4/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to the trailer park and Lance is still inside on his computer.. We see on the screen:
3.16 TT.avi_000751484
Lance: I knew it. Hah. I knew I’d get ya.
I guess Guardian was a password? Not sure.. well.. Lance writes “GUARDIAN” on his piece of paper. If it was a password, why would he write it down though? I don’t know!
3.16 TT.avi_000755989
The phone rings and he answers.
Lance: Dorn here. Your dime.
Falkan: Gerald Falkan here.
3.16 TT.avi_000763997
Uh, excuse me, Mr Falkan…
[wooo Falkan seems to have some authority in his little corner of IFF]
…Uh, this isn’t a clean line.
Falkan: Oh I…I know. This isn’t a matter for the telephone.
Next thing, we find Lance and his red Jeep pulling up in a forested area.  Falkan and King are waiting for him, standing beside a sedan.
3.16 TT.avi_000778011
: Why the cloak and dagger?
3.16 TT.avi_000780013
[Hey Lance has the same hair as Lee no? Just.. extra facial hair!  King has an awfully smug smile on is face. ugh.. he’s a good baddie!] He walks around behind Lance’s Jeep as Falkan responds to Lance.
3.16 TT.avi_000780555
: You’ll find out soon enough… Did you follow your orders?
Lance: Of course. No one knows I’m here. … So, what’s the problem?
3.16 TT.avi_000789022
: I’m afraid you are, Lance.
3.16 TT.avi_000792525
And now the solution.
King knocks out Lance.. and he slumps over the steering wheel.. he hurries Falkan to get ‘the bottle’.

Falkan gives King the bottle. He pours the alcohol down Lance’s throat and all over his clothes then starts up the jeep.. he puts it in gear..
3.16 TT.avi_000815548
King tells Falkan to help him push the jeep. Falkan doesn’t seem to be much of an action man!

Lance and the jeep tumble over the cliff bursting into flames. RIP Lance! and RIP red jeep!
3.16 TT.avi_000836569
Back up high.. King looks pleased with his work… and Falkan looks hmm… what do you think?
3.16 TT.avi_000838571
I’ll go with- disturbed.. this killing is bothering him… For King? well… that’s his bread and butter…

Moving on and we are back at a warehouse.. ahh it’s time for the baddies to do their weird meeting under a spotlight or something.. King stands before the panel.
3.16 TT.avi_000853586
Balding baddie :
So Jepard,… 
[Jepard? Okay.. guess king was his Codename] … the Triumvirate isn’t a band of criminals who go about solving their problems by killing people. [Is he sure about that?!]
3.16 TT.avi_000857090[So this is the triumvirate huh.. the ruling three.. so then umm why are there four people on this panel? ]
Female triumvirate: We want justice. Sometimes the system fails – so we step in.
3.16 TT.avi_000859592
I think that’s Falkan between the head baddie and female baddie yes? heck.. are these even baddies? Umm triumvirates? I don’t really know what’s going on with this lot yet. so sorry if I confuse you! I guess at this point in the episode we are suppose to be scratching our heads and trying to figure out who’s who.. we’ll get there eventually!

Jepard: I was doing my job. [Yeah I don’t think Jepard really cares about Justice somehow.. just hand me my money already Winking smile ]
Balding baddie: This time you killed one of our own.
[Umm didn’t Balding baddie tell Falkan to organise this when he called him at IFF? whoooo maybe he’s doing a bit of a double cross here.. ? So.. this triumvirate are IFF.. oookay..]
female triumvirate: How do you explain that? It takes a unanimous vote from us before we can authorise any action.
[Apparently not!]
Jepard: Hey, that’s not my business. You take all the votes you want. I get paid to kill people.
3.16 TT.avi_000873106[I have to agree with Jepard, why would he care about any of this voting stuff!]
Baldie: Who gave you the assignment?
Jepard: Gerald Falkan.
Female: You can leave.
Baldie: Your services are no longer needed.
Jepard shrugs and leaves.
Ah! so that is Falkan in the middle! He turns to address balding baddie..
3.16 TT.avi_000887620

