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1/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hi Everyone, are we ready to move on to a bright shiny new episode in the walk?
A huge thanks to Learjet, who transcribed this episode and descriptions for Operation Sandstorm. Learjet: We Salute You!!
Like last episode, anything that is Learjet’s description will go in these brackets { }.
The episode starts with rainy D.C at night.
[Interesting visual as everything is red white and blue! I wonder if that’s on purpose…]
Anyway, the episode opens on an empty street where two men are meeting.. Jumping straight into the plot this time!
It’s…. blackmail time!!! ANCP.avi_000117017

Tux wearing Blackmailer: It’s like this, Senator. You make your payments and I don’t send those pictures of you and that very attractive Congressional page to the papers.

[Whoa this guy has smug-evil down to a fine art!]  Senator/Wife cheater: I told you, I cannot take any more out of my account. My wife will notice and she will ask questions.
(The baddie offers to change his demand, from cash to a vote on the upcoming handbill gun.
The Senator resists saying it’s been a ‘lifelong dream’ to pass this legislation,and he resists. He’s disgusted, trapped.. what’s he gonna do?! )ANCP.avi_000141841
[You think it’s bad now Senator, wait till the baddie finds out that you, as ‘Harriman’,  died two seasons ago and have come back to life… with way less guyliner.

I wonder if he still has a hidden copy of that manuscript of The Suburban Spy tucked away somewhere. lol. –Episode Double Agent- ]
Sorry I digress…
Blackmailer (shouts): Heeeeeeeey!!!!!!!
(then quietly, but threateningly).
…Let’s stop your name calling. I’m trying to help you out. I mean, the consequences of changing one vote is a lot easier to take than public humiliation. Think about it, Senator. You don’t have to give me your answer now. Take, say, uh, until the vote comes up tomorrow to make up your mind… I’ll be in touch.
[Where the baddie in Need to Know was really dull, this one straight up makes my skin crawl! This baddie is soooo helpful!!! ugh!!]

(The baddie leaves and the scene ends.
Next thing, we move on to a new location..)
[LOL that it’s number 911. Have we seen this location before? anyone curious to look? Me.. no time..]ANCP.avi_000177077 (The tuxedo wearing baddie enters the location, it’s classy, piano playing in the background.
He’s greeted by name. Ahhh ‘Mr Trent’ it is.
The hallways opens up to another room which is a casino of sorts..
Trent immediately zeros in on one man.)
Trent: Harry, my friend. How’s it going?
Harry: Not very well, I’m afraid. Um…In fact, I’m not sure when I’m going to be able to pay you.
Trent: I’m not worried about the money; take all the time you need. Harry – hang in there. Your luck’s gonna change.ANCP.avi_000200000 …I can feel it. [you know what I’m feeling? dirty! Like I need a shower!! ughhhhhh]ANCP.avi_000203603
(Given the okay to go even further into debt that he already is, Harry walks off, and – joins Dotty at one one of the crap tables.) ANCP.avi_000214814
[Dotty??!!! Is this Mr Kibbles in his shopping cart?! rofl.]
(Dotty doesn’t seem to be having a good time.)
Harry (to Dotty): Just another half hour.
Dotty: You said that an hour ago.
Harry: My luck is changing now, Dotty. And if I can double up my bets
(Harry counts out some cash to place more bets.
Uh oh.) 
Dotty: You’ve lost an awful lot of money already, Harry…
(Dotty is silent for a moment, steels her determination, and then speaks up.) … I wanna go home. Now.ANCP.avi_000224024
Harry: Dotty…
Dotty: Now. And I do know how to call a cab.
[Go Dotty!!!!]
(He finally sees it’s time to quit, she looks very relieved!
Harry escorts Dotty out.)
[Trent watches on.. devious baddie thoughts clearly going on in that head of his… and the evil laugh. Muahahahahahaha.
Is that a brown bow tie? Really??
He seems to have some kind of plan in mind for Dotty’s date Harry, and based on his previous helping of the senator, it’s not good.
I hardly remember this episode! gah!!!
This actor playing Harry comes across immediately as a likeable, gentle, nice man – even if he seems to be having a significant gambling problem, and is high risk to not get another date with Dotty! So already, I don’t want evil Trent to get his claws into Harry!]
The scene ends there.

