17/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

Here comes the vette.. right on time!
and Francine in a really ugly wig – why is it sooo dark in Lee’s car?!! I bet that isn’t even Lee next to her! lol..
Sooo Weird!!! It’s like that shot was done at night.. oh I know- there was a solar eclipse between Lee turning off the road and entering the car park! yes that must be it.. ahem..
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002512712_thTarzan is poised with his little remote to set off the bomb as Lee’s car pulls up next to the bomb! eek!!!
wow.. Amanda really goes for it and puts herself on the line. Awesome!!! It’s bird woman Amanda time!!!
she kicks some boxes onto Tarzan
and then jumps on him clinging on for dear life.. 3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002521121_th
What do you think… do you think this is
Hmm in the end it doesn’t matter.. the baddie manages to set off the bomb when Lee and Francine were next to the sign- and it doesn’t do anything anyway..
ha haaaa… Guess that’s why they had Magnusson make the first bomb!! Tarzan’s a lousy bomb maker… Still, after Tarzan presses the button, Amanda knocks him out with a plank- gooooo Amanda!
Lee and Francine don’t know Amanda is there.. only that it was a set up, O’Keefe shoots at them through the door and runs off.. 3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002537937_th

They head off inside after O’Keefe..(probably just like he wanted them to)  with Amanda in pursuit too… Amanda pauses at the doorway.. she’s scared.. and says to herself:
Amanda: I’m really out of my element.
Well Amanda wasn’t that what you wanted?? Go for it Amanda!! Smile  She goes in anyway!!! that’s our brave Amanda!!!! Smile

O’Keefe is one lousy shot.. I don’t know why Lee and Francine are bothering to hide! Why did Francine fall over? she didn’t get shot.. me confused..
How O’Keefe manages to get the better of Lee and Francine is ridiculous.. I reckon that granny with the aphids would be a better shot..

O’Keefe takes Francine hostage..
Love seeing Amanda peeking from around the side of the boxes at the scary baddie.
Reminds me of Amanda peeking around the corner at Lee’s place- and facing scary Leslie..haaaaaa!!!
Amanda sneaks up and finds Francine’s gun.. love the looks she gives when she picks it up..
It’s like she looks right at the camera fleetingly as if to say- whoa!!! this is weird!!!!
yup.. this isn’t dinners, school and groceries anymore Amanda- time to step up! [It’s okay Amanda, no little girls or nuns you need to shoot here!] 3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002622822_th
O’Keefe shows Lee he has ‘the girl’ and calls to him: Alright cowboy! drop the gun!
[Can’t he see this girl looks different? Lol he wasn’t paying much attention was he!]
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002624424_thLee drops his gun… O’Keefe shoves Francine over to Lee.. LOL with that Jacket on – Lee looks to be posing for superhero of the month magazine.. Captain America?
Lee sees Amanda running behind O’Keefe between the crates..
he’s so shocked he doesn’t hide his surprise from O’Keefe!
I think for a second Lee may wonder if he just imagined it!!! Amanda is on his mind sooo much and all Winking smile
(Yes Lee. Last time you saw her you were yelling at her to go home!)
O’Keefe turns quickly to check behind him but Amanda is hiding and he doesn’t see her.
Lee: you can’t get out of here. The place is surrounded!
OHHHHHHH Myyyy gosh that is flippin hilarious!!!! I am sure Lee can’t believe that just came out of his mouth! that’s Amanda’s line! whahahaahaaaaa!!!

Seems Lee is becoming a little more like Amanda Winking smile

O’Keefe thinks Lee is a cop..
Lee puts his hands up and tries to stall O’Keefe from shooting him.. but O’Keefe is looking trigger happy – hurry Amanda!
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002643243_thAmanda stands behind O’Keefe with the gun.. Lee can see her.. act Amanda!!!!
Amanda hesitates a second..
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002648048_thshooting O’Keefe isn’t going to work…
Instead, Amanda lifts her arms and aims at the bad ceiling..
Lee watches wondering what the heck Amanda is doing.. gee Lee you should have been nicer to her earlier huh Winking smile tee heee..
Amanda shoots at the ceiling and a net comes down
[Good thing she didn’t listen to Leatherneck about not shooting at the ceiling]
and covers O’Keefe for Lee to then give the baddie a knockout punch.
Lee looks up at what Amanda shot at, incredulous.
Francine rushes to Amanda: Oh Amanda that was great shooting!  (whooaaa Francine just said something nice??? mark this day in history!!!)
Amanda: thank you Francine.
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002665732_thLee: Great shooting?? great shooting? Why didn’t you just take O’Keefe out?
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002668668_thAmanda: well Lee, I probably would have missed him and if I didn’t shoot him, then he would probably shoot you.

