11/13 Season Three, Episode 02: We’re Off to See the Wizard- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 04)

Next scene, we find Lee searching through a dark hotel room (at the Chancellor hotel by the looks of it) by torchlight. Man.. the chimes are getting a workout now!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001972872
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001974274Lee opens a case and finds the Lee Stetson Psychological file (lol it’s umm quite a slim file.. ahem.. given his history it should be thick as! Winking smile )
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001976810

The hotel room door opens behind him..
ohh dear.. Isn’t this spying 101?! Have a lookout?? or.. don’t search with your back to the door?!!!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001994060
The person who enters the room unnoticed is Paul! eek!!! Lee has turned up to get the evidence he needs.. to prove what he thinks he already knows to be true.
Paul enters unnoticed by Lee.. Lee opens a large suitcase and finds- a red hockey mask. (Love how the doona in the close up doesn’t match the wide shot)
As if Paul would just leave the mask there..(In the script it’s hidden in a secret compartment)
Lee picks it up..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_001998465
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002003670and Paul sees Lee has been going through his stuff and pretty darn reasonably he asks:  Find anything interesting?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002005271He doesn’t seem angry at all.. and seems to be going out of his way here in his demeanour to calm Lee. Lee pulls a gun on him..
Paul turns the light on and approaches very carefully..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_0020088753.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002007674
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002012879and shoves Paul against the wall so he can frisk him.
Lee growls: 
Come here. Get over there!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002015682[Is it just me or does anyone else find it difficult to watch Lee so misled, desperate and mistaken? It certainly adds tension to the drama here – as we worry that Lee might make a huge mistake 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002018885here and do something he might regret!!!]
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002020487We cut to outside.. the brown car is parked on the roadside.. and ahhh seems Paul’s room is bugged (shame Lee didn’t find that Winking smile )
We see a hand holding the speaker and hear Lee’s voice as he continues: You want to explain the red hockey mask?
[what could Paul say at this point that would convince Lee? Nothing I think!]
The shot goes wide and we see pop up Dorothy
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002021287
removing her Dorothy wig – umm why was she wearing it again? did she just try and do a pop up Dorothy move on Paul or something? It doesn’t make sense.. maybe another pop up Dorothy moment got cut.. or lol maybe they just needed to show us the blonde removing her wig.. lol I think too much Winking smile
The baddie next to her is at first obscured..
Pop up Dorothy:
Barnes is good. He’s early. Stetson’s still in there. He anticipated your move Serdeych. He could convince Stetson.
(The baddie lifts his head.. and we get a look at Serdeych for the first time.. with only about 14 minutes to go for this episode – this is a very late reveal for smk!)
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002034901
[Oh and…what move of Serdeych’s did Paul anticipate?]
Serdeych: Never. I know Stetson will end it here. I’ve aimed him at Barnes like a gun. He’ll do my work for me.
[Oh noooo it is really awful to see Lee being manipulated so successfully here!!]
Pop up Dorothy: Barnes nearly had you more than once. Why not just kill him yourself?
Serdeych: Because I want Barnes remembered as a killer. Not as the man who nearly caught Serdeych.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002055722
(Serdeych hears Lee mention something about retiring Paul so stops talking to listen)

Hey while the two baddies talk here – can anyone make out what Paul and Lee are saying at the same time??

I can hear bits- Lee says something about how he can ‘see what’s right in front of me’ and you’re the one who’…’ use to be that you could smell’…’now you’re in the middle of’..

I give up! that’s the best I can do.. and this background conversation isn’t in the script.. oh well!
Back to Paul’s hotel room..
Paul: Whatever you found was planted. [I guess Paul predicted this move of Serdeych’s.. shame he didn’t bust him while planting it!]
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002060927
Lee: Including my Psych Profile?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002063730
[lol Umm Lee you are not looking like a superman right now!.. Actually it makes sense that Serdeych would want Lee’s psych file- so he can be manipulated.. but Lee seems to discount that he is right now being manipulated.. he thinks he is seeing everything clearly for the first time! Oh boy.. ]
Paul: Look, Three of my agents were killed. 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002065331They all knew you.
[Oh dear.. Paul seems to have forgotten someone’s death! Billy (in Post 1) said 4 of the killed agents had worked for the oz network Winking smile
LOL..  How was Paul thinking that would convince Lee?! I guess he is trying to make the point that it’s not him- Not that it is Lee? anyone?]
Lee: Well, that’s good. That’s proper technique in a situation like this – you put your adversary on the defence. I learned that from you Paul.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002069336[gosh, I’m growing to really like Paul! You can see he is sizing up Lee here- (IMHO!) he can see Lee 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002073340is not thinking clearly, Lee is on edge.. and also- it seems Paul has recovered somewhat from his own on edge moments at the agency earlier – here, he seems to have regrouped and he now begins to see things clearly. Lucky for him, because he is in a whole heap of trouble with Lee.] Paul is very careful here 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002077344with Lee.. probing.. assessing..
Paul: Are we adversaries?…
(Cue Lee’s jaw muscle clench!)

