6/7 Season Four: Episode Thirteen- Promises to Keep-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Moving on and we see Lee, Amanda and a team – presumably hanging out at Goss farm with their big guns and binoculars!4.13PTK.avi_001995562
They start to wonder what’s going on.. and a limo arrives carrying a gloating Dr Smyth.
Who explains everything is following his plan…4.13PTK.avi_002048815
Smyth: … I knew you’d find Aquinas, Scarecrow, so I had you followed. Keeping up with him after that was like playing pin the tail on the donkey…without the blindfold. 4.13PTK.avi_002055221
Dr Smyth explains that TP is on his way to the real meeting, and lied to Lee and Amanda to get them out of the way.
Lee and Amanda discuss privately what could be going on here..
Amanda: Remember TP called and said he had a good deed to do?
Lee: Yeah…’Now it’s up to me and good deeds’. 4.13PTK.avi_002075241
Amanda: And he gave me a copy of ‘Everyman’? There’s a character in it called Good Deeds and he’s the only one that would go to meet Death. 4.13PTK.avi_002084851
Lee: Oh man. Now I see why TP’s goodbye was so final. He’s going to kill Jordan — and he expects to die doing it. 4.13PTK.avi_002097664
[Oh noooo TP! But at the same time… Lee looks so good here!!!]

We cut to TP in another limo, with a very sour looking Peralta.
TP is looking very nervous. He notes they are taking an extra long time avoiding being followed, and they are not sticking to TP’s timetable. 4.13PTK.avi_002117283
Peralta snaps back: Let me worry about what Jordan likes, Percy. I know him a lot better than you do.
[Boy, Peralta wears his heart on his sleeve doesn’t he! lol.]

Back at Goss farm, Lee and Amanda try to appeal to Dr Smyth to help TP stay safe. 4.13PTK.avi_002141908
For once I’m going to skip the dialogue for Dr Smyth – I’ll just say I loved this comment from Lee in this scene to Dr Smyth: Would you spare us the verbal fruit salad, for once, huh?
[If anyone ever wants a copy of the full transcript and it’s not up on www.smk-land.com – email me and I can email it to you.]4.13PTK.avi_002161761
Lee is getting increasingly angry with Dr Smyth, and they are taken off the case. 4.13PTK.avi_002165765
[Where’s Billy and Francine?! And.. where’s that gyrocopter?!]
Dr Smyth has Lee and Amanda led away by the troops. Confusing for these troops.. one minute Lee is leading the operation, the next they are leading Lee away! Hmm i guess Dr Smyth could have brought some along too]

Dr Smyth heads off in his limo. Next thing we see a yellow truck towing a gyrocopter. 4.13PTK.avi_002202969
[oh rofl. Let me guess at the ready for Lee to make his getaway?!
Inside, we find one of the troops is trying to give Amanda some helpful advice… lol.] 4.13PTK.avi_002205372
Commando: You want my advice, write him up. [Him being Dr Smyth] He’d love a little visit from the labor relations board at that frou-frou club of his…4.13PTK.avi_002215382
…I mean, taking a top agent and his partner out of the field like this…it’s bull! Don’t you think so, Marty?
(We see Lee wink at Amanda, and lol Amanda notices. )4.13PTK.avi_002224457
[ rofl at Amanda’s reaction! it’s pretty clear something’s up… but the soldier doesn’t seem to notice. Oh goody. Seems Lee and Amanda happened to be taken away by a total dingbat. What luck!]

Lee starts coughing.
Amanda: are you alright?
{Lee coughs more and drops to his knees on the truck floor}
Amanda: Oh my gosh, you gotta stop this thing… lie him out flat right here.
what’s the matter? 4.13PTK.avi_002235669
(Choosing his moment, Lee acts! There’s a struggle.. Amanda attacks the driver with his hat. rofl. There’s gas..tear gas I guess.. lots of grunting and fake scenery in the background.. and then Lee takes control of the truck.)
[The most interesting thing about this scene is that shockingly poor/unrealistic and hilarious screen that is supposed to convince us this truck is driving along a country road! whahaahahaa!!!]

