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4/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before you read this post… let’s play a game: no cheatin!!! Hey how many minutes in this episode do you think we see Amanda on screen? Maybe share your answer if you’d like to play… and I’ll share the answer at the end of this post!
Onward! Let’s finish up this episode.

Lee follows McGill to a property where Garrett is hiding out cleaning his shotgun. lol. Love how Lee parks the vette on the entrance road where it would be impossible to miss.

McGill leads Garrett into the house to look inside the suitcase, he follows along and has no idea he’s being played..
Lee sneaks up to the house and finds inside it’s the big bad reveal time.
He watches through the glass as McGill’s betrayal sinks in for Garrett..

Garrett: Thirty-five years in the military and I’ve never been outflanked. Never thought I would be. Certainly not like this, by one of my own soldiers.

She used Garrett’s gun to kill Carpenter, and has a suitcase for him – which carries the Hale jewels, a suicide letter, his dress uniform and some pills.

He can take the pills and make it easy… or he can do it the hard way and have her shoot him..

Garrett: Easy for who? The blood of good people are on these stones. You’re not going to profit by it without the living memory of putting a bullet in me.

McGill lifts the gun.
McGill: That’s really not a problem for me, General. You see, the note works either way. At this close range, the tattooing from the powder will serve as a self inflicted.

(As she’s speaking, Lee uses his gun to shatter the window. McGill jumps and spins to look.)
Lee: Hold it!
(Lee fires and hits her shoulder as she fires back.
She empties her clip, enough to send both Lee and Garrett diving for cover. She drops the revolver and runs out the back door.
Lee stands and comes to the door.)

Garrett: She’s hit. She dropped her gun but she may have another.

Lee tells Garrett to call the agency and Lee starts his pursuit of McGill.. She’s picked up the shotgun… takes a few shots at Lee as he drives right at her in Garrett’s jeep [which is presumably named floozy].

She retreats into a shed, where she is cornered.

Lee thinks she’s given up…She gives Lee a super pathetic expression as he starts to believe she’s given up..
Only when he is close enough she sprays him in he face with something. [I can’t believe he fell for that..]
Anyway, Garrett comes back in time to shoot her dead saving Lee. Hoorah!
It’s pretty funny how Lee’s eyes stop hurting the moment she is shot dead. Haaaaa. [but I’ve also very glad those pretty pretty eyes are okay!] McGill was a pretty decent baddie in the end I think.. but that’s about as much as I want to think about that action finale. Lol!

It’s tag time and we head back to the hospital.. Lee and Amanda have brought… flowers?!
Guys, I cannot wait to hear what you think of this tag!!!
I’m going to rely on Clagjanet’s faithful subscription and then I’ll share my take on it..
(Lee and Amanda step out of the elevator, Lee with a large bouquet)

Lee: Behind all that society glitter and glamour, she’s really a very simple person.
[Not all society glitter is gold!]

Amanda: I’m sure she is. I’ve read about her for years in the society columns.
Yeah, well she might be a little groggy. She inhaled a lot of smoke.

(They stop outside a door, as Elisa walks towards them dressed in haute couture nightwear, a handsome doctor on each arm.)
Elisa: Oh, these young interns have been so wonderful. Miracles cures.
(The interns drop her arms and leave) [Get back to work!]
(To Amanda) We haven’t met.
Amanda (holding out hand): Amanda King.

Lee: Ahh, she’s my partner.

Elisa: Partner… yes. So wonderful to meet you.

Amanda: Yes, well it’s nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you.
Elisa: Well, I haven’t heard nearly enough about you. Come on in. We need to talk. (She takes Amanda by the arm, pushes her into the hospital room and then turns to Lee)

As Lee stands there looking bemused at the flowers… 

The end!!

My thoughts?
Lee doesn’t actually introduce Amanda, she has to introduce himself. I think he’s so confused lol.
nothing about this tag endears me to Elisa Danton at all…
I just find myself questioning why Lee felt it was a good idea to bring Amanda to meet her, and why he had to introduce Amanda to her in the first place. I guess because I wasn’t really sold on Elisa being of any real significance to Lee as a former love interest. Okay…okay okay it made for a cute bookend to the episode.. whatever..

