7/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Moving on.. we see a warehouse.. a big one!
3.21 TLS.avi_001264064
Inside we find Pam chewing out someone.
Pam Jentry: Sometimes you really amaze me, Rajmand. I’ve been working with the press for six months. Those clowns aren’t reporters.
3.21 TLS.avi_001269869
Pam seems pretty rattled. that didn’t take much! Winking smile
: It must be that international team of agents we got that report on.
[report? from who? and who knows about the team? did the Indians? Hmm I guess Chang did say something about there being no secrets 😉 ]
3.21 TLS.avi_001273073
Pam Jentry: I guess so, damn! How did they find us so fast?
Rajmand: We must move now, alone!
3.21 TLS.avi_001278678
Pam Jentry: No! We just lost one detonator by moving too fast. We’re waiting for the airlift and the cover of the send-off. [Hmm.. seems Pam is the one in charge!]
Rajmand: That is two days away! 3.21 TLS.avi_001282882
Pam Jentry: Well, I’ll work on moving it up, and you work on slowing down our reporters, okay? 3.21 TLS.avi_001287687
Rajmand: I will take care of it!

Uh oh!!!!!

Back to the three little spies. they’re buying their lunch at the taco place.3.21 TLS.avi_001290924
[was this also the colossus of Rhodes place? in Lost and Found? I’ve got no time to look.. anyone interested in doing a little research? – no pressure!]3.21 TLS.avi_001294694
Petrovich: This decadent musician is a waste of time! [As is Petrovich’s decadent vocabulary!]
Lee: Disagree! Skylar’s operation is dirty somehow. It’s a good lead!
3.21 TLS.avi_001302702
Chang: Bikinis, “Barbed Wire Love”, and Chi Chi do not qualify as a lead! 3.21 TLS.avi_001306373
Petrovich: Precisely. Just what are you concealing from us, huh? 3.21 TLS.avi_001311177
Lee: I’m not concealing a damn thing…
3.21 TLS.avi_001314981
…You two know as much as I do…
3.21 TLS.avi_001315782
…Now look, Food for Flight is getting ready to send 50 tons of food around the world. Those nine detonators could get lost in any one of those shipments. Very easily! 3.21 TLS.avi_001325392
Chang: Pure conjecture. 3.21 TLS.avi_001326593
Lee: No, an educated guess. 3.21 TLS.avi_001329596
[eh???!!! Hello!!! did you all miss the bit where Billy identified that Ron’s Mom’s cornbread mix (which had the one detonator in it) was traced back to Food for Flight?!!! Call that conjecture?? or an educated guess?!! Or am I wrong here? did I miss something? ]
Petrovich: Then we must move…
3.21 TLS.avi_001330597…Cordon off their warehouse. Interrogate their personel. Bend those people. Make them talk! 3.21 TLS.avi_001333400[LOL I don’t think Petrovich does subtle! Funny.. if this is his attitude he should love Barbed Wire Love! 🙂 ‘Get me one of them steel gloves!’]
Lee: Just slow down, will you?..
3.21 TLS.avi_001336603
…We’re not even sure that those detonators are anywhere near the place. I’m not gonna risk scaring those people off by sending the Marines charging in the warehouse. 3.21 TLS.avi_001345011
Petrovich: So what do you suggest? More discussions? More strategy sessions? [How about a chi chi?!]
Lee: Our best bet is to focus on that warehouse, set up surveillance teams, and wait. 3.21 TLS.avi_001353820
Petrovich: I’m telling you right now, Stetson, we should go in there and-
3.21 TLS.avi_001358425
Lee: Look, why don’t you just shut up and eat your taco, huh?
3.21 TLS.avi_001361227
LOL. what a come back!
Petrovich thinks about it a moment.. then seems to do as Lee suggested Winking smile rofl – it worked?!
3.21 TLS.avi_001363430
next thing.. we see a car pull up with nasty baddie Rajmand at the wheel. He’s wearing his ‘I’m up to no good’ face! Muahaha3.21 TLS.avi_001366833
He watches from across the street. Henry’s Tacos is it. haaaa. random. 3.21 TLS.avi_001367434
Rajmand looks around and sees a car coming down the street from his right.
3.21 TLS.avi_001371838
It’s like he is deliberately waiting for that car to drive up to him before pulling out…
3.21 TLS.avi_001375442
The red car swerves to avoid Rajmand, squealing and warning the three little spies, the red car swerves right into where they are sitting. guess that was Rajmand’s plan. whoooo..  Everyone knows fast food can kill ya! 🙂3.21 TLS.avi_001376042
Lee: … LOOK OUT! 3.21 TLS.avi_001377043
(Lee pushes the two men out of the way)
3.21 TLS.avi_001377444
Lots of flying ‘food’ (I use the term loosely), tables, chairs.. 3.21 TLS.avi_001378445
Man 1: Crazy woman! 3.21 TLS.avi_001380647
[as we hear this, we see Rajmund driving away. Did he yell that out the car window? I don’t know. but poor lady!]3.21 TLS.avi_001383650
Woman: Hey, watch out what you’re doing! [Maybe this is the lady in the car yelling back at Rajmund? I don’t know..]
Man 2: Hey, what’s going on, man! 3.21 TLS.avi_001386453

