8/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

Cut to view of Amanda’s station wagon pulling up at a park – Rock Creek park about ‘2pm’ I guess..for Zernoff’s catch up with Stanislav!
Dotty stops next to her parking spot.. will she do it??!!
OK, ah ha..  this is what I hate about driving is when you have to parallel park.
Zernoff: Ah ha.
[I think he has no idea what parallel parking is]
Dotty: How do you do this in Russia?
Zernoff: I don’t know, I don’t drive.
Dotty: Oh dear. You’re going to have to learn. Do yourself a favour…get yourself a little car…
[I love it!]
(She puts the car into reverse and braces herself.. whooooo!!) …OK hang on, here we go, whoop…
[lol the car jerks a little.. but somehow.. she manages it!]
…There. Good! I did it!
Zernoff: Thrilling Thrilling. [lol  does he mean that?!]
Dotty: Oh wasn’t that good?

[Dotty doesn’t need to run off with a Russian – parallel parking is a huge adventure for her apparently! lol!! I’m not sure Dotty is prepared for a real adventure! lol!!]
Zernoff: Dorothea you have a great future in my country driving a Russian Tank! That’s perfect!
[Top marks to Zernoff.. he is suitably excited and encouraging!]
Yeah!… (Dotty gets out of the car)
[LOL as she gets out you can hear the car chiming because she has left the keys in the car lol! Also, love how the car behind Dotty isn’t parked in the parking bay so it’s extra tricky for Dotty!]
…Yeah! Rock Creek Park, Oh it’s a lovely park. But then we have wonderful parks in Washington.
(As they chat, the camera pans down a few cars and we see the corvette pull into the last spot)
[ lol no parallel parking for Lee.. why didn’t Dotty take that one?!]
Zernoff: Moscow too. Many parks. Here we are.
We cut to Lee and Amanda listening from the Vette.
Amanda is not happy about listening in.. Lee glances at her knowing this is not easy for her..
I think he kinda likes it that she is struggling with this a little..finds it kinda cute 😉
Amanda: Look what are they gonna say that could possibly be interesting to the Agency?
Amanda this afternoon before he left, Zernoff had a phone conversation with another expatriate, about a meeting here in Rock Creek Park…
[Hey, anyone ever tried the impossible – blotting out Lee’s voice here so we can hear what Dotty and Zernoff are saying? I think I hear the word handsome and beautiful.. but I can’t be sure.. anyone?]
…Now if it makes you feel uncomfortable, both of us don’t have to listen to it…
(Lee puts on headphones)…Do we?
[What makes Lee think that Dotty’s handbag will be at this meeting??!!
What do you all make of Lee here? Amanda seems surprised by this turn of events.. lol!]
And what timing Lee has! The first thing he hears? :
Zernoff: And your daughter Amanda, she remains unmarried also?
rolls her eyes a little:
Yes, I don’t understand it.
[Yes being unmarried is so strange! ugh!!]
Oh my gosh- this scene!!! I remember this scene!!!!
whoo hooo!! Get ready guys!!!!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150706_165214. 81
Lee: hmmm.
[Lee says this quite audibly.. lol.. I think he knows this is going to eat away at Amanda and he is teasing her.. lol.. but also.. what about his reaction to Amanda’s unmarried status?]
Amanda: what?
Lee pauses a moment,
takes off his headphones and responds: I thought you didn’t want to know?
Amanda: Oh come on….
Lee: It was nothin,… (Lee pauses a moment)
… Alright,…
err.. your mother just said that Zernoff was very handsome…
Amanda: well he’s-
Lee flatly: –  they’re talking about marriage.
[I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this!!
I think Lee is teasing Amanda because the only thing worse than listening to Dotty is watching someone else listen while she has no idea what they are saying! but.. interesting that Lee doesn’t tell her what they were talking about huh!]
[Love Lee’s mischievous little side ways glance here..
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150706_170910.  0
right before he puts his headphones back on – torturing Amanda!]
 Amanda: They’re talking a……(Amanda stops mid sentence)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150706_170912.403[I think Lee puts on a bit of a ‘whooooo this is fascinating and juicy stuff’ kinda look just to tease Amanda some more! tee he!]
…Oh come on.
(Amanda pulls out the headphone cord and Lee gives her a little sideways grin.)
I guess this is a little Lee gotcha moment! Smile
The view (very wisely) stays on Lee and Amanda reacting as we hear Dotty continue: Heaven knows she’s had enough chance. She was engaged…
[At this moment.. Amanda freezes like a deer in the headlights realising just what ‘marriage’ her mother had been talking about -oh no!]
…to a wonderful man…
…about two years ago…
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150706_170919. 10
Lee turns to look at Amanda.. He’s all ears! Amanda gives him a sideways glance.
…Well maybe he wasn’t wonderful..
Amanda turns to look at Lee.. and she licks her lips! teehee..
Lee IMHO seems unflinching here.. he isn’t shying away from where this is headed at all. He’s taking it all in.. Amanda is a mystery he is wanting to solve.
[Ohhh I can’t wait to hear what you guys make of all this!]
Amanda can’t maintain the eye contact in this moment and she looks away.
…but he did have a good job and he was wild about Amanda.
We cut back to Zernoff and Dotty – noooo go back to Lee and Amanda! tee hee..
I’ve gotta say.. I don’t enjoy seeing Dotty discuss her daughter like this with a man she just met. If I was Amanda I’d be cheesed off!
Zernoff: but she was not so wild about him?
[eh? this is a Russian defector, not a lady down at the Laundromat! who knew Russian defectors would love to gossip?! lol could be a risky combo that!]
Dotty: No, Well she was fond of him. But then she got this job at a production company called IFF or something like that,..
[If Zernoff knows about the agency’s cover of IFF, he now knows his welcome neighbour is agency no??!!! and if he knew that – I don’t think it’s a stretch he would suspect Dotty of being a plant also.. and maybe not her real mother.. Hmm maybe that’s why Zernoff is suddenly so interested in Amanda? lol I doubt it.. but well.. who knows! ]
…and I dunno she just lost interest in Dean. I don’t know…
… I think there’s somebody at work but she hasn’t said anything.