What is Amanda wearing?????!!!!! with the big tie and those massive massive huge shoulder pads it looks like she’s trying to dress as a clown..

The dialogue IMHO is totally loaded and I love it!!! (will translate what I think they were really saying!!)

Of course I’m biased but I think Amanda would do just fine with the likes of Elisa Danton, after all Elisa’s charms won’t work on Amanda (wrong gender) and Amanda is confident that Lee is pretty firmly hooked so Elisa can play her little games but they are unimportant to Amanda! I think Elisa should look out! lol or who knows maybe Elisa wises up and decides to become a spy and Amanda becomes her mentor. cough cough.

So did you play the game? did you guess how many minutes we see Amanda in this episode? I was curious… so yeah.. I added it up! Out of a 48 minute episode? We saw Amanda…. for 3 minutes and 55 seconds! It explains why I miss her.. and in a strange way I find it reassuring! How did you go guessing?! Do tell 🙂
I might try to guess in the next episode before I add it all up too! Sorry I didn’t think to have a guess first before I calculated it!

I remember back in 2008 when first discussing this episode online I did up a little translation of what I thought might be happening in the subtext for laughs. Sooooo I’ll share here my take on this tag again with only minor changes!

Iwsod’s Tag Dialogue Subtext Translation!
Lee: under all that society glitter and glamour she really is a simple person
(Lee subtext: yeah under it all she really is a simple party girl!!)
Amanda: I’m sure she is I’ve read about her for years in the society columns
(Amanda subtext: yeah right and only simple people are in society columns for years??!!! Not!!!)
Lee: Yeah well, she might be a little groggy she inhaled a lot of smoke
(Lee subtext: I hope to dear life she is too groggy.. so I can get out of this unscathed!!)
Amanda: Yeah
(Amanda subtext: I hope she isn’t too groggy I want to meet the trollop errr high society party girl.. )
Elisa: oh Lee these interns have been so wonderful, miracle cures. We haven’t met (holding out her hand to Amanda)
(Elisa subtext: Suffer Lee! you scared Lee?? I’m meeting her!! )
Amanda: Amanda King
(Amanda subtext: MRS Amanda Stetson)
Lee: She’s my partner
(Lee subtext: That stupid secret marriage! She’s MRS Amanda Stetson! Why did I do this stoooopid secret marriage?!)
Elisa: Partner? yes, so wonderful to meet you.
(Elisa subtext: Right. this blue clown is Lee’s partner??? I want to know all about her!!!)
Amanda: Well it’s nice to meet you I’ve heard a lot about ya. 
(Amanda subtext: I want to see what Lee has moved up and on from! Did he take you skiing to Pine Top???!!!)
Elisa: Well I haven’t heard nearly enough about you come on in we need to talk, alone. (grabbing Amanda and pushing her into her room)
(Elisa subtext: I want to know everything so I can know how low Lee has sunk so I can move on to chewing up more men and spitting them out – or maybe the more generous subtext – is she a spy too??? how can I sign up?? tell me more the spy biz sounds like it could keep me entertained!)
Lee: ahhhh…. ????
(Lee subtext: Oh My Gosh!!!!What have I done? What do I do now???? why am I holding flowers again????!!!!!!)

What do you all think of this tag???? do tell!!!!!
So what do you make of this episode? As a whole?
I think once I got into it, it wasn’t so bad… there are some gems here, there’s just a lack of Lee and Amanda scenes and I miss it!

Next up? Suitable for Framing!!!!!! I’ll announce when it’s start date is confirmed. 

