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4/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

We join the gang back in Billy’s office.
Lee: It’s ridiculous. Amanda King – burning flags, whipping up riots. Come on, give me a break, will ya?
[whoa. who is that lady in blue?! we haven’t seen her around for a while.. she’s back just in time to maybe insert a narky comment about subversive Amanda?!]
Amanda: When they give you a letter around here, what color is it? Scarlet?
4.08 PH.avi_001103370_thumb
Lee: Blue. It’s a blue “S” on your file. And then the campus newspaper suddenly comes up with an attic full of underground newspapers. 4.08 PH.avi_001108174_thumb
Billy: I don’t believe it, either.
Francine: I must say, it is a naughty little skeleton for the housewife of the year to have in her broom closet.4.08 PH.avi_001117784_thumb [bingo. We should play smk bingo. Honestly guys let’s do it! career on the line. check. Narky Francine one liner. check. Secretly work together to clear someone’s name and save their career? well.. I’m sure it’s coming any moment. lol. ]
Amanda: Francine, would you just take my keys, please? 4.08 PH.avi_001120587_thumb
Francine: I’m sorry. I’m just trying to lighten you up a little bit. [I believe this is Francine trying to be nice! lol! It’s pretty hilarious when she gives that a go! haaaaa.. ]
4.08 PH.avi_001124591_thumb
[Okay, Francine trying to be nice would not be on my bingo card. haaa]
…Relax, Amanda. Look, anybody can see that you missed the revolution. I meant that as a compliment.
4.08 PH.avi_001128194_thumb
Can we stop kicking the verbal ball around? This is serious. It’s a suspension, and it is damn hard to get reinstated. 4.08 PH.avi_001132198_thumb
Billy: All right. So get to the bottom of it. But keep a low profile, because if Frampton thinks that you’re in her way, she’ll put us all on ice.
[ah bingo! Secret assignment to clear your name commences!]4.08 PH.avi_001139205_thumb
Lee: Mm.
I’ll, uh, need your Agency ID too. But you get a visitor’s pass… 4.08 PH.avi_001147013_thumb
…And, uh, you’ll have to be accompanied by cleared personnel –
[funny, that’s kind of the system at Statik, which got those baddies in the door]
Amanda: All right, Francine.
Francine: — at all times.
Amanda: All right.
I’m sorry.
[Francine being nice.. whoa. It seems genuine. I know I was looking forward to the nark, but we got some genuine care here too. It’s very Francine. It works!]
4.08 PH.avi_001151618_thumb
Billy: Amanda, this is as hard for us as it is for you. 4.08 PH.avi_001155422_thumb
Amanda: Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Will that be all?
[I find the handing back of the agency ID, and the wearing of the Visitor badge to be a huuuuuge slap. Amanda worked sooooo hard for that badge!!!]
(Amanda tries hard to keep herself together, and stoically asks to leave.. she leaves the room not waiting for Lee and he follows on after her.) [LOL she wasn’t supposed to wander around alone anymore guess she was pretty confident he would follow! ]
We find Amanda and Lee entering the Q Bureau.
(They both look really tense. Lee is pacing, Amanda sitting at her desk hands clenched.)
Lee: Well, what are you doing?
Amanda: Nothing.
4.08 PH.avi_001190056
Lee: Heh.  Come on, Amanda. Let’s go.
Amanda: Go where?
Lee: Anywhere we have to go. What are you going to do? Are you just going to sit there?
Amanda: Yes. I’m gonna just sit here. I’ve got a visitor’s pass and that’s all I can do is just sit here.
4.08 PH.avi_001204671[Awh poor Amanda. She’s such a trooper, but this is such a sucky situation. I’m glad to see her have a little moment here. Seems Amanda found taking away the badge especially tough too! ]
Amanda, I wouldn’t scare you if I didn’t have to. But you can’t just sit there on your hands and wait for this whole thing to blow over.
Amanda: Lee, the security board will clear it up.
Lee: Did you hear what I said in Billy’s office?
4.08 PH.avi_001208074
Amanda: Yes, I heard what you said in Billy’s office.
[love her little head toss here, this is Amanda pretty worked up!]
4.08 PH.avi_001216883
Lee: All right. I can’t give you the exact box score, but I can tell you this: not many suspensions are cleared up, period.
Amanda: Listen. A suspension is gonna be cleared up if a charge isn’t true.
[Given other events Amanda has witnessed, and been a part of during her time at the agency, I’m kinda surprised she is fighting Lee on this. Then again, maybe she’s just in shock.. can’t say I blame her]
Lee: No!
Amanda: Yes!
Lee: Amanda, it happens! Sure, they can give you a week of their time, and then they move on. But if they can’t get any more breaks, if they start running out of leads, it is goodbye, Amanda!
4.08 PH.avi_001239539
Amanda: Are you serious?
[this is the suckiest workplace ever!]
4.08 PH.avi_001242542
I told you before, didn’t I?…4.08 PH.avi_001246946
…We might not be able to work with each other, see each other.
4.08 PH.avi_001249749
Amanda: Are you sure? 4.08 PH.avi_001250550
Lee: Hh. Yeah. Okay. What do we have to do?  I don’t know. Damn it, let’s make a start, huh?