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002078244
I thought we were both after the same adversary…
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002080246
– …Serdeych.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002082549
[So is this what Paul has already figured out? that Serdeych is behind everything?  I guess.. Didn’t he already think that at the start of the episode? I thought he did..  Maybe he hadn’t connected 3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002082882Serdeych and the women’s deaths??]
Lee: Or, maybe I just found him.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002085018
(At this, Paul can see this is bad. really bad!)

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002086219

[Anyone else find it extremely ironic that Dr Pfaff was remarking about how tightly stretched Paul is (He’s stretched tight, real tight!) – and he can snap at any moment.. but Dr Pfaff joked with Lee and thought Lee was the one who was fine – Here, it turns out the opposite is true – Paul is fine.. it’s Lee who is about to snap!!! This confirms for me Dr Pfaff was doing a lousy job! 😉 ]
Lee aims his gun at Paul and growls: Maybe I should just kill him.

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002087287Uh oh!!!! It’s really really awful to see Lee get to this point – he really has lost all rhyme and reason here. Lee is suggesting taking justice into his own hands and killing unarmed Paul??!!!!
Lee is so lost here… Lee’s cork is about to pop – and he is liable to do almost anything!!!! Lee’s vengeance is corroding everything Lee believes in and stands for.
Paul is no dummy though. He can see Lee is not going to be reasoned with.
Paul suddenly whips out a baton of some kind from under his sleeve – snap!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002088888
Paul pushes away the gun aimed at him,
Lee tries to punch him but Paul blocks it with the baton.. Paul is cool as a cucumber and Lee is all amateur hour. Poor Lee!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002090557
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002090757This is what being brainless will do to you Winking smile
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002090957
Paul  whacks Lee right in the forehead with it – and knocks him unconscious! Just like that!!
lee gets whoppedThis pic is screaming for memes!! want to have a go with this pic? send me an email.. I’ve done two other memes.. lol.. I found this photo so silly!!!!(and needed to let off some steam after all this intensity!) see HERE -I’ve posted them on Neds if you are interested in being silly
[Willy Wonka: ‘A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men’ (and women!) ]! Smile
I love to see memes using the same picture!!
Anyway.. Back to the episode..We are left with Lee on the floor.. and Paul looking resolute and – unrepentant! Smile
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002094094
Fair enough I say.. and the scene ends there!

LOL.. what was it Lee was saying about Paul?? that he was getting ‘older and slower’? whahahaa.. He sure showed Lee! That will teach Lee not to underestimate Paul!!

3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002098865Moving on.. after the commercial break we are back at Lee’s flat.. lol no close up on what floor Lee is living on this week?!

Inside.. we see a photo of Lee and Billy (awh!) and Lee plays back his messages..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002101134The camera pans out to reveal Lee is alive and well.. very very well Winking smile ahem..

Answering machine : This is Lee Stetson. I’m not home, so leave your name and number.
[Hi Lee. It’s Iwsod. Call me!!! ]

He has on his bullet proof vest.. a determined, brooding expression.. and jeans.. hooooo haaaaa..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002105572
Sorry what did that phone message say again? concentrate!
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_0021074403.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002111411Lee silently listens to his messages..
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002111644
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002112078
while he puts his shirt on.. and looks super determined (and droolworthy!).  Too many pics? I didn’t think so! 😉
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002112579Amanda has left a message: Lee, it’s me, um, it’s about 11.30. I can’t sleep but I hope you are, so I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye….
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002117951
(Lee walks over to his new military model set and absently moves them around while he listens to Amanda’s message)
…Why do I think you’re not there.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002120487
[too cute! When Amanda says this, Lee looks sideways and has a little grin- you can almost hear him mentally say to himself- Oh Amanda! Smile ]
…I hate these machines. 
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002123189