3/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

So, on to the Danton Mansion.. and the big test of Lee’s loyalty to Amanda, not! I’m going to rely on Clagjanet’s trusty transcription for this next sequence..
(Lee is sitting on the sofa, thumbing through Elisa’s social diary. Elisa enters, and passes him a cognac.)
Elisa: Diamond tiara for your thoughts, darling
Lee: You do stay busy, Elisa
Elisa (sitting beside him): Short attention span, boring company.
Lee: Boring? The names on this calendar are right out of the pages of Who’s Who. How can that be boring?
Elisa: Even filet mignon every night gets tiresome. Besides, variety is the spice of life.
(She leans in and drapes herself against him)
At least that’s what you used to whisper in my ear.
She shifts closer and begins nibbling his ear)

Lee (moving away): Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Elisa: Still ticklish in all the old familiar places?
Lee: We have got a lot of ground to cover tonight.
Elisa: Exactly what I was thinking. [gah!]
Lee: Business.
Elisa (sitting back): Before pleasure? You have changed, haven’t you? I’m not at all sure that I approve.
Lee: I want to talk some more about the names on this list. Now you’ve been seeing a lot of General Garrett lately. He was at your birthday party.
Elisa: You’re barking up the wrong tree, sweetheart. Grumpy Garrett and I are like old hunting buddies. We get together every now and then to scratch and sniff and tell rude jokes. The most romantic thing he ever did was to name his Jeep after me. [oh? He called his Jeep Floozy? How delightful!]

(Lee laughs.)
Elisa (snuggling into Lee again): Did you ever name your Jeep after me, Lee?Lee (after a long pause as he studies her, visibly uncomfortable): No. I never did.
Elisa: I know what you need. You need me to slip into something a little more comfortable.
(She stands and exits while Lee looks thoughtful.

Cut to Elisa’s bedroom.
A masked figure dressed entirely in black is using a knife to cut into the pillows on her bed.)

Elisa (offscreen): I won’t be long, darling Be a dear and open another bottle of champagne.

(The intruder grabs all the torn pillows and darts into the closet to hide. Elisa enters and crosses to the bed, tosses aside the remaining pillows and turns down the bed. [Sooooo it’s not just Amanda who wears Pyjamas as glamour wear?!
It looks terrible on both Amanda and Elisa!]
Cut to Lee still downstairs. He has picked up one of Elisa’s high heeled shoes and is studying it.
Cut to Elisa walking to her dressing table and lighting all the candles on it.
Cut to Lee still staring at shoe. He laughs to himself then shakes his head and drops the shoe.

[What’s Lee thinking????]
Cut to Elisa sitting at dressing table, removing earrings.

Cut to Lee, laughing to himself.
Cut to Elisa, brushing her hair. Her eyes go wide as she sees something behind her in the mirror. She rises to run away but the intruder hits her on the head, sending her to the floor. The intruder runs out the bedroom door and as Elisa falls, she knocks the candles off the dressing table. The lace table cover catches fire as Elisa lies motionless.
Cut to Lee writing a note. He tears it from the diary and leaves it on top of the cognac glasses. We see it says “Call you tomorrow, Lee”

Cut to exterior view of Elisa’s bedroom window where we can see the light and smoke of the fire.

Cut to Lee: walking out of the mansion and coming down the path. When he is almost at the street, we hear an alarm go off and he turns to see what is happening. He sees the light of a fire in the bedroom window and races back inside and up the staircase. Lee runs into Elisa’s bedroom and sees her on the floor. He picks her up and leaves as the maid urges him to hurry.

Lee carries Elisa down the stairs. Maid follows.)

Maid: The fire department’s on an automatic alarm. I’ll get everyone out of the house and direct the firemen.

Lee lays Elisa on the settee in the front hall and watches her, worried.

It cuts to an ad break.. and next we find Elisa with an oxygen mask still laying on the sofa while Lee muses about what’s going on and tries to figure it all out.. the earring was planted by someone other than who was searching for it..

Elisa is taken by ambulance to the hospital, and Lee calls Billy from the vette… Elisa’s going to survive (drat), and Amanda identified Carpenter, who they now know served in Grenada, was the source of the earring. Go Amanda..

Lee heads to Carpenter’s office… to rummage around and wait for him to arrive.. Lee asks questions…

he tells Carpenter about Elisa being hurt and in hospital.. he gives away he cares about her (in his creepy way).  So Carpenter finds out his baddie colleague McGill tried to hurt his object of infatuation…

lol at the Doris Day movie exchange.