(We cut to the exterior of the King home and dinosaur roars.) [That or Phillip’s been cooking again and it’s indigestion. Not sure. That might explain how all the lights are on. lol.] ANCP.avi_000242042
 {We see the TV with two dinosaurs fighting onscreen.
Lee and Amanda are cuddled together on a couch in front of the TV, seemingly engrossed in the show and eating popcorn.}ANCP.avi_000247247
Lee: You know, this is the best evening we’ve spent together in weeks.
Amanda: Mh-hmm … Worked out pretty well for everybody.
Lee: Mmmmm.
[okay okay, is this cute or what?! I love to see them like that.. even if I don’t understand why Amanda is leaning away with her leg crossed over away from Lee when she should be all snuggled up on that. ahem.
And. I’m really sorry to nit-pick (not really) but if you were going to focus on something.. would it be this??
Or this??
I think for us on JWWM the correct answer is option 2! whahaaha.. The dinosaurs are never gonna compete with Mr Magic Fingers. That’s all there is to it! Am I right peeps?
Soooo snuggling at Amanda’s place, is Lee no longer a secret? because I’m thinking secret relationship means he’s secret? Watch and pay attention iwsod..]
Amanda: Fellas got to go fishing with their dad; Mother went out with Harry.
Lee: That’s the third time this week. Sounds serious.
[Is it weird what Lee’s left hand is doing? it looks weird to me. but then, I’m weird too! ohhhh whatev.]
Amanda: Yeah. She likes him and he likes her…ANCP.avi_000269269 … She thinks he’s pretty special.
Lee: Yeah. Well, special does run in the family.
Amanda: Awh.ANCP.avi_000276376
{They both smile and Lee moves in to kiss her while still watching the TV. We hear the sound of the front door. A note of panic enters Lee’s voice.}
Lee: Your mother!
Amanda: You’re right.
Lee: Ohh!
[I see. Still secret huh.]
{In the rush to leave, Lee and Amanda crash into each other, holding each other.}ANCP.avi_000280680
(They scramble.. Amanda gets his coat for him and shoves it at him on his way out.) ANCP.avi_000282182
[What is that blue sweater?!  I hope I never see it again!!!]
(LOL at the dinosaurs roaring so loudly.)
{Amanda randomly grabs a book from the bookcase and the TV remote, turns off the TV, sticks Lee’s paper napkin under the couch cushion and opens her book, sighing loudly.}

[Gosh, isn’t it terrible Lee and Amanda haven’t been able to snuggle like that for weeks?! I mean, if only one of them lived somewhere that gave them a bit of uninterrupted privacy you know? I mean.. maybe Lee should look into that and do something about his pesky flatmate.. oh wait.. Nevermind. It’s almost like they want to be found out.. haaaaa..]

(Anyway, Amanda looks settled on the couch with her book, and bowl of popcorn Laughing out loud as Dotty walks into the room.)ANCP.avi_000296396
Dotty: Hello, dear.ANCP.avi_000297997
(Dotty sounds a bit down and preoccupied.) ANCP.avi_000308508

Dotty: …I found out something very unsettling about Harry….He gambles….He plays craps in the back room of a private club. I mean, you know: (In a male voice) ” Yo, 11. Come on, Little Joe. Uh, snake eyes. Hard way eight.” ANCP.avi_000313213[ROFL!] (Back to her normal voice)
…That’s how it goes. He loses a lot of money.
Amanda: You had no idea?ANCP.avi_000324057
Dotty: No, I didn’t. I mean, Harry is a very private person. I don’t even know his phone number. Ah, don’t. I know what you’re thinking, that’s strange.ANCP.avi_000331264
Amanda: Mother, do you know where he lives?
Dotty: No.

[Whoa. this just keeps getting better and better. Not.
Oh my gosh!!!!! Anyone else having flashbacks to the Artless Artful Dodger?!
Billy: Nobody’s blaming you, Amanda. The Dodger’s a very sharp operator…
(see the full exchange HERE)

Amanda: No, he didn’t give me a phone number, he always called me.

Lee: And that didn’t tip you off? Oh, come on, Amanda, married guys and weirdos. They don’t give you phone numbers.

