4/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Got your hankies at the ready? Let’s continue!!

Back to the agency, a clock close up tells us it’s 1020am. Whoooo continuity SMK! Go you!!! So it took 20 minutes for Lee and Amanda to escape McMurty’s – that’s gotta be a record haaaa. Focus iwsod.. 10am is about 14 hours to go..

Billy’s on the phone in his office..
Billy: How long ago? How the hell did that happen?
{Door opens and Francine enters}
Billy: Is he armed?
Francine: Billy, Billy. It’s Lee. Line two.
Billy: (to person on the other line): Hold on.
{He switches to line two.}
Billy: Lee, where are you? Listen to me, Lee. You’re already on a wire. There’s going to be a scramble.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001262162_thumb(To Francine.) He wants a meet.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001266366_thumb
{He switches back to the first line.}
Billy: Hold the dogs until you hear from me. Yes, I said hold them!
{He hangs up the phone, grabs his gun and jacket and goes to the door. Francine follows.} [Billy didn’t tell! cool!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001278678_thumb
Francine: Billy, look, even you can’t keep the bloodhounds tied up for long and he is dead on the streets once they’re set loose.
(Billy responds to this by walking out!) And the scene ends.
[He already knows this Francine! But hey, it’s a good time to up the tension and remind us all it’s a race against time in a number of different ways! Billy seems to be going to meet Lee alone. Me happy!!   

You know I’m actually surprised at how much they’ve managed to fit into the first 21 minutes of this episode.. it has certainly packed a punch!]

Next up, we find Lee waiting outside for his meet with Billy. [LOL Lee is in don’t mess with me I’m sexy mode.]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001287487
They have their usual exchange. Hey Billy I’m going after Doneck./ Lee don’t do this, we have tons of people working on this! /Billy I’m doing this. Any leads? /  err nope Lee.

Lee: Well, I’m contagious by midnight. Now, I’ve got to do this. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001309109
{Billy pulls a gun out of his jacket.}
Billy: And I’ve got to do this. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001315115
[More like he whips it out! swip!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001316316
(Lee sighs.) [Ah Billy come on!!! Not angry though lol]
{{SARA: Okay, Billy, but the last time Lee pulled something out of his jacket, it made sparks. Might want to stand back. }

Billy: Lee, you’re a walking time bomb. Now come on back and don’t make me use this, because you know I will. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001320820
[hey! He can be a walking time bomb until at least 11 pm. Let him go do what he’s gotta do!]
Lee: No, you won’t.
{Lee shows him a band on his arm with a metal plate and digital readout. He presses a button and one display reads 12:10:10, time remaining, while another display beside it reads 11:22, current time.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001325325
There are five buttons at the top; a blue, a gold and three black buttons. There are two small buttons beneath the 11:22 read out.}
[at 1020 he has 13 and a half hours. Now at 11.22 he has 12 hours ish. whhooo the maths still works!]
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001324724
Lee: Leatherneck outfitted me with this about an hour ago. It’s a hypo, time-activated. Contains enough cyanide to take out a platoon.
[Do I want to know why the agency had a gadget like this all ready to go like that?! Err maybe not.]
Billy: Dead man’s watch.
[Is there a more slender version for the ladies?!]
Lee: It’s counting down to 11:30 tonight. Plenty of time before I’m contagious.
[Hey I’m impressed, Lee used his noggin, and came up with a way for Billy to be able to say okay to him being out and about leading up to his cut off time!]
Billy: Scarecrow listen—
(Billy puts away his gun)
Lee: Just hear me out, will you, Billy? Now, it takes two keys to undo this watch. It activates if anyone tries to remove it without them. Amanda has one. I want you to take the other.
{Lee hands him the key.}
Lee: And give me the next 12 hours.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001346346[Cute that dramatic super sad and angsty music!!!! GAHHHH!!!! ugly tears ugly tears ugly ugly ugly tears!]
Billy: Okay. I can buy you some time…4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001358058 …But if the mirror breaks, they’re going to come after you with a vengeance and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do.
{Lee nods.}
[Heck, this is the usual IFF work environment anyway haaaa]

