7/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda calls Lee immediately after the baddies steal the car..  So sweet to see Lee answer the phone and when he hears Amanda say she is glad he’s there? He smiles! awh!!! Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Oh, Lee! It’s me. I’m so glad you’re there….1Carwars.avi_001477877
…. Listen, I was just coming out of the dry cleaner, and the two men who were in the accident were there, and they pulled a knife on me….
[Amanda tries to stay calm enough to speak slowly enough for Lee to hear here.. but she rushes the last part of the sentence here.]
Amanda Blurts out quickly: and they stole it!!!
Lee’s having a hard time keeping up!
Lee: Well, are you okay?  [yes, first things first Winking smile ]
Amanda: Yes, I’m I-I think so.
All right, all right, now you calm down. Now what did they take?
They took my car. I mean, your-Gino’s car!
[rising off his chair]:

Oh dear.. love his reaction when she says they took the car! ” WHAT??!!!!!” that car is cursed man!!! [Seems this is Lee’s new desk huh!]

Lee rushes right over – [well.. he rushes to drive the corvette from one side of the street to the next! and if that doesn’t make sense? Read the previous post! Winking smile ]
When the car pulls up in front of Amanda it seems Amanda has totally worked herself up waiting for Lee to arrive – to me, she seems the most upset we’ve seen her- Ever! You can hear her laboured breathing as Lee parks in front of her.
Call me crazy, but she seems to be having a classic panic attack here- she’s breathing heavily.. and using the pole to hold herself upright.. she is seriously stressed at what has happened to the car and the trouble she has gotten Lee into with Gino!! Lee yelling into the phone would not have helped!  [Would she have gotten this upset post Brunettes? I suspect not! but I’ll discuss this at the end of the episode..] We’ve seen Amanda in many hairy situations – but I don’t think I’ve never seen her this distressed!!! What do you all think is going on here with Amanda??

Lee gets out of his car and begins to approach Amanda.
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: Did you get a good look at these two guys? [ Oh dear.. Lee is all business and focused! Lee she needs some comfort here!]
Amanda: Yes, I did.
Lee: And you’re sure it was the same two guys from the accident?  Aha! at least now he knows that wasn’t her fault!! hooooooooo raaaaaay… Suddenly, Amanda isn’t half as upset as she was in the wideshot! Winking smile [Lee in close proximity will do that to ya! I guess!] she seems to have recovered slightly!

Amanda (talking over the top of Lee) : Yes, I’m absolutely positive. One was short and stocky and the other one was tall and skinny.
[Love how Amanda waves the dry cleaning around! Such a great touch!!! Oh and the tall skinny one is wearing your jacket Lee! Lol -Hey Amanda.. maybe Lee has seen Seinfeld! He  might already know what Kramer looks like! Winking smile ] 1Carwars.avi_001528094
Well, that hardly narrows it down any.
[Give her a break Lee!! Put your arms around her and hold her Lee.. with a bit of comfort she may pull herself together! Winking smile]
Amanda: All right, listen. The tall, skinny one was 1Carwars.avi_001532365between ….six-two and six-four and he weighed about a hundred and seventy 1Carwars.avi_001534367pounds, and the short, stocky one was only about five-eight and I bet he 1Carwars.avi_001542776weighed a hundred and eighty…. [Lee seems to realise this is getting them nowhere.. that’s half of DC Amanda just described! ] ….And they both had black hair. [Amanda takes in and let’s out a huge breath here- she’s exhausted!]
1Carwars.avi_001544678Lee shakes his head, and lifts his hand to his temple – time to step back from it all and take a deep breath! Amanda isn’t in a fit state for Lee to be questioning her with any kind of effectiveness ( give her a cuddle Lee! Winking smile ). He 1Carwars.avi_001546379realises she’s carrying all this dry-cleaning here and reaches out to help her absently.. and.. the uncontrolled dropping of the dry-cleaning commences!!!
Lee: Uhhhh…well that-that’s better….
[Amanda looks down at the dropped
1Carwars.avi_001548882dry cleaning. She’s not really with it! and just looks at it! 1Carwars.avi_001550183]

