12/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to this episode and we cut from the flying thingy to the tennis match.. or.. A tennis match! Because it’s obvious this is not really Tina Vs. Tracy Austin!

LOL I didn’t even need to slow this down to see this is Martina Navratilova who we saw playing earlier,
(when Francine reported to Lee and Billy that Donna was on a plane to Hawaii). I couldn’t see who the other player was – but now I can see it was Tracy Austin Smile so.. in a way she gets three cameos Winking smile and.. we can even see this is the US Open!!!
LOL.. this was really easy to find out.. This is footage of the US Open final in 1981.. You can see the last set of it here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dFOgQe6Y28
tracy vs tina err martina
Looks like Martina err Tina ended up losing that final Winking smile Okay okay.. on with the smk episode!

Lots of massive crowds and footage that is not at Shenandoah tennis ranch Winking smile
We find Lee and Francine looking for Billy outside (I thought Francine was keeping an eye on Tina.. whooo check out her boots! matchy matchy!)
Lee: Right, there he is. Billy! Listen, we’ve got to get Tina off the court and clear the stands.
Billy: Why? What do you have? [Amanda! he has Amanda! Smile ]
Francine: Mary Dexter was poisoned because she was the only one who could eliminate Tina from the quarter -finals.
[wha????!!!! Quarter finals?? Oh noo!!! It seems the baddie has put Francine in a time machine and taken her back to the quarter finals!!! Winking smile Gosh.. will Lee and Billy make it in time to the finals??!!! rofl!!!  This baddie is quite cunning.. Winking smile ]
: What?
Francine: Think about it – the moment Mary dropped out Tina was bumped right up into the semi-finals.
[rofl….sooo now it’s not the quarters? it’s the semi’s???!!]
Lee: Which at the moment are being fed into 140 TV stations.
Billy: Sounds like Steckler’s M.O., but he’s dead.
[so no one else can like publicity?! Winking smile]
Lee: Yeah, and I’m betting Donna Clayton killed him. Look anyone could be using her tickets, she could still be here now. [go Lee!]
Billy: And about to catch us napping.
The phone in Billy’s car rings.. lol random.. So Lee goes over to answer it.
continues saying: Francine, we’ll have to contact Carmichael and tell him to take his canines to the courts.
[Carmichael.. Carmichael.. umm.. the dog dude?!]
Francine: Okay, I’ll meet him there and I’ll co-ordinate a bomb check.
Lee hangs up.
Lee: Right. Billy, you still got that .30.06 in the car?

(kiwismh note:pronounced thirty-oh-six)
Billy: In the trunk…
…Francine, also alert the security forces and then go to the announcer’s booth and tell them to start clearing the stands.
Francine: Okay, got it.
Lee and Billy get in the car..
Lee: We just had an aerial sighting in the southern perimeter.
Lots of shots of the evil glider thingy..
A car driving down a road..
More of Tracy Vs. Martina..
We see a flash of Tina in close up..
PFK.avi_20150922_201936.319Tina.. Martina.. lol physically they are nothing alike – I don’t think anyone ever would have bought this..  not even when I was eight! lol! Plus Tina’s hair was up before the match! Is this from that earlier match? haaaa.
We see the glider.. and Lee and Billy pull up next to a clearing. Lee pulls out the gun.. rofl. Billy’s armed with binoculars!
More crowds and Tracy vs. Martina.. and Francine approaches the TV announcer.
Announcer: Miss, we are working please.
Francine: Sir, this is a Govern—
Announcer: Would somebody ask this lady to leave the announcers’ area?
PFK.avi_20150823_143339.294[whoa… this stinks of – someone get the annoying woman out of the way.. Francine is being underestimated here. I don’t think he would have done that to Lee.. but this is just my opinion! Guess this was to add to the suspense.. that suspenseful music is still going.. on.. and on.. and on.. ]
Francine: This is a Government emergency – somebody is trying to kill Tina Tomerson… [Are you accusing Tracy Austin of playing dirty?! 😉 tee hee]
(finally he notices her ID badge)
…Get on the PA and clear these stands now!
[go Francine! She knows how to take charge and demand with authority!!! Can you imagine Amanda doing this?? I think it would have been a first for her.. would Amanda have had an ID badge? is this in the script as Amanda doing this? ]
Announcer: All right lady. Give me the phone.
Hello, give me Security please.
[why didn’t Francine call Security? weird..]
The glider very slowly moves closer..

