4/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back at IFF, Lee and Amanda walk into the Bullpen Billy is there and can see Lee’s arrival. LOL you can see Amanda still has Lee’s tie in her hand. You can picture her trying to talk him into putting it on again in the elevator!
Billy in a measured tone:
In my office Scarecrow.
Lee:  Oh, are you sure I’m not supposed to report to
detention, or do I write an essay on the blackboard?
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000757524Billy
Get in here.
Lee chuckles under his breath. He gives Amanda a nonchalant final look and swaggers, hands in pockets, into Billy’s office. [Yes Raffie he acts like a petulant teen! 😉 tee hee..]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000765899
We see Lee closes Billy’s door once he enters the office, and Billy closes the blinds this time.. LOL..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000772739
Amanda watches Billy’s office in concern and is joined by Francine. whooo have we seen this outfit before? I seem to remember tribal jewellery with this one.. yep-found it! [double agent] But those earrings of Francine’s are new – or.. is that some kind of a rash?? Winking smile Is she close to burn out too? Winking smile tee hee! they are truly hideous and they clash with her necklace-IMHO- give me the tribal jewellery any day!
Francine: This is not going to be pretty.
Francine and Amanda share a concerned look, then Francine heads to the coffee station.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000776743
We cut back to the interior of Billy’s office where Billy is taking a long time to close those magical blinds Winking smile Yep, these blinds must be sound magical proof blinds…as opposed to the last fighting match they had with the door closed by the blinds open that the whole bullpen could hear. oh boy..
Okay.. brace yourselves! Here is the big, cheesy and extremely clunky (IMHO) reveal! Winking smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000782349
That scowl on Billy’s face as he turns around is such a tease!!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000783950
Billy: You’re doing a hell of a job! Ha ha ha!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000785151
Billy lets out one of his huge belly laughs – phew.. good thing the magical blinds are closed!
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000787687
The shot cuts to Lee (his hair magically neat again!) and he joins in with Billy’s laughter.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000788088
Whoo Lee has his stand by agency ID again!
Cut to a commercial break! Wha? what’s going on? how can Billy and Lee be laughing? Winking smileokay we all know why! 😉
How can Lee looks so darn good..
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000796963 Lee: I always thought I’d be older before I hit the skids.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_0007991322.21 BURN OUT.avi_000800767Billy: You think everybody out there is buying your act?

Lee: Ah, absolutely. You heard the scuttlebutt.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000806373There’s rumours flying from one end of the agency to the other.

[Okay, in this business, it is probably not a bad thing if Lee doesn’t care what the others think! because they would probably not stand by him anyway.. but.. ]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000811177Billy: Yeah. Scarecrow’s losing it.

[If he only had a brain!! 😉 I confess Billy’s glee here at everyone thinking Lee is losing it is simultaneously disturbing and hilarious!!! A great line for fan vidders to mess with!]
Lee: Your idea of me botching that phony courier 2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000814381bust in front of Francine was a smart move. [oh dear, is this saying that Francine is a bit of an office gossip?! what was it she said in Remembrance.. she always poo poo’d backstabbing! btw- it may have been a phony courier bust- but the guns were real! risky!]
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000818385Billy: What about Amanda? Does she suspect anything?

Billy looks so tiny behind his chair! Lee’s immediate reaction to this question appears to me to be fleeting regret. I’m sure he doesn’t want to dwell on that.
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000819185
Lee: Ah, the poor thing. She’s been all over me…
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000821588
…She’s probably on the phone right now checking me into some rest home or a detox centre.

2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000826393

‘All over me’ is an interesting description – is this how he felt when she was trying to fix his tie?? Like he needed some emotional and physical space or something? what do you make of this?

I guess Lee is a realist when it comes to loyalty and connections at the agency – as some of you have already noted the comments of earlier posts – there is a reason why he doesn’t care what they think. Though I would imagine he’d care what Francine and Amanda thinks. Guess he can set them straight later and they’ll figure it’s all part of the job.

I think Lee has gone into this thinking this is necessary, and that it is a shame to put Amanda through this but it has to be done. IMHO Lee has underestimated his connection to Amanda, underestimated Amanda and overestimated himself in this whole scenario.. I’ll thrash this out some more as we progress. Maybe you guys can talk me out of this view Winking smile 

BTW- these posts are not set in stone views – this whole blog is a big discussion which is never set in stone – so I would suggest you check out people’s comments in addition to the posts- sometimes ideas can progress as we discuss the episode together!! This 1coolblog is a collaboration between all my fellow, clever, respectful and insightful smk fans and myself –  feel free to jump in at any time! whooo I like this – I might add this description to the ‘About’ Section so anyone stopping by understands how the blog is set up.. err.. Oops I digress!

