12/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

Yep, now ragmop is history (hooooo ray)  Lee is  3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002322255thinking really hard to figure out what’s going on..
I enjoy watching Lee try to put together a puzzle.. I think he enjoys puzzles and this explains why Amanda is so interesting to him- she constantly puzzles him! Smile
Anyway.. time for Lee and Amanda to give us a recap..
Crawford found Harry’s letter by searching the files at State.
Crawford used Harry’s ID to break in and try to steal it.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002328261
[Aha!! so this is where the Nanny stole the idea of sitting on the corner of his desk! Winking smile you couldn’t do this in the bullpen!! me like!! Just be careful not to set off that silent alarm Amanda- it’s reeeeeally loud! Winking smile]
By the way, notice how clean the Q bureau is now?! Lee must have spent all last night putting all those files away and playing Tetris Winking smile err I mean playing Home Ec!

Lee dials Harry’s private number, saying it was the one Amanda called last night – did Amanda tell him that? guess so..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002333867The unmarked line lights up (and Amanda’s nails suddenly grow long and lovely in the close up! sheesh!!)3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002340674
[who’s gonna call Lee’s phone number?!!! 555 2368!!! go on!!! ]
Lee has worked out that Crawford was recording Harry’s private line.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002349482whoooo it’s all so interesting…..(not)…. the Kolinsky calls were.. for Harry!!!!!!!  ugh!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002356690Everyone is shocked! Amazed!!! only….Lee said it was ‘Harry’s phone’ two posts ago and Amanda knew Harry was Kolinsky already, and Lee should have known from what he was listening to in the country.. this big reveal makes nooooo sense..
[In the script it says Lee heard mostly music out in the country- so I think maybe they stuffed up by making it seem Lee could hear the first part of that conversation with his listening thingy!]
Lee reads to Amanda the transcript of the phone calls – cue the ‘figuring it out and oh so clever tinkles!’ Winking smile go on! Listen to them!!! tee heee..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002367500
Lee (captain bleeding obvious!): Kolinsky, was Harry!!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002371504Just.. gobsmackingly bad.. okay.. I’m focusing on the blue vinyl and what it does to Lee’s eyes.. Lee’s eyes.. his beautiful beautiful eyes….look into his eyes.. jaowbhabababa
Amanda even looks confused at hearing this., like this is all news! tee heee.. ( is she playing dumb to sooth Lee’s ego?!!! tee heeee) wow!!! She already knew all that! haaa!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002371905
Amanda told Lee that Harry was going somewhere to keep up his image?
Lee can’t find any files on Harry or Kolinsky.. he asks Amanda to see if there is a file on ‘a Gregory’ – I guess Lee knows Gregory is the Russian go to guy..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002390323
Amanda finds a Gregory file,
[Dang! their fingers almost touch! Winking smile ]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002407140

with a photo of Harry in it – talking to: Gregory!!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002408742

Only.. check out the name of that file.. Atkins chemical plant!!! Hey Amanda! you were suppose to check the Gregory file!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002423957
Anyway, there’s also a photo of the chemical plant in there.. and Amanda remembers Atkins chemical being in ‘another file’ nooo it’s in that file! lol! 😉

Lee figures Crawford got onto Harry because he was following Gregory (LOL why didn’t the agency have someone permanently following Gregory?! the guys is a menace!)
Lee recognises the photos as line of sight stuff and a getaway for surveillance.. lol love how Lee says it’s ‘a long shot’ as he heads off to the chemical plant to find Harry – Crawford is going to have a ‘long shot’ of his own! Winking smile
Lee gives Amanda a silent look before leaving..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002444377Lee: and don’t follow me!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0024451783.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002445979Amanda: I won’t..

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002446379she makes placating movements.. tee hee..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002447180Lee (resigned!):
uh huh.. where have I heard that before?!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002447981Lee has met his match Winking smile I think deep down he kinda likes that Amanda keeps him on his toes – no wonder he is bored with the Randy babies!  Lee totally has no authority haaaaa..too funny! Lee’s fighting a losing battle with Amanda and he knows it 🙂
Lee tells Amanda to lock the door and he leaves. Amanda knows it’s crisis time..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002455588That look I guess is worry for Harry and his situation.. and .. where is that flippin letter?! In a wonka bar?!!!

