15/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

The next morning we see the  view of the Mr. Marshmallow billboard in an industrial park,
and pan down to the “debriefing centre”.
Inside, we find Dotty walking down the hallway saying to herself: I do not believe what time it is! I’ve got to find a telephone….
She stops talking when she overhears Lawrence in the distance.. and she sneaks closer to have a better listen- whoo hooo! goooo Dotty!
(off screen): They’re getting close. A couple of agents were over questioning North….
[Yep, brilliant idea to go question North and tell him they are on to him.. when Dotty is in danger! ugh.. but… love that Amanda is being called an agent! 🙂 ]
(We see Lawrence is talking in another room with the door open.)
…We never should have gone ahead with Zernoff in the first place. (Dotty is listening around the corner)
Kurtz: We’ll have everything out of here by 10 o clock. Nobody can possibly find this place or trace the operation to us…
[Ummm Stanislov can!]
(We cut to Dotty as the men continue to talk and she listens in..)
What about Zernoff and the woman?
Well, of course we have no choice…We’ll have to get rid of them.
I find Dotty’s reactions here as she listens fascinating.. I’ve tried to include her reactions as the dialogue unfolds here because it says a lot- This (above) is what Dotty looks like when she overhears someone saying they are going to kill her? she amazes me! And.. I’m left with the impression I have completely underestimated her! Hmm.. now who else does that sound like??!!!
Dotty doesn’t panic.. she keeps her cool. she keeps quiet! [And for Dotty???!!!! that’s saying something!!!!!] I’m impressed!
Dotty sneaks quickly back down the hallway, minding her heels don’t give her away [good thing she didn’t get those bells put on them like Amanda suggested back in wizard! Winking smile ]
Dotty sneaks toward the desk where the guard is asleep and slowly lifts the telephone off the desk,
she creeps around the corner (being careful with the cord). slowly, carefully, she lets out the breath she had been holding and dials a number..
[It’s so much easier these days.. no cords!
Interesting, earlier Lawrence had told Dotty there were no outside lines – I think this shows Dotty doesn’t believe a word he’s said now- and that she’s using her head and questioning everything.  No panic in sight.. Dotty is a pro!!!]
We cut to the phone ringing at the King house- Amanda runs to the phone.
Amanda: Hello?
Dotty: Amanda
Amanda: Mother! Where are you? Are you all right?
(very quietly): I don’t know where we are. But I do know that there are some men here who are trying to kill us.
(calmly): All right Mother, tell me where you are?!
Dotty thinks..: Um ..there are a lot of warehouses,…
…and um, the sign over this one says, um, Debriefing Centre. Oh!,…
…and I saw the Marshmallow Man…..AH-
(she gets cut off)

[Love Dotty’s smile at remembering marshmallow man- it’s like: Yippee I remembered the marshmallow man, but she has forgotten she is being held hostage and about to be killed! ha!!]
A hand reaches in off screen and removes the receiver from Dotty’s hand.
poor Dotty.. she looks scared when the hand appears.. she’s now remembered the bad bit too.. oh yeah.. they’re gonna kill me!
This is probably totally inappropriate.. but take this next image out of context and it would be a FABULOUS pic to create some memes!!!!!
Amanda: Mother! Mo-
(phone goes dead with an audible click) did I say dead? nothing is dead! no no it went silent.. no death around here at all!! Dotty’s gonna be okay!!!
(Amanda puts down the phone with a sigh and thinks to herself..)
Before we move on – I’ll just quickly add that this conversation is very informative for both women. I imagine that when they look back on this call there will be great food for thought!!!
Why? firstly, Dotty is telling Amanda that she is going to be killed and Dotty keeps her cool!
That’s got to be a revelation to Amanda.. how brave her mum is..
Secondly, Dotty tells Amanda that they are going to kill her and Amanda is calm as anything!!!! Gee it’s almost like she’s been in life and death situations before.. Amanda is not only calm, she’s on the job – and doesn’t get carried away with emotions that her mum is in danger.. she uses her brain!
Final food for thought? Dotty’s life is in danger and she calls Amanda – not the police, Amanda! I like to think that deep down, Dotty suspects Amanda is going to be able to help somehow here.. by calling the cops for her? hmm maybe.. but I like to think that deep down Dotty suspects her daughter may have ways to help here (though I think she can’t really consciously comprehend the truth) –maybe Amanda can help with someone she knows? I mean Amanda was charged with murder and managed to get out of that.. Then, Amanda was involved somehow when Joe was in so much trouble.. Amanda kept her head there too.. Gee yes maybe Amanda will know best what to do! lol..
Unconsciously, in this little moment, I like to think Dotty is acknowledging a slowly dawning truth – that her daughter is able to help here.. and I find it interesting!
Hey, it could be that she just wanted to call Amanda so Amanda could call the cops. but Dotty could have done that couldn’t she? If she said she was being held hostage the police would have had to act on it no?
then again, maybe right now Dotty doesn’t trust herself to reach the real police given these fake police are right there!!! lol.. but.. I still prefer to think Dotty acted on instincts here.. and they were right about her daughter Smile 