Billy: I’ve got something at 12 o’clock. It’s an ultra-light…. [Ohhh ultralight.. right.. got it.. flying thingy was more fun..]
…Lee, it’s got rocket launchers on the struts!
Okay, wait ‘til he’s in range….
PFK.avi_20150823_143409. 19
…Don’t scare him off…
We cut back to Francine guiding people out of the stand (Fabio included) with some serious govt types looking on and the loudspeaker saying the fire dept wants them to evacuate.
Lee is being patient.. waiting for the baddie to get closer…
Billy thinks it’s close enough: …What are you waiting for Lee, take him!
[Him? yes- again.. a woman is being underestimated!] Lee waits to take the shot.

Tina: What’s going on? What’s the panic?
Francine: Uh, let’s get out of here. I’ll explain everything later. Come on.
Francine leads Tina away..
[Funny yep, when she was ‘playing’ Tracy she was wearing her hair out and wearing pink Winking smile definitely wrong.. ]

Billy: Shooooot!
[LOL Billy’s so bossy Winking smile that’s not like him whahahaaha.. maybe again Lee is thinking – Amanda wouldn’t be telling me to shoot, she’d trust me to do it!]
Finally Lee shoots.. and hits with one shot. The flying thingy starts falling from the sky and randomly explodes just before it hits a lake.
Love the sunset as the wreckage hits the water..
And then.. ta da.. back in the time machine – it’s daylight again!
Lee and Billy approach..
Billy: Who is it?
PFK.avi_20150823_143454. 60
Lee: It’s Donna. Tina’s bodyguard. [Oh the irony Winking smile ]
Donna seems to be alive.. but unconscious.. oh well.. Winking smile PFK.avi_20150823_143500.368
Lee shakes his head at Donna.. why? maybe thinking that was a bit too close for his liking?
duh duh duhhhhh
PFK.avi_20150823_143503. 76
Very artsy close up on unconscious Donna here at the end!
Looks like they’ve given her extra makeup for this final little moment.. I think they’re playing up the whole whoooo the evil baddie was a woman!!! Look she’s so pretty.. and sooo evil!!!!
LOL.. We’ve been there done that though.. Rita was a woman.. but not a lady Winking smile whahahaa…. and okay, maybe she was not as attractive..

Anyway, at least this week the action finale was brief- I like that.. even if it was rather boring and anti climactic!

Okay well I’m going to pause here for the moment guys.. Sorry I don’t want to rush the tag and this post is big enough already.. stay tuned.. the final moments of this ep are coming up next – can’t wait to hear from you all! byeee!

27 responses to “12/13 Season Three, Episode 14: Playing for Keeps-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. It sounded like they pronounced the “oh” as “ought” to me which sounds so strange. That happens on another ep too.

    I think the actress playing Donna screwed up and moved and she is supposed to be dead. I don’t see how anyone outside of A James Bond movie (or Frank Buck!) could survive a fall from that height. And her dying fits Lee’s reaction. He often seems to regret when he has to kill — Remembrance Of Things Past and Wrong Number come to mind. It’s one of the many things I love about him.


    • When Lee asks if Billy still has “the 30:06” on the car? I heard it that way too. He’s saying thirty “aught” six. “Aught” is another word for zero. When you are reciting a number, using “aught” instead of “zero” can help the listener understand that you mean zero and not the letter “O”. I don’t hear it used very often these days. I personally like using it when referring to the first decade of the century: “the aughts.”


      • Sorry, meant to say, using “aught” instead of “OH” (not “zero”) lets the listener know you mean zero and not the letter “o.” 🙂


      • Interesting! I don’t know if it’s a generation or a Canadian vs. USA thing but we never use it here that I know of.

        But we say “zed” instead of “zee” on the phone to distinguish Z from C. I was working at a call center and had to talk with an operator who worked in the U.S.. I said “Zed” and she said “What’s Zed?” I explained “You know, zee. Zed.” And she went all postal on me and snapped “Then SAY zee! Zed!” I tried to explain that was how we said it here but it didn’t help.


  2. Wonder why Billy kept on assuming it was a “he” in the flying machine? He was standing right there when Lee said that Donna could still be around. I wonder if there was somehow a change in the storyline. Earlier, it was Steckler flying the plane-hickey-ma-bob. The focus on the tattoo then and later shows us that. No mention of Donna having a scorpion tattoo, and no explanation of why they would have matching ones anyway. So, feminine hands or no, I think that first flyer was Steckler. And now we have Billy referring to the pilot as “he”. Seems there could have been something else planned (even some scenes filmed) and then the story changed. The sunset crash comes to mind as evidence that some stuff could have been done later — I don’t think we ever see Donna for sure piloting the aircraft?