All three spies get up off the ground. Whoooo Lee helps up Petrovich. 3.21 TLS.avi_001389856
They look around all intense.
[I’m hoping now Lee has gone for a dive onto the ground he can take off that awful white jacket!]

Later that evening, back on the plane in LA. We find Lee storming into the cabin, followed by the other two spies. 3.21 TLS.avi_001404070
: That was not an accident, Stetson!
Lee: Oh, brilliant deduction, Sherlock…
[good call Lee. that was kind of lame Petrovich!]
3.21 TLS.avi_001407273
…Now we’re getting too close, and someone can’t stand the heat. [I guess the Tacos were extra spicy!]3.21 TLS.avi_001410076
Petrovich: Which is nothing. This is unacceptable. 3.21 TLS.avi_001413079
(Petrovich walks over to the other cabin to call for Nadine.)
…Nadine… [He says something to her in Russian. anyone?]
(he motions to Nadine to come in and join them, and sit next to Amanda at the console)
3.21 TLS.avi_001417684
This poorly played game of mouse and cat is over… [haaa Mouse and cat. love it]3.21 TLS.avi_001421488 …I’m contacting the general-secretary to recommend I come back to Moscow or take unilateral action. 3.21 TLS.avi_001427093
[Is Petrovich for real? or is this just a game? because I thought he was a top agent. What’s a little attempted murder?!! surely that’s a sign to any top agent they are on to something? tee hee.. One non accident and Petrovich is ready to leave? Get a back bone dudeovich! Boo hoo. This is all pretty lame and over the top – trying to make out like they are all about to go to war because a car tried to run them over?! Feels to me like the writers are grasping for a way to create tension when there isn’t any.. meh…]
Lee: You do that and you’re gonna have to go over me…3.21 TLS.avi_001428895
…and I guarantee it will not be easy or-3.21 TLS.avi_001431097

