3/7 Season Four: Episode Thirteen- Promises to Keep -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Brace yourselves.. time for a Francine ‘interrogation’!
(Francine tries to play good cop.. referring to the ‘citation’ Lee got for ‘abusing prisoners’.
Foretune doesn’t seem to know where he is, but boasts about his rights and the law..
So Billy comes on in with his trolley…
…of vials and syringes. lol.
[Uh oh. Haaa that’s a lot of vials and syringes! but on the upside, they are going to be super careful and use alcohol wipes! haaaa!!! Safety first!]
Deadpan, Billy tells Francine (aka ‘Blondie’) that she has one minute. and he leaves.)
[Okay, Foretune is way less cocky now!]
Foretune: …Who the hell’s that? Police nurse? [Whahahahaah Billy the police nurse!]
(Francine starts making preparations to be giving injections, finding veins etc. Foretune’s desperation rises and eventually he starts talking..
Francine shows Foretune a picture of TP and Peralta..)
[lol at the random text- a real shocker!]
Francine: Who is this with Peralta?
Foretune: It’s Peralta’s confidante. He’s like his right hand man… he gives him tips… advice…
Francine: For how long?
Foretune: I don’t know. A year? Maybe two. He got started by selling bits and pieces from DEA reports. Before long the boss wouldn‘t make a move till he talked with him.
Francine: What’s his name?
Foretune: You’re kiddin’ me… you guys must know that. Peralta calls him Percy the Professor.
[uh oh. He has a nickname?? Why, that’s smk code for bad guy!!! gah!!!!!!!!]

Billy, Lee and Amanda discuss this case..
(Billy notes there’s a file on ‘the Professor’ that is ‘three inches thick going back eighteen months.’
We find out the full name of Peralta’s boss – Donald Jordan. He’s been on his island is in the Caribbean, for ‘the last five years’, where he is avoiding ‘a couple of dozen indictments.’)
Billy: (opening a file to a photo of Jordan)
Here’s the big man himself…4.13PTK.avi_000897297_thumb
… Now if Aquinas is connected with Peralta or Jordan in any way, I want to talk to him. Bring him in.
(Lee tries to resist this but Billy is firm.
As Billy walks away and enters the elevator Lee suddenly erupts at him…)
Lee: (angry) Look, I don’t care what anybody says. TP Aquinas has risked his hide for me and this Agency one too many times!
(Billy is unmoved by this, and leaves Lee with Amanda to calm down. Aie.)
Amanda: (trying to calm him) You’re shouting.
(still angry) Well, I’m mad! (quieter) 4.13PTK.avi_000922022_thumb
…I’m good and mad. (sighs)
…Actually, I’m more worried than mad…
…TP is the only other person I ever trusted before I met you, Amanda.
[wow… not even Billy? I mean…..awhhhh…but….huh?]
Amanda: (she reaches out) Look, we’ll find TP and he’ll clear this whole thing up.
(We cut to the wider shot and find they are actually holding hands there in the corridor.. 4.13PTK.avi_000938438_thumb
Uh oh.. and here comes Francine again!)
{They drop hands as Francine approaches them down the hall.} Lee: Uh, just business, Francine.
{Lee walks off down the hall.} 4.13PTK.avi_000943643_thumb
(moves to follow him but leans in to speak quietly to Francine) I need to talk to you later. 4.13PTK.avi_000944444_thumb
(Amanda walks off too..) 4.13PTK.avi_000946446_thumb
[I bet Francine is looking forward to hearing this one – Aie!
What do you think of Amanda’s pyjama top?!should we call in the fashion police?]