Amanda: He is not married! At least, I don’t think he is. And he didn’t seem like a weirdo! He seemed nice, and he had a Rolls-Royce with French license plates on it and impeccable manners! I mean, he had the most impeccable manners-
[Amanda is her mother’s daughter!. Love a reminder of jealous Lee too haaaa.. ]

Back to the current episode. I digress! again!
[So which is Harry? married or  a weirdo?!]
Amanda: You don’t know his phone number and you don’t know where he lives. Mother? What do you know about Harry?ANCP.avi_000344177
Dotty: I, I, I, I… know that he’s…that he’s wonderful-
Amanda: -Oh, Mother.ANCP.avi_000347781
Dotty: That he’s witty, that he’s charming and that he’s adorable and that he uh…that he drives a gorgeous Bentley… ANCP.avi_000353787
… Captain Curt is a million laughs and I have a good time with him. And Mr Johansen is the last of the red-hot lovers.. ANCP.avi_000364597(Amanda looks uncomfortable). ANCP.avi_000366099
…And Mr Aiken – huh – Mr Aiken, I mean he makes a good fourth at bridge…
[‘Mr Johansen’? Mr Aiken? Dotty you are…Kinky! !]
…But Harry… Harry is… Uh, well I, I feel like maybe I could have a relationship with him…
…something deeper. Maybe… maybe even something permanent.ANCP.avi_000381114
Amanda: Mother, you’ve got to find out a lot more about this man before you start thinking that way.
[This is really interesting, when we all have our theories for how Amanda approached developing feelings for Lee and keeping them in check? This feels like it fits right with our ideas about it- IMHO]
Dotty: I cannot just go out and ask him a lot of questions. I mean, that would be too embarrassing.
Amanda: Mother, listen to yourself.
Dotty: … if we could just… Well, if we could just make a few discreet inquiries?ANCP.avi_000397630
Amanda: Don’t say we, Mother.
Dotty: Amanda, you work with a lot of government types. Now, if they could just find out just a little bit about Harry.
(Amanda points out that would be bending the rules.. but she agrees to do it for her. She’ll do it but she’s not thrilled about it. lol..Dotty is though – she’s really happy and feels ‘so much better!’)ANCP.avi_000417751
[What do you all think about Dotty here? She really likes this Harry, and seems to know so little about him. I guess love isn’t logical huh..
Much about Harry seems to be unknown by Dotty, but when it comes to Amanda she doesn’t miss much!]
The scene ends with this little exchange..

Dotty: Did you have a nice evening?
Amanda: Oh, yeah, it was pretty quiet. Just me and my popcorn; my book.
(we see a close up on Amanda’s book)ANCP.avi_000429462
Dotty: Yeah, hmm. You know, you’re a lot like I am. You love to read a good dictionary. ANCP.avi_000432165{With this, Dotty smiles, Amanda’s face drops [Whahahaahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!!]ANCP.avi_000433366 ANCP.avi_000433967
and Dotty kisses Amanda.} ANCP.avi_000435468
…Good night, love. ANCP.avi_000437270(Dotty picks up her coat giving Amanda a last side look and she leaves)
[Amanda is so busted!] ANCP.avi_000444177
(Amanda looks at the dictionary and picks it up.)
The scene ends here.

While I find Harry instantly sympathetic, there’s a part of me that can’t see why Dotty likes him. Then again, one date got her kidnapped not that long ago so Dotty isn’t exactly.. risk-averse!
Plus, how interesting that Dotty seems to think that Amanda might be able to help get information on Harry and hangs out with government types.. haaaaa..
You know I honestly have no idea who Harry is and what he does! lol. Can’t remember anything!!!! 

Lots to unpack in this post!!!! Who would like to share?! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Transcripts Update -October 2020 *post updated regularly*

Hi Everyone, hope in these universally stressful times you are staying well and looking after yourselves.

Time to review where season 4 dialogue transcripts are up to, then we’ll get on with the walk Smile . It’s time to see who is interested in contributing, and reassure everyone this is not an obligation – smk is for fun- and don’t feel any pressure to do this!! My priority for upcoming posts is transcription of Lee/Amanda scenes – if you’d like to volunteer and just transcribe them, go right ahead, I think it’s likely for some upcoming episodes they are going to be walked through with less posts!

Note: This list is a living document, and I’ll update it as things change. Here’s a summary of where transcripts are up to for remaining Season 4 episodes:

Completed: [Huge thank you everyone!!!!]
10. Need to Know – Sara transcribed
11. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Clagjanet transcribed
12. Any Number Can Play –Learjet transcribed
13. Promises to Keep – Clagjanet
15. Bad Timing – Sara transcribed
16. Do You Take This Spy – LeeLovesAmanda
19. All That Glitters  – Clagjanet transcribed
21. A Matter of Choice – Peacockdancer transcribed
22. The Khrushchev List -Learjet transcribed

Assigned and confirmed to be underway:
14. Rumors of My Death – Cindy D has volunteered
17. Mission of Gold – Clagjanet has volunteered
18. One Flew East – BJo has volunteered
20. Suitable for Framing – Peacockdancer has volunteered

Sorry if I’ve made a mistake here – just let me know and I’ll update the listing. No pressure on ANYONE to do this – I can continue the walk without transcripts it will just be a bit different/shorter. For some season 4 episodes maybe that’s for the best?! lol. so many I don’t remember!!

