8/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Hi all, sorry for the slight delay, life is too dang busy! I need more smk time – I miss it!
So… where were we.. If I’ve remembered/understood correctly, Billy has reached out to Lee to offer a meet.
And Lee has decided to accept the offer (with Amanda watching his tail Winking smile )…
Back to IFF and Billy is seen exiting the bullpen and heading for the elevator.
He’s intercepted by Dr Smyth.
Dr. Smyth: Billy Melrose—just the man I wanted to see. What word?
Billy: Nothing yet.Stem-II.avi_001154754_thumb
[Hmm. Billy is not pleased to run into Dr Smyth – which suggests Billy is not on board with Dr Smyth’s agenda..
Dr Smyth (IMHO) seems to pick up on this, and I think he rather enjoys it.]
(Dr Smyth gives Billy a head toss telling him to walk with him [aka follow him. I don’t want Dr Smyth saying just walk with me! 😉 ] down the hallway to hear what he has to say.)
Dr. Smyth: I’m surprised, Billy….
(We can just make out Billy giving a bit of a face as he follows Dr Smyth- ha!)
…A man with your experience, and all the resources of Washington at your fingertips.Stem-II.avi_001164964_thumb
(Dr Smyth turns back on Billy..)
Billy: Meaning?
Dr. Smyth: Meaning I strongly advise you against pulling your punches. You wouldn’t wanna get blindsided. [Is that pulling punches with scarecrow? or with Dr Smyth?!]
Billy: I know what I’m doing. As long as I’m running this D-1, I’ll call the shots. [rofl-literally!]Stem-II.avi_001174074_thumb
(Billy doesn’t wait for a response, he makes his point and starts back to the elevator)Stem-II.avi_001175275_thumb
[Whoooo nice one Billy! Gusty move! but.. uh oh.. Dr Smyth is enjoying this! That’s not right! what’s going on here??!!! Eerr this is a rhetorical question if this can’t be answered based on what we know so far Smile ]
Dr. Smyth: Of course you will, Billy.
(Dr Smyth delivers this last jab and then speeds off down the hallway)
[uh oh. that was too easy! Winking smile
I think Billy is  little surprised / suspicious too]
(Billy presses the elevator button)
The scene ends here.

Moving on to the next scene, and we find a warehouse. Stem-II.avi_001182982_thumb
We are treated to a zoom in on a window..
Lee’s new apartment perhaps?! tee hee..
(Inside, Billy is wandering around on his own. looking serious.

Billy pauses and listens – Sweet Rita! I guess this is the meet for the final appeal.)
(We see Amanda is secretly tucked away behind some boxes, unseen by Billy but watching him) [and Lee’s tail Winking smile ]Stem-II.avi_001196996_thumb
(Billy looks up the stairs and Amanda quickly moves away) [lol so quickly she makes the box shake haaaaa.. me thinks Billy saw..]
(Billy wanders around a little more until he hears Lee call out..)
Lee: Take a couple of more steps, then stop.
(Ah. There in the distance is Lee.)
Billy: I’m glad you came, Lee.
Lee: If anyone else had asked, I wouldn’t be here. What do you have?
Billy: Too much. The frequencies the Russians jammed Stemwinder with—they were stolen from Dart’s safe. Your prints were all over the place.Stem-II.avi_001225825_thumb
Lee: Yeah, Alexi probably lifted it off something I touched in Sonja’s apartment then imprinted them on latex gloves. It’s an old trick, Billy. You know that.Stem-II.avi_001233066_thumb
[Yep, and Lee would have to be way too dumb (even for a scarecrow Winking smile ) to have left his prints all over the place! Maybe we could argue Lee is giving IFF far too much credit – they should know this, but they don’t!]

