21/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So.. Lee and Amanda are interrupted yet again!
Back inside the Q bureau [aka the love nest…]
Lee turns and heads toward the door.

Lee snaps the lock just before Billy tries to open the door.
Love Lee’s frustration and determination here with this lock!
[Lee’s done the entry and escape course: He knows how to use a lock!!! Let’s hope Billy hasn’t done that course so he won’t pick the lock! Winking smile
Given it’s a glass door – Billy would see the movement right there.. wouldn’t he?]
Billy tries to door handle as Francine keeps on walking by.
The lock worked! Winking smile 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[7]
Billy: Lee?!!
[Billy knocks..  Winking smile ]
Billy calling out gets Francine’s attention and she comes back.
Lee: No, not this time.
[wha????!!!! you mean.. this kiss is gonna happen???!!! After all???!!!! Maybe the tie is prophetic after all! ]
(We cut back to Amanda.. watching this turn of events with great interest Winking smile ) 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[115]
Back in the hallway Billy is perplexed. [Oh Billy just go away please! Don’t go calling a team in to storm the Q bureau because Lee and Amanda didn’t answer and something might be wrong!]
Billy gives up, and  turns.. Do you think he has guessed?
He smiles at Francine and goes down the hallway.
[From this smile he gives Francine, I think he might have! or.. maybe he’s a bit embarrassed at not being allowed in and tries to cover it? what do you think? ]
Francine is perplexed.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[5]
Then gives a knowing little smile..
Francine lingers looking at the door. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[160]
She then heads off herself. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[230]
[Gosh.. what to make of that look from Francine?! I mean she wouldn’t be happy if she guessed.. would she?? Maybe the smile is more of a – ‘Lee is up to his old womanising tricks! now he’s actually trying to score with Amanda! ha!!! that won’t last! Then, we’ll get back to normal around here!’ I don’t know.. just playing and exploring- to be honest, I’ve always been so caught up in Lee and Amanda here I never noticed what Billy and Francine were doing! lol! This is another one I’m going to ponder!]

Billy opens the door down the hall, and Billy and Francine leave the hallway.. Hoorah!

Back inside the Q bureau, Lee has arrived back in front of Amanda.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[124]
He seems to again look down to hold her hands in his.
It’s only at this point that we hear the music quietly start.. whooooo…
Oh boy.. this is gonna happen! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[26]
Seriously intense!
Lee moves closer..
We cut to Amanda..
She looks more serious and nervous with this approach!
She seems to catch herself..
Okay we’re gonna do this now!
She reaches out to Lee, 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[182]
slowly her hands rise up over his chest, up to his shoulders. [Grrrrrrrrrrrr]3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[123]
[This seems to have been easier when she was playing the role of chanteuse Winking smile ] but now.. there’s no games, no cover, no acting.. It’s very real, serious, intense!