The Bachelor officer’s quarters watch Doris Day movies? I’m not touching that..

Next Scene…. time for another baddie meet up..
Carpenter is all mad Elisa got hurt, and unhappy to sell out agents to the Cubans. McGill turns the screws on him.

Okay, I’m finding this McGill is actually a pretty half decent baddie. She’s growing on me in her evilness haaaaaaa… I love the disdain she treats Carpenter with!

Back Billy’s office.. well we first see Francine in the bullpen, before she walks to Billy’s office..

What do you all think of this outfit?! Do you remember these jackets?!!!! Ugh..
Also, another red jacket! this is the episode for red jackets I guess..
ensemble? or nonsemble?

Francine heads into Billy’s office to join Billy, Lee, and Dr Smyth and move the plot forward a bit.. The Francine gag where she takes Dr Smyth literally when he says that’s absurd just makes her look like a dill and falls flat for me.

[What does it say on Billy’s mug?!]

So new info here – they have confirmation Carpenter has an alibi. Smyth then states the obvious like it’s a revelation – Carpenter has a partner who did it..
Dr Smyth assumes the partner is a man… ugh. Well this McGill will show him!
Dr Smyth is still working at getting the Grenada records… and there’s a path to getting them he is continuing to work on.

Back to Garrett on the golf course. McGill finds him, and convinces him the agency is on a witch hunt and has misconstrued his defensiveness as guilt, when really he was only being protective of his turf. She talks him into a strategic withdrawal temporarily and he buys it. lol because she flatters him. the big dill!

Garrett: Could be a strategic withdrawal under fire.
McGill: You wrote the book sir.

Next day, Lee, Billy and Francine are going over the Grenada files.. and Francine finds an order signed by Garrett.
Francine (reacting to something she found): How about the bombing of the Hale estate? Here’s the order for it and he signed it.

Billy: It’s an order for an air strike. Defensive cover for part of a mop up team pinned down by a division of Cubans guarding the airfield.
Lee: Except those Cubans turned out to be laborers and engineers. There’s something wrong here. I know Garrett’s tactics… he used the same style in Korea and Vietnam. He does not believe in close air support in a land action like this. [Glad Lee is using his brain and seeing it doesn’t fit!]

Billy: Fine. Talk to Garrett. See if he can tie Carpenter into it. If so, then like the man says, I think our teeth will be sharp enough and we can bring Carpenter in.

Next thing, we see Lee talking to McGill in Garrett’s office.

She’s playing the I’ll be as helpful to you as I can role while delaying Lee getting answers.

It’s left unclear if Lee is buying it.

The next scene is Carpenter joining McGill in the warehouse the jewels are stored in. He finds her about to double cross him, he then tries to double cross her threatening to kill her.. but she pulls a gun on him herself…

He turns and runs.

She shoots him in the back. [I won’t shed a tear, creep! I do hope his long lost twin brother Fred Fielder never finds out. ]

Next thing, two men are picking up the dead body like it’s a sack of potatoes and dropping it on a gurney. lol.
Francine and Billy discuss..

found (conveniently) under a shelf were a group of battle ribbons that had been torn off a uniform.

They figure out it’s probably General Garrett.
Francine: There must have been a fight.
Billy: That’s what it looks like… but Carpenter was a career military man. He wouldn’t run from a fight. (beat) He was shot in the back.
[oh that’s funny. Yeah he did run from a fight!!]

Next up, Lee is talking on the phone to Billy.Lee’s been trying to find Garrett, his info says he’s stayed local and is playing golf, but Lee thinks he won’t be found on the golf course. Why I don’t know.

As Lee says this, we find he’s tailing McGill, and we see her get in an elevator behind him.
Lee: I have a hunch. You know a general like Garrett doesn’t like to do paperwork. He’d leave that up to his aide de camp. Now I checked out who his aide was in Grenada. It was Major, then Lieutenant Sally McGill. She probably signed most of his orders. A good aide can do her general’s signature almost to perfection. (He sees McGill getting ready to enter the elevator) I gotta go, Billy. 