Lee has another message..
Paul: Lee, it’s Paul.
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002129396[Wow.. Did you notice?? this is the first time in the whole episode where Paul calls him ‘Lee’!
I find this fascinating- From when Lee and Paul first met at the airport, Lee called him Paul, and Paul up to this point has always called Lee ‘
scarecrow’ only– I checked. four times Paul calls him Scarecrow. Never Lee. And he called himself  ‘the wizard’ when he was saying he still had a little magic- but now? Lee is calling Paul ‘Barnes’,  and Paul is calling himself ‘Paul’ and Lee ‘Lee’ – I think smk does this with names really well- they did this in Mr Brand too and it adds a real richness to the storytelling..]
…Sorry I had to take you out but you were too close. We’re being used – manipulated – and pretty damn well too. You know who makes that a speciality. But why? Serdeych wants you to take me out. That way it destroys my credibility and the Oz Network too, while he stays in the clear. He’s scared ‘cause I’m about to nail him. We’ve got to talk. We can’t let it end like this. Let’s meet. Where this all started, where we all got deflowered. Please.
Paul makes perfect sense – but.. Has that knock on the head helped Lee to see that?? or is Lee yet to gain his diploma which says he has a brain after all?! what was it? a PhD. in Thinkology?
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002138271
LOL I guess Lee moving around his military pieces is suppose to underline Lee has a strategy to catch Paul?
We don’t really know what Paul is up to or how he is going to ‘nail him (Serdeych)’ do we.. I guess we shall see..

I like Paul’s phone call.. and at this point I don’t really see what else he could have done – did he take Lee home? lol I guess he must have.. I mean he couldn’t just leave Lee on his hotel room floor all night Winking smile 

But.. back to the names – relationships are shifting here IMHO – Paul is no longer attempting to remain the wizard on high. He is seeing himself as Lee’s equal (I wonder if this is thanks to his realisation that Lee is actually a possible threat if Serdeych manipulates him). Maybe he sees how deeply affected Lee was by it all, and how he had brushed off Lee and his involvement – when he should have asked Lee for help and involved him. Paul is not perfect, but I think he sees now he could have gone about things in a better way.

Sounds like he doesn’t think any less of Lee for trying to kill him either, because he knows Serdeych is a master manipulator – and good on Paul: he is staying on mission here- this is about catching Serdeych – not about feeling offended that someone tried to kill him (that would just be petty  whwhahahaa.. did I just write that?!).

IMHO Paul is lowering himself down off that pedestal (when he took out Lee and could have tried to stay up there!) and appealing to Lee to help him. For Paul’s character- that is huge.. good for Paul. He is also acknowledging to Lee that Lee is not the newbie anymore- and he should be brought in on this as an equal..(or Lee is gonna be dangerous! lol!)
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002162228

Lee is wearing a bullet proof vest.. and his gun is loaded.. Lee is ready for action – to catch Serdeych? or…. to catch Paul??
3.02 WE'RE OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD.avi_002167467
I guess Paul just asked to meet at the airport.. so Lee is still wanting to catch Paul.. ohhh nooooo..    

Well I better stop here for the moment..oh boy.. this is a very tense ending to what is a pretty intense episode!!! It’s totally worth it- but I am glad most episodes are not this heavy!

34 responses to “11/13 Season Three, Episode 02: We’re Off to See the Wizard- Scarecrow and Mrs King (Morley’s order: Episode 04)

  1. What is with that military model anyway? We never see it again and we never see Lee with anything like that on any point in the series. It just feels weird.


  2. I just adore the fact that Amanda feels comfortable enough (concerned enough too) to call Lee at 11:30 pm. You have to be really close to call someone that late. I can imagine that she was tossing and turning, worrying about Lee and picked up the phone. You have to wonder if there have been other late-night calls…


  3. Whether Paul left Lee on the floor or helped him home, Lee has had a night to think about all that has happened especially what just occurred with Paul. Lee accused Paul of losing a step and getting old, but obviously he was with it enough to take out Lee and get the drop on him. He has had some time to reflect on everything so that may be leading to his calmer demeanor. He must be thinking there is yet to be another confrontation, hence the bullet proof vest. The question in his mind is probably just who he is going to confront. Love the wistful smile when he hears Amanda’s message.


  4. OK-some serious and not so serious….
    In Lee’s psych profile was the picture of Amanda with the X over her picture. After everything else, that pushed him over the edge. He is being played masterfully. He doesn’t always think rationally when it comes to Amanda. Like in the past when he has gotten jealous over her previous dates.
    I also think it is interesting that Amanda is comfortable enough to call Lee at 11:30pm (just to check up on him).
    I love the pictures with the bullet proof vest. WOW, I didn’t know that BB had such great arms.
    Also it looks to me that Lee got Wizard Wopped more toward the middle of his forehead, but the bruise is more off to the side.


