1/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

Hello! This episode opens with a dark hotel room at the King Edward Hotel..  a man watching an old black and white show.. and a dead body in the background..the dialogue on that old show is terrible!

01“I don’t like the thought of dyin baby, but I like totalitarianism less.” Wha ha haaa.. so bad it’s funny!

Next thing we are at Monk’s the bar.. where.. it looks like a Monk would feel out of place!! hehehe.. dig the saxophone playing and the camera panning along the bar.. looks like a happening kinda place.. and.. ta da! Lee and Amanda are sitting together alone at table!!!!! ???? Wha? * iwsod rubs her eyes* Could it be?!

Seems Lee promised to show Amanda where the real spies hang out.. ah Lee I bet you have wanted to use that line on a girl for a long time.. (but pretending to be an astronaut I guess would have made it impossible.. if you haven’t seen Season 3 yet- that line will make sense one day I promise! Smile )

Amanda: Well, I wish you wouldn’t treat me 04like a tourist visiting Mount Rushmore.

05Lee looks like his feelings have been hurt by that comment.  ( he cares! whooo hooo)

Amanda explains: I just wanted to see where you spend your spare time when you’re not 07working, that’s all. Do all these people work for the



( Ahhh she distracts him and redirects his attention back to the bar.. well done Amanda Smile )


Well well.. I am just trying to get over my shock here.. I can’t quite believe it.. Lee taking Amanda to the bar where spys hang out??? and being seen in public with her?? and not being forced to spend time with her by Billy ?? eh??? Umm.. technically this could be their first date.. do you think??!!! hehehee.. Winking smile

Amanda has on a butterfly necklace.. I haven’t seen that before… wonder if we see it again.. oh well anyway..

Amanda asks Lee a bunch of questions about who is who and Lee quite good naturedly answers her- well this isn’t following the usual pattern.. he is suppose to start the episode looking down on her while being forced into her company- not this week- yippeeeeee!!!

I think Lee really does know absolutely everybody’s name in DC.. What a guy..

Lee says Monks is neutral territory – Spies, journalists and crooks all hang out together.. Some of them probably fit all three 08descriptors! Love how Lee tells Amanda there is a cuban office with a knowing smile, and 09Amanda is baffled by how that could be! (to tell Amanda that shows trust huh?!)


A journalist (‘spying for the washington herald’-LOL) enters with a Japanese journalist, Nageta. (Lee can identify who works for the tokyo gazette? my goodness.. his knowledge is amazing! Winking smile ) They approach Lee and 11Amanda. We find out agents from either side are being assassinated after receiving a note warning them.. uh oh..

Is that Francine? the blonde at the bar when Lee says ‘take a look around, no one’s running’ to the Japanese guy? I think it is!! Martha want more screen time?!
Lee puts an end to this conversation with the journos. Agents are ‘running scared?’ he doesn’t like hearing that!!  he says “we’ll be going” lol.. the female journo tells Lee ‘ please don’t run off-‘ and stops herself, realising what she said.. tee hee.. 

Lee says Amanda has to make a plane (from scratch? Winking smile ).. like they are together.. ahhhhhh.. me like! Amanda is certainly getting to know Lee- he hears the bad news of another agent 12being murdered, but shows nothing in his face and makes like everything is fine.. I am sure Amanda is mentally taking notes here.. this whole world is fascinating to her. and not just because of Lee I am sure!

13aNotice Lee helps Amanda up from the table and puts his arm behind her as they leave.. ahhhh…

Dotty and the boys are going to Williamsburg.. ok..  that info may come in handy!!

Wha???? did I just hear that??? Lee just said 13sorry to Amanda for how the journalists got him stirred up!! wow.. what is going on this week??!!! This is all so shocking!!! hehehee.. what is he about to die or something? Winking smile why is he being so nice to Amanda??!!! heheheee… Wow.. AND admitting to Amanda that they get to him?.. double Wow!! Mr don’t let on your weaknesses.. and he confided that.. cool!

Lee: Amanda, look, I apologize about in there. Reporters just get to me, that’s all, they’re always trying to stir things up.
Amanda: It’s all right.
Lee: Sure, we’re nervous about the strange murders, who wouldn’t be?

Wha wha?????? Lee admits they are all nervous about the string of murders…? triple wow!! Amanda doesn’t even ask the question- Lee volunteers the answer.. he seems in the mood to talk tonight!