[Amanda begins to realise the full gravity of this situation, and how this sucky workplace runs things. I’m amazed anyone who has made enemies is able to keep working at the agency if it’s this easy to dirty someone’s name!]
(Together they leave the Q bureau to start trying to clear Amanda’s name)
[ – ohhh!!! Bingo!!!]

(Scene shifts to Agency photo lab. A blown up photo of Amanda. Shot widens to show Lee and Amanda behind a work surface, with photos framed on the wall behind them. Amanda is holding up blown up photo. A man with glasses is standing behind the work surface, holding the original newspaper) 4.08 PH.avi_001270570
Amanda: That’s me. But I wasn’t at that riot.
Seymour: So, it’s a mistake. And a rag like The Skwak didn’t make a dime being meticulous with its facts. They put in the wrong picture. [and yet the agency in it’s infinite wisdom is willing to toss away 3 years of great work based on the Skwak?!]
4.08 PH.avi_001271771
Lee: Seymour, is there any other way to prove that this photo wasn’t taken at the riot?
[Wait. This photographic expert is named ‘Seymour’
Ohhh hoooo hooooo that is flippin genius!!!!!
Yeah, you can even see Amanda wearing the heart necklace. Just show the agency footage from Welcome to America Mr Brand that will clear things up!
err hang on.. something’s not right here.. ]
Seymour: No, no, no, not by the picture itself. You see. All these shots here could have been taken months, maybe even years apart, but the shadows are all the same length, which means they must have been taken about the same time of day. So – if it’s a fake, it passes that test. [Really. Lame. Test.]
4.08 PH.avi_001288388
Lee: Any other test?
[I have three.. what about the basic sniff test?! The common sense test??!! The reality check???!!!!!! ]
Seymour: Well, a complete analysis is going to take a long time. But this is what I can tell you now. The newsprint is the same as they used back then. The ink is Hobbs 970, which is unusual because it contains a hazardous substance. The EPA suspended its use back in ’75. So – it looks real.
4.08 PH.avi_001320020

[Ugh. well if it’s a fake they wouldn’t want to make it obvious, I mean the point is to trick people. Ya know?! Thanks Seymour. Noooo thanks Seyless!]

The scene ends there and we move on to an old warehouse..

Yes, this looks suitably dodgy for nefarious activities!
4.08 PH.avi_001327027
Williamson: The last ready check of the detonator for the HK-86 will be completed within 48 hours. They’ll lock it in a clean bin as usual for final assembly. However, the timetable will be tighter than with the other components. One or two days at the most. How long do you need? 4.08 PH.avi_001342442
Janitor No. 1: Don’t worry about it, all right? We’ll have it photographed and back in a clean bin before they can miss it. Yeah, what about the agent that’s been nosing around here, Amanda King?
[Oh okay, so they are taking photos of errr.. stuff. secret stuff, and then putting it back. right. whatever. But cool to see the dual ‘Photo’ themed storylines..]
Williamson: King’s a first-year agent. I’ve thrown her security review board a bone. That’s all she’ll be worried about. Besides, I’m keeping a close watch on her. If Amanda King winds up in our hair, I’ll make absolutely certain that she never bothers us again.
4.08 PH.avi_001371871

[I like that the baddie check in is short and sweet. She gets in our way? she’s going to die. Muahahahaa!!] 

So any comments on this part of the episode, or the episode so far guys? Can’t wait to hear from you!

