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4/7 Season Four Episode Ten: Need to Know -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Well, time to check in with the baddies!
Nesbitt meets with Dursak. [In public? Okay..]
[I’m not going to include all of the baddie dialogue, it’s all a bit much! They do like to go on in season 4! ha! I’ll try and include the important bits.. do let me know if I miss anything or misunderstand please? Thanks!]

Time to gloat over how their evil plan is starting to come together!

Nesbitt says there’s been a huge response to the article, and he is spreading panic around Washington. The White House is asking questions, but not really pushing back as it’s not like the government could provide an eyewitness verification about the Tritanium to correct the information. It’s all supposed to be secret. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[49]
Nesbitt: ..Eldridge and his union of concerned scientists is going over there this afternoon to ask for a look for themselves. 

So the pressure is rising on the White House, so much, that  they might consider actually publicly disclosing stuff about Tritanium. [huh?!] Because they love good PR, and will be tempted to tell the public how they have loads of Tritanium and there’s no problem.
[Is that how you understood it?
I don’t really understand yet how this works with the missile blowing up the supply but I’m just going to hang in there and wait for it all to come together Smile ]

Dursak:  We still have Benton to worry about, since Fouts was not successful.  Once is an accident.  Twice is murder.  I’m calling him up.
[Nooooo once is attempted murder. rofl.]
  Eldridge is our only exposure.  Once he’s made his impassionate plea for an inspection, he’s history…
(Dursak pops one of those chew things in his mouth)
…Your stomach is not strong enough for this kind of work, hmm?
[Ah so it’s antacids like Billy in the opening credits haaa. Honestly, this Nesbitt is so flat he’s super boring to me. I don’t feel any delight in his evil or his cleverness..he’s just.. meh! ]
Dursak:  You’ve given me a great deal to worry about.  I’m used to working behind the scenes.  But you?
Nesbitt:  I am a courageous publisher, thumbing my nose at big brother.  I’ll be a popular hero…. 
[yawnnnnn] …There isn’t anything to connect me to the Tritanium once we blow it up.

[Umm Dursak can link you! and look what you just said would happen to Eldridge who could link you. If I were Dursak I’d be mighty worried too.]
The scene ends with the courageous hero publisher walking off.

Back to the King home, and Jamie’s eating his dessert while Dotty and Amanda wash the dishes.
[It never ceases to amaze me how they do that, but they have a dishwasher machine!]
Dotty:  You know how awful the supermarket can be and Jamie and I had a grocery list as long as your arm.  The cart traffic was as bad as Georgetown at rush hour.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[113]
Jamie:  Yeah.  You should have seen her drive the cart.  It was like….Andretti.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[120]
Dotty:  We turned the corner and there he was, thumping cantaloupes.  He smiled.  I smiled back.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[44]
[hoo haaaa thumping cantaloupes?!]
Jamie:  Then we headed him off in dairy products.
Amanda:  Mother!
Dotty:  Well, we needed skim milk, he needed sour cream.
[when the King women want something, they fight dirty! whahahahaahah]
(Whispers to Amanda): 
It was serendipity.
Jamie:  It was a pick up.
[poor Jamie, he’s gotta put up with his grandma tryin to get some Winking smile oh well. Hopefully she can give him tips, when he’s ready!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[51]
Dotty:  (To Jamie): We met.  Who cares how?  (To Amanda): He asked me to dinner at Emilios.
Amanda:  You didn’t accept?
Dotty:  No, of course not.  I…took his number.  I mean if things don’t work out with Captain Curt.
Amanda:  Mother, you don’t know anything about him.
[yeah! He could be… Nesbitt! rofl. He looks like a cantaloupe thumper!]
Dotty:  I do too.  He lives in Georgetown.  He’s a CPA…
[2 major red flags!! rofl.]
….He loves dogs!  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[22]
(Amanda looks at her questioningly)
…Kibble in the cart.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[82]
Jamie and Amanda share a look. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[105]
[Oh Dotty! Me thinks Dotty is not thrilled with Captain Kurt or she would not be diverted by a little kibble in the shopping cart whahahaahah!]

