12/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Last thing we saw, Lee had finally drifted off to sleep reading his file..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002220687
Here’s another image.. just because I can Winking smile 

We find Amanda is sitting on the sofa in Lee’s lounge room.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002221848
Whoooo see the mug Amanda is using? It’s that mug that says ‘Lee’ on it! Remember Francine was holding it at IFF back in Remembrance of things past.
LOL why would Lee need to have his name on a mug at home? Hey at least the mug isn’t labelled ‘He’ as there would likely be another in the cupboard labelled ‘she’ Winking smile Still, it’s good to acknowledge smk when it actually does continuity! 🙂

Moving on, we can see there’s other nameless agents wandering around Lee’s apartment too.

I’m a little confused by these different angles on Lee’s apartment.. anyone layout minded able to create a floor plan and walk us through it?
There’s a knock on the apartment door and Amanda answers it. Francine and Billy enter the apartment
3.17 TEHI.avi_002233500
: Where’s Lee?
Amanda: Shhhh. He’s asleep finally.
Lee opens his bedroom door rubbing his injured arm..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002241508
Lee: Not anymore. What did the lab report show?
Francine gives Lee the file.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002249015
: Lee, those capsules were pure fenzobarbital….
It’s an experimental barbiturate made by Diller Pharmaceuticals. It’s not even approved by the FDA yet.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002254521
: A very neat murder weapon. Once it’s in the blood stream, it’s impossible to trace.
[LOL Umm I kinda hope the FDA doesn’t approve it! Winking smile ]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002255522
Lee and Amanda share a look. 3.17 TEHI.avi_002256022
Is this a little: Thank God you didn’t take it?!  thoughts?
Lee: Wait a minute… (Lee wanders off to his bedroom to collect the file off his bed.)
[Oh my.. Lee has red carpet in his bedroom! ugh!!]
…did you say Diller Pharmaceutical?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002266032
Yeah, why?

Lee: I remember reading that name somewhere in these files. 
(Lee searches the file)
3.17 TEHI.avi_002274541
… See. Here…
(Lee hands a stack of pages to Francine and Billy)
3.17 TEHI.avi_002280046[Love the look on Francine’s face. lol]
…I think we just found our pill pusher.
Cue the suspense music! Whooooo Amanda reacts..
3.17 TEHI.avi_002285552
Lee looks at Amanda reacting.. a little disappointment there in his eyes? regret?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002286252
Then, we have a dramatic zoom on Lee..3.17 TEHI.avi_002287913
Lee looks at Billy and Francine determined.. (right! I’m going to eat this pill pusher for breakfast!).. 3.17 TEHI.avi_002289214
More close ups on Lee.. and those eyes.. they seem to be the stars of this episode! And the scene ends.. So, have they identified the right culprit? We shall see I guess!

It’s commercial break time!
Lee ad break

We’re back.. and we see the hospital entrance.
LOL.. actually, we see Lee inside – this is a reused shot from when he left the hospital earlier!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002295088
You can also just make out Neumann with his trolley!
Lee and Amanda exit from an elevator and confront two of the doctor’s from earlier.
Lee: Hey I want to talk to you two!!
Dr Kessler: Mr Stetson you shouldn’t be on your feet.
Lee: Yeah well, I wouldn’t be had I taken this fenzobarbital !!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002306673
[I guess we are suppose to think Lee has identified the wrong doctors as the culprit here.. Interesting storytelling tactic! We all cry at the tv screen about now: Nooooo!!!! Lee it’s that other doctor!!! Noooo!!!]
Dr Scardelli: Fenzobarbital? There’s gotta be a mistake.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002308541
: You’re telling me? Which one of you two planted it in my room? 3.17 TEHI.avi_002311111
Dr Kessler: Look, neither one of us would have written a script for fenzo or anything else for post concussion treatment.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002314372
Lee: Damn it, I don’t have time for excuses…
3.17 TEHI.avi_002318076[Lee is really mad!!]
3.17 TEHI.avi_002319219
…Now you..…(Lee stops suddenly)
3.17 TEHI.avi_002319953
..oh (Lee clutches at his temples)
Amanda: What’s the matter?
3.17 TEHI.avi_002321421
: Oh, my head.

(Lee falls to his knees)
Amanda: Lee?? What’s the matter?!!!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002323456
: Oh, my head.
Dr Kessler calls to staff in the distance:
Get a gurney, stat.
[what luck. I see one!]
Dr Scardelli: Has he been having headaches?
Amanda: Some.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002326926
They arrive with the gurney.. Lee is lifted onto it, clasping the back of his head and groaning in pain. Oh nooo!!! Lee came to the hospital to confront the doctors, the wrong doctors, and now his body has given out and he is in their hands for surgery?!
We know they are not the naughty doctor Lee should be looking for.. but.. If Amanda and Lee think they are – how could Amanda let them take Lee into surgery?! Surely there are other doctors in this hospital?!  Hmmm.. me thinks there’s something going on here Winking smile
[okay okay.. I can’t totally forget what happens here.. but I can give it a good go Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh let me see.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002336302
Dr Kessler checks Lee’s eyes. [Lucky!]
Dr Kessler: Pupils fixed and dilated. Hematoma?
Dr Scardelli: Probably subdural. We’ve got to get in there and relieve the pressure now.
Dr Kessler: Let’s go. I’ll assist.
Dr Scardelli: I’m gonna need the help.
Woman over PA: Maintenance to nurses station two north.
3.17 TEHI.avi_002341808
Lee is rushed off on the gurney while Amanda follows.
The camera pans and we see all this drama happened right outside naughty Dr Goldberg’s office.. gee the doctor who really is Dr Evil… ahem.. what a coincidence!
3.17 TEHI.avi_002348415
Seems Dr Goldberg witnessed Lee’s collapse..