    • Indeed.. kind of the creators to give us a bit of hooo haaaa between all the intensity!

      whahahaa.. wizard wopped indeed.. yeah true. though when you look at the screen cap of the moment, it’s obvious the wizard only pretended to wop Lee tee heee.. and Lee obliging pretended he had been 😉
      Make up person went asymmetrical? 😉


  5. So up until this point, I have viewed Paul and Lee as if they were both in the same precarious state. For some reason Paul was able to return to a working professionalism and Lee wasn’t, he tipped over into irrational emotion and suspicion. Why? I wonder if that crack in Lee’s emotional development due to his parents’ death and then Dorothy’s death made him less sable. Or maybe it is because Lee is in a tender emotional state already due to his progressing feelings for Amanda and the nature of this case. Maybe Paul was able to get back on his game because he had a little more information and realized that he was now very close to the one goal he had been pursuing all along. Seeing Lee in his hotel room might have put all of the pieces together for Paul. If Paul can be rational because he is even closer to his goal of bringing closure, I could understand how irrational Lee would be, due to the fact that he is now where near closure to the issues that are plaguing him in this case. Here he is thinking he is dealing with yet another betrayal. Interesting that Lee is showing the same irrational behavior here that he did in LAF. He is experiencing very strong emotions towards someone whom he had projected an image on, that person is showing something different and Lee is suspecting it to be betrayal.

    I think that there is a scene missing between these two scenes here. I am sure TPTB didn’t show it to keep the suspense going. But Lee seems more peaceful to me here. He is determined and preparing himself for something, but he seem resolute and not undone. Maybe that “wizard whopper (that was hilarious, Iwsod) really did knock some sense into his head?

    I do love the smile that appears on his face when he hears Amanda’s comment. He can smile because of who Amanda is and how she cares for him at a moment like this. I like it.

    And I think Paul’s term “deflowered” is important here. Whenever I hear that word it is in reference to a young girl losing her innocence. I think Paul knows that what ever happened at that moment affected everyone involved in a very deep way. I think he is communicating something to Lee here.
    I like your thoughts on the iuse of names. The dynamic has changed between these two (i think it is more mature, realistic and healthy).

    What is the significance of that battlefield model. I read somewhere someone surmising that it was a model of Waterloo. Anyone else read that, I think it was on Yuku. They had also mentioned that in this episode there is a portrait of Napoleon in the Q? Interesting….


    • Like all that you have written here Morley. I tried to write some sage comments last night touching on how Paul’s experience and level-headedness are now showing up Lee’s fragility and faulty logic, and also about the missing scene that must have happened between Paul and Lee before we see Lee again back at his apartment…. but, I was just a wee bit too tired and I fell asleep at the keyboard :-/
      No matter, you wrote it much better than I could have anyway. Cool! 😎
      I do think that a big part of Lee’s motivation and desperation around this case is the emotional impact he is feeling re-living Dorothy’s loss (and seeing her “ghost: which makes it all the more devastating) and how these feelings are linked to his burgeoning feelings for Amanda. He’s desperate not to lose Amanda. He always has been, but previously he would have rationalised that he had to protect her as her loss would be devastating to her family, He obviously still would do anything to prevent Philip and Jamie losing their mother, but I think now there is another layer of emotion coming into focus for him around how he could not live without Amanda.
      Re the missing scene between Paul and Lee – the script has Paul leaving the room in a hurry after he has knocked out Lee. But he either stuck around or came back to revive Lee, and they had a discussion. Can’t talk more about that now otherwise I will be moving ahead of the blog. We’ll come back to it. 😉


      • Your comment about the Dorothy sightings just underscores how much this Serdayich is manipulating the emotional and psychological fall out from that last botched mission of the Oz network. He knows exactly what to do to mess with both lee and Paul, doesn’t he.


    • This is all so awesome, Morley! All I can say is that I agree wholeheartedly.


    • Hiya! yeah it makes sense Lee’s childhood/history would be a factor. I figured at the end of this post he was after Paul – but how seriously after he got struck- I thought had been left open a little bit – especially because there seems to be a gap here.

      I didn’t feel there was a scene missing before Lee and Paul had their confrontation at the hotel. I thought Lee was more calm on the outside than he was on the inside in this scene..
      And.. in the suit up for battle scene here too.. but I can’t go beyond that yet to what happens next.