Back to Lee’s place that night..
…Lee and Amanda arrive..
[Seems Lee lives in apartment 1B. lol.]
Lee: Maybe there’s something in my old appointment book that can give us a lead… you know, show a pattern. (unlocks door) Plus, I’ve got some leftover spaghetti that should hit the spot, huh?
[After skipping that steak and kidney pie I’ll be it would!]
(They enter and we hear music.. they stop in surprise..)
Amanda: Well I don’t believe it.
{TP is sitting in an armchair with a tray in front of him of spaghetti and a glass of wine. He swallows his mouthful of dinner.}
4.13PTK.avi_000968468_thumb[Is it just me or does this have a goldilocks and the three bears vibe?! haaaaa TP as goldilocks! Hey that Lee/Billy photo is on his mantelpiece. Hmmm.. ]
TP: Your capellini is delicious.
Lee: Half the feds in DC are looking for you and we’re two of them!
(He catches sight of the bottle of wine) …Aww! My Gottenara ’71! [Who’s been drinking my wine!!!] 4.13PTK.avi_000978078_thumb
TP: I’ll owe you. I owe you a lot more than that. And perhaps even a lot more before this is through. 4.13PTK.avi_000983683_thumb
Amanda: TP, we’re a little bit confused. The man you were with in the kitchen said you work for Raymond Peralta. 4.13PTK.avi_000987687_thumb
[I’m confused about how TP got into Lee’s apartment!]
(TP explains he couldn’t tell Lee what was going on with the bodyguard around.. but he was here to now share..)
TP: … Follow me…oh, I wouldn’t expect you to listen on an empty stomach.
(Lee and Amanda head into the dining room to hear TP’s story. After all, he doesn’t share exposition without food or an interesting prop to keep us interested!)
TP: I’ve been involved with Peralta for about five years. It’s similar to our relationships, Lee. I’m sort of a source, a confidential advisor, only with one discernible difference. What I give Peralta, he could find out for himself anyway or it’s a few days late. No, it’s more my charming presentation and loyalty that I’ve used to sucker Mr. Peralta.
[Does he sucker Lee with his charming presentation and so called loyalty too??!!
TP seems pretty deft at minimising the help he offered Peralta! I mean getting information a few days early can actually be a big deal!]
Amanda: TP, he’s a drug dealer and you’re working for him!
TP: Oh, I know it sounds bad…
Amanda: It sounds terrible. I have two teenage boys and it scares me to death!
TP: Two weeks ago, the DEA busted six million in Philly. Last month, ten million in Miami. Now, I was the source of those raids, anonymously, of course, but I kept complete records.
[ahhh the ‘I might have done bad things over here, but- look over there I did good things too!!’ defence!]
Lee: Fine, but why? I mean, no offense, TP, but you are a bookworm. This is for the pros. 4.13PTK.avi_001057357_thumb
The pros? As in DEA and FBI? They’ve been after this organization for years with little success. 4.13PTK.avi_001068168_thumb
So suddenly five years ago, you decided to start a one man crusade? 4.13PTK.avi_001071771_thumb
TP: Suddenly? Yes, it was quite sudden.
-time for a flashback!!-
We hear TP recount what happened as we watch the flashback..
[Holy Cow. Eloise looks like she could be Amanda’s stunt double!]
TP: (voice over) We were going for a Sunday walk.. when I say ‘we” I mean Eloise and our six year old son. We didn’t have any warning at all.
4.13PTK.avi_001091391_thumb{TP is walking with his wife and son. As he goes to get a paper out of a sales box, a car pulls up driven by a much younger Donald Jordan. A man on the street sees him pulling a gun…4.13PTK.avi_001099799_thumb
…and drags Eloise in front of him as a shield…4.13PTK.avi_001106606_thumb
… Jordan fires… 4.13PTK.avi_001107007_thumb
TP looks on in horror. 4.13PTK.avi_001108608_thumb
the flashback ends here.
[What is supposed to be a really serious, tragic, heart breaking moment for me is just.. weird!
Firstly, TP is way too old for this to be his wife and son.  haaaa.. Just how many years ago is this? we know it’s more than five years ago and TP hasn’t aged a day. lol.
And.. How is a woman a better shield than hiding behind the bench?
And.. what happens to his son? He gets shot dead too? really? Jordan just shoots away with a shotgun at anything in his way? I find this flashback preposterous. Sooo it’s a bit tough to feel for TP but heck, I’ll give it a red hot go!]

