17/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

Back from the commercial break, Amanda parks her car and gets out. Stem I.avi_002099566
She rushes somewhere, and around her we see loads of surveillance. Stem I.avi_002113079
Male agent in helmet: Subject’s headed north towards ice-cream parlour.Stem I.avi_002112779
We see Amanda arriving at the ice cream place from earlier.. TP sitting at one of the tables, as we hear the agents finish their exchange. Stem I.avi_002115482
Male agent voice
: We’ll take her from here.
Male agent in helmet: Standing by.

Amanda approaches TP.
Amanda: Hello, sir.
T.P.: Mmm… buongiorno, Mrs. King. Glad you looked me up. You and, uh, Lee are becoming quite the talk of the town… Have you seen him?Stem I.avi_002123490
Amanda: Uh, not since last night, sir, but I talked to him on the phone about half an hour ago and he said something about this was a tutti frutti business we were in, so I figured that that meant he might call you.Stem I.avi_002132399

T.P.: Tutti frutti; very good…  Stem I.avi_002137804
…Oh, before we go on, Mrs. King, I notice you brought quite an entourage with you. The van… possibly the motorcycle… the tourists.
[Hmm this TP is just an expert at everything! how is it he has expert spy skills too?! Oh well, at least – hopefully- he is still on Lee and Amanda’s side!]
Amanda: Oh, shoot! I should have seen them!
Stem I.avi_002145812
They’re using their best men… [people!!!] …Take it as a compliment, of sorts. Chilly feeling, isn’t it? To discover you’re not the hunter, but the quarry.Stem I.avi_002153219 [hmm I don’t see the compliment! keep your compliment! ; ) It’s a sign they are in serious doo doo!! And errr.. does TP have his Tuesday plaid on? or his Thursday plaid? rofl! ]
Amanda: Yes, sir.Stem I.avi_002155321
T.P.: Oh, uh, Lee was right.
Amanda: About what, sir?
T.P.: Alexi Makarov was freed five weeks ago by a secret order of clemency from Gorbachev himself. He’s had nine years to plot his revenge.
Stem I.avi_002164330
[Boo to Gorbachev!]
Amanda: I don’t understand that, sir. Revenge is usually personal, and this Stemwinder thing involves a lot of people.
Stem I.avi_002168034[umm are you allowed to disclose stemwinder stuff to TP?!]
T.P.: He’s Russian; he- he needs poetry. Nothing worth doing is worth doing simply….Stem I.avi_002177510
[lol. And I like that about them! they’re interesting!]
Amanda seems to readily accept this explanation! I’m guessing the audience is supposed to also 🙂 ]

(TP continues to eat his ice cream)Stem I.avi_002178511
TP’s phone rings and TP answers..
TP: …Uh, T. Percival Aquinas… Oh, yes, Lee.
Amanda: Oh, s-

(Amanda reaches out for the phone, but TP is in no hurry)Stem-I.avi_002186219_thumb
It is his phone though.. so Amanda backs off!
T.P.: Oh, uh, er, the boy is a regular telepath—right on cue.
Amanda: Yes, sir.
T.P.: Oh, I- I got positive word on our friend from some Black Sea beluga fishermen.
[man! TP is good! I bet he got his source to pick up some caviar for him too!]Stem-I.avi_002193827_thumb
Lee: Yeah, thanks, T.P. Save me the sordid details, will ya?Stem-I.avi_002197630_thumb
…Let me talk to Amanda. [lol Lee has no qualms about being pushy Smile and he seems to put talking to Amanda first before the case here 🙂  I thought this was his first confirmation Alexi was behind it for sure – did he remember anything that had happened to him? it seems unclear.]
T.P.: You. (TP hands over the phone)
Amanda: Thank you, sir…Lee—we have to stop playing this telephone tag; it isn’t getting us anywhere.
Lee: Save it, Amanda—I’ve got about 20 seconds before they lock on to this line and track it. You’ve got to go home.Stem-I.avi_002204237_thumb
Amanda: Go home? What are you gonna do?Stem-I.avi_002209542_thumb
Lee: I’m trying to find Sonja. The Agency’s crawling all over her apartment. She won’t go back there, anyway.Stem-I.avi_002215749_thumb
Amanda: Let me help you.Stem-I.avi_002216950_thumb
Lee: No. All you can do now is lead them to me….
[I think Amanda knows this is true! But wishes it wasn’t!]
…Now that we know it is Alexi, you are in danger. You’ve got to go home. Take the long way…
[That’s one way she can help!]
…Use up their manpower, but don’t lose them….They’re your security blanket. You got it?
…I need time to play one more card…
…Be careful…
…I love you.
Lee seems to be pleased to have said this.