Amanda interrupts..
3.21 TLS.avi_001433099
Amanda: You’re supposed to stop WWIII and you’re letting your egos get in the way…
3.21 TLS.avi_001437504
[Amanda has a back bone! Go Amanda!]
(more quietly)…
I suggest you get back to business…
3.21 TLS.avi_001439305
..Excuse me.
(Amanda quietly sits back down.)3.21 TLS.avi_001440907
(Chang approaches)
Chang: Thank you for your words of wisdom, Mrs. King-
Amanda: You’re very welcome.
Jin Sung enters speaking Mandarin or Chinese (anyone?) to Chang.
3.21 TLS.avi_001444110
We see Petrovich and Lee react.3.21 TLS.avi_001445111
Jin Sung: (speaks in Chinese) then… I agree with Mrs. King…
3.21 TLS.avi_001446112
Chang doesn’t argue with her. He leaves her to have her say.
3.21 TLS.avi_001449315
… She is absolutely right!
[I guess Chang was about to say something to support his own ego? Jun sung interjected to cut it off? ]
Lee: You’re an agent?
3.21 TLS.avi_001449916
Jun Sung: I am Colonel Jin Sung… 3.21 TLS.avi_001453119
…Attaché to the premier and Chang’s superior. 3.21 TLS.avi_001454721
[Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Hooray! SMK has decided to turn those stereotypes on their ear! I had completely forgotten this- and I love it!!!!! she’s Chang’s superior!!! tee hee.. awesome! And a Colonel no less Winking smile ]
3.21 TLS.avi_001456322
(Lee and Petrovich react. Petrovich throws up his hand in disgust and turns away..  lol. -this means war!!! tee hee..  )
But I am no agent!…
3.21 TLS.avi_001458124
(to Amanda) …From your words, I must assume you are Mr. Stetson’s superior? 3.21 TLS.avi_001463930
[Yes. Yes she is. Oh wait… ]
Amanda: Oh, no! I’m no agent. I’m civilian auxiliary. 3.21 TLS.avi_001465732
[Booooooo!!!!!!!! I’m so over this civilian auxiliary stuff!.. ‘I wear a guest pass!!!’ Booooo!!!]3.21 TLS.avi_001467334
Lee: Hmmm….
[what do you think Lee makes of this little assumption of Jin Sung’s?! tee hee.. she never does what I tell her to do!]
Jin Sung is silent a moment.. absorbing this new information.

3.21 TLS.avi_001468535
Jin Sung: Ours is a joint effort, but it lacks direction….
3.21 TLS.avi_001476743
(to Lee and Amanda) This is your country….
3.21 TLS.avi_001478144
…We will trust your instincts,…
3.21 TLS.avi_001480146
(to Petrovich)… agreed?
Petrovich: Da! [That was hard! He’s reluctant, but he does agree]
(We see Nadine react to this. awh..)
3.21 TLS.avi_001485352
[She looks proud of Petrovich no?]3.21 TLS.avi_001487354
Lee: All right then. I suggest we get inside that operation…
3.21 TLS.avi_001489356
…and find out who’s pulling the strings! 3.21 TLS.avi_001491291
Petrovich: Impossible. They know us. 3.21 TLS.avi_001494294
Amanda: They don’t know me…
3.21 TLS.avi_001495695
…They know all of you, and they might notice Jin or Nadine, b
ut they don’t know me…3.21 TLS.avi_001499499
…Look it’s a charity thing…
3.21 TLS.avi_001500700
(Lee does not automatically look thrilled at this idea)
…There’ll be a lot of people there. There’s hardly any danger at all. And I fit right into any kind of charity event, I’ve done s
o many of them…
3.21 TLS.avi_001507107
(Amanda nods to herself)… I’m the one for the job. 3.21 TLS.avi_001511311
She’s right! Everyone knows she’s right! So fabulous to see Amanda stepping up here and putting herself forward. This is her country, this is her culture (charity events), she can do this better than anyone!

Everyone silently reacts.. 3.21 TLS.avi_001512512
Lee looks around to see what others make of the idea…
3.21 TLS.avi_001513313
We see Jin nodding silently.. 3.21 TLS.avi_001515315
and Nadine isn’t saying no. 3.21 TLS.avi_001517917
So I guess that’s a group Yes! Smile 

With a decision made, here’s a place to pause.. can’t wait to hear what you all make of these new developments!!!

56 responses to “7/14 Season Three, Episode 21: Three Little Spies- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I was again thinking about Amanda and how she jumped in to reprimand Lee and Petrovich about their egos. I like that she doesn’t let what she’s feeling for Lee get in the way of checking his behavior. She told them both that they needed to check their egos. It shows that she’s not letting her personal feelings interfere with her professionalism. She doesn’t hold back or try to be soft just because it’s Lee. Billy knew he had the right woman for the job.

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    • I like that she doesn’t let what she’s feeling for Lee get in the way of checking his behavior.

