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Transcripts Update -October 2020 *post updated regularly*

Hi Everyone, hope in these universally stressful times you are staying well and looking after yourselves.

Time to review where season 4 dialogue transcripts are up to, then we’ll get on with the walk Smile . It’s time to see who is interested in contributing, and reassure everyone this is not an obligation – smk is for fun- and don’t feel any pressure to do this!! My priority for upcoming posts is transcription of Lee/Amanda scenes – if you’d like to volunteer and just transcribe them, go right ahead, I think it’s likely for some upcoming episodes they are going to be walked through with less posts!

Note: This list is a living document, and I’ll update it as things change. Here’s a summary of where transcripts are up to for remaining Season 4 episodes:

Completed: [Huge thank you everyone!!!!]
10. Need to Know – Sara transcribed
11. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Clagjanet transcribed
12. Any Number Can Play –Learjet transcribed
13. Promises to Keep – Clagjanet
15. Bad Timing – Sara transcribed
16. Do You Take This Spy – LeeLovesAmanda
19. All That Glitters  – Clagjanet transcribed
21. A Matter of Choice – Peacockdancer transcribed
22. The Khrushchev List -Learjet transcribed

Assigned and confirmed to be underway:
14. Rumors of My Death – Cindy D
18. One Flew East – BJo has volunteered

Needing a volunteer: 
17. Mission of Gold – ??
20. Suitable for Framing – ??

Sorry if I’ve made a mistake here – just let me know and I’ll update the listing. No pressure on ANYONE to do this – I can continue the walk without transcripts it will just be a bit different/shorter. For some season 4 episodes maybe that’s for the best?! lol. so many I don’t remember!!

I’ll publish a separate post – another living document- covering where Operation Sandstorm is up to very soon. So we can together work with Petralit, to figure out where Operation Sandstorm is up to (So anyone wanting to contribute can do so). 

Take care all!! thankyou2

[Post started 29 August, 2020. Last updated 31 October, 2020]

Transcribing Season 4- How are we going?

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying well.
I need to review how we are all going with Season 4 transcripts. Transcripts help me to get blog posts written more quickly and are a HUUUUUGE help.

I thank everyone who has been contributing to writing SMK transcripts. This walk wouldn’t be happening without you! thankyou2

I can’t promise the walk is going to continue on consistently now till the end of Season 4, but I can tell you I have more blog post writing time, and covering episodes in less detail now means I can increase my speed in writing. Therefore, I need to check in with how people are progressing so transcripts are ready to go. So far, I’m nearing the end of writing Photo Finish, and it looks like  next 4 episodes are all transcribed, so things are looking really good!

I’d like to check in with how everyone is going transcribing episodes beyond Any Number Can Play –  Sometimes life happens and we can’t get done what we thought we could. That’s okay. If this is you – don’t worry just let us know and someone else can maybe step in and help out. No pressure – SMK is for fun!

I’ll be slowly checking in with each of you who has volunteered, individually and via email, to see how you are going.. Or feel free to respond here if you like.

[I gotta use this meme again, because well.. he looks so good!]

Here’s a summary of where Season 4 transcripts are up to [Anything inaccurate here? Please let me know, thanks.] :
1. Stemwinder (Part 1) -KC transcribed
2. Stemwinder (Part 2) -KC transcribed
3. Unfinished Business –Learjet transcribed
4. No Thanks for the Memory –Clagjanet transcribed
5. It’s in the Water –Cindy transcribed
6. Night Crawler -Jaemie transcribed
7. Billy’s Lost Weekend – Kiwismh transcribed
8. Photo Finish –RuthP transcribed (with Learjet’s input)
9. The Man Who Died Twice -Clagjanet transcribed
10. Need to Know – Sara transcribed
11. Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag – Clagjanet transcribed
12. Any Number Can Play –Learjet transcribed
13. Promises to Keep – Happy Camper has volunteered – pending submission.
14. Rumors of My Death -Kiwismh has volunteered – pending submission.
15. Bad Timing – Sara transcribed
16. Do You Take This Spy – KC has volunteered – pending submission.
17. Mission of Gold – Melissa R has volunteered – pending submission.
18. One Flew East – BJo has volunteered – pending submission.
19. All That Glitters  – Clagjanet has volunteered – pending submission.
20. Suitable for Framing – Melissa R has volunteered – pending submission.
21. A Matter of Choice -Lauren has volunteered – pending submission.
22. The Khrushchev List -Learjet has volunteered – pending submission.

Announcement–The Walk continues: Season 4, Episode 6: Night Crawler starts 1 December 2019!

Hi Everyone!

Get Ready – December 1st, 2019 the walk through Night Crawler is happening!!!

After such a long hiatus I hope that we can all reconnect here together! Who will be joining us in real time as we walk through Night Crawler together hmm? If you are out there please say hi!!

This blog is moving to an ‘episode event’ format. The walk through Night Crawler will commence 1st December 2019. We may continue with Night Crawler into January 2020. I don’t know when the next episode ‘Billy’s Lost Weekend’ will commence, it may or may not be straight after – I’ll need to see how I go.. I’ll keep you updated!

I’m happy to go with the flow and just enjoy with you all – no schedule to follow. Just fun! So, we’ll see how we go… I think some episodes or scenes can stimulate more discussion than others – so I like to keep the walking pace adaptable..

Real life demands mean we’ll continue with this ‘event’ format for the foreseeable future.  I am committed to walking through every smk episode! In between walks through new episodes, feel free to explore previous episodes as the conversation never really ends it just keeps on going! Smile 

I relish any time I can get to indulge my love of this show and engage with you all along the way, and am forever grateful to you wonderful people who stop by here and share their love for this fabulous little 80’s show that aired just a few years with us all. Thanks everyone! JWWM wouldn’t be here if not for you!!!! thankyou2

See you back here on December 1st!

smelling salts label

Get ready- Swoony times ahead!!!!!