Time to check in with Lee and Amanda undercover at the Telegram. [It looks like Gladys in Personnel came through! Woot woot. I love this stuff. It’s always a treat to see them play their covers.] SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001233466
{Amanda is pushing a cart down a hallway.}
[oh rofl. check out the random typewriters in that shelving unit!! I mean sure it’s a newspaper but surely they were using computers in the 80’s?! I can even see one through the glass there. I guess all the old salts like Charlie would stubbornly refuse to stop using them..]
(Lee appears.  He is disguised as a sandwich vendor.  We see him exchange money with an unknown person and give them a sandwich.)
Lee (To unknown person): 
There you go.  Thank you.
(Amanda approaches sandwich guy Lee)
Amanda: Hi.
Lee:  Hi.
Amanda:  Could I have a BLT please?
Lee:  Yeah, you got it.  There we go.
Amanda:  Oh, thank you.
[I think this was a missed opportunity. Should have had Amanda ask for a chicken salad sandwich, and hold the poison!

Just an excuse to revisit this scene?! well, of course!!!! I’m proud of it!!! haaaa.. they’ll always have Arlington. Ahhh early smk episodes were so quirky. I’m looking forward to walking through them all over again!]
Lee:  I’m reading you on all floors.  How’s the job?
Amanda:  Charlie came through.  I’m making deliveries to all the offices so I can cover the whole building.
Lee:  Good.  I’ll hang around near the exits.  Good luck.
Amanda:  Thank you.  See you later.
Lee:  Uh-huh.
[what’s with the cooler?! was this normal in the 80’s?!]

(Elsewhere at the Telegram, Charlie and Gunning are going at it again.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001272906
Charlie is asking questions about the story, but Gunning is closed off to sharing -aka holding his ammo!- and just rubs Charlie’s nose in his successes with his front page articles.) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001283717
[I think Hot Shot Gunning is being set up as the annoying cocky jerk in this story. I honestly cannot remember what happens to him! but.. I wonder if the surname is a hint haaaa]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001292125
(Gunning turns to leave Charlie and kind of walks into Amanda’s little delivery trolley. Gunning chuckles and pauses..)
Amanda:  Oh, I’m sorry.
Gunning:  Excuse me.  Uh…  Do I know you?
Amanda:  Amanda Kane, I’m a temp office assistant.
Gunning:  Have we met?
Amanda:  No, I don’t think so.  You’ve probably just seen me around.
Gunning:  Part-time?
Amanda:  Part-time.
Gunning:  Huh.  Research.
Amanda:  Hmm.
Gunning:  Well, I could use all of your part-time.  I’ve got a ton of research, plus I’ll need a dozen things from microfiche.  Meet me in my office in 15 minutes.
[whoa. Um don’t ask or anything! -Sucker!!! haaaa.. Is it just me or do you think Gunning flirts with anything in a skirt?!]
(Charlie watches on as Gunning recruits Charlie’s mole to help him.)[haaaaaa.. that must be sweet justice!]
Charlie: Damn kid thinks he owns the place.
(The scene ends there, and we see Lee again, selling another sandwich.)
[My goodness, stop the press!- he might be able to live in Rockville and keep horses after all?!]
Lee:  Thank you.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001323957
(Amanda arrives at Gunning’s office, just in time to answer the phone for him and take a message before he arrives.)
[I see he doesn’t have a typewriter. They are all parked next to Lee in that hallway haaaaa]
(Gunning arrives, he seems disconcerted to see Amanda on his phone.)
Amanda:  Oh, hello Mr. Gunning.  Here’s the research you wanted and you just got a phone call from a Mr. Prometheus.  He said there was no message.
[LOL at the image of Amanda on her ID – it’s the same one on her agency ID!]
Gunning:  Oh good.  Great.  Thanks.  Uhh….  I’ve got to go.  We’ll jump on that microfiche stuff later, okay? 
(Gunning leaves and Amanda talks into her walkie talkie cardigan.)
[At least I hope it’s a wired for talking cardy. I mean, it could be the first sign of senility. I’ve tried talking into my necklace but I don’t think Lee heard me.] 
Amanda:  (Lifts her microphone up). Mr. Gunning’s leaving the office.  He just got a phone call from someone who called himself Prometheus.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001371004
(We see Lee listening to her, seeing Gunning leave out the door and Lee follows.)
[lol how the strap gets caught as he tries to close up shop. Hurry Lee! lol.
He just leaves the cooler there next to the typewriters?! nothing suspect about that! Maybe he put a little sign on top: back in 5!
Not that I’m complaining, because that’s quite a lovely view as he leaves.. ahem..]
(Charlie follows Lee, following Gunning.)
[If Charlie can successfully follow Lee without Lee being aware of it, he truly needs to switch to selling sandwiches full-time.]

