6/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and Lee head to Billy’s office to update him on what they’ve found only to find Billy isn’t in his office..
Lee: Oh, no.  Francine?
Francine: Yeah?
3.16 TT.avi_001215081
When’s Billy coming back?
Francine: Uh, you know—tea with Dr Smyth. Could be 10 minutes; could be tomorrow.
3.16 TT.avi_001219119
[Tea with Dr Smyth? sounds like an episode all by itself! scary stuff!!]
Lee: Oh, damn. When was the last time you heard of any kind of funding for Wet Operations?
Francine: I haven’t. Not at this agency. We closed out our political destabilisation funds in the, uh, late ‘60s.
3.16 TT.avi_001224124
Lee: Yeah? Well, someone’s reactivated one of those files. Amanda and I accessed it, then got shut out.
3.16 TT.avi_001232732
: Any idea who’s involved?
Lee: No, but obviously it’s… some kind of an in-house… link-up.
Francine: In-house? I’ll get the janitors on it… but I can’t guarantee any results.
[Francine picks up the phone to call in the janitors.. lol I love it! Just please.. no more ragmop… the guy irritates me! Winking smile ]

This is my kind of janitor.. ahem!
Lee: Well, do what you can. Quiet is better than quick on this one, right?..
3.16 TT.avi_001246546
[lol someone locked them out already.. I think quiet now is a bit late no?]
…Look, Amanda, why don’t you take a break? I’ll call if anything pops up.
3.16 TT.avi_001247947
OK. You’re sure you don’t need me here, anymore?
3.16 TT.avi_001251151
I’m positive…
3.16 TT.avi_001254554
[Love Amanda’s little smile here.. she looks at Lee with such admiration Smile  how can Francine not notice?! or the whole bullpen for that matter Smile What is Amanda thinking here to make her smile like this?
I’m guessing.. she’s thinking hooray – no more ‘it’s my case’ from Lee.. we are really a team now!! Smile Anyone? ]
…We only need one set of thumbs to twiddle around here.
3.16 TT.avi_001255055[And such lovely thumbs.. errr or so I can hear the Lee hand fans exclaiming!]
3.16 TT.avi_001255955
They exchange a smile and a chuckle.. Whoooo la la!!
Amanda: ha. OK.
Lee: OK.
3.16 TT.avi_001256756
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: Good work on the Bananagram.
3.16 TT.avi_001258358
[Oh my gosh.. too much swoony goodness all of a sudden! A compliment too?! How can Amanda resist Lee drawing her closer and closer and into his heart when he’s so lovely?! I know I can’t resist Winking smile can you????]
Amanda: Thanks. See you later.
3.16 TT.avi_001258958
[Love how Amanda gets a little shy here.. sorry it’s a little blurry but it’s very cute.. and this ep is giving me loads of trouble getting clear images.. oh wait a minute.. maybe the swooniness is making me dizzy.. maybe the images are not blurry? Yes! that’s it.. image above is not blurry! It’s you! your getting dizzy!! very very dizzy!!!! Winking smile lol]3.16 TT.avi_001259559
One last shared smile.. and Amanda heads off..
3.16 TT.avi_001261261
whooooooo haaaaaa Love how Lee watches Amanda leave!!!!
Francine: Bananagram?
3.16 TT.avi_001264764
[lol.. I love it.. Lee doesn’t bother explaining.. just yeah! Francine you are not privy to everything that passes between Lee and Amanda Smile squeee!!]
We then see Amanda leave the magical car park… take note! Amanda has left the building!!!! duh duh duhhh…
3.16 TT.avi_001265165
I don’t mean to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything Winking smile lovely of Lee to compliment Amanda.. but.. but umm..  I don’t really get what the bananagram had to do with ‘Guardian’ anyway..  and it has 9 letters?!  ..the banangram mention just made Lee randomly think whooo 8 letters are passwords at IFF..  or have I missed something?
3.16 TT.avi_000649749
Here’s the bananagram earlier..
The bananagram is 9 letters.. I guess Lee’s thinking of the 8 letters came from the idea that there is a specific number of letters and that doesn’t change – this is true for agency passwords, and for bananagrams.. there.. I might have it? does that make sense or have I totally talked myself into it?! 