Lee: Y-you’re sure there’s not anything else?
[Lee bends down to pick them up off the ground for Amanda]
Here, let me get these.
Amanda: Ahhhh.. Yes, I’m sure there is something else. [When Lee picks up one bag, another one falls to the ground, which he grabs.]
….Uh, well…Lee, it’s about that car.
Lee: Yeah.
[Is it naughty of me to think that while he’s down there- he gets a really close look at her legs?! Winking smile ]

Amanda: It’s been nothing but trouble since the first minute that I got it.
Lee: Well, I-I–
1Carwars.avi_001563096Amanda: First of all, the hood got dented in.
[Lee bends down to pick up another bit of dry cleaning as Amanda continues on with her tale of car woes!] …Then the wheels were stolen.
I know.
Amanda: Then I had to take it to McLean’s muffler shop for a new muffler.
Lee’s struggling to juggle the dry-cleaning and drops a bit..
notices: ahhhh..
[ I’m surprised Lee doesn’t react at all to this new info about the muffler! but.. I guess I can put this down to his distraction with the rebelling dry-cleaning and Amanda’s distress]
Amanda: Here.  [Amanda bends down and picks up the item of clothing.. Dotty’s dry cleaning is a disaster!]
1Carwars.avi_001572472Lee: Yeah..
Lee takes a step towards
Amanda and grabs her arm, having listened to what she said..]
continues: ….I know I know….. 
..…I’m just glad you’re alright….
At this we cut to Amanda reacting to Lee’s reassurance-
I think Amanda is surprised at this Lee!!! Not grumpy?! Not cranky??!! but caring, comforting, reassuring???!!!! She’s not in trouble with him! It’s alright!!! I don’t think Amanda was expecting this! Lee is being very sweet here!!! hooray!!! Amanda told Lee about the muffler- and he’s still not mad at her 🙂 1Carwars.avi_001580480

Lee continues …. that’s what’s imp-
Lee stops talking mid sentence and realises he is holding onto Amanda’s arm- but doesn’t immediately move it away either.. Amanda, noticing that Lee has realised what he’s doing, looks down at his hand on her arm….
Lee recovers and gives a nervous smile while he  finishes his sentence: –Portant!

Amanda looks a little confused..
but smiles and accepts what Lee has said..
Amanda clears her throat – and LOL she licks her lips (!!!) before nodding and quietly saying: thank you.
Lee continues still smiling: yeah and ahhh you’re safe now soooooo (Lee motions with his hand) you can calm down.
[Whooo it’s almost like Lee just implicitly said: I’m here now. You’re safe now!!! He explicitly  says that in an upcoming ep.. odds on a dead pigeon maybe? I’ll have to keep an ear out for it!]

Amanda: I’m very calm. [lol! She’s calm Now!!! Now she knows she is safe from the baddies.. and Lee’s anger!]
Lee: Good.
They share a warm quiet smile together- awh!!
 LOL.. Lee raises his eyebrows- just like he does after kissing Amanda in Ship of spies,
2.12 SHIP OF SPIES.avi_001958758
and after he convinces her to leave the office in Spiderweb
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_001359793
– all  are times  after an emotionally charged moment and Lee is recovering! It’s a sweet little mannerism he does!

Lee admits he needs to work on the terrorist assignment he is currently working on – but gosh darn he is curious about what is so important about that car! come on Lee!!! Can’t you see it is connected to the terrorists??!!!! This is smk! hehehee…. 

He takes Amanda by the arm again and helps her to his car Smile opening the car door for her (swoony!) and the scene ends..

Soooo looking forward to hearing what you all think!

I’ll give my thoughts but agree.. disagree.. feel free to share your own ideas!