On to the plant.. Yawny time.. Crawford’s there.. yawn… he’s getting himself into position, in that same place which was great for surveillance.. and gave him a perfect ‘shot’ of Harry with Gregory.

Back to Amanda in the Q bureau.. she’s remembering finding the atkins chemical file in the top drawer.. In a lightening intuitive leap (ha! take that Francine!!) Amanda jumps up and looks for a file.. and finds just the one she wants: the ‘dancing weasel’ file!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002499632Amanda closes the file drawer on her shirt tail haaa but she stays in character.. good for her! yes this file is riveting!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002500834
Ta da!! There is the letter.. She’s found it!!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002501234Amanda grabs an envelope and rushes out to the chemical plant. lol once again not listening to Lee and following him Winking smile tee hee!

Shame she’s in such a rush, given Lee drove her back to IFF –and where the heck is Amanda’s car?! Winking smile Ohhh I know.. it must come when she whistles nowadays!

Back to the plant and Crawford is putting his gun together.. we see Lee is still in the vette on his way to the plant – hurry Lee!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002533667Gregory meets Harry at the chemicals plant.. walks him over to the kill zone.. Harry knows 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002591324he’s in trouble.. and tries to convince Gregory that there was no letter, and Crawford is a liar, that’s why he got fired!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002597330Lee arrives just in time..

He sees Crawford ready to fire..  3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002601735
Lee: Harry! run for it!!
Ohhh Leee.. he just runs straight for the guy with the gun, with zero cover whatsoever.. and.. of course, Crawford doesn’t hold a grudge for Lee sacking him, he very politely shoots around his feet and avoids hurting him! haaaa Winking smile
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002608208
I guess Lee knew where Crawford would be because he figured he’d be in the spot he had already scoped out with the quick getaway.. lol you can tell I find this finale a bit of a yawn huh!
Of course, Lee catches Crawford and punches him and- shock!!! He wins!!!!
Harry pulls a gun on Gregory and he wins too.. yawn.. and Amanda shows up just when the action is over with the letter.. yawn..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002665398

Hey everyone! Here is the letter! I have the letter! Hey Russian Baddie! I have the letter! Harry really is a triple agent!!!! Should I not have told you that? um….
Drat, I wanted Harry to shoot at someone!!!! not fair!!! I wanted to be able to say: Pop goes the (dancing) Weasel!!!! boooo!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002669402Awh.. Harry compliments Amanda’s ‘pure instinct’ in finding the letter.. (take that Francine.. you and your search grid!! and once again- a reference to Amanda’s instincts.. the message seems clear- Amanda has a gift for this spy biz.. the boss of the agency has anointed her a future top agent 3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002674207or something! Smile )  Gregory wants to look at the letter.. dream on!!! lol.. but has his accent changed here?! He’s sounding American all of a sudden!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002685018Too funny how Lee has to jump off the stairs! tee hee..

I don’t really care what happens to Gregory! lol.. But.. Lee mentions keeping him on ice for when they need a trade (in case they kidnap Amanda again?! Winking smile ).
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002691825whooo Lee is looking mighty fine after that fight.. his hair.. why its.. moving!!! and…he is just looking.. sooooo droolworthy!
Harry: you know my friend Gregory here is gonna have quite a tale to tell the KGB when he gets home.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002696629
[I’m sorry.. did Harry just say something? I’m transfixed by Lee here!!!! oh my…]
Amanda responds: Yeah but without this (the letter) they’re not gonna believe him.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002701034[how convenient!! I think it would mean they check up more on Harry- and it would put an end to his triple dealings.. but.. what do I know!]
Lee: nah, he won’t say a word! He’s the one who looks bad!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002704237[eh?? will he look bad if he goes home and tells them Harry is betraying them? I don’t think he looks that bad! Winking smile .. but.. what do I know! ]
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002705839Lee to Harry:
Hey you old weasel! I was worried about you!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002707440Harry looking at Amanda:
I was in good hands!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002709843Amanda: thank you Harry.
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002711044
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_0027114443.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002713446Love how Lee raises his eyebrows at Amanda in the wide shot..
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002713847
what’s going on there guys?!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002714247
do tell!! I’ll leave this one up to you guys to figure out! Smile
What we are all dying to know is- where did Harry put Ike?! the cat!!! Winking smile
Tag time!! Lee and Amanda have driven out to Harry’s to give him back his portrait..
Whoa! What is this the episode of statement Lee jackets?!!
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002757090
I find this tag a bit meh!Though nice to see Lee and Amanda spending time together not on the job :0 and.. I do enjoy Lee’s comments about how Harry is now retired and he’s gonna help him enjoy it. Someone want to transcribe it? be my guest!
Amanda: shouldn’t we have had this fixed?
3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002765899Lee: If I know Harry V Thornton, he’ll want to hang it on his wall just the way it is!