Falkan: I had to move. I, I couldn’t wait—there was no time for a vote. And you said yourself on the phone we couldn’t have Dorn testing our security.
Baldie: Don’t throw words back at me. You know what I meant. You know you went too far.
[Ohh I thought Balding Baddie had told him to get rid of Lance..did he?? and he is now just denying it? I guess at the moment from what we know either is possible.. ]

Lee is walking through the trailer park, past a sign stating “OFFICE”. A woman rushes toward Lee.
Trailer lady: I’m glad some police finally got here. I called over an hour ago.
Lee: Oh, I’m not the-
Tailer lady: Sometimes it just isn’t worth it. Sometimes it is…
3.16 TT.avi_000908141[she gives Lee and appreciative once over and takes his arm]
…I just hate to keep phoning but you can imagine how I feel in this neighbourhood alone. All night by myself.
[Lee humours her.. but it’s clear he’s totally not interested!]
Lee: Ah hah, yeah, absolutely. Ah, look why don’t you go over it again, the exact reason you called, Mrs uh…3.16 TT.avi_000919152
Harriet: Harriet. Miss Harriet Owens.
Lee: Harriet. Uh-huh.
[LOL she really doesn’t want to let go of Lee’s hand!]
3.16 TT.avi_000927660
I found his door busted open. He’s gone.
Lee: Ah. Well, do you mind if I go in?
3.16 TT.avi_000934167
Harriet: I just never could say no to a man with authority. Lee : Aha. Ya. [Lee can say no! Smile ]
Lee goes into the trailer. It looks like Lance’s place has been tossed over.. a real mess.. but! They didn’t find the one piece of paper Lance had under his keyboard.. dopes!
3.16 TT.avi_000968702
Lee takes the paper with him and heads back out into the dangerous clutches of Harriet who seems to have co-opted her cat into seducing Lee whahahahaaa..
Lee : Do you know when Mr Dorn is expected back?
Harriet: I hope he does come home…
3.16 TT.avi_000984718
…otherwise I won’t be able to sleep a wink…
3.16 TT.avi_000985719
…all night
3.16 TT.avi_000988722
Love the sideways look Lee gives frisky Harriet..
Lee: Uh-ha
3.16 TT.avi_000989723
Uh, try a warm glass of milk.
3.16 TT.avi_000992726
Well done Lee! whoo  hoooo!!! Wonderful rebuff! He cuts her off and starts to leave not a moment too soon.
3.16 TT.avi_000994728
I think Harriet enjoyed the little exchange such that it is.. the likes of Lee Stetson don’t come visiting very often I imagine Winking smile

So what’s with this little Lee/ Harriet encounter guys? what are the writers want to show us here? Would Lee have ever been interested in Harriet? what do you think? I’m thinking not.. but feel free to think differently! Is this a reminder that Lee is a catch? (like we needed one?! lol).. looking forward to hearing what you all make of it!
Please share with us your thoughts!!! Smile

42 responses to “4/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. LeeLovesAmanda

    Harriet and her flirting with Lee makes me cringe… so creepy!


  2. The woman who’s playing Harriet used to be on that comedy show called MadTV that also featured Michael Richards who played Kramer on Seinfeld. Since she’s a comedian maybe this scene was supposed to be played for laughs. I just think it falls flat. She’s more frumpy than alluring. She bothers me more than Lance does…or did. One thing this does highlight is how all these women continually seem to throw themselves at Lee and Amanda has never done so. I think it has helped him see how truly artificial these women were. I think Amanda’s not fawning over Lee or throwing herself at him is one of the greatest things that attracts him to her. She is a real woman with no guile or deception in how she approaches Lee and therefore he continues to let more and more of that Scarecrow persona fade into the background.

    Seems to me that this little covert group or at least one member is getting a little sloppy. All this time and no one really knows anything but then the King payment gets misdirected, Amanda gets a random visit, and Lance gets wasted, pun not really intended and they trash his mobile home. Way to send up some red flags. Couldn’t they have quietly reassigned Lance or told him his security testing services were no longer required? Seems to me there would have been some better options that wouldn’t have attracted so much attention. But then we wouldn’t have a show.

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  3. I think you all have covered everything in this post quite well. I am interested in how everyone describes what the Triumvirate really is.