I heard about this scene with the dry cleaning well before I ever saw it. I read about it in the fandom before actually finally getting to watch this episode back in 2007 I guess it was.. maybe 2008… I wish I hadn’t!! [I so respect Redgold and her decision to not spoil herself- I wish I had been that strong!] So now, watching it again after walking through previous episodes I feel like I am seeing it with fresh eyes..

I use to think this was all about Lee and Amanda showing they love each other.. but.. seeing this as much earlier in the season ( pre or post Brunettes doesn’t matter just waaaay before episode 18!) I now see the scene as a little more subtle than that.

I see this scene on two levels.. On the surface level, Lee arrives and Amanda is upset, he tries to keep it all business, but he can’t and he looks after Amanda emotionally here – He is very giving and warm.. He steps up! and for a moment, he demonstrates to Amanda his soft side.. and that he cares about her. At this stage this is a rare thing (before Spiderweb and Ship of spies!! and.. maybe before Brunettes I don’t know!..) – usually Lee shows he cares very briefly, and brushes it off.. or he gets angry.. but not this time! This time he realises what he is doing, and while he takes away his hand, he doesn’t hide from the fact that he just showed he cared!!! And they share a moment together! Smile 

As I said before, I think Amanda is reacting to Lee’s surprise caring attitude and his understanding – I think she was expecting his anger (and thus the panic attack!) – but instead he was comforting and wonderful: hey Amanda.. Now, this is the kind of man you could fall in love with- Right????!!!!! Smile

So I see this  as being another step forward for them..they just crossed another line- and grew a little closer together in their relationship!!!

So now.. On another level, a deeper level.. what’s going on here????  At an unconscious level ( I do love to get all freudian!!!), I think the audience is suppose to see parallels the main characters can’t- don’t you?? and we are suppose to yell at the TV ‘can’t you two see how great you are together??!! you belong together!!!’ Winking smile Here – I think is a deliberate revisiting of the moment down by the Thames..
2.08 AFFAIR AT BROMFIELD HALL.avi_001837837
Only it is reversed – this time Lee is reaching out to touch Amanda.. and because of the context of caring in friendship ( rather than marriage) it is not as ‘dangerous’ here for them both to be touching.. though they notice! the subtext is: Lee is showing he cares for Amanda.. but we know deeeep down it is a little more than that Winking smile.
Also, this time it is Lee’s turn to stop talking mid-sentence- and then pick up his sentence from where he left off when he has recovered! Another reversal: this time it is Amanda who clears her throat to fill the silence!!!

The difference this time is most telling though: Neither backs away from it- no jokes or denials.. but a warm smile between them..1Carwars.avi_001584384

I think deep down the characters are continuing to fall for each other slowly.. and this open caring from Lee is a lovely step in that direction!! Smile 

Also- I suspect there was a little sexual tension in that touching going on.. but given they care for each other, they were both probably not dwelling on that at this point! Just as I thought watching Brunettes, that little time bomb is yet to go off between them – that comes up (or should I say Goes off?!)  in Ship of Spies!!! whooo hoooooo!!!1thuddy
cover_wedding_kiss_normal speed
I know.. I am shameless.. any excuse to post this gif!! Hmm I want to go watch that ep now! I wish I had covered this ep before I got to ship of spies but.. oh well!

Well hope you’ve enjoyed this lovely car wars scene as much as I have.. for this scene alone this episode is worth watching!!!! I’ll be back with more soon – love to hear your thoughts!! What did you think the first time you saw this scene? still feel the same way? do tell!!! byeee!