It’s interesting to note that at this stage of the episode, Lee is laughing with Billy about their big con. And while beginning to see it is hard on Amanda, he is not going to do anything about that and sees it as a necessary evil. I use to think Lee was downplaying how distressing this all was for Amanda because he didn’t know what to do with it..that he was in denial here..  but I’ve since changed my mind on this.. I now think Lee simply didn’t foresee this being an issue because this is all new territory for Lee and he is certain he can control this situation adequately. [which to me is not the same as simply being in denial]

It’s also interesting to me that Lee and Billy are in this together – if there was one person at the agency who Lee would feel connected to it would be Billy – who really is a bit of a father figure to Lee – I mean Lee even has a picture with him in his living room!!! Smile I think doing this cover in cahoots with Billy makes it seem very doable for Lee. [though in saying this-I actually think they are both wrong! but.. I’ll get to that-I’m saying that a lot with this episode aren’t I?!] Does that make sense?

The action cuts back to the bullpen.. Seems Francine and Amanda are bonding over coffee and concern for Lee – well.. I guess one good thing can come of this! Winking smile
2.21 BURN OUT.avi_000827193I’ll stop here for the moment and pick up right where I left off in the next post – with Amanda and Francine back at the coffee stand.. and then the end of Lee’s meeting with Billy – sorry to cut it in half but the post size was getting unreasonable!  Busting to hear what you think!!! Never commented here before? jump on in!!! The more the merrier!  byeeeee

44 responses to “4/15 Season Two, Episode 21: Burn Out-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I spent the entire first act nearly panicking and thinking “This isn’t Lee. He wouldn’t act like this if he was burned out. Billy, Francine, how can you think this is normal? You KNOW Lee! There has to be something else happening!” I’d seen a Diagnosis Murder years ago where a character was drugged after someone rigged something up to his water pipes and I was convinced the same thing was happening (especially since I saw Stephen Hattman’s name on the credits and he worked on Diagnosis Murder) and I kept yelling at the TV “Amanda, go check his apartment, he’s being drugged!” Then when I saw Billy and Lee laughing like this I just paused the disc and yelled “YOU JERKS!” I was so mad! But I got over it quickly and turned the ep back on.

    This was WAY worse/more well done than Lee’s other op.


  2. It’s so hard to have an original thought after 37 responses! First, good catch on the tie, Iwsod. I never noticed she was still holding it, and you know how much I love it when SMK uses that kind of humor. I’m so glad you and others are around to point it out for me … can’t believe how much of it goes over my head and I always wonder what other gems are still there that we haven’t uncovered.

    And very smart to cut me off before I could compare Lee to a teenager for the thousand and first time 🙂 Well, after living with teenagers in the house for 14 years, the similarity just keeps coming to mind! (I must say that I am now teenager-free and reaping the joy of having young adults. We’ll get that same joy from S3 Lee, emotionally speaking. The parallel continues!)

    I agree that the big reveal is cheesy. It’s so bad that I can’t help but think they meant to make it that bad, although I can’t imagine why. To have Lee looking so spiffy just doesn’t make sense. Maybe they weren’t just laughing at their tricking of the folks at the agency. Were they sort of messing with the viewers in that scene as well — sorta saying, “See, we were just acting all along, hahaha!” I don’t know … I’m just making this up as I go along.

    I *love* Lee’s look of fleeting regret, and the screencap you caught is awesome, Iwsod. It completely nails it. I really think Lee was way more bothered by his effect on Amanda than he was willing to let on. Someone volunteered the words that Lee should have said, rather than “poor thing”, but that’s a guy thing. For men, and especially for Lee who is a tough-guy agent and emotionally-challenged, “poor thing” is a huge confession of sympathy and concern, and a tiny glimmer of acknowledgement to Billy’s implication that Amanda and Lee share an emotional connection. After all, he could have said something like “she’s pathetic” or “she’s driving me crazy”. Instead he says in an almost regretful tone that she’s all over him which seems to me like a reference to the mothering that she has been doing — coming to the bar, recommending a vacation, taking him back to the office, dressing him.