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002770704

3.04 TAIL OF THE DANCING WEASEL.avi_002772305the end..

A bit of a low key ending.. I would have liked to see Harry talking to Lee and Amanda together more – maybe share a quiet little knowing look to himself (or with Ike that darn cat) – as he notices that Lee and Amanda are crazy about each other.. and are going to live happily ever after! Hey.. who said it’s just the Russians who love romance Winking smile 

I think after all the things Lee has done to Amanda in the line of duty, he really can’t be cross with Amanda for spying on him! haaa!!! Especially after Burn Out! I mean come on! Smile Good to see Lee lets this go easily in this episode!
Lee has done plenty of spying on Amanda in his day.. we already know he was spying on her in The First time, surprising her behind the milk in Ship of Spies, surprising her in Munich, and continually popping up in her kitchen window! Winking smile  Now I think about it, there are plenty of boundaries normal people have that these two have crossed! Lee sneaks into Amanda’s kitchen and helps himself to the coffee (3 faces of Emily), Lee even searched through Amanda’s laundry! (hot Mama?!) Amanda cleaned Lee’s apartment and picked up his smelly socks (well before the Russians kidnapped her!) Ummm anymore?? come on! there’s heaps! But so interesting that after all this, Lee is still shocked Amanda was following HIM of all people!!! Winking smile Ahh Lee.. he gets a taste of his own medicine! I love it! – no wonder they know each other so well!

Looking forward to walking through We’re off to see the Wizard next with you all!! (following Morley’s order for the first five episodes of season 3)  Can’t wait to hear from ya! How did you find this episode overall? byeeeee

47 responses to “12/12 Season Three, Episode 04: Tail of the Dancing Weasel- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 03)

  1. This is not one of my favorites… Gregory is a boring baddie and speaks better English then most Americans for someone who is supposed to be Russian….. the whole plot is a big yawn…..the only good parts are when Amanda and Lee interact, ..my favorite part is when they go undercover at the state department and Lee wears those huge goggles er….. I mean glasses …Cute interaction between them.


  2. >“…where the heck is Amanda’s car?! Ohhh I know.. it must come when she whistles nowadays!”


    Yeah, I agree this part at the chemical plant makes no sense and is a big yawn… just get to the tag, will ya!

    >”once again- a reference to Amanda’s instincts.. the message seems clear- Amanda has a gift for this spy biz.. the boss of the agency has anointed her a future top agent or something! )”

    Actually, I do think what Harry thinks of Amanda now that he’s met her and can see for himself will also bolster Lee and his view of her.

    Ahhh, yes, LOVE Lee’s hair here! Mussed and a little sweaty! And that little teensy curl is still poking out from behind his ear!

    What’s going on with Lee’s eyebrow raise? Well, let me tell you…tee hee…. I do think Lee thinks Harry was in good hands. I think Lee thinks Amanda handled herself pretty well in this case and he is quite proud of his protege/partner. Despite her spying on him, I think he realized fairly quickly that someone was having her do it, and it wasn’t something she was doing on her own. His anger was directed at whoever was responsible for the order and because it took him a while to figure it out. I also think he maybe didn’t like that someone was using Amanda because she was close to him and he knows it. I do think he also realized that she wasn’t in danger and that it might have been for his protection in some way, otherwise I think he may have tried harder to convince her to spill the beans.

    Is it just me or does Lee look like he’s lost some weight here – especially in the tag? He is lookin’ mighty trim!!! And very tan!