Billy: Think of it from our end.Stem-II.avi_001233366_thumb
[Yeah Lee! Don’t forget, IFF is full of idiots, and without you and Amanda Washington DC would have been gassed or blown up years ago!]
Lee: I’ve been tried and convicted by Dr. Smyth. Where do you stand, Billy?Stem-II.avi_001236269_thumb
[Hey what is Dr Smyth a doctor in anyway? I’m guessing he got his doctorate from the wizard of oz!]
Billy: I’m running the D-1. If you’re telling the truth, I’ll go with you all the way, Scarecrow. If you’re lying, I’ll shoot you myself.Stem-II.avi_001246680_thumb
[Fair enough!]
Amanda (off camera yells):
…Cars—front and back!Stem-II.avi_001251084_thumb
(Lee has his gun ready.. whoo I wasn’t sure if he had a gun back there or not. Stem-II.avi_001253386_thumb
Billy is immediately trying to clarify his loyalty here..)
Billy: I don’t know a thing about this, Scarecrow! I swear to you, I don’t!
(LOL he looks a bit stunned. I believe he’s the real deal and didn’t know Smile
Lee isn’t so sure.. he points the gun at confused Billy shaking his head..
Billy continues to look confused!)Stem-II.avi_001258892_thumb
[Lee is looking like he doesn’t want to shoot Billy, but he could.. Ugh. What tension here!!! That Lee could shoot Billy thinking he had betrayed him would be awful!]
Amanda (whispering from up high): It’s Dr. Smyth.Stem-II.avi_001261294_thumb
(Lee moves on, leaving Billy without shooting.) Cue the high tech action music! [lol – this is like in The Pharaoh’s engineer.. must be KJ’s music preference]

Everyone hide before Dr Smyth finds you!!! Very interesting moment between Lee and Billy here!!! Thoughts everyone?

We’re going to pause here.. and pick right up where we left off soon! Share your thoughts if you like- always very very welcome!!!

14 responses to “8/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

  1. We are treated to a zoom in on a window..
    Lee’s new apartment perhaps?! tee hee..

    Iwsod, you are so hilarious! 😂😂😂

    My heart breaks for Lee and Billy here. I love Billy. And I know he has to be so sad that Lee is left still unconvinced of where his loyalties lie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The what ifs in this ep of how things could have gone break my heart. What if Amanda hadn’t gone with Lee? What if the D1 manhunt shooting had happened? What if Lee had fired his gun in this scene…UGH I don’t even want to think about it.


  2. Love KJ in this scene…the way she delivers her “It’s Dr. Smyth” line is pitch perfect Amanda.

    I think Dr. Smyth does not trust Billy completely. Billy so much as told him he trusted Lee as a friend. That plus the fact that Billy’s not found Lee/Amanda yet must make him think Billy isn’t being completely honest with him or may not be giving the D-1 his all. Now that we know Dr. Smyth showed up at this meet, it’s obvious he didn’t trust Billy so he started keeping an eye on Billy just to make sure. I wonder how much doo doo Billy will be in now with Dr. Smyth. I don’t recall the next bits, so I’m not sure – I do hope we get to see a showdown between them.

    I also love Billy telling Lee he’ll back him 100% if Lee is innocent, but that he’ll shoot him himself if he’s guilty. If I were Billy I’d do the same. I can’t imagine how betrayed Billy would feel if Lee were guilty.

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  3. Dr. Smyth is truly hovering so there must be some pressure from higher up than him. I mean how much time has he actually given Billy to get some information here before he’s back down in his face? I find it interesting that he comes down to the bullpen instead of making Billy come to his office. That takes more effort. His blindsided comment was a bit of foreshadowing as to what he was truly up to.

    I get that Billy doesn’t have the luxury of just blindly believing because of his position as a section chief, but he’s known Lee for 10 years. I’m not really comfortable with the whole “if” statement regarding Lee being truthful. Although I do like the fact that he has not pulled a gun, even when Lee had his gun trained on Billy.

    Lee knows exactly where he stands with Dr. Smyth and what Smyth thinks of him. Lee didn’t get along well with Dirk either. Maybe it’s because of how these guys used their authority, or should I say abused their authority.