Anyway.. getting back to Amanda pondering Dotty’s clues..
Amanda thinks out loud: … Marshmallow Man…
(Amanda realises where Dotty is!)
She grabs the phone and begins to dial.
At the agency, a phone is ringing in the bullpen.
An unknown agent answers.
Agent: International Federal Film….(she listens)… Mr. Marshmallow?
(She notes down the message)
…Yes Ma’am. Lee Stetson? I’ve got it…
shakes her head while hanging up)
It’s gotta be a crank.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_S3_D3-05.avi_20150729_155704. 72
drat.. can’t read her name badge.. but it gives me the cranks that she gets an id card and the crank err Amanda still doesn’t!

If Amanda had called Lee ‘Scarecrow’ would it have been a crank?  And why is it any other time she has called since the start of this show Amanda has been able to dial Billy directly in one way or another? rofl.. on this show, the longer Amanda is with IFF it seems to get harder for her to talk to someone.. change for the phone, clearance codes, and now being a crank! lol!! And we all know Francine is usually the one to do everything at IFF, why didn’t she answer? ahhhh there must be a plot reason 😉 lol..
Oi! IFF!!!! Fix Amanda’s ID badge.. and.. give her a clearance code will ya!

By the way, it was so decent of Dotty to get herself kidnapped when the boys were away on a sleep over!! 😉 haaa..

Amanda pulls up out the front of the debriefing center. Of all the buildings around, she picks the right one!
She gets out and sees the Mr. Marshmallow sign.
Oh I see, as Amanda enters the building, you can actually see a ‘debriefing centre’ sign on the front door..
She opens a door and is surprised..
Lawrence: Mrs. King? You’re alone I see.
smug bastards
[sorry couldn’t resist!]1baddie speaks
… Your mother’s expecting you.
[Oh that soooo should have had an evil laugh after it!]
How does Lawrence know Dotty’s daughter by sight? and by last name that is different to Dotty’s? Hmm..
Amanda looks suitably worried..
Now Amanda what was with the whole lets open the door and not be careful??!! she knows there are people there who want to kill Dotty and Zernoff.. so probably armed.. ??
She did the same thing in FFFT- when she rushed into that room and straight into Wimpy Barry and Nasty Carla- when is Amanda going to learn to enter rooms carefully??!!

Oh well.. at least she was wise and called IFF and left a crazy message with a random agent.. Amanda will be fine Smile 

At least her car is parked out the front.. Lee should spot it a mile away.. But if Lee comes.. will he finally meet Dotty???!!! I can imagine when this aired on TV there would have been lots of suspense about this!!!
Okay all- I’ll need to stop here for the moment.. this is getting to be a massive post. You know usually this part of the plot is a bit meh.. when the action revs up and the baddies start busting people or whatever, but this ep I’m totally into what’s going on.. and I love all that it reveals about Dotty, and reveals to Dotty about Amanda! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts everyone!!!! Byee for now Smile

35 responses to “15/19 Season Three, Episode 13: One Bear Dances the Other Doesn’t – Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. One side note:
    That whole Amanda wearing a guest pass during season 2’s second half and all season 3 doesn’t make any sense IMO. In Geisterschloss Amanda said that she is now employed at IFF. Why would any employee need to wear a guest pass? These are for people who not work at a place. And I don’t think there would be any differention between agents/civilian employee. Cause why should all civilians be guests? Restriction where they are allowed to go would be controlled by clearance levels (which could be marked on their badge). Beside everyone with a badge being an agent would mean that the stupid girl in YOLT is an agent too. Hope not.