We cut back to the view of Lee watching Amanda’s hands move over him. Hooo haaaaa.. He’s transfixed by them.
[I’m no writer – I’d love one of you guys who is a great writer to give us a narrative version of this scene! but.. I’m here I may as well give it a go. Iwsod sniffs the smelling salts.
Where was I? Oh yes..] Lee is transfixed by Amanda’s hands, and their journey up and up.. bringing them closer and closer..
Lee looks up to meet her eyes..
What do you see here everyone??
He looks absolutely contented.. Amanda’s hands are exactly where they should be.. where he wants them to be.. and maybe.. where a part of him has always wanted them to be!
he looks so happy to be here with her.. like this!
They silently look at each other another moment.. The silence is very powerful.. and everything is there in their eyes.. [awesomely acted scene BB & KJ!] no dialogue, no rushing…  The audience goes on a ride along with Lee and Amanda – their joy in each other.. wonder.. excitement.. nervousness.. All the mixed feelings of a super precious ‘first kiss’ is here for us to enjoy! 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[119]
We cut to Amanda..
[Naughty iwsod.. in this moment, with the images slowed down I’ve noticed her hands are no longer in the same place! Oh whatev.. if we finally get this flippin kiss I’ll be happy! ]
They smile nervously at each other.
There’s so much nervous, intense silence here that Lee lets  out a chuckle of sorts.3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[176]
– Amanda joins in.. they laugh at each other and this wonderfully awkward moment they are having. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[16]
Amanda kind of shakes her head at how silly they are as she smiles.. and says the first thing she’s said since Lee started this! [well she repeats the only thing she said since entering the Q bureau!] 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[17]
Amanda: Yeah
[It’s like Lee was non-verbally asking permission here with this wait to move in – and she answers verbally]
Lee moves in.. it’s time!
Learjet wrote to me when she formatted this dialogue for us:  Note from Learjet to Iwsod: and you know what happens next…. – hilarious!!!!! 🙂
I want to know exactly what happens next! Smile
The right moment has come.
They hesitate no longer.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[62]
And.. they seem to know how to kiss each other Winking smile tee hee..
They share a brief, tender, gentle kiss.. and Lee pulls back a little to look at her. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[15]
I think Lee’s thinking: Awwwwh yeah! this is as good as I thought it would be! Winking smile[or as I remember it was from when we got married haaaaaa]
It’s only the beginning.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[203]
We cut to Amanda as Lee moves in for another.. 3.22-ALL-THE-WORLDS-A-STAGE.avi_0027[19]
Yipeeeeeeee… Go for it you two!!!! No more holding back!!!
Now they is kissin good and proper! They’re getting some serious good sweet lovin’ – FINALLY!!!!!
and.. the scene ends here!  yep right here!!!!! Or maybe I should say: the scene ends here, the episode ends here, the season ends here!!!!!!!! and the long wait for this kiss ends here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first time I saw this tag, I could not believe it froze in that moment.. but but.. what was their reaction to the kiss? what happened after? what did they say or do?
I felt robbed! I really wanted to see this! and we missed out!!!
Now I’ve had some time to calm down and think about it Laughing out loud I now see it differently!
We did see the reaction to the first gentle kiss they shared – and it seemed unanimous that yep – this is awesome! we should do this some more Winking smile tee hee..
But I had another thought – this is the season finale- and they have to do something to keep us in suspense and give us loads to talk about over the break, and to bring us back after the break to keep watching season four. They could have strung it out and given us one last near miss kiss making us wait till next season for the big moment. But they didn’t- we got the kiss! hooray! So with that in mind, I thought maybe seeing Lee and Amanda interact after this moment, now that line has been crossed – is what is going to be keeping us in suspense and bring us back for season four! I thought.. maybe this is why they cut the ending short right where they did. To bring us back for season 4! I think if this had been the show’s finale – we would have seen the kiss end.. and their reaction.. Maybe they even filmed that.. but once they found out there is another season – they cut that part. Ohh I would love to see it! Smile 

So everyone – isn’t this scene and this kiss fabulous? And pretty uniquely done (just like Lee and Amanda’s relationship!) I mean, they’ve kissed before – but.. this feels like their first. Because it is them  with no acting.. total honesty here and trust between them – because they know each other so well.. I love that Lee puts it the way he did. That there is still much about her he doesn’t know – and he wants to know, and he’s going to have fun trying to finding out. I love the ‘trying’ here!  She’s fascinating to him… I love that Amanda is a mystery to Lee and she amazes him.
Especially because when he first met her – he thought he knew exactly who she was – boring dowdy housewife. And he was determined to keep this view of her.. but right from the first time, she kept on surprising him! [The stamina of the American housewife?!].

Oh and what did you all make of the ‘three years’ revisiting that little moment in Wizard?! Not quite so specific this time.. is this significant? and… how long has it been since wizard – anyone? 

Do feel free to share your thoughts – even if someone has already said it, we haven’t heard what you think so go for it! We can’t get enough of talking about this show Smile 

Okay romantics.. give us your romantic insights! Smile

Oh and what did you make of Billy and Francine?