I’ll publish a separate post – another living document- covering where Operation Sandstorm is up to very soon. So we can together work with Petralit, to figure out where Operation Sandstorm is up to (So anyone wanting to contribute can do so). 

Take care all!! thankyou2

[Post started 29 August, 2020. Last updated 1 November, 2020]

7/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to the Q bureau to see what Lee and Amanda can dig up about Nesbitt.
Lee:  Something about this just isn’t right.
(Amanda is scrutinising a photo with a magnifying glass. A photo of the Petrovich twins maybe?!)
Amanda:  Did you see this?  Look at this in Nesbitt’s calendar. [Ummm anyone else find this picture confusing? I concluded we are seeing Nesbitt’s calendar, and someone has at the agency has already gone over it and written notes in it in the blue pen. What do you think? Because why would Nesbitt be noting he was with Dursak in the third person.. and it looks like whoever wrote the notes doesn’t know how to spell Nesbitt’s name. lol – end credits definitely spell it ‘Nesbitt’.]
SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002254320_thumb …Lear 24, remove tank.  It’s real little in the bottom left.  See that?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002259325_thumb
[If only Lee had taken a photo of the next page in Nesbitt’s calendar– it said: ‘Steal Missile (muahahaha)’ and the week after? ‘hire Fouts and his plutonium’. whahahahaaaa.. anyway… focus iwsod]
Lee:  Yeah, Learjet.  Private.  Expensive…
[and a great handle. Right Learjet?!!!]
… That’s the kind of plane he’d own.
Amanda:  The pictures of Nesbitt and Dursak were taken at the Telegram’s hangers.
[The telegram has hangers?!]
Lee:  Let me call Charlie.
(Amanda hands Lee the phone)
Amanda:  Yeah.  Nesbitt’s supposedly flying across Canada today.
  (On phone): Charlie Benton, please.  Yeah, Charlie.  Lee Stetson.
Charlie:  I’m going nuts.
Lee:  Yeah, I know.  I know.  Listen, one question.  What kind of plane does Nesbitt own?
Charlie:  Two of them.  A Learjet and a Gulfstream.  Both here in DC.  Why?
(Lee’s happy with this answer)
[Me too. It gave us a Lee’s dimples sighting!! Nice. Very nice. ]
Lee: Thanks, Charlie.  Thanks a lot.  No, don’t worry.  No one’s gonna scoop you… Yeah, I’ll talk to you later.  Thanks a lot.
[LOL I bet Charlie heads straight to the airport after this call!]
(to Amanda):
Guess what?  He owns two, a Lear and a Gulfstream.
Amanda:  He’s going to fly across Canada.  Why is he removing the tanks?
(Lee makes another call to air traffic control to check Nesbitt’s flight plans submitted..
[love how he just punches that number in to the phone, like he knew it by heart?! rofl!!]
Anyway, air traffic control reports a flight plan was submitted for the gulf to fly to Toronto only.
Lee identifies that the Lear is still in DC, and tells Amanda that Nesbitt is ‘rated to fly both of them’)
[How he knows that about Nesbitt I don’t know but I’m just glad he didn’t need to call someone and ask haaa.]
Lee:  We’d better check it out.
(Amanda packs up to leave)
[whoooo I see she’s wearing the heart necklace here]
Amanda:  What about back-up?
Lee:  Uh..  We’ll tell operations where we’re going.  They can get ahold of our cover at the Tritanium site.
Amanda:  Right.
(they both leave the Q bureau.)
[Amanda doesn’t take her handbag? Whatev. what does Lee mean about their cover at the Tritanium site? Was he maybe supposed to say their cover at the Telegram? Me confused.]

I sense we are getting close to action finale time! So I’m going to pause here – It seems like so long ago that Lee and Amanda were bantering about their pasts and secrets. I would have liked to see it mentioned again here in the Q bureau but everything seems to be pure plot at this point..]