Any comments you’d like to share all???? Can’t wait to hear from ya!

3/7 Season Four, Episode Ten: Need To Know–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back to IFF, so we can laugh some more at all the trouble Lee has gotten into because of Charlie.
Billy:  Disturbing the peace, assault, destroying personal property, not to mention six different municipal code violations.  You’ve had quite a day.
  It is all in the report that I’m about to file, Billy.
Billy:  And while you were out having fun, we’re busting our buns trying to keep the lid on a major flap…
…The White House is not happy, people.
[Lee looks suitably concerned to hear this.. and ummm fluffy. He looks fluffy!!]
…Everything about Tritanium is eyes only.  How much we’ve got, where we’ve got it.  But the Telegram has it on the front page.  And they have it wrong.  Or did you have time to read the paper between crime sprees?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[109]
[If they have it wrong, what’s the problem here exactly?! rofl.]
Lee:  I read the articles.
Amanda:  Why is the Telegram the only one with the story?
Lee:  Charlie Benton says this guy Gunning is a hot shot reporter who hasn’t got his facts straight.  Look at these…
[Hey – pun alert! Gunning the hot sho!!!! rofl.
… Billy seems to be confirming this is correct that Gunning doesn’t have his facts straight right? so who cares..]
(Lee shows them the snapshot from the airport)
…Charlie took them.  That’s Nesbitt with Emil Dursak.
Francine:  What’s the publisher of the Telegram doing with Emil Dursak?
Lee:  That’s what I’d like to know.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_[15]
[and umm.. why is someone trying to run over Charlie? I mean the guy is super irritating, but.. maybe not that bad?! haaaa. That’s what I’d like to know! ]
:  Francine, pull the file on Dursak.  And put together anything you have on Nesbitt.
(Francine leaves to get on with her job)
Billy:  If Dursak is involved in this, I’ll need more.
Lee:  Charlie has offered to help.
Billy:  He’s never been cozy with the intelligence community before…
(Lee nods)
[well, he can’t
argue with that.. but then.. so what?]
…Okay, here’s what we’ll do.  I want you both to work the Telegram.  Be discrete and be careful.
Amanda:  Yes sir.
Billy: (to Lee):  And no more arrests.  Understood?
A short, clipped reply! haaaa..
The scene ends here..

So Lee and Amanda are to both work the Telegram, while being discrete and careful. Yes Billy.

