13/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

We cut to a busy, wet DC street.
The limo pulls up in front of Sonja who was waiting by the side of the road.
She gets in, it’s Rostov’s limo!
[Ugh. she must use the same hairdresser as Lee – how can she look that put together in all that rain – I’d look like a drowned rat! ]
Sonja: I can’t change his mind.
Rostov: I thought not…
[Then why not drug him with more than just cough medicine and ship him off somewhere?! Some of those magical crystals you snap under someone’s nose perhaps?!]
…No matter. It’s set for tomorrow morning. I’ve made the arrangements.
[So, Rostov is still trying to be King and cry ‘checkmate!’ huh.. he’s going to deal with Alexi and get Stetson?]
Sonja: Stetson’s not stupid. He could be springing a trap on us.
Rostov: He would, if he could. But because of the stupidity of the Agency and Dr. Smyth, he can’t.Stem-II.avi_001868535_thumb_thumb_thumb
[I’m quite pleased that the Russians are mocking the agency because the agency believe Lee is guilty! Poetic Justice!
I guess Sonja and Rostov don’t know about Amanda?? Strange that Sonja doesn’t – because Alexi knows about her – he had her file at the start of stem I. Sonja saw her too. I guess they underestimate Lee and Amanda’s connection/loyalty..]
(Rostov hands Sonja a piece of paper)
Rostov: Here are the arrangements. Scarecrow wants Alexi…
…and we want him. And it will all work out, Sonja…Stem-II.avi_001882849_thumb_thumb_thumb
…You just be pretty and let me worry for both of us.
[If looks could Kill!!!
Rostov would be dead!!!]Stem-II.avi_001886853_thumb_thumb_thumb
Staring contest! Staring Contest!!
Rostov loses!]
The scene ends here.

[Phew.. it’s all happening now! Danger! Excitement!!
Cough medicine!!! Winking smile
I’m still not sure what to make of Sonja. Is she standing by her uncle? Or Rostov? Or Neither?
22 years old, what a life! Ugh!!!!!!!! I think Sonja should defect and leave all these men who order her around.. all she does is have men use her! I think I said that in part 1 at some point.. this parting encouragement from Rostov sums it up pretty much!]

Back at IFF, Billy is dozing on his sofa in his office…He seems to have a file for a teddy bear Winking smile
His phone rings..
Billy: Melrose.
Lee : Mind your manners, Billy.
Billy: Lee. They set me up.
Lee: You get a chance to prove it…
(As we hear Lee over the phone, the shot cuts to someone listening in..
Uh oh. It’s Dr Smyth listening in..Stem-II.avi_001905238_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
he nods to another agent who is also listening in and taking notes)Stem-II.avi_001906740_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
Lee: … but mind your manners and grab a pencil.
[Love the mind your manners reference.. good to see some continuity with this phrase from back in Reach for the sky. Hmm.. how interesting, an episode where Billy was out in the cold, Dr Smyth was looming.. and Lee and Amanda went above and beyond and helped him. And here? Billy is doing this for Lee and Amanda now. I wonder if this tie in was deliberate.. given the at times massive boo boos in this show, I’d like to think it was so we can balance things a bit! Smile  Sorry I digress, back to the call.]
(The agent nods back at Dr Smyth.. he’s got his pencil too! Winking smile )
Lee: Five number groups: 8311064822.Stem-II.avi_001910443_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb
(We see the agent writing down numbers.. Dr Smyth gives him a nod.)
[lol like- oh good. I picked a clever agent to take notes for me- this one can write down numbers!]
The scene ends there.
Oh nooo! Have Lee and Billy just been busted again??!!

This two parter is very ambitious and involved.. and kudos to smk for giving it a red hot go! I’m enjoying Stemwinders.. the multiple twists and turns are interesting..(is the title a reference to this? among other things?)
Though the premise of anyone believing Lee would leave finger prints lying around after he murdered someone is laughable.. and why go ahead with war games… Meh… that part is not worth focusing on.. but all the machinations and not knowing who will do what is fun! [at least I’m hoping you find it so.. I know I do..] I hope Sonja sells up and moves to Montevideo and opens up her own business – cooking gourmet food or something. Then she can get away from all these men who want to use her!!
Are you enjoying this ep? 

13 responses to “13/19 Season Four Episode Two: Stemwinder Part 2

  1. Is it 5 Number groups or 5-number groups? 83-11-06-48-22 or 83110-64822? No matter – fortunately we don’t have to figure it out.