3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002673273_thLee: Amanda!! If you didn’t think you could shoot him, what makes you think you could get the pulley???!!!!!
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002679679_th[Francine here seems to not really care what she shot at, she’s just glad she’s not dead! thanks to Amanda! Hey is this the first time Amanda has saved Francine’s life?? anyone?? ]
3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002680714_thAmanda: well I just aimed at the broad side of the building and hoped for the best!3.03-OVER-THE-LIMIT.avi_002684718_th
This does sort of make sense to me.. Amanda has trouble shooting at people, not inanimate objects! Only, she doesn’t explain this well to Lee.. and Heck I think she did really well – because she worked within her abilities.. she knew she couldn’t shoot O’Keefe, so she found a way around it to help anyway! I say kudos to Amanda for working within her capability here!
Lee is incredulous.. and angry!!!
Man! Lee!! she saved your flippin life! Ungrateful man!!  I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this!!!

Lee is just stunned at Amanda’s explanation.. but Francine just gives a laugh.. you’ve gotta go with it!
It’s almost like Lee is surprised Amanda didn’t act like an agent here, when she is not an agent! yet!!
Lee gives Amanda another look..
what’s he thinking here people?? and why is his hair all of a sudden so flat?!!! tee heee!
Amanda continues: look I’ve been practicing.. (since this morning??!!)


Amanda holds up Francine’s gun like she doesn’t want to be holding it anymore.. lol and the scene ends here..
What’s going on with Lee here??!!!

I think he’s cranky because she didn’t go home like he wanted her to, and then she saved his gorgeous butt- so he has to be grateful to her as well – argh!!! what a nightmare!! so he lashes out at her in anger.. IMHO Lee owes it to Amanda!!

He better make it up to her in the tag!
How can Lee ask Amanda why she didn’t shoot O’Keefe?!! It’s Amanda, it’s obvious why she didn’t.. and earlier at the shooting range it was Lee saying ‘yeah I know’ about Amanda not wanting to shoot! Not happy with Lee here at all!!
So thank goodness Francine is quite lovely here!!! She doesn’t take back her compliment either – because like it or lump it, Amanda saved both their butts and she deserves a thank you.

Seems to me everything between them has been gathered up and tossed into the air – but where will it all land?? Where will the new limits lie? I think at this point of the episode, the full answer to these questions is up in the air.

Though because of Amanda’s actions here – I don’t see her backing down professionally in future – she’s made a break through here, she’s taken a stand, moved out of her element away from school lunches and groceries.. on to stakeout, tackling bad guys and.. shooting!! She’s progressed in her professional role here at the end of this part of the episode – regardless of whatever may be happening with Lee and Leslie or Lee and Amanda.

I see Lee as being full of strong emotions here.. very conflicted – I this is all part of his insomnia, dealing with a growing realisation of his strong feelings for Amanda that he has been denying.. and Leslie –which I guess we can discuss more fully in light of what we learn in the tag.. coming up next!

Where do you see Lee and Amanda at the moment?? Ohhh I can’t wait to hear what you all think!!! Agree? Disagree?? any ideas? suggestions? questions?? Feel free to throw out there any ideas you like  – just please try not to jump ahead Smile Bye for now!! 

60 responses to “17/18 Season Three, Episode 03 : Over the Limit- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Blog order-Episode 02)

  1. Haven’t read all of your comments, but just thinking: I bet whacking Tarzan with that board really helped Amanda deal with some of her frustrations. She certainly had a lot of pent-up emotions to put into that swing.


  2. I really don’t care for this whole bomb/Tarzan shooting scene. Between the obvious fake-ness of it with Amanda and Tarzan, Francine getting caught by O’Keefe, O’Keefe being a seemingly better shot than Lee (c’mon!) and Amanda hitting the pulley through a fence it is a bit far fetched. I do admire her willingness to jump on Tarzan’s back and her gumption in picking up that gun though.

    I do love the “I’m really out of my element” line though. She really is!
    I guess Leatherneck was right…the ceiling really is on her “our” side. LOL It even helps get the baddies 🙂

    Oh dear. Lee is mad at Amanda. I must admit I would have reacted the same way at that ridiculous reason Amanda gave for not shooting O’Keefe. I get that she doesn’t want to shoot O’Keefe, but if she had missed the pulley then O’Keefe still would have shot Lee and he is a much bigger target than the pulley. Yes, Lee should have said thank you but I think he’s got some adrenaline flowing through him right now after this little episode where he was almost shot. I’m a little irritated with Amanda here. Yes,she’s being brave and saving Lee, but I’m not sure that it shows good judgement.