3/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Ready for more? The show continues!!!
We get another one of those sliding transitions that this episode seems to want to use as much as possible remember..we are in the middle of a flashback while Lee and Amanda discuss the past in the Q bureau (aie, it’s confusing!).
We cut to an exterior shot of a restaurant.
4.08 PH.avi_000713546
Lee: In fact, you were so caught up in that assignment, I started getting a little jealous.
Amanda: You did?
Lee: I told you. You weren’t listening.
(As we hear the voice over, we see inside this fancy restaurant.
4.08 PH.avi_000722756
There’s Lee and Amanda holding hands across the table.)4.08 PH.avi_000725959
[How sweet is it to see them stroking hands like that. Adorable! heart_eyes emoticon heart_eyes emoticon[5] heart_eyes emoticon[7] ]
Lee: What kind of plans do you have for the weekend?
Amanda: Oh, I have about three inches of paperwork to do for Beaman’s class. He’s got me doing a full security review. 4.08 PH.avi_000727560
Boring, boring, boring…4.08 PH.avi_000730764
…I have something much more intriguing in mind.
4.08 PH.avi_000732766
Amanda: Such as? 4.08 PH.avi_000734567
Lee: Crump is in Argentina, and I have the key to his cabin…4.08 PH.avi_000737570 …You, me, moonlit nights – 4.08 PH.avi_000738571
Amanda: Aw, stop.
Lee: — crackling fires –
Amanda: Stop.
4.08 PH.avi_000740974
Lee: — barbecued steaks –
[Lee ain’t stopping!! He’s about to get to the indoor tennis. I’m sure of it! whooooooo.. -Hope Alan is ready with the espresso machine in the gutter, right?!]
STOP… 4.08 PH.avi_000742175
…I have to work.
4.08 PH.avi_000744377
Lee: Amanda, Crump’s cabin is a once-a-year opportunity, and for us it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity –
[Nice sales technique there Lee. But she ain’t buying it]
Amanda/Lee (at the same time): -If you know what I mean.
4.08 PH.avi_000750383
Amanda: I know what you mean. 4.08 PH.avi_000753186
Lee: Great. Then I’ll get Beaman to spring you. 4.08 PH.avi_000755789
Amanda: No, no. I don’t want you to get Beaman to spring me. I really want to do a good job in class. 4.08 PH.avi_000760794
Lee: Amanda, you have been at the Agency for three years. What’s to prove? 4.08 PH.avi_000764798
Amanda: Well, I’ve been there three years, but I’ve – everything I’ve done, I’ve done with you. I’m doing this on my own, and it feels good. 4.08 PH.avi_000773006
[Lee can’t really argue with that and thank goodness or I would have been cranky with him!
I think he’s frustrated, but he also admires her for her dedication. What do you think?
4.08 PH.avi_000773206
IMHO he looks at her with great pride. He knows she doesn’t have anything to prove to him, that’s how he feels, but he gets what she’s saying here. I LOVE this conversation and that we finally get Amanda talking about her career explicitly. It’s been a while! ]
Lee: All right. What’s this assignment?
Amanda: Statik Aerospace.
Lee: Piece of cake.
Amanda: Big place.
4.08 PH.avi_000783817
Lee: Statik is a great outfit. I know. I did the original review. [lol of course you did. haaa] Trust Tanner. You can have this thing wrapped up by Friday, easy.
Amanda: I don’t know. There’s some things about it that I just don’t like. Their, um – their security badge system’s out-dated. They have video cameras in some places they really don’t do any good. And they buy too much floor wax.
Lee: Shadow shock.
Amanda: Shadow shock?
4.08 PH.avi_000798631
Lee: Uh-huh. Definitely shadow shock.
Amanda: What is shadow shock?
Lee: Just the way med students come down with every disease they study, new agents become suspicious of everyone and everything. You need a rest…
4.08 PH.avi_000813046
…and a guy with a healthy sex drive.
4.08 PH.avi_000812445[What? What what what what what???????!!!! surprise.. what the... emoticon.
Oh my gosh. how am I supposed to keep taking in words, images, sounds -when I just heard that???!!! ghaogabbaba0
thuddy emoticonthuddy emoticon[12]thuddy emoticon[9]
Iwsod. Snap out of it. you can do it.. head slap emoticonhead slap emoticon[5]head slap emoticon[7]
There. that’s better. phew. Where were we?! 