21 responses to “7/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This wonderful scene with the dry cleaning is written slightly differently in the script. The version we got is better!
    When Amanda confirms to Lee it was the same two men who were in the accident, they start getting in the car.
    Once in the car ‘Amanda says: Well, the skinny one had a moustache. A.. skinny moustache [rofl! SMK and moustaches! ]
    Lee just looks at her as he starts the car.
    Amanda continuing: And the short one had a scar on his face, like Al Pacino in the movie.
    Lee: Better. Anything else?
    Amanda (depressed): no. that darned car’s been nothing but trouble since I got it…. (all same as what we heard in episode)
    Lee responds ‘(softening): hey, don’t worry. I’m just glad you’re alright.
    Amanda: Thank you. I was very frightened.
    Lee: well, you’re safe now.
    Instinctively Lee reaches out and places his hand on Amanda’s shoulder. Also without thinking, Amanda reaches up and squeezes his hand. A beat and suddenly both are a bit embarrassed by the warmth of the moment. Lee removes his hand and pops the corvette into gear.
    Amanda: where are we going?
    Lee responds they are going to find out what’s special about the car and the scene ends.
    Sooo there you go – the ‘special’ moment here is slightly different, but still scripted.. so it’s interesting to note the writers were wanting them to have a ‘warm’ special moment here… and both of them act instinctively 🙂
    Me like!

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  3. I don’t think Amanda is really panicking. It’s more like she’s having a really, really sucky day and is close to tears by this point. What more can go wrong? She knows Lee is going to be upset, she has a tendency to feel responsible and guilty even when it’s not her fault, and she hates to feel like Lee will be disappointed in her. As much as Lee wants Amanda to see him as the super spy, she wants him to see her as smart and capable, not a ditzy chick he has to get out of trouble all the time.

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  4. One more thought (I sound like my Pastor when he tries to end his sermons:) this learning to comfort that Lee succeeds at here makes me think of after the bomb in Over the Limit. In that one comfort comes first and business is second, huh?

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    • Morning Everyone! Morning Raffie! Hey, thanks for trying 🙂 Until a few months ago I would have put it only the way you (and Morley) have here Raffie.. I think you have presented a scenario that makes perfect sense of what happens in this ep if it is after Brunettes! 🙂

      That said.. I think there is also a perfect scenario for what happens in this ep if it is before Brunettes! 🙂 eeek! I can see either position of the episode can make sense..[LOL except where they originally put it at episode 18!! haaa!]

      This episode order thing is only a matter of opinion, and we may find different things in an ep inform that opinion for each of us. That’s cool..

      I’m still trying to see things the way BJo is – I’ll wait till the end and lay it all out and then come to a conclusion then.. maybe we should do a separate post on it?? maybe on Car Wars and A Relative situation ep order??

      I have a few ideas and things I haven’t mentioned in any posts yet.. though I will say for me, the thing that will help place this episode is not going to be the personal relationship between Lee and Amanda – based on that alone I could find a reason to put it before and just as good a reason to put it after…

      If anyone does get a chance to watch these episodes in the various orders, try and keep an eye out for indicators other than Lee and Amanda personally too – and I hope in the mean time you will have fun thinking about all this..

      I feel like it’s playing detective – but alas we never actually solve the case- because there is no trial to find the episodes guilty or innocent haaaa..[maybe we need to have a jury?? 😉 ]… we just have fun (hopefully) tossing around ideas, it helps us explore the show and see things in different ways.. at least I hope that is the case for you all! 🙂

      Yes Melissa – you are spot on – I don’t have time for Mr Smith right now .. darn assignments due.. but! I will have a quieter time coming up so I’ll get on to it then (and some smk posts more often!!grrr!!)

      So great to hear from you Raffie it’s been a little while!! I hope you are well and lovin life!! 🙂 I was anticipating many would agree with your point of view on the order of car wars! 🙂

      Morley I had the same thought about over the limit!!! I remembered that moment when I wrote jokingly – “go on Lee give her a cuddle!!” I was wondering if someone would notice! 😉

      I agree Morely! I was going to bring it up in the Over the Limit episode..don’t worry I still will 🙂 we’ll need a gif of that moment I think! 🙂 can’t wait!! It’s wonderful to see this journey unfolding between Lee and Amanda isn’t it!
      byeeee all!!