[I’m excited to see a bit of Lee and Amanda both working undercover. Do I actually remember how this plays out? Not at all. It’s kinda scary how I honestly remember none of this!]
(Lee and Amanda head back to the Q bureau.)
Lee:  I thought Billy was going to throw the book at me, and I walk out of that office smelling like a rose.
[whaaa haaaaaaaa Oh Lee!]
(Lee heads over to his desk, picks up something and holds it behind his back, while turning to Amanda and sitting on the edge of his desk. Amanda takes a seat at her own desk)
Amanda:  Yep.
Lee:  Amanda, I have been thinking about what we were talking about earlier.
Amanda:  Yeah.
Lee:  And I have decided…  No secrets.
Amanda:  Good plan.  Now you’re really onto something.
(Lee pulls the folder away from behind his desk so Amanda can now see it.) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000987954
Lee (super casual!):  Who is Jim Cernan? … SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000988154
[As usual, KJ nails it with the non verbal reaction here! SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000989155
Amanda is quite stunned and didn’t see this coming.
But I think she recovers quite quickly! Amanda makes like she needs a little more prompting here to recall… and Lee continues with his whole casual act!]
Lee: …Umm…Hilton Head, 1976.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000992158
Amanda:  I haven’t got a clue….SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000993960
(Lee seems to be enjoying her squirming!
Lee makes a tusk tusk noise..)
[Oh Lee I hope you’re gonna get it for this!!]
…You know what?  I think I’m developing a sort of a…a…selective memory or something.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001003169
Lee:  Yeah, you know I had that same kind of memory with the Petrovich twins.
[Aie Lee is so fuzzy and covered in lines it’s so hard to get a clear picture of him!]
Amanda:  I don’t know what a couple of tumblers from a Moscow circus have to do with-
Lee:  -Jim Cernan?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001012012
Amanda:  Who?SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001013179
Lee:  The Petrovich twins were a little tiny chapter in my past…
…that I would have rather kept secret,…
(Amanda starts to really squirm. She starts to laugh and puts her head down.. aie! )SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001020820
…but no… you had to read the report, remember?
[She did what?????? Uh oh Amanda – you’re in trouble!!!! I’m starting to see what Lee is getting at and where this is coming from. Okay, she kinda deserves it haaaa. Naughty Amanda!!!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001025825
Amanda:  Ohh gawd, I remember..  Ah…yeah…I…yeah…I…  Yes I do.  Yes I do remember that.  I do.  I got to admit it, I do.  I remember that.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001036236
Lee:  And since there were no little goodies in your past that usually come up under the line of duty,..
…I thought that the Jim Cernan file would make a fair trade.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001039639
[You know it’s kinda tough that much of Lee’s past is… well.. documented! eek!!!]SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001039839
Amanda:  Kind of like…you know….trade baseball cards, huh?  You know, I’ll give two Micky Mantles for a Whitey Ford. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001041841
[They are both all exaggerated smiles and man is this awkward!!!]
Lee:  Yeah, we’ll swap secrets, you know.  Tell everything.  Lay it all out on the line, huh?
Amanda:  Yeah.  I’ll go second.
[I think Lee has already gone first, whether he wanted to or not – thanks to much of his past being documented, and then Amanda accessing them to read without his okay!]
Lee:  Let’s flip a coin…  Call.
(Lee takes out a coin and tosses it in the air for Amanda to catch it.
Amanda catches it, but turns her back on Lee to look at the result.)
[Man, Amanda plays dirty!!!!]
Lee:  No!  No!  No!
(Lee grabs at her hands and the coin from behind)
  No!  No!
Lee:  No, no, no, no, no you don’t!
Amanda:   Would you stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!
Lee:  No you don’t!  None of that!  Amanda, no you don’t!
Amanda:  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!
(They’re both yelling at each other at the same time. Francine opens the door and throws a folder on Amanda’s desk.)
[She looks completely unsurprised haaaa]
SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001065865(They both freeze and look up.)
Francine:  Background profile on Nesbitt.  Billy thought you might need it…
(Francine sighs.. ) …. Don’t even bother to explain, it’ll only make it worse.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001071071
[One of Francine’s best lines ever!!! rofl smiley]
(Francine just leaves them to it!)
(They start grappling over the coin again)
Lee:  Amanda!
Amanda:  Get off of me!
Lee:  Come on!  It’s not fair!
(Lee tries to grab at the coin again, and then pulls away)
Amanda:  I’m a woman!
[oh nice try Amanda. Come on that’s a bit rich…. boooo Amanda. Man, its not often I think this but I think Amanda’s being pretty unreasonable! ]
(Amanda rights herself, Lee well and truly backs off)
Lee:   I flipped— [then Amanda flipped Winking smile ]
Amanda:  Now go ahead and call it like a man.
[Don’t get me wrong, I love this scene and it’s hilarious, but the whole ‘I’m a woman/call it like a man’ thing? I wonder if that played differently back in the 80s than it does now. I think in the 80s I would have not have minded it so much as I do now.
I reckon Amanda’s being pretty unfair considering she was the one who wanted to look at the coin before he did, and was being unfair. I think Lee is really patient with her being so unreasonable! I guess what’s funny here is that the whole Lee keeping secrets thing has really gotten to her huh!!!! Oh Amanda!! She’s not quite so okay with it as it first appeared!!!]
Lee:  Tails.
Amanda:  Heads.  Ha!
(Amanda looks at the concealed coin, not showing Lee and calls it.) 
[So Amanda doesn’t let him see the coin… why am I not surprised. Lee you are going to either need to give in here, or play smarter!!!! I’m not giving up on Lee quite yet haaaaa. He should have demanded another fully monitored coin toss! lol]
Lee:  Ohhhh.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001083083
Amanda:  Start talking.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_001085285
(Amanda sits back down on her chair. Ready to listen.)
[rofl. Man, she is taking this suuuuuper seriously!!!