Moving on.. and Billy is back in the Billypen lol..
Lee: Back so soon?
Billy: Short agenda. What did you and Amanda turn up?
3.16 TT.avi_001276476
Lots. We got into file 666…
3.16 TT.avi_001278078
[‘we’.. Ahhh I never tire from hearing that! Smile ] …Someone shut the door on us, but we had a little peek inside.
3.16 TT.avi_001282682
[Lol Billy looks gleeful at hearing this!]
3.16 TT.avi_001283883
…I wrote down some of the things.
We see a close up on Lee’s notes.. as he describes what they found. rofl!!!!!
3.16 TT.avi_001287487
[Lee wrote down a couple of things? He wrote one thing three times rofl this is really weird!! they were in there less than a minute and he wrote the same thing three times? whahahaa… at least the fourth thing on the list isn’t.. ahem.. ‘Shoot Billy’!
Whahahahaaaa! Sorry I’m getting distracted here.. focus iwsod!]
…It looks like a record for cheque distributions around the world. Specific places, dates, code names and one in particular …”King Cobra”.
3.16 TT.avi_001294661
Billy: King Cobra? The agency has him on a list of the top ten international shooters.
3.16 TT.avi_001295662
Lee: Mmm. Number seven, with a bullet.
3.16 TT.avi_001300467
[Whahahahahaa!!!! Good one Lee!!! Such a great pun! this one makes up for many of Lee’s lame one liners! even the one about squeezing out toothpaste or whatever it was ha! ]
Billy: King Cobra hasn’t been active for years.
3.16 TT.avi_001304270
Well, someone’s keeping him busy. He received at least three cheques.
3.16 TT.avi_001306473
What do we have on this guy?
Lee: Uh, nothing much. Just a name. Ren Jepard. There’s no picture. He’s totally invisible. [Ah! but is there a sketch?! like in playing for keeps?!]
Billy: He could be anyone.
3.16 TT.avi_001313680
Yeah, including the guy that came to Amanda’s house for that cheque.
3.16 TT.avi_001320887
Then she could ID him.
Lee: Hmm…There’s one other thing, Billy.
3.16 TT.avi_001322088
: Yeah?
Lee: We used Amanda’s name to access 666.
3.16 TT.avi_001326693
[Ohhhh boy.. Lee knows he did a bad bad thing! Worried Lee kicks into overdrive here..]
Billy: You what?!!!!3.16 TT.avi_001327694
Lee: I know, I know. It was…
Billy: That makes her very hot, Scarecrow. Now, you pull her in right now. [rofl.. in today’s language this could be sooo taken out of context!and.. that’s all I’m gonna say!!
I do love that Billy is just as concerned for Amanda Smile ]
Lee: yes..
3.16 TT.avi_001332298
What’s going on? Pull who in?
Billy: Amanda.
Francine: Oh, don’t bother phoning. She’s shopping.
3.16 TT.avi_001335702
What?3.16 TT.avi_001336503
[Yeah.. I’m shocked at Francine knowing anything about Amanda too Lee Winking smile ]
Francine: Oh, for a dress for her reunion. I sent her to a shop called, uh, “SIXTIES-R-US”3.16 TT.avi_001339706
Now I’m really scared for Amanda.. she’s been exchanging clothes shopping talk with Francine?! haaaaa.. Hmm looks like the ecstasy assortment has made some lasting inroads here!
Is it just me or is Francine’s top just so wrong for work?!

The Scene ends with a close up on Lee looking very worried..
3.16 TT.avi_001341908
and very swoony!! I’ll pause here at the end of this scene before we continue on in the next post..

So, here we have Amanda’s life in danger because she used her ID to access this file.. My goodness.. Amanda and computers don’t mix!!!
First we have her life in danger because her details were handed out in a computer error to poor Sylvia as a cover ID..
then we have her pressing the ERA button by mistake and embarrassing herself

[yes I ‘ve tried to forget that moment honestly! but hey.. it’s a lovely photo of Lee’s dimples Smile ]
then in this ep we have her getting the wrong cheque because of the computer.. and an assassin turning up at her door to collect it.. LOL. I bet I’ve missed more!
and now, because she used a computer to look up 666 her life is in danger – The message is clear: Amanda King should stay away from computers in future.. that is.. if she survives Winking smile whahahaa…

Hiya everyone!!!
Sooooo what do you all think?! doooo tell!!!!!!!!!!

