2/16 Season Three, Episode 18: Wrong Number-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on, we find Amanda at Lee’s desk in the Q bureau, files everywhere…3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000287921_thumb
Lee enters.. his thoughts elsewhere.. he heads straight for his desk.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000291925_thumb
absentmindedly: Hi.
: What’s the matter, your shirt tail on fire?
Lee turns his chair around and goes to sit on it.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000293526_thumb
ROFL! 3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000294561_thumb
LOL love this little transitional frame below –just what has Lee sat on?! did anyone see it before he sat on it the first time they saw this? I didn’t.. because Amanda had been sitting on the chair edge at the start of the scene it tricked me..
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000294886_thumb
Amanda cries out: – Oh no!!!
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000295580_thumb
Lee glares at Amanda. 3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000295929_thumb
and bends down to collect the perpetrator!
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000300734_thumb
LOL.. Love the scowl he gives it!
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000301229_thumb
He looks at Amanda.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000301534_thumb
Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry.
LOL what a random little moment to insert into a scene.. haaa

Lee’s scowl at Amanda in response is too cute!
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000302731_thumb
Why am I reminded of this moment?!

[Cacti and chairs don’t go together ever Amanda! Nor Cacti and Lee’s butt I might add.  Today is a sad day. A very sad day indeed. Lee’s butt just got a boo booo! Iwsod resists the urge to make a gag about helping it feel better.. I must resist.. I must.. Instead I’ll suggest Lee’s tush try some acupuncture treatment! 😉
Is it just me or is this little moment reminiscent of Sabrina? only it’s not champagne glasses? and.. there’s no real damage done to his butt?! His ego may be another story!]