lol Lee has the good sense to laugh at that one. Very cheeky!]  4.08 PH.avi_000814047
Amanda: Aww… 4.08 PH.avi_000814647
(They share a laugh.) 4.08 PH.avi_000816249
[Amanda gathers up all her resources to respond.. Again- such determination and strength on display!! haaaa!]
…Not this weekend.
4.08 PH.avi_000820453
Lee: There goes the cabin.
4.08 PH.avi_000823857
Amanda: The cabin’s not going anywhere. 4.08 PH.avi_000826059
Lee: Heh.
(the moment ends with Lee having another laugh to himself.)
4.08 PH.avi_000827060
[I’m glad it ended with him still feeling in good humor about her working. I’m guessing I’m not alone in enjoying seeing Lee crave more of Amanda’s company, and expressing that. Good to see him wanting to be with her! And Amanda? I think she’s pretty gentle with him here, she doesn’t totally shoot him down. The cabin will still be there. Heck – didn’t they just get back from Pine Top? lol]

We have another slide transition here.. This time, a flashback to Amanda’s house, we see Amanda waxing the kitchen floor. 4.08 PH.avi_000838071
(The following dialog is a current-time voice-over)
Lee: I wasn’t the only one who thought you were going a little overboard.
Amanda: I was being thorough.
Lee: As — only you can.

(in the flashback, we hear Dotty and Captain Curt talking in the background. Amanda is waxing the kitchen floor. We hear Dotty and Curt in the background talking)
Dotty: You can’t fly around out there with them shooting off fireworks.
Captain Curt: Every Fourth of July.
Dotty: Wait a minute. Don’t talk to me unless it’s over a bottle of wine.
(they enter the kitchen.)
[LOL check it out, Dotty is dressed like him. haaa..]
Captain Curt:
Good evening, Amanda.4.08 PH.avi_000841074
Amanda: Hello, Captain Curt. Hi, Mother.
Dotty: Now, what are you doing? Looks like you’re marking off parking spaces.
Captain Curt: No, those are airplane tie-downs. Pay attention.
4.08 PH.avi_000846713
Amanda: It’s really not as strange as it looks.
Dotty: Of course it isn’t. Everybody waxes their floor at 10:30 on a Saturday night.
[Oh Dotty you have no idea, if only you knew what certain cabin and guy with a healthy sex drive Amanda had given up this weekend to instead: wax the floor!]
Amanda: No, Mother. You see, we’re doing a documentary at IFF and I’m trying to prove the theory that the average person uses 1.4 ounces of wax per 10 square feet of kitchen floor. [my eyes just glazed over. how about you?!]
4.08 PH.avi_000867300
[Yeah it really is as strange as it looks. Nice try Amanda]4.08 PH.avi_000867500
Dotty: Uh-hm-hm
Captain Curt: When you get done, if you’ve got some wax left over, I’ve got a Monte Carlo out in the driveway. She could wax that. It’ll go faster.
Dotty: Don’t encourage her. Captain Curt came by to help me study for ground school.
[I find it funny that they call him ‘Captain Curt’ rather than ‘Curt!’ ]
4.08 PH.avi_000874741
Amanda: Oh, I think that’s great, 10:30 Saturday night, good time to study.
[haaa good one Amanda!]
(There’s no reply for that. lol. Dotty and Curt start walking away.. )
Dotty: M-hah.
We’ll get the wine.
Captain Curt: Get the good stuff. 4.08 PH.avi_000885151
[So where are the boys at 1030 on a Saturday night?
I guess they could be in bed already.
this having Joe back in the picture is great for Dotty and Amanda’s love lives!
Ahhhh the young and the restless – ahem. I don’t know this guy’s name but I do recognize him. haaa..
I find it strange Lee was referring to other’s noticing her dedication and then cutting to a Dotty and Amanda scene, when Lee wasn’t even there and how would he know about it. The flashbacks are an interesting attempt to shake things up a bit, fair enough… but I confess- it makes walking through an episode kind of confusing! Anyway, enough with the flashbacks, lol.]

Back to the Q bureau -current time- and Lee and Amanda are about to head into that meeting about the letter..
Lee: Chances are, the review board is not gonna bust you for floor wax.
Amanda: I still haven’t figured that out, either. They buy too much. It sits in their warehouse.
4.08 PH.avi_000896963
Lee: Yeah.  Well, come on. We better get down there.
(They head to the meeting together.) 

