7/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Pearce and the two creeps, come out of Emelio’s restaurant (why does that restaurant ring a bell?)  Anyway, they know Rollo 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001511411has been captured, they don’t believe he will talk, and they are discussing Mrs King’s buyer.. “the price of the King woman has gone up even higher than before. I spoke to the buyer this morning, told him about your little escapade last night. Mrs King’s spirited performance appeals to him,1yuck he feels that will make her an even better leader for his collection” – wha? that doesn’t make any sense.. and ewww eww ewwww… Yep, Pearce, that is 1yuckclassy!!!!! – as if a woman is going to just 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001529229accept being the leader of his ‘collection’. No way!! If Lee gets in the way again- they’re going to get rid of him!

Meh.. Too much time spent on the icky catering business in this episode!!

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001560460Moving on, Back at IFF Ms Walker is still roaming the streets (That poor woman! I guess she needs a man to tell her what to do.. Not!! 😉 )
Lee and Francine  are having a discussion.. Francine: Well I find that pretty hard to believe! I think you’re just covering for her myself.
Lee: What Amanda?
Francine: Mmhmm
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001561895Lee: I’m telling you she fought back! What did you think she’d do?

Francine: faint! sort of a suburban swoon!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001565098
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001566299Lee:

[Ohhhh My!!! Just listen to Lee go!!] ..She was great! She even took one 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001568301out with a lamp!  [Awh!! he looks so proud of her!!]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001570370Francine:
  A lamp? I would never use a lamp.
Lee: I know.. we’ve got to watch our nails! [Go Lee!! Smile]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001573273
Francine: hey, I’ve decked guys for a lot less!
Lee: Mmmm first dates are rough huh!
[Good one! :lol:]
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001578078Francine: ahhh but they always come back for more! [sad.. deluded Francine…but I do like how she’s ready with a 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001578878comeback! Smile] Lee just has a chuckle in response to this.. I think they are just bickering and don’t really mean it.. Siblings!!

This is new!! did you notice? Lee is sticking up for Amanda!! To begin with in this show, Lee went along with  Francine’s criticisms.. then he didn’t join in.. and now- he is telling Francine how great Amanda was!! whooo!! My goodness – I think Lee’s turned a corner here! I find this to be very significant!!!   Francine is the same as always.. diminishing Amanda.. and IMO it shows beautifully how Lee is changing- by contrast!

Given Francine’s dig at Amanda here-about the suburban swoon- aren’t you glad Amanda didn’t faint like the script originally said??!!! Take that Francine!! Smile
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001622922
Lee and Francine fight over who is going to get to play with Rollo! hehehee.. Listing all their prior achievements ( all OS by the way oh how impressive and ridiculous sounding! how do they deliver their lines with straight faces? Panama! Singapore! ugh!!) They’re very competitive with each other aren’t they! .. I bet it makes you appreciate Amanda doesn’t it Lee? she doesn’t compete with you, she helps you – compliments you!! (in the sense she is complementary to his strengths and weaknesses, as well as the fact that she does tend to give him lots of appreciation and praise! hhehee) Seems Lee has had a play date with Rollo before, so Francine thinks it should be her turn.. Next to Francine, Amanda is looking very attractive as a partner right now, isn’t she Lee!

Interesting here.. Lee is making assumptions about how Francine will approach the interrogation.. (I never realised how rife with Gender issues smk is!!) and Francine defends herself and being a woman – Hmm very interesting.. do you think this is  a part of the episode’s whole theme here? That woman have a job to do.. as much as any man?? [for me.. knowing that Francine’s errr uniquely icky solo interrogation of Rollo is coming up diminishes any kind of point she was making here though..can I skip that scene?!] Still, interesting that Lee assumes Francine’s approach will be ‘subtle’ and ‘delicate’ .. and Francine challenges that stereotype declaring he has no idea what kind of approach she is going to use..