With lots of dramatic flare, Lee picks up the broken pottery bits off his chair and dumps them on Amanda’s folders.
He takes a seat.
Lee: What are you doing? [I like that in spite of the sore tush he isn’t really angry..]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000309542_thumb
[See behind Lee his fish bowl and coffee maker? Bad idea! One morning, he could pour out his goldfish before he’s had his cup of coffee! lol!]
: Oh, I’m just sorting some dossiers.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000312746_thumb
: Amanda, aren’t you making more of this than is really necessary?
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000316750_thumb
[Lee! Lee!! Don’t know how this works by now? This has Amanda’s going to stumble into the middle of things written all over it! Smile]
Amanda: I’m not going to do a slipshod job on my first assignment.
[Okay everyone – what the heck is this? First assignment???!!!! She has done her own assignments before, so this isn’t her first assignment without Lee either. Yep. Still wearing her guest pass.. for a second there I wondered if this could be referring to her first assignment as an agent. but.. nope! The guest pass is still there! ]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000317507_thumb
: Look, Billy was only humouring you when he called it that – relax.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000320754_thumb
[Excuse me???!!! Humouring her? Grrrrr.. I never want to hear Leer say that about Amanda’s work! Ever! 😉 Oh boy… Why am I reminded of Lee complaining about Amanda’s ‘chicken feed assignment’ in Utopia Now?! ha haaaa.. Though.. I must say – He doesn’t seem to be intentionally downgrading her work and his tone is less dismissive..]
Amanda: Checking security clearances isn’t busy work…
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000327160_thumb
(Lee gets up to go to his filing cabinet lol.. he moans a bit and gives his tush a  rub haaaa)
…Mr Melrose is expecting serious recommendations and that’s what I’m going to give him…(Amanda continues her typing giving Lee a sideways look..)
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000331965_thumb[both of them seem to be giving the other lots of stealthy glances here in this scene.. hmm.. what happened during that five days of ‘bed rest’ Winking smile in TEHI?!]
…Why are you in such a hurry anyway?
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000337570_thumb
[Wow! check out the Cactus here!!! Good thing this wasn’t the one on Lee’s chair!! Winking smile Ouchie!!]
Lee: Oh, there’s a rumour that one of our agents was grabbed – probably Bob Abernathy.
Hmm, can’t pin it down. Damn it….
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000339973_thumb
[We get a better look around the Q bureau here.. with all these trophies,  sail boats, basket ball hoops and pictures – it’s looking like a club house.. ahem.. I guess this is Lee’s film guy cover? the eternal adolescent?!!!]
…Francine knows the undercover roster better than I do. Every time she goes on vacation something like this happens….
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000349582_thumb[oh how prophetic! It’s like everyone Francine goes on ‘vacation’ she gets into trouble Winking smile  only, he doesn’t realise it yet]
Lee rummages through a drawer. Then suddenly stops. Closes the drawer and reaches behind his coffee machine. He pulls out a book. LOL.. He waves it around a bit.. looking at Amanda..
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000356956_thumb
…Ahem! Why is my contact book in back of the coffee beans.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000359993_thumb
[What’s the problem?! you have three others! Winking smile whahahaha. I do like though how Lee says this- it implies he only has one nowadays! 🙂 ]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000361594_thumb
: I don’t know, it usually lands where you toss it.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000363263_thumb
[whooo haaaaaa! i.e. don’t blame me that you’re a mess!]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000364798_thumb
: Uh huh, and when am I gonna get my desk back so I can toss it in there?
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000368802_thumb[Lee gives Amanda a smile.. he’s not happy! haaaaa.. but it hasn’t got real bite – so it’s cute haaaaa.. He seems to be protesting because he feels he should 😉 Amanda keeps her head down at her work and doesn’t pay him much mind haaa]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000370470_thumb
: Couple of days.
[I love that she’s completely unfazed by him.. she’s not asking much and ahem.. get her a desk of her own and you’ll have no more problems!]
Lee: Hmmmm.
Amanda: I’m down to my last interview – Dr Williams Towne. Look at this, I’ve already done his background check.
(Amanda holds up the big pile of papers showing all the works she’s done. lol!)
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000374974_thumb
[Personally, I think Lee finds her conscientiousness cute!]
Lee: What’d you do, go all the way back to the revolutionary war?
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000376810_thumb
: Well no, but his math theories come pretty close to our basic code system so if I stamp “cleared” on his security check, I want to know that I’m right.
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000383005_thumb
[Is it just me or is it weird that Amanda wears a guest pass, and yet she has been given the responsibility of ‘clearing’ someone?! anyone?]
Lee: Okaaay, okay, I can’t fault you there…
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000387487_thumb
(Lee heads for the door and pauses there..)
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000391224_thumb
(He turns back to Amanda)
[LOL Lee is wearing four different shades of grade.. what is up with that?!]
…We can all sleep a lot easier knowing that the world is safe from a renegade arithmetic teacher. [Hey-that sounds like an smky’ plot!]
3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000392025_thumb
(Lee heads out the door.. pretty chuffed with himself and his teasing of Amanda) chuckle chuckle! ha de haaa 😉 Lee’s amusement at his joke is cuter than the joke itself!
Amanda : Very funny. 3.18 WRONG NUMBER.avi_000394694_thumb

Rofl I love that Amanda is unfazed.. she doesn’t even stop typing haaaa.. They are too cute.. playful banter.. teasing.. even some mild frustration thrown in but always there’s affection there Smile a sweet little scene this (well maybe not for Lee’s butt).. Oh and lol at how Lee’s tush seems to be all better Winking smile 

So.. this aggravation about Amanda taking over Lee’s desk.. what do you make of it? He certainly leaves in a veeery good mood!!!! Me thinks he was protesting but he doesn’t really mind.. in fact.. he seems to kinda like it! In spite of the run in with a prickly pillow! Smile

Now I think about it, I think some of these props in the Q bureau were once in Billy’s office.. lol.. that hat stand. the sail boat.. the trophy.. and lol maybe the coffee machine too. lol..

So what ep was it where Amanda was sitting at Lee’s desk playing chess and he wasn’t too happy about it? Ah Pharaoh’s Engineer.. how do you think that moment compares to this one?? Anyone? 

Okay I’ll finish here for now – Hello everyone! Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

53 responses to “2/16 Season Three, Episode 18: Wrong Number-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. @Iwsod

    I’m not as familiar with the Charlie’s Angels eps as I’d like to be. Could you please explain the Sabrina/champagne glass reference?