      • Well, I couldn’t wait. I just had to carve out some time to watch Car Wars and then Brunettes. I didn’t see anything that would make me think Car Wars had to come after. Actually, I think I like them even more when Car Wars comes first. Seeing Lee in the laundry dropping scene admitting that Amanda is more important than the car/case makes his reaction to their fight in Brunettes more believable. Because we all love the chemistry between the two and we all know what eventually happens, I think we accept Lee’s struggle and return to Amanda’s without too much thought. I think it makes even more sense though to see it after Car Wars. Lee’s anger and blow up in Brunettes still seems believable if it is after CW. The lives of three agents are at stake in Brunettes, whereas in CW it is just about a car and money. The stakes are much higher and all Lee can do is sort through Amanda’s laundry – there is no witness to interrogate or bad guy to punch. So now I am back to thinking CW should come first despite my waivering thinking after reading Morley and raffie5’s comments. Maybe it’ll change again if I watch them in reverse order. Not sure when that will happen, I need to watch an episode to clear my mind – maybe I’ll make myself watch the Damned Duck episode – that out to do it.

        iwsod, I didn’t pay attention to much other than Lee and Amanda’s relationship this time, so when I watch in reverse order I’ll have to pay closer attention to other clues. But you’re right – it’s all just personal opinion – to each his own! After all, when it comes down to it, we can each watch the episodes in the order we prefer!


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Just saw a news headline that a US citizen is being held in Venezuela because they say he is a spy. He claims that he is a documentary filmmaker 🙂

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    • Hahaha! Too funny! Melissa R. you made me curious – here’s a link to the story if anyone is interested…


      • Drat! I am sorry I am too busy to do your comments justice guys! But.. I just wanted to briefly respond: I’ve loved hearing your thoughts!!

        Thanks for the Link Melissa.. I’ve never seen Mr Smith goes to Washington I’ll check it out – I bet it is a reference: smk loves to do that! well spotted!!

        Hiya Jenbo! tee hee.. glad you agree Lee must be blind.. or he’s checking out her legs! You gave me a giggle! 🙂 LOVE how you described the ‘scarecrow’s thawing’!!!

        Hi Melissa R- I hear ya.. LOTP, BO and MBF?? I can’t wait too!!!! Spiderweb was surprisingly full of lots of goodies too! I do wish I could go faster.. but life’s too busy at the moment- and I’m not going to rush I want to do it justice: but just want you to know- I share your anticipation!!! and hope you guys will hang in there while I’m going so slowly!

        Hi BJo! thanks for sharing your thoughts! yes!!! I was thinking the same thing: Amanda goes quiet when she’s really scared! I mean she didn’t even have a panic attack when she was stuffed in a crate and kidnapped.. and then told she was basically going to be killed.. (SBTB) that’ s why it was so interesting that it was different to me – glad to see it’s not just me who thought that! Okay.. it was a small panic attack – yeah not major!

        yeah I don’t remember Lee’s eyebrow raise with anyone else.. maybe Emily? hmmm we’ll have to keep an eye out for it!
        Do mention it if you see one! Anyone!!! The more eyes the better!!

        mmmhmmm that gif distracted me no end.. ahem.. ghaoaibhababha’bahyhaba!

        Hey.. that’s why I put it towards the end of the post.. but Hmm you have a point.. I should have put it at the very end! 🙂

        LOL thanks for the story on the spy Melissa R! tee heee

        Morley – Your comments were very exciting to me! I loved to hear your thinking about the episode order too 🙂 – I get worried I am boring people about it 😉 I don’t have time to watch them in that order either – ugh!!!

        If anyone does: Please let us know!! but hey.. it will keep!! Oh and we still have to figure out where to put A relative Situation!! 🙂 that’s up next.. and the last of the long hair for season two!

        Whooooo Morely- swoon!! Love your observation that this is what Lee is talking about in Utopia Now!!!!!!!! More Morley!! 🙂

        Okay I really must run.. life’s too darn busy – but lovin hearing from you all and I’m enjoying exploring this episode together! byeeeeeeee!!!


