3/3 Season One, Episode 10: The Long Christmas Eve

As we continue with this episode we see Lee start to come to.. Only to find he must be delirious or something.. because (blink blink) there is Amanda pouring tea for Rudolph and the bad Santa! ..

: Bad dream!

Lee closes his eyes and opens them again to find
122things still look the same.. he scans the room and sees the other injured russian baddie 123nodding to him.. yep definitely cause to believe you are dreaming!!!

124Lee: Amanda!

Lee calls her slightly panicked.. (err Lee.. as far as you know her name is ‘Karen’.. you don’t know yet that she has told Rudolph the truth… )

She comes on over.. and recommences with the 125hair stroking.. can’t help yourself can you hon.. Yep, I would have been struggling to resist the lure of the Lee hair myself! hehehee..

126Amanda: I called a truce.
127Lee: And they agreed????!!!!!!!!

Lee: Ivan and Dimitri????????? I don’t believe this, I’m in the middle of the brothers Karamazov.

(ok, I looked it up!!! had to know what the brothers Karamazov is!!!)

Lee’s face is so funny as Amanda explains what has gone on.. It is so difficult for Lee to comprehend! hehehee..

I love how the whole reason they came in the first place is all but forgotten.. and Lee never even mentions that she told Rudolph the truth or anything.. you would think they would have at least had a discussion about it.. but the moment Lee got hurt all bets were off….

Cue the scary music.. Uh oh.. the tension is suppose to be rising here.. the black army is sneaking around and the camouflaged army is simultaneously sneaking around – as they get closer and closer- how can they not know the other army is out there?!

129Love how the Vodka makes the herring taste better![I’ll store that one away for when I eat herring!] It’s great how when I Dimitri offers her the 130vodka she declines and he insists.. then she looks to Rudolph and he 131encourages her to do it- and she goes along with 132it.. thought that was a nice touch..after all 133Rudolph would be the russian expert.. and is an experienced agent..so 134it is good for Amanda to be getting instruction from someone other 135than Lee… (it is good that she doesn’t look to Lee you know? ) love how Amanda puts it “well if you insist, maybe one little nip to be sociable!” and she splutters everywhere.. ouch!! and .. the men have a little chuckle .. I don’t know why but I really like this moment.. and it is nothing to do with Lee.. maybe that is it.. Amanda stretching her wings a bit more with other agents apart from Lee..

136Dimitri offers some Vodka to Lee.. and wow.. Lee must be starting to feel better- he cracked one of his really bad jokes!

Lee: got any vermouth? we could make a martini….. it’s just a joke!

Dimitri isn’t gettin it Lee.. what his vodka isn’t good enough on it’s own? oh well.. we can excuse Lee.. he has lost quite a bit of blood.. heheheee

137How did Lee possibly hand over that flask of Vodka directly to Ivan? they are sitting 139waaaaayyyy too far apart.. not to mention leaning over like that to your right would have put pressure on your right shoulder with the 140bullet wound Lee??.  Lee leans on over onto his right shoulder handing the flask to Ivan with

138his 2 metre long arms and a big smile on his face feeling no pain at all…. wow..  Lee what a guy! who knew Lee had a go go gadget arm! that Dark Green looks really good on Lee.. I wish he wore it more often.. Like how Lee comments to Ivan ‘ it’s a crazy business we’re in huh.’ that’s for sure Lee!

Ugh.. yes.. 2 armies are lurking outside.. we get it.. move on!

141Amanda tries to get Lee to eat his beans.. he hates beans.. Meanwhile Rudolph and Dimitri sit at the table.. Dimitri encourages Rudolph to drink because he is sad tonight, and then tomorrow we make war.
Rudolph says :
you were sent to kill me weren’t you.’
Dimitri: It’s nothing personal.
Rudolph: It never is.
Dimitri: Is Business. I gave my word to lady no guns in cabin. I have honour, so tonight we drink no?
Rudolph seems resigned and accepts this. I have to say, I agree with Rudolph- what is more personal than trying to kill someone?! They say it is just business.. but it isn’t.. This conversation is interesting to compare with what follows.. Lee and Amanda – Amanda having cared for Lee and come through for him.. Lee is amazed at what she has ‘pulled off’ – would you call what Amanda has achieved just business? Not in a million years.
I feel for Rudolph.. I think he is a character Lee could have become one day – had Amanda not stumbled onto his path.. and I can see why he is fed up with all the death, killing and ‘it’s just business’ – while having to share a drink with a man who just tried to kill him! It’s no wonder that Rudolph admires Amanda in all this.. She hasn’t been in the business long enough to lose her humanity.. ( sorry I ramble.. but I find this whole idea fascinating!)