Lee walks Amanda to her car and said drive safely!.. awhhhh sweet!!!!!

14Amanda: Why don’t I give you a lift? I could drop you.
Lee: No, no, I’ll take a cab.
Amanda: wouldn’t it be safer if I drove you? 15


Lee: safer?

Amanda offers Lee a ride? no no!!! being a bit nervous is one thing.. being scared? well he isn’t quite ready to admit that one.. not even to himself!!

16Amanda: yes I mean I know I can’t punch but look if anyone tried to attack you I could confuse them to death you know I could do that.

17bLee says teasing: Oh, that I do, and believe me 17when I need a black belt confuser I will call you.. (then seriously) I’m going to be ok tonight don’t worry.(for a split second he looks touched.. before he launches into his teasing)..

Then a homeless guy comes and delivers the note.. Lee: What is it Wendell?
ROFL!!! I don’t believe it.. Lee knows the homeless guy’s name too?! of course he does!! sooooo funny!!! This guy is just a genius at knowing everyone in DC! whahahaa!!
Lee opens it and reads it.. uh oh.. there goes 19Lee’s blank face again..it must be bad!

20Amanda: what is it? what does it say?

21Lee calmly refolds the envelope not making eye contact with Amanda and says: Nothing


Amanda: can I see it?

23Lee: Why?

: just because I’m nosey

takes it out of his hand and he seems to be in such shock he doesn’t seem to notice it is out of his hand for a second or two… poor lee!

Finally his mind ( or ego?!) kicks in  and he remembers he is suppose to be Lee the superspy…

Amanda: What are you going to do?
25Lee: Ignore it.
Amanda: Ignore it?!

Lee: Amanda, anyone could have sent this. In 27my business, we get things like this all the time. And I can’t let it get to me. No agent can and still be effective.
Ahh I am reminded of Amanda’s great point in Gift horse – it doesn’t undermine a person’s usefulness to stay alive.. yeah Lee.. ignore the death threat, so you can be effective.. and maybe Dead- LOL!

28Amanda: Alright, we know that you’re strong and brave,
29but I’m scared and I’m not strong and I’m not 30brave, so just to humour me, …
31would you please let me drive you home?……. 32      ….. please?

Lots of quiet looks…

Together: Okaaay


35Lee: how about I drive?

Amanda is so great here.. she helps Lee to keep some dignity here..and gets to give him a ride home.. smart woman.. you are getting to know Lee..  ( I think Lee uses this tactic on Amanda in odds on a dead pigeon when she won’t stay in the hospital after smelling the gas.. I liked that moment!) I love the reaction Lee has when Amanda is saying he is strong and brave… he is almost embarrassed.. he heeee!!

After Amanda has finished her please, Lee just looks at her quietly for a few seconds..his expression frozen- like he is deciding whether or not to let Amanda in a little… and swoon- he decides to!  whooo haaaa.. what a look! Under the intensity of that gaze of his, Amanda’s doesn’t falter either- she knows there is a lot going on under the surface with Lee, and she is now a woman with a mission.. and he isn’t going to swerve her from this! He is so lucky to have her..

She hands him back the note as she gets in the car (the driver’s side?.. does she scoot over?? guess so!) and he takes it and gives her a side glance and shakes his head as if to say:- I can’t believe I am letting her drive me home! but.. I think he is deep down kind of relieved!!

Whoo Lee at home alone in his pj’s.. and his Lee bathrobe.. check out the slippers! he makes them look good… what is that book? “Stalin”? oh Lee.. leave work at work.. you live and breath 36your work right now huh.I guess he is use to being out at night.. working or at a nightclub.. but tonight.. he is scared and staying home…(yes no one knows where Lee lives.. ahem.. err only everyone- since we found out in Saved by the bells his address is for sale to the highest bidder!) Oh Lee?! don’t forget to take off the eyeliner before beddy byes..

Check out the jazzy smk tune as he gets up and goes to the window.. kinda funky.. would be a groovy ringtone if you could isolate that audio but I don’t have the software to do it.. They use this little version quite a bit throughout the season and it is funny to hear where they choose to use it!

There’s a knock at the door.. Ok, seems Lee is not as cool as he would like to think! Why doesn’t Lee have a peep hole?  All top spies should have one..

