8/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

Lee has offered to walk Amanda out to her car as it’s getting late.. Hmm and Amanda really appreciates that… but.. it’s not getting dark out! LOL.. from the Q bureau conversation it sounds very late – but moving on we find Lee and Amanda out in the bright sunshine walking through a park or something… Lee and Amanda silently walk to Amanda’s car.. Lee finally breaks his silence.
Lee: you followed me didn’t you!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001660226

Amanda: No
Lee: No?

Lee: Mmmm hmmmm

Amanda: me?…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001662629
..followed you?? no!
Lee: yeah I thought so. Whenever you don’t want to lie to me Amanda King you just repeat my question!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001666633
[lol! there he goes with ‘Amanda King’ again! And when you’re mad at her you use her full name Lee Stetson! Winking smile  He called her that last week at the elevator when he was cranky with her! plus, I like that Lee knows Amanda doesn’t want to lie to him Smile I bet he likes that about her Smile ]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001670236






……You followed me and you saw Crawford come in after me or something like that, right? [Interesting, Lee is so upset he hasn’t thought this through! Harry’s room was ransacked when Lee arrived- so it doesn’t make sense that Crawford would come in after him.. but Lee assumes the guy wasn’t already there.. nope Lee.. you are very confused right now!]
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Amanda: Ohhh!!
(Lee reveals he was holding the baseball in his hand behind his back)
[Ugh.. my dvd is annoyingly fuzzy for this fabulous scene.. I’ll do my best!]
Lee: aha!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001673440
Amanda notices the baseball in his hand…3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001674240







Lee tosses it back up and catches it again, Lol it looks like KJ thought he was throwing it to her a little early Winking smile
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001674641…recognise this?
(He throws her the baseball.. and she catches it. You are so busted Amanda King..)
Amanda: oh!!! ah.. baseball.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001676242
[You can just see Amanda’s mind working a million miles a minute here thinking how do I respond to this?! eek!! I can’t tell him about Harry!]
Lee: aha that’s my Harmon Killebrew…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001679446
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001680647Amanda pauses a moment, steeling herself for not being able to be up front with Lee here. This is really hard for her! She’s been ordered not to tell Lee, and it’s for his own good.. I imagine Amanda steeling herself with the thought that when all is explained Lee will understand, she just wishes it didn’t have to hurt in the meantime. thoughts??
Amanda: (eek)
Ohhh kkkk…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001681314
I followed you…  [I for one love that Lee didn’t notice Amanda following him!! Winking smile  I wonder if that annoys him as much as Amanda not listening to him Winking smile ]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001682248
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001682916













…I saw something move in the window…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001684250