143Lee: Amanda, how did you pull all this off?

: Well . . . it’s Christmas Eve, we just called a truce.
145Lee: Come on, Christmas isn’t very big in this business. (interesting Lee calls it a business.. when Dimitri was just saying it’s business..)
146Amanda: Well, it’s stopped you from killing each other, hasn’t it?

147Lee: Look I’m sorry I got you mixed up in all this mess

Amanda: oh that’s alright, how often does a 148suburban lady like me get to drink vodka with the KGB and eat beans on christmas

(Amanda describes herself as a suburban lady.. I don’t know if she would describe herself like that a few seasons on.. and interesting that Lee feels responsible for Amanda being there.. Lee, you didn’t want her to go! Billy asked her to.. Lee is always apologising for getting Amanda into situations that weren’t his fault.. she chose to be there.. He feels great responsibility for others doesn’t he.. Lee carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.. poor Lee! have another drink.. )

149Lee watching Rudolph and Dimitri: speaking of vodka! … (Lee sees a christmas Miracle taking place!)
Amanda: oh no I.. I really don’t think you should..

151Lee: for medicinal purposes!
Amanda: will you eat your beans? ( For Vodka? Yeah!!)

152Love how Lee looks at the vodka so longingly and then opens his mouth for the beans.. he’ll eat beans! hehehee.. the way he does this is sooooooooo funny!! Well done BB! KJ is very funny here too!!  Love how he closes his eyes to eat them.. and Amanda is too funny she looks like she is feeding a baby… a stand out top shelf smk moment!!

Although it really makes no sense (but it is so funny I don’t care!).. why at this stage can’t he 154feed himself with his left hand? (after all he is left handed!) he drank with his left hand. He is sitting up more now.. and what’s so bad about beans Lee? you love your Bean dip!! How is this any different??

uh oh.. I am beginning to fear for Amanda…. being couped up in that little cabin with 4 men – eating beans.. and drinking vodka.. argh!!!!!!!! This situation is becoming more and more dangerous for Amanda by the minute.. hehehehee..

Yes yes.. we haven’t forgotten the armies are on their way.. (the whole ‘armies are closing in on the cabin’ is so dumb.. surely it is only there to add tension- but well were we ever in doubt that our favourite couple would be ok?!) ugh..

Back to the cabin and it seems the vodka shots christmas party is well underway! Whooo hooooo Lee and Amanda are in the back sharing a joke alone up the back…..
(doh! I only wish we could hear it!!) It looks like she is laughing at one of his jokes.. she must be really sloshed already! hehehee..

When Dimitri gets up to propose a toast.. he waves 156his cup around so much it looks like he forgot to fill it.. 😉 so.. they weren’t really drinking vodka when they filmed this scene??!!!

157Love how Amanda says in cute tipsy voice : “Here here! ” she takes a sip and her eyes suddenly go as big as saucers! hehehee

Wait. did I just hear that right.. Lee proposes a 159toast and says “I propose a toast to christmas (looking at Amanda when he said that), the president and the washington redskins! ”
They all crack up at Lee’s last addition.. especially Amanda.. she is so funny when she has been drinking!! KJ is so funny here!!

What has gotten into Lee??? Mr christmas is just like any other day actually proposed a toast to christmas!!!! (of course he quickly covered it up with a joke.. but Amanda noticed.. love how she puts her arm around the back of his shoulders when he is speaking! what no hair stroke Amanda??!!)

Dimitri waves his (empty!!) cup wildly around some more.. “to Dallas cowboys!” – haahhahaa.. (love Amanda’s over the top reaction to this joke too! hehehee)

Oh geee.. what are those army guys outside doing there? Oh my.. do we know who they are? why didn’t smk remind me of their presence at least 20 times in the last 5 minutes?!

Oh Amanda’s poor family.. they must be 162worried.. Oooook Dotty is worried.. the boys just want to open their presents! hehehee.. people get sentimental at christmas Dotty explains.. Dotty explains to the boys that Amanda went to deliver some presents to some of her clients..

Ok- the time frame here is confusing me! I thought it was yesterday Amanda went and did that?- Dotty was even wearing a different outift- I checked! ( If it is the same day, that means we never see them on christmas eve!) I thought Lee and Amanda left in the morning to visit Rudolph and Lee was promising she’d be back by 4 of christmas eve? Sooooo if that was the same day and it is the 23rd,( billy says in the office the deadline is 25th and they have 48 hrs.. which makes it the 23rd..) – that means the next day is christmas eve.. and it is now the night of the 23rd.. so it’s not a long christmas eve?.. but a long eve of christmas eve??? anyone?? my head hurts..