We see Lee is following McGill’s car from the oh so inconspicuous corvette…

he fiddles around with a radio device of some kind..  Yep. No one will notice that car following them!

Back to IFF and there’s a weird exchange between Billy and Francine making a big deal about how Lee’s receiver isn’t sending a signal. What could Lee be up to?? Billy and Francine try to figure out the mystery whooooo what is Lee up to?? and… why didn’t he just tell Billy on the phone why keep it a secret?!

Seems kind of contrived so the writers can try and insert some tension and drama. When there is zero reason I can see why Lee didn’t tell Billy he was following McGill when he had just been talking about her on the phone to him.

To cut a long story short. They whooooooo figure out Lee is following McGill!

ugh, the writers seem to be struggling for a hook here.. and they fail in my opinion… Has anyone read the script? Is there maybe an explanation for why some of this writing seems so weird at times?

Let’s pause here, I’m really appreciating all the thoughts that have been shared so far!!! thanks guys!!!
Anyone inspired to wear a red jacket this week?!
FYI I will be unable to publish next weekend, so we’ll be wrapping up this episode in two weeks.

4/4 Season Four:Episode Eighteen–One Flew East –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hi all! Judging by the quiet response to post 3 (haaaaa – but kudos to Neckieh, Peacockdancer, LeesMolly and Sara for commenting!!), I am guessing that this episode isn’t really grabbing your attention.. I confess it’s not really grabbing mine! Maybe it’s a good call to get it done in 4 posts, find the gold.. enjoy the good.. and move on to the next episode – is that fair?
For those who love this ep, I hope I’m doing it justice for you.. I do appreciate the hard work of the SMK team.. especially KJ and all she was going through.. sooo I’m in this till the season 4 finale!!! Let’s get this ep done, and let’s see what gold we can find in here. Shall we?!

Back to Hospimerica/ Briarwood… Lee and Amanda are in the car looking at a blueprint.
I’m going to heavily rely on BJo’s descriptions here.. it less work for me to just add my thoughts as we go to BJo’s great work. I hope you guys don’t mind and it’s still an okay experience to walk through the action finale this way.. Let me know your thoughts! And again – a huge thanks to BJo for transcribing this episode!

Lee: Okay, now we look for the rabbit hole. Whenever the Agency secures a building, they always leave a way to get out without tripping the alarms. (Lee points to a spot on a blue print). Here we are.

(Lee and Amanda approach a door. Lee knocks on the door.)
Lee: You got a pen on you?
Amanda: Yeah.
(Lee takes the pen and takes it apart.)
Lee: Standard Agency issue – acid ink.
(The acid starts to smoke and eat through whatever Lee put it on.)
Lee: Thanks.
Amanda: Yeah.

[LOL and Amanda didn’t know her pen was acid ink? What if she took a few sneaky pens home and gave them to the boys?! rofl. ]
(They enter the building and we see a man in white scrubs at a desk watching a baseball game on some sort of monitor/tv.)
TV Announcer: Yes, it looks like that one’s going all the way. That’ll bring in three runs to tie this ball game up.
(Lee and Amanda sneak past the man and up stairs to a hallway.)

[LOL he really should have seen their shadow on the wall right next to him.]
( They come across a man locked in a room.)

Amanda: Oh, do you recognize him?
Lee: Yeah, it’s Dr. Carl Roberts, Head of Radiation at MIT.

(Lee and Amanda turn and walk to another room setting off an alarm. The man in the scrubs turns off the game and picks up his phone to make a call.
Lee and Amanda find the room with Dr. Mayfield.)
[Loving all the touching Amanda!]
Mayfield: That time of year thou mades and we behold.

Lee: Archibald Mayfield?
(Mayfield turns and walks toward the door.)

What do you want?

Amanda: We’re here to get you out.
(Rollins and Hobart turn up behind Lee and Amanda.)