…so I gave it…
(she tosses the ball back to Lee finishing her story)  …my best pitch.
(Lee catches it)
[Interesting, seems Amanda has recognised she can’t get out of it.. but she has come up with a fake explanation for how she knew Lee was in danger which avoids having to out her relationship with Harry. Very interesting, on one hand she confesses, while on the other hand she tells a lie – and does so without repeating the question like Lee thinks she does.. I think she manages to pull one over on Lee here with this explanation (she doesn’t look at him when she does the lying part of this statement, and finishes by throwing the ball back and distracting him!). Funny that I am thinking successful lying on Amanda’s part is progress! lol!!! Only in the spy bizz! haaaaaa]
Love how it’s whoever holds the ball gets to talk! haaaa..
Lee: aha…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001688254
…I told you not to follow me as plain as I know how Amanda Do-not-follow-me!! but you nnoooo you had to do it.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001692659
[Can’t wait to hear what  you all think of this!  ‘you had to do it’ is an ironic choice of words- this is actually the truth- she had to- Harry ordered her to! Zulu Blue!]
I don’t know about you guys but I sense some sexual tension goin on here as these two push and prod each other (metaphorically of course!) Winking smile ahem.. maybe it’s just me?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001695462
… I want to know why!
Lee sticks his chin out and stares Amanda down.. challenging Amanda!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001696096
Amanda: well it’s a lucky thing I did you could’ve gotten hurt-
[Funny, I get the feeling Lee is very aware of how Amanda saved him this time- as opposed to his ugh reaction to her saving him at the end of the last episode, Over the Limit! So much progress on display in this scene!]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001697163Lee:
don’t change the subject! I want an answer now!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001700266Amanda: Okaayyy. I didn’t follow you, I followed my instincts!…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001703069
[hooo haaaa.. tell me there’s no heat in the pic above?!! these two are suddenly sizzling! Lee and Amanda are playing their own ‘game’ here! A bit of conflict will do that huh..
ah.. those all important instincts get another mention!! Do you think Amanda is thinking back to what Harry told her Lee said about her and her instincts?]
Lee: Ohhh your-
Amanda cuts Lee off:
Ohhh look…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001706272
…don’t be angry with me because you didn’t catch Larry Crawford…(At this Lee’s chin goes out even further and he gives her a seething look- IMHO it’s hilarious!!! [don’t try that one missy!] Amanda’s no fool.. she changes tactic fast!..)
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001710276… Ok, would it help if I said I was sorr-
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001712278Lee: No!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001714681[oh my.. the looks Lee is giving Amanda here.. he is truly wishing to stare her down!!! trying to read what’s in her mind?! trying to discern what she’s up to? Is he wondering if he can trust her? he senses she is still hiding something..]
Amanda reaches her car and lets out a big sigh, I think she wishes she could be open with Lee here.. and is resigned to copping what she believes will be an upcoming rant from Lee Sad smile
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001717484
Lee: … Amanda, it’s just that sometimes I wish I could just get good and steamed!!!…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001719486(We see Amanda turn to face Lee here as he talks, bracing herself with her car- 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001720687
you can juuust make it out behind Lee)
I think she is bracing herself for a big rejection from Lee here.. she can 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001720787see he isn’t buying it..and
he’s mad.. I think she suspects he will take a giant leap backwards here in their friendship.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001721187
……but every time you do something to make me mad…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001722655






…you turn around…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001723323






…and do something to make me grateful!!….
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001724524
(the shot cuts to Amanda for her reaction.. what do you make of it everyone?)
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001724691
At first she seems down.. but.. then..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001725091
it’s like she takes in what he is saying and is shocked to hear what she is hearing from Lee! This was not the reaction she was expecting. He’s grateful??!!! He can’t get good and steamed with Amanda??!!!  He’s not stepping away from their friendship/partnership here?! He’s mad.. but he’s staying put?? wow!! Amanda was not expecting this at all IMHO and this tells us some of where Amanda is a in their journey. She was not fully secure with Lee that he would cope with her keeping secrets from him.. all very interesting!though Lee isn’t finished with the surprises yet…
Amanda gives Lee a small smile as
Lee continues: Soo…
[Lee can see Amanda isn’t going to give him any more information..she remains silent, this response is all he’s going to get for now..]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001726159

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001726292Lee begins to turn, and walk away, resigned as he says: .. I’ll see you tomorrow!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001726826Lee isn’t questioning his trust in Amanda Smile He is certain he trusts her.. he’s mad, he’s grateful, he’s confused.. and he’s not getting answers from Amanda.. but.. he still trusts her, and he will still see her tomorrow. That he goes to finish here with this line about seeing her tomorrow IMHO is huge- it means I’m not happy with you right now, but you are still going to be in my life! That’s how important she is to him Smile well.. this is my take.. do feel free to share your own ideas! I figure Lee is thinking there must be a reason why Amanda is not being honest with him because he knows her and knows honesty is important to her, and for now, he’ll go with it.. but he isn’t about to stop trying to figure things out! No wonder Lee never gets bored with Amanda Winking smile tee hee..
Amanda calls to Lee: what were you looking for?
Lee: it doesn’t matter,…
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001730697
…he wasn’t there.. he wasn’t anywhere!