whooo hooo! We immediately cut to Lee and Amanda in the car reacting to this last little bit of speculation on Dotty’s part!
Amanda loudly clears her throat and coughs, looking away.
[Thank goodness Amanda didn’t say anything to Dotty. seems it could be all over the neighbourhood if she had]
Lee turns away and supresses a smile I think.. what do you think?
He seems to look out the window while he gets control of the glee that springs up at hearing this little insight from someone who knows Amanda well!
While Lee is looking away, Amanda begins to turn back to him Amanda: excuse me. [making like her cough wasn’t about covering up Dotty me thinks.. ] She  smiles and chuckles a bit at this awkward moment. Lee begins to turn back to look at her (thus why he’s blurry in the above image of Amanda smiling).
Lee is about to look back at her, when their attention is drawn to the static that starts to come through.. Drat!!
Lee takes his headphones off from around his neck.
Lee: We better go, we’re losing range.

They both get out.. no words are spoken about Dotty’s idea of there being someone at work Amanda is involved with… It just silently rests between them.. why?
I think neither of them are ready to be openly honest about it yet.. but I think Lee was thrilled to hear it. Encouragement that he is on the right track maybe!
Amanda didn’t seem to want to go there either.. but she brushes it aside and moves on.

I also like to think that the changes in Amanda are not really due to their being a man at work, it’s due to the work.

Has Amanda been comparing all men to Lee since they met?
I prefer to think not! What do you think?
She quit her job and her partnership with Lee in Murder Between Friends.. (it wasn’t easy but she did it) and didn’t seem to have a problem dating Byron. I don’t think Lee is 100% the reason why Amanda hasn’t found someone else ‘since she started at IFF’.. but I would agree that since the beginning of season 3 he has been! Does that make sense? I just haven’t seen Amanda as having given her heart over to Lee so early.. I think she was teetering and fighting it.. but I think she could have gone off with Byron if things had worked out. But hey.. thank goodness they didn’t.. and umm poor Byron! 😉
Well I am sure there will be as many views on this as there are people who stop by! Feel free to share your thoughts 🙂 they are very welcome!

I guess Dotty knows Amanda well, but also –from very early on Dotty was wondering if Amanda was having an affair too.. lol so I’m not inclined to think Dotty is extremely insightful when it comes to Amanda.. she knows something is going on – but can’t comprehend what it could be. lol at least this time she has come up with an idea that is compatible with Amanda’s character! (No Bud Marcher’s for her!)

Oh and why does Dotty say Amanda was engaged to Dean? Was she?? I don’t remember that!!