    • lol this had me head scratching for a moment.. me say something about Charlie’s Angels? lol.
      I had of course completely forgotten this comment – “Is it just me or is this little moment reminiscent of Sabrina? only it’s not champagne glasses? and.. there’s no real damage done to his butt?!”
      – this was not a reference to Charlie’s Angels. It was a reference to the move ‘Sabrina’ – with Audrey Hepburn (or Julia Ormond for the remake).
      Here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1UmGXsbcec

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  2. Has anyone seen the script for this one? I’ve always wondered if KJ was pranking BB with the cactus to see if he could stay in character. I know they had their thing where they tried to never break character on set. It’s the only sense I could ever make of that cactus in the chair.


    • I haven’t seen the script, but I think it could be KJ pranking him as you said. Amanda is usually neat and organized and that seems to how her mind works. So, wouldn’t she put something back in its place? Another thought is if Lee actually put the cactus there himself and forgot about it. He did toss his book and then couldn’t find it.


  3. Okay – this scene has always bugged me. I don’t get why they had Lee sit on a little cactus. And if he sat hard enough to break the pot, wouldn’t the cactus be smushed, and wouldn’t Lee have little cactus needs stuck in his rump? Other than the Sabrina reminder (thank you, iwsod – I do love that movie – the Harrison Ford version), this is pointless to me.

    And I don’t like how Lee is with Amanda here. I think he’s irritated that Francine is out of town and can’t help him so he’s taking it out on Amanda. Poor Amanda is all excited and very serious about her “first” assignment and it’s just a background check according to Lee. I can see why to her this is a big deal. Maybe the “first” is that she’s truly supposed to be doing this type of assignment on her own. What’s really crazy is that Billy’s assigned an employee who is only worthy of a guest pass the task of recommending security clearances….oh the irony.

    I wonder if their 5 days had some rough patches given the way they are here with each other. Maybe Amanda has gotten a little too comfortable in Lee’s space and he’s bristling. She seems to be taking his office over too. I bet she cleaned up his apartment again and he can’t find anything. Poor guy! I know how he feels!

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  4. I love how everyone is seeing the real in this scene. It does have a very married feeling to it. Two people who are comfortable with each other and sharing the same space. And yet, there is newness too. Maybe they are very used to each other, but not completely used to how it feels to be so much in each other’s space, especially as they each are doing their own separate job. I mean, its all good when you begin to spend more intense amounts of time with, say, your fiance. Maybe not all of your stuff is in their space, but the time you spend together is focused on a joint venture, maybe getting the new apartment ready for cohabitation. But then you marry and you have to both get ready for your individual days in that shared space. Hmmm, maybe some friction. I see that here.
    But I think this may be more complicated by some frustration. They just spent 5 days together with Amanda as the superior. I am sure she didn’t lord it over him, but I think Lee would have been aware of the rank issue. Especially because that time was an assignment I bet he didn’t feel free to use that time as an opportunity to move their relationship forward. I get the feeling that Amanda didn’t take an opportunities either. Maybe Lee’s comment here about Amanda making more of the assignment than was necessary could also refer to the way he reacted to her assignment to make sure he got the rest. I don’t know, but I sense his frustration here is compounded. I wish he hadn’t said those disparaging things, but it does show me that he hasn’t completely let Amanda out of the civilian trainee box he has always had her in. Maybe that is one of the things that keeps him from moving forward with her? What was it Amanda said in BAI? When you are frustrated (angry, although Lee isn’t angry here) is when you are most honest? I wonder if Lee will be able to work through this left over opinion. If I was Amanda I think Lee saying something like that would be a flag to keep my heart still locked up… more wait and see.

    I do like the way Amanda is not swayed from her task and takes Lee’s crankiness and his arrogance in stride. I think she is comfortable in their friendship and work relationship and comfortable in her desire and ability to do this job that Lee’s opinion isn’t going to fluster her. Even though it may still catch her a bit. I like that she doesn’t really react except to banter back.

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    • I like what you say here, Morley, especially about Lee and how and where he sees Amanda professionally, and personally. There are times when we still see that competitive nature in Lee like in Flight to Freedom with whether or not Amanda could handle the sailing. And where his head may have been during his recuperation. Lee has changed and is continuing to change, in all aspects of his life. He is still a work in progress. With all of the emotional defensive and protective characteristics he’s developed over time, they aren’t going to go away over night. What’s so great about this show is that we get to see and experience that progression. We get cranky with the cranky Lee and don’t like to see it rear it’s ugly head at times, but we also get those lovely feels when he is showing that wonderful growth.