    • Maybe it has to do with her only having part-time hours? I’m guessing they want to limit the badges for full time personnel because of access. Don’t forget, when her Security Clearance was downgraded, Amanda was demoted to a guest badge again. I know Lee asks Amanda on both Spiderweb in Season 2 and We’re Off To See The Wizard in Season 3, “What are you doing here?” That implies she wasn’t full time and Lee didn’t know when she would or wouldn’t be around. Also on Season 3 Tail Of The Dancing Weasel, Billy wants Lee to tell Amanda to stay home until they figure out what’s happening with Crawford & Thornton, because they’re on a higher Security alert.

      I think June was a temp in the bullpen area, but probably a regular in the Steno Pool because you couldn’t just call in Temps from a Temp Agency for someone who was sick because they’d need Security Clearance.


  2. Over the years of watching this episode I was not so bothered by the plot holes either. I was too focused on what was going on with Lee and Amanda, but there are some problems with some of this. I don’t think I need to elaborate though as you all have pointed out some of the many issues already.

    I figured Dotty wasn’t too sure about dealing with the police and figured that calling Amanda would be better than possibly ending up in a worse situation. She knows these supposed police have some kind of power and clout, but she isn’t sure who to trust at this moment.

    I love how both Dotty and Amanda don’t lose their cool, but are very calm in how they are dealing with this. I keep think of that 9 to 5 movie where Lily Tomlin’s character was lauded for keeping her cool under pressure.

    Amanda is truly showing her professionalism here. While she has been very concerned about her mother she doesn’t just fly off, she makes sure to call the Agency and leave a message. Too bad the ridiculous agent on duty can’t be as equally professional.


  3. Just a thought – the sign says Mr Marshmallow, yet both Dotty and Amanda call ‘it’ the Marshmallow Man. My previous boss might call this ‘lack of attention to detail’ 😦
    Like kiwismh, I am finding this plot and characters confusing and frustrating. But, while I’m enjoying some great L & A moments, I’m also relishing the extra Dotty time we’re getting. Even though she looks like she spent two hours doing her making before making her call to Amanda 😀

    I also loved your thoughts and insights into Dotty and Amanda, Iwsod and Morley! It’s great to see them and their relationship growing and changing, after what feels like an inconsistent period.


    • LOL. “lack of attention to detail” 😛

      Dotty and Amanda say Marshmallow Man, but in the phonecall to the random-agent-on-the-phone it’s Mr. Marshmallow… and that’s exactly the same in the script (Marshmallow Man vs. Mr. Marshmallow). My hypothesis: “Marshmallow Man” is how Amanda, Dotty and the boys refer to Mr. Marshmallow amongst themselves — but to other people they use the correct name (or, at least, Amanda might… probably not the boys, and maybe not Dotty.) Doesn’t “the Marshmallow Man” sound like something a kid might say when referring to the marshmallowy guy on the sign? Maybe it’s even a reference to the Ghostbusters (1984) movie (“It’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.” “I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never, ever possibly destroy us. Mr. Stay Puft.”)

      I’m totally shooting in the dark here, but it seems plausible to me… 😀 😉

      Liked by 4 people

      • I was thinking along the same lines as KC on this. By the way, which one do you think looks creepier, Mr. Marshmallow or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?



      • That’s what I’m thinking. I remember having names like that for characters on signs as a kid. There was a mattress logo who I always called Psalty, after the character in the Singing Songbook tapes. And one of the garages for oil changes had a monkey who I always called Curious George, and that’s how we referred to him all the time in our household. You become so used to that that it’s second nature.


    • ‘lack of detail’???!!!
      You showed her Learjet!!!! 😉 you noticed the inconsistency? I didn’t!!! 🙂

      Hey all!Thanks for sharing how you’re finding this ep.. even if you are not really lovin it 🙂 For some unknown reason I’m not minding it so much.. why? when the plot of FFFT was bugging me??!!!

      Hmmm.. I guess it’s because I’m enjoying learning so much about Dotty, and about Dotty and Amanda.. and of course, seeing now head over heels Lee deal with Amanda’s mother being in trouble.. whooooo..
      Plus, I found I was very unsympathetic toward Marvin! So in terms of the plot of the week helping people, I much prefer they help Dotty and Zernoff..