LEE: Sorry, TP, we didn’t know. 4.13PTK.avi_001123423_thumb
TP: It was before we met…
[Do we know how long they’ve known each other? I guess it has to be less than around five years ago,after Jordan moved to his island.. ]
The killing was gangland related. Young Turks struggling for control of the drug trade. And the shooter was an up-and-comer named Donald Jordan.
Lee: Ah. Well, he certainly made it to the top.
[I can tell I’m really not buying into all this lol. I just noticed they are eating with chopsticks! I thought they were going to eat spaghetti!]
TP: Floated to the surface like spoiled cream. I watched him rise. The best lawyers that money could buy have kept Jordan beyond the law. So I decided to go after him myself. Now Peralta was the key to getting into the organization. Every day, I worked my way closer and closer for the past year and a half and now I’m ready to spring the trap, Lee.
[Year and a half?  Hmmm..]
Lee: TP, Jordan is holed up in his fortress on the Stanasklaus Islands. He is untouchable there. Now, with thirty indictments waiting for him, he is going to stay. 4.13PTK.avi_001160660_thumb
TP: He’s scheduled to arrive here via Canada in less than 12 hours. These seeds I’ve sown are bearing fruit. Peralta and Foster are at each other’s throats… [Aha! Divide and Conquer!] …Jordan is coming in to make peace, he has no alternative.
Amanda: You did all this alone?
Indeed, but it’s a gossamer web that the DEA could blow apart in a single breath. That’s why I need your help, both of you… twenty-four hours and a place for Peralta, Foster and Jordan to meet. I know it’s asking a lot but I’m so close!
Lee: (sighs) It’s going to be tough to deliver, TP.
Under any other circumstances, Lee, I wouldn’t ask. Will you do it?
Lee and Amanda exchange a look over the table.
Lee nods, ‘yeah’.4.13PTK.avi_001204704_thumb
TP looks utterly relieved!!! 4.13PTK.avi_001206706_thumb
The scene ends…
Now this is a big ask!!!)

Thoughts everyone? Anyone else confused by time frames?

18 responses to “3/7 Season Four: Episode Thirteen- Promises to Keep -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I don’t remember the exact time frame but didn’t Lee say on Reach For The Sky TP had trained him?

    The age thing felt weird but knowing the actor was only 52 helps a bit. (I had him pegged as way older!) I also remember seeing an older actor post photos of his daughter and I was convinced it had to be his granddaughter! I guess if TP married a much younger woman…

    I remember seeing this flashback as a kid and being horrified and my stepfather having to explain how a shotgun would hit such a wide area. It’s still one of the only things I felt like SMK ever went a bit too far with. Lee can’t shoot villains but this can air in the “Family Hour”? Quite thr logic.


  2. What do you think of Amanda’s pyjama top?! should we call in the fashion police?

    Yes! I’m sorry, but this just looks terrible on her. Like a black garbage bag with shoulder pads. I think it is also a bit jarring to see her wearing black in something other than an evening gown. So maybe that is part of it, but — yeah, I really hate the black top! It is definitely on my list of top-five worst Amanda outfits.

    Also, I apologize if this is in poor taste, but the T.P. flashback always leaves me laughing. He looks like he is dressed for a Broadway musical revue — all that’s missing is a giant lollipop! He also seems quite old to be the father of a six-year old. I was actually very surprised to learn that the actor was only 52 when this aired… He looks older to me.

    I LOVE the Francine scene and the “we don’t have a sign on 495.” My boys thought that scene was hilarious as well (and yet they couldn’t stop talking about how this guy’s Constitutional rights were being violated, so good for them!). Francine is so awesome, have I mentioned how much I love her? (LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, and I also hate the black and white striped pants that Amanda is wearing with</> the garbage bag blouse. Plus, the lack of a belt does nothing for her slender figure. The whole outfit is just very … odd and unflattering.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The line you didn’t include of Francine’s that I love is when he asks if they’re CIA and she sniffs and says “The CIA has a turnoff sign at 495. We don’t.” which is funny becasue the CIA really does literally has a huge sign off the highway pointing to their headquarters in Virginia. Subtle, they ain’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry I took a while to get back to this! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this clagjanet.
      Now I’m including less dialogue, there will be moments I don’t share that someone may wish to discuss- so please do share bits I may overlook everyone!!