  6. I loved the scene and it did remind me of Bromfield Hall and I suspect it reminded them of it too. As I watched it I thought, “Laundry again.” What I would really like to do now is watch Brunettes and then Car Wars and then rewatch them in the reverse order, but I don’t have the time and I find that frustrating. Maybe I should wait until you are done with this ep, but if you put this one before Brunettes then you only have Possum between Brunettes and SOS (which is fine). It makes me realize how quickly Lee moves emotionally more open to Amanda after he lets her in in Brunettes and that makes me think of season four and how quickly they move from Stemwinder to Nightcrawler (I won’t be more specific for people who haven”t seen season 4) But, truly when Lee lets down a barrier it all floods through doesn’t it? It also underscores for me why he fights so hard to keep those barriers up.

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    • One other thought I had about this laundry scene, which I also thought often during this episode. Lee seems very deliberate about his reaponses to Amanad here. He begins to respond as he usually does and then switches to the more open, caring response, and even when he hesitates or begins to feel uncomfortable in it he continues as he does here. It makes me think of his comment to Amanda in Utopia Now about how he has learned about himself and others because of her. Here he is applying these things he has learned.

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      • I keep trying to picture Car Wars before Brunettes, but it just doesn’t work for me, and you’ve sorta hit on the reason here, Morley. In Car Wars, I see Lee as a person who has already learned a valuable lesson and is now trying to do better. I see Amanda as someone who has a new, but so far unproven, hope that things will be better. The stress from the car issues would certainly test that hope and bring forward some anxiety for Amanda. And of course the car issues will put Lee’s patience to the test. Basically we see the same sort of set up here as in Brunettes where Amanda, through no fault of her own, causes Lee a great deal of stress … but this time he handles it! To me, Brunettes sets the stage for change, but Car Wars is the confirmation that shows us that it is actually happening, and furthermore that both are wishing for it and working hard for it.

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        • raffie5, that is exactly what I wanted to say, but you said it so well. Yes, just like that!

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        • Great point Morley and raffie5! And I like your idea Morley of watching CW and BAI twice, each in a different order. Maybe this coming weekend. I love the idea of rearranging the episodes in a way that makes sense and maintains continuity, but I find it hard to do it because there are so many things to consider! I like to lay everything out in front of me so I can see it all at once to come up with my analysis and that is practically impossible with so many episodes of SMK. It hurts my brain to think about it all sometimes!


  7. Hooray! We’re finally here! The best dang scene in the whole episode! IMHO of course.

    Awww, I never noticed the smile at the beginning of the phone call – I love it when the screen caps allow you to see things you hadn’t noticed before! Is Lee in Billy’s office?

    Hmmm, I don’t know about the panic attack. Maybe a mini one? She seems to recover pretty quickly. Although I guess learning that Lee, the superspy, cares about your well-being would be enough to quell any panic attack I might have 😉 (and I’ve had some…) It seems to me that when Amanda is super scared or distressed, she goes all quiet like she did in Ship of Spies. I think she is completely afraid that Lee is really going to let her have it when he gets there. This will be the 3rd time that day he’s had to deal with her and problems related to the car! Major kudos to Lee for not blowing his stack!

    Ahhhh, and now the dropping of the dry-cleaning….love this scene….it just warms my heart….it is funny and touching all at the same time! Yes, iwsod, you are being a little naughty (but hey, you’ve seen my latest pre-published stats post so who am I to say anything?)– but yes I think he must be taking a look! I think he also must be starting to feel a little bad about this whole car thing. It was his idea to use her for the task and his idea to get a car from Gino and he pushed with the story about the twins in Baltimore (I’m too lazy to go back and check) all the while Amanda was saying she should just rent a car. So between his noticing her distress about the car and having a knife pulled on her, his perhaps feeling a little guilty for giving a civilian a car from evidence, and checking out her legs he is feeling pretty bad right about now and wants to comfort her and make her feel better, no? Yes!