      I think Lee is much more personally involved in all the drama than Paul – for whom overall this is more of a professional battle. Lee was brought into this battle to be Serdeych’s pawn, and take out Paul. Serdeych has targeted Lee in very personal ways. I think that so many women who Lee knew or had dated being killed was also very traumatic for him. So with the traumatic death of Dorothy through a betrayal, and the ‘attempt’ on Amanda – Lee is on a knife’s edge here.

      Napoleon? Interesting.. Nooo I rarely get to yuku, plus I don’t want to be reading what others think about an episode before I’ve actually written about it or watched it myself – I’m trying not to be spoiled.
      Do we see the napoleon portrait again? I remember I noted it earlier but I didn’t know it was just for this ep. I’ll keep an eye out for it in future. It would lend weight to that theory!
      This episode is about a final confrontation between Paul and Serdeych – so yeah could be a waterloo.. You know, if that’s what the writers were going for – I say too much! the wizard of oz motif was enough.. don’t go bringing waterloo into things! lol!

      Glad you liked the wizard whopper! thanks Morley! Thanks for sharing you liked my ideas on the names too.

      Yeah deflowered was referring to the flowers and their loss of innocence (ie. the betrayal)…I agree, Paul was betrayed as well.. it wasn’t just Lee..

      I wondered if Paul’s rationality inflamed Lee even more.. it just cheeses him off even more.. that Paul can be so calculating and unemotional when Lee knows what he has (supposedly) done. I was left feeling Paul was helpless here to do anything to influence Lee. A tough situation.. but can’t say more about it.

      I gotta say, I don’t love the action finale of this episode.. it goes on way too long.. sooooo I’ll probably publish the next post today so we can get on with finishing up this episode! [maybe that’s naughty of me to say about an episode that is so wonderful and important – but.. well.. you’ll see!]


      • True, we don’t know what happened after the Wizard whopped him. And his calm may be surface only. But I just notice something different about him than the Lee in the preceding portions of this episode.
        I agree the Waterloo stuff may be too much, but why include this little battle set up here, we have never seen it before? And if Lee had a portrait of Napoleon in the Q, what would be the rational behind that? Napoleon was a remarkable figure in history, but not necessarily the kind of personage to be highlighted as a role model or inspiring figure for a US intelligence agent. Odd.
        I kind of like your idea that Lee is a bit cheesed that Paul isn’t emotionally involved. Uh oh, Lee has gone and gotten himself attached. Now what?


        • Maybe Lee is a bit like a baby that has just started learning to walk – he was more stable and in control when he was “crawling” (not in touch with his emotions), and one day he’ll be stable and faster walking, but at this time, as he learns to “feel” things, he’s off-balance and all over the place with his emotions


          • Hi Learjet!
            Yeah that makes sense.. He now allows himself to feel things – and what he is feeling right now is very intense.. well.. I put a lot of his mistakes here down to deep trauma. Lee’s in a bad place.. and he really needs some help here!!


        • Given I don’t know what’s ahead – I have no idea if the model table or napoleon portrait are ever seen again. It might be deliberate.. but it’s rather obscure..
          All I know is that when we were first introduced to the Q bureau in Weasel, the picture was different. what was it? Hmm.. -I checked!.. it was the American Indian picture.
          You know what I suspect, Wizard was filmed earlier than Weasel.. maybe the first scene filmed in the Q bureau.. and they decided to go with a different picture.. there is a bunch of prop moments in the first 5 eps that are all over the place -(when you consider alone that Lee got the Q bureau in Weasel lots of props seem to be jumbled. but.. heck.. I guess we can come to this when we discuss the first 5 episodes of season 3 after ALLA- it’s in the back of my mind)

          LOL I figured the battle was a window into Lee’s current thinking: preparing for battle.. making plans.. moving his weapons into place.. he’s come up with a strategy for what to do next.. he’s determined- that was enough for simple me!

          Haaa indeed Morley.. there comes up that emotional involvement/emotional detachment idea again.
          I’m thinking Paul is not completely emotionally detached, but he is more focused on the job at hand – really he’s the way an ideal agent should be in this situation now.. except for one mistake he made earlier- he tried to go it alone. He left Lee ready to be manipulated against him by doing this.

          Maybe this is a lesson for Lee too as he struggles to incorporate his emotions into his thinking and find balance – a good agent uses both – but doesn’t try to go it alone – I’m thinking we’ll have more to say about this when we’ve gotten to the final post.
          Post 12 is up.. read it and weep!!