What a fabulous scene huh!! Bit of a strange post – most of it is looking through  a windshield and so a bit hard to see!
So what do you all make of it? do tell!!! I couldn’t bring myself to split this moment in two.. so a bigger post than usual this time.. might be a longer delay than usual between this and the next post – I’m not ahead with writing posts and have a lot on Sad smile boooo! But.. I’ll do what I can.. hope you are all well and can’t wait to hear from you!

25 responses to “8/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Amandarambler

    I looooooooove this scene so much! It’s one of my favorites. Lee is so flirty sneaky here with his putting the headphones in and what he says they’re talking about and I just love his facial expressions to Amanda right after she unplugs the headphones… It’s just such a fun little exchange! And when Dotty says she thinks there’s someone at work, Iwsod, I totally think you hit the nail on the head when you said that maybe it let’s Lee know he’s on the right track with Amanda. Also, I’ve watched this episode after WWH during my current series rewatch. And IMO, Dotty’s words would be a huge relief and high-five to Lee, knowing that Joe doesn’t even get a mention, but that he does. Attaboy, Big Fella! He does seem more at ease yet also sweetly confident after that revelation from Dotty. Which could lead to the exciting hallway moment in FFFT…just a thought.

    Also, I always feel like Dotty is going to faint or have a heart attack before she gets that car parked…she gasps a LOT! Like this is for real hard work, people – parallel parking!! 🤣 (I hate to parallel park, btw, so I feel her) I love to talk about how far characters have come – man, look at her driving skills! She sure has grown since the accident with her driving instructor in Waiting for Godorsky! Maybe she just needed a charming Russian defector by her side to help her. 😁


  2. Still catching up and wanted to comment here. Every time the discussion comes up about when Lee and Amanda fell in love I always end up still feeling the way I did when I first watched SMK. For me, as soon as they looked into each other’s eyes at the train station, their hearts recognized each other and knew that they should be together. From that moment on, the draw toward each other was inevitable and irresistible. It was just a matter of time and shared experience before Lee and Amanda learned what their hearts already knew.

    I’ll throw this long-held thought in for good measure, too. I watched SMK originally in the ’80s. There was a song on Dan Fogelberg’s “The Innocent Age” album called “Stolen Moments” that described the evolution of Lee and Amanda’s relationship to this point perfectly for me:

    Every time we speak, our words betray intentions
    Insincere inventions that never quite reach the heart
    So we turn the other cheek and gather our defenses
    Again rebuild the fences that just been keeping us apart

    Waiting out the worst, we keep the best inside us
    In hopes our hearts can’t hide us, in hopes our tears don’t show
    And you know we’re not the first to try and breach the distance
    And though we meet resistance, love between us grows

    And in the time it takes us to look beyond the lies
    We could be sailing through each other’s eyes
    And in those stolen moments when love is caught off guard
    We see it never had to be this hard

    Dan Fogelberg, Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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    • 2 Goldens, I really like this. And it makes me ask the question, what kept them from letting themselves love? What fears, barriers, etc…? I love to think like that.

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    • Beautiful 2goldens!!! and so wonderful to see you stop by!!!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.. such a swoony concept 🙂 I don’t know that I could disagree with you – but at the same time, I grappled with figuring out when I know they are in love. If only I could remember what episodes I’ve discussed this.. I know I have! I remember writing something about how it was always love.. but how we define love, and the steps to falling in love and what they mean will differ.

      Maybe I can say that at that train station it was from that moment on destined to be a Love story.. does that help?

      I confess I love love love this swoony heart touching side to smk and I’m so glad you shared this with us – and aha!!!! it looks like you’ve tempted Morley out of her temporary obscurity 🙂 tee heee [joking Morley- just lovely to see you stop by I know you are busy as we all are 🙂 ]

      I find that when life is super busy I tend toward the funny, the silly.. the ridiculous.. the farcical.. lol..

      it’s when I have time with extra to spare that I tend to think, savour and relish the deeper smk story.. so I confess I’ve not been in a deep thinking mode with smk lately.. lol as you’ll see by the next post that’s about to be published.. iwsod thinking deeply? not lately!!! whahahaahaaaaa..



  3. And don’t forget the enigmatic Mr. Brand tee hee! Maybe because she only met the others once, she figured they were no gos.