2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001647747

Daddy errr I mean Billy interrupts the children’s  coin toss and makes an uncharacteristic executive decision! hehehee.. Love Francine’s next line, She blasts that stereotype to shreds now she is playing with Rollo Francine: Shut your face Bozo!
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001657357
– ohhh I laughed and laughed!!! [I think that is one of few laughs this episode has given me!] I guess Bozo is Francine’s version of Lee’s Pal! 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001669369“Scuzzball” Francine? Love how she uses the name Lee gave him when they were debating who should 2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001681381interrogate him! Ouch!! bet that hurts! (hmm looks like Lee is playing good cop to Francine’s bad cop- come on Lee! offer to bring him a pillow! heheheee… ) They’re getting nowhere with Rollo, so Francine and Lee discuss with Billy what to do next.ROFL!! Billy actually says to Lee and Francine: Well children, we only have 12 hours to get that microdot. Any suggestions? ROFL!! Billy calls them children! that is too funny!!! and very appropriate 😉
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001747847
Lee suggests they let him go..Billy says “take him out the back way” – and Billy is left with a grin on his face – I like that look- that he is enjoying Scuzzball Rollo and what they have planned for him! hehehee.. Go Billy! Smile
2.06 BRUNETTES ARE IN.avi_001759059

Well I shall finish up there for now.. There are signs Lee has turned the corner in his acceptance of Amanda in this part of the episode Smile

Hope you are enjoying this episode! I am guessing people either love it or hate it.. although, I do hope for those who hate it that maybe discussing it will improve your opinion of it!! There’s lots of good stuff coming!! [Not that you have to change your opinion, but if it is improved a little well that is not such a bad thing Winking smile tee heee]

A whole post with no Amanda? weird!! but.. well at least Lee was bragging about how well Amanda fought back! ( hey, you may as well do it with your own lamp Winking smile – anyone remember what that is reference to?!) What do you think of Lee and Francine’s fighting in the hallways?? ok, byeeee for now!!

7 responses to “7/11 Season Two, Episode 6: Brunettes Are In-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. This episode is so hard to watch, simply cause Lee is so horrible to Amanda,he manhandled her,berates her,bullies her,not to mention how he treats her in her living room,he basically became his uncle in this episode, I understand she’s not his professional equal,but he didn’t even show her respect as a human being and he seems to enjoy controlling her and letting her know only what he wants her to know,I know he grows into a good man that Amanda deserves, but he’s got a long way to go,amazingly enough Mr Patience and Control just doesn’t seem to have any where Amanda is involved, but I understand it’s part of his journey, always wondered the way Amanda just sat and listened to his temper tantrum if she wasn’t reminded how Joe treated her,she did seem like she experienced that rage before and that just breaks my heart because Amanda is just so forgiving cause I would make Lee know you can’t treat me like that,I do wish Amanda would have stood up more for herself more,just felt like Lee steamrolled over Amanda and she just let him,amazingly she does get a backbone as the show goes on and I’m glad for that.


  2. Love Lee and his impression of checking his nails. And positively gushing about Amanda sticking up for herself, steady on he’s slowly redeeming himself. Wait a minute maybe not…….
    My issue is again Lee deciding he knows best. Not saying Lee is a misogynist but he does tend to assume the women in his professional life ie Amanda and Francine don’t know what they’re doing. Yes again Lee deciding he is right, he knows how to squeeze Rollo without giving Francine a chance. She is as much his equal being a professional agent.
    Love Billy calling them children. Very apt 😉


  3. I’ll admit, I haven’t re-watched this episode in order to make this comment; in fact, one viewing of it has been enough for me so far. I do remember, though, that I thought it must be excruciating for a private person like Amanda to have Lee going through her laundry.

    I really, really dislike shouting, rough, angry Lee. He’s really out of bounds in so many ways here.

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    • Hi Christine, thanks for sharing your thoughts! Yes I can see why you would see it as being exhausting! 🙂 A good thing they do actually move forward in their friendship from now on huh! 🙂 We, along with Lee and Amanda – were fed up with the way things were!! 🙂 I would love to hear if you still feel the same way now the episode is over! 🙂

      Hi Melissa, ahhh I am glad you were able to find comfort in others feeling as you do! I am glad that inspite of my loving this episode you feel you can be honest in how you feel about it – I really appreciate that- I have always hoped people would feel comfortable sharing their thoughts here whatever they may be.. knowing they will be listened to, accepted and respected 🙂

      Lee is utterly infuriating at times in this episode isn’t he!!! I hear ya!! 🙂 Has going through the episode changed any of your thoughts about it? Or is it still not an episode for repeat viewing? I’m curious to hear! because until I went through it and discussed it I didn’t value it – I was so cranky with Lee I feel I missed some of the signals he was changing and growing.. but at the same time, I know if you hate an episode you can just hate it 🙂 [ that’s me and artful dodger!] Melissa, I loved what you said about Lee’s attitude being out of line, and his anger misdirected – yes Lee has issues with Billy too doesn’t he!!! Melissa, I see that Paula has responded to some of your comments – fantastic! I love to see you guys conversing with each other 🙂