Hobart: And we’re here to see that you don’t. [MUAHAHAHAHAHAA!!]
Rollins is at his desk and Hobart walks up behind him wiping his hands with a cloth. [what was Rollins doing? Cleaning his pipe? lol it’s so weird.
Just like it’s weird this hospital wing has.. chandeliers! whahahahaahaah!! Someone check those lightbulbs-stat!!]

Hobart: It’s all set. This is an old heating system. If too much pressure builds up in the steam pipes, the boiler will overheat and explode.
Rollins: I don’t want any damage to the main building.
[BJO: Oh, the concern!]
[yeah, he’s all heart!]
Hobart: There’s a six-foot concrete and steel bulkhead between us and them. I shut off the safety valve. The pressure’s been building up for a couple hours. And I put a few ounces of plastique under the boiler.
Rollins: No, I don’t want the fire inspector to find any trace of explosives.
This stuff doesn’t leave any residue. It’s just supposed to kickstart an explosion in the boiler. When those pipes blow, it’ll rip this place to pieces.

Yeah, of course the charge is the catalyst, but where’s the detonator?

Right under the boiler. Just push the little button and 45 seconds later, kaboom.

[45 seconds doesn’t seem like very long!!! Or is it just me?! and who’s going to take the risk and activate it?!]

Back to Lee and Amanda locked in a room across the hall from Mayfield.
What’d they get you two for? Buying a foreign car? Or supporting the metric system.
[haaaaa good one. I love it. Maybe he’s Canadian? We use Metric in Australia too!]
Amanda: We’re federal agents, sir.

Mayfield: Shouldn’t you be outside helping Rollins cleanse the country of those of us who stray from what he considers the patriotic norm?

Lee: Listen pal, we busted our butts to come in here and get you out…

[I love how Amanda cuts off Lee here. lol Lee get over yourself! Pal!]
(talks over Lee) (BJO: hahaha) Mr. Mayfield, whatever’s going on here the Agency doesn’t have anything to do with.
[Hey maybe Lee and Amanda have naturally gotten the good cop bad cope thing down pat now Amanda is no longer expected to be bad cop?!]

Mayfield: Then why is Rollins running this operation?
Lee: Rollins has got his own agenda which has nothing to do with us.
Mr. Mayfield, do you know what’s going on here?

Mayfield: For the past 6 months, Rollins has been grabbing those of us opposing nuclear weapons and bringing us here for interrogation.
Lee: What does he want from you?
Mayfield: names of others who share our views. And those in the Department of Defense who have been providing us with research.
Amanda: Classified research, sir?
Mayfield: Hell, no. Same stuff you can read in the Congressional Record. He just gets it for us quicker. How’d you find out about this?
Amanda: Your daughter, Laura.
Mayfield: How is she?
Amanda: Well, sir, she, uh…got a little bit too close to what’s going on here.
Is she alright?
Amanda: She’s in the hospital. We think she’ll be all right, sir. But we need to get you out of here.
(Hobart arrives with a gun in his hand. He unlocks Lee and Amanda’s door and a man pushes an empty gurney into their room.)
Hobart: All aboard, Stetson, we’re going for a ride.

Lee: Uh, no thanks, I’ll walk. [Haaaa I can’t blame you Lee. being strapped down like that no thanks]
Hobart: Just get on the burney, wise guy.
(Amanda takes a piece of tape from the side of the gurney.)
Lee: On the gurney? Yeah, you’re right. What the heck, huh?
(As Lee gets on the gurney, Amanda tapes the door latch.)

Lee: Why walk when you can ride?
Hobart: Lay down on your back.
Lee: Ahem. Oh, this is comfy.
Amanda: Where are you taking him?
Hobart: Got a couple questions for him.
Lee: I’ll be fine.
[Does Lee know Amanda did that? I don’t know that he does.. and yet.. he still trusts her here I’m sure!]

(Hobart and the man leave with Lee strapped to the gurney. They close the door. Once they leave, Amanda got to make sure she can open the door, thanks to the door latch being taped.)
Amanda: Mr. Mayfield, where are the keys?
Mayfield: The guard has got the only set.
Amanda: Okay, call him, pretend you’re sick.
Mayfield: Huh?
Amanda: Go ahead, call him.