LOL Amanda is speechless! Well almost… Stem-I.avi_002234267_thumb
Amanda: What?
He hangs up on Amanda.
The scene ends there.

Wow wow wow! What a moment huh! and.. I love that they inserted a little humour with Amanda’s reaction!

What do you all think of this first verbal declaration of love between them? Do tell!
I never saw this moment without the knowledge that this was where Lee says – I Love You- Did you see it coming?
What was it like seeing this and not knowing this was when he would say it??!!! How did you react?!! Same way as Amanda?! and.. wishing you could rewind and check you heard that right?!  
I bet all you romantics can do way better at exploring this than I can.. I look forward to exploring this more with you all in comments!

49 responses to “17/21 Season Four, Episode One: Stemwinder I

  1. Continuing a reply to Peacockdancer from post 15/21
    I wonder if Amanda now ‘knowing’ that Lee loves her might have made a difference in what she admitted to Billy? What if he told her sooner? Maybe even sometime between ATWAS and UB? I think if he had told her at the end of UB that would have been perfect, and the timing and circumstances may have been even better!

    I think she believed that Lee loved her, but she needed to hear it. Unfortunately, right at this point in the story, she may be under the impression that there isn’t much she could say to Billy.


    • Sara, it’s so interesting to read your take on this! I asked the question as to why Amanda wouldn’t tell the Agency about the relationship under these circumstances and now I realize I never answered it myself.

      I think you are absolutely right that at this point in time, Amanda feels vulnerable and protective of this little private world that she and Lee have built. I also agree that she must be terrified, not to mention exhausted – unlike Billy and Francine, she hasn’t even been allowed to change clothes and probably did not get a wink of sleep. I think she is probably not thinking entirely clearly at this point, and she is following her gut instincts, though in this case I am not sure those instincts are working entirely in her own and Lee’s best interests. But everything is also moving quite fast. Maybe if she had more time to talk with Billy, away from the polygraph lady, with or without Francine present, she would have opened up more.

      On the other hand, I have a different view than you as to the status of Lee’s and Amanda’s relationship. Judging from what we saw at the beginning of the episode – the way they were so happy and comfortable together, the way Amanda was totally unfazed by Lee being approached by a “trolling” Sonja – my feeling is that they are very secure in their relationship, maybe in kind of a “honeymoon” phase.

      One of the really interesting things about the show at this point is that there are many things we all have to guess at regarding the status of the relationship. One of them is, how long have they been dating romantically? I tend to think that the show runs more or less in “real time,” so it has been about four months — since ATWAS. Maybe Amanda was afraid to tell them how long she and Lee have been keeping this “secret” — maybe she was worried that Billy and Francine would be shocked, and it would somehow make things worse instead of better.

      I am also firmly in the camp that believes Lee and Amanda have been sleeping together since ATWAS, but I suspect I am in the minority on that. Whether they are or not, I think that even though they have not shared the words “I love you,” they are both comfortable in knowing that the other feels that way. They tend to communicate these things with their eyes, with hugs, with physical touches (including with sex, if I am right!). They are taking their sweet time with things, and they don’t want the rest of the world barging in on them now.

      I love reading other people’s comments below on this “I love you” scene. I think Lee is romantic and wanted to save those words for a very special time, but now they are in grave danger, he will not take the chance of never getting the opportunity to say them to her.

      I am so, so grateful that when I watched this series the whole way through for the first time in the early 90s, I was not spoiled in any way as to what would happen. This “I love you” was definitely a squeal-worthy, jump up and down moment for me! I did NOT see it coming, and it was amazing.