    GreyFool, I agree with you regarding Lee seeing Amanda as his partner and doing his best to protect her. If Lee underestimates anything, it is the ruthlessness of the baddies. We see in Savior and again here in Burn Out that baddies are not above exploiting personal connections to force their victim to do whatever they want. I don’t blame him at all for wanting Amanda to be far, far away from that. On the other hand, should he have been able to foresee that Amanda would stubbornly hang on and not back off? — absolutely, and Billy should have seen this too.

    Something else comes to mind with this scene…. Amanda has said that people sometimes seem to get lost at the agency. Here at the end of S2, we are seeing that Lee still separates his agent mode from his personal mode, agency-style. That’s going to change in S3, and I think this episode puts a big crack in that agency armor. I’m looking forward to watching Lee learn that he can be an agent, but still have feelings as well. Interesting that both Lee and Amanda are in the process of learning how to balance their professionalism and their emotionalism … however, they are approaching the middle ground from opposite ends.


    • Raffie, I love your take on “poor thing” how it is a huge confession. Love it!. I also really liked your last paragraph. A great idea that we really need to revisit in early season 3… yup. I like this idea.


    • What a fab chrissy present! A visit from Raffie!!! Hiya Raffie!!! always love to hear from you when you are able to pop in 🙂
      You know I always think of you when I see teenage Lee haaaa.. not sure if you’d be happy with that or not! haaaa..

      Oh yes..Burn Out has had a huge number of responses from people. I love hearing from everyone – even if it’s just to agree!
      Feel free to comment on the episode and then go read comments 🙂
      Thanks again for transcribing the episode Raffie – it is a real gift!!

      Raffie wrote: ‘Someone volunteered the words that Lee should have said, rather than “poor thing”, but that’s a guy thing. For men, and especially for Lee who is a tough-guy agent and emotionally-challenged, “poor thing” is a huge confession of sympathy and concern, and a tiny glimmer of acknowledgement to Billy’s implication that Amanda and Lee share an emotional connection. After all, he could have said something like “she’s pathetic” or “she’s driving me crazy”. Instead he says in an almost regretful tone that she’s all over him which seems to me like a reference to the mothering that she has been doing — coming to the bar, recommending a vacation, taking him back to the office, dressing him.’
      I love this!!! This idea actually makes me love ‘poor thing’!! 😉 Okay- I like it again! 🙂


    • I think there’s also a mixture of feeling bad for Amanda and underestimating how hard this is going to be on her and also I think he’s still trying to hide how he really feels about her from Billy and the others in the Agency (and himself!). He has still put up a token protest when it comes to certain assignments with her, even though we know he’s warmed up to her and thinks of her as a friend and partner. If he lets too many of his real feelings show, such as “Yeah, she’s not taking this well. I wonder if we should let her in on it,” or something, Billy has to know there is something else there because Lee has never had a problem before. For that matter, it could be Lee is thinking “Why should I feel different? I’ve done this before with friends — it’s part of the job, we all get it.”

      Plus the feeling bad for her but underestimating just how hard this is going to be. Now that I think about it, the first op wasn’t as emotionally taxing on her as this one was. Other than when he told her “We’re business associates, not friends,” he didn’t have to put up as much of a front and they also weren’t as close as they are now. And Lee has to know that she’d never accept a load of crap like that line now, so it could be he’s thinking, “She’ll understand. She did okay when I faked my death and when I went undercover the first time and things are different between us now.

      And just how guys don’t like sounding emotional or whatever talking to other guys!

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  3. Finally, I find out that Lee’s a big faker! Err, that it’s all a cover. Actually, my spidey sense did start to tingle a little bit with the comment about the essay and detention – that seemed a little too over the top – Amanda wasn’t making any progress with Lee and it’s only a one hour show! I knew from the TVGuide that this wasn’t a 2 parter. Phew!!! But wait! That means that Lee and Amanda won’t be getting any closer this episode!!! Boy, when I’m wrong I’m wrong from here to Sri Lanka, huh?

    Lee’s ‘all over me’ comment about Amanda I think does refer to her behavior at Ned’s and her touching him. She even touches him two or three times as they walk out of Ned’s after the tie scene. I always took his statement to be more about Amanda’s behavior than his behavior or his needs. I do think he believes that Amanda has fallen for the ruse though.

    I agree with you, iwsod, that Lee does see this is hard on Amanda but it is a necessary evil for her to believe he really is a burnout. Everyone at the Agency probably thinks by now that Amanda only works with Lee and must know him fairly well by now. If she thinks he’s burnt out, then that makes it all the more believable.