Lee and Amanda head to the airport..
[with no back up? I don’t know I’m confused.. but whatev.
Whooo that was fast, looks like the corvette has it’s door back!]
Lee and Amanda sneak around..
[holding hands? Awhhhhh..
clunk clunk goes Amanda in her heels as they try to sneak. She’s going to need to source quiet heels if she’s going to be lying and sneaking for the government.
It’s funny to see an airport in the same episode as the Dursack/Serdeych actor – do you think this is the same airport used to film the end of WOTSTW?]
Lee:  Charlie’s photos are right on.
[yeah. he took a photo of a hangar, and.. there’s a hangar! tee hee.. whooo that was some tricky photography!]
Amanda:  Let’s go inside.
(Lee and Amanda sneak inside, avoiding notice – they see the war head attached to the learjet and have a little discussion about it while hiding behind a plane in the hangar.
Amanda shows she’s been learning a thing or two about missiles which is cool. lol.)
Amanda:  Short-range, air-to-service, sign for the F-4.  Obsolete.   Studied it in hardware.
Lee:  Yeah, well, the Air Force dumped all our Slingshots in the 70s, all over the world.  Not carrying the normal cyclonite warhead, though.  It’s been modified to thermite.  Look at those guys wearing contamination suits.  Radiation.
Amanda:  Nuclear warheads?
Lee:  Well, nuclear yes, but not a vision weapon.
Amanda:  The shopkeeper was supposed to have some Plutonium.
[okay this made me pause.. shopkeeper?! ohhh yeahhhh I’d forgotten all about that Fouts guy and his name.. The shopkeeper! rofl. I confess I’ve not been super engaged with remembering aspects of this plot – hope others are paying attention and can help us out!]
Lee:  They burn down in the Tritanium.  Plutonium would be useless and radioactive for the next 300 generations.  Watch my back.  I know they’ve got a fix, but we’ve got to be positive.
Amanda: Right.  Careful.
Lee:  Yeah.
[Right! some acknowledgement that they know where all that tritanium is stored. well that’s something. Rofl. 300 generations, Nesbitt reckons the effect will be felt for 20 thousand years!]

{Nesbitt and Dursak are walking around.  They check the plane and pause to look at the missile again.  They catch Lee who is looking at some papers.}

Lee sneaks around inside, and is spotted by Dursak and Nesbitt, so Lee plays a cover.
Lee:  Well, everything here seems to be in order.  Excellent…SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002497797
…I’m with the FAA.  I was making a spot check here.  And believe me, gentlemen, I intend to file a glowing report.
[Nuclear glowing!]
(They aren’t buying it, they search Lee and uh oh. take his gun.)
Nesbitt:  Check outside and see if he’s alone.
Dursak:  Tie him up… Wait until we are airborne.  And then you must kill him.
[Umm why wait? err not that I want Lee to die but lol]
(Dursak and Nesbitt go to leave, Amanda continues to sneak around.)
[They leave one guy with Lee. haaaaa…]
Nesbitt:  Let’s go.  We’re going to stay on schedule.
(The bad guy moves Lee along.. looking suitably sour-faced.)
[His expression cracks me up. so cliche I love it.]
(Amanda watches on, and… literally throws a spanner in the works!)
[Does that translate for North Americans? I think this might be a British saying]
She tosses the massive spanner, and the bad guy turns to look. Lee takes the opportunity to kick his feet out from under him. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002548848
I howled with laughter at this point. this is the lamest bad guy ever.]