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  2. Just skipping around here while I cook dinner… might burn it now. But…
    It occurred to me just now that the only reason he made sure they had that second call was to make sure that Amanda was safe (“they’re your security blanket”) and to tell her he loved her!!! He wants to be “normal”, the business is tootie fruittie (I know it was code to her to find TP so he could contact her more safely… but still. That was the word choice for the script) and he loves her!
    Lee Stetson is a changin” Yahoo!!!

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    • Oh, and I think it takes Amanda by surprise. I think she wasn’t expecting the I love you. I think she had accepted Lee for who he was and was going to be ok with what he could give her. But this? I have to cook dinner, then I can dive in a bit more!


  3. Aaaaaand begin the part where my parents’ VCR rewind gears got worn out!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Poor Amanda arriving at the ice cream parlor…I mean, I might even notice that much of a tail (ok, probably not)! I think she must feel so off balance and out of her element to have missed that many agents following her. Bless her heart. She had one thing only on her mind, and that was Lee. ❤

    I could listen to him say that first, “I love you” a million times. They have to rush so much information on this phone call…and I just love that he knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that he has to tell her right now. Swoon, swoon, swoon….Her mind is going a million miles an hour right now…can you imagine hearing him say that in that moment!?! Haha! I’d say a big “what?” too!!!!! It was probably therefore easy for her to take the long way home – I’m surprised she didn’t drive all the way to Florida by accident just trying to process all the swirling thoughts in her mind! But I think, yes, he tells her urgently because no matter what lies ahead for them, whether his one last card pans out or not, it could be awhile before they could be in a situation where he could tell her again (if they even makes it through). And whatever she will be facing, I think he wants her to know that this is how he feels and that maybe that will be what could encourage her to keep going through getting this whole mess resolved.

    Bizarre thought, but I also think his quick hangup reflects his selfless love in that he doesn’t wait to hear her say anything back. I think he at this point needed to make sure she heard the words from him. Though I think he knows she feels the same, and he I’m sure longs to hear it, it didn’t matter to him as much at that moment for him to hear it from her. He wanted to take care of her, emotionally, as his top priority.

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  4. Love this scene! ❤️😊 I love her reaction— what!?
    That’s exactly what I said when I saw this the first time— then of course jumped up and down with joy :).

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  5. I distinctly remember this scene the first time I watched it. I think I said “what?” right about the same time Amanda did! I was caught just as off guard as she was! I also know I was not happy that the scene ended – so SMK.

    While I loved him telling her, what SMK fan didn’t want him to say that to her? I remember feeling that it was too soon in the series. It felt like TPTB fast forwarded from ATWAS through the summer to this. I felt like something was missing. I think I felt like that because of the whole episode – the dinners at Emilio’s – I wished that we had seen more of what happened between the last ep of S3 and this one. That being said, I wasn’t disappointed that he said it or how he said it – I think it fits perfectly (as xiolaperry said) with these two.

    I do think Lee thought it was a real possibility that this phone call could be his last time talking to Amanda alive or at least as a free man. He wanted her to know how he felt. I think this was his way of summing up all the she’s done for/been to him ever since he met her. This isn’t just a here and now thing, this is a build-up of the last three years.

    I don’t think he hung up for fear of her rejection, I think he hung up for fear of being traced. I think he knows he loves her even if she never loves him the same way back. I think his declaration of love is complete and thorough – he loves every part of her and who she is and he wants her to know that. He’s gone from thanks and appreciation to admiration and respect and finally love. I’m hearing all that in how he tells her. He doesn’t need a reply. I think he loves her even if she couldn’t love him back because of his past or his job or her kids or whatever.

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  6. I love all the comments about Lee’s declaration of love and his possible motivation behind it. I remember the first time I watched this and how I wasn’t expecting it to happen. We’d already been through those near miss kisses and here we are at the beginning of this season. They’ve been apart now for several hours under stress and duress. They were able to reconnect as partners with the first phone conversation in Billy’s office. Now they are able to reconnect in a personal way.

    I believe I did like Amanda and said “what” when I heard it. Then I screamed at the TV because he actually said it. Based on all of what has been going on, I think it was a perfect declaration at the perfect time. Lee knows what he did to Alexi and what it cost Alexi. From his conversation with Amanda he knows what the Agency has been doing and what could happen to him. I think his comment and excitement about being called regulars plays into this a little because it’s becoming more clear to him what he wants for his future. That future is now being threatened by what Alexi has caused to transpire and what he wants may be in jeopardy. But he wants Amanda to know how he feels before everything changes.