Mayfield: Help. Help. Help! Somebody please help! Oh, Oh help! Oh, it’s my heart (moaning).
(Amanda throws open her door really hard and nails the guard right in the face with the door!!

Mayfield continues on…)
Mayfield: Somebody help me…
(Amanda gets the keys from the knocked out guard then starts to drag him into her room.)
[Okay that was extreeeeeemly satisfying!!!!

I think the big smile on Mayfield’s face here in response is my favourite moment of the episode!!! Why I don’t know.. but it was a great reaction!!!!!!!!!  ]
Rollins and other man roll Lee toward Rollins desk area.
Lee: Come on, Rollins. Tell your gorillas to unfasten me, huh?
Rollins: Wouldn’t want you to fall off that trolley and hurt yourself. At least not until I get what I want from you.
Lee: Which is what?

Rollins: The names of anybody else in the Agency that know about this operation. You know, Mr. Stetson, you should be supporting your fellow agents not jeopardizing them.
Lee: (Scoffs) You want to know what makes me sick? You’re not different from the KGB colonels you two think you’re protecting the country against.

[I really feel for BB here, surely this wasn’t done in one take, and yet having his neck twisted like that must have been quite the workout!!!]
(Back to Amanda. She locks the guard in her old room then unlocks Mayfield’s door and lets him out.)
Amanda: Mr. Mayfield, take these keys and let the other people out, alright? I gotta go find my partner.
Amanda leaves and Mayfield goes to unlock a door.
Mayfield: (to man in locked room) Hey!
Amanda runs into another guard on her way to find Lee.

Guard 2: What are you doing out here?
Amanda turns to leave, but the guard grabs her by the arm.
Guard 2: You better come with me.
(Amanda grunts and off they go.)
[Amanda is really funny here and it’s all non verbal. KJ is so good at physical comedy!!]

(Back with Rollins, Hobart, and Lee.)
Lee: At first I thought Laura Mayfield was paranoid, accusing you of abducting her father. But I had it the wrong way around didn’t I, Rollins?
I’m really not interested in your personal opinions.

Lee: Oh yeah? You’ve gone way over the edge, you know that? Give it up.
Take him back to his cell. Make sure he dies along with the others.
(Guard 2 and Amanda walk in from around the corner.)
Guard 2: I found her in the hall.
(Mayfield and several other men also walk in from around the corner.
Hobart picks up a gun and points it at the incoming group.)

[Group of anti nukers! Go them!]
Mayfield: We’re all right here with you.
Rollins: Go ahead, shoot.

(Hobart cocks the gun but hesitates to shoot. Someone undoes Lee’s strap.)
[Hobart doesn’t know where to aim..]

Mayfield: He’s having difficulty deciding which six of us to use the bullets on.
(Rollins grabs the gun and pushes Hobart out of the way.)
Rollins: Damn it, shoot!
(Rollins takes the gun and runs away. Hobart runs away also.)
Hobart: The detonator’s in the basement!
Lee: Get out of here!
Amanda: Come on, come on.
(Everyone quickly leaves Rollins’ office area.)
Rollins: Hurry!
(Rollins heads to the basement. Lee follows. We see Rollins put the detonator in the brick of plastique and push the button. The timer begins the countdown at 60.)

[BJO: Umm, wasn’t it supposed to be 45?]
[Yes! yes it was! But then they realised it might be old man Rollins pressing the button and he’d need at least a minute to get out haaaaa]

(Lee grabs a piece of pipe and throws it across the room. Hearing the noise, Rollins turns and shoots. Lee moves and grabs Rollins hands with the gun and the two start to struggle for the gun. Lee gets in a good punch, but they’re still fighting for control of the gun. Lee finally lands a punch and knocks Rollins off his feet and into some pipes. One breaks open and steam bursts out in a stream onto Rollins.

Lee checks to make sure he’s out then runs over to the detonator and removes it from the plastique with less than 10 seconds to go!)