    But what does this tell us about both Lee and Billy’s concept if Agency loyalty that they have a code worked out that other agents wouldn’t understand? It says a lot about their loyalty to each other though and it’s obvious that Lee has calmed down enough (or Amanda has calmed him) to suspect that Billy was indeed also set up.

    Oh Sonja – you have the expression of a woman who has fully realized for the first time what a long road of misery and misogyny is ahead of you in this spy game, along with a heaping doses of disloyalty and self-interest. Good luck with that – at least your hair is lovely.

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    • It says a lot about their loyalty to each other though and it’s obvious that Lee has calmed down enough (or Amanda has calmed him) to suspect that Billy was indeed also set up.

      So true.. it speaks volumes – Lee hasn’t given up on Billy at the first sign of a betrayal (unlike how Francine treated Lee!!)

      Good luck with that – at least your hair is lovely.

      oh good one Clagjanet!!! 🙂


    • “But what does this tell us about both Lee and Billy’s concept of Agency loyalty that they have a code worked out that other agents wouldn’t understand?”

      Two names: Dirk Fredericks … Dr. Smyth

      Also, consider that Billy assigned Scarecrow to “Savior” & “Burn Out” — both were undercover missions requiring him to pretend to commit treason against the USA — another purpose for an “entre-nous” code.


  2. You raise a good point, Iwsod. Why would Alexi have Amanda’s file and there’s clearly been no attempt to target her? Maybe they only wanted her if they couldn’t get to Lee any other way.

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    • Interesting. A good spy would want to know about those currently close to the target, hence he knows about Amanda. Oddly, however, it seems he does not share her status with either Rostov or Sonya as it really seems like Sonya just considers Amanda as Lee’s girlfriend and Rostov doesn’t consider her at all. If Rostov had known her to be Lee’s professional partner, wouldn’t he have tried to claim her for Russia too?

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      • good point katjielee, all the focus is on Lee switching sides – and Amanda is overlooked or given merely a grind her order lol.
        I guess they wanted to keep the focus of the plot on Lee the spy as it started off being all about him and Makarov.

        We’ve been talking about how Sonja is just a pawn being manipulated by all these men – not viewed as a threat- more of a side player..
        Funny, seems Amanda is also being viewed as a side player too. [not by Lee, but by the Russians and Dr Smyth]
        No way are they in the same situation here, but Amanda seems to be viewed less in the professionally important category too while all the men jostle for position.. how interesting.. Even Francine is surrounded by men in power struggles and has no voice of her own.
        I know Amanda isn’t a fully fledged agent but – she had her own KGB file!
        She’s beaten Gregory- twice! 😉
        and Zinoiev is still off somewhere thinking she is the great scarecrow! haaaa 😉 He was able to see a female spy as more than a side player! 😉
        He never would have overlooked Amanda! Is it just me or would it have been fabulous to see him again?!
        Okay now I’m just rambling 😉

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  3. “Lee: … but mind your manners and grab a pencil. Five number groups: 8311064822.”

    Just love this intriguing puzzle. Five number groups so: 83-11-06-48-22. Plus, I suspect, these qualifying phrases that precede the numbers: (1) “mind your manners” and (2) “grab a pencil.” Since mind your manners has been used before between Billy and Lee, this must refer to a code format known only by them and not one easy to decode by The Agency Crypto crew. In order for Billy to properly order Lee’s five number groups, his statement that there are five number groups is likely part of the deciphering; as well as Lee’s wording telling Billy to “grab a pencil.” Why not a pen? Or why tell him “to grab”? Alternate words could be used, such as “get a …” or “pick up your …” or just “write this down.” Maybe I’m quite mesmerized by this because there’s a cryptoquick puzzle (using letters) in our Friday local paper. It’s such fun straining the brain to solve them (an Alzheimer preventative of sorts!), but they always come with a one-letter clue. Lee has potentially given Billy multiple clues (think 3-dimensional chess) putting us completely in-the-dark. My fervent prayer is that Dr. Smyth and The Agency Crypto crew are equally clueless!

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  4. “I hope Sonja sells up and moves to Montevideo and opens up her own business – cooking gourmet food or something. Then she can get away from all these men who want to use her!!”

    Me, too, though she’ll need to learn Spanish and adjust to life in a rather small country far from her home in the USSR. (Uruguay is just a bit smaller than the US state of Missouri.) I’m most in favor of her exiting entirely from espionage; even “trained,” she’s not on the same playing field as Amanda. Yes she’s only 22, but aren’t the Soviets known for their high quality training? It’s doubtful she would make the grade at Station One! IMO Sonja is just an expendable pretty face … bait for Rostov and Alexi to trap Scarecrow.


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