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    • Like what you say here, Morley, especially the part about Lee still having Amanda in her civilian trainee box. I do think he’s let her out of that box, but not by much. He still clearly sees her as very inferior to him and his abilities. I do like that Amanda is taking this job very seriously. I think it fits 100% with who she is.


      • Yeah this sounds good to me.. but I would think that even if Amanda proves herself and shows Will Towne is innocent and Lee was wrong.. Lee would still be the senior agent.. I mean he’s been in the business forever and I don’t even think for Amanda it’s about comparing their ranks. She’s happy with him being the more senior agent (who gets the bed.. ahem.. sorry where was I?!). That’s not really going to change.. and I think Lee knows this too.. but.. Amanda has never been in competition with him and never wanted it.
        I still don’t think she is in competition. that’s not what this is about.. but.. I think post 10 will give us a few insights here so I’ll hold off for now (we’re currently up to post 9)

        I like how Amanda takes her job seriously too. agree totally in character. Lee I think likes that she takes her job seriously too.. and he knows how enthusiastic Amanda is about things..

        I guess this new assignment is an added responsibility which sets it apart from other assignments Amanda has been given which okay turned out to be major important but when first given to her they were chicken feed.. know what I mean?
        I’m not 100% clear on everything.. but I’m really enjoying pondering everyone’s ideas!

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        • I don’t see any competition between Lee and Amanda on either of their parts. I think Lee is concerned with competency and Amanda is concerned with earning trust and respect. Amanda will never be the agent as Lee is and doesn’t want to be. I agree that Amanda is very happy with Lee being the lead agent. I think that is why this scene bugs me. Amanda’s competency is the one thing that Lee seems to have trouble getting on board with. Despite all of what Amanda has accomplished – even on her own this season, Lee sometimes forgets or tends to keep Amanda in a box. Sometimes I feel like he has a hard trim fully trusting in her as an agent rather than in her as his partner when they’re in the middle of a sticky situation and she is the only one who can help him. I think he’s slowly accepting that she isn’t just a good guesser or lucky, but he’s not there yet. By now I think he should just accept her enthusiasm and thoroughness and realize they are great components of who she is – goodness knows those qualities have saved his hide and solve a ton of his cases for him! And not use it to poke fun at her. I’ve not read post 9 or 10 yet, so not sure what’s said there.

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          • Hey BJo! Great to hear from you!

            lol I can’t remember what I said back in post 2, but I would say I agree with you that there isn’t really a competition between Lee and Amanda.. I think maybe I was tossing around the idea that maybe Lee thought there was one – but there isn’t..

            Sometimes I feel like he has a hard trim fully trusting in her as an agent rather than in her as his partner when they’re in the middle of a sticky situation and she is the only one who can help him. I think he’s slowly accepting that she isn’t just a good guesser or lucky, but he’s not there yet.

            Love this! yeah.. there’s that whole idea that bugged the daylights out of me back in Reach for the sky.. that Amanda is lucky and uses her intuition or instincts or whatever..
            Everything seems to be all jumbled up at the moment between Lee and Amanda.. she has good instincts, and she did good work.. Lee trusts her and thinks she has lots to contribute in her work.. but.. then.. this whole thing blew up from what seems out of nowhere. I think Lee isn’t making logical sense here because that’s the way things are for him at the moment his thoughts or beliefs about Amanda and work are all jumbled up!

            he trusts her..but he doesn’t trust her! He respects her.. but he doesn’t respect her…

            Add to that his personal feelings for Amanda and he is one jumbled up mess right at this point.. I think here in Billy’s office is where he is confronted with this internal mess (lol) – he was soo angry, and sooo unprofessional I suspect it scared him.. but what to do???… Hmmm.. we’ll see!!

            Whooo I can’t wait to read the rest of your thoughts BJo. come back when you can 🙂

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  5. I think part of Lee’s appreciation of Amanda is that he can be himself around her – he doesn’t have to put on an act as he has had to with most, if not all, of his previous “interests”. I think he likes that Amanda doesn’t fall head over heels for his charm all the time – she’s distracted by her work at the typewriter, not mooning over him everytime they are together.

