5/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Can I just say – It really bugs me to see the title of this episode with that spelling!! I keep wanting to correct it! grrrr..
Rupert is talking to Amanda and walking her down the garden path (literally and maybe.. figuratively too???).
Amanda: Well?
Rupert: You ever seen “the invasion of the body snatchers”?
Amanda: No. 
[Me neither!!! How about you?]
Rupert: Well, we’ve got a live performance of it out here. Somebody’s taking people away in the middle of the night! Then they bring ’em back. Now, I talked to some of the people who got taken away. They can’t remember a thing.
LOL most of this conversation looks like this!
Why?! lol..
Amanda: Mr. Simpson, I really don’t think I understand all of this.
Rupert: Well, of course you don’t. Neither do I. Not yet…TPE.avi_20151005_175144. 20
[Finally we get a moment where we can actually see them! Winking smile ]
You give me your phone number, and keep in touch.
Amanda: Yes, sir. Ah — happy to do that.
I think Amanda’s not sure what to make of things – but she doesn’t tend to dismiss someone without considering what they’re saying (no matter how crazy they sound). This reminds me of Mr Brand and his wild unlikely story.. Rupert may be very lucky that Lee brought Amanda along this day! She’s just the person he needed to speak to. Smile
Next thing, Lee and Amanda have been reunited.. whooo and they’re loaded up with goodies! [If Lee gets this much food each visit, I think I can safely conclude he doesn’t stop by every week – or he’d be rather overweight and unwell!]
Lee: Amanda, believe me: Lois makes banana bread, Glynis makes peach brandy, and Rupert fabricates stories.
Amanda: But you won’t even listen to the story.
Lee: Because I’ve heard a hundred of them.
[I like to see that, though they are two peas in a pod- they still don’t see eye to eye on everything.. and they can express that! Smile pretty healthy Winking smile ]
Amanda: But you could hear one more.
Lee: Why? Look, the last time, he told me Jimmy Hoffa was hiding in the bungalow next to him. The guy turned out to be an ex-FBI undercover plumber from east Jersey City. TPE.avi_20151005_175231.217
Amanda: Well, listen, he could be telling the truth this time; you know, he just might be telling the truth.
Lee: Ahhhh.. Yeah…
[Lee seems to be relenting a little?] …Amanda?
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: Have some bread.
(Lee hands Amanda all the baskets. lol – Death by goodies!)
Amanda: Ohhhh — alright.
Lee: Thank you!
Lee closes the door.. LOL they’re having a heated discussion.. but they’re still polite! Smile

Okay, gotta stop here.. JWWM at a snail’s pace is the new title of this blog rofl! Winking smile can’t wait to hear from ya! byeeee!

35 responses to “5/15 Season Three, Episode 15: The Pharoah’s Engineer-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This post is chock full of some good stuff. I agree, Iwsod, the incorrect spelling annoys me as well. I saw “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” back in college. It was the 1978 version which was a remake. And it’s funny how you mention that Lee and Amanda were like two peas in a pod because the movie was about “pod people” taking over humans and eventually the earth. They were aliens who destroyed their own planet and you could tell they were pod people by their lack of emotional response to anything. It usually happened when people would fall asleep, so I get Rupert’s reference.

    It’s funny how Lee mentions Jimmy Hoffa as well. His disappearance occurred in my neck of the woods. He was declared legally dead in 1982. Every once in a while a Hoffa sighting would come up. They would dig up some place and come up with absolutely nothing.

    If you really listen to what Lee says he’s indicating just how much time he’s spent at Birchwood. He knows a lot about these three people. We find out that Glynis not only plays volleyball, but makes peach brandy as well. He also indicates that Rupert tells all these stories and he’s heard hundreds of them, which means he has sat and listened. And he must have respected Rupert enough to check them out because he found out that the guy wasn’t Jimmy Hoffa, so he had to have done some checking. Even though he may have been placating Rupert, he cared enough to look into it. Earlier he responded to Rupert by saying “Sir”.

    He is grousing, but deep down there is some caring there. Lee is sometimes like that hard candy with the soft center. He was like that with Scotty in Filming Raul.

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    • Thanks for the info Valerie- so that’s where Pod people came from! I’d heard it before but didn’t get the reference!

      Yes there’s ample info here that tells us how well he knows them 🙂 agree! grousing but underneath there’s real affection 🙂
      A bit like how Amanda first treated Amanda haaaa..

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  2. That should have been a reply to IWSOD’S comment (Oct. 27, 2015; 4:15 pm)…


  3. Even IF Rupert had flirted with her, it wouldn’t make any difference to Amanda. How could that nice old guy harm her?

    Always remember: Amanda is jused to work with the Agency’s (former) lothario. She does it for about three years now. So IF anyone can handle a lothario, it’s ‘our’ (or Lee’s??) Amanda. 😉

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    • Hi Lee&Amanda – this is BJo, one of the JWWM moderators. Just letting you know your other comments went into pending, but I saw them and honored your request. iwsod is sleeping, but I am awake! If you need anything else, please let one of us know!


    • I agree L&A, I don’t think it would have changed if Amanda helped him.