(Scene changes to review board room.) 4.08 PH.avi_000912178
Mrs. Frampton: Overall, we’ve been quite pleased with your performance here at the Agency, Mrs. King. Certainly, no one can point to any problems with security while you’ve been employed here… [rofl really? What about the Artless Dodger?! what about Spiderweb?!]
4.08 PH.avi_000923390
…You’ve had two full-scale special background security checks, right?
Amanda: That’s right. Uh – the first one was when Mr. Stetson first recruited me, and then –ah – there was another one about a year ago.
[Heart necklace is back..
oh and funny I was just reminded of
I went back to look at my walk through that and found I had actually included part of this scene in the walk through spiderweb -Back when I hadn’t yet figured out it was best to not refer to what is ahead in the walk.-
Sooooo I’ve deleted those comments about this from Spiderweb, and instead I’m putting them here.

This boardroom scene doesn’t fit with this little exchange in Spiderweb, when Larner first suggested Amanda was the leak:
Lee: that’s impossible! She’s not an agent at all, she isn’t even a trainee in the strict sense of the word. She just helps us out.

Larner: and because she just helps us out she was never given an all out security check!

[I can’t make sense out of this.. unless they count her being recruited as when she became a trainee agent.. but they make it sound like it was when he first met her, and it would only be a year or two maximum since she officially became a  trainee.. that’s too soon for all the checks -Lee says he has one every 3 years-  Oh ! and.. Amanda’s family tree was being checked for security reasons in There goes the neighborhood! I can only put this down to a contrivance needed for the plot to work.. Okay I’ll just go with it! ] 4.08 PH.avi_000935201
Lee: Yes. I ran my own field checks when we started working together, uh — habits, haunts, the usual. 4.08 PH.avi_000938605
[Oh dear, Lee looks so nervous! lol.
Amanda smirks at hearing this]
4.08 PH.avi_000940006
Amanda (to Lee): You did?
(They share a smile.)
4.08 PH.avi_000943009
[Oh guys no. Please don’t. Not here!!!]
Mrs. Frampton: Well, it’s all here in the record.
(to Billy)
… A superb record, I think we all agree…
[Thank goodness Francine isn’t there haaaa]
(to the room) …I’m not trying to prolong the mystery, Mrs. King. But I think that you can understand why we were surprised.
[Geee call me crazy, but she seems to be prolonging the mystery!]
(she takes a newspaper out of her little folder and approaches Amanda)
Amanda: Surprised about what, Mrs. Frampton?
Mrs. Frampton: Educational records are standard in any background check, and we had been through yours from the University of Virginia twice.
The third time we found this.
(Gives Amanda a newspaper. There is a photo of people holding placards in a newspaper page, headed “The Skwak 1972 Editor ABBE SPARKMAN”. The headline reads “University of Virginia Police Needed at Demonstration”)
4.08 PH.avi_000969235
That’s a March 4th, 1972, edition of The Skwak, which was an unauthorized ultra-left publication that’s now –uh – defunct. 4.08 PH.avi_000973440
Billy: Why did it just show up? 4.08 PH.avi_000976843
[Yeah and with Amanda in her Welcome to America Mr Brand hair and pink pyjama outfit!!! rofl. that’s quite a time warp!