    By the look on Amanda’s face I would agree that she is surprised by comforting Lee. I think she was expecting anything else but this Lee. Oh, it is too funny how he keeps his hand on her arm long enough for her to look at it and look back up at him. But you didn’t time him! I guess you’re leaving that for me to do in a stats post, huh? Well, I’ll wait too but it is a pretty long touch… And it does the trick with Amanda. She’s now calm – end of panic attack! Next time I have a panic attack I’m going to watch this scene and see if it helps – ha!

    And I love the eyebrow raise – very cute! I think this is a mannerism reserved for Amanda, don’t you? I don’t see him doing this with his lady friends or anyone at work – this is a Lee thing, not a Scarecrow thing. He is opening up to her – to let her know he does care for her and he doesn’t try to pass it off as something else. Like you said, iwsod, another step forward in their relationship!!

    What a comparison to Bromfield Hall! You are so clever! I don’t think I would have made that comparison in a million years on my own! I really must be unconscious! Hahahaha!

    Oh my gosh, that gif! I might as well stop typing because nothing I say now will make any sense. (as if anything before this did either! Hahahaha) This is all too rich! Too much to think about all at once! Any comment I have to make about episode order is now but a puff of smoke in my brain. It is just too much for me to think about. All I can say is that I agree this episode is not a #18 – maybe not even a #10. I’ll leave that to you to decide, iwsod. But what you said about there being sexual tension that goes off in SOS just sounds right!

    Melissa, I’ve never seen MSGTW, so I clicked on your link and saw the hat scene – too funny! It does seem very similar to this scene in SMK. I wonder if that was the inspiration for it?

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  8. Melissa Robertson

    I can totally understand Amanda being afraid of Lee’s wrath!!! That car has cost him a lot of moola 😉 Plus I am sure that she doesn’t want him to get in trouble with Gino!!! If this is before Brunettes we can also understand her anxiety with wanting to show Lee that she can do a good job. She wants to prove that she is cut out for the Agency.

    I do love that he realizes that her being safe is more important…my husband even said awww with this scene 🙂

    I know I shouldn’t wish our time away but I can’t wait for “Life of the Party”, “Burn Out”, and “Murder Between Friends”. I think these three show how much they care, respect, and rely on each other 🙂


  9. Is anybody here a fan of “Mr Smith Goes to Washington”? The dry cleaning scene reminds me of the “hat scene” in MSGTW. I don’t know if the link will post here, but here goes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v7Ea7kg2gA.


    • ROFLMBO!!! the hat things starts about 1 min in.. Melissa – I think this is fabulous!! I love how the whole scene is close up on his hat!!! and when he walked away like that?? I honestly roared with laughter.. what a cutie! Let me guess: they end up together? I’ll have to keep an eye out for this movie! Thanks Melissa! I love how he ends up leaving: without his hat!!!! 🙂


      • I won’t spoil the fun in telling you who he ends up with. 😛

        I am not trying to pull you away from SMK, because I love reading your posts. But, Mr Smith Goes to Washington is my all-time favorite movie. If you get a chance to watch it, do!


        • Oh that’s a marvelous clip! I adore pretty much anything with Jimmy Stewart in it. SMK reminds me of the old screwball comedies of the 30s and 40s. Charming, heartfelt and LOL funny!


  10. Oh dear Amanda I do find your coat/jacket to be a wee bit distracting in this episode. I keep expecting it to jump off her back and run away like a wild animal. I dunno why but I keep thinking its like a fur coat :/

    Anyway I digress. IWSOD I agree with your assessment. The dry cleaning is a nice bit of physical comedy (and Lee would have been a blind man not to check out her legs ;)). The holding of the arm and the realisation scene doesn’t scream love to me more a display of the thawing of the Scarecrow demeanour. Is that a chink in the armour I see there…….


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