  4. I think it is hysterical that the sound people kept in the pounding of the steering wheel as Dotty is turning to parallel park! Perfect! 😀

    I think Lee’s little “huh” after he first plugs in the headphones is to tease Amanda. I don’t think he is reaction to what Dotty is saying. He completely suckers her with that bit about Dotty and Andrei talking about marriage.

    This scene between these two is quite cute. I think it fits better after the hallway scene in FFFT. But I guess it could come before. But Lee’s teasing and interest in her relationship status seems more plausible after his hallway behavior at the Foxrun hotel to me.

    I don’t think Zernov knows about IFF. His contact works with the State Department, right? And Lee didn’t brief the guy, so I think Amanda and Dotty are safe for now.

    Ahhh, love that little look by Lee out his window. He’s just received confirmation that Amanda just might have feelings for him. It feels good, but also awkward in this situation. So maybe this could work out better before the FFFT hallway scene. Aye!

    Was Amanda engaged to Deano? That was not a typo. He’s a has been, so I’m adding an o onto the end of his name. Sort of like Drano – he went down the drain after Amanda unplugged it.

    I agree, iwsod, Lee isn’t the only reason Amanda hasn’t found another man. She’s been focusing on her career and learning to be a spy – that’s enough for now. I would think that most men she’d normally meet in her everyday life would pale in comparison to men she meets in her work – baddies or goodies, and not just Lee. I think Bryce Topping is the only one she’d met in her normal life that could even come close. And yes, the beginning of S3 is when that started to change for Amanda – or become a possibility.

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  5. So the script version has Lee hearing Adrei talk about his daughter and grandchildren he left behind. Dotty mentions how handsome and beautiful they are. Amanda gets antsy about not hearing what is being said (vs. Lee making Amanda wonder what is being said). Amanda hears the line “and your daughter remains unmarried. And Dotty says that Amanda was almost engaged. I like the filmed version better where Lee is teasing Amanda.
    I have never before considered that any of the later season 3 episodes were out of order. Even first going through this walk I wasn’t convinced, but now it makes sense. Lee still had to be a bit unsure at the end of WWH, but it seems that he is very comfortable with Amanda at the beginning of FFFT. I could now see that hearing what Dotty has to say gives Lee encouragement.
    Remember Dotty knows what Amanda wanted before she started with the Agency. Now, she doesn’t know Amanda as well. So, I think that Amanda really did want to get married again and have a man around the house prior to TFT. Once she got involved with the Agency, her work became more important to finding a man. And yes, Amanda did date some guys, but nothing ever lasted very long. We get the impression that she was dating Dean for a bit of time.
    Finally, I love the screen caps. I love seeing their looks like that. The scene happens so fast, that it is hard to really appreciate their expressions. This is truly one of the top memorable scenes from the series.

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  6. Love Lee’s smug little look when he hears Dotty’s theory that Amanda has a thing for someone at work. He knows who that’s got to be. 😉

    The searching stare he gives Amanda when her mother starts talking about her past relationship with Dean is also interesting. I wonder what was going through his mind at that moment. He never liked Dean and made no secret of it.

    Actually, I like it that Dotty sort of admits that Dean wasn’t really so “wonderful” even though he had his good points. I think that Dotty is just fixated on the idea that Amanda couldn’t be completely happy without a good man in her life, and it really troubles her that she doesn’t seem to have one. Dotty just can’t understand how Amanda could pass up a perfectly acceptable (if not “wonderful”) man who clearly had strong feelings for her. I think it really says more about Dotty’s priorities and what she wants in her own life than what Amanda really wants. Maybe that’s why she confides so many personal details in a man she’s just met. I think Dotty really misses having someone to confide in the way she probably did with her husband, a man about her own age.

    Does Dotty have any female friends? I don’t think they really mention any, although she seems to be generally acquainted with people in the neighborhood. If she had really close friends, the kind she could have coffee and gossip with about her daughter, I think we’d be seeing them show up at the house from time to time or she’d at least refer to them. (Has anybody seen the old British sit-com Are You Being Served? and remember Mrs. Slocombe talking about things her best friend Mrs. Axleby said?) At least some of her friends would probably ask some pointed questions about the stuff Amanda says and does, and others would come up with odd gossip about their own daughters that could distract Dotty from Amanda for awhile.


    • Love Are You Being Served?. We used to watch it when we were kids.
      “Mr Humphries, are you free?”
      “I’m free.”
      Cracks me up every time. 😀

      Maybe Dotty is concerned about Amanda being alone at such a young age. Dotty knows what this is like and doesn’t want Amanda for be alone for too long.