(The baddies are in the learjet getting ready to take off.)
[Hurry Lee and Amanda!]
{The security guard from outside hears the gunshot and runs back inside.  Amanda grabs the gun from the guard that is down and brings it to Lee, then helps him get untied.  The outside security pulls his gun on Lee, but Lee shoots him first.  Outside security guy is down.  Lee and Amanda run toward the exit in time to see Nesbitt in the Learjet starting to leave.  They run for the Corvette.}
Lee:  Get on the phone and get us some back up.
Amanda:  Yeah.
(They get in the car.)
[crank up that pursuit music!! Maybe the maniac song?!]
Amanda: (on phone)  Yes sir, about four miles south of Rockville.  Yes sir.
(To Lee): What are we going to do if we catch him?
[He’s a maniac maaaaaaaaniac on the runway!!!!! And he’s taxi’ing like he’s never taxied before!
Rofl. I’m with Amanda. she’s getting close to losing it here rofl.]
Lee:  One thing at a time.
Amanda:  What are we going to do if he lets that missile loose?????!!!!!
[KJ goes for funny here, thank goodness. it needed it. I love her delivery of this line! KJ does funny scared so well!]
(the jet continues along the runway, but hasn’t started taking off yet)
Air traffic:  Clear niner-zero-one, you are clear on runway three north.
Nesbitt:  Thank you, tower.  This is Lear nine-zero-one.  We’re rolling.
(The vette hits the runway, and overtakes the learjet that is speeding up for take off.)
[Yes, you read that right!!!!! Okay – now that his really funny!!!!! Whoa. that corvette really packs some speed! It can overtake a learjet about to take off?! Whahaahahahaahaaha..  oh that’s priceless! ]
Air traffic:  Clear niner-zero-one and all runway traffic, this is control.  Hold all take-offs.
Dursak:  Take it to the air, Nesbitt. [Maniac!]
Nesbitt:  I don’t have enough airspeed to rotate.
(too slow to lift off, Nesbitt pulls back on the throttles)
[Well. That is very non-maniac like behaviour. I’m disappointed!
Yes, the Corvette vs the Learjet in a speed race, and the corvette wins. Hey why does a car chasing down a plane seem familiar? we seen this before? I’m not even going to look – I’m gonna throw this out there and I’m sure someone here will know!]
{Nesbitt opens the door and Lee fires his weapon toward the plane.  Nesbitt quickly gets back inside.  Amanda gets out of the car next.}
Amanda:  What do we do now?
Lee:  We sit back and wait for the cavalry.

(So. that’s it. Baddies caught. Tritanium saved. Star Wars defense still viable.. and.. I’m sure Dursak’s going to need to gobble a lot more antacids in future.)

It’s tag time!!!!
Back to Nedlindger’s… and Charlie is catching up with Lee and Amanda.
[Oh hey, I’m surprised he didn’t hobble along to the airport to take photos of the nuclear warhead!]
Charlie:  You know, I’ve never written a story that pleased me more.
Charlie:  An editor I knew used to say newsmen make lousy news stories.  But I guess they never knew Nesbitt…
…Sure beats obits and high school basketball. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002722188
[ahhhh but.. does it beat fashion hints and fou fou recipes?! I’m going to ignore the ‘newsmen’ reference. ahem.]
Lee:  Sure does.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002723590
Charlie:  Thanks.  Both of ya.
[whooo Charlie’s a big old softie. He gives Lee and Amanda some hand squeezes and gets all mushy. He’s probably on pain meds…]
Amanda:  Sure.
Off camera:  Benton….telephone.
(Charlie gets up from the booth.)
Lee:  We’ll see you Charlie.
Charlie:  Yeah.  Oh, uh…  Congratulations.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002742008
Lee:  On what?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_002744411
Charlie:  I’m a reporter.  I’ve got a keen sense for big stories.
(Charlie glances between Lee and Amanda. Charlie chuckles to himself and hobbles off.)
[Ahh Charlie the loveable joker. Finally he’s starting to be less annoying to me. haaaa. Right as the episode ends. lol. ]
(Lee and Amanda wordlessly react to Charlie’s cheekiness.)
And the episode ends there.

All pretty low key for a tag. What do you think of it everyone?
So what happened to Gunning? Did he live up to his name and get shot?!
It feels like quite an abrupt ending to me. Understated. Especially considering the fabulous cleaning out of Lee’s closet scene and tossing of the coin scenes from earlier. 
Why didn’t the tag revisit their sharing of secrets: with each other?? Aaaaand especially when the episode is all about the ‘Need to Know’.. Tags tend to bring a personal touch to the ending.. so this one seems too brief. Is it just me?

I get the vibe that this episode was put together pretty rushed, and there are a few moments of smk genius, that are thanks to BB and KJ, but the rest of the episode is pretty mediocre. But the special moments are… REALLY Awesome!!! so the ep is worth watching anyway!! What do you think?!

NOTE: Next in the airing order is: Santa’s Got a New Bag. BUT!!!!… as we’ve discussed previously – we are going to be swapping Santa’s got a New Bag with Any Number can play – upfront! Making an exception here- as I would usually blog in airing order then discuss if it should be different. If you are wanting to read more about why.. see here at Nedlindger’s.

Up next…. Any Number Can Play!  I’ll have a few week’s break and will aim to start walking through ANCP on 31 October. Hoping this will mean we start SGANB right before Christmas! 🙂