Back at IFF, Billy’s on the phone again!
Billy: Melrose here. I’d like some travel documents. Stetson, Lee. No, one-on-one. I’m the courier. Destination is Anderson. Thank you.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001383650
(The clock behind Billy reads 12:15)
[Five minutes since he met with Lee? Fast work!!
I have no idea what this anderson business is but I’m going with it].
{Billy hangs up as Francine enters.}
Francine: Lee was right. Doneck is here.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001388755
[Francine’s outfit is almost… normal!]
Billy: That’s fantastic.
Francine: Now, he’s holed up in the Soviet Embassy. We can’t touch him there. It’s sovereign territory.
Billy: Set up three teams. If Doneck so much as steps a centimeter outside of that embassy, I want him.
We need a reason to bust him.
Billy: Jaywalking, shoplifting, kicking a dog… I don’t give a damn. Just get him…
[Haaaaa this is genius!]
Billy says he’s managing to keep Lee’s escape on the down low, so far.
Francine does the compulsory – are you sure you know the risk you are taking, and Billy says Yep, Lee’s worth it! The scene ends there.

Moving on.. back to Amanda’s! Good thing Dotty decided to go on a trip this weekend huh!
{Outside of Amanda’s house. We see her Jeep parked in front of the curb.}
[She’s swapped out her army Jeep! haaa]
Inside, we see a close up on the time..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001425091
[Lots of clock watching in Bad Timing. How appropriate. And it seems they’ve taken great care to get the timings all correct. So bad timing is actually really good timing. ahem. Kudos!]
Amanda joins Lee on the sofa.. with his massive computer and printer haaaaaa.
Amanda: How are you doing?
Lee: I’m into the agency computer network.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001432899
Lee: My entry codes still work. Billy knew I’d use them.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001435001
Amanda: Billy’s a good friend. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001436503
Lee: Yeah, the best. He’s taking a big risk covering for me.
He pushes a button on the dot matrix printer and it makes a whirring noise and prints a page.}

Lee: I’ve pulled everything that the agency has on Doneck. Here we go.
Lee tears off the page glances at it and looks at it with Amanda.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001450316
[I’m impressed. Lee tore that off with his non dominant hand. Makes me wonder if it was made easy for him. looking at the images I’m wondering if it was already cut. lol I remember those printers and they were a pain to tear off!!!! I bet there are bloopers of BB not tearing it off. lol.
oh and… all the agency has on Doneck can be printed on one page! haaaaaa.. things are not looking good! haaaa.. sorry I digress!]
Lee: He was stationed in D.C. from ’79 to ’83. I’ve got a list of all his haunts, girlfriends and how he got his kicks on Friday nights.
{{SARA: Do we really want to know how he got his kicks on a Friday night? Lol}
[Ewwwwwww Doneck didn’t have girlfriends or get his kicks on any night. I refuse to believe it. No wonder this information all fits on one page haaaaaa.]
Hmm. It’s not much. I just need one break.
{Phone rings. Amanda and Lee look at one another.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001467133
Ah, you’d better answer it. 
They head over to the phone..
Amanda: Hello. Yes, sir, he’s right here.4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001479746 Lee: Yeah. Billy. You’re sure? No, don’t worry. I won’t, I won’t. Okay, keep me updated.
(Lee hangs up and immediately starts dialing another number)
Amanda: What’s happening?
Lee: That break I wanted.
Amanda: Mm-hmm?
Lee: Yeah, T.P.? Stetson. Yeah, I’m… I’m laying low. You heard about it, huh? Look, T.P. There’s something you can do for me. I need an up-to-date blueprint of the Soviet embassy ASAP. You got it? Yeah, yeah…
[whoa. Lee has a lot of faith in what TP can get his hands on! I love how there’s no question he can get it. haaa]
…And one other thing. I’m looking for Fritz the cat. You got any ideas?
[rofl. Fritz the cat is a mystery to me.. Fritz is german maybe? from Berlin? haaaa.. anything to do with Anderson?! Go with it iwsod…]
{{SARA: Hmm… Stray cat? Feral cat? Check an alley way or a back porch, or just leave him some treats.}
Lee: Good, good. Alright, I’ll talk to you later.
{Lee hangs up.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001519386
Lee: Doneck is holed up in the embassy. Now, we can’t touch him there. At least not legally. And my guess is, he’s not about to take a casual stroll from now to midnight, so we’re going to have to take the mountain to Mohammed.
Amanda: Wait a minute. That’s crazy. You can’t break into the Soviet embassy, not alone.
Lee: Amanda, we made a deal, right? You’re support, no questions. I’m going to hold you to that.
Amanda: Right.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001536803
[I didn’t hear that deal. Nope I didn’t hear a promise of no questions! haaa]