Back to Peralta’s limo speeding along a dirt road, above them, a USAF plane is tracking them. [rofl at the stock footage used here!]
Male voice over radio: Eagle Two to comms center van, we have a positive coordinate lock on the white rabbit.
[White rabbit??!!!! Alice in Wonderland??? and.. hey the Matrix totally stole this from SMK!haaaa]
{We continue to hear the male voice delivering information over a speaker and cut to a comms room in the agency.}
(We see Francine enter, and make up a lame excuse that she’s looking for her hearing in this corner lol. 4.13PTK.avi_002304938
She wanders around a bit.. opens a file, has a look.. and a security guard arrives and glares at her carrying a big gun so she leaves.)

{Lee and Amanda sitting in the front seat of the van. We hear Francine over the radio.}
Francine: You were right. The Comms centre on alpha prime alert, but I did get a look at the Operations log. There’s only one priority watch in the DC area and it’s in Loudon County.

(Lee and Amanda can figure out the location based on this.. They’re meeting at
-drum roll- Thatcher’s farm!!!! They discuss together how to approach this based on where all the players are on the board..4.13PTK.avi_002340573
They figure they should arrive just before Dr Smyth and his TAC team, and this yellow truck could be used via remote as a diversion.
[after all nothing grabs your attention like a bright yellow truck right?!]
Lee: … we’ve got a gyrocopter on the trailer. If we’re going to that party, we’re going to drop in unexpected. 4.13PTK.avi_002358191
[Let’s crash this party!]
(LOL at Amanda’s parting words to the soldiers as they drive off leaving them tied to a tree. So Amanda!!)4.13PTK.avi_002364197
Amanda: We’re really sorry about this…we’ll try to send somebody.

On to Thatcher’s farm!
Peralta’s limo arrives, what initially appears to be a farmer approaches the field on a tractor.
TP remarks: Well, I stand corrected, Raymond. I presumed Mr. Jordan’s plane would be here on the ground waiting for us. 4.13PTK.avi_002384617_thumb_thumb
Like you presumed just because he asked for a runway, Jordan would be flying?
The farmer on the tractor is.. Jordan! the evil baddie genius!!!! He’s soooooo sooooo cunning! 4.13PTK.avi_002391024_thumb_thumb
[Now.. has Jordan had time to get this evil tractor fully loaded with a weapons arsenal? Because I think that would be hilarious!]
Foster’s limo arrives too – [oh hey, wasn’t this actor in Utopia Now? Noooo I’m not gonna check. you guys tell me if I’m wrong please!] 4.13PTK.avi_002412245_thumb_thumb
They all stand out in the field as Jordan’s security frisks everyone.
[we get a look inside TP’s coat] 4.13PTK.avi_002433066_thumb_thumb
{Jordan’s walkie talkie beeps.}
Jordan: (into radio) Yes?
Voice over radio: Agency TAC teams are converging on your position. ETA six minutes.4.13PTK.avi_002430263_thumb_thumb
Jordan: As I expected, thank, which gives us only two minutes before we disperse.
{As TP is being patted down, he stares at Jordan. 4.13PTK.avi_002440273_thumb_thumb
The screen dissolves into the flashback of his wife and son’s deaths (I can only assume his son died)4.13PTK.avi_002444678_thumb_thumb and Jordan’s face behind the trigger. 4.13PTK.avi_002443877_thumb_thumb
It dissolves back to the present, TP still staring at Jordan. The guard finds a set of keys in TP’s pocket and after checking them, hands them back to him.}

Jordan tells TP to wait in the car, while Peralta and Foster meet with him. TP tries to get closer but Jordan isn’t interested in viewing his statistics. And lol – stay in the car?! Will TP listen? What is the big yellow van gonna do?!
Stay tuned!! Can’t wait to hear from you all!!

Sorry I’m not commenting much lately Sad smile  I will try and get back here when I have two hands again [currently have one wrist immobilised]
– Thank goodness I had these blog posts already written.
I have the next ep ready to go too phew!
I’ve really enjoyed all the thoughts about Francine and I hope to reply when I can!!

18 responses to “6/7 Season Four: Episode Thirteen- Promises to Keep-Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. lielalreadysomeone

    Yep, Dan Lauria played Rogan in Utopia Now. He’s best known (at least to me) for playing the dad on The Wonder Years. He’s got 202 acting credits in IMDb, starting in 1977.

    Iwsod – Nice work on screen capping that wink! As you often point out, they just don’t translate well in a still frame, but this one’s perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Iwsod – Nice work on screen capping that wink! As you often point out, they just don’t translate well in a still frame, but this one’s perfect!