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  6. I like the fact that his reaction isn’t a request “Get your stuff off my desk”, it’s a question “When am I going to get my desk back?” because it is perfectly fine with him that she took it over in the first place but he just wants to know when life will get back to normal.

    Also that he’s killing himself with his own jokes about renegade arithmetic teachers but is actually quite proud of her logical reasons for wanting to get it right so just gets out of her hair.

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  7. Speaking as somebody who has had cactus spines in her skin and clothing before, if Lee actually felt those spines enough to hurt, they’re probably still stuck in his clothes and possibly his skin. In other words, he couldn’t just sit down again after moving the cactus because he’d still be feeling the spines stuck there. It doesn’t matter if they’re small spines. In fact, the small ones are really hard to get out, like tiny splinters. My brother once had to throw away a pair of pants because he couldn’t get all the little spines out of them when he got careless one year while hanging up Christmas lights.

    So, I think if Lee really sat on that cactus, he’d probably have to at least take off his pants (and, yes, put on new ones 😉 ) before he could do anything else. He might also need help removing the spines from his skin. Just saying . . . 😉

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    • Now that’s an image that’s definitely not PG enough for SMK… 😉

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    • Actually, now that I think about it, those were pretty tiny spines on that cactus. They might not have gotten stuck in the skin with two layers of cloth (pants and underwear) to go through. I mean, it might depend on the thickness of the cloth, but I still say he’s got to have some actually stuck in the cloth of his pants and would therefore not be able to sit down comfortably. Come to think of it, he might not be able to go home himself to get new clothes because, you know, he’d have to sit down in his car. Not only potentially painful, but some of those cactus spines could get into the upholstery of his beloved car. He’d have to send someone else instead, unless he’s got extra clothes at the office.

      I’ve spent way too much time today considering Lee’s posterior. 😛

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    • ha haaa!
      Jestress thank you for this thorough and detailed analysis of the state of Lee’s tuckus!
      Reading your comment for a minute or so gave me the perfect excuse to focus on Lee’ tush – and I grabbed hold of it with both hands (the excuse- not the tuckus).. whahahahahaaaaa..

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    • I volunteer for that job!

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  8. I agree with what you said Learjet, i think this scene does show the development in their relationship to the ‘real’ level. Their interaction is very natural and ‘comfortable ‘. I think its those 5 days of rest-. I do think Lee feels a tiny bit left out that Amanda is more focused on her assignment thanon him (which is unusual for her ). I think that is why he is down playing it a bit. I don’t mean this in a critical way- I thnk its just the way it is. I also think Amanda is a bit insensitive as well. She is ignoring what Lee is saying so focused is she on the assignment. I think both of them play this very well-there is nothing to worry about in their relationship but perhaps things are changing a bit -certainly Amanda is getting much more confident and I think Lee welcomes this but isnt fully used to it yet. I always think that it is Lee’s love that has led to her confidence both in work and in regard to him. I think she is journeying just as much as him.
    on a lighter note – loved the catcus – so irrelevant and Smk- great screen shots

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    • Well now I am glad that WordPress just ate my response to Iwsod and Learjet because I see you have said it already, Michele, and much more eloquently. We are seeing a little blend here of the new Lee and the old Lee, the new Amanda and the old Amanda (although maybe less of the old Amanda given your observation about her not being quite as sensitive as we’ve seen her to be in the past).

      I also like your comment about “it’s just the way it is.” We’re seeing human nature, a subtle conflict brought about by different perspectives and different needs. Nothing to criticize really — we all encounter this in relationships and then have to figure out how to work through it.

      Your comment about the cactus being irrelevant made me wonder if it really was, versus could it be symbolic or foreshadowing? When is a cactus just a cactus?!? Maybe it is meant to tie in with the “Francine in the wilderness” theme .. SMK loves to milk a theme that way with props and related sub-themes (like the boys Volcano project versus Mothers for a Safe Environment — love SMK’s sense of irony!).