    I’m not sure that I agree with the statement that Lee didn’t foresee this being an issue with Amanda so much as I think that he didn’t foresee how bad he might actually feel while treating her that way. Despite these feelings, he continues with the bad treatment because it’s more important than hurt feelings – just like in Spiderweb. Feelings have little to no place at the Agency.


  4. I find it very telling that Billy asks about Amanda and whether she suspects something. Considering the number of people who work with Lee Billy is interested in a part time worker…….he clearly doesn’t underestimate her ability to see behind the facade and their budding friendship 🙂

    Likely to be alone on this one but I loathe it when Lee refers to Amanda as “poor thing”. It feels rather condescending and sort of pitiful that she’s fussing over him. Struggling to explain myself but needless to say I inwardly cringe when he says it.

    I am happy for things to slow down a bit, this week has been manic and expect more of the same next week so slow is good for me 🙂


    • “Poor thing” didn’t sit well with me, either.


    • I never cared for that line, either. I wish he had looked a little ashamed and said something like, “Yeah, unfortunately. I know it’s a good cover we’re pulling off, but I can’t say I’m feeling too proud of myself. You know Amanda…her heart’s on her sleeve.”

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      • Lee: Ah, the poor thing. She’s been all over me…

        I was so distracted by the ‘she’s been all over me’ that I neglected the ‘poor thing’!! 😉 I’m with you Jenbo, Cindy and Paula.. not liking this turn of phrase so much! 🙂


        • Ditto! Thought it was demeaning. Amanda deserves better consider she’s working under a false assumption and is a kind person who is trying to help you, you smuck! Oops, talking to Lee there.


          • That was supposed to be “schmuck”. My grandmother would be appalled that the only Yiddish I remember are bad words 😉


            • Hey Jule! Your comment reminded me of this pic I took in Salzburg 😉 haaa!

              Tee hee!!
              Hey German speaking fans: does Schmuck mean something in German? or is it an Austro-Bavarian dialect??
              I guess in English it means err ‘dill’ would you say?


              • It means “jewelry”. 🙂 We have a famous jelly and jam maker here called “Smuckers”; the family name was probably originally Schmucker “jeweler”. Such an unpoetic name for a jeweler (or a jam maker).


              • Ha Ha! Love the photo Iwsod! Hmmmm, that sign would be very useful to put up at a certain relative’s driveway. *evil laugh* Nah, it’s the holiday season, I’ll be nice.

                Maybe after the new year though…..


            • schmuck is such a fantastic word. 🙂


            • ROFLOL My cousin asked our grandmother to teach him German and all he wanted to know were the swear words! Oh, and we both learned one phrase that I don’t know how to spell, but translates to “Dumb dog, go lay down.” (We had fun using that one on the playground when kids were getting to us )


          • Demeaning! Thats the sort of word I was looking for thank you!


          • funny, it’s scenes like these that almost make me think the short hair episodes were actually supposed to be at the beginning of season two, rather then at the end like they are.


  5. I think I’ve got a slightly different stance from everyone here. I don’t think Lee is deluded or underestimating Amanda or overestimating himself. While his word and gestures appear off putting about Amanda, I think it’s an act for Billy more then anything else. Three Agents are dead and Lee could very well be next because of his act. At this point, Lee is very worried about Amanda. He wants to keep Amanda safe. She is his partner. Lee will do whatever it takes to keep her alive and unharmed. But he knows that she could very easily figure out what is going on OR be connected to him and used as some type of leverage.

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    • Lee does seem to have managed to avoid Amanda for 2 weeks, so it’s no wonder if he has a high estimate of his ability to control the situation. Avoiding her for that long does look like he is trying hard to protect her, or that he knows she will involve herself once she sees his act.
      “An act for Billy” — does Lee think Billy will pull him off the case if people (like Amanda) start to get involved? Or if the situation starts to look too risky?


      • I do think Lee is learning to hide his concern for Amanda. I thought so in DOA. As his care for her grows he is going to have to continue to act professionaly non-chalant in terms of his concern for her. But he is kind of coming to a meeting point of many of these acts here in this episode, I think. Not that he gives them all up, but I think he begins to be able to recognize the acts from the reality. Question is, what is he going to do with the reality he is now aware of?


  6. Melissa Robertson

    I just looked at the script and it was quite different. Lee doesn’t go back to the Agency with Amanda she leaves alone hurt and in disbelief. That’s when Harris calls his boss saying he thinks they have a prospect.

    Amanda shows up the next day at the Agency checking on Lee and he shows up really late and that is when she tries to tidy him up and fix his tie. In the office Billy asks if Amanda suspects because she knows him well. Lee says no and Billy says good if we can fool those close to you. He didn’t denie that they were close.