Ohhh boy.. it is so sweet to see them fighting but still caring so much about each other.. this not telling Lee thing is awful!! This scene ends with Lee looking quite lost- he’s in a blizzard here.. and he’s missing Amanda!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001737637Amanda looks sad too.. watching Lee walk off, unable to give him the answers he needs- for now. It would be hard to not just confess given how Lee has just demonstrated his great loyalty to her- but then.. Amanda can remind herself it’s not for long and he’ll understand when he hears what’s happening. Though this fight has lots of sexual tension going on.. it ends with the two of them off kilter, neither is happy with the lack of harmony between the two of them- things aren’t right if they aren’t in sync..

I find this a powerful scene. In Spiderweb, Lee stood by Amanda because he knew she had done nothing wrong and he trusted her- what you saw was what you got! But here? Lee knows Amanda is hiding something from him– and yet he still trusts her. [which is why I really liked the cut line in the Q bureau about people being like rocks, and turning over rocks to see what is hidden- see comments of post 7 Smile ] this IMHO is huge!! It is a testament to his strong bond with Amanda that he is not pushing her away. He’s actually taken a leap towards Amanda, by stating he isn’t able to get good and steamed with her like he’d like to – because he’s grateful to her.

I also love his emotional honesty here – so very mature for Lee.. he is truly beginning to be a grown man now huh!! Admitting she makes him mad.. and grateful – wonderful maturity! That’s a guy you could fall in love with Winking smile This is a big honest moment for Lee- one of his most honest to date in my book. Amanda is not being honest with Lee, and he knows it- yet in spite of this he puts himself out there. He’s powerless to control his feelings for her here and he admits it!

IMHO Lee’s showing vulnerability here- Amanda and his feelings for her make him vulnerable. She doesn’t answer his questions, she lies to him, and he is still grateful to her, still unable to go and get good and steamed. It’s like this kind of power she has over him is being admitted to by him – he makes his disappointment clear.. but I think it’s wonderful because Lee is slowly but surely beginning to surrender to this love that is now building between them.. he knows deep down Amanda is trustworthy, even when he doesn’t understand what’s going on.

Amanda? well I don’t see her as being able to yet know she can trust Lee with her romantic side..[any other side? no problem!] I think now she is on wait, look and see status – she is seeing some pretty wonderful stuff here though! How could you not start to fall a little for this man? Putting himself out there like this for you? because of you? Powerless and unable to fight his gratitude for you, even when he wants to be mad at you? And being honest with you about that?
swoony no?

It may sound strange but in the putting yourself out there department – I think Lee is leading the way.. and this was a big step!

Anyway.. eeek! enough rambling from iwsod! I am busting to hear what you all make of this scene.. I know many of you see Amanda as in love already or well on her way and ahead of Lee maybe…. and you will probably disagree a bit.. but that’s cool! Maybe someone will agree with me too Winking smile

You know given how cross Lee looked at Amanda in the Q bureau and all.. I wonder if they were trying to build up to a big moment- where we thought, and Amanda thought, Lee was really going to lose his temper- only to find he doesn’t.. Hmmm.. anyone remember watching this for the first time?? and remember your reactions?? thoughts??

Final thought.. Hey do you guys think that Lee has two signed baseballs? The one in DOA was Ty Cobbs.. tell me what you think.. here is a close up view of the ball:
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_001448014
I see two signatures, thinking one is Ty Cobbs and one is the Killebrew signature.. what do you guys think?

Okay must head off now! this is a big post- but didn’t want to split this scene and had a flood of thoughts I wanted so share.. sorry this is so big!!!
byee for now and can’t wait to hear from you all – byeeeeee!

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  1. I love this exchange between Lee and Amanda as they walk through that park or whatever it was. Lee sounded put out with Amanda but at the same time there was a hint of “I know your up to something, but because I trust you, I can’t be too mad”…I think Lee was confused and that’s why he said, “Everytime you do something to make me mad, you do something to make me grateful”…. he knows she always has his back, even if he doesn’t understand why she is following him.
    Yeah, Lee is in love,whether or not he realizes it is yet is to be revealed. Amanda may be in love here but she is not yet ready to give her heart, she isn’t sure that Lee is over all of the “Lady Friends” yet.