57 responses to “6/17 Season Three, Episode 16: The Triumvirate-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Billy: King Cobra? The agency has him on a list of the top ten international shooters.
    Perhaps ‘The Agency’ should think of asking ‘The Mongoose’ for some help? 😉
    Sorry couldn’t resist any longer. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. So Lee realises that he’s made a huge boo boo allowing Amanda to use her own ID to look at file 666 and then he tells her to leave the building especially knowing that Lance is missing and some shady folk have already been to her home.
    Was he a bit confuddled by the free and easy compliments and coy looks between the two?


  3. Amanda and Lee and their interactions thus far have just be so wonderful to behold. And I am a Lee’s hands fan, so yes I’m good with the thumbs. I’m wondering if Francine’s comment about getting the janitors on it is more related to getting some tech or IT people to start checking on the computer security. Lance was off site so they need some in house people to do some security checks.

    I think part of Lee’s look to Francine when she knows where Amanda is him hoping she isn’t taking fashion hints from Francine, considering what she’s currently wearing. I’m not as surprised that Francine knows where Amanda is or that she has a reunion coming up. Amanda has a habit of letting the Agency know where she is or when she isn’t available to help out. In OOADP both Francine and Billy knew she was camping and Lee seemed to forget. So I think Amanda was just apprising them in case she might be needed. She may have also been hoping they needed her as an excuse to get out of going to the reunion.

    Billy quickly moves the conversation from the tea. He wants to get back to the business at hand. That tea must have just been an annoyance to him.


    • I am all good with why Francine knows where Amanda is and what she is doing. My question is why doesn’t Lee?


      • He’s a male? I keed, I keed! I think Amanda is ambivalent about going, didn’t mention it to him. But since she might end up going anyway, Amanda thought to ask the person with the most outrageous fashion sense where she could get some tacky clothes and Francine immediately jumped to mind.

        Liked by 2 people

        • OK, truth, I had to look up “keed”. Why? I don’t know, i have 4 teenage/20 somethings. But, yes, “He is male, makes sense especially when you add in Amanda’s ambivalence. Perfect equation. Question is what does the male Lee do with the new info about the ambivalent Amanda’s apparent shopping trip for the reunion that she didn’t tell him about? Um, other than save her from the bad guy who wants to wipe her out before she can decide if she even wanted to spend the money she doesn’t have on a dress for the reunion she hasn’t decided she wants to go to… tedious anyone?


  4. Baddies drink tea. . . . Dr. Smyth drinks tea. . . . In SMK, creepy people like tea. . . .

    So does Jestress . . . Jestress goes and gets a cup of tea. 🙂

    Actually, I just like the image that all the sinister people drink tea. I don’t think Dr. Smyth is actually evil, but he has a definite creep factor.


  5. Looks to me like Amanda is not only feeling appreciative of Lee’s thoughtfulness in letting her go home to have some family time, but also that she is thinking about her feelings about his thoughtfulness.
    (I’m seeing this in that photo below the text “I’m positive”)
    Then his compliment about the bananagram really gets her thoughts racing and her heart pounding.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Melissa Robertson

    This scene is so great and crammed full of goodness from top to bottom! Amanda looks lovely, Lee looks…yeah…Lee always looks good. Love their interaction with each other…swoon!!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. And such lovely thumbs.. errr or so I can hear the Lee hand fans exclaiming!

    YEEEESSSS, Iwsod!!! You are sooo right. :-D:-D:-D

    You (your post) made my day, Iwsod. Thanks! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Wait… Why is she shopping for a dress for her reunion? Isn’t she still waiting for her paycheck (grocery day) to get fixed? Or maybe Dottie (in her pursuit of Mr. Millionaire/potential son-in-law), somehow spotted her the cash…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha! Yep, Dottie has been saving a secret stash to help Amanda catch herself another man!

      Liked by 4 people

    • Yes, I wondered that as well but maybe she is just window shopping at the moment until she has some funds. And your theory about Dottie could be right, even if she is just paying part that would be enough for Amanda to put an outfit on lay-by (lay-away in the US I think … am right ??)
      At least this is one plot inconsistency we can explain away in a logical manner. 😉


      • True. And you know, sometimes dress shopping is that last bit of a nudge that gets you interested in going to an event. I’ll bet that might have been Dottie-inspired. I can hear Amanda saying, “Alright, Mother, I’ll look, but I won’t make any promises.”