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      • I also like your comment about “it’s just the way it is.” We’re seeing human nature, a subtle conflict brought about by different perspectives and different needs. Nothing to criticize really — we all encounter this in relationships and then have to figure out how to work through it.

        I agree! I figure all relationships change over time.. early signs here are that some adjustments need to be made…

        In Lee? In Amanda?? or in Both?
        Definitely in Lee lol.. but in both.. I’m not sure yet. looking forward to discovering this ep again!

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        • Iwsod, it is interesting that you don’t see the changes in Amanda as yet. Think of Over the Limit (a very pivotal episode imo) and how she is ‘enthused’ about the work Billy has given her. Remember how Lee demeaned the job? (actually he has changed a lot since then). There is a little similarity here. But there is such an increased confidence in Amanda since then and certainly much less need for/ reliance on Lee’s approval

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          • But there is such an increased confidence in Amanda since then and certainly much less need for/ reliance on Lee’s approval.

            Oh, I agree, Michele. In fact, the best part of the scene for me is Amanda’s confidence and how she sort of ‘pushes back’ on Lee when he makes his comments. I especially liked the, “it’s wherever you tossed it,” response when he can’t find his book. They’re comfortable enough with each other that this is just back and forth banter. Doesn’t bother me in terms of their relationship at this point in the series.

            I love Lee to pieces and I get that sometimes the job makes him flustered. I also agree with Learjet about him slipping into Season 1-2 Lee and maybe when he’s feeling cranky that happens. We know he respects her. I still don’t like that he downplays her assignment. He’s still a cranky pants. Or can I just call him ‘cactus butt’? 😉 It would be funnier if he sat on the cactus near the end of the scene.

            I had one other thought about Lee and Amanda in this scene, but have to wait until we’re a few scenes into this episode. 😉


          • Hey Michele! I may not see changes in Amanda yet – because for me the episode is very very young.. and I don’t know what’s to come.. so early in an episode, if something is not blatant I’m probably not going to draw firm conclusions about it. This may not make sense to readers who know the eps so well. I can barely remember this one – which I kinda like 🙂
            I have previously seen indicators of Amanda’s growing confidence and her reduced need for Lee’s approval. I thought she was a real trooper in Utopia Now.. and in Over the Limit too.. she was focused on completing her assignment with gusto. The way she flapped all the pages at Lee showing him all the work she’s done? Could be she was seeking his approval.. so far for me a change is not clear.. At this point, my view of Amanda is wide open and without firm conclusions.. I hope that explains things! but hey.. I’m always glad to say something interesting 😉 ha!

            I’ll look forward to continuing our walk into this ep and I’ll keep an eye out for the increased confidence/ decreased need for Lee’s approval you describe 🙂


      • Raffie, I seriously doubt I could say anything more eloquently than you (I stuggle to express myself) but thank you, it was nice for the ego.
        That is interesting about the cactus, do you reckon there might be prickly times ahead???

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  9. I like this scene with Lee and Amanda. I think it signals another transition in their relationship. I also like that we are back in the Q Bureau. We’ve seen that they work so well in the field together. Can they also work well sharing office space and being in closer quarters like this? Lee is already fussing about his desk and his contact book. Never mind that Amanda seems to be the one who’s usually keeping it tidy in the first place. This is that part where there is grunt work to be done and they are going to have to make adjustments to this aspect of their relationship.

    The only thing I thought was odd when I first saw this was how Amanda turned the chair when she got up. The only time I bother with my desk chair is when I leave for the day. When I get up to move around the room or even go to lunch, it stays in position so that it will be ready when I sit back down. When I leave for the day it goes back under the desk. I just thought it was odd how she placed it. Of course, then Lee would have seen the cactus before he sat if it was turned the other way. Love the Sabrina reference, it’s one of my faves. I like both versions, but the Audrey Hepburn one is my fave of the two.

    I do like the ‘renegade arithmetic teacher’ comment though.


    • I didnt notice the chair turn – but good point- wonder just what she was doing putting the catcus in the chair? (Its something i would do as i was picking up one thing and seeing something else but i am not anything like Amanda who isnt easily distracted – living proof she has worked with Lee for 3 yeats)


  10. While I have seen it receive some criticism in other SMK venues, I think this cactus scene is very cute. BB and KJ play it with just the right mixture of seriousness and levity (lovely Lee scowls, not sure which category they fit under!) — it does come off as a very realistic relationship exchange, as you were mentioning, Learjet.