What do you all think of this secrets thing? I wonder if I’m the only one who finds Amanda pretty over the top and unfair here!
Francine’s surprise interruption is what makes this funny for me.. otherwise I suspect I’d just be grinding my teeth! A top shelf top ten funniest SMK moment right here for me!!!!!!!!!]

Time to pause- Okay, I’ve got to ask- Sara, how was it transcribing this Lee/Amanda scene with all the No no no and stop it stop stop it?! rofl!!!  How many times did you watch it? Kudos to you for all your hard work here!!! rofl!!!!
So, everyone – what do you think of this part of the episode guys? Do tell!!! I love love love to hear your thoughts!!

2/7 Season Four, Episode Ten: Need To Know–Scarecrow & Mrs King

So Lee is off to meet with Charlie for a drink.
Whoo hooo!!! The bar is: Nedlindger’s!!!! haaa..
We find Lee playing at a pin ball machine.
[Really? I didn’t have Lee pegged as a pin ball player!]
Charlie:  Thirty years in the paper business.  I was running copy and the racing forms up five flights of stairs in the old Telegram.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000450917
Lee:  Yeah, I know, that was just about before everyone else was born.
[Rofl. me thinks Lee has heard this before!]
(Lee picks up the pitcher of beer and his glass and makes his way over to a table, followed by Charlie with his own beer.)
[Me thinks Charlie has had enough to drink already! aie]
Charlie:  Hey, those were the days when being a reporter meant something…
[Could Fouts be anymore obvious in his lurking and listening?! haaaa…  If Lee doesn’t notice he’s slipping and needs to put down the beer!]
… Ever since Raoul Nesbitt gobbled up the Telegram, we’ve been running more fashion hints and fou fou recipes in a day then all the hard news we print in a month.

[Yeah!! There’s nothing worse than…. Fou fou! rofl.. ]
Lee:  Not such a bad deal.  He owns a lot of papers throughout the country.  Radio stations.  TV stations.
Charlie:  All over the world.  I mean, he buys them and brings in hired guns like, Gary Gunning…
[ROFL. Gunning the hired gun?! Let me guess, he goes in all guns blazing!!] 
(Charlie points to a guy sitting on the other side of the room) [Charlie isn’t subtle! Is this him drunk or just him?!]
…who write first, ask questions later.  They’re destroying the news business…
[Yeah!!! Gunning thinks he’s a big shot! haaa!!!
Just gotta insert here – check out the bartender! Is this Ned Jr?!]
…I can’t just sit back.  You been following Gunning’s series on Tritanium?
[as usual, I don’t remember this plot! But.. I’m guessing maybe Gunning (the Big Shot!)  is the poor schmuck being set up by Nesbitt to take the fall. Playing with gun puns is more interesting than this plot so far.. ahem..]
Lee:  Uh…
(Charlie hands him a newspaper)
Charlie:  Don’t bluff me, Stetson.  You know the next generation, SDI weapons is totally dependent on Tritanium.  Gunning’s undisclosed source says we ain’t got enough.
Lee isn’t really biting here, and doesn’t seem terribly interested… so Charlie expands on his concerns.. here’s the highlights:
Charlie:  Nesbitt’s been pushing the full bore, giving Gunning carte blanche, quoting unnamed sources close to the White House.  Garbage…
whispers are starting again.  Whitewash.  Stonewall.  This isn’t the Peoria Prairie news.  This is the Washington Telegram.  It stands for something.  Or at least it used to.  Here.
(Charlie pulls out a picture)
Charlie:  Here’s the kind of company Nesbitt’s keeping.  Here’s Nesbitt.
Lee:  Emil Dursak.  Romanian secret service?  Of course there could be many perfectly logical reasons why.
Charlie:  Many perfectly dirty reasons why.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000566433
So… Lee wonders why Charlie is telling Lee all this..
Charlie:  There’s something rotten at the Telegram and I want the story.  I’ve got a hunch you’re going to want it too.  You’re on the outside.  I’m in real tight with Gladys in Personnel.  We could work something out.  Get you on the inside.
Someone off camera calls out:  Benton…  Phone!