    Good for Amanda though in that she followed her gut and was there to save Lee and Francine. And even though she was completely lucky with her shot, she didn’t back down and did what she had to do despite the fact that she was clearly uncomfortable using the gun. She has progressed professionally. In past episodes where she didn’t have a gun, she would have just made a distraction, the baddie would have turned away from Lee and Lee would have pounced to save the day. Here, because of the gun, Amanda was the one to save the day.


  3. Looove Francine’s girly run into the building. (Not.) Sigh. At least KJ runs better than MS does–even if Amanda is “out of her element”. 😀
    Oh, and no–I don’t think that’s “Man-da” that tackles Tarzan in the aerial view and is swung around in the aerial view. It’s not Tarzan, either. :p But, it is “Man-da” that’s swung around in the ground level shot, though. (And Tarzan.)
    So… howzabout the “backwards” frames? Where Stunt Francine takes the header into the drums? All of the drums/crates are marked “IOT” not “TOI” –> “backwards” (mirror-imaged) footage. LOL.
    I choose to think that Amanda is actually an OK shot. She just can’t/won’t shoot at a person–even a film representation of a person. It’s totally against her nature. However, she was able to hit the pulley–I am choosing to think that she actually aimed the gun where she wanted the bullet to go, then turned her head/closed her eyes in case of flying debris. Go Amanda!
    Likewise, I think that her comment “well I just aimed at the broad side of the building and hoped for the best!” was typically Amanda-like understatement/self-deprecation and was done to defuse the tension of the situation. Lee was being a jerk (probably because he was scared at the danger Amanda had just been in and ‘cos he was confused and maybe mad with himself–let’s just say discombobulated, ‘cos I love that word) and so Amanda wasn’t going to make a thing about her shooting skills… she was just going to make light of it and walk away.
    It was great that Francine was nice to Amanda. 🙂 Kudos to her! (Hey, Lee–in this case you need to learn from Francine/take a page out of Francine’s book!)

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    • Loved your take on Amanda’s self depreciation here.. so true.. and I think once Lee had calmed down he might have been able to see this..

      I find commenting on this part a bit tricky, when I can’t talk about the tag! lol! but.. It’s being published soon 🙂


    • Ok, I am slowly going to work my way through these last two post…
      I like your thoughts here KC. I do think Amanda was being understated, but she also isn’t so sure of herself here about anything actually. Her job, her abilities and her friendship with Lee. Her comment fits that situation perfectly for Amanda. It goes with her comment about being completely out of her element. I love that comment of hers, so self aware, and yet she doesn’t turn around and high tail it out of there she keeps going (and saves the day).I always used to wonder why Lee was so unkind to Amanda here. He hasn’t been like that in a long time and I even think he was never like that to her even in the early days. But everyone’s detailed description of how jerky he was the last time he saw Amanda makes this make more sense. He is discombobulated, like you said, KC, and I think he knows he was being a jerk. Yet he can’t make sense of it all, so he is just left in that irritated place and now added to that he has his old “friend” with him too, worry about Amanda in a dangerous situation and this time she disobeyed him as well and surprised him. Now his anger makes more sense to me, not sure if it makes sense to Lee though. Amanda probably went home and had a good cry in the shower.


      • I get what you’re saying, Morley, and I also think that had none of the “stuff” that had happened before actually happened, I still think Lee would have been mad at Amanda for shooting at the pulley instead of O’Keefe. Her reasoning is completely illogical. I think that’s why Lee is mad. I know I would be completely irritated by something like that. Amanda can be logical; she thinks she is very logical, and Lee even admits that she is logical sometimes. But here she is not with this choice. I wrote in a comment above that I don’t think she showed good judgement and that’s based on the fact that she is being illogical.


  4. Hey Everyone! Just commenting to let you know that iwsod is having some technical difficulties these past couple of days with good ole WordPress! Argh! She is currently locked out and working to get back in, but it may be a couple more days or so…yikes!

    If you are wondering why the text is so big with this post it’s because I don’t know enough about WordPress to fix it and make it nice and purty! I published it for iwsod, but had no idea the formatting would wig out on me like it did. She’ll fix it when she gets back.

    In the meantime, chat away! iwsod’s asked me to publish the last OTL post in a couple of days if she can’t get back in. Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long!