Next thing one of the men is burping! ( Uh oh.. it’s starting.. the bottom burps are next! Winking smile )Amanda sees it is snowing.. rather heavily from the looks of things.. and … she gets sentimental..
163peace to all men… and women!” and they all drink.. (you see Lee giving his head a few little nods at this.. I think he is thinking oh wow.. I can’t believe this 164is happening!! Christmas really does make a difference and is special.. you know? and maybe just maybe.. there is a teeny tiny little voice in his mind saying to himself – this woman is pretty special too!)

Sooo… the armies line up outside (what armies? there are armies?!) .. it’s snowing heavily.. and they hear the singing of christmas carols from inside -huh??? They thought this was a shoot to kill situation! (Well if they hear Christmas carols surely the shoot to kill orders are null and void? I mean.. this is business???!!! )

Amanda and Lee are sitting rather close together singing those carols don’t you think???!!!I very 166much doubt it but she could almost be sitting on his lap!!! (Licking her lips!) look out for the suddenly all ok bullet wound in the shoulder Amanda! (and how does Lee know the words huh? it must have been a big deal for him to sing along..)  hoooo haaa!!!

The Armies outside are getting snowed upon.. The russians are right outside the cabin.. The Americans too. but miracle upon miracles they don’t seem to notice each other. LOL…

We see some army tough guys looking around confused and the next thing we know Amanda is back home on her sofa… I remember seeing this for the first time.. and thinking what the heck just happened?? I didn’t quite buy the story Lee gives Amanda..

So Tag Time! Jamie and Phillip find their mum 167out to it on the sofa ( Phillip: that must have been some christmas party! Winking smile ) Amanda busts Phillip and Jamie trying to sneak a look at their presents – only it looks like Phillip already ripped some of the paper off 168earlier! See Amanda running her hands through Jamie’s hair.. just like she did with Lee to make him all better Smile  Amanda calls Lee.. and he is alone in hospital..he already has some get well cards or christmas cards? I 169wonder if one is from Ivan and Dimitri and the other from Rudolph? LOL! my.. these agents are efficient!(it would have been only the night before he checked in and it’s first thing in the morning! )

Anyway, Lee  seems to be in a good mood ( a far cry from hospital hating Lee in If thoughts could Kill huh???!!!! maybe that is why Billy brought him some champagne!!!) I love how Amanda doesn’t say who she is.. she just straight away says ‘ Hi , how are you doin?’ – and Lee knows it is her.. awh!

170Lee seems to be happy hearing from Amanda, which is kinda nice.. and once again the two of them have shared an experience which brought them together.. Love how Lee tells Amanda Billy stopped by with a toothbrush and some ‘ other necessities’ – ie the bottle of champagne he is holding.. Oh my.. Billy 171is such a loyal trusty assistant bringing Lee his toothbrush and bottle of bubbly on Christmas day!Such dedication… Wha? Billy is The Boss? whahahahaahaa!! I keep forgetting that.. I can’t think why…

I am glad they found Rudolph’s daughter.. he’s a 172grandad.. well that’s great! Notice Lee doesn’t call him Janus? he calls him Ted Rudolph… yep, Lee has learned that Ted is a person… not a crazy burned out agent.. very good… progress!!

When he explains about the no win situation as we see Amanda and hear him on the telephone? I reckon that was added in later.. because they realised no one had any idea what had actually gone on! hehehehee..the way you don’t see him say any of that dialogue, and how it doesn’t make sense that she is laughing at what Lee said about it to me! I bet he made a lame joke there and she laughed, and then they changed it to have Lee explain what had happened to us poor confused non mind readers! (I suspect the whole idea of the american army and the russian army closing in on the cabin was a last minute addition to the story.. very little dialogue about it at all! They should have lost it and given us more of Amanda stroking Lee’s hair.. helping him get his shirt off for errr medicinal purposes 😉 )

173Lee gets a bit sentimental: It was a hell of a christmas eve wasn’t it? ( he sounds almost wistful- and it’s ironic.. Hell of a christmas- get it?!)
174Amanda ( she licks her lips!): yeah it was.

Lee’s moving his shoulder around a lot popping the 175champagne.. no drip in his arm or anything.. he is a very very fast healer.. well he did drink all that vodka I guess.. for medicinal purposes! Dom Perignon no less???!!!! Poor Lee nothin!!