I can’t be certain, but that’s what it looks like to me! ]
Mrs. Frampton: Apparently, the official campus newspaper just donated their collection of radical off-campus sheets like these from the good old days, and UVA security put any interesting clips in the students’ jackets. Now, would you just read the top column, please.
4.08 PH.avi_000995862
Amanda: “ ‘Let’s light the fuse and see what happens,’ says campus activist” – me — “as hundreds of students set fire to the UV administration building.” I never said that. 4.08 PH.avi_001002268
Mrs. Frampton: Is that your picture on the top right?
Amanda: It looks like me, but it can’t be me, because I wasn’t there. This is a mistake.
4.08 PH.avi_001010477
Lee: Yeah, see, that’s it. That’s it. It’s a mistake. Amanda King doesn’t lie. [awhhh] 4.08 PH.avi_001020086
Mrs. Frampton: Mrs. King, we’re all grownups here. We don’t come down too hard on the occasional peccadillo, since our agents are rather spirited people 4.08 PH.avi_001029896(looking directly at Lee).
4.08 PH.avi_001031297
[rofl. I love this! In the middle of a pretty intense moment for Amanda we still get this quirky little dig at Lee thrown in there. His facial reaction here is priceless. Hilarious! BB does a great job! Sorry.. I digress!]
…But there’s certain kinds of conduct that we simply can’t overlook, not when our country’s secrets are at stake. So – what do we have here? Incitement to riot, destruction of private property and trespassing. Now, that’s a little over the line; don’t you agree?
4.08 PH.avi_001043910
Amanda: I didn’t do that. 4.08 PH.avi_001046312
[Hmmm..] 4.08 PH.avi_001047313
Billy: Ms. Frampton, I think you have a bad lead. 4.08 PH.avi_001049716
Mrs. Frampton: Billy, we’re checking it out.
[You know for an intelligence agent she’s a bit dim.  Maybe you should have confirmation before you consider writing letters and hosting meetings. Or maybe you should even ask the person about it first! If this is the archive, there doesn’t seem to be a way to verify it’s a true edition or if it’s been doctored.]
Billy: I stand by my evaluation. Amanda King is a top-notch agent candidate and a Class A security risk. Were she anything else, I would have known by now.4.08 PH.avi_001068134
[Billy does an amazing job here on Amanda’s behalf! I’m so proud of him. Keeps his cool well. Plus it’s just super great to hear such nice things said about Amanda Smile ]
Mrs. Frampton: Well, you certainly should have. We have a proposal on the table to downgrade your security status to a Stop S.
Lee: What? Subversive tendencies? That’s absurd.
4.08 PH.avi_001072339
Mrs. Frampton:
All right. Since Mrs. King denies all of this and you support her so vocally, we’ll wait… [Umm is it just me, or is this all pretty messed up??!! Oh you are being vocal? okay then, we’ll wait. haaa as if!]
…But until this is proven one way or the other, I’m putting Mrs. King on a D-15 suspension order. Sorry, Amanda. I’m going to have to clip your wings.
4.08 PH.avi_001084150
Amanda: I — . 4.08 PH.avi_001091958
[Whooooo super intense close up of Amanda. What will she do?? Her whole career is at risk here!!
Umm be more vocal Lee that seems to work. Kinda.
lol. You know Lee was explaining how Amanda doesn’t have anything to prove after 3 years. Seems like there is always something to prove at the agency.]

Time to pause and reflect.. before we move on to how the heck Amanda is going to get out of this one?
Isn’t it wonderful to have some Lee content again?!
I’m going to eat my pancakes Winking smile You too?

2/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Back Lee and Amanda, talking in the Q bureau, and discussing past events.. so we transition into another flashback of Amanda’s class, as Lee in the present is heard in a voice over.
Lee (voice over): I never told you, but I really admire the way you threw yourself into all the agent candidate work.
4.08 PH.avi_000561327_thumb(scene in Beaman’s class)
Beaman: (starting underneath Lee’s previous dialog) …surveillance test. She has a knack for it, it seems.
Amanda: Thank you.
This week we tackle facilities clearance procedure, hands on. Here we certify an actual defence contractor with a site security officer.
(Amanda puts her hand up)
Beaman: Yes?
4.08 PH.avi_000572939_thumb
Amanda: I can’t take this one. I’ve already done it. 4.08 PH.avi_000576343_thumb
[Lol Beaman ooooozes irritation. Amanda should be assessed for recognition of prior learning and get on with it lol.]
Beaman: Then why don’t you just thumb through these files and find one you haven’t done?
Amanda: Why don’t I just take, um, Statik Aerospace?
4.08 PH.avi_000583149_thumb
Beaman: Fine.
Amanda: Thank you.
(audio shifts to present-time voice-over)
Amanda: It was a typical class assignment.
Lee: And you went after it with typical enthusiasm.
[I love this running theme of Amanda being enthusiastic through this show.. shades of Over the Limit – remember?!
And no this flashback isn’t in this episode. Just in our walk. but it would have been hilarious if it had been!