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  2. Ahhhh, finally back to Weasel. Love the new serious looking Lee in the sidebar, iwsod!!

    Oh, yes, I most assuredly think Lee likes that Amanda doesn’t want to lie to him!!

    LOVE the way Amanda catches that baseball! With effect! And she knows she is sooo busted! Lee knows she was there, she has to ‘fess up. I like your thoughts, iwsod. I think her mind is going a million miles a minute trying to figure out what to say to Lee without revealing the whole Harry V. angle. I think she knows Lee is good and mad at her and I think she probably agrees that he has a right to be mad at her. But I think she also thinks that Lee must know that she isn’t doing anything weird or petty.

    There is definitely tension going on here. I think this is the maddest we’ve seen Lee at Amanda, right? She was the maddest I’ve seen her with Lee in OTL. This time it’s him who’s mad – and with good reason, I think. I don’t see the sexual tension here yet, but that’s just me.

    I agree, Lee is very aware that Amanda’s pitch through Harry V.’s window saved him, hence the reason why he said what he said next about her doing something to make him grateful. And yup, I do think Amanda went with the instincts line because she knows Lee thinks she has good instincts, and not just because Harry V. told her.

    I don’t see Lee’s trust in Amanda faltering here. I think he does believe she is hiding something, but I think he also knows her well enough to know that it’s not necessarily a bad thing. He’s mad because she won’t tell him, she’s acting weird and following him around. He’s her superior for crying out loud and she is acting insubordinate here. This is very unlike her, but I gotta believe he thinks she has a legitimate reason. I think that’s why he doesn’t push her here any more than he does with his harsh tone and angry looks. I think he’s starting to suspect someone else has got Amanda following him and he doesn’t know who yet or why. He’s mad that he can’t figure it out. He’s taking it out on her a bit here, but I think he ends the conversation with less anger because I think he thinks she may just be following orders. He’s good and steamed at this proverbial person who has given Amanda the order to follow him around.

    I think Amanda’s surprised look has more to do with Lee dialing down his anger a little and taking a different tack versus continuing on with the third degree until she finally broke down and told him. I think she was surprised that he didn’t keep grilling her.

    I like what you say about Lee’s emotional honesty here. He does put himself out there despite the fact that he knows she’s not giving him the full truth. They’ve come such a long way in their relationship personally and professionally. If anything like this had happened earlier, say before mid-season 2, I think Lee would have gotten it out of her. Here, she has earned his respect and trust as a professional in some ways and so he doesn’t push it with her. He is really trusting her here still.

    No doubt – Lee is definitely ahead of Amanda in the “Putting yourself out there” category. I don’t think he ever gives up the lead.

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  3. It just occurred to me while reading the recap that Amanda is making use of her black belt in confusing here — by the time she is finished, Lee doesn’t know which end is up! I agree so completely with your comments about Lee’s vulnerability and emotional honesty here. This is a real quarrel between people who have a close relationship — there isn’t any hint of rejection, he’s just telling her how he feels. Has he ever done that before? Even though her behavior frustrates and confuses him, he gives her space.

    Yeah, that name smack in the center of the baseball says Harmon Killibrew all right (but nothing like the real player’s signature, lol) but the other one does NOT say Ty Cobb. Call me crazy, but I think it’s possible it says Lee Stetson. Joke on the part of the props people? If Lee has two autographed baseballs, he must be a big fan. One interesting note is that the two players belonged to very different eras. Lee could not have actually seen Ty Cobb play ball. I was a little surprised that he had a Harmon Killibrew ball; although Killibrew was an excellent player, I don’t think of him as having the same national reputation of Ty Cobb. But when I looked it up, I found out Killibrew played for the Washington Senators, a team that played in DC until 1961. Not sure if that fits into Lee’s timeline, as to where he was living with his uncle during boyhood, but it at least makes some sense why Killibrew might be a hero to Lee.


    • I kind of like the baseball continuity through out the show. I know it is the “American pastime” (I can’t stand the game myself),but it is fun to think that even though Lee says he is not nor will he ever be a Bomber father, he loved baseball as a boy and Amanda is a Little League coach. We know they can both handle a ball 😉


    • Melissa Robertson

      I thought in DOA that he said the ball had been passed down in the family…but I could be wrong!


