in an instant LOL and he’s right…..in real life combat you don’t get a time out. Suck it up Lee 😉
    It makes me wince watching the cobra death grip. Lee is lucky he didn’t break Stanley’s neck!


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