      So far no major clunkers have totally ruined my laid back vibe to this ep.. but.. the action finale is young so we shall see!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Pleased to see Dotty had time this morning to renew her make-up. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t look so “together” after a sleepless night at Baddie Central.
    I’m struggling with this episode as the plot and character reactions are just not gelling. This one requires an Olympic mental gymnastics routine. The relationship progression is all that’s keeping me going here. I wouldn’t have thought it was one of my un-favourite episodes but the walk through has made me see this was one of the less well written episodes, certainly in terms of having a really weak and inconsistent plot.
    And those baddies are just laughable. I don’t know why but every time I see that pic of the two baddies holding the gun on Dotty, I think they just look like #18 and #19 Republican presidential candidates (it is up to #18 and 19 now isn’t it?). Maybe it’s because Lawrence has kind’ve a Trump hairdo thing happening… or maybe it’s just because I can’t take them seriously.
    With better writing, this could’ve been a really good episode. Maybe it will get better from here on – it’s been a while since I watched this episode.
    Kiwismh just isn’t feeling the love for this episode at the moment. :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol! I see what you mean about the presidential candidates. I think that the taller one looks more like a candidate than the other one, though. You don’t usually see them in brown suits these days. They usually wear black or navy with a red or blue tie. I’ve wondered some times when they hold a debate if the two candidates call each other beforehand and say something like, “I’ve got my blue and red ties, but it’ll just look silly if we come out wearing the same thing. Which tie are you thinking of wearing this afternoon?”


      • A brown suit was another 80’s thing! Reagan rocked the world by, brace yourself, wearing a brown suit. It was huge news. Go figure! Thanks for bringing that up, Jestress — I’ve got a big silly smile on my face now thinking about the 80’s.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I think George Washington was the first o rock the brown suit. He wore one for the first inauguration. The museum at Mt Vernon makes a big deal about that color choice. Of course, Reagan would bring that back 😉

          Liked by 1 person

        • Actually, I didn’t know that about Reagan, but I was pretty young back in the 80s and wouldn’t have remembered. Actually, I think brown suits look kind of nice, at least on the right guy. Doesn’t Lee have a nice one himself? 😉

          I would be very interested in a candidate who showed up to a debate in a brown suit with a green tie or maybe a complimentary brown striped tie. That would be a person who isn’t afraid to stand out a little and not pander to the usual patriotic colors. I’m not saying that clothes should be an important part of political debates, just that I’d like to see a little more variety.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. And we’ve got another SMK miracle: Amanda’s car. How does she got it ? The day before Dotty drove it and she and Andrej were at the Mosc. Tea Room. Late that evening/night Lee brought Amanda home. Her car still at the russian restaurant. AND the next mornig
    … taddaaa…. Amanda drives her car…. How does othat und come ? Wonders never ceases in SMK-Land 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • haaa good one L&A! I’m going to assume the agency finds that the whole ‘people getting kidnapped and therefore cars being picked up and transported home for their owners’ a regular occurrence.. and thus they have a whole department dedicated to the return of cars to their rightful owners.. I think the lady who took Amanda’s call and called her a crank will be doing temp work in that department before long!!!! 😉 tee hee.. The department’s name? ummmm… let’s see.. The ‘Baby Come back’ Department?

      (not sure if this little aussie ad made it to the USA or Europe.. but.. if it didn’t..you guys missed out!)


      • LOL. I love it. 😀 I’m generally partial to the Kiwi Hilux ads (the Crumpy and Scotty series, and the b*gger ad), but that’s an Aussie one I can get behind.


      • LOL ! I didn’t know about this “Baby Come Back – Toyota”. It’s hilarious. 😀

        About Amanda’s car I thought it might have some sort of “self-activating homing device” so it could find it’s way home… Something like “K.i.t.t” – anyone who remembers the “Knight Rider” ? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hey L& A – thanks!!! glad you enjoyed it!!!!

          Yeah I was thinking about Knight Rider the day after because of this idea that cars need to find their own way home thing… ha! Made me wonder if the ‘Knight falling’ in TTTAC was a bit of a reference to Knight Rider!

          Thanks too KC – soo glad to hear you watched and enjoyed! You guys made me glad I shared it.. Baby Come Back!
          Oh another random thought – the ad made me think of Lee’s Porsche.. his didn’t fare so well going over a cliff huh! If only Lee had driven a hilux! tee hee!

          Okay getting off now.. My eyes tell me enough already 😉 byeee!!!


        • Yep, I thought of Knight Industries Two Thousand as well when realizing Amanda’s car has special homing capabilities. Or the Agency has a whole department of drivers to deliver cars of their best ‘agents’.