  4. Iwsod, you wrote, “It may sound strange but in the putting yourself out there department – I think Lee is leading the way.. and this was a big step!” I completely agree, and I think this is sometimes why I’m a little hard on Amanda. I feel sometimes she doesn’t even try to meet Lee halfway, to acknowledge his efforts and his progress. However, in her defense, it would be much more difficult to invest your emotional trust in someone with Lee’s history/personality than it would be to invest it in someone with Amanda’s history/personality.

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    • Hey Raffie- very true.. I think you’ve explained well why Amanda does not yet meet Lee halfway 😉 now I’m doing this walk I can appreciate more the way Lee changes, and how Amanda needs to see he has changed and be able to trust that – and that takes time.. plus I just like the idea that Amanda lets Lee slowly, carefully pursue her at a pace that he is comfortable with, and doesn’t push him. She welcomes what he gives – and she gives what she is comfortable to give back. For me, so far Amanda is not quite ready to believe Lee’s girls are behind him.. but.. this is going to come up in our next episode so I shall resist discussing further! for now!!!!
      Hmm.. I want to finish dancing weasel and get on to wizard! lol!!!


      • I’m considering reading the Wizard of Oz in preparation for wizard (does that mean I’m strangely obsessed). Has anyone else done this specifically for this reason?


        • Hmmm, no I haven’t read WOO just for this episode (I did read the series when I was young) but I will admit to start drinking Earl Grey tea because Shane Donovan (Days of Our Lives) did and watch a bunch of old classic movies Remington Steele referenced (just so I could understand the nuances of the episode, honest!). Does that count?


          • I’m taking the easy route and will listen to the audiobook. Or maybe I’ll read it aloud to the kids (to further their education in classic literature??)


            • My son just performed the play, he was the Scarecrow actually. I wonder if I will pick anything new up because of that. We do read the book in our homeschool curriculum and it is different than the movie. But nothing jumps out at me. It would be great that one of us has done the research, never know what might come up.


          • Lol I did the same with Remington Steele! Didn’t get through nearly as many of the movies as I would have liked, but they’re still on my list!


        • I reread WOZ a few years ago strictly because of SMK. I enjoyed rereading it, but I still have the same idea about Scarecrow now as I did then. I’ll share when appropriate.


        • I’m wondering (as people discuss reading TWOZ) if the SMK episode is based on the movie or the book. There are differences and that could make a difference in how the episode is perceived. Just a thought. Maybe I’ll peruse the book and then peruse the movie just to have something to compare when we get to the episode.


  5. Who is the “he” that Lee says wasn’t there? Is it Crawford or Harry? I tend to think it is Harry, and it illustrates that Lee really does care about Harry. So we have the added layer of Lee’s concern and personal relationship with Harry as well as his trust in Amanda as Amanda is learning more about Lee.


    • hiya! Yeah I think Lee is referring to Harry. Crawford was there 😉

      I also see Lee as beginning to worry about Harry more now – showing up at his place and not finding Harry there, as well as instead finding Crawford trying to kill him, has got to increase Lee’s concern for Harry.

      I think so far Amanda has mentioned catching Crawford to Lee twice- in the car earlier – come on I know you want to catch Crawford kind of thing, and then here commenting on his anger at not catching Crawford: I think this is actually Amanda wanting to talk to Lee about Harry, but she can’t because she isn’t suppose to know how close Lee and Harry are- because she didn’t hear this from Lee, she heard it from Harry.
      So when she comments that he is upset at not catching Crawford, for me, the real meaning is that he is upset that he hasn’t found Harry.
      It must be frustrating for Amanda to see Lee is concerned for Harry, but she is not able to ask him about it, nor is she able to tell him the information she knows that could put his mind at ease- a very tricky time for Amanda.. but maybe also a maturing one for Amanda, where she copes with the demands of being in the spy bizz by keeping her eye on the big picture here (and less on the individual- which has often been a theme in smk no?)
      Hope that makes some sense!