      Love this.. I think if she truly cares for Lee she would make the tough call, the unpopular difficult call to pull him up.. because he needs that and she wants what is best for him and the country first!
      That his nose may get out of joint with her is not her priority – which I love.. it says she is ruled by love (for Lee and country) not by fear!

      Billy knew he had the right woman for the job.

      Sooooo true!! 🙂


  2. Is Petrovich for real? or is this just a game? because I thought he was a top agent. What’s a little attempted murder?!! surely that’s a sign to any top agent they are on to something? tee hee.. One non accident and Petrovich is ready to leave? Get a back bone dudeovich!

    I always took Petrovich’s desire to cordon off the warehouse, interrogate the personnel, and bend the people to make them talk was just the stereotypical approach he would take if they were in Russia. You know, the KGB and all that – just go in and do what they want, no pushback, no questions, etc. The attempt at hitting them with a car at the taco stand, just makes Petrovich even more insistent that they act now.

    I think Petrovich is just very frustrated with the lack of action by the agent team. If this was Russia, he could take unilateral action without thinking twice. Here in the U.S. where the charity does a lot of good, you’re innocent until proven guilty, and the charity is a favorite of a lot of Senators’ wives (or whatever it was), you can’t just barge in and take over without a huge chance of blowback, which Lee is not about risk.

    I think in Russia, a top agent knows before everyone else when he must act, and when he does act he gets the job done right the first time – it doesn’t matter who knows the KGB was there. In the U.S. a top agent is able to accomplish his mission completely under the radar so that the public can remain ignorant of the fact that nuclear detonators may be smuggled behind the scenes of a very popular and successful charity. I think what we have is tension between the two approaches – both Lee and Petrovich are trying their best to be top agents.

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  3. Yes this scene around the console really flips things around, its great. It kind of opens up all of the presuppositions that they have brought with them, all the posturing has to be reworked and the ears re-tuned. I love the way Lee can hear Amanda’s rebuke of himself and respond constructively. And I love the way he doesn’t argue with her about her being the one for the job. And I agree with L&A that I think Lee would have said something about Amanda being so much more than civilian auxiliary except that she has to remain “non- agent” status. I bet he says something to her about it after the case.

    In the beginning of this episode I can still see Lee struggling with Amanda’s role in his life, professionally and personally. He seems awkward and not integrated as he thinks about her being a part of this case and at the beginning of their time in the plane. But something seems to open up for him. I am not sure what it is or if it happened as he sat with her on the couch or right before. Maybe it just the Amanda effect for him and he let himself just sink into it and let it do its work. It just seems like from the moment he says he is glad she is here and her friendly face makes all the difference, he is different.

    And I wonder if Amanda is bolder because of it? Or maybe WN allowed her to be that bold with her opinions about how a job should be done. I like to put this episode right after WN because it kind of completes the work that was started in them during that episode.

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    • I was thinking the same thing about episode order as I read your post, morley. Your explanations always make it seem so clear to me. This seems to be a nice follow-on to Wrong Number, where Lee came to appreciate Amanda’s professional contributions in their own right, not simply as “luck” or “intuition”. And Amanda learned that she can hold her own during a controversial agency investigation without having to sacrifice who she is as a person. Surely Billy’s and Francine’s endorsement of her for this present assignment must have given her added confidence as well. It is clear to all what talents she brings to the table and how she can use them to make a contribution.

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    • Whoooo I’ll store this idea away re ep order..

      There’s a few different threads in the story we could look at.. and this is an interesting one!

      Right after Wrong Number could work. Which begs the question – where is Wrong Number in the order ?! 🙂


      • Well, I kind of like WN after Eyes because of the tension that must have built up between them after 5 days of convalescence with Amanda having a higher rank and being in his personal space. But I suppose we will have to wait and discuss this some where else 😉


        • I’m really looking forward to exploring this! yes, that is possibly a good flow..