Before I finish.. A massive thank you to Karyn who transcribed this episode for operation sandstorm- we salute you!!!
And thanks Learjet for helping to format this post – you guys save me lots of time and make it possible for this journey to continue: I really appreciate all the help!! Thanks also to everyone who has shared their comments along the way!! 🙂

So… we started walking through season three on 1st March, 2014 – which means it has taken us almost exactly 3 years to walk through this season!!! My goodness!!! It’s a little sad for season 3 to draw to a close! But also exciting to see things progressing.. mixed feelings I guess!
I figure it won’t take that long to walk through season four-  I’ll still pondering that one.. Smile 

So now season three is finished.. anyone got any blog posts they’d like to publish about season three before we start on season four?
I’ll publish an ep order as soon as I get to it.. to discuss the order of Season three – you can visit
this blog post where the discussion has started!

I’ll give us some additional time to linger here at the end of season 3 – before we move on to new episodes.. and Unfinished Business!! 🙂 I’m going to pause at least a few weeks.. but I’ll let you all know how things go (I need time to write more posts and get ahead or RL is just too busy to keep things going) a pause at the end of a season is probably a good idea.

Well.. It goes without saying that I am busting to hear what you all would like to share about this tag! this episode.. this season! Smile Thanks for joining the walk through season three everyone!!! Smile 

55 responses to “21/21 Season Three, Episode 22: All the World’s a Stage–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Love, love reading everyone’s comments about this episode and the journey to get here! This is so much fun!

    One thing I noticed in this episode is that Lee hardly touches Amanda at all in their working movements like he usually does. Usually she can hardly take a step without his hand going to the small of her back or him taking her elbow or, lately, him holding her hand while they walk from here to there. But in this episode, he leaves a few inches between them everywhere they go. I think it’s a brilliant continuation of the tag of Dead Men Tell No Tales where he starts to go in for the second longer kiss and then walks away, as if he knows that he can’t take much more of the short, interrupted, surreptitious touches and needs the next one to be the real deal. So then in this episode, it’s like he avoids touching her at all until he thinks they can have a real embrace and kiss while they are rehearsing her lines…. and then he about loses it when they are interrupted yet again. He has tried so many times to make their first one light and playful and seem almost like an accident, but now he’s done playing. He realizes he is going to have to make this happen if it’s going to, and he realizes he wants it enough to do whatever it takes to make it happen. But it not being light and playful makes him SOOO nervous! Even at the beginning of this episode’s tag when they are walking to the Q bureau and he looks so nervous, I thought it was very telling that he doesn’t touch her. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him this nervous before, and I love it! 😁😁

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  2. Oh goodness…I just couldn’t resist going going ahead and posting here since I finished watching through season 3 last night (again, started a quest a couple of weeks ago watching through the series in revised order). I mean, how many times have I seen this episode? Or worn out our VCR to rewind this last scene when I was younger? I know it well, as I’m sure we all do. But I don’t know if it was seeing this scene at the end of a hard day, or the fact that going through JWWM and really spending time thinking through details of the show and the development of these wonderful characters takes things to a new level, or watching it on my laptop with headphones (which, btw, kinda makes Lee look like he’s walking towards me all swoony and intense – even hearing the sounds of his steps across the wood floor), or a combination of things…but…

    KA-POW! This scene totally overwhelmed my emotions when I watched it yesterday- like a jolt of electricity that leapt off the screen and hit me, yes, even to tears (ok, I said it, you can make fun, it’s ok 😉). Everyone has already made such lovely observations about the words, gestures, and looks between Lee and Amanda I don’t really have anything else to add. I think what they gave us was fabulous, and a wonderfully beautiful moment to close the season, to wrap up what had been building for three years, and to leave us longing for the next episode.

    I will say I just love, love, love how Lee leads here. And though I think Amanda is feeling a swirl of emotions, I love that we see her almost speechless here, because she recently revealed to Francine in the freezer in FFFT: “I’m sorry, I’m a motor-mouth, I talk when I get scared.” So at least we know one of the swirl of emotions she’s feeling is certainly not fear, IMHO. A lack of oxygen to the brain again, maybe, because it has certainly become difficult to breathe all of a sudden with all that Lee Stetson is saying and looking and doing and all…(I’m also now finding it hard to breathe…salts, please 😂…) But I think it is an important thing to note as we walk into season 4, and will be something to look for (her amount of rambles in correlation to her levels fear) as their relationship continues (do they decline? When they do surface, what are the situations?, etc).