rofl! Oh and Wrong Number too!  Remember?!
Sorry I’m getting distracted. back to Photo Finish!]
4.08 PH.avi_000590357_thumb(The scene transitions into Amanda visiting  Statik Aerospace).
Looks like she’s getting the PR script..
Sam: Of course, we here at Statik Aerospace consider our affiliation with the government a true partnership, everyone working for the good of the country. The semi-annual security check we go through –
Amanda: Hm.
(Amanda smiles politely, listening to his script/marketing)
4.08 PH.avi_000603169_thumb
Sam: — it is rigorous, but we welcome it. Two years ago your people found a tiny little speck under my desk one time, ran it through every test they’ve got until they were convinced –
Amanda: — convinced it was a button. Yes. I know. I read the report.
4.08 PH.avi_000614180_thumb
[lol is Sam intentionally trying to draw attention to how ridiculous the agency is while saying the right things?! Seems like it. I mean, it sounds like Amanda is not the only agent to make mistakes haaaaa. a button – that’s pretty funny! I mean.. it might have been a microdot right?!
I love that Amanda is right on it though, and knows the history.]
Sam: The latest agency review calls us “a model of defence plant security.”
(He hands her a file.)
[the previous review maybe? It’s like he’s saying you don’t need to do it again. but well that’s kind of the whole point. Wait till Amanda hears about that errr faulty floor waxing machine that zapped the security guard to death two months ago!]
Amanda: Well, nevertheless, it’s my assignment to conduct a complete security review of your facilities just according to normal Agency policy.
Sam: Well, now, that could take several weeks.
[Booo hooo.]
4.08 PH.avi_000621588_thumb
Amanda: I know. That’s why I’d like to get started. [yeah. enough of the jibber jabber Mr I’m secure and diligent!] …I’d like to start with Purchasing.
(Sam lets out a big sigh.) [Yeaaahhh he’s saying the words, but he’s not really feeling it. Seems to want the last report’s result to stand – no need for this semi annual review business! but.. he can’t exactly say that can he.]
Sam: Of course, Mrs. King. I hope you wore comfortable shoes.
[whoa- you up for it woman?! this guy bugs me!] 

Some time later, and Amanda has her hands full of folders.
Amanda: Let’s see. Purchasing, Accounting, Grounds, Food Services –
4.08 PH.avi_000643209_thumb
Sam: And our next stop is Facilities Maintenance. Jake Williamson’s the supervisor. Among his other duties, Jake oversees our outside contractors.
Amanda: Well, I thought Security cleared the outside contractors.
4.08 PH.avi_000651818_thumb
Sam: Both my department and your Agency, and then Jake sends a list of names to ID.
(Sam talks to Amanda like she is wasting his breath. But Amanda is unmoved. Dealing with Francine has been fantastic practice right?! )
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Sam: It’s fool proof.
4.08 PH.avi_000656823_thumb
Amanda: I see.
[She sure does. I love it, go Amanda she doesn’t get distracted!! and she’s use to men talking down to her. She’ll show you!]
(Sam opens Williamson’s office door for Amanda- is this a commentary on gender?! There seems to be undertones here..)
Amanda: Thank you.
Williamson: (talking on phone) You know, the last time we talked about this, Harry, we were talking in the dozens of them. (to Sam) What do you need, Sam? I’m on a long-distance phone call.
4.08 PH.avi_000673039_thumb
Sam: Well, we need to take a look at your outside contractor files, OSHA citations, Workmen’s Comp and – oh, you’d better throw in the accident report and insurance settlement on Dutch Adams’s death. [workmen’s comp??!!! aie. this show seems dated. and.. I’m sooo glad it has moved beyond this!]
4.08 PH.avi_000676910_thumb
[How. Rude. Sam doesn’t even introduce her.
Talk about trying to give her the brush off]

Williamson (to Sam): Well, help yourself. It’s right in the top drawer.
(Williamson turns his back on them and continues with his phone call.
4.08 PH.avi_000690123_thumb
Sam opens the top drawer and takes out a pile of folders. He hands them to Amanda.)
Williamson: (talking on phone) Oh, sorry, Harry. Where was I? Oh, yes. And it was right after that, things went haywire. (his phone conversation continues under following dialog)
Sam: Well, these should keep you busy for a while.
4.08 PH.avi_000698131_thumb
Sam: Let me know if you need more, huh?
Amanda: Well, I – I’ll have these back to you in a few days.
(Sam and Amanda exit Williamson’s office.
It cuts back to Williamson finishing up his phone call.)
Williamson: Right, Harry. Next time you’re in town, we’ll get together. Yep. Bye. 4.08 PH.avi_000709743_thumb
(He hangs up, and we get an intense close up of Mr evilness. 4.08 PH.avi_000711945_thumb
Whooooooo he’s really evil!!
Yeah that nonchalance was a cover up…)

Amanda is sooo not going to accept the brush off. She’s going to dig just as deep as she always would. You guys don’t stand a chance! haaaaa…

I’m thinking Sam is not in on it, he’s just over confident and a dismissive bozo. What do you think?

No Lee in a post?? this is outrageous!!!!!! but.. yeah.. I’m pressing the publish button anyway!
Maybe this can tide you all over till the next post okay?
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