    The only thing that I find interesting in the Harriet encounter is how awkward the hand holding looks and the milk comment coming from Lee. I think he has become a milk convert due to Amanda’s influence. And I also think lee has had a great amount of hand holding lately, with Amanda it looks so intimate and comfortable and with Harriet he looks excruciatingly uncomfortable. I bet he is noticing the difference.

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    • I am also fascinated by the milk comment, Morley. My long comment on the subject got swallowed by the uncertain internet connection…Yes warm milk is very maternal. And unlike the old Lee. A big signpost from SMK telling us Lee has changed! Is Lee becoming a family man?
      Is the milk comment related to the cat (other more in PG cat explanations aside 😉 )

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    • Earlier this season Lee did give Shamba, aka the Prime Minister, some doped up milk before sending him off to bed.


  4. I look at Harriet as being the trailer park version of Wanda (I think that was her name) in the Murder Between Friends jail scene. I don’t think we were meant to think of Lee ever going for that type any more than we would think of him going for the Wanda-type.

    Such a telling and ironic line by the balding baddie: “The Triumvirate isn’t a band of criminals who go about solving their problems by killing people.” Does that mean he doesn’t consider Krakower a person, or is he splitting hairs over the difference between ordering someone killed and actually doing the deed oneself? The lady offers a slightly different rationalization: “We want justice. Sometimes the system fails – so we step in.” Vigilante justice, the greater good. I like the great contrast between the Triumvirate self-righteously and euphemistically denying they are murderers, while Jepard is delighting in being one. One gets the sense that Jepard is very familiar with this type of person, one that proclaims innocence because they get other people to do the dirty work. I think that’s why he takes such great pleasure from Falkan’s discomfort, even disgust, when asked to help kill Lance. Now Falkan can’t pretend he isn’t a killer — Jepard has pushed him across that line.

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    • Hey Raffie.. yes Harriet is similar to Wilma I think her name was? I’m not going to look it up lol.. but Lee didn’t consider it for a second haaaa..

      Loved your thoughts on the triumvirate Raffie… I’ve explored some of this in upcoming posts myself as I’ve learned more about them.

      Such a telling and ironic line by the balding baddie: “The Triumvirate isn’t a band of criminals who go about solving their problems by killing people.” Does that mean he doesn’t consider Krakower a person, or is he splitting hairs over the difference between ordering someone killed and actually doing the deed oneself?

      I find this super interesting!!! Loved this Raffie!

      I’m thinking baldie didn’t consider Krakower a person who deserved to live.. they killed him, but it was in their minds ‘justice’ so therefore it isn’t murder.. aie! it’s slippery thinking huh.. and of course completely wrong! but to them, at this point I am guessing this is how they see it..
      Lance was someone who didn’t deserved to die, and Lance being killed was not ‘justice’ at all. Even using their own measure of justice and what’s right – Killing Lance was not right.. and uh oh.. things seem to be unravelling…

      The lady offers a slightly different rationalization: “We want justice. Sometimes the system fails – so we step in.” Vigilante justice, the greater good. I like the great contrast between the Triumvirate self-righteously and euphemistically denying they are murderers, while Jepard is delighting in being one.

      Again – that idea of Justice.. they seem to be defining it very differently than the agency.. and there seems to be some flaws in their logic 😉
      Loved your use of the work ‘vigilante’ Raffie – reminds me of Jean in Vigilante Mothers – going beyond the law to right things.. and unwittingly supporting evil Castille in the process..

      Yeah I think half of what Jepard enjoys is showing up these do gooders for what they really are: evil – just like him!

      As Michele says.. the plot thickens!! 🙂

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  5. Jephard seems to enjoy his work a liiiiiiiiittle much, Urgh his face smiling after he just pushed Lance over the cliff. Falkan at least have the good grace to be uncomfortable with what he’s just done. I feel a bit sorry for Falkan when he is confronted by the Triumvirate. If Balding Baddie didn’t actually mean get rid of Lance then he needs to choose his words more carefully. I did laugh at him claiming they weren’t a criminal group solving problems by killing people…..do they need a refresher in Law about how murder is illegal. Last time I looked that was a criminal activity LOL

    What is that thing Harriet is wearing?! Loving the line about a glass of warm milk, quite the smooth brush off. I could go down the line that the makers were throwing in some subtle inuenndo with the Harriet stroking her kitty but I will keep it clean LOL


  6. Is it wrong to say that I enjoy this baddie scene a little bit? Love the witty dialogue and King’s no-nonsense approach to taking out Lance. I also love how they have Falkan kind of wimpy. I think this may be Falkan’s first time actually being hands-on in the actual killing. After the jeep explodes, King’s face is exactly what I would expect – Well that was easy. And fun. We should do it again some time. Whereas Falkan looks a bit horrified. Innocence lost.