    Also, I sure am really glad Amanda had that desk behind her, bless her, because there’s no way she would have been able to stay standing for long!!!

    Anyway, just want to thank all of you who make this walk into a journey. I saw a question on a post (I cannot remember where) where a husband had asked this individual what it was about Lee & Amanda’s story that kept making her go back and watch this show time and time again. I think about that question a lot, and I still don’t know that I could articulate a sufficient answer. I mean, good grief, I was a little girl when I watched this show originally. And now I’m married, a mother of four, and I still find their story so addicting, interesting, moving, exciting, and more …decades later! I will say that even though their story is extremely compelling on its own, it becomes enhanced even moreso by JWWM. ❤

    Have an awesome day!

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    • What a wonderful post.
      I have often thought about why SMK pulls me back 35 years later and it is hard to articulate. Back in the day, my must see shows were Remington Steele and Scarecrow and Mrs. King and Remington Steele edged out as my favourite (I think mainly because I strongly identified with Laura). And now. SMK, definitely come out on top.
      But why? Partly because of the gentle slow relationship build up from reluctant (on his part) associates, to friends to being in love – it was so incredibly satisfying finally having that first kiss and partly because the show did not fall into the trap of manufactured drama to break up our duo – I cannot think of any other show at the time (and even now it is so rare) that an ex came into the picture and was just a nice normal guy. When Joe came back in the picture I was really annoyed – I thought for sure he was going to turn out to be evil and work in the background to break them up, or at the most benign, Lee would misconstrue something about Joe and Amanda getting back together, and pull back and it would take 6 months to make up the lost ground. But nope, Joe was exactly as he seemed and she made it very clear to Lee in the next episode that she was going forward.
      There are of course so many more points I could bring up, but I will leave that to season 4. Definitely watch season 4 in the revised order and it will be even more satisfying. (for example, I put the Man Who Died Twice after Any Number Can Play and Santa’s Got a New Bag and I will talk about why when we get there)

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      • Cindy, if you are still around here, would you be willing to pop by Ned’s sometime and talk season 4 order with me. I need a refresher course. I will go check out of we have a link, if not, I will make one specifically for season 4 order discussion.
        Y’all come!


      • Love your points..excellent💕💕💕and i agree with you on your switch of episodes in S4. Thats exactly how i rewatched it..infact i placed one flew east as the very last one becoz i wanted THAT closure😊..planning to comment on their journey from S1 to this episode🤣🤣


    • Amandarambler

      Y’all, again. This scene is magnificent. My heart just flutters out of control when I see it. I echo all of the things I said 2 years ago when I made this comment. There is just something electric, magnetic and beautiful in this story.


  3. so nice to be able to comment again (I was off internet for lent).
    I have quite a lot of negatives about this episode but none relating to this scene. I love lee here, I love that’s he is forthright and open and basically says that he wants to date Amanda (in a serious fashion) I love it. It is mature and manly and sweet. I love that he locks the door (about time) in his descisive way. This kind of manning up is pretty unusual in tv land and I like it.

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  4. Just….sigh!!

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  5. All I can say is, “Yay!” They finally made it this far. I’ve been reading every post, iwsod. Not commenting, because I’m far too busy at the moment, but the little bit of distraction every few days is a lifesaver.