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    • Wow. Thanks for the info on the script, Melissa. I’m glad they changed it. To me, this way works better – more in tune with the characters.

      Iwsod, going slow may be just what we need with this episode, anyway. Sooo much to ponder and enjoy. Slow gives us more time to dig into the episode. 🙂 I’m so enjoying reading everyone comments on this one. So many different ideas and depths. Truly a treasure-trove of good stuff.

      Oh, BJo, computer problems? That can be tough. Hope she gets to join us again, soon.

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  7. Hmmmm, it seems to me that Lee actually has many thought trains running through his actions. It is a necessity keeping everyone in the dark, and at the same time he downplays Amanda’s distress due to his own unwillingness to deal with the feelings Amanda evinces in him. As you said so well Debilyn, Lee is a master at deluding himself about being in control in emotionally charged situations. And I don’t think he wants to know how much his behavior will affect Amanda or himself. It’s not often we have a singular motive or emotion going on. Often people are a jumble of contradictory emotions and thoughts and spend a lot of time warring within. Clarity is just peeking around the corner, waiting for Lee to catch up.

    And iwsod, any way you want to do the posts works for me. You’re doing a great job of making me use my brain a bit. I love how every time I come back to a post folks have gone back to mull over their thoughts, respond to others and form new conclusions. Feels like we are building something that just gets better with time!


    • Jule, that is so true about people having many thoughts and emotions going on at the same time. And many times we don’t recognize most of them at the moment even when they influence our immediate actions. And I would think ha for a person who has lived in denial and compartmentalization for so long like Lee and who is as highly trained in these things as well, he would have an almost impossible time recognizing them and if he did recognize some of them he would be able to rationalize them easily. So glad he gets brought to the end of it quickly. Maybe that is the part that truly gets burnt out…?


      • Soooo true!!! there can be multiple motivations, thoughts and emotions all happening at once – people are fascinating, complex and rarely one dimensional 🙂 Thus how we can chat away about these characters we love so much 🙂 And this is why discussing together makes the show even better – well at least, it does for me- because we can all see something slightly differently- that may mean we disagree, or it may mean that we see a new dimension to a situation or character that just adds to the richness of these characters and our experience of this journey with them and each other.

        Slowing down is best – don’t worry Morley 🙂 thanks for letting me know my suspicion was correct! I now can slow it down with confidence! 🙂 and if anyone is not wanting to slow it down over Christmas – there is always the option of revisiting earlier threads.. Revisiting Saviour about now is probably not a bad idea! 🙂 So I’ll publish the next one in the next 24 hours, but then slow it down to one every 2 or 3 days till the new year.

        Morley, interesting idea – that in a way there is a dimension to Lee that does get burn out by the end of this episode! 😉 groovy double meaning!! I’d like to come back to that one at the end of the episode when we see where this episode leaves the characters 🙂

        Tolkien always sums things up beautifully! thanks Jule – good one! I agree, things are forever changed by the events in this episode!! whoo hooo!! 🙂

        Melissa R, thanks so much for sharing the script differences with us – phew! sounds complicated!



  8. Melissa Robertson

    IMHO it does look like he has a small measure of regret with not being able to let Amanda in on his cover, but then he quickly recovers and is back in agent mode.

    Also Lee is all about Need to Know and I’m sure this how he feels about this assignment and that in his opinion the less she knows the safer she will be, but he should know by now that with Amanda if he was up front the safer she would be. Boy I feel like I just wrote an Amandaramble 🙂

    Glad that Lee does have Billy in on this…like in Savior…maybe this was their April Fool’s joke 🙂


    • The less Amanda knows the safer she will be, true, but what he is failing to recognize is that others are watching them interact and in that case she isn’t as safe not knowing any more.


      • Melissa Robertson

        Exactly everybody sees them involved except the two of them!


      • I always felt that the best course of action would have been to bring Amanda in on this and reassign her to a different department for the duration so she wouldn’t have to interact with Lee, he wouldn’t have to keep his cover with her and she would be safe (would also give a reason to everyone why he was suddenly burning out). But, then we wouldn’t have the powerful scenes coming up, so forget what I said. 😉

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  9. I think this scene with Billy shows that Amanda was mentioned during the initial planning stages here. Billy is worried about her reaction for two reasons: (1) He knows that she sees Lee the man, so would be concerned about his well-being, (2) She is a sensitive person who is going to be hurt by this (remember her reaction to his death?), and there’s no way around that.