  3. Melissa Robertson

    I liked this episode for the fact that Amanda was asked to help instead of Lee and for showing work growth on her part. I like the nice things that Harry shares that Lee had said about her and to the fact that Lee has another close friend. Other than that the rest of the story is okay, but really for me I care more about the evolving relationship and Amanda’s work growth/Lee’s domestic growth.


  4. I don’t know why they just didn’t use KJ’s hands for the close ups. Why substitute for those bony, hands and ugly ultra-long talons that don’t really represent a real woman, living a real suburban, single-Mum life? Extra long, perfectly manicured nails don’t last long when you’re doing housework, washing dishes, mowing lawns, and so on. If you notice the pics of KJ her hands look so much nicer. Why the need for a hand double? Did they film the close ups separately from the main action? Anyway, that’s my gripe for this scene out of the way, on with the action…
    I think Lee seriously wants to keep Amanda out of harm’s way when he tells her not to follow him. He’s really serious this time and he wants her to know it. And telling her to lock the door only reinforces that he is really concerned for her safety.
    Psst, Lee, important note for future reference – the locked door thing works better if you stay in the locked room with Amanda. 😉
    Guess my theory about Amanda leaving her car at Lee’s place was wrong. Somehow it got back to the Agency or close to it. Maybe the Agency has reduced the number of available car parks (cost cutting) so civilian staff have to park a block or two away – so Amanda parked her car, transferred to Lee’s car and that’s how they arrived back in Lee’s car together.
    Fortunately no one seems to work at Atkins Chemical at 2pm in the afternoon. Maybe it’s the weekend, but these places don’t usually shut down for weekends as they keep the machinery running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or is the plant shut down – maybe I missed some info earlier in the episode.
    Also, fortunately Crawford is a really lousy shot. Maybe Amanda wasn’t the only one to fail Leatherneck’s shooting training – Mrs Marston and Larry Crawford must’ve flunked out as well.
    Agree with you Iwsod, if I were Amanda I wouldn’t have revealed the existence of the letter in front of Gregory. Wouldn’t it be better to keep him in the dark about the existence of the letter? Guess they did it this way due to time constraints and dramatic purposes.
    Gregory is the one who comes off looking most realistic throughout this episode – he’s stays cool and calm no matter what, and even here when he knows the game is up, you can see him paying close attention to everything that’s going on. They had better make sure they keep him locked up as he has a great deal of knowledge now he could use in the future if he were to get the opportunity. He also knows now that Amanda King is integral to the Agency and Lee Stetson/Scarecrow. Yikes! 😯
    Driving out to Harry’s in Amanda’s car is very domesticated for Lee and Amanda. Guess Lee didn’t want to get the ‘vette dirty on the country road. I like that Lee is happy for Amanda to drive – he doesn’t have to be in control of everything.
    Like you Iwsod I wish they had made more of the tag – there was certainly opportunity to highlight the increasing closeness of Lee and Amanda’s personal friendship, and how others (Harry in this case) might see it. However, I do like Lee’s dialog about making sure Harry enjoys a well-earned retirement. It shows he is starting to think about the future, may be his own future beyond the erratic and dangerous life of a field agent. And I like how Amanda reinforces this by commenting that “life’s to short”. I think they are both beginning to appreciate the treasure that is their friendship, and how much they enhance each other’s lives.
    Here’s the transcript –
    Amanda : I sure hope he wants it. He said he left it at the Agency because it made him look old.
    Lee : Oh, he just said that. He’s been hanging by the door watching the comings and goings.
    Amanda : Shhhh for some reason Amanda shushes Lee – guess this is a surprise visit to Harry.)
    Lee : No, believe me, he hated retiring. He spent 25 years building up the Agency and he couldn’t quite over the fact that his work is over.
    Amanda : Well it wasn’t.
    Lee : Well it is now and I’m gonna make sure he starts enjoying the rest.
    Amanda : Right, because life’s too short.
    Lee : Yeah, especially around— Harry.
    Amanda : You sure we shouldn’t have had this fixed?
    Lee : Well, if I know Harry V Thornton, he’ll want to hang this on his wall just the way it is.