          And.. I love that we all don’t even need to agree with each other! we can come up with our own order that we love.. It’s an additional way some of us can explore this show we love together!
          [for those of us who have brains that work that way, I’m hearing BJo saying – my brain doesn’t work that way and I don’t get into ep order! tee hee.. am I right BJo? I’m pretty sure you’ve said this previously 🙂 which of course is totally cool! 🙂 ]

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    • I also like Spies coming right after WN, not only for the reasons you’ve all outlined but because it is specifically Francine who comes up with the idea of sending Amanda. She’s just been saved through Amanda’s good work and doesn’t hesitate to be the one to reinforce the idea of Amanda as “secret” agent.

      I also like it for certain reasons of L&A relationship which I’ll try and remember to add when we get tot he end. 🙂

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  4. Your comment about the Taco stand being used in Lost and Found really got me thinking about other times they have used some sort of outside fast food place, but I not sure if it is the exact same location. Since I am watching Season 1 right now, I came up with ACM kid and I am not now, nor ever have been a spy. In addition, I thought of the flying shake in The Boy Who Could Be King. I happen to love fast food 🙂
    I love the girl power in this scene and how the power shifts from the start of the episode. It reminds of my favorite girl power movie Ever After and how at the end the prince comes to rescue Cinderella and she rescues herself. Kind of reminds me of There goes the Neighborhood when Lee comes to rescue Amanda and she ends up getting them out of there with the hairspray. He has a line in there about coming to rescue her. It is funny to think Amanda is there to keep Lee in line and not over react, and they called women emotional. Obviously, the cooler heads prevailed in this scene. 😉 Just some “Amanda rambling” thoughts.

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    • LOL yeah I’m not very complimentary of fast food.. I do enjoy it being the butt of my bad jokes 😉 You go right ahead and love it anyway Rachel! 🙂

      thanks for looking at the taco stand!

      I love Ever After too!!!!! 🙂 Amanda often has a hand in saving herself, and Lee 🙂

      Loved hearing your thoughts! Oh and by the way – thanks for all the likes you’ve been giving my posts Rachel! sorry there is no way for me to directly respond to them – but I see them (they are emailed to me) and am glad you are enjoying the walk! thanks for the likes! 🙂

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  5. Oh yea! Girl Power. Jin Sung and Amanda make quite the team. Hopefully Nadine will get her chance to shine.


    • Yeah! I sorta took that look of Nadine’s not as smile of approval for Petrovich, but rather a smirk of approval of the ladies taking charge. After all, she has been sitting there unable to say anything, but she can see as well as Amanda and Jin Sung that the situation is deteriorating in the hands of the men. Even not speaking English, Nadine had to realize that the women were taking the lead on detente and the bickering men were being chastised.

      Spot on observation, valerie, that Petrovich has taken over for Lee as head of the department of unprofessionalism. He also reminds me of Lee’s description of himself in his younger days, wanting to rush in with guns blazing (or something like that). I don’t think Petrovich wants to run away because the car “accident” raised the stakes but rather because he wants to turn it over to Moscow to bring in the big guns… act now, work out the details later.

      Iwsod, GREAT screen caps throughout this girl power scene! I especially like watching Chang’s expressions. When Jin Sung first speaks, he looks chastised, then he gives a look that says I’m with her as she asserts herself, then he looks questioning when she suggests that they allow the Americans to take the lead. Once everyone concedes to Jin Sung’s suggestion, he looks proud and back in the boat with her!

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      • I sorta took that look of Nadine’s not as smile of approval for Petrovich, but rather a smirk of approval of the ladies taking charge.

        Yeah it could be! I think I thought it was aimed at Petrovich because of the timing. But then again, as Nadine errr doesn’t speak English – she is maybe suppose to be the mysterious one out of this lot – the woman who may also be powerful, but not working on the team?
        [It adds to the tension which IMHO the writers are struggling to maintain!]