[Ahhh the days before mobile phones!]
(Charlie pauses what he’s saying and starts making his way over to the phone. Watched very closely by Fouts and his toothpick, swizzle stick or whatever that thing is. rofl.)
[He gets distracted by  Gunning on the way though, and can’t resist taking a shot at Gunning… haaaaa…Aie.]
Charlie:  How’s the story coming, Gunning?
Gunning:  Just fine thanks, Charlie. 
Charlie:  Shoot from the hip.
Charlie:  Cheap thrills.  That’s all it is.
(Lee watches this exchange from a distance.)SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000610477
Gunning:  Yeah.  Well, at least I’ve got some bullets in my gun.  [way to go embracing those gun puns Gunning!] Look at the front page of the Telegram.  I see my name, but I don’t see yours.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000616282
Charlie:  Yeah, well you’ll see it soon enough…
[Lee looks to be inwardly groaning at this one. Shut up Charlie!] SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000620487
…I got a story that will knock your crony Nesbitt out of the water.
[If you ask me, they are both as childish as each other! But Charlie seems to have a pretty big mouth. Uh oh… is that him, or the beer talking?! If it’s the beer, he needs to lay off! ]
Gunning:  Yeah, sure, sure, whatever you say, Charlie.
(Gunning walks off, and Charlie lets out a big huff as he watches him leave.)
Off camera:  Hurry up, Benton, other people want to use that phone.
(Charlie kicks an empty chair in his frustration.)
{The chair knocks into the chair where another man is sitting.  The man jumps up out of his seat.}
Easily-agitated man:  Hey.  Watch it, old man.
[come on Charlie. just apologize you dingbat. Charlie is not looking super shiny and brilliant here. I really really hope this is the beer talking!]
(Lee rushes over to put himself between Charlie and the other man, he seems to know that Charlie will need to be held back here.)
Lee:  Uh…  Charlie, Charlie, come on.  Let’s go sit down.  Charlie…
Charlie:  What’s his problem?
[You kicked his chair and were rude!]
(Lee tries to get Charlie to move on, even apologizes to the man who was disturbed on Charlie’s behalf, but Charlie won’t quit trying to stir up trouble.
Long story short? A fight starts and Lee steps in to protect Charlie who is not helping things at all, Lee sends the two men flying into a booth.. and Charlie finds it all pretty amusing. till the cops show up. The police arrive, and tell Lee and Charlie to step over against the bar. )SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000663963
[Lee, are we sure we want to take this on? I think Charlie is supposed to come across as a lovable, rough around the edges kinda guy. For me, he just seems like a grumpy old jerk so far! SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000670170
The cop calls out Charlie by name. She seems to know him. Maybe he has written the beat. Anyway, this is not good! Nedlindger’s is our hang out!!! No fighting at Nedlindger’s allowed!!!! haaaa]

(Fouts calls to check in with Nesbitt. Nesbitt is in the limo on his car phone. He says he’s ‘about to meet with Eldridge.’ Fouts explains he saw Charlie showing snapshots, could be from the airport, but he can’t be sure.. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000678978
He thinks they could be in trouble.)
Nesbitt responds:  I was hoping we could let that sleeping dog lie.  But use your own judgment.
Fouts:  Right.
(The call ends..)
[Nesbitt is ever the refined gentleman, I wonder if we’ll get to see him drinking tea. So just what is in store for Charlie? It can’t be good!]

(We follow Nesbitt to his meeting with Eldridge. Make that.. Dr Eldridge! The limo pulls up on the side of the road, and Dr Eldridge walks up to it..) SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000711811
Dr. Eldridge: I want out of this, Nesbitt.  You promised it would only be a few contacts with Gunning.   SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000718618
[Ahhh so we have a reluctant conspirator along for the ride huh. will he end up dead? Or.. be a source? or both?! No idea who this guy is rofl.]
Nesbitt:  All I need is for you to give my reporter one more story.  And your visit to the White House.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000720420
Dr. Eldridge:  Look.  I don’t know what you’re up to, I don’t care.  You’re pushing me too far.
[I don’t have any sympathy for Elderidge – he’s visiting the white house? He must be quite senior?]
{Nesbitt hands a cassette player with headphones out the window to him.}
Nesbitt:  We have the video tape to go along with that.  It’s all yours.  If you keep playing along.  Just as I promised.  Within the week.
[Dr Eldridge gives up his fight.. guess he’s being blackmailed in some way? I’m actually glad we don’t need any details! ]
Dr. Eldridge:  But I’ve told him all I know.
Nesbitt:  It’s time to start getting creative…