      • I also think that Amanda wasn’t actually engaged to Dean but that Dotty just thought that she practically was or that she should have been. She’s exaggerating like she did when she was going to brag that Amanda was engaged to a baron (one that she’d only just met and who turned out to be evil). Maybe Dean even thought of Amanda that way, like they were practically engaged when, in Amanda’s eyes, they really weren’t.

        And Mrs. Slocombe is “unanimous in that.” 😉


        • Yeah, I always thought that Dotty was exaggerating for the sake of the good story telling. And I sure she (Dotty) and Dean had many long talks about he and Amanda being engaged, but I cannot see Amanda accepting his proposal. I always saw him as ‘transition man’ (I don’t mean to Lee, but to her new life as a single person with kids)


    • I agree, Jestress – that stare is interesting. I remember in TGTNeighborhood Lee tells Amanda that he just doesn’t see her and Dean together. It is right around the time Amanda hangs up that picture of Dean with the huge fish covering his face. It’s as if Lee can already tell from TFTime and what has happened so far after that episode that Amanda has a bit of fire in her that a tv weatherman and calm fisherman would not be able to handle. Here in this stare, I think he is telling her, “See, I was right about you and Dean.”


    • Put me in the “Are You Being Served?” fan camp. I loved that show!


  7. Add me to the long list of people who love the Amanda-and-Lee-in-the-car scene. 🙂

    ” lol no parallel parking for Lee.. why didn’t Dotty take that one?!”
    I don’t think it’s a marked spot… Then again, maybe it is — and Dotty didn’t park there ‘cos if she had then they wouldn’t have had the parallel parking/tank dialogue… 😀

    (And wow — the angle up the street really screws with the depth perception! Compare it to the shots looking back at the cars when Dotty and Zernoff are in the trees — the cars look much closer in the street shot! Camera angle, camera angle, camera angle!)


  8. Wow! I love everyone’s comments thus far and really don’t have that much to add. I love this scene so much and it’s one of those that gets the rewind touch quite a bit. The teasing from Lee is so adorable and the fact that he is relaxed enough with Amanda to do it speaks volumes. I’m thinking of Filming Raul when there was so much tension in that front seat and how far they’ve come since then.

    Amanda has always been a bit on pins and needles in all aspects of her relationship with Lee. It took a while before she felt comfortable that he had accepted her as a friend and then she became more confident in her skills as he accepted her as a partner. This is a new level of acceptance for her and probably one that causes her the most consternation as she has seen what “relationship Lee” can be like. But Amanda has also been somewhat hesitant in the actual dates that we’ve seen. Once that scuttlebutt with Joe was handled and she was able to put him truly in the past she has been allowing herself to slowly move forward. I think she has been waiting for more reassuring signs from Lee.

    Parallel parking seems to be the bane of everyone’s driving experience. I personally try to avoid having to do it as much as possible. Those spaces at the park actually seem to be much larger than the ones I usually see. There isn’t usually that big of a gap between each section. A lot of lost space there.

    Dotty seems to have some old-fashioned sensibilities when it comes to what would be best for Amanda. She was a constant cheerleader for Dean and on several occasions mentioned that they needed a man around the house or that Amanda needed someone. But it mostly seemed based on handling things in the household and not based on an emotional connection. She even seemed happy when Joe was taking Amanda to dinner as if that would lead to them reuniting. She has lost a connection with Amanda either due to what she perceives is best for her or because Amanda has been withholding what’s been going on. So she is coming up with her own hypothesis as to why Amanda must have changed.


    • (I’m a weirdo and love parallel parking. I am the self proclaimed “Queen of the Parallel Park”, LOL. )
      Such amazing goodness in this scene – I absolutely love the parallel park dialogue with Zernoff – he is the only man who could make the suggestion that a woman could drive a tank in Russia a charming compliment. And the scene when Dotty says there must be someone at work Amanda is interested in – we howl every time.


  9. I love this little exchange, Lee’s teasing, Amanda’s embarrassment. Dotty has never quite realized how resistible a man Dean actually was; saying they were engaged seems normal for the way she talked about him and Amanda at the time. I don’t think they were; it was Dotty’s wishful thinking. And seeing how Dotty has always been trying to pair Amanda up with someone, or assume she’s having an affair, I think the comment about someone at work is more a lucky guess than showing real perception into Amanda’s love life.