        We are all suspicious of whether she speaks English – she is very adept at reading body language to have gathered what has just taken place (IMHO). She’d know the women spoke up but not really understand how exactly.. oh and when Amanda says I’m the one to infiltrate the charity – does Nadine seem to agree with this plan? because how she could have guessed that proposal from body language is a big mystery 😉
        The only clues we have she doesn’t speak English are: Petrovich says so, and we haven’t seen her say anything in English. She doesn’t speak English? Conjecture!!! As Chang would say 😉 lol. but I’ll have to wait and see how this all unfolds!

        BTW Chang and Lee don’t declare what languages they speak. Maybe they both speak Russian – if Nadine not speaking English is a ploy, it could be a way to keep her subordinate and Petrovich in charge.. it certainly renders her speechless – I’m with Cindy! Hopefully nadine will get her chance to shine – as a goodie or as a baddie!! 🙂

        Raffie I’m so glad you love this episode, I need a little encouragement to get into this one! And.. your love for it is contagious! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

        Thanks re the screen caps – glad you enjoyed them 🙂
        I could watch Chang all day 😉

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        • LOL, thanks Iwsod! I worry that my love for this episode is obnoxious rather than contagious, so keep me honest if I rant or rave on too much!!

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          • Whooooo if you worry that your love of the episode is obnoxious rather than contagious – I’m really glad I made this comment and told you what I was thinking: that I was really enjoying hearing from you!! 🙂

            I think I’d struggle to find anyone obnoxious if they love the ep, or a moment, or a gag and share it with us all. Even if I hate it!
            It’s always great to hear other views!

            [Okay It could be obnoxious if someone commented like they were right and everyone else was wrong. but – that doesn’t happen here, and everyone is very mindful that we see things differently and it’s okay :)]

            Ummm I can’t see you raving too much..raffie – it’s just not possible. share wha you love with us – it’s always welcome! 🙂

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            • Thanks, Iwsod! I think it’s the fact that I used to not like this episode and now really love it that makes me so passionate about defending its hidden gems! But like Class Act and Car Wars, as well as so many other episodes, different strokes for different folks (or I think I’ve heard you say different horses for different courses).

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            • Apparently I am only obnoxious (according to my youngest daughter) when discussing another current show and the writers keep bringing back a villain from the dead with impossible gaping big plot holes.

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    • Hoorah!!! Girl Power!!! I do wonder what Francine would have made of all this..
      I see her adding her own ego to the equation just like the men… but.. who knows!


  6. Hi guys!!! Hope you are all well!!!

    Just wanted to tell you all: I’m so grateful you stop by and share with us all your thoughts.. hearing from you all 100%, totally makes my day!!!!

    [i.e. I dig it! ]

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  7. I think you’re right about the taco place, IWSOD. I find myself wondering if the tacos have “filler” 😀 😀 The scene caps where they dive for the floor looks very familiar. What amazes me that Lee’s white jacket looks so clean after his encounter with the ground (why? why? )

    Also loving Amanda’s “take charge” attitude. And Jin too. Very progressive of SMK, I have to say.

    For some reason, “Barbed Wire Love” reminds me of “Radar Love”. Same number of syllables?

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    • whooo thanks for checking the taco place Learjet. Filler? rofl!!! Yeah well this little conversation about storming the warehouse could be filler?!

      Radar love? I’m lost! help?


      • A many time covered song from the 70s. SMK usually bases their “creative names” for countries, episodes etc on something that sounds a bit similar..


      • Check it out…I’m sure you’ve heard it. But I warn you, it’s catchy…it may stick in your head all day. Google this: Golden Earring – Radar Love (1973) HD 0815007 I put the YouTube link in my initial comment, but it embedded the video, which I think is a blog no-no? So I took it out.

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        • found it! Thanks! I didn’t know that song at all!
          you tube links are okay. they are embedded but don’t take up memory storage on the blog.. but then.. it is probably best not to clutter up the blog with vids and instead share them on Neds. a link to the neds post could go here instead.. but heck, either way it’s really not a big deal! 🙂


  8. Petrovich is getting on my nerves. He’s acting a bit like Lee was in the beginning. Nice that Lee stepped up and helped save Petrovich’s and Chang’s lives. He has let go of his initial hesitancy and is enmeshed in the case and being much more professional.