      I second the “wink of perfection” kudos from lielalreadysomeone.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Dan Lauria is also the husband of the murdered woman at the Betsy Ross estates, who is later killed in his own kitchen.

      He also appears in at least two movies with Bruce Boxleitner: Contagion and an older one that I can’t recall off hand.


  2. peacockdancer

    One other thing…

    I don’t understand the point of Jordan’s Tractor of Evil. Is it just part of an elaborate farmer costume? Why bother to dress up like a farmer if you are surrounding yourself with limousines and men in suits? Why do two of his henchmen take time to attach a trailer to the back of the Tractor of Evil? It seems to me their time would have been better spent looking out for the GIANT YELLOW TRUCK that is about to pull up close enough for Amanda to observe them and report on their moves!


    • peacockdancer

      Ah. Upon rewatching, I see that the trailer was attached to the tractor from the get-go, and the two henchmen were hiding in it. The whole “dramatic entrance” still makes no sense to me.


    • I don’t understand the point of Jordan’s Tractor of Evil. Is it just part of an elaborate farmer costume? Why bother to dress up like a farmer if you are surrounding yourself with limousines and men in suits?

      Mr. Jordan fancies himself a “Master of Disguise” since he’s the illegal drug trade top dog. He successfully wore fisherman attire to trick the U.S. Coast Guard when he first arrived. So here he lets “the suits” stand out. In case there’s trouble, he’s just a farmer.


      • peacockdancer

        Thanks! Okay, I guess I understand what the idea is. It just seems like an extremely poor plan. It’s one thing to evade the U.S. Coast Guard by dressing to blend in with other fishermen. It is quite another to purposefully walk into a situation that Jordan believes to be a trap designed to apprehend him (TAC team ETA is 6 minutes, “just as I suspected” — oh, and also, his response to this is, “cool, we have 2 minutes before we have to leave”? LOL!!). A farmer costume won’t cut it when facing federal agents on such a mission. No one is going to be able to slink away from this field unnoticed. The slow entrance of the Tractor of Evil also seems less … “impressive” than he might have intended. Watching with my boys, we were asking each other, “what’s this now”? “Is that a lawn mower”? And then we laughed.

        Alas, I should know better than to waste time trying to figure out the actions of SMK bad guys, who are notoriously stupid. It can, however, be an endless source of amusement, depending on the episode!


        • Alas, I should know better than to waste time trying to figure out the actions of SMK bad guys, who are notoriously stupid.

          True of many, but we did get S2’s “Playing Possum” who wasn’t stupid and S3’s “Dead Men Leave No Trails” which was riveting! IMO, of course.

          Liked by 1 person

          • And I’ll add Addi Birol.


            • Sorry, that was a response to Nancy’s last comment. Addi wasn’t one of the seriously dumb baddies.


              • peacockdancer

                Also Gregory! And Brody, and others. Yes, there is definitely a select group of SMK villians who are both competent and compelling (Birol easily at the top of that list), and IMO the episodes with those great characters are among the best of the series.

                Liked by 1 person

  3. peacockdancer

    I must admit, I very much enjoy Dr. Smyth’s “verbal fruit salad.” This scene in particular always leaves me shaking my head and smiling. The guy is just so over-the-top bizarre. Horrible too, of course, but it is always fascinating to see which nursery rhyme he will pull out next. It’s also interesting to note that Amanda doesn’t seem the least bit intimidated by him anymore. She rolls her eyes at him just as much as Lee does. The guy really is a terrible leader — he does absolutely nothing to inspire loyalty from his staff.

    I feel very bad for those soldiers that Lee and Amanda attacked in the truck! Here they were, being as friendly as could be and sympathizing with their plight, and then — wham! Lee really might have hurt the one guy when he attacked him to get the gun, and they are all EXTREMELY lucky that the truck didn’t crash and injure or kill anyone when Amanda put her hands over the driver’s eyes. And then to throw in the tear gas(!) on top of everything (or was it a smoke grenade?) just seems like overkill! Lee and Amanda had better hope they don’t run into those two again, because it will not be such a friendly encounter next time.


  4. Oh my goodness! Praying for you!


  5. Lee’s winks in the truck and coughinh fit are so adorable! I like the actor playing the guard too.


  6. We see Francine enter, and make up a lame excuse that she’s looking for her hearing …

    Has she gone deaf? LOL
    There’s a funny typo here because what Francine really is looking for is her earring!

    Liked by 1 person

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