    Though I’m not one to support Amanda’s sensitivities over Lee’s unintentional insensitivity, I do feel an undercurrent here that Lee is going out of his way to downplay Amanda’s assignment in a way that is good for his ego and not hers. But she knows her Lee and doesn’t let him get to her — it’s really a bit like watching a tennis match. Good shot, but I’ve returned it, see if you can handle that one. A little friendly competition, anyone?

    LOVE that transition screen cap that you found, Iwsod!

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    • Love the tennis match analogy


    • I think you’re right about Lee. Maybe he’s concerned that Amanda is getting just a little too good at the job? Lee may have moved a long way in maturing as a person, but a lot of his sense of self is tied up with how he is “their top agent”.

      Plus, I like that we can still see flashes of S1 and 2 Lee coming out (eg his arrogance) because we should still be able to recognise that we’re seeing the same character. Sometimes, a character changes so much in a book or TV show that I feel I can no longer recognise him or her by the end. Glad that SMK doesn’t fall into that trap :).

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      • That’s an interesting thought, Learjet. If Lee is thinking Amanda is getting too at the job, he may feel the need to let her know that she is not as good as she might think she is. Maybe that’s part of why he’s cranky with her here.


    • Really? some don’t like this scene? fair enough… I’m sure that some would scratch their head and wonder why I criticise some of the bits I criticise 🙂

      Though I’m not one to support Amanda’s sensitivities over Lee’s unintentional insensitivity, I do feel an undercurrent here that Lee is going out of his way to downplay Amanda’s assignment in a way that is good for his ego and not hers. But she knows her Lee and doesn’t let him get to her — it’s really a bit like watching a tennis match. Good shot, but I’ve returned it,

      You might be right! well put! I’m not really sure what’s going on… I figure this may play out as things progress.. other wise this really was a totally random scene 😉

      Lee should never tell Amanda Billy was humouring her with an assignment 😉

      I’m sensing Lee is marking his territory here… why I’m not sure… but so far what strikes me is how this lacks any of the bite he use to have. Even when he’s a bit frustrated or annoyed.. their respect and affection for each other is solid..

      I’m guessing there’s more fun stuff coming about all this – I can’t wait!!!

      I wonder if Amanda’s line about her first assignment (as much as I didn’t really understand it) was there to make it clear to everyone – that Amanda is moving up.. If Amanda is moving up – Where Lee places her in the scheme of things is going to maybe need an adjustment.. maybe I don’t know.. maybe it will result in this competition raffie has suggested.. I guess we’ll see!!
      Will Lee be putting that massive cactus on Amanda’s chair by the end of the episode?! 😉

      Oh thanks for the compliment re the screen cap 🙂

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      • Will Lee be putting that massive cactus on Amanda’s chair by the end of the episode?!

        Oohh, he wouldn’t be that mean to his Amanda – would he? Perhaps if it was Francine or Fred Fielder…mhhhh….

        Do you know how we call that kind of cactus in German? Here it’s commonly known as ‘mother-in-law-seat’.
        Please don’t ask me why – I’d never seat my mother-in – law onto one of those.


  11. Love this scene. The cactus bottom cracks me up. (Maybe Amanda has subconsciously copying some of her boys’ behaviour? Whoppee Cushions were on both minijets’ class teachers’ chairs on the 1st of April thanks to their male classmates 🙂 )

    I think this scene gets to the heart of why I like this episode. It’s just so real. Swooniness, and lovelorn glances, and tender words are all very well but they’re not the meat and potatoes/bread and butter (make your dietary choice) of living relationships. This type of scene represents the reality. The bickering about tidying up/fiddling with the other person’s stuff/managing of one’s life by the other/little digs about foibles/being tactless and undiplomatic because you love someone and feel so comfortable with them, not because you despise them. I think I love this stuff because, in the midst of the spying and glamour, I can see myself and my relationship with Mr Jet in this scene.

    Thankfully, it’s only 4 shades of grey…. 😦

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