{Hands an envelope out the window to him}
…That’s your script.  Be convincing, Doctor.  A lot depends on your performance.
{Window closes and Dr. Eldridge opens the envelope and glances at the contents.}
Then Nesbitt drives off.
Nesbitt reminds me of the puppetmaster Krutiov in All the World’s a stage!

Except minus: communism, bragging about being a master manipulator and an awful comb over!

Back to Lee and Charlie driving in the corvette, Lee parks the car and the conversation continues..
Lee:  Do you know every cop in town, Charlie?
:  Oh, yeah, yeah…  One way or the other. I wouldn’t be surprised if that fight was a set-up to take me out.
Lee:  A set-up?  Come on.  You started it and you know it.
Charlie:  Ever since I’ve been poking into this Nesbitt story, someone’s been on my butt.  Yeah, I can feel it.  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000789856
[I’m inclined to believe Lee. Charlie started it.. so if it was a set up it was awfully convenient!]
(We see Fouts park his car a distance away, continuing to watch them)
Charlie:  Come on up, I’ll buy you a drink.
[I think Charlie has had enough! ugh]
Lee:  No.
Charlie:  Hey hey…  I got some single malt whiskey in the cupboard.
Lee:  No, I can’t do it this time.  I will deliver your message to my people.  Until then, I swear to God this is off the record.  You got that?
Charlie:  Gotcha.  Don’t you breathe a word either.  How about just a…just a little tiny one? Come on. Come on.  Come on.
(Lee laughs and gives in..)
Lee:  Alright.  You talked me into it.SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000814681
[The smile here from Lee more than makes up for how annoying I find Charlie lol]
Fouts watches as Lee and Charlie exit the corvette.
He starts driving towards them.
Lee and Charlie randomly just continue their conversation not moving anywhere. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000828895
[Gotta give Fouts a chance to at least try and kill him haaa]
We sure showed him, didn’t we?
Lee:  Yeah, we sure did.

Fouts suddenly pulls up onto the sidewalk.  [He makes a huge racket with those squealing tyres. Hey Charlie: I’m coming to kill you!! get ready!!!] SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000832499
Lee sees this just in time and pulls Charlie over the top of the car.  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000833700
[OH MY GOSH. this is the funniest murder attempt ever! haaaaa.. As good as the bulldozer racing toward Amanda at a snail’s pace in You Only Die Twice! whahaahahaha..
Honestly, this all makes no sense I laughed so loudly seeing this I’m sure the neighbours want to watch what I’m watching Winking smile ]
Lee:  Charlie!  Come here!SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000836503
[See the prop holding up the fake door?! whahaahaaa]
Fouts’s car hits and takes off the passenger side door of the Corvette.  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000837504
Lee and Charlie tumble into the street.  Fouts speeds off.
Lee:  Charlie, are you alright?
Charlie:  Yeah.
Lee sees that the Vette’s door is missing .SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000853319 [Well nothing convinces Lee to work on a case like a murder attempt.. but even more: an attempt on the corvette right?! ]

{The cops pull up again and stop.  It’s the lady cop again.}  SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000871338
Charlie gives her a cute little wave, and she looks a little exasperated that he’s gotten himself into trouble again. SCARECROW_AND_MRS_KING_S4_D2-06.avi_000874341
[I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be cute and funny, but I just find it irritating! Oh poor me, oopsie I got into trouble again. Not that I think this is his fault, but the scene back in the bar was. The guy attracts trouble and I think I’m supposed to find him charming loveable. Not my experience of this character so far, but hey, he might grow on me yet.
And… who cares I’ll just keep focusing on Lee’s smiles.. that’s good enough!!!! 

I’ll pause here and look forward to hearing your thoughts all!!!