    Ah, the warehouse – where the Triumvirate plus one is sitting there with the lights behind them. I guess that is their way of staying anonymous? I think Falkan is their go between – he’s not part of the Triumvirate. The balding baddie, the woman and the other guy who doesn’t speak are the main three. They stay clean, Falkan gets somewhat dirty, and Jepard actually does the deed. I have to say though, I would have interpreted balding baddie’s words the same way Falkan did and think he wanted Lance killed. Balding baddie is in denial. At least this is my explanation of the Triumvirate as of now. We’ll see. In the beginning, Falkan wasn’t at the table. I guess we’ll find out more.

    Oh gosh – I hate this scene with Lee back at Lance’s with that lady hurling herself at Lee. I’m just glad this was an 8pm show otherwise we might have seen more skin – even in the 80s. I do think Lee looks really luscious in that navy blue jacket though. I know many are not a fan, but I think navy is his color :blush: I think I need a new avatar…. I wonder if the writers were trying to show how Lee was changing his womanizing ways, but this doesn’t work for me. He’s always struck me as a man with tastes for more beautiful or even glamorous women. Her pinkish frock/muumuu/housecoat? Doesn’t strike me as something Lee would find very alluring. I find her way more creepy than Lance Dorn.


    • Not wrong at all that you enjoy this BJo! .. finally some baddies we want to explore some more!

      At this point, I’m rather confused about it all – from what we know so far.. and I think that’s what the writers were aiming at.
      There seems to be confusion for Falkan here and there’s confusion in the Triumvirate now.. things are in chaos and we are yet (IMHO of course) to fully understand what is going on.. but this scene does introduce the idea that the triumvirate is finally coming face to face with the violence and evil they’ve unleashed in the name of justice. It’s not a black and white vid of some beer kegs – Falkan handed King the bottle.. and helped push the jeep over.
      I suspect King could have pushed the jeep by himself, but he wanted Falkan to be directly involved – because this means he can further manipulate Falkan in future.. once that line has been crossed Mr 666 can use it!

      Yes that Jacket and shirt and jeans ahjgaohbaobhabhab is a great look on Lee 🙂 I do miss seeing Lee in his tux (it’s been too long!)but. I also enjoy Lee’s settling into a much more casual/ but action man type wardrobe.
      Yes! use it as an avatar! good plan BJo!

      Let’s see how we go figuring out the triumvirate.. I’m thinking the Falkan is a member of it – he was sitting in the middle between baldie and the female.. but the extra person sitting at the end of the table confuses things.. hmm! Yep.. I’ll hold this thought for now!

      rofl I don’t find Harriet creepy.. just pathetic. we have very different ways of defining creepy 🙂


      • Maybe skeevy or sleazy is the right word? But they’re all in the same general category…skin crawling.


      • Yeah, the whole Triumvirate thing right now is confusing. I think I just assume Falkan is not officially a member because he’s not always just sitting at the table and his identity is known to Jepard. He also doesn’t appear to be very high level at the Agency based on when we see him at the Agency – everyone in the hallway can see him – he doesn’t have a closed off office like Billy or the guy in Spiderweb. But I guess we will find out.


  7. I don’t like that they killed Lance either. He’s harmless. They could have at least found out what he knows. The smug grin from Jepard was annoying and Falkan knew the panel would come back at him. Like others have said, it’s a darker SMK.

    I’m guessing the writers were giving us more examples of Lee’s character changing with Lance’s comment and Harriet’s flirting. But neither one is terribly convincing. Lee looked a little more bothered when Amanda was standing beside him in Lance’s trailer. Harriet he just casually shrugs off. Yes, the warm glass of milk was funny. It’s too bad Lee didn’t show up with Amanda. 🙂


    • I agree it was hard to watch Lance die. I thought he was a creep. but to me it was clear smk didn’t intend to portray him as a creep.. but more as a hapless boy dabbling in things way over his head..