      But we know Amanda, Rupert at this point doesn’t know Amanda at all.. and usually people tend to play it safe when they need to be taken seriously.. IMHO it would have been silly of Rupert to try flirting with Amanda, when he needs her help – when he doesn’t know her and doesn’t know how she would respond- he would be super conservative..

      This is just my own view.. it’s quite possible Rupert never flirts with anyone and Lois was just being passive aggressive in her fight over Lee territory lol 😉


  4. Okay, gotta stop here.. JWWM at a snail’s pace is the new title of this blog rofl! “Just Crawl With Me?” Does that have a nice ring to it?

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  5. An undercover plumber? How does that work?
    Yes, Lee carrying baskets, lovely sight. Lee and Amanda having a heated discussion and yet being polite and respectful. Its a lot different that Francine sticking it to Lee, and the one upmanship between those two. As much as Lee cares about the Rupert and the ladies at Birchwood, he doesn’t take them seriously, I think. Or maybe this is him being reminded of Amanda’s naivete? Or maybe they are just having a typical disagreement like two people do all the time.


    • “an ex-FBI undercover plumber from east Jersey City”
      I was going to ask the same thing, Morley… Was that someone who was actually a plumber–for the FBI–who went undercover… or was it an FBI agent who went undercover as a plumber… or is Lee using “plumber” as some sort of spy slang for a particular type of operative? Maybe an agent who’s adept at fixing things — though I think that would be a “fixer”, LOL? Ooohhh… maybe an agent who’s adept at getting things moving/flowing…???…

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      • Or was he an FBI agent who was plumbing the depths of the underworld while undercover (of darkness)….Am I mixing my metaphors and idioms as well as SMK 😀


        • LOL! You guys are hilarious!!

          Sorry I’m not going to be able to respond the next few days.. I’ve gone away a few days without my laptop power cord.. smart.. really smart.. but I’ve scheduled the next post to publish and I’ll be enjoying reading your thoughts on my phone! byeeeee!

          LOL re the plumber! I keep thinking of the spy who knew too little.. brilliant movie- Don’t forget to flush!!!

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          • It was running in my mind that “plumber” was a term associated with the Watergate scandal, so thanks to Wikipedia: “The White House Plumbers, sometimes simply called the Plumbers, were a covert White House Special Investigations Unit, established July 24, 1971, during the presidency of Richard Nixon. Its task was to stop the leaking of classified information, such as the Pentagon Papers, to the news media. Its members branched into illegal activities while working for the Committee to Re-elect the President, including the Watergate break-in and the ensuing Watergate scandal.”
            So older viewers at the time would get the reference in Lee’s relating of Rupert’s story.

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            • And…
              “Thanksgiving evening in 1972, David Young arrived home from his planning at the Special Investigative Unit, when his grandmother asked him, “What do you do at the White House?”, to which he replied, “I am helping the president stop some leaks”. She replied, with astonishment, “Oh, you’re a plumber!” Young, Liddy and Hunt then put up a sign on their office with the title, “The Plumbers”. Soon it was taken down, because their covert operations were supposed to be top secret but the name stuck for the group.[2]”

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            • Some of us are old enough to have gotten that reference the first time the show aired. Sigh. It’s the little things that make you feel old 😉

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              • I like to think we get the reference because IMHO it’s pretty mainstream these days – the whole plumbers, spy biz etc..

                Ben 10 even refers to plumbers (though kids may not yet understand the full implication and history). In Ben 10 plumbers are a law enforcement agency kinda thing which protects the universe.. (using cool gadgets of course 😉 )

                I had not heard of the origin of the phrase though – thanks for sharing that Ruth!!! It’s quite appropriate given the content of the current episode that it would be someone’s mum who came up with the name (accidentally) – I bet she made Banana bread and peach brandy too!

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      • That cartoon “Ben Ten” calls the agents who deal with the aliens “plumbers.” Hmm?


    • I took the “undercover plumber” thing quite literally. Perhaps the FBI would find that plumbers just kind of blend into their surroundings, like masseuses, waiters and janitors (no offense intended to anyone in those occupations!), and people tend to talk freely around them. Also, being a plumber would possibly give him access to restricted areas of buildings, allowing him to do surveillance or set up surveillance equipment.

      On the other hand, I do like the allusion to the Watergate Plumbers. It’s much more intriguing than my theory! 🙂

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  6. Love how Lee is so unselfconscious about walking along with what amounts to two red riding hood baskets in hand. Scarecrow would never have been caught dead carrying girlie baskets. I’m going to take that as another sign of Lee’s growing maturity and domesticity. 😀

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  7. I spot a nice red apple in one of Lee’s baskets. And that looks like an orange ( 😀 ) in Amanda’s basket. So not all of Lee’s goodies are processed. Better than mouldy cheese 😉
    I love that Rupert asking for Amanda’s phone number is so innocent (despite the previous Lothario comments..) – only on SMK…
    And I do enjoy all the beautiful outdoor scenery: trees, Lee, leaves, Lee, grass, Lee….

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    • Well spotted Learjet.. 🙂 I feel so much better about all those ‘goodies’ which in large quantities are baddies 😉
      Yes there’s no hint of flirty Rupert, he’s too busy trying to be taken seriously by someone..

      Rofl. Yes love the scenery 😉 tee heeee


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