9/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

Sorry for the delay in publishing this – and eek! At such a tense moment!! Gah!!!
Has Billy betrayed Lee? Will Lee think Billy has betrayed him??!!! Will Lee and Amanda be captured and D-1’d and G-1’d?! On with the show!

(Amanda tosses a smoke bomb down on the ground floor.)
Agents: Move in!.. Come on, come on!… Cover the exit!
(Amanda tosses another smoke bomb as the agents all move in..
Billy stays where he is while these agents scurry around.. [he’s certainly not going to help them!]
Lee runs around with his gun in the smoke, Amanda tosses another smoke bomb, agents scurry around some more..
More running and scurrying through smoke. Lee reaches a winch of some kind that raises him up to the next level to join Amanda.. [Ahhhh there is some kind of wonderful metaphor in that I just know it.. 😉 ]Stem-II.avi_001286019_thumb_thumb
[rofl is that winch hilarious or is it just me? It’s soooo slow it’s like Lee is a sitting duck on that thing! But.. ] The agents are not fast enough, and Lee makes it up to the next level.. Stem-II.avi_001301735_thumb_thumb
Lee reaches out to take Amanda’s hand and they start running..
[What a shame it’s so blurry! but.. they are in a hurry! ]Stem-II.avi_001308942_thumb_thumb
An agent spots them upstairs..
He yells out to the other agents that they are upstairs..
We see Lee and Amanda making their way across a bridge outside..
Downstairs, in comes Dr Smyth and his cigarette [adding to the smoke levels!]
[Dr Smyth looks all smug at having destroyed Billy’s plans here.. Billy? He can’t even look at him!

You know when this is over, Dr Smyth should lose his job! ]
Dr. Smyth: Ç’est la guerre, Billy.
Finally, Billy turns to look no glare at Dr Smyth.

[All things said and done, Dr Smyth seems to be at war with himself (aka his own side. but then I think Dr Smyth only has his own side-himself!) – and it’s a war of his own creation. If they’d cancelled the stemwinder games or at least changed the flippin radio frequencies, none of this needed to happen. Stem-II.avi_001332098_thumb_thumb
[I do wonder how Billy is going to respond to this double cross!]
(Billy doesn’t answer. He just walks away.)
[Me thinks Dr Smyth may have won this battle, but he has lost the war!]

(Outside the building, Amanda climbs down from the pipes with Lee’s help. They sneak behind the boxes etc. Stem-II.avi_001343510_thumb_thumb
they look around being super careful..
Lee sees Billy talking to an agent-
Amanda sees too. Stem-II.avi_001346513_thumb_thumb
Lee quickly, silently, motions to Amanda to take cover. Stem-II.avi_001347514_thumb_thumb
Which she does..)
[I think Billy sent the agent inside.. to help Lee and Amanda? I don’t know..]
(Lee takes cover also.
[Billy seems to have guessed Lee and Amanda are there somewhere.. and the scene ends with Billy looking in their direction, but not seeing them – all alone, and looking pretty bereft.]

The scene ends here.
[I’m left with the vibe that Billy can’t help them much.. and they are on their own.. and Billy looks really sad about this 😦 what do you all think?
Maybe Billy was trying a low key tactic to win Lee’s trust and then nab him? Dr Smyth here could have ruined everything – when Billy fully intended to bring Lee in! [I don’t think that’s what Billy was doing, but it could have been is my point]. I don’t know if this is true, it’s just the vibe I get at this point.
Boooo to Dr Smyth! I hope he becomes the dog the President kicks after all this! Winking smile ]

We see a shot of downtown DC.
[LOL is that a guy parked on the side of the road selling melons?
Random! And.. is that Amanda’s car in the middle there? have we seen this shot before?!]
(We find Lee walking along a street incognito..
Whooo nice baseball cap!)
[Is this still part of their escape from Dr Smyth and his agents? did he have the jacket/cap stashed somewhere and the tshirt under his shirt? me confused.. then again, maybe Lee’s tactic is working perfectly: iwsod is confused! ]
(Lee sees something concerning..
So he ducks down behind a rubbish dumpster. Stem-II.avi_001371037_thumb_thumb_thumb
We cut to Amanda walking down a street,)
[seems she’s undercover as a walking pineapple.
With a massive handbag Winking smile]
(Amanda ducks into a driveway..
We cut back to Lee now wearing a different kind of cap, and a rugby shirt.)
[Did he hide that there in advance? Nice! whoooo he’s that good!! Smile 
He pops up and tries to look casual.
Behind him, another guy pops up wearing Lee’s baseball cap and jacket. lol. Um did Lee plant that guy there? or randomly approach him? seems like a strange outfit to swap. I’m going with it was a set up and this decoy Lee dude is part of Lee’s ‘family’. Stem-II.avi_001385051_thumb_thumb_thumb
Decoy Lee turns and walks in the opposite direction.
Amanda steps out of the gateway,
[me thinks she still looks the same.. it’s not like her head was covered before. different handbag? whooo who is she?!
lol. okay I exaggerate, but I think the grandpa outfit she wore passing on the message to the boys was better.
It’s great fun watching Lee and Amanda do their spy stuff here regardless!]