    We haven’t heard Lee talk much about TP and his connection to him, but it’s great that he can trust TP. TP seems to know what’s going on, but is on Lee’s side. I’m thinking Leatherneck would have been on Lee’s side as well.

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  7. I’ve just realized that with all my concentration on the “I love you”, the element I missed before now is that despite, as Iwsod points out, they haven’t seen each other since that promise the night before, it has obviously never occurred to Lee that Amanda is doubting him in any way. He calls Billy but wants to talk to her. He sends her to see TP so he can fill her in more in a safe place. He tells her to go home and keep the tails busy for her own safety. Not once does he ever say “You don’t think I did this, do you?” because he must know that she wouldn’t believe it.

    When he called Billy, his first instinct was to ask if she was there because don’t forget, he doesn’t know if Sonya and Alexi did anything to her too. His relief is then tempered by her rapidfire summary of how they are both in trouble and the immediate realization that he can’t come in so he sends her to TP where he knows the conversation won’t be on the record at least up to a point. During that long wait until he figures she’s made it there, he must have been coming up with that “one last card to play” as he says and how to keep her safe while doing it but also getting that dawning realization that this could all go very badly, very quickly. But he’s sending her home and those phones will be bugged too – so this may be his only moment to get those words out. Why doesn’t he wait for an answer? Because she has always demonstrated that she loves him even if she hasn’t said it either – for better or worse, she’s shown him that for three years and he already knows.

    But if this is going to be their last private moment, by golly, he’s going to make it good!

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    • “When he called Billy, his first instinct was to ask if she was there because don’t forget, he doesn’t know if Sonya and Alexi did anything to her too.”

      sara touched on this yesterday in the blog post 12/21 comments: “Hmm… Lee also doesn’t know that she’s out of harm’s way. Maybe he’s thinking the same person who zapped him and tossed him in the dumpster also got to Amanda.”

      clagjanet, I absolutely love how you are so in tune with Lee’s mindset and skill set, that you can flesh this all out and explain it succinctly.

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    • Gold Clagjanet! This comment is gold! 🙂

      One aspect of walking together is that one of us sometimes notices – what is not there! And.. this can sometimes tell us volumes!!
      Without going slow or going step by step I think naturally these things get overlooked or taken for granted, not taken for granted in a negative way – but… I think we all take in this information and incorporate it into the story, but we are not aware of it. We know Lee and Amanda trust each other but we may not be aware of all the things we’ve noticed that tell us this.. and here is another – the characters are so great, and their relationship so special- I want to be aware as I can be of all the goodness going on as we walk with the characters on their journey (and the audience has their own too)..

      Evidently, I’m thrilled you came back to this and that shared this with us all Clagjanet! Lee’s actions make perfect wonderful sense here!
      All this goodness certainly ups the tension for me.. I really want to see them together again!

      Are we ready for the next post? I’ll get onto it.. I’m especially busy at the moment, have no fear the posts will keep coming I just may be a little delayed in publishing them from time to time.

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    • Janet I never thought of that either but to see you say it now is so touching. These two are so close! I just love this show!


  8. I dont remember how I felt when this originally aired because it was so long ago. But now that I have watched the dvd’s (over and over and over), I have come to think like a lot of you that he wanted it said in case something happened to him. He knew he was in deep doo doo and maybe even a little disappointed at himself for not telling her before they got into a situation that might separate them for a long time, and now he is desperate for her to know his feelings. I have always been a little disappointed that he didn’t stay on the phone long enough to hear her response, but then again, we would have been deprived of the opportunity to draw our own conclusions about how she was feeling at that particular moment. I think she may have thought at first, “What”? “Did I really hear what I think I heard?” But in the next thought, she knew she had to get back to business for Lee’s safety and couldn’t linger on those thoughts, even though she has been waiting a long time to hear them from Lee.
    I’m ready for the next scenes, I love hearing what others think and mostly it is something I would never have thought of.

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    I’m wondering if this is a localised issue or a wordpress issue.. and I don’t have time to fix it right now anyway.
    Sooo FYI there may be delays in moderation because I’m not receiving the emails.. bye!