      Melissa, regarding your comments about Francine and Rollo – did you read my post on that? – hey you don’t have to watch it again LOL! Just read my post!! 😉 I’m curious to hear some of your thoughts in response to some ideas I had…

      Melissa, you wrote you don’t like how Lee takes Amanda’s decision and throws it away – I would love it if you read the final post on this episode- and read my take on this and let me know your thoughts because I saw things play out very differently. I had issues with Lee’s bossy attitude also – but I didn’t see that in the end.. I saw him letting Amanda make her own choices.. please share your thoughts on this if you would like or are able! 🙂 Throw rotten vegetables? Oh no!!! There is no rotten Vegetable throwing here!! All views are accepted here.. when offered with respect for other’s views – and you have been very open and generous with sharing your thoughts with us all – I’ve enjoyed it!! Thanks Melissa – and don’t worry 🙂

      Hi Paula, thanks for responding to Melissa, I agree with you, and as always – you have put it beautifully! 🙂 Love your note regarding Amanda’s ‘guest pass’! 🙂 Yeah.. Lee at this point is ranked more highly than Amanda, and I think Amanda would not have an issue with that either.. in a way, Amanda’s courier assignment had nothing to do with Lee, or his rank – uh oh..but i dont think Lee liked that!! 😉 It is wonderful to watch Lee grow – sadly we have to see Lee be an immature dill before we can appreciate the growth he makes throughout this episode huh!

      When would you place Amanda as being equal to Lee in terms of agency status? I’m curious!! I have a few thoughts but I’ll let that one float into cyberspace should anyone like to ponder it and respond 😀

      Hi Redgold! So wonderful to hear from you!!! You are not alone in feeling this way ! 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts with us if you like! I agree shouting, rough, angry Lee is not endearing at all! I wonder if you have read on beyond this post?? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the episode as a whole now I have finished ( if you would like to share! )


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  4. Ok I have held off posting cause frankly I’m exhausted. Seriously, Lee and Amanda have emotionally worn me out this episode! 😉 You know, i have never been sure whether or not I like this one. So much to take in. Let’s all just say that there are love it scenes and hate it scenes. But I do agree here and now that this is a GROWING episode. LOL
    Oh I hate hate hate Francine’s one on one with Rollo the clown!!! Ewwwwww! Not looking forward to it.
    I’ll have more to say when we get to the end. Right now i’m dizzy.
    P.S Francine looks like a poodle.


    • Christine, I am glad not to be the only one NOT to like this episode. Lee and Amanda are emotionally wearing here, aren’t they?

      By the way, Billy is my hero in this episode. He fights for both Amanda’s and Francine’s abilities in front of Lee’s male chauvinist behavior.

      I can’t get it out of my mind that Lee is SOOO out of line in this episode. He is NOT Amanda’s boss. He is a co-worker. If Amanda’s boss thinks she is ready for an assignment, then she does the assignment. If I had a co-worker complaining to me that I received an assignment that he thinks I shouldn’t have had, then I would be very, very angry with that co-worker. It’s not his place! Why does he keep questioning her abililty? I personally would NOT be on speaking terms with said co-worker. I especially would not be inviting him to my house to peek through my laundry! I would have done it myself.

      I know we haven’t gotten to this scene yet in the posts, but I actually like the fact that Francine goes to bat to get the information needed for the case. She shows that she is more than just a “pretty face”. It’s not an easy scene to watch, but it shows Francine’s loyalty to her job.

      And, I know we haven’t gotten to this scene yet in the posts, yet either, but I don’t like the ending. I don’t like how Lee takes Amanda’s decision and throws it away like he did nothing wrong. It was her decision to stay or leave, and it still should have been her decision. 😦 I do like the fact that he calls her “partner”, but I don’t think I would have been as easy going as Amanda is. She forgives him far toooo easily.

      OK, I’m done. You can begin throwing the rotten vegetables! 🙂


      • My only counterpoint here is that Amanda is not, in fact, Lee’s equal, professionally speaking. She has no formal training, she is not classified as an agent. Her badge still says “Guest Pass.” Lee’s not her boss and he’s out of line with blaming Amanda for something that is not her fault, but at the same time, I wouldn’t elevate Amanda beyond her objective status. She ranks subordinate to Lee at this point. I take greater issue with Lee being so belligerent toward HIS superior. I don’t know why Billy takes that from him. It was Billy’s call to issue an assignment to Amanda, and Lee should have been put in his place by Billy.

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