  5. Iwsod, you didn’t mention that O’Keefe was vanquished by a FISHING net!

    On the serious side, I get a little impatient with the way the show portrays Amanda as inept; here, it’s about shooting and handling guns. Just because she has a hang-up about shooting a fellow human being (something very sobering, even in simulation) doesn’t mean she has to be a lousy shot! Actually, I don’t think the kind of scenerio Leatherneck is putting her through in this episode is how you would start a near-novice; there must be some basic target shooting and gun-handling that comes first. After she successfully completes that, then he would break out the more psychologically intense stuff. She probably can shoot just fine, as long as it’s not at a person. BTW, where did Lee’s gun go when he dropped it? It looks as though it should be right next to Francine!

    I think that Amanda made an intelligent and informed decision not to shoot at O’Keefe. Looking at how the shot lines up from her point of view, you can see that she would be aiming in the general direction of Francine and Lee. Not terribly so, and a seasoned agent probably would not have hesitated to take that shot, but Amanda is quite right to look for another solution. And I agree with Jestress that if any shooting breaks out behind him, O’Keefe is probably going to turn around, giving Lee a perfect opportunity to take him out. So Lee is not only a jerk for being angry at Amanda here, he is totally nonsensical. For once, Francine appreciates Amanda better than he does.

    A few LOL moments in this scene, like how Tarzan is so conveniently knocked unconscious by being hit across the back.


    • Melissa Robertson

      I agree with what you say. If you can take out the baddie with out shooting him then IMHO that seems like the logically choice!!

      I agree too that it seems that her shooting practice would have started at a lower level and then progressed up, but this SMK land and I guess it adds suspense for us to know that Amanda is a bad shot and will she be able to save Lee 😉


  6. I always figured that the reason Lee yells at Amanda after she saves him was because he was afraid for her. Amanda says that if she missed shooting O’Keefe, he would probably shoot Lee, but actually, O’Keefe already had Lee pretty well cornered. Lee wasn’t a threat to him, so if Amanda shot and missed, I think O’Keefe would shoot her first so that she couldn’t try again. I think that the reason Lee is upset is because he’s realized that Amanda would have been the logical target for O’Keefe and because she hasn’t realized yet the danger she was actually in.


    • Yes, I certainly think that is part of it Jestress. Ultimately with Lee his anger is more about fear, which usually manifests as anger.
      He is fearful for Amanda’s safety, especially since he knows he should have been with her instead of staying at the apartment to “entertain” Leslie. He knows he’s messed up and Amanda could have been seriously hurt or killed because of it.
      He’ also fearful of his feelings for her and we have seen throughout the last couple of years how this has often manifested itself as anger or irritability at Amanda.
      With how he and Amanda have become such close friends over recent months, the events of this particular case, and now a hollow relationship with Leslie in the mix, he can no longer avoid the truth of his feelings. This last bout of anger is his final struggle but right here I think he finally realises this battle is already lost – he must face the truth behind his feelings.

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      • I agree. He’s confused, upset, angry with himself (from earlier in the evening!!) And then worried for Amanda. And that comes out as anger at her. Reminds me of losing my child in the shops, being terrified and then shouting at her when I find her. I think its a very human ‘normal’ response, if very unattractive!!


    • Melissa Robertson

      I agree with you that he yells because he is scared for her. Kinda reminds me of when my husband saved a kid from drowning and the mother didn’t even say thank you but started yelling at her kid. It amazes me how many parents don’t watch their kids in the water and toddlers on top of it!


  7. To me this is the worst Lee treats Amanda the whole episode… and he’s been quite a jerk. Ok – so she didn’t go home. Seriously Lee.. do you know her at all? Did you really expect her to go home? And then, she saves both Lee and Francine but he is angry at her for not shooting O’Keefe. How do you think Amanda would feel if she killed someone? Even seasoned agents are traumatized by that. But he’s so caught up in his own issues that he actually yells at her for not shooting a person. He should be glad that she was able to help them and avoid that trauma. I know Amanda makes it seem like it was all about being afraid she’ll miss but you know she just couldn’t shoot a person. And Lee should know and understand that. But he’s being a class-A jerk.

    And I really think the filmers should have paid a bit more attention to the environment. Lee and Leslie are getting ready for a sit-down fancy dinner after “quitting time” and yet it’s light enough to be mid-afternoon. I’m sure there is more to say about this scene but I get so annoyed that he yells at her after she saves him I get distracted from the rest.


    • The fact that there is a scene earlier in the episode that shows Lee’s compassion and understanding towards Amanda’s relationship with guns and due to the fact that it is Francine who gives Amanda the happy, relieved compliment while Lee makes the angry, non-sensible response highlights the state of Lee’s emotions at this moment. Like you said, he is totally caught up (like a fly in a spiderweb sort of way) with his own emotions.