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  6. Every single screen shot is so full of expression. I love the determination on Lee’s face as he locks that door, and the surprise on Amanda’s. Oh, Amanda, he is very determined and purposeful right now, almost like he is in the field. And I do think this surprises her, pleasantly, but first she is just plain shocked. And then that look on his face as he approaches her again, such determination and so serious. I think he reaches for her hands first but then he releases them and reaches for her waist. That is a rather possessive and determined move and frees her to respond to his initiation. And boy does she ever. I think her hands moving up his lapels may be something that she has ached to do for a long time now, maybe something that she has had to catch herself from doing over and over again and here, she now releases herself. It almost looks like a conscious decision. And Lee knows it and he loves it. I wonder how long he has been longing for that as well. I love the sheepish smile on his face as he watches her move so possessively towards him. And then they both relax. Its like they have finally allowed themselves to communicate what they have been keeping so thinly veiled and they are so relieved. They can smile at each other and even laugh about it. I love the shake of his head and her laugh and breathy ‘Yeah” as if they are saying to each other and their own selves, “What took us so long?” And that kiss is no performance, its just pure communication, mutual communication… no guess work involved. And that is what I love about the way SMK did this.. So often couples just react and kiss ( or more) and then they talk about it or wonder how deeply they really feel afterward. But not Lee and Amanda. These two have already explored attraction, commitment and love. They have built quite a foundation. Now they get to explore every nook and cranny of what they have forged.

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  7. So….what I like about this scene is how L&A are taking turns, very slowly and excuse my sentimentality here, almost like a ballet. One steps, the other one watches, and then follows. They are taking turns leading and following, if that makes sense. They are entering this new space together and yet they are treading lightly to allow it to develop naturally, neither really knowing exactly where this will take them. And we are on this new exciting adventure with them!!

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  8. Hiya everyone! Love love love all these fantastic comments!
    I’ll try and get back here to fully respond as soon as I can.

    We’ll be lingering here at the end of season 3 for a few weeks… sigh

    I’ve done another Tux voting post that I’ll publish before we start season 4, and I’ve been using any free smk time toward preparing for season 4 – I need to get ahead or RL is going to interfere (dang that real life! 😉 ). Thus, why I’m yet to return to comment as I want to! I’ve started writing Unfinished Business and am looking forward to walking through it with you all when the time is right! 🙂

    In the meantime, I’m loving reading your conversations and insights!

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  9. Melissa Robertson

    While I’m excited that we finally get to see Lee and Amanda kiss because we would have been pretty ticked if we had had to wait over the summer to get their kiss, I have to admit that the little peck at the end of DMLNT makes me swoon more (I just love the way he pulls her into his arms, looks at her with desire, and then after a small peck seems to go for more, but decides that he will wait for a better time). Which is now. Which determined Lee makes happen! Love their silent communication!

    I think Billy figured out what was going on. I think he would have had to hear the lock turn. Which I think he is happy that Lee is hopefully starting to settle down and share his personal life with someone. Francine I think is amused, wondering if they were taking up where she interrupted them. I think her smug look is like, I was right in not buying Amanda’s just rehearsing line.

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    • I agree with you Melissa – the DMLNT is better – more swooning and romantic, and a better build up. However, what I love about this scene is that we can actually see Lee has taken a decision to have a relationship with Amanda and he’s acting on that. It’s not the end of a romantic evening; they haven’t been caught in an exciting situation and a kiss “happens”. He’s choosing her; he’s choosing this moment and he’s choosing this relationship. A long-term romantic relationship is a decision, not a feeling. Often relationship’s start in a flurry of romantic feelings and minds aren’t really engaged in the excitement, but here we see the romantic feelings with the conscious decision from Lee. Wonderful stuff…

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  10. Oh, I also wanted to mention that I thought Amanda seemed momentarily a little surprised and almost frightened by the intensity of Lee’s emotions when he snapped the lock and practically snarled “Not this time.” She rallied quite nicely, however. 😉

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  11. Ouchie. I still have the ice pack on the bump on my noggin from the massive swoon!

    I love Clagjanet’s interpretation of Francine’s reaction, especially that she suspects what is happening but leaves them alone.

    My only complaint is how Amanda puts her hands on Lee’s shoulders the way she does. (Well, at least half the time because as iwsod pointed out they’re somewhere else in the shots from behind Lee. ) First, it looks awkward. Second, to me it seems like body language that is still putting a barrier between them. Does this bother anyone else?