  10. I can’t comment as much as I’d like until we’re about three more posts along. 😉 but I’m going with the crowd that says he’s getting it out while he still can, just in case. But I also think Lee is a big old romantic and probably had a whole scenario planned for how he was going to say this, if Sonja and Stemwinder hadn’t gotten in the way. 😦

    I like the throwback here to Saved By The Bells and Amanda’s outraged “No I wasn’t followed! I was very careful!” to this moment when Lee knows perfectly well she must have a pack of agents on her tail and telling her they’re her security blanket.

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    • “… I also think Lee is a big old romantic and probably had a whole scenario planned for how he was going to say this, …”

      I totally agree!

      “… I like the throwback here to Saved By The Bells and Amanda’s outraged “No I wasn’t followed! I was very careful!” … when Lee knows perfectly well she must have a pack of agents on her tail …”

      Another hilarious version was in “Sudden Death” where she’s at the pay phone telling Lee she hasn’t been followed as Bela is being whisked away by the men in plaid. LMAO every time! I simply adore how S&MK tickles our funny bone in the midst of romance, danger and intrigue! That’s one of the reasons this series is timeless — that and the phenomenal chemistry between KJ & BB.

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  11. I can remember very well my reaction to Lee’s declaration of love. Unfortunately the episode did not run on German television. That is why I saw it not so long ago. My reaction was like Amandas: What? 😮 And then I looked at this scene 500 times. Roughly estimated! 😊
    It did not bother me that he said the first “I love you” over the phone. But I’m not the romantic type either. When it has to get out, it must get out. The moment will be the right one.

    And you’re right, the Breakdance Gang has also reminded me of the West Side Story. 😄😅 But can also be because I have just seen the musical of it. Was really great! 👍

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    • Wow a very recent experience Sandra! Thanks for sharing!
      gah so sad this episode didn’t air on German tv!

      It did not bother me that he said the first “I love you” over the phone. But I’m not the romantic type either. When it has to get out, it must get out. The moment will be the right one.

      Yeah I don’t mind it either – I think it has a certain romance to it just the way it is!

      And you’re right, the Breakdance Gang has also reminded me of the West Side Story. 😄😅 But can also be because I have just seen the musical of it. Was really great! 👍

      haaaaa thanks Sandra!

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  12. BEST DECLARATION OF LOVE AND RESPONSE EVER!!! (In my humble opinion). I remember shrieking when this first aired. And my daughters (one of whom is very anti-romantic at the moment) shrieked when I made them watch the scene. Absolutely perfect. We make each other laugh by randomly saying “whut?” in Amanda’s tone.

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    • hiya all!
      Hi Cindy,

      Hey can you expand on why for you this is the best declaration of love and response ever?
      What do you like about it? [other than your family having fabulous jokes as a result 🙂 ]

      Looks like we have some different opinions on this moment – so I’d love to understand better why you love it, if you would like to share 🙂


      • Hmmmm, I am not sure how to put this in words. I think because it was very unexpected but felt right and Amanda’s response was hilarious and perfect and totally something I could see myself saying in a similar situation.

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        • Ohhh now I’m understanding! When you wrote you were not sure how people could think that – I wasn’t sure which thought you were referring to.. maybe it was that fans find the phone declaration fine. So I was curious to hear how you saw things. but… now based on your response, I’m thinking you were referring to how some fans were mad at Lee for trying to get out of rejection or something. Sorry I didn’t understand that clearly!
          And I agree – unexpected but right is how I see it too!

          Anyone not happy with Lee about this declaration? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts on it!
          Hope you are all well!


    • I’m with you Cindy -I adored this declaration of love and Amanda’s response! Sincerity and humor midst a crisis is a perfect mix. I think I wore out my vhs tape playing this part over and over when I first saw it because I loved it so!

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  13. I think that he’s thinking that he (or maybe even they) might not make it out of this one, so he wanted her to know, perhaps? The way he says it, it sounds … forced .. not fake forced, but forced like … he was scared. Because in a relationship a declaration of love is a big deal, and there’s no taking it back once you’ve said it.