Moving on to a park, Amanda’s car is parked near by…
Lee is meeting someone..
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001544911{{SARA: Must be Fritz the cat. Definitely looks feral, lol}
[Oh as in cat burlgar maybe. lol the penny just dropped for me..]
Man (Fritz the cat): This is pretty wild. This is a real interesting box… 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001545812Sort of like one of those crazy Chinese puzzles, huh?
{{SARA: And a cat would know about boxes, right?}
[yep. and a Siamese would probably be especially good at crazy chinese box puzzles?]
Lee: Is there a way in? Any way?
Fritz the cat: There’s always a way to score, Lee. It just depends on how much you’re willing to put on the line.
Lee: How about everything?
{{SARA: Says the one who doesn’t have nine lives. Then again, Lee’s probably cut it close more than a few times.}
Fritz the cat: Alright…This place is loaded to the hilt. I’d better get started on it right away. How much time have I got?
Lee: Five hours is about all I can give you.
{{SARA: Ohhh…kitty looks a little nervous!}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_001572238
[yeah Fritz’ jaw is on the floor with that one but hey, he’s willing to give it a go!]

Time to pause!!! What do you think? Any thoughts you’d like to share?

15 responses to “4/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Fritz is german maybe? from Berlin?

    Yep, Fritz is a short form of Friedrich (Frederik).
    And indeed it’s often used in Berlin.
    So it might be a hint to Lee’s time in Germany/Berlin.


  2. Lee: Leatherneck outfitted me with this about an hour ago. It’s a hypo, time-activated. Contains enough cyanide to take out a platoon.
    Billy: Dead man’s watch.

    Glad Lee sought out Leatherneck. He’s superb at providing those odd, need-it-yesterday agent necessities! Leatherneck is one I wish was onscreen more often.


  3. Lee and Billy are always there for one another. They may disagree, but in the end, they always stand up for each other.


  4. Okay, so a couple of things here. First, yummy, Lee sure does look good with his jeans and leather jacket waiting for Billy to arrive. I didn’t hear any deal either between he and Amanda. Only thing she asked him (I just watched that scene) when they were at McMurty’s was, “how to we get past these bars?” I forgot, Macho Lee always thinks he can do things by himself.


    • I think the “Your support, no questions” got cut from the original script. I’d have to look back and be sure, but Lee says something about how because they’re short on time he might need to make decisions he won’t have time to explain and he needs Amanda to just trust him


      • Maybe so. I never saw the series when it originally aired on TV. Still don’t know why, I’ve always been a huge KJ fan. If it is in there send me a shout out, that would be interesting to know.


  5. Sandra Schymocha

    Since “Just walk with me ..” I love Saturdays even more. 🥰 Thank you!
    I have to admit, I didn’t remember this episode at all.
    I first saw season 4 on DVD a few years ago. The first 3 seasons in the early 90s, i was so 11 years old. So I knew the series from earlier and watched it often, but never completely through or I always had the impression that I was missing the context. When I bought the DVDs, I was totally surprised that there were episodes that were never broadcast on German television, but that were very important for the story. I was also glad that I could hear the original soundtrack because the German dubbing and translation are sometimes really stupid. We call the series “Agentin mit Herz” (Agent with a Heart).
    Only when the bars were blown did I have a short backflash. And that “… just go back to my place and um have some dessert …” and Lee’s expression too 😏


    • Hey Sandra, great to see you stop by again! It’s been ages 🙂

      Yeah there are a lot of german SMK fans.

      Glad you finally got to enjoy the true english version of SMK, to think of dubbing over BB’s voice? gah!!!! So sad!!!


      • Oh, Lee’s German voice was realy nice – his name is Joachim Tennstedt, a German actor. I still recognise his voice without seeing him and for me he is still ‘Lee’s voice’, he’s always gonna be.
        But I have to admit, l prefer the real BB since I got to know the original SMK Show somewhere back in the late 80’s/eraly 90’s.


  6. Billy says Yep, Lee’s worth it!

    You better believe he’s worth it! Billy and Lee adhere to the adage: “You watch my back and I watch yours.”
    Remember S4’s “Billy’s Lost Weekend”eight episodes ago?


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