      • Please tell me you’ll still do the extra dialogue for Bad Timing, Do You Take This Spy, and Mission Of Gold! Oh and Rumors Of My Death because those eps are so awesome! And the Lee angst in Matter Of Choice & Suitable For Framing!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sorry for my delay in responding Molly, don’t worry I will include key Lee and Amanda dialogue, they are our focus and why we watch right?! 🙂
          If you or anyone ever wants a copy of the full transcript of any episode, and it’s not up on http://www.smk-land.com – email me and I can email it to you if I have it. Happy to.


          • Thanks so much — and definitely the reason I watch! I ff through the villains most of the time when it’s just them and not our team! (Except for a certain villain on Odds On A Dead Pigeon!)


  4. I don’t think TP’s wife and child were killed five years ago, I think that’s when TP finally inviegled himself into the cartel to start getting revenge (especially given how Jordan was just the young gun at the time and now he’s at the top), but yes, I’m totally with you on the oddity of using Raleigh Bond in the flashback. If they had cast a younger man, it could have worked or if they’d kept Raleigh but said it was his grandson, it might have played better visually. It was so unbalanced that it takes me right out of the plotline. That and the fact that it had to have happened so many years ago for Lee not to know about it.

    I’m confused about how TP got into Lee’s apartment!

    Really? At thos point. I’m more surprised now when someone hasn’t let themselves into Lee’s apartment…


    • yup preach it on that weird flashback!

      Really? At thos point. I’m more surprised now when someone hasn’t let themselves into Lee’s apartment…

      Waahhhaaaaaaa this had me lol’ing!! So true!! and…. so wrong! I mean Lee the only thing Lee seems to mind about someone breaking in is he drank his wine rofl!!!


    • Agree that the killing must have happened a longer time ago. Taking into account that in RftS Lee told Amanda that before being a librarian T.P. was an instructor who trained him would make it even more than 13 years or so. Although 8 years between the murder and going for revenge seems rather too long.
      Well smk and timeline is often confusing at least to me.


  5. How is a woman a better shield than hiding behind the bench?
    And.. what happens to his son? He gets shot dead too? really?
    Jordan just shoots away with a shotgun at anything in his way?

    A shotgun is designed for one pull of the trigger to scatter many spherical pellets simultaneously. If you look closely, you’ll notice that Jordan used a double-barreled shotgun at close range for an even greater number of deadly projectiles.

    That’s why the coward grabbed T.P.’s wife for a larger shield than a bench and why T.P.’s son was murdered at the same time. The murderer was never brought to justice. So T.P. has been carefully planning to lure in Jordan in order to avenge the senseless murder of the two people he loved most. Since Lee’s parents were murdered, I think he can relate to T.P.’s pain.


    • Yep, I’m not confused about the premise here, at least I dont think I am – TP wanting justice/vengeance, plotting to lure Jordan back within reach etc. I just didn’t really buy into the flashback as believable, which meant I didn’t connect with TP’s heartbreaking story- and for anyone who did? Sorry don’t let me spoil your feels! and… just don’t mind me! We will have different experiences of scenes…and that’s cool.

      I didn’t think Jordan was shooting at close range, he was parked across the street shooting from the car. If pellets were flying all over, I wonder if TP coped any?!

      I’ve just always found this flashback weird!

      Enjoyed your wine research Nancy!
      I wonder if TP was maybe justifying to himself quietly that drinking such an expensive wine and tasty capellini (lol) was likely a last meal for himself of sorts! byeee


  6. Visiting wineries in Napa Valley, Russian River and Sonoma County are a fun weekend getaway since I happen to live in California. So I was curious about Lee’s wine; hence, this research:

    T. Percival Aquinas was drinking wine at Lee’s apartment, which caused Lee to exclaim, “Not my Gattinara ’71!” Gattinara is the special designation name of Italian red wines made from 100% Nebbiolo grapes, grown only in the Gattinara commune in the Piedmont region of NW Italy (it borders France). Lee’s bottle was from the 1971 vintage, which had to be what would be called a “riserva” vintage (a wine that ages well) because it’s January 1987 in this episode. The wine is about 16 years old.


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