[Nicely done! Not too drawn out.. and it looks to me like all that pressure that had been building hit Rollins squarely – now that’s what I call Poetry!]
The scene ends here.
[I just hope that someone nabbed Hobart and stopped him from making a getaway!]
Tag Time!!!! [woot woot!!]
(We’re back at Amanda’s house)
Amanda: (on the phone) Oh, well, that’s terrific news. Could I speak to Laura? (Philip runs in from the back.)

Philip: Hi, Grandma.
Dotty: Hi, sweetheart. Now don’t start anything. Dinner’s almost ready.
No, that’s alright, I understand. Could you give her a message for me please? Could you tell her that Lee and I will be by to see her tomorrow? Okay, thank you very much. Yeah, bye-bye.
[Exactly what would Amanda have really been able to say to Laura with her mother listening in?! It’s almost like she knew she would need to leave a message haaaa]
Dotty: Sweetheart, will you go tell Lee and Jamie that dinner’s ready? [Whooooo okay come on, now this line is gold right? I mean for how long did we all wish that Dotty would be able to say such a thing??!!!!

(Amanda walks from the kitchen and out the back door where she comes across Lee and Jamie. Jamie is holding a camera with a telephoto lens.)

Jamie: Wow! Everything looks so much closer.
Lee: Well that’s because the, uh, lens is in the telephoto position. Here, pull this back and see what happens.

(Lee adjusts the lens.)
Jamie: (excitedly) Now I can see the whole back of the house!
Lee: They call that the wide-angle view.
Jamie: That’s neat, but how does the picture get onto the film?

(Lee looks up with his mouth hanging open, clearly not sure what to say.
[Funny that – as I had exactly the same reaction to seeing that sweater Lee is wearing!!!!!]
He looks at Amanda who looks at Lee expectantly.)
Lee: Uh, to tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure.
Jamie: Would it be in the encyclopedia?
[Oh my.. the days before the internet!!]
Lee: Yeah, there’s a good chance of that. Why don’t you go on in and get started and I’ll be right in.
Jamie: Alright.
(Jamie walks off and Lee makes a face that seems to say, “Phew, that was a close one.”)
Amanda: (to Jamie as he walks past her) Hi, sweetheart.
Jamie: Hi, mom.

(Lee follows Jamie over toward Amanda. They stand face to face in the doorway) [BJO: so cozy!]

Amanda: Well…
Lee: I think I am finally on the right track.
Amanda: Yeah.
(They share a quick smooch.)

Amanda: Get in.
(Lee and Amanda go into the kitchen together; Amanda shuts the back door.)
The end!!!!

I think as Tags go this one is quite subdued.. then again I can’t say I mind that we didn’t get any real summing up the case stuff here.. Laura survives. goodo. Done. I don’t even care if they nabbed Hobart or any of the other goons.

Gee Lee is spending a lot of time at the King home now. Getting to know the boys.. letting them hang out at his place, and really making an effort to carve out a space for himself in their lives. That’s quite the effort to go through considering Lee and Amanda are not cough cough married world!!! Did you hear that world???!!!! Lee and Amanda are not married and there is really nothing to see here!!!!!! Nooooo meaningful relationships or close connections which may lead a baddie to make the boys a target like what happened in The Man Who Died Twice. Yep it’s aaaaaallllllll  looking super duper professional and detached!!!!! honestly!!!!! [Iwsod’s tongue is firmly planted in their cheek.]
The baddies are all too busy hanging out at Lee’s old apartment block to see if there is anyone coming and going worth kidnapping so it’s all fine. Just avoid the freedom hall, don’t use the poet’s towels and you should be just fine.
I do believe I have lost the plot. Help?

Haaaaaa come on all!!!!! Share with us all what you think? any insights you’d like to share??? Thanks for walking together through this episode..

Next up??? Episode 19: All That Glitters
When? Hmmm not sure! I’ll update once I know.. but be prepared it might be a few months till I build up time and motivation to do another. Forgive me?! These are getting challenging to do but I promise I will complete the show! 4 more to go!!!!
Hope you are all keeping well!!! 

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