    Their reactions to this statement are so real! Even if Amanda was ready to trust Lee with her feelings, it would have been embarrassing to have him find out this way. And it’s uncomfortable because she’ll wonder what he’s thinking she did to make her mother say this, and she’ll be worried that he thinks she’s making an assumption, when things were not yet said. And, if she hasn’t overcome it yet, there might be just a little bit of fear that he will use this information to pressure her to become one of the Randi’s in his life. I like to think that Amanda knows Lee and the person that he’s become well enough, so that she no longer has this fear . . . but we know it’s been real for her in the past. And I love Lee’s smug little smile, enjoying to the fullest both Dotty’s remarks and the humor of Amanda’s situation.

    I took my driver’s test in my family’s 12-passenger van, and parallel parked it. Almost didn’t make it. Whew! That still comes back when I see Dotty doing it with the station wagon. Since Dotty can drive now, and sometimes needs the car while Amanda is at work, I wonder how Amanda handled getting to IFF? I’m sure Lee could often gladly pick her up (but not always) and still, if he was coming to take Amanda to work I’m sure Dotty couldn’t miss it.

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  10. I have a “Yank tank” and I am a little woman. I only drive it because I have a large family. But parallel parking is a bear. I commend Dotty, and I love Zernoff’s comments. She must feel like she really is having an exotic afternoon out with a Russian.

    I can imagine Dotty making these comments. Her family is her life, it is what she spends most of her time with and I could see how they would come up as topic of conversation easily. I think the first thing she says is to mention her beautiful daughter and handsome grandsons? Not sure but I believe she says something like that in the course of the conversation with Zernoff.

    I do think Lee is teasing Amanda, but I also wonder if he doesn’t have a dual purpose in this bit of surveillance. I think that Lee still isn’t sure about how Amanda feels about him, and he may not even have the question of Joe answered yet. I can’t help wondering if he is hoping to hear something that could help him out from Amanda’s mother. And boy does he ever. I think that Lee is sure of his feelings for Amanda like learjet suggested, but he is looking for some confirmation from Amanda’s side. I think Dotty’s remark about there being somebody at work pleased him very much and gave him that last little something that he needed before striking out to initiate something with Amanda. Another reason why I like this episode before that hallway scene in FFFT.

    Was Amanda engaged to Dean? I don’t think so, but I think they were close to engagement and Dotty knew that, so maybe in Dotty’s mind she blurred it all together. But I think the seriousness of Dean’s intentions to Amanda and how far she turned from them when she started to work at IFF and build her relationship with Lee is news to Lee. There is also no mention of Joe in Dotty’s comments and that has got to make Lee happy.

    I do think there has been somebody at work for Amanda (Lee) from the get go. Maybe she wasn’t counting on anything happening, denying her feelings for him. but his presence, her response to him, how he affected her and their growing closeness did create a situation that she has had to negotiate since she met him. I think Lee loved hearing that he has had that significant an effect on her. I think Amanda was embarrassed because she isn’t sure of Lee yet. She has been holding her feeling close to her chest all this time. She still doesn’t know that it is safe to let them go with Lee. She is looking forward to a great future, but she has been hurt in the past when she put her “feelings eggs” in one man’s basket. I bet she will be very cautious if there is a next time and she doesn’t have the proof yet. But I think Lee is getting ready to start showing her the proof…

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    • I love this whole write-up, morley, and especially the last paragraph. Either Dotty is totally unperceptive as LearJet suggests (and quite rightly so), or else she is ultra-perceptive (or just a lucky guesser!) because I agree, that while Amanda mothered Lee in S1 and befriended Lee in S2, underneath it all there was a spark that just refused to go out. On the occasions Amanda might have noticed this, she would have put it down to her need for companionship or to Lee being handsome or to Lee being a hero or her not being her normal self due to some traumatic thing they just endured or anything else except “I think I have feelings for him” … but yes, I think the spark was there all along. I’ll be interested to see what other comments there are on this since I haven’t read through these episode comments yet.

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      • Hooray.. Hiya Raffie.. great to see you stop by!