    • I love reading everyone’s takes on the plot holes. I never pay much attention to them, I am always looking to hard for rocks to make mountains out of in the interpersonal Lee and Amanda stuff. I wouldn’t even notice the plot holes if it wasn’t for you all. But you make me smile, so it is all good.
      But I do like the last part of your comment especially, kiwismh. The part about both of them thinking about the future and their friendship, maybe even the role of their friendship in the future? Actually, I don’t think they would be giving that too much thought at the moment, but I think little pieces of the foundation are getting laid for some real concrete (ha, a pun) thought to happen soon. I also wonder if this thinking about the future beyond “the erratic and dangerous life of a field agent” would be the start of a rather clandestine habit of our dear hero that takes us all by surprise later on in the series… I won’t say any more now. But I am taking note.


    • Psst, Lee, important note for future reference – the locked door thing works better if you stay in the locked room with Amanda. 😉

      Bwahahahaha! Good one!

      And yeah, that letter…she also should have made a copy of it before she left the Agency. I mean, what if it got destroyed or something? Head slap! They did have photocopiers back then. There was probably one right there in the office for Pete’s sake.


      • BJo, we actually did have photo copiers in the 80’s….usually just one copier for an entire company or a “copy room” that might have more than one….I remember they jammed all the time and we had to have a dedicated person to take care of the machine….how times have changed.


  5. Like the sitting on the corner of the desk thing, as well. Again, being in the Q Bureau is leading to al these new opportunities to become more relaxed and comfortable with one another without prying eyes.

    Also like the little meeting of the MAAS..Mutual Admiration of Amanda Society going on with Lee and Harry. How many times has that happened in the past where Amanda does or says something and a small gathering of one or two looks at her with new eyes and new appreciation? I know that Lee and Emily did it in LODG and Lee and Yuri did it in PP. And I know it happens again in the future. Amanda continues to be a surprise and a wonder to behold. No wonder Lee just shakes his head in amazement that he can still be charmed and surprised by her as well as be proud of her. There’s no way he could not fall for her.


    • whoooo agreed Valerie!!! I like the MAAS! 🙂


    • Oh, I like both of these ideas. Siting on Lee’s desk is such an appropriate thing for this stage of their story, isn’t it? I bet Lee likes having her there too. This is a fun thing to watch progress…


      • Yup, sitting on his desk is very appropriate, I think, especially given their level of friendship and now their relatively new work relationship since WTAMB. They’ve never had an issue with physical closeness, but the boundaries between them keep getting thinner and thinner.


    • It happens in ARS with Lee and his uncle too. I think that one may have double weight because Lee know how hard his uncle is to please or to earn the respect of.


  6. Can anyone tell me how I can wash as many dishes as Amanda and still have nails like that? Maybe TV was too blurry for people to notice those long, beautifully manicured nails pre-dvd.


    • And all the locking of the Q bureau door. Foreshadowing….


      • Ahhh Learjet.. I love a bit of foreshadowing.. the only trouble is.. if I look at what I am watching and I think ahead to what it is maybe being foreshadowed I’m not staying with the current story..

        I think JWWM misses out a little so far in looking for foreshadowing 😦 It does flow more easily when you know what’s ahead and can see those future events telegraphed- I really try not to think ahead so I probably miss out on alot. What do to? Hmm… I guess JWWM can’t be all things.. then again..
        Maybe JWWM can do foreshadowing by looking back on what’s come before in the story [A retrospective hunt for foreshadowing!!! Anyone excited by this idea and want to write a post about it?!!! Just don’t go ahead of where we are and I’ll publish it for ya!!]
        As events unfold we can look back and identify foreshadowing in previous eps? Hmm this would require a good memory!
        Or.. maybe a bit of team work on our parts! 🙂
        I try to think back to any previous events which may apply to new happenings as we follow the journey but I can’t possibly remember it all or even if I did- I wouldn’t see it all anyway 🙂

        [Don’t mind me, I am thinking this through as I type here.. lol]
        Maybe that’s the best JWWM can do for now –
        I think foreshadowing is lovely storytelling and can really add to the richness of the story!
        but hard to attempt to foreshadow future events as if we’ve never seen the show- when we have seen the show! .. and when we are thinking like that- we are thinking ahead and not in the moment no?
        Thoughts anyone?