    • Happycamper I loved your ideas on the plot for PFK. I had given up on the scorpion tattoo rofl! It really doesn’t make sense does it!
      I figure that there was suppose to be a reveal at some point – maybe by the lake, that Donna also had a scorpion tattoo (but why I don’t know! lol!) and it had been her all along.. (and we were suppose to think it was scorpion dude- surprise!) Throughout the whole episode we never see Donna’s arms, she wears long sleeves throughout.
      So I’m thinking it was Donna in snoopy’s flying contraption the whole time, they just forgot to give us the reveal whahahahaaa.. (hey maybe we were suppose to see it but the time machine moved it sometime into the future?!)

      Re Scorpion dude.. I think he was set up to fail by Donna, she set things up to look like she had tried to lay a trap with scorpion dude which had failed, so she fled.
      This was suppose to clear the way for Donna to fly in with no defences and blow up Tina in the quarter finals/ semi finals/ finals- whichever she happened to be playing 😉
      Only.. Amanda insight and Lee’s paranoia thwart this bluff.. and the dogs are ready! and Billy has big gun in his car.. take that Donna!

      Billy calling it a ‘he’ is lame.. I figured it was suppose to be a surprise it was Donna.. but lots of mixed signals going on with the plot so who the heck knows! such a dog’s breakfast! But from the way Donna’s unconscious identify is revealed, it seems this was suppose to be a surprise.. meh..

      I think Donna was piloting the aircraft – we see her face as she pulls the visor down and then gets on snoopy’s flying contraption. and.. I’m pretty sure that was suppose to be the contraption being shot out of the sky, Donna falling off and then it exploding (but me thinks it just exploded 😉 ).
      How’s that? have I been as clear as mud?


  3. There was a lot of non-action in this action scene. As much as I’m not a fan of the token chase/fight scene at the end it’s seems odd not to have Lee being a bit more active. Maybe everyone just ran out of gas with this whole episode and just wanted to end it as quickly as possible. All of this was just so blah.


  4. Sorry for not commenting much on this episode. I just find it very uninspiring, to say the least. However, the posts and comments are great and I am in awe that you all can take and make so much of this one. I never noticed any of the blunders (and they are abundant in this one) until reading them here (the blast that changes Lee’s clothes was really funny) so thanks for that. I just think it is a really poor episode and I don’t think it is only down to Amanda’s absence. I think it is poorly written with a lame plot and none of the acting is very credible.
    But the posts (and comments) are first class as usual

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I think it was about this time in the episode that I started losing interest, and seeing it now frame by frame, I can understand why. lol. This is really very convoluted and there are so may mistakes made in production – mistakes that are obvious watching it in real time. I’m glad it’s just about over! Although we did get some good Lee/Amanda bits. I’m with Cindy, iwsod – I applaud your strength and stamina!


    • Hi guys!! Yeaahhhhh well at least we still have the last scene to look forward to – but there is still a big clunker to come!

      I’m thinking what I will do – if it’s okay with everyone, is I will publish the final post tomorrow (and not linger all weekend over this one ugh) -then I’ll pause the walk through the episodes for a week.
      Maybe see if anyone has a guest post they’d like to have published?
      Or..we may want to talk ep order for a bit too..

      I’m sorry, I’m not ready to start walking through the next ep yet – RL have been very busy for me – would this be okay with you guys?


  6. And we never even got to the gaping plot hole/ casting problem that Lee never recognized Steckler was the famous Rostov he traded for Amanda in Saved by the Bells. 🙂

    Honestly, CBS must have just had a stable of actors that they used over and over again, and sometimes you’re supposed to remember them as an old villain (James Cromwell) and forget others when they morphed into new people a few months later (Sam Melville). LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly Janet!!! they want to have it both ways!! ugh..
      It kind of reminds me of Australian television.. for years we’ve tended to have the same local actors again and again.. it gets rather confusing!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. My head hurts trying to make sense of this episode. I applaud your strength and stamina. 🙂

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  8. “Billy: Why? What do you have? [Amanda! he has Amanda! Smile ]”

    Oh! I don’t have time right now and I didn’t even have time to scroll as far as I did. But then I saw this! Priceless, perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • awh… get back when you can! thanks!


      • Ok, I am back. Yeah, I don’t have the attention spans for the action scenes. I don’t think my sons would even have attention spans for them, they are too slow for their tastes. There is something about Billy with the binoculars and Lee waiting for ever with the shot gun that seems rather middle aged laughable. That is a huge admission coming from me. And Lee seems very chagrined to have had to shoot a woman.

        But the best part of this post was Iwsod’s words, “he has Amanda” and that makes all the difference. And he has her even though she isn’t there on the case with him, and even though he was partnered with someone else. He has Amanda. Yup, that is the point! I think he knows it, Amanda is beginning to know it, Billy has always known it and Francine can’t believe that it is true.

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