    It isn’t that Lee isn’t worried about Amanda’s reaction. He still thinks he’s in control of this “non-relationship” with Amanda. He is totally fooling himself, of course, because he never really has control of Amanda. In his core, he realizes that she sees through him, so he is a little wary. The touchy-feeling thing with his tie brings this to the forefront; but he brushes it away to do the job at hand, thinking he can just deal with it later. He knows that Amanda will be hurt by this as well, but he can’t deal with the emotional side of that issue and get the job done. So, he focuses on the job. His job has been all to him for so long that he’s still navigating what it means to have something else to look forward to – like Amanda’s friendship.

    In the meantime, Lee senses that Jack took the bait at Ned’s, but until he can find out more info, anyone at Ned’s could be listening. That’s why he brushes off Amanda so readily. He’s focused on this operation because other agents have ended up dead. Someone mentioned that Lee refers to his colleagues as friends. This case is personal in a way. He is two-weeks into this operation and needs to up the ante to get results; so he’s pushing hard now, and Amanda is getting the brunt of it.

    Okay, long post. One more thought: This before YODT? I think it works better after, but I’ll share why later.


    • Hi Debilyn – whooo loved reading your comments! I agree Lee does think he has much more control of this situation than he really does have.
      No YODT doesn’t have to go after – I throw these things out there to hear other’s ideas while I’ll tossing around the idea in my head- but I am not wed to it: and when you are able- I’d love to hear your reasons why it works better before! 🙂

      Hey Morley! LOL you won’t talk me out of it? 🙂 I’m loving your thoughts on Lee under estimating the power of relationships.. and his need for them..

      Hey maybe I should slow it down a little with this episode – everyone is busy with Christmas coming up. What do you think?
      I’ll publish the next post within 24 hours (as it’s the second half of the Lee/Billy scene), and then I’ll go back to posting one every 48 hours or a bit more. I don’t want to rush you or overwhelm you guys. 🙂 I want you to have the opportunity to stroll through all this goodness and share your thoughts with us without the extra stress of keeping up!

      Oh BTW – poor BJo is having computer problems.. so hopefully we’ll see BJo around again soon!



      • I never thought that I would say this, but I think slowing it down would be great, just a little bit of slowing down. I don’t think my family will understand if I tell them that Christmas isn’t ready around here because we were covering Burn Out on JWWM.

        Poor BJo indeed! I hope they get resolved soon, I almost feel guilty getting too far in this episode with out her.


        • LOL! Your right Morley, postponing the holidays due to Burn Out needs would be bad form I suppose. Then again….;)
          And I do hope Bjo’s computer pulls it together and is working again. It’s bad enough when it’s people misbehaving but I expect inanimate objects to toe the line.


    • I like your thoughts, Debilyn and agree with you. This is one of those make it or break it episodes, where there’s a turning point for Lee and Amanda. They’ve had a few of those already, with more to come as they continue on their journey.


  10. Francine is wearing Wonder Woman’s bracelet! Just noticed that.

    ” IMHO Lee has underestimated his connection to Amanda, underestimated Amanda and overestimated himself in this whole scenario.” I do not think I would want to talk you out of that idea. I think it is right on. I also think that part of his under estimating is to not understand the power of those interpersonal relationships. For him love (any kind of love, not just romantic) relationships have always been transient, and most definitely not permanent.
    I don’t have time right now to think more, but I am sure I will be back later. I am loving our discussion of this episode. All ready I see so much more than I ever did. Thanks everyone!


    • I am on the same page as everyone here. Poor, poor deluded Lee thinking Amanda wasn’t going to be a factor in pulling this off. I am sure his thought processes went something like this — “I know Amanda was really upset when she thought I was dead — I am sure not going to make that mistake again! This will be no problem because she will see that I am still alive and I’ll explain to her once the case is done — what could possibly go wrong?”. Men!

      Liked by 1 person

      • ROFL! Men indeed! Duh uh! You nailed it Cindy! I’ve been making carmel corn, a long standing family tradition, and trying to write y’all simultaneously. Not working well. There’s popcorn everywhere, I’ve got carmel in my hair and now I have a sticky iPad. But it’s worth it just for my SMK fix! 🙂


        • Better be careful with that carmel corn, jule, or you’ll end up with computer problems like me!!! LOL. Actually mine weren’t food related. They were AT&T related. Grrrr….they are soo close to being fired! It looks like my problem is fixed though. Well, for now anyway. It better last or they will be fired!


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