        Haaaa not many comments on the final moments of dancing weasel.. errr Kolinsky!.. me thinks we are all done with it and ready to move on??!!!

        What’s been your overall impression of the episode everyone?

        Anyone count it as a fave?

        I like it.. but I don’t list it as a fave.. not sure why or what’s missing.. anyone?

        Byeee for now!!!

        Next up is BJo’s 2 posts exploring Amanda’s professsional Journey up to this point.. and then.. On to Wizard..


        • I enjoyed this episode rather than loved it. The good and steamed scene was great, as was the Harry/Amanda and Harry/Lee relationship. But I felt that the episode really lost steam (oops a bad pun) in the last 10 to 15 minutes – I admit to feeling a bit bored that part.


        • This should have been a better episode as there was plenty of scope for a slightly grittier story and a more in-depth exploration of how the L&A friendship/relationship is enhanced by the events of this story. Gregory is an excellent and quite believable baddie, the character of Harry works quite well, and it actually wasn’t a bad story-line but they just let in too many plot holes and overall just didn’t make the most of the material they had there.
          Frustrating. A good one for some clever person to re-write to close the plot holes and enhance the depth of the story.
          Don’t know where everyone has gone in the last couple of days Iwsod – is there a sale on somewhere I don’t know about? I think our American friends have had a holiday/long weekend – maybe they’ve all gone camping. Prep work for Utopia Now perhaps? 😉
          Then again, could be a case of exhaustion after the OTL marathon and re-energising for Wizard. 🙂


          • Melissa Robertson

            We did have a holiday and as for myself I spent 22 hours in a vehicle with in a 3 days time = tired!!!


          • Howdy, kiwismh! Yep, it was a holiday weekend here in the US. And for me specifically, I was out of town the last four days at a family wedding while trying to finish up some coursework. I’m off for two weeks and am looking forward to immersing myself in SMK again! I’ve got the last 4 Weasel posts to have fun with 🙂


          • It’s Queen’s Birthday holiday coming up this weekend here in NZ. I have to work part of Saturday and all Sunday p.m. and probably part of the Monday holiday too, so not much time to relax and enjoy my leisure at Her Majesty’s most generous granting. Wonder if I’ll make the Honours List this year. Hmm, Dame Kiwismh has a certain ring to it. 😉


            • LOL have a fab long weekend oh Dame kiwismh! 🙂 We can call you that even if you don’t make the honours list if you like 🙂

              Australia has the Queen’s birthday long weekend the following weekend.. lol!


        • Maybe instead of fore shadowing we can notice things that seem significant in the given episode we are walking through and see if they continue to be built on. Like the desk sitting. Amanda has never done that before. It seems to speak of an increased intimacy and comfort. I am sure the privacy of the Q helps to foster that. But it really stood out to all of us and it will be interesting to watch if it continues and if the characters allow it to change as their relationship changes.

          I like this episode. It is like a mirror that is held up to theor relationship. After all the tumult of OTL , TDW lets us see how things have changed between Lee and Amanda, both personally and professionally. There are some very imortant moments between them, but there is also so much changing that maybe we grow impatient with the slower moments. I bet we feel like Lee and Amanda do each day when they wake up. Even though they may not even be 100% aware of what is happening between them, they must feel an excitement to be together again. I know that when I was falling in love, the prospect of each new day with that person was something very exciting to look forward to… bring on Wizard!!!


  7. I kind of liked the tag myself. I think Lee’s comments on Harry’s retirement show that he doesn’t plan to spend the rest of his life as a field agent, that someday he hopes to have some time just to relax and enjoy himself, maybe with that special someone. 😉

    Gotta love the portrait, too. Nothing makes an artistic statement quite like bulletholes. 😀


  8. “Shame she’s in such a rush, given Lee drove her back to IFF –and where the heck is Amanda’s car?! Winking smile Ohhh I know.. it must come when she whistles nowadays!”

    Or she took a bus home, picked up her car and discovered the same rip in the space time continuum which Knight Rider used that allowed the clunky 18 wheeler to arrive 5 minutes after K.I.T.T. and Michael did even though they had been travelling 200 mph cross country.