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    • I agree, Norma, he knew they “might not make it out of this one” since one or both could be killed or imprisoned. Lee might even decide he has to flee far away and assume all blame for the safety of Amanda’s family. (Oh, how I loathe and detest Alexi & Sonja!) Because of those very real possibilities, Lee was desperate for Amanda to know, without any doubt, exactly who she is to him. With the possible exception of his long ago relationship with Dorothy, Lee has never uttered those three words … words that change everything! You’re right, “there’s no taking it back once you’ve said it.” Yay! Whatever happens now, the die is cast!

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      • LOL Amanda’s and my reactions were identical, I think we both said “what?!” at the exact same time! If we had had TIVO or DVR back then, I would’ve rewound that moment over and over again because at the time, I just couldnt believe that he’d actually said it!

        I also am reminded of the almost-kiss UN, I wonder what would have happened, how he would have handled it if they hadnt been interrupted and they really did kiss? Like a declaration of love, a kiss is something you cant really crawfish out of, either haha.

        I know there are some fans of the show that think this was quite … well for lack of a better way to say this, quite a dick move on Lee’s part, because in doing it this way, he also gets out of hearing Amanda possibly reject him, but I dont think he meant it that way, I think in his mind, he really was thinking that one or both of them (more likely him) might die, and he wanted her to know how he really felt before anything else happened. I also think he truly regrets not saying it sooner, you (or at least I ) can see it in his face when he’s talking to her.

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        • Oh My Heck – how could anyone think that? (LOL, OK, obvious I have really strong opinions about this.) It needed to be said. He might not have the chance again and that would be the one thing he really regretted. Now if he takes it back later (it was the heat of the moment, thought we were going to die, blah, blah, blah – I will be the first in line to shake some sense into that boy)

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        • “Like a declaration of love, a kiss is something you cant really crawfish out of, either haha.”

          The rest is fine, but I have to differ with just this one sentence of yours, Norma. A kiss, without the accompanying words, is not necessarily a declaration. A person sets themself up for disappointment by assuming a kiss is a declaration. In fact, with Lee’s track record, it would be foolhardy to assume that when Lee kisses a woman it means he loves her.


          • Well, a kiss isn’t necessarily a declaration of love, but it IS declaring something, and once it has happened, it can’t unhappen.


      • I’m thinking it’s possible Lee said the words to Eva. (shudder!) being young and swept up in things.. he was apparently pretty under her spell and about to propose marriage or something wasn’t he?

        I’d guess his character then learned not to say it again..

        Till this moment when it is right and he knows it’s true –
        He doesn’t wait for Amanda’s reply..
        What do we make of this?

        The line was about to be traced? so he hung up?

        I think he didn’t need to hear it, he wasn’t thinking of himself, he was thinking he wanted Amanda to know.. because what ever her reply he loved her. [though deep down I think Lee knows Amanda loves him]

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        • “I’m thinking it’s possible Lee said the words to Eva. (shudder!) being young and swept up in things.. he was apparently pretty under her spell and about to propose marriage or something wasn’t he?”

          Oh, iwsod, I agree: what a ghastly thought! We’ll never know for sure, but my mind swiftly implodes at the thought of Lee telling Eva he loves her. Yes, your memory is spot on. Lee was so under her evil spell, he told her he was undercover! A huge no no! He did plan to ask her to marry him, but thank God, Eva would never say yes when her KGB orders were to stick like glue to Angelo. Poor Angelo, Eva sure didn’t work out well for him!


          • Hi Nancy,
            Yeah it wasn’t fun to type 😉 lol. Yeah.. true that’s a big no no!

            I take comfort in the idea that while Lee may have uttered those words to Eva – When Lee says them here the relationship, the woman, and Lee himself are now different – Lee has moved on from boyish fantasies and falling hard for someone he doesn’t really know and just being swept up in emotions. Maybe I could term that an innocent/naive kind of infatuation? or lol maybe we already had this conversation at some point along the walk.. lol!
            Anyway, Lee feels the emotions now too don’t get me wrong, but Lee’s love for Amanda has grown out of discovering who she is and experiencing things which time and again demonstrated her true character and her commitment to him.
            while it would be great if no one had to learn the hard way and lose that innocence – I think it helps Lee’s character to better appreciate Amanda and how very blessed he is to know her and to have had her in his life.
            This all helps me feel better about his Evil Eva phase!
            Yes! Poor Angelo!