    • First off, This scene went very well with my Gin&Tonic.
      ‘how Amanda puts her hands on Lee’s shoulders the way she does’? I normally do not get into symbolism because I generally end up in another universe, but my take on this? Amanda is putting her hands on Lee’s shoulders, wonderful shoulders I might add, to simply say without words that I am in your arms now so go ahead.
      If Amanda did want a barrier all she had to do was say to Lee in her best ‘Mother Tone’ ‘Now Lee open the door to see what Billy wants…’ that would have made a fine barrier and cooled things off.


      • Hi Gilby! I didn’t mean to imply that Amanda is trying to repel Lee’s advances. She clearly welcomes them. What I see is more subtle, as if she is subconsciously still a little bit guarded. It’s ironic if this is the case since Lee–the former Mr. Lone Wolf–is now obviously, if not nervously, totally committed to pursuing this course of action.

        Now had her hands moved from his shoulders to the back of his neck while they were kissing, well then hoo-ha! 🙂 🙂

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        • I was thinking that she just likes grabbing his lapels (lol…that comment could go just about anywhere). But think back to the moment when Francine interrupted (i.e., my avatar). Her hands were in that same spot.


        • Remember in Over the Limit during that hug after the bomb? Amanda had her hands sort of here, a bit lower and it was as if she was keeping them between herself and Lee in that embrace. But she is always touching his lapels and here she goes further and I do think Lee notices and he likes it, I love the look he gives them. But I do also think that Amanda is still a bit guarded. She is welcoming and receiving, but still guarded.

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          • I remember we were talking about that with Over the Limit. One thing I noticed then was that when Amanda stands that way, Lee can hug her so that she is completely inside the hug, no part of her outside. I think someone else suggested a hugging experiment to see which kind of hug is more comfortable. Wish I could find a secret agent to try! 😉

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            • [warning this is gonna be a comment & run 😉 ]

              Hiya Jestress – just an FYI- your comments seem to still be going into moderation. bad wordpress! We’ll give it a bit longer to see if this glitch resolves itself before I pursue wordpress about it – if you are okay with this.

              Us Mods will keep an eye out for your comments and approve them as soon as we can.
              BJo approved your comment for you last night my time (hiya BJo and thanks so much! 🙂 )


              • It’s kind of weird, although it might be because I use my “name” and not the name of my blog in my comments, and it’s getting confused (although it worked fine before when I did that). I’ve noticed my blog behaving a little weirdly lately, too. I don’t get a lot of comments because it’s just reviews of nostalgic children’s books in my collection, but odd things have been happening when I’m working on posts. I get errors sometimes when they try to save. The other day, it kept putting a picture in random places. Just odd little things that clear up pretty quickly, but it’s annoying. It just started recently.


                • Just approved this one too 😉
                  if you are signed into a wordpress account, you shouldn’t be having these problems. No one else is currently having issues – and I’ve not had any other tech issues with JWWM.
                  It maybe a glitch related to your wordpress account. maybe you could approach wordpress about it. but I’m happy to approve your comments when I see them 🙂

                  sounds frustrating! Glad you are still sharing your thoughts with us 🙂


                  • I’m thinking my comments that I made yesterday have gone into WordPress as well 😦 They were under part 1 of this episode — trying to play catch-up! Of course I guess it doesn’t do much good for me to make this update since I guess it will go into WordPress too! 😦


          • I agree, Morley. Welcoming and receiving, but still guarded. I think she is guarded because of her family. Welcoming and receiving him into her heart and life is one thing, but because of their jobs, welcoming and receiving him into her family is another. Before Amanda drops her guard completely, she has to know more about Lee and her family. I think she thinks Lee is the right man for the job, but until it happens, I think she will remain guarded.

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    • I feel the same, 2Goldens. Amanda’s arms like that still seem like a barrier and it does look awkward.


      • I agree about the hands on shoulders rather than around neck indicating that she’s still a bit guarded. My take on this is that while she believes Lee has changed, she’s still aware of his track record of short, whirlwind romances. There are many times in the first few seasons where she makes it clear to him she’s not interested in joining the long line of his “lady friends.” I think at this point she’s seen enough change in him that she is finally willing to see where this goes with him but will remain a bit guarded until she is fully convinced that he is in it for the long haul.