    I like how Amanda says it’s Dr. Smyth. Of course it’s him. The Dr. Smith in Lost in Space was kind of a jerk too and somewhat villainous. Having that name doesn’t bode well for a character. I’m thinking Dr. Smyth was never in the field and just got promoted through the ranks over time. I can’t see him having ever been a field agent. And I don’t see him as a military man. I think his authoritarian attitude comes from trying to prove himself and keep up appearances.


  4. I can’t recall if Dr. Smyth’s background’s ever been brought up. Maybe he’s retired military? Some (not all) just never soften. At least not on the job.

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    • Suppose your hypothesis is true, sara. Then, if Dr. Smyth knew Lee’s uncle and heard some of Colonel Clayton’s stories about raising his difficult nephew, he would harbor predisposed impressions of Lee. Interesting … very interesting!

      I don’t recall any background on Dr. Smyth; just, by his actions, he comes across as more concerned about the higher ups he reports to than grooming and motivating (via positive reinforcement vs intimidation) his field Agents to be the very best. Dr. Smyth is consistent! He treats his Section Chief Billy Melrose with the same intimidating tactics.


    • Whoo this is interesting! I don’t know Sara, but it could certainly explain if Lee had a particular antagonism toward Dr Smyth given his own past relationships/issues with military men!

      I can’t think of any real background we’ve been given on Dr Smyth so far – and happily, I can’t remember if we get any eventually haaaaa.. but I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as we continue the walk 🙂


  5. I can’t help thinking that Billy is a bit naive here. Surely he knows Dr Smyth well enough to not take this easy acceptance at face value?

    I think we get Dr Smyth in the absence of really alarming baddies. I find myself wondering: who is worse – Dr Smyth or the Russians??

    (Dr Smyth should stop dyeing his hair and styling it that way. Looks really fake. Maybe it is a wig? 😀 )

    Liked by 3 people

    • “I think we get Dr Smyth in the absence of really alarming baddies. I find myself wondering: who is worse – Dr Smyth or the Russians??”

      Dr. Smyth has initiated and authorized a shoot-to-kill Lee Stetson order …
      the KGB’s authorized agent, Rostov, is wooing Lee …
      the Soviet renegade, Makarov, openly wants to kill Lee in an act of revenge. Since Dr. Smyth has 300 American agents actively on the hunt for Lee, I agree with what your question infers: Dr. Smyth is worse by a landslide!

      Since you mentioned Dr. Smyth’s hair style and color, I will admit that he reminds me of a corpse — it’s true! As a kid, teen and early adult, I attended more than my share of open-casket wakes. There’s just something about his face and hair color …

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    • I wonder if Billy thought Dr. Smyth wouldn’t get his hands dirty so he’d stay away. I bet now Billy is kicking himself in the behind for underestimating him.

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  6. “[Hey what is Dr Smyth a doctor in anyway? I’m guessing he got his doctorate from the wizard of oz!]”

    Surely not! Would Paul Barnes really confer a passing grade (much less a doctorate) for Dr. Smyth’s performance at spy school? No way! Dr. Smyth either got it from a mail-in scheme in “Rolling Stone” magazine or because he excelled at the “Grinch” Academy! Let’s sing along to a couple verses, substituting Dr. Smyth in place of Mr Grinch …

    “You’re a monster, Mr. Grinch! Your heart’s an empty hole
    Your brain is full of spiders you’ve got garlic in your soul
    Mr. Grinch!
    I wouldn’t touch you with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole!

    You’re a foul one, Mr. Grinch! You’re a nasty, wasty skunk!
    Your heart is full of unwashed socks your soul is full of gunk
    Mr. Grinch!
    The three words that best describe you are as follows,
    And I quote “Stink, stank, stunk!”

    Also: I love the screenshot you captured with Lee’s face half in darkness and half in light, iwsod. It portrays Lee’s dilemma as he considers whether or not Billy betrayed him.


  7. I really, really, really dislike Dr. Smyth. UGH!


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