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah!! Hmm.. let’s see how this pans out.. maybe there’s an answer to this one ahead of us… or.. we’ll try and make one up 😉


  9. Can I also just say I feel for Francine in this scene? Even if she is Billy’s 2IC, she is also an agent not a secretary and I know from experience it sucks to have the office directly outside the boss because your entire day is sucked up with answering the questions “Where’s Billy? When will Billy be back?”


  10. I’ve always read that noticing “Guardian” thing as Amanda remembering that Lance said he only write down phone numbers and things related to the Bananagram, so since “Guardian” is eight letters and couldn’t be an answer to the puzzle, that it was probably related to what he was working on for them. A typical Amanda sideways logic leap in other words.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. “WE”!!! And the connected communication and the smiles, open, expressive. Lovely to behold and it seems so natural and mutual and comfortable with that little twinge of something more underneath. And Lee’s quick, understated little “yeah” in response to Francine’s nosy incredulous comment is a great juxtaposition to the previous sweet connectedness between Lee and Amanda. Some wonderful things got accomplished between these two somewhere after Fast Food for Thought and this episode…
    Maybe Lee let Amanda do the computer search because of how great her research work had been during TPE? I guess I make excuse for Lee’s carelessness in exposing Amanda to this danger because the case is only becoming clear as they are opening the facts up. I can’t imagine Lee being so careless because he gets caught up in the fact finding with Amanda. But I think the other thing is that he is treating Amanda like an equal. She and he both share an equal risk. I think the part that made him most nervous was that Amanda hadn’t gone straight home, she was doing some shopping that he knew nothing about.
    Why didn’t she tell him about her reunion? Maybe she doesn’t want to bother him with facts about her personal life, not that she doesn’t want him to know, bu maybe she doesn’t think he would be interested. And since when did anyone dress up in retro clothing for a reunion, I have never donned 80’s garb for any of mine and wouldn’t if we were expected to. I find it interesting that Francine knows about it though. There is a bit more info for me that Amanda is operating more as a colleague than as Lee’s prodigy.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. Very funny post, iwsod! This one kept the funny lines coming – and the part about Amanda and computers – ROFL! So true! It’s a good thing she couldn’t go to the tennis Ranch with Lee – what would have happened with that one?

    Love Francine’s janitor line too. She really got some of the best lines in this show. No toothpaste tube lines for her. While Lee is my kind of janitor too, poor Ragmop – he’s not so bad. Like that stripey tie (hahaha).

    Okay – that sweet little scene right in front of Francine. I don’t think she notices, she is on the phone with the janitor. But wow – this is a new type of interaction between these two isnt’ it? They are both very into each other – gazing into each other’s eyes for just a beat longer than usual. And neither of them really wants to say goodbye. I bet if Amanda came up with an excuse, Lee would have been okay with her staying. Lee, maybe I should check your fern for scales again – give me a hand? Or maybe I should stay and watch you twiddle your beautif-, I mean manly, thumbs – in case they get hurt. I could dial 911 for you. I think this is the first case (or maybe just the most recent?) where they’ve really worked well together – no arguments, no nothing, right? In TPE Lee was irritated about Amanda believing Rupert. In PFK, well, no need to explain that. There hasn’t really been any tension between these two yet in this ep. It’s lovely when they get along, isn’t it?

    But oh, Francine – you are so left out in the cold! She is most definitely not privy to most things that pass between Lee and Amanda these days. And I wonder how she and Amanda got to talking about dresses for the 60s. Maybe Amanda asked Francine if she could borrow something from the Agency wardrobe chest – from Leatherneck? And that started the conversation. I don’t see why these two would discuss clothes – Francine obviously dresses to be Fancy, err, I man fancy.

    Okay, can I just say that I’m a little disappointed Lee needed Billy to tell him that Amanda was very hot? And that he needed to pull her in? Is that a direct order? Okay, Lee, go ahead. We’ll wait. Well, at least Billy sees it 😉 Seriously, why didn’t Lee already put that in motion? He seems paralyzed here. Very unlike Lee. What is going on with him? I can only guess he is having a hard time making a decision on this one because he is smitten with Amanda. What to do? What to do?