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  12. Okay: I know I said I was off to swoon but first, I’m going to get on my pro-Francine high horse for a minute. Buckle up. LOL

    Ah Francine: now see, she barely gets a look-in in the original script but gets a nice long grin at the locked door in the final version. Even back in the day, I interpreted this the same way: that she knows perfectly well why that door is locked and her smile is both amusement and “just what I thought!” and significantly, she walks away and leaves them alone. For the past couple of episodes she has maintained the same sarcasm levels she always has, but for most of this season, there’s been no real malice behind any of her comments. In fact, interestingly, her jokes have all been about their relationship and there has been almost no comment from her on Amanda’s work. The last good work zinger was in Reach for the Sky:

    Francine: You’re back?
    Amanda: Just passing through, Francine.
    Francine: So I’ve always thought.

    And even then she doesn’t even pause for breath before going on Listen have you seen Lee?” as if the original comment is just the sort of thing that comes to her as a reflex when she has a good straight line fed to her. She’s always been an equal opportunity insulter (“Lee used to play football … at many of the universities he was thrown out of”) so it’s not like she’s only launching these at Amanda. Maybe I give her the benefit of the doubt because those kind of jokes are exactly the way my very closest friends and I speak to each other 90% of the time, but I honestly just read most of her one-liners in this season as a person who assumes Lee & Amanda figured this out months ago and must know that the entire office is onto them. She finds huge amusement, little sister style, in catching them but never any real surprise.

    Does she think it was inevitable? Yes – it always is with Lee. Does she think it’ll last? No – it never does with Lee. Doe she think it’s anything more than a simple office fling? Nope – again, it’s never anything else with Lee – and she’s the living proof.

    Tl:dr… my feeling with her is that she loves bugging them but she likes them both and isn’t actually trying to be mean.

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    • Part of me thinks that there is a hint of respect for Amanda in that look of hers. I wonder if Francine never really thought Lee would succumb to Amanda the wholesome homemaker, but since it is obvious to her that he has, Francine must give her props for that.

      I agree that Francine isn’t actually trying to be mean either. I think she knows that they would all have each other’s back in the field and the joking and the comments are just meant more like office humor. In S1 I think Francine was trying to be mean, but as Amanda has grown as Lee’s partner, I think Francine has come to give her some respect, albeit begrudgingly.

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  13. For a short 45 seconds or so, this scene packs quite the mighty wallop in so many ways.

    The interesting thing for me is how very different the original script was – and what a vast improvement the actual finished version is, if for no other reason that there’s no onscreen kiss! In the original, it’s Amanda who locks the door and as funny as it reads that she is the aggressor who finally gets fed up and moves them forward, I think it’s actually much more Amanda to let Lee set the pace here. I don’t mean that in a typical male/female role way, I mean that she knows what she wants but also that she is more experienced on the love front than Lee is and that he needs to be lured over to the light side. She knows his backstory and that he’s got a lot more to lose here than she does emotionally so she’s calm, he’s a nervous wreck and when he stalls momentarily, it’s Amanda who grounds him (and maybe herself) and encourages him with that simple light touch to his chest.

    Touch has always been a major part of their DNA together because it is one of the only ways Lee allows honest affection to be given or received – he gets embarrassed by the way Amanda praises him (Filming Raul) and equally embarrassed when he gets caught praising her (SAAB). I think he is far more comfortable with the fake flirty comments from blonde-of-the-week about his looks than he is with Amanda always praising his ethics, his work, and his innate goodness (especially when she is also always willing to call him on his bad manners!) Even as recently as Triumvirate he tried to laugh off any serious insight into what kind of man he is (It’s a dirty job..) and it was a sign of the maturity in their relationship that he didn’t keep up that joke when she called him on it.

    On top of the simple touches, KJ and BB have got that eye speak down to a fine art by this point which is what makes this so incredibly swoony. Lee doesn’t have to say anything to evoke that “yeah” because she knows what he’s asking and that he needs to hear it – verbal consent thirty years before its time. That wonderful silence means that everyone gets to fill in their own mental dialogue here and yet there is absolutely no doubt in any viewer’s mind that these two are head over heels crazy about each other.