Short and sweet for this post as I don’t want to split what comes next.. will Lee make it????!!!! GAHHHH of all the times for his haematanomina to subdural and go all rogue Winking smile tee hee..

Can’t wait to hear from ya!

55 responses to “12/15 Season Three, Episode 17: The Eyes Have It- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Speaking of dodgy ep summaries — where did the DVD publishers get this one? We have one line where Billy implies they’ll do the legwork while Lee is in hospital — but we don’t actually see it — and the only hostage situation is a few moments at the end.


  2. All this talk of this coffee mug is going to make me search for one, especially since my Dad calls me Lee. Some of my co-workers are known for carrying their coffee mugs everywhere, even to the car, so I can see Lee’s ending up at home if he grabbed coffee at the end of the day. This is well before travel mugs became a thing. In SMK-land the good guys drink coffee and the bad guys drink tea. I happen to like both so I guess I’ll be a double agent. I think we had this discussion before though…moving on.

    I’m with BJo on this one. I was confused as to what was going on when they got to the hospital. I thought I missed a scene somewhere.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I keep looking at Lee’s “bruise” and I am itching to wipe that dirty smudge off his head lol
    Francines reaction to the discovery of the phantom pill pusher cracks me up #overactorsanonymous whereas Amanda seems remarkably nonplussed…..
    Would surgeons know about non FDA approved drugs which were nothing more than poisons……because Fozziebearitol (thanks BJo for this!) doesn’t seem to have any helpful applications outside of killing people…..
    Oh IWSOD your Barnstorm Contacts ad is hilarious. More spewing coffee out. Must make a point of not drinking whilst reading this blog lol


    • Thanks jenbo, but I can’t take credit for the Fozziebearitol! I borrowed it from someone else. I’m on my phone so I can’t see who though!


      • Hiya BJo’s phone 😉 it was 2Goldens! 🙂

        Just finishing up the next blog post now.. and about to publish – to wish you all a Happy Easter long weekend 🙂


  4. I totally fell for this the first time I watched this episode – hook, line, and sinker. I was confused because it was not the bad doctor, and even more confused when he came out of that door right where Lee collapsed.

    I love that Lee mug. I will buy one if I ever come across one. But it has to be that one – same style, color, and font. I look online occasionally, but have yet to find one. I don’t care if no one in my house is named Lee. I’ll still use it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. That’s quite a nicely designed mug – I mean the shape and ceramic texture. Not your typical “made in China china”. Maybe he knows a potter who made it for him? Maybe an ex-girlfriend?
    “fenzobarbital” 😀 hilarious! This just tickles my funny-bone – sounds like muppet medicine.
    Like your ad break, Iwsod. 😀 I’ll have me some of those lenses if they make my eyes as “pretty” as those eyes.
    Umm, L&A have obviously gone home and changed before going to the hospital again – or is it the next day? Drat! I see Aunt Lillian has found her knitting needles again – that droopy vest of Amanda’s reminds me of one I had in the 80’s. I think mine was green, and I had green stockings (pantyhose) to go with the outfit too. What was I thinking? 😯 Well, it was the 80’s…
    Meanwhile, I think you could stick that brooch of Francine’s on a staff and locate the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant!

    Liked by 5 people

  6. Amanda sure does like her magazines, doesn’t she? Ah, the days before we all had our noses glued to our smart phones!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Love that Amanda’s using Lee’s “Lee” mug. Reminds me of wearing one of your husband’s shirts when he’s out of town…it makes you feel more connected to him.

    Liked by 4 people

  8. Lee also seems to have a really remarkable collection of fake trees in his apartment for a single man. Decorative grasses, ficcus tree, whatever is behind him in that dramatic zoom…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Dr Scardelli: I’m gonna need the help.
    Woman over PA: Maintenance to nurses station two north.

    What did Lee do that requires maintenance so promptly? I think he should probably trust doctors to relieve that pressure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 😀
      Maintenance assistance aside, this dialogue between the two “doctors” makes me cringe. I’m really hoping that if I even needed the pressure relieved dt a subdural haematoma, my neurosurgeon wouldn’t say “I’m gonna need the help” in front of my nearest and dearest.


    • Some workplaces just take the concept of cross-training a bit too far… 😉

      Liked by 2 people

    • I wonder if orderlies might come under the broad category of maintenance staff? The definition I just found says an orderly is: An attendant in a hospital responsible for the nonmedical care of patients and the maintenance of order and cleanliness. Might just be there to assist in other ways? That confuses the definition of ‘maintenance staff’ unless janitors are only there during certain shifts and orderlies pick up the slack at other times. Really just a guess here.


  10. That mug is probably a gift from someone. Maybe someone from the agency? He just took it home one day. Maybe it’s one he likes and uses it a lot. I love that Amanda gets it out to use it. It’s pretty safe to say he doesn’t have 10 mugs in there with his name on it. She chose that one for a reason. 😀

    Poor Lee, that last headache looked pretty intense. Almost had sympathy pains just watching him.

    lol…At your ‘Barnstorm Contacts’ ad, Iwsod. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I remember at the time being confused – Wait? What!?! Lee never mentioned any headaches. What’s going on?

    Liked by 1 person

    • All that intense frowning, jaw-clenching and anger sent his blood pressure through the roof…{Note to self: stay calm to avoid headaches.}


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