  8. Hi. I’m new to your site over the last couple of weeks and wanted to congratulate you on what a great job you are doing! Love it! I always had basketball practice on Scarecrow and Mrs. King nights back in the 80’s, so I am seeing many of the episodes for the first time. So many episodes (just like this one) I am shocked at how often Lee’s personality is so emotional and all over the place. Kind of like a grab-bag…never know what you are going to get! I feel that Lee is fighting his realization of his feelings for Amanda and to top it off…he has to deal with the fact that she is the one acting as the hero–NOT him! Too much for that man’s dignity to handle all at once.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome to the blog, Hope! Boo basketball practice! Actually, no boo to practice, I played basketball back in the 80’s too. Hope you enjoy hanging out and commenting on the blog! All the episodes up to this point in the series are here on JWWM, so feel free to explore and comment anytime, anyplace. We’re all here because we love Lee and Amanda, their story, and all of SMK! Oh, and we love to “talk” about it!


    • Hello Hope and welcome along. Always good to hear from more followers of Iwsod’s blog. 🙂


    • Hi, Hope. Glad to have another fan to share with.


    • Welcome Hope — I loved your comment that Amanda, the civilian errand girl/secretary, is in the hero role instead of Lee. And I cannot say I feel sorry for Lee and his blow to his dignity — SUFFER LEE!

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      • Yep, I so agree! Hee hee! Welcome Hope and Alyssa! I’m sure you’ll find as much pleasure in being here as I have. And there’s always a lot of chocolate, marshmallows (because we know where Amanda hides them) and wine for everybody down the SMK rabbit hole! Get out your fuzzy robe and be prepared for a lot of thoughtful analysis and giggles 🙂


    • Welcome, Hope! So glad you decided to join the fun!


    • Melissa Robertson

      Welcome…glad you joined the fun!


    • Welcome! 🙂


    • Hi, Hope! (Jestress waves happily.)


    • Yay! Another new commenter. Hello Hope! And I love it that you are seeing these for the first time. Fresh eyes are the best. I hope you comment often, it will add so much to all of our experience!!! Welcome, welcome!


  9. Isn’t it interesting that despite Francine’s grousing and complaining about Amanda, she’s not skimpy with her compliments when Amanda saves her life (or does really well)? Shows that she feels some solidarity with Amanda, and some realization that Amanda is working hard at doing an agent’s job, even though she is “part-time.”

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  10. Hey Valerie, would you happen to recall the name of that fanfic, or where you saw it?

    As for Amanda saving Francine, I believe this would be the second time (unless I’m missing any). She did it in “Life of the Party” when she walked in on the little “hey, lets carve people up with a butcher knife” scene…I don’t recall the details, but I know Francine gushes over her a bit in that episode – something to do with shoving something at a bad guy who was going after Francine, maybe? Sorry, I’d normally look up the details before posting, but real life isn’t going to allow for that just now 🙂


  11. The moment Amanda picks up that gun is where I have the strongest flashback to Charlie’s Angels. The way she is holding the gun and the way she runs through the warehouse with it was such a Sabrina thing to do. It happens every time I get to this scene.

    I do think Amanda saved Lee and Francine from the greatest impact of the weak little bomb. I think that she caused a delay because the car seemed to be past the point of where the bomb was.

    Poor Francine, she is a poor imitation of Amanda and has some poor running skills. As she’s running into the warehouse I’m thinking that’s what that “she runs like a girl” statement looks like. Amanda has much better form.

    I did read a fanfic once that was filler between this scene and the tag and it dealt with Amanda’s reaction to Lee’s lack of gratitude. It was pretty good. Lee reads a report of how Amanda ended up bruised and sore because of tangling with the bomb expert and realizes she actually saved him twice in about 10 minutes.

    I like how that even though Amanda feels like she is out of her element she doesn’t give up. She committed to doing this and she is going to go forward. I think Amanda deciding to head to Transoceanic was also “aiming at the broad side of the building and hoping for the best”. Her instincts in most of these cases have always been pretty good and she was going to see this through no matter what Lee told her to do. I think she was trying to prove something to herself, and to Lee, after all that has been going on. Everything seems to have been spiraling out of control and she is trying to regain some semblance of control. Interesting that in the beginning of the episode Amanda is told it’s time to learn how to use a gun and ultimately she has to use one to save Lee’s life.

    Saving some comments for the tag regarding the whole Lee, Leslie, etc. situation.

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