    • Loved that car! I need to get my sons to watch that show, they would love it, I bet


      • My husband and I recently watched some Magnum PI and Knightrider – basically so he could look at the cars – KITT def stands the test of time better than the ferrari


        • Ooooh, I’d go for the Ferrari any day over KITT but then the guy doing the driving is also part of the equation. Tom Selleck is a very close runner-up to BB in the Lookin’ so fine stakes. 😉


          • But that moustache – eeeew. He looked so much better in “3 men and a baby” without the facial hair


            • But I love the moustache on him. I’m not usually a fan of the facial hair on guys but Tom Selleck is one of the few guys who’s hotter with the mo’ than without it. :-{) Works for me anyway. Maybe not everyone’s cuppa tea. 😉


              • I like BB’s overall relative hairlessness (except that remarkable head of (seaon two) hair).


                • Yep, I think we can agree on that. BB is the finest of the fine. 😀


                • Oh yeah! Preach it, Sister!


                • I’m seriously weird.. and have zero interest in BB… My interest is solely in Lee Stetson!!! 🙂

                  hairy or not.. I don’t mind 🙂


                  • To me, Lee is BB – with all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of real life


                  • I must be seriously weird too, I have no interest in BB as well. I don’t even find him attractive in other roles. It is Lee that intrigues me, actually it is Lee as he falls in love with Amanda that I am drawn to…


                    • Actually I don’t want to see him in anything else, likewise KJ, nor do I want to them talking as “real people” so I guess I’m the same. And Season one Lee, while superficially v attractive, is somewhat lacking in the personality department despite his “charm”. And that temper….!


                    • Agree with both of you learjet and Morley!

                      Lee’s temper and mistreatement of Amanda at times dampened Lee’s attractiveness for me.. yep, nothing attractive about his temper!

                      Yes the more mature and deep Lee’s love towards Amanda the more attractive he becomes – regardless of the mullet and for me that’s saying alot!!!! 🙂

                      I think if I had seen times they are a changin Lee hair with Lee acknowledging his love for Amanda it would have been too much goodness to cope with! 😉 phew..


                    • The way I see it, if we can get past Amanda’s hair don’t and fugly earrings, a mullet is nothin’ to get worked up over. Just sayin’ 🙂


                    • As much as I don’t love the mullet, I do like mature Lee. It is fun to watch him grow, isn’t it? What the love of and for a good woman can do?


                  • Aside from seeing him in Tron (the original which I saw back in 1982 and which is part of the reason I was drawn to SMK) I’ve only been interested in BB as Lee Stetson, so I guess I’m with you Iwsod. I’m sure BB is a fine person and I certainly appreciate his work in SMK but beyond that I’ve not really kept up with what he’s doing. In that respect I guess I’m as interested in his life as he would be in mine.


                  • I think there is some discussion of this as part of a thread over at Ned’s. I think it’s the one about how you got interested in SMK. I had seen both KJ and BB in other roles prior to SMK, but was initially drawn to SMK because of KJ. Obviously, at least for us anyway, Amanda and Lee seem to have been their best roles as their story seems to have resonated so much for us and seems to have captivated us all these years. It is a testament to KJ and BB for how they were able to capture the essence of those characters and really make you care for and about them so much. In a way I think that is why I find both Lee and BB attractive. There are moments where the swoony-ness is off the charts, but for me it’s more than how he looks, it’s the whole package and watching him realize that Amanda is (to quote a movie line) “everything he never knew he always wanted” and needed for that matter.


                    • Agreed w you Valerie. Yes Lee looks good but his character’s evolvement makes him more so. And the true appeal of the show for meis how the 2 characters develop and grow (in different ways) towards each other. I am a one-man woman ( and its not BB or Lee!!)


  9. Kolinsky, was Harry!!!! Well, duh!
    See photo 9 of Amanda – I think she was transfixed by those beautiful eyes too, and she pretty much zoned out for a few moments there.
    I refer to moments like that as my happy place – I think Amanda was in her “happy place” for a few moments there. 😉
    I’ll check back in later in the day – looking forward to reading everyone’s comments.


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