  6. I had to look up the word “doona” Iwsod. I’ve never heard it before. Is it a uniquely Australian word? We say duvet or bedspread.


    • It’s Australian. When we moved here from South Africa (where we also called it a duvet), I was very confused


      • whahahahaa yeah sorry that one was ahem to check if you were paying attention 😉 okay.. I didn’t realise it was aussie only! 🙂
        Doona=duvet=bedspread=quilt.. well.. at least it does in my book! 🙂

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  7. Having read (listened) to the book recently and watched the movie this weekend, I’ve struggled to see many parallels between either and this episode (other than the obvious codenames), but it seems to me that in this scene and the previous few scenes, Lee is acting more like the Scarecrow than in any previous episodes – he just isn’t thinking or using his brain (as Iwsod notes). He’s running purely on emotion (also technically the brain, but Scarecrow in the books seems concerned about not being able to think, not feel – which presumably related to the heart – Tinman – not the brain), and not being rational at all. The other time when this was obvious was in Lost and Found regarding the dreaded Eva…Starting using the brains that we know you have, Lee!


  8. I decided to give the Lee and Paul conversation a go. I needed to get it out of the way before I got to the swoonfest. That’s to be my reward if I could figure out what they were saying. This is what I came up with. Some of it I couldn’t get.

    Lee: You wanna’ explain the red hockey mask. I’m betting the gun is the same one that killed Pamela Dinsmore. I suppose you’ll call that a coincidence.

    Paul: (not sure what he says, but it must be about what Lee sees)

    Lee: I see everything I need to see right in front of me.

    Paul: Why would I (and then it trails off, it must be about leaving evidence laying around)

    Lee: Maybe you’re losing your steps, slowing down in your old age.

    Paul: You’re the one who’s slowing down. Used to be you could smell a set-up (can’t make the rest out…maybe he says “a mile away”)

    Paul: Now you’re in the middle of one.

    Lee: I’ve got all the evidence I need right here (and then he says the bit about retiring Paul)

    I tried to use subtitles. Sometimes when I want to hear things clearer I use my headphones. That’s how I heard the “Don’t move” in during the Sudden Death kiss. Hope this helps. Will be back to comment more after I check out the swoonfest and then recover after a good night’s sleep.

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  9. Yes, I had to watch this scene many times (many, many times) when transcribing…. so I could get the dialogue right,,, you understand…ahem. 😉
    Iwsod, you didn’t leave Lee your phone number – now how’s he gonna call you back? Doh! 😯

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  10. “buvasgbhbamerywnsghaogahg??”

    I think that sums it all up pretty well! 😀


  11. I’m sure I should say something profound about Lee’s disordered state of mind, poor logic, being about to pop, but instead I’ll just stay : Iwsod, thank you for the many pics of bullet-proof vested Lee. They have made my morning bearable.


    • I second that thanks! Definitely helmet time- swoon thud 🙂 Hmmmm, maybe Lee forgot his helmet and that’s why he’s not thinking clearly!
      Hope things get better for you Learjet. JWWM always helps me 🙂


      • My stash of “chocolate for emergencies” at work is getting dangerously low. I’m resorting to copious JWWM’ing and lots of hot chocolate to fight of the cold.


        • Hi everyone!

          Ohhhh you have a cold learjet? Or are you saying it’s getting cold in your neck of the woods?

          It feels like winter here for me (Sounds weird to those of you in the northern hemisphere I’m sure!)

          Oh yeah.. I’ve loaded up with 90% lindt chocolate.. it’s time to bring out the big guns!

          I love how everyone is so focused on Lee’s hunk moment. Can’t blame you – this Lee losing his ability to think logically part of the plot is difficult to watch (and was difficult to write about)


        • Oh, noes! Jestress’s cold is transmittable via the Interwebs! It’s a computer virus! Quick, everyone disinfect your keyboards! 😯

          Actually, I’m okay now. Hope you’ll be feeling better soon, Learjet! Chocolate is health food. Indulge in as much as you like. (At least, that’s the theory I operate on. 😉 )


          • Glad you are on the mend Jestress..

            Yeah learjet – eat up the dark chocolate.. antioxidants are brilliant for the immune system 🙂
            no this is not a rationalization of the love of chocolate- this is scientific fact. so you are irresponsible if you don’t eat chocolate!!! 😉


          • ROFL…I suppose broccoli would be the adult choice though (but who said we were adults)


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