    Love that the women are getting the second look now. Especially love Amanda here. She really has come into her own. Stepping up to the egos and volunteering to go under cover. Love it.

    So Lee is Billy’s superior and Amanda is Lee’s superior. Interesting little hierarchy. Too bad Billy didn’t upgrade her clearance again like he did in TEHI. That whole civilian auxiliary thing is getting so tired. She is way beyond that in what she knows and what she does. In the beginning there was so much that they tried to keep from Amanda and so much that they tried to keep her away from. But now she is purposefully put into the mix of things and she still only has that civilian auxiliary title. I hope that she only said that to somewhat keep a cover.

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    • I love that your first sentence is bam! 🙂
      Sooo true.. he is quick to react and jump to conclusions – I guess maybe his emotions are high at the moment as he doesn’t want to be part of this team and every instinct in him is urging him to attack?

      Petrovich is the known threat, but Chang seems much more subtle. I do wish Chang got more airtime (and close ups)

      So Lee is Billy’s superior and Amanda is Lee’s superior. Interesting little hierarchy.

      Love it! Amanda is in charge now! Oh yeah.. the person in charge is only civilian auxillary!

      That whole civilian auxiliary thing is getting so tired.

      Sooooo with you there Valerie! It works for the plot that she is so unofficial, but it’s getting tedious. Especially when she starts bossing Lee and Petrovich around 🙂 She does act like Colonel Amanda. can you imagine?! tee hee.. [well she was a junior trailblazers leader, close enough. herding 8 year old boys through the forrest and herding competing agents about to start world war III? same skill set! 🙂 ]

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    • That whole civilian auxiliary thing is getting so tired. She is way beyond that in what she knows and what she does.

      Yeah, and even Lee’s expression seem to scream ‘What a crap! You are soooo much more – and you know it!’

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    • I think you’re right that Amanda only keeps to the civilian auxiliary line for cover. She can’t admit to being an agent – just as Jin denies being one – because that’s against the rules, but she obviously can’t pretend to be Lee’s boss either, as Jin infers.

      Lee is definitely not happy that she’s having to downplay her talents though – and if you do place this episode right after Wrong Number as has been discussed, they’ve just come off a case where he happily referred to her as the “Agent of record”. And maybe – just maybe – there’s a tinge of “You got to bring a general and I have to pretend I brought my secretary” male ego bruising.

      Nadine will probably turn out to be Gorbachev in a latex mask at this rate. 😀

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  9. I love Amanda in this scene. Her instinctual reaction that she is the woman for the job reminds me of “Reach for the Sky” when she cornered Lee into letting her help by pointing out he could only have help unofficially and “who’s more unofficial than me?”. And when Lee looks around to see the reactions – he only looks at the women because he knows perfectly well who’s in charge around here. 😀

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  10. “Brilliant deduction, Sherlock!”

    Bwahahahahaha – that is not the way I usually hear that sentence said. That’s got to be up there with Putin describing prostitutes this week as “Women of low social responsibility.”


    • This Sherlock insult is an oldie but a goodie in my world. We grew up saying that.. some (no not me) even used the rude version ‘No S&^$ Sherlock!’

      I got a kick out of hearing Lee use it 🙂

      Oh dear.. Putin really said that?! In English? His English must be awesome to come up with such weasel words. not easy to do in a second language..


      • I only ever heard the rude version of the Sherlock line, which is so on point and rhythmic, it’s like poetry used correctly. (And I suspect that in the absence of the ladies, that probably would have been the version Lee would use.)

        Putin’s comments are how it got translated from the Russian by the official translator, but he was trying to not say that a certain someone had been filmed with such ladies so I’m sure the weasel words were just as hilarious in the original Russian.


        • Who knew using a four-letter word could count as poetry?? hahaha – love it. I’m not a poet, but I have used the rude version of the Sherlock line in the past before I had kids.

          In my defense, I would like to refer all of you to a recently published research article that shows a positive correlation between the use of profanity and honesty 😉


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