    And now, I’m off to gaze at the screen caps again and swoon for a couple of hours.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Funny you should mention Amanda taking the reins. I had a random passing thought of how this scene could have played out at Amanda’s place. We’ve already had Dotty interrupt the kiss (DMLNT) and then Francine earlier, so it was probably Billy’s turn. But I’d see Amanda much more likely to close the door on her mom than Billy. Anyway, I do like what you said about Amanda letting Lee take the lead. She needed him to say it and he delivers nicely (in more ways than one!)

      Liked by 2 people

      • Given Amanda’s deferential attitude towards “Mr. Melrose” all these years, I think I would have gotten a giddy laugh at her locking the door on him! Probably would have been a real mood-breaker though.

        I do love Francine’s knowing little smile. And Billy’s awkward one. This whole little hallway scene nicely temporarily softens the tension of the impending kiss with a touch of humor, teases us viewers one more time with the threat of an interruption, and then steps out of the way for the magic moment to unfold!

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    • Everything you wrote here ClagJanet, is spot-on. You described what’s going on beautifully. I think Lee definitely expressed his caring towards Amanda through touch – stroking her hair in SAAB is an example of an early expression of his caring through touch. All the hands to her back or on her elbow, the way he’d grab her hand when they’d run, or throwing himself on top of her to protect her have been Lee physically speaking what he couldn’t say. It’s been lovely to watch him grow into the man who can’t hold it in anymore.


  14. Lovely way to end Season 3! Billy’s reaction is perfect in that after banging on the door he realises there is something going on in the Q bureau – a Spy Rendezvous, and a romantic one at that. Francine gives that smile like a woman would when it comes to romance(Ok, I am being nice with my comment about Francine).
    With Amanda and Lee, KJ and BB did a wonderful job showing 2 people in love. That the season ended with that kiss was fine by me. I mean There are some kisses in life that last a lifetime……..

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    • Billy’s reaction is perfect in that after banging on the door he realises there is something going on in the Q bureau – a Spy Rendezvous, and a romantic one at that.

      Yup, at least he’s hoping there is something going on in the Q bureau. He seems to be quite content with the situation. 🙂
      Although thinking of this, Billy really should have noticed some movement (shadows) behind the glass door (as we should have seen something, too) and he probably should have heard Lee’s comment about ‘not this time’ either. I guess he decided to ignore it… 😉

      I also notice one other sad thing: There’s still no desk for Amanda!! 😥

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  15. Francine is perplexed.. 
    Then gives a knowing little smile..
    Francine lingers looking at the door.

    😉 Yesss, Francine, it’s ‘opening night’… …and you are NOT part of the audience!!! But we are! He he…. 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    • Ha ha ha ha! – Brilliant!


    • I kind of think Francine’s the sort that likes a bit of office gossip. It’s a kind of less serious intrigue compared to the usual intrigue that they deal in. She might be smiling about the fun she’ll have with this little tidbit of information. She can listen to other co-workers gossip about a possible less-than-professional relationship between Scarecrow and his unusual partner, smiling because she’s more in the know than they are. She can subtly tease Lee about this for weeks, and he can’t say much without looking a little guilty or giving away possibly juicy details. She can try to pry some juicy details out of Amanda and watch her reactions. Francine’s lunchtimes and coffee breaks may have gotten just a little more entertaining! 🙂

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      • Jestress, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Francine isn’t being nasty about this, but this is seriously good stuff; that water fountain is going to be buzzing about this for weeks, and she’s going to be in the know. Heck, I’m going to admit that if this happened in my office, I’d find it extremely exciting. (I’m trying to imagine it ever happening at my office, and failing 🙂 )


        • Francine’s motto for season 4 regarding Lee and Amanda might be:
          ‘And I think……there’s a lot about you (both of you!) that I don’t know…… I’m sure going to enjoy trying to find out.’ 😉

          Liked by 3 people

      • Agree with so much of this! Francine knows she’s going to have fun with this – only slightly less than Lee and Amanda, lol! This is going to be ongoing conversation during our Season 4 walk, I’m sure.


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