        Regarding Amanda mothering Lee in S1 and befriending Lee in S2.
        I realise you are summarising here raffie, so you may actually agree with me.. I don’t know.. let me know your thoughts if you get a chance.
        Your comments made me think..
        I think I’ve seen moments where Amanda has mothered Lee in s1 yeah I’d agree with that .. and I think she learned to do this less in time. but I don’t see season 1 as the Amanda mothers Lee season.
        I recoil from that description actually!
        Because for me – Season 1 is the season where Amanda has a massive crush on Lee.. she doesn’t see a romantic relationship with him as a reality at all.. he is a fantasy figure for her.. the dashing handsome spy taking her out of her mundane life and introducing her to a new purpose! For me, it’s not until Weekend that she manages to put her crush away.. So the thought of Amanda simultaneously mothering Lee and fantasising about him is ummmm..not really compatible for me.
        She’s a nurturer.. and there were fleeting little moments where the fantasy was interrupted maybe lol..

        Everything else you’ve said I think I’d agree with.. I agree there was a spark from the get go.. but for me, Amanda was very effective in protecting her heart.. I think she focused her energies into developing herself and her career (IMHO definitely from Brunettes are in onwards) and into developing her blossoming friendship with Lee.
        Now I think about it, the way I see it – I don’ t think Amanda could have developed her friendship with Lee so successfully if she had been head over heels in love with him – I think guarding her heart assisted her to become his true best friend..
        Oh dear.. ramble ramble.. I’m enjoying a little smk ramble before I go on holiday in the morning and lose such easy internet access… lol.. I’m going to get withdrawals aren’t I… I can see it now!

        Yeah.. I’m still trying to figure out Dotty.. I’m wondering if she is very perceptive – but her blind spot is Amanda being in the spy biz.. so in that aspect she does see everything, but understands nothing.. maybe? well at the end of post 12, as you’ll see I’m still not sure how perceptive Dotty is in this ep, and I’m yet to find out – haven’t watched ahead with this ep at all!

        @BJo feel free to publish a post or two if you want while I’m away – if there is a desire from the JWWM community to have a place to discuss Lee and Amanda’s relationship over all up to this point feel free to go for it and create one.. whatever you like 🙂 lol I know you won’t jump ahead! 🙂 ha!

        okay.. I best sign off now – I’ll respond to comments as best I can when I get back. byeee everyone! I’ll miss interacting with you!!


        • Hi Iwsod! Yep, I’m back in town and playing catch-up yet one more time. RL is a bit nutty right now. Seems that is always the case right before and right after a week away.

          Anyway, I think we are sorta saying similar things. Can we substitute “nurturing” for “mothering” and make it less icky? (But I still stand by that SAABeyond tag!! 🙂 I think many people under the spell of a crush turn to their strong suit as a way to try to draw attention. Sure they may change the wardrobe a bit, be a little more outgoing (neither of which I noticed in Amanda… her crush was more controlled), but when all else fails, play to your strength. And for Amanda, that is nurturing, and she know doubt felt Lee needed a heavy dose of it. Lee, it is clear, disagreed!


  11. Getting a parallel park just right is a skill and comes with a great sense of accomplishment. I should think that goes doubly for anyone trying to park a huge vehicle (dare I say Yank tank) like Amanda’s.
    I think you’ve summed up what is happening here with Lee and Amanda quite well, Iwsod. Lee seems to be enjoying teasing Amanda, and I think this is one of the things he likes about their relationship now – that he can be so playful and relaxed with her. But I also think he realises this is a great opportunity to really learn more about Amanda as well.
    Dotty’s revelation about “someone at work” leaves him looking both flattered and very pleased that more pieces of the Amanda puzzle have just fallen into place.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Seeing Dotty behind the wheel and, worse still, parallel parking makes my palms start sweating and my left foot start reaching for the break pedal… 😮

    I just adore this scene – it reminds me of being in my lates teens, when my parents embarrassed me in front of a boy I liked. Cringworthy but also exciting. Or if a friend told the friend of the boy I liked that I was keen on him :oops; .
    Lee is really cute here – he is remarkably comfortable, not threatened at all and seems to be thoroughly enjoying the whole thing. He must be: a) certain about his feelings for Amanda and b) fairly confident about Amanda’s feelings for him to look this relaxed. I feel for Amanda. And I bet Dotty has put her in situations like this many times in the past.

    Dotty’s comments confuse me. Much as I love Dotty, I don’t consider her to be very perceptive. And what about James Delano, Byron, Alan Chamberlain etc?

    Liked by 4 people

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