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      • I agree, iwsod! I think this argument and the way Lee handles it is one professional to another. She handles herself well, and exhibits maturity and progress at the same time. I think Lee respects that, which is why he lets it go.


  6. I am loving all the comments so far. I don’t know what it is but I like it when these two are in an outdoor location. I think of all the European scenes and how even though there might be others around they tend to only focus on each other. It’s like the rest of the world just fades away. Okay, I’m definitely in swoon-mode. There is such an ease to their friendship/relationship. And this is one of those times where they are not touching, but their body language is speaking for itself. While Lee may be trying to refrain from getting steamed about Amanda following him, there is still some pretty good steaminess going on anyway, just not the angry kind.

    I think that Lee is not in that angry mode mostly because Amanda has once again saved him, but also because if she’s at least in his vicinity he has a chance to rescue her if she’s in trouble. This way he can still sort of keep an eye on her. If she were off tailing someone else he would be antsy as to where she was and if she were in trouble and wondering if he would be too late to save her.

    In some ways they both sort of learning to let go of some past behaviors with one another and embracing this new dynamic. Amanda was bracing herself for a Lee tirade and it didn’t come. Lee is learning to accept and be grateful for Amanda rescuing him. Their trust in one another has just grown by leaps and bounds.

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  7. I love this scene and in someways it’s the complete package. It’s funny when Amanda’s voice goes really high as she denies following Lee and when Lee sticks out his chin and glares, it’s hysterical! Then the car scene is so sweet and poignant. They are so on the road to love that I watch this with total glee and joy! And then there’s completely swoonworthy Lee, arghababbgldhfjvjlkshduh! dives back down the rabbit hole to watch the scene for a fourth time


  8. Oh, dear, more thoughts… Sometimes Amanda looks much shorter than Lee, but not here. Here Lee even looks kind of little.
    I do think Lee likes a woman he can spar with. I think it excites him and attracts him as well as causes him to respect her. He has met his match here in Amanda, I think he is getting glimpses of this, hence some of the sparks we see.
    I do think Amanda was thinking of her conversation with Harry when she mentions her instincts. I wonder if Lee would put that together if he thought about it later. Has she mentioned her instincts before. I know Lee mentioned them in BAI. I wonder what he was going to say before she cut him off?

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    • Yes – I’ve always thought that Amanda not giving up on her beliefs/standing up to Lee for what she believes in/not simpering over him is one of the major factors in their relationship… along with Amanda’s patience and kindness. Francine – as much of a moo (cow) as she can be at times – also stands up to Lee and I think he respects her and that’s part of their friendship. Not saying that Lee caves to authority/people who stand up to him – we know he sometimes (?) 🙂 takes issue with authority – I just think he doesn’t much respect simpering or smarminess… Does that make sense? My brain is on vacation… 😉


      • Absolutely and I completely agree. I think Amanda’s feistiness discombobulates Lee right from the get-go, and I think this is a huge attraction for him. In S1 his reaction is confusion, frustration, and annoyance, but eventually he let’s himself realize that he finds this quality very attractive.


      • I agree too, KC. I think that when Lee realizes early on that Amanda won’t simper over him like all the other women, it’s as if he realizes he doesn’t have to put on a show for her or keep up the playboy act if he doesn’t want to. He can just be himself and doesn’t always have to be “on”. That’s got to be nice for him! I think once he had a taste of that for Amanda, he definitely slowly but surely lost interest and respect for all the other women who continued to look at him that way. Maybe that’s why he changed his wardrobe from spiffy suits to more casual blue jeans and such. He didn’t always have to play that role and was getting a little tired of it?

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  9. What I found interesting is that Lee says “Whenever you don’t want to lie to me . . .” That means that there have been other things that Amanda has been reluctant to tell him, for one reason or another, so Lee knows how Amanda acts when she has something that she is trying not to say. Yet, he doesn’t act threatened by Amanda’s secrets. They bother him, and he wants to know what’s up, but he’s content for the moment to let it go. If he thought that she was doing something dangerous, I think he’d get angry and make her tell him what’s going on. Amanda’s behavior doesn’t seem to frighten him because he knows that Amanda cares about him and wants to help him. Whatever she was reluctant to tell him about before must have also been something harmless.