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    • I agree about it being forced. He’s saying it, not because the time is right, but because he doesn’t want it to go unsaid.

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      • IKR??? I can see him hating this, kicking himself for waiting when he had so many other golden, perfect opportunities to tell her how he felt.


        • I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying Lee would hate it. but I see what you are saying.

          I think Lee is glad he said it. Relieved…
          he wishes it didn’t have to be this way.. but he is glad he had this opportunity and took it.. even if it is bittersweet..


      • I’ll go with… the timing of the declaration was forced, but the timing was right – because he needed to say it so Amanda knew.

        A slight variation 😉 just slight!

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        • I agree. His timetable for the ‘I love you’ was moved up, but it was still perfect in its own way. He had time while he was waiting for Amanda to get to TP to put thought into exactly what he wanted to say on the phone, and knew every second counted. Saying it last when he was out of time was the only way he could do it, because he knew Amanda wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on anything else after that declaration (I know I wouldn’t have been able to!)

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    • Because in a relationship a declaration of love is a big deal, and there’s no taking it back once you’ve said it.

      Whoooo Mr Sheffield learned that the hard way 😉

      I see it the same way you do Norma – I like how you clarified that it is not fake forced – it’s genuine, but the situation has forced Lee to take the leap.

      Once it was out, he seemed to me to be glad he had said it, though probably regretful that this special moment had needed to (Lee thinks it needed to) be said this way… but.. this is a very dangerous time, it is next to impossible for Lee to approach Amanda other than through Mr Tutti-Fruiti (or is that Tutti- Phruiti? aka TP?!).
      I think Lee decides it’s too important and it has to be said now because they may not get another opportunity.

      We got the situation didn’t force Lee step at the end of ATWAS so I really don’t mind if the dangerous spy life has finally caught up with them and facilitated his declaration.
      But.. if you don’t like it – that’s cool.. feel free to share why.. and if you absolutely think it is perfect the way it is – that’s cool – do please share with us why you love it just the way it is!

      I do think the moment is genius smk – quirky, tender, and funny all while things are extremely intense and the pressure is building on them.
      At this point, I am really really looking forward to the next time they talk/see each other [being smk I am assuming they will and neither will die haaaa]
      – how will Amanda respond to it?
      Will Lee try and explain it? Ignore it? or double down on it??!!

      There has already to me been a sense of suspense about seeing them together again, because Amanda has not seen Lee since that conversation in the car where he made her the promise to be out by midnight.. now, I really really am suspenseful about it and it all seems to be building to something… really big! [ahem]

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  14. I think I knew that this was coming before I saw it. I love it. I think Lee didn’t know what was coming and he wanted to say it before he got killed or had to disappear. So he said it. I find that incredibly romantic. (But then I’m not a traditionally romantic person). To me it fitted their relationship so well – their personal relationship is intrinsically linked to their working relationship. A top SMK moment for me 🙂

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    • I find it incredibly romantic too 🙂

      To me it fitted their relationship so well – their personal relationship is intrinsically linked to their working relationship. A top SMK moment for me 🙂

      Yeah I agree! To me it fits. Top smk moment? Hear hear Learjet!

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  15. When I first saw this episode, I found his declaration a little surprising. Almost disappointing. Why slip it in here while the phone was potentially being traced? Why so abrupt, when their love has taken time and endured a lot to arrive at this point? It’s almost like that quick kiss back at Emelios. But now, I think he’s telling her because he hopes that this carries her through. Gets her back home safely because she wouldn’t do anything too risky (or so he hopes.) Maybe he wishes he said this in DMLNT (i.e., his “Stay put” and she follows Sallee anyway). I also wondered if he was worried about being captured and thought it was better that she know.

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    • But now, I think he’s telling her because he hopes that this carries her through.

      Love this Sara! Yes!!!! I think this is the key motivation.. he tells her because he needs to for Amanda’s sake.

      I also wondered if he was worried about being captured and thought it was better that she know.

      Yeah now he has confirmation Alexi is alive, out of prison and out to get him – Lee knows this is all very dangerous!


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