Wha???? Lee just wished Amanda a merry christmas!!!! (without Amanda saying it first! )… she looks please with this doesn’t she… awh….
176 177

The end!!! Smile Merry Christmas everyone!!! Winking smile

One last thing.. Lee gets hurt a lot in early season 1 doesn’t he!! No wonder he seems to be getting use to hospitals! It’s been  probably 3 times he has been in hospital ( He needed one at the end of Magic Bus!). He’s been shot twice, hurt his knees three times ( Ok I include sudden death in this), been brainwashed, drugged, knocked unconscious and fainted! Smile  ( no wonder Billy is pandering to him with all the champagne he can drink!) and I’ve left off all the fights, tackles, dives and nuns Lee has taken out Winking smile 

Amanda? well.. so far she’s been drugged and stuffed in a crate.. not bad compared to Lee! Smile Although she has been held captive/kidnapped/tied up alot! Only 7 of the first 10 episodes! LOL!! In 1 episode twice! tee heee so that’s 8 times out of the first 10 episodes!!

Thanks for reading!! I am hoping those of you reading will be inspired to join in with comments and share your thoughts!!

Don’t forget to select ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ after you have commented and any further comments will be emailed to you Smile Thanks again for reading everyone!!

10 responses to “3/3 Season One, Episode 10: The Long Christmas Eve

  1. The “Wodka”, the feeding of the beans, and the tag – that phone call!!!!! I think it is very intentional that Lee does not open this bottle until he is able to toast Christmas with Amanda. And Iwsod, I love how you also noted that she doesn’t even identify herself – just goes straight into asking how he is. This episode is such a great one!!!!!

    On a random note, I’m thinking the boys SURELY would’ve been able to smell Amanda – a herring/Vodka/bean morning breath surely would’ve been noticeable, don’t you think??? 😂


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  3. Wow–seriously–Go Go Gadget arm!
    Tee hee hee… Amanda’s getting pretty schnockered on the vodka! 😀
    Awwwww… such a sweet phone conversation. 🙂


    • I loooove Amanda here when she’s been drinking!! I wish we had seen more of it in the show. Bet the whole forth season would have gone differently with a squished Amanda once in awhile!


  4. OK Dimitri what’s your secret to the magic flask of vodka. I mean it just never runs dry! I could use a flask of booze like that 😉
    A nip Amanda? More like a bloomin’ good swig there. Lee wants to make a martini……tsk tsk Lee be your own man and don’t copy James Bond. You both might be spies but that doesn’t mean you have to drink the same LOL
    Urgh baked beans…….sorry I am with Lee and entirely sympathise with why he didn’t want to eat them, they are revolting 😮
    Dotty explains to the boys that people get festive and sentimental. Is this a euphamism for getting drunk because that sure looks like that they’re doing in the cabin 😉
    Ah darn it I can’t really hear Lee singing, wonder if he has a good voice?
    One hell of a Christmas Eve woo hoo!!!!! You betcha it was Lee, probably one of the best ones you’ve had in years 😉


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Whooohoooo, Amanda’s the woman….called a truce, got everyone to sing ‘Silent Night’ so they would not be shot by the two armies, and she makes it home for Christmas morning 🙂


  6. This is all so fun to read! We just watched the first two seasons for the first time since our childhoods. I had no idea SMK had such a following! Fan fiction, blogs, forums… Wow! No wonder my husband and I have such fond memories of the show. Keep writing and I’ll keep visiting. 🙂


    • Hi Shelley! I’m glad you found my blog and us Scarecrow and Mrs King fans to have fun with!! Ok.. I’ll keep writing – if you keep visiting and commenting! haaaaa 🙂 Seriously though, it is a lot of fun to rediscover this little gem of a show isn’t it?!

      Don’t be shy.. you and your husband be sure to tell us what you think! 🙂

      Welcome Welcome!!


  7. This was one of my favourite episodes-it cracks the top 10-15 for sure. Thanks for the great recaps. What I love is all the LOGIC you throw in (camera angles, time inconsistencies, flaws) the stuff I enjoy reading about because I was too lazy to notice it myself.
    It goes to show Dana your devotion to duty for showing them all to us. It makes me want to rewatch straight away. Thanks again!


    • Hi jane – whoo hooo what a treat to see you on here! I hope you are well! Great to hear you enjoyed the episode.. and a bit of logic.. sometimes Logic can be a dangerous thing to bring to the smk table sometimes 😉 haaaaaa.. but we love scarecrow and mrs king for all it’s weirdness, camera angles and inconsistencies don’t we!! 🙂 you just never know what goodies you will find!

      Thanks for the encouragement Jane!


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