  10. Yes, this scene is a gem! I do love the tension here. And I love the way Lee so easily says, “yeah I thought so. Whenever you don’t want to lie to me Amanda King you just repeat my question!” He does know her, he knows her well, he has studied her and can read even her unspoken ways and here he is making that blatantly known. That has got to register! There is an acknowledgement of intimacy there, even if it is friendship level or business level… or possibly more 😉
    I love the way they toss the baseball back and forth and take turns talking. No talking over each other, no jumping to conclusions, no blowing things out of proportion, no finger pointing. Lee is just telling it like it is. And poor Amanda can’t say anything. It is a bit of a role reversal, isn’t it. They seem to be equals here, just people, not top spy chastising trainee spy.

    And it is ok if things don’t get solved, the communication on Lee’s part was all that was necessary. Maybe Lee is getting used to this confused feeling about Amanda, and he is willing to just “see her tomorrow” and let what happens happen?

    When I hear his comment about wanting to get good and steamed and not being able to because she does something to make him grateful, it makes me thing of the end of OTL as well. As if he has finally been able to work through his outburst there after she got O’Keefe in the net by just shooting at the broad side of the barn. Is he also communicating with her about that one too?

    And I do agree with everything you said, Iwsod, that Lee is leading the way here in emotional honesty. I do think Amanda just took note of that. I love that about him. He can do it when he puts his mind to it, he changes and he willingly puts it out there, and he does it so well, just a little bit at a time. I don’ think he is calculating it, it just speaks to the quality of the friendship and care and even love they have allowed to grow between each other. That is one of the reasons that I like the end of season 2, because it is on that platform that all this goodness builds.

    I do agree that Amanda isn’t quite ready to go where Lee is going. Maybe she wants to, but she isn’t clear if that is exactly where Lee is going (maybe he isn’t clear either) I think she worked pretty hard during late season 1 to focus on this wonderful friendship and as well as she knows Lee, she knows him. She trusts him in so many ways, but not with her heart of hearts, not yet. He is going to have to give her a series of green lights I think before she puts that on the table. That is one of the reasons why I think the divorce did a doozy on her as well, I won’t pin what I perceive as her reluctance with Lee all on Lee.

    But what I love about this scene is the way they seem so naturally to begin to experience this next stage of intimacy with each other, the emotional honesty. It just flows from them. And I do think Amanda is being as honest as she can, and I do think Lee knows that about her. She wouldn’t just lie and be coy about things,and even though she must be holding back for some reason, Lee doesn’t choose to hold back in return. He tells her that he is frustrated, that he is grateful and that they will pick up where they left off tomorrow.

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    • Like this Morley. Once again you have summed it all up so well.
      I do agree that Amanda isn’t quite ready to go where Lee is going. Maybe she wants to, but she isn’t clear if that is exactly where Lee is going (maybe he isn’t clear either) Like this as I do think Amanda has pulled back a bit from where she was late S2. I think Lee knows that he wants something more with Amanda but he’s not ready to focus on just where it all might lead. Instead he’s taking a “one day at a time” approach, and the “dates” are his way of beginning to explore what that “something more” might be, and also his way of communicating those “green lights” to let her know she can trust her heart to him.
      Even if Leslie is still in the picture I think he acknowledged to himself by the end of OTL that there is no future in that relationship.