          Liked by 1 person

      • haha, love it! No that didn’t make it to the US, maybe because the steering wheel was on the wrong side? 🙂


  6. I really enjoyed your observations about Dotty and Amanda and how they handle this situation. I do think some of Amanda’s natural instincts have to come from Dotty and something to do with the way she was raised. Maybe Dotty doesn’t often get a chance for those traits of hers to rise to the surface, but they are there. And I love thinking about what both women will be considering to themselves about each other in their private thoughts… hmm. I may have to work some of that into my stories 😉

    Maybe after this messed up message relay someone at the Agency will think a little more about Amanda’s clearance level. I totally don’t understand why even a crank call wouldn’t be processed with some formal protocol. This is an intelligence agency isn’t it. Or maybe this newbie thinks it is a film company? I have to do some mental gymnastics to fix that one, huh?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for the lovely feedback Morley 🙂

      Yes after I’ve seen so far, I’m more on board now with Dotty having hidden depths and talents 🙂

      given Amanda has been there for 3 years, you’d think Amanda wouldn’t be reliant on some beginner agent passing on her message correctly on a whim.. whatever comes of this- it is clear that this is a situation that can’t continue any longer!

      Remember in Wizard when Amanda had to cheat and use Francine’s clearance?? I think it should have been dealt with after that! I mean Billy even found out that was what Amanda was doing 😉 but.. the plot needs to throw a spanner in the works here at this point.. soooo I’ll go with it.. we’ve done the whole spill the milk on the message deal..(Utopia Now) so I guess something else has to happen with Amanda’s message! 🙂

      Cue the suspense music! beginner agent thinks Amanda’s call is a prank! Oh no!!! will Amanda and Dotty and Zernoff be okay???!!!! Maybe Lee can’t come to the rescue this time???!!!!
      Hmm now there’s an interesting train of thought I’d love to explore with you guys as this unfolds.. the idea of Lee coming to the rescue..
      Once we’ve covered how this final part of the episode plays out I’d love to explore whether this ep work better before or after FFFT in regards to this concept.. But for now I’ll have to wait and see..
      bye for now! hope you are all well and you northerners are enjoying your summer..
      I’m here in the south and I can’ t feel my feet 😦 bring on spring time!!! [Our spring starts on 1 September – so I guess for 20 days I have spring and you guys have summer yes?! that’s a bit weird!] and.. I’m off on a tangent! lol.. bye guys!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I now know what you mean. I just returned from the Dandenong Ranges where there was actually little bit of snow falling, (not the sleet/hail the people claim was snow.) It was awesome to see how excited everyone was. Even though we get stupidly cold here in Canada, we are insulated up the yin yang (and have central heating and cheap natural gas) so at least you get a break from the cold by going inside.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hey welcome back Cindy!! I can’t believe you were in my hemisphere!! 🙂

          Hope you had a fantastic time visiting Australia 🙂

          Yes we aussies are not well prepared for cold winters with our houses I am colder here in the winter than when I have lived where it snows!!! gah!!!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. If I were Dotty, I think I’d walk out of the building when I saw the guard asleep and keep walking. Finding a telephone is good, but not so good when you don’t really know where you are. Leaving would not only get her out of immediate danger but also help her figure out where to send help. The one problem would be concern over what might happen to Zernoff while she’s gone.

    I’m really surprised at the lady who took Amanda’s message, too. I mean, she works for a spy organization. Surely, she must be used to taking weird messages from people. I also doubt that anyone who knew enough to use Lee’s name would be playing a prank. Maybe they need to pay more attention to training the people in their temporary pool. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess that lady who took the message was a newbie – she couldn’t have been working for the Agency for long, yet, or else she would have heard of Amanda by that point. I can see someone – Billy or Francine – taking her aside and telling her: “Just to make one thing perfectly clear: When Amanda King calls, you hurry to relay the message, no matter how odd it might sound. When she calls and leaves a message, you immediately pass it on to Lee. If he’s not here, you pass it on to Billy or Francine. If anything like this ever happens again, you’ll be counting yourself lucky to be working here as cleaning lady. Got that? Good.”

      At least, that’s what I like to think. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeeaahh, Khell, you’re sooo right !
        Amanda IS a clearance code in herself – she doesn’t need another one. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmmm interesting idea Knell… let’s see how this plays out..

        I agree.. she must be a newbie! I”d almost prefer to have June Phelps answer the phone.. hmm.. why not show some ditzie male agents smk??!!! grr..

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well, there is always poor Fred Fielder whose name continues to be brought up long after his Savior shame! Maybe SMK felt they couldn’t keep picking on Fred!

          And I do love their ditzie male baddies like in Car Wars 🙂


    • That lady looks so self-satisfied in those screen caps – I just want to smack her! You will never be Amanda King, Phone Lady!

      Liked by 1 person

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