A garage door opens and the Delano daily delites food truck pulls out with Lee at the wheel…

Amanda walks down an alley way, and the food truck stops in front of her.. Nicely done! Smile She was looking a bit peckish! Winking smile Amanda gets in.

Before we join the truck, we’ll pause here! Any thoughts you’d like to share??

10 responses to “9/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

  1. LeeLovesAmanda

    Amanda being disguised as a pineapple! OMG I’m rolling!!!!


  2. Amanda is totally rocking this agent stuff right now. She stays cool, she stays aware, and she throws those smoke bombs perfectly! 😊Again, she and Lee together seem to provide the opportunity for each other to feel the secure footing they need to be on the top of their game. I think they are seriously working the best they ever have.

    Um, this face of Billy’s pulls at every heart string I have.

    I am so saddened for him here. Good thing the show isn’t over yet.

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  3. At the outset of this meeting, I do think Billy would have tried to talk Lee into coming in, but I don’t think he would have done it by force. I think Billy came alone and would have kept to the rules of the agent’s final appeal. I firmly believe that Billy set up this meet with Lee as Lee said earlier – an agent’s final appeal before the shooting starts. So Billy’s not going to exercise the shoot to kill order until he’s at least given Lee a chance to explain his innocence. Unfortunately Dr. Smyth doesn’t trust Billy so he has him followed and scores a direct hit. Lee’s faith in Billy is all but gone, Billy still doesn’t know what happened, but I think if anything, this sneaky move by Dr. Smyth makes Billy want to give Lee another chance even more just to get back at Dr. Smyth. We’ll see. I think that is how I would feel if I were Billy anyway.

    All these games just shows how in the spy business you really can’t trust anyone – thus showing just how special Lee’s complete trust in Amanda really is. I’m sure this has been discussed ad nauseum in other posts, but thinking about this scene right now, I think that Lee’s trust in Amanda is what made it possible for him to eventually fall in love with her.

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  4. Everyone else comes in with a gun and Dr. Smyth comes in with a cigarette, in a cigarette holder no less. What’s that western reference about bringing a knife to a gun fight? It’s sometimes hard to take this guy seriously. He’s a milquetoast with too much power. The best thing Billy could do was walk away. I notice that Smyth didn’t bring Francine along. Of course, based on her last comments he wasn’t going to trust her with what he was doing. She most certainly would have told Billy what was up.

    Not sure all the decoying, clothes-changing antics were necessary or even worth it. The decoy Lee wasn’t even close. But I like the fact that they are taking precautions and know that it was best to split up.

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  5. Is that the same baseball cap NotShamba wore?

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  6. Not a fan of Lee in a baseball cap, but the tweed flat cap sure highlights his dreamy hazel eyes. He looks mighty handsome in that rugby shirt, too!

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  7. I really like Amanda in these scenes where she is absolutely Lee’s partner – doing the distracting, obeying the orders, obviously splitting up to avoid capture… but it is odd that with all these clothing changes to look different, she ends up back in the same shirt and jeans as they just escaped in. I get that their on-the-run budget is small, but maybe she should have stayed in the poncho and fern outfit?

    I do believe Billy was trying to meet up with them to talk them in, maybe he still believes they’d be better off on the inside than the outside but that move by Smyth, I imagine that like Lee, he no longer trusts the stinking system!

    I know there are people out there who try to play Smyth as a boss in between a rock and a hard place, but I don’t buy it. He is a man working very hard to make sure nothing sticks to him. Very creepy and makes me question his motives even when he does something supposedly nice (as in Reach for the Sky).

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  8. “[… If they’d cancelled the stemwinder games or at least changed the flippin radio frequencies, none of this needed to happen.]”

    That’s the rub about Dr. Smyth because, as much as I detest him, honesty is required. The decision-maker was higher up the chain of command. Dr. Smyth was NOT the person in charge of the stemwinder war game. Recall this? I copied & pasted just the televised exchange from Stemwinder Part 1 blogpost 14/2:
    “Female Agent Voice: Stemwinder war game elapsed time: one hour, 22 minutes, 30 seconds. […]
    Francine: I thought Dr. Smyth was gonna… get off his rump for once and put a stop to this?
    Dr. Smyth: The National Security Council told the President we lacked proof.
    Billy: Well, we’ve got it now … Fools. The Russians are jamming six or seven of our frequencies.
    Dr. Smyth: So—Scarecrow did sell out.”

    Now, for his atrocious treatment of Lee and Amanda, Dr. Smyth is guilty to the max However, it does appear that he tried to stop stemwinder, but the NSC shot him down. Dr. Smyth is bound and determined to be the one to nab Lee and Amanda himself in an attempt to avoid any blemish on his own record. He also double-crossed Billy Melrose because he doesn’t want him to get the glory of capturing Lee and Amanda first. Dr. Smyth’s top priority is keeping his own job and everyone else can hang. He is certainly not the hallmark of true leadership. Glad Lee and Amanda have each other’s back!


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