    • Hahaha BJo… You and that stripey tie! (It’s cool, I like it too! I’m just teasing you!) 😉 😉

      Yeah, that slip-up by Lee…hmmm… I don’t want to say having him ‘distracted’ (yeah…smitten) would cause him to miss something like that. He’s a seasoned agent. He’s at least connecting the dots. Maybe he thinks that whatever would come up they (or team “We”) could resolve it. 🙂


      • LOL, sara – and actually, it’s not the tie – just the man in the tie 😉 but I know you know that. I promise I’ll stop mentioning the tie eventually….

        I agree, as a seasoned agent, he should be able to get past any female ‘distractions’ while on a case. But I wonder if his growing feelings for Amanda are changing how he makes decisions and he’s not yet used to it? He has to consider things differently? Or maybe now that he sees her as a partner he no longer first thinks about her safety? Wait – I think somebody already said that here? Maybe I should stop thinking about Lee and Amanda and get back to my work. hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I don’t think by now Lee needs Billy to tell him that Amanda is “hot”.
      Well, is that the gutter I see before me? Better stop there before I trip into it. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

      • Oh, I don’t either, kiwismh. I was just trying to have a bit of fun with iwsod’s comment in the blog about Billy’s words in today’s context. The serious part of the comment is in the second half of the paragraph. I wonder why Lee hadn’t already done something about getting Amanda protection from King Cobra.


        • Actually, I don’t mind that it took awhile for Lee to realize that Amanda was now in extreme danger for using her access code to get into account 666. I love the ‘Oh Sh-t!’ moment he has when he realizes what they had done and the fact Billy immediately gets the repercussions. I would assume that using the computers was not a big part of Lee’s work and the precautions would not be second nature to him (I am guessing they will be now!). Hey, no one is perfect – not even our super hot super spy! I am more bugged when the script calls for the seasoned, trained agents walk into a room before the suspect (exposing their unprotected backs to him) and are surprised when a gun is pulled on them and their exit is blocked (was that one bear dances…?).


      • Haha… Yes. Taken in the context we’re all thinking of, I think our boy would have blushed at that remark. 😉


    • Thanks BJo glad it gave you a giggle 🙂

      Okay, can I just say that I’m a little disappointed Lee needed Billy to tell him that Amanda was very hot? And that he needed to pull her in? Is that a direct order? Okay, Lee, go ahead. We’ll wait. Well, at least Billy sees it 😉

      whahahahahaa!!!! Hilarious!!!!!!

      Seriously, why didn’t Lee already put that in motion? He seems paralyzed here. Very unlike Lee. What is going on with him? I can only guess he is having a hard time making a decision on this one because he is smitten with Amanda. What to do? What to do?

      Oh yeah! since when does Lee wait around for Billy to act?! Maybe it’s because it’s agency wet operations? but still.. why would he wait to go protect Amanda?
      Oh yeahhhhhh we need the big uh oh moment for Lee to act like he’s realising she’s in lots of danger.. we do love those moments 🙂


  13. A couple of random thoughts before I go to sleep – it’s way past my bed-time…
    “Tea with Dr Smyth” – sounds like a movie or novel, like “Tuesdays with Morrie”
    Lee’s handwriting has totally changed between S1 and S3. I think the S3 handwriting is probably more indicative of Lee. The S1 list looks like the neat casual handwriting of a draughtsman or architect.
    Hopefully I will have some slightly more profound thoughts tomorrow. 😀


    • I like what you said about the handwriting and it goes along with what others have said. Lee’s relaxed and they can spend a couple hours on some tedious task and he’s content as long as she’s there. He likes how he feels when he’s with her (in so many ways…awww!) He trusts her. He likes her chiming in about the bananagram clue. He uses that comment to hold that connection just a few seconds longer before saying goodbye. They’re so cozy, it’s adorably sweet (and I’m loving it!)


    • Remember (and I keep trying to forget), Lee was under the influence of that Damned Duck for his season 1 list.


    • lol regarding the handwriting kiwismh.. I figure the brainwashing transformed Lee’s writing into something perfect, done with military precision.. because it seems to have also altered parts of his personality.. yeah.. I’ll go with that 🙂

      If Lee heard Lester the duck now – would Billy be toast?

      Liked by 1 person

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