      • I was thinking of the word “organic” as I wrote my comment. I guess it feels to me like neither one of them is planning anything right now. Instead it is as if they are letting things begin to just grow. I think they used to control it, keep it in its compartmentalized “tupperware”. But now, they are letting their friendship out of the box and letting it be “organic.” I think if either of them asked themselves what they wanted or were going with their friendship, or asked the other, or if anyone else asked them they would not have an answer, but they wouldn’t categorically deny anything either.
        And even though I do think Lee hasn’t officially ended his relationship with Leslie, I do not think he is thinking about her much at all. Which in the long run, is probably saying much of what you are saying, kiwismh. I just guess I think Lee isn’t thinking strategically about any of these things yet. Not that he isn’t thinking, but this is a big one, letting it be organic is a big step…


    • Hey Morley, I agree, there is definitely an acknowledgement of intimacy here. Maybe I’ve got too much professional Amanda in my brain after writing my posts, but I see this scene as Lee and Amanda relating to each other more on a professional level as partners and not a personal one. I think Lee views Amanda’s following him around as having to do with work and not a personal interest. I think that’s partially why he lets it go and tells her he’ll see her tomorrow. She’s his partner, they are in the spy business, they have to lie and sneak – it’s part of the job. I think Lee’s pissed that someone is having Amanda follow him around. The more I think about this scene and read the comments, the more I’m convinced of that. I think Lee knows that if Amanda is being ordered to follow him around, then she won’t tell him. Maybe he’s not 100% sure, and maybe that’s why he doesn’t just ask her if someone is having her follow him, but I do think he is leaning toward that being the likely possibility. So yes, I agree with your assessment – they are equals here.

      I think from early on (think Damn Duck episode) Amanda has shown Lee that he and his heart is safe with her. So when he is emotional, like he is here, he knows he can be honest with her and not have to be calculating in what he says to her. He can just let it fly.

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  11. It’s “magical time” in SMK land. The sun and moon can shine anytime – day or night. The shadows can be anywhere (maybe they’re like Peter Pan’s shadow and can do their own thing). Hahaha. Whatever…

    This is by far my favorite scene in this episode. Lee says a lot in this scene, both upfront and underneath. The fact that he wants to get mad and can’t stay that way because she makes him grateful says a lot about his feelings both professionally and personally. It takes Amanda a moment to hear both meanings. I do think she’s a bit wistful here. She wants to be honest, but can’t. Lee senses something is up, but is so caught up in his worry about Harry, especially after the trashed apartment that he can’t quite deal with it. He trusts Amanda enough to allow his concern for Harry to take center stage.

    The fact that they know each other so well is showing up more and more in their reactions to each other. I think Amanda is starting to see some hope that this relationship might be more, but she’s a little afraid to allow that hope full reign.

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  12. Love how Amanda holds her own with Lee in not revealing what she was really up to but feeding him enough explanation and adeptly diverting him from any intense cross-examination of her actions. Lying, cover story, diversion – whatever works. Yep, that’s professional progress Agency-style.
    This conversation reveals how well they know each other now, and how much closer their worlds have become, personally and professionally. That they can have an intense conversation like this without Lee getting angry and without Amanda resorting to a ramble illustrates the familiarity and trust they have with each other.
    Even so, in the scene where she is standing next to her car I think Amanda is worried that this deception, even though it is to protect Lee, has the potential to drive a wedge into their friendship. She doesn’t want to lose Lee’s trust. Maybe Amanda thinks this could happen so much more easily now if Lee is still seeing Leslie – could Amanda’s actions encourage him to transfer his friendship and trust away from her to Leslie? I’m trying to think here purely of what might be going through Amanda’s mind given the events of OTL.
    I get the feeling that post-OTL Amanda has moments where she feels quite wistful and this is one of them. Even though this has been a tricky conversation to negotiate with Lee, I think on some level she enjoyed the repartee, the thrust and parry of the conversation – trying to keep it PG Iwsod but you did mention “sexual tension” 😉 Although she has deliberately pulled back from where her natural female instincts were leading her between Burn Out and OTL, I think this conversation has been a reminder of those good feelings.
    Professionally Amanda has hit her stride and knows exactly what she wants now. Personally, the events of OTL have left her somewhat bereft and although she’s doing a good job of trying to keep it all together, this is one of those moments where it’s hard for her to ignore her heart. It must be all the more difficult with Lee demonstrating so much emotional maturity here and showing her how much he values their friendship.


  13. Midday must be the new “late” because all the people in the background have shadows as if the sun is directly overhead. 😉


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