      I’m wondering if Harriet was just suppose to be funny? and it’s great bait for the commercial advertising this episode.. of course, it isn’t really funny.. well except Lee’s line about a warm glass of milk!
      Agree Sara- neither one is convincing..
      Maybe with Lance – again it was trying to be played for humour – that Lance makes Lee maybe look bad but it doesn’t really come off as funny..
      I was thinking they may have been going for humour because most of this episode is quite dark or serious.. just an idea I’ve been playing with!


      • Sensibilities have changed. I laugh/cringe when I watch the old Fred and Ginger movies — total creepy, stalkerish, harrassing behaviour that at the time was seen as endearing and romantic.


  8. I always found it hard to get over the fact that there were 4 people in the triumvirate. It just weakens their menace (imo). Jepard is a psychopath (and a stupid one) and Falkan is just stupid. They should have been able to fix their mistake up relatively easily, – I think Lance would have accepted any explaination and Amanda would probably have been happy enough with the correct cheque (in time for her shopping day of course).
    Harriet seemed a bit much to me but perhaps there are woman like her and she was there to show ‘trailer park’ reality as well as Lee’s devastating effect on all women (in case we had forgotten!)
    Still the plot thickens…….


    • I interpreted this as three panel people (Triumvirate) and one hired hitman (Jepard). Especially, when the one baddie says his services are no longer needed.


    • Agreed!!! It went from zero to 100 pretty rapidly! but then.. what are the qualifications of these triumvirate members? do they have the nouse or expertise to fix things when they go wrong? So far, they don’t seem to – we don’t know anything really about this triumvirate yet but we can tell from Falkan’s reaction with Lance’s killing that this is not something he is use to being directly involved in.. interesting! I’m looking forward to figuring out this puzzle with you guys!
      ‘the plot thickens’ – good call Michele!! 🙂
      ‘in case we had forgotten!’ – lol yep.. not likely we could forget!! 🙂


    • Melissa Robertson

      Maybe the actress playing Harriet was a huge BB fan and when she found out that she got play this part she milked it for all it was worth…especially when she found out that she got to hold his hand. LOL


      • Harriet was expecting a cop. For all we know, she may hit on any male cop who shows up and is reasonably attractive. Obviously, her expectations are more than met when Lee shows up. 🙂


  9. Is it just me or does anyone else think Balding Baddie looks like he might be Dick Cheney?


  10. Melissa Robertson

    Jepard is a really creepy baddie in that he enjoys killing. Falklan, I think is having second thoughts (too late) with this killing.

    I think the seen with Harriet is to show that Lee is so past having his head turned, but I don’t seriously think a person like her would turn his head. Maybe they should have used someone younger and a lot more attractive to get their point across.

    I agree in that we are seeing a more darker SMK, foreshadowing!

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  11. I think it’s simply them reminding us that he’s hot and gets hit on all the time. It’s dumb, we don’t need it, but that’s all it is.

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  12. Yeah, I can’t see Lee ever being interested in Harriet. Maybe she was put in for some comic relief? Love the comment about trying a warm glass of milk. 🙂 Total random thought, but it reminded me of the first exchange between Jackie Tyler and the 9th Doctor (Doctor Who)
    Jackie Tyler: I’m in my dressing gown.
    The Doctor: Yes, you are.
    Jackie Tyler: There’s a strange man in my bedroom.
    The Doctor: Yes, there is.
    Jackie Tyler: Well, anything could happen.
    The Doctor: [shakes his head and smiles] No.

    I was sad to see Lance die. We are definitely wading into darker, more serious SMK territory when the writers are starting to kill off more developed supporting characters.


    • That’s much more funny than what we got with Harriet! haaa!!!

      I was sad to see Lance due too..

      We are definitely wading into darker, more serious SMK territory when the writers are starting to kill off more developed supporting characters.

      This is genius Cindy – so very true. The stakes are getting much higher!! and love this insight!!

      I guess the last time I can think of this happening was with Byron Jordan – that was quite shocking and full on for smk – especially the way he was killed.. but so far these moments have been rare… yes maybe smk in general is heading into darker territory?
      I look forward to exploring this as we continue!


    • Love the Doctor Who conversation! XD


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