Love it when Lee tells the nosey doorman “I’m alone

and the doorman says “oh good!I mean at 37least I’m not interrupting anything! I know how distracting a knock at the door can be at the wrong moment!” well.. I am sure that is never a problem with Lee.. hehehee… Gee why didn’t the nosey neighbour who ‘loves to see all the many many many things women buy Mr. Stetson’ collect the parcel? guess we had to introduce the doorman to set up the final scene.. The present is wrapped similar to the lester the duck package.. I wonder if all baddies go to the same gift store?!

Poor Lee gets a big shock from the Jack in the box.. and an even bigger shock when he looks in 39the mirror and sees himself- you are freaking out man!!! Understandable.. and clearly what the baddie wants.. Poor Lee! We see him try and collect himself in the mirror.. Lee is determined to not let this affect him!.. but it is impossible..

Back to IFF the next morning.. Francine seems to be giving a little slideshow of her former lovers Winking smile 

Francine: Marco Castelli. Italian intelligence, 4033. Good in the kitchen, on the tennis court, on the dance floor, and in B-

Oh purlease! give me a paper bag someone!! as if anyone with a professional part of a brain would add on the end of a dossier ‘and great in B-‘…. Francine! Yuck!!!

Love how Lee doesn’t let her get away with that slip up.. Oh double yuck!! Francine and Lee use to play back gammon? Noooooooooo…oh I am just feeling sooooo sick to the stomach right now.. Lee’s taste in women will only get better.. I will comfort myself with this thought!
Lee: do you realise how many of these victims 42byou have known? maybe that is the common link between 42all the victims, they have all played backgammon with Francine.

43I love how Billy says “these men are all young, single and good-looking..” – no one is disagreeing I noticed.. hehehee.. poor Lee.. he has the fate of being goodlooking..

At least Billy has the sense to be worried.. even Francine.. Lee tries to say his warning note was ‘too identical’ to the others. ROFL that sounds like something Maxwell Smart would say! He is grasping at straws because he doesn’t want it to be true..

48Come on Lee!! argh.. you just know at any moment that facade of his is going to crack.. I can tell he is not himself.. why just check out the Fashion police badge2shirt Lee chose to leave the house dressed in this morning?!!! and.. I swear Billy wore that exact same tie last week.. it is a knitted red one.. oh dear..

Lee trots off to his desk.. Lee has a desk?! Uh oh.. when Lee has a desk, something is always going to happen with the desk-lol! yep… The loud ticking in the desk is a groovy idea I think.. talk about freaking out.. Ohhhh poor Lee!!!

44Lee gets taken by surprise by the polaroid camera taking his pic and he throws himself 45up against the back wall..I love this moment.. it looks like an alien is coming out of his desk! haaaa..

The moment he gets his breath back he is looking around to see if anyone else saw!!!! (cover your eyes Lee! then they won’t see you!) Billy and Francine rush to help.. the rest? they’re all being nosey standing on the other side of the room.. get back to work!

The “photo of a dead man’ label is the last straw for Billy and he declares Lee needs protection and that he needs to get out of there… now!

We will leave with Lee finally under the protection of his super effective boss.. ahem..

More to come! Thanks for reading!!! thoughts Anyone??? Off to get the thought of backgammon erased from my memory!!

16 responses to “1/4 Season One, Episode 11: Remembrance of things past

  1. We NEVER see Lee so shaken up. I just want to jump through the TV screen and hug him here.

    It’s also interesting that we don’t see Amanda at all in this scene. It makes me wonder if they see each other after that alley scene for the remainder of this act.


  2. When I was a kid, the CBS station in Orlando broadcast over FM. Before we had a VCR, I recorded the audio of this episode on a cassette tape. I listened to that tape constantly. Needless to say, I have a special place in my heart for this episode. I used to be able to recite the dialogue verbatim.


  3. “Amanda has on a butterfly necklace.. I haven’t seen that before… wonder if we see it again.. oh well anyway..”

    Amanda will wear this butterfly necklace again in S2’s “To Catch A Mongoose.”

    “Is that Francine? the blonde at the bar when Lee says ‘take a look around, no one’s running’ to the Japanese guy?”

    She’s either Francine’s stunt double or the woman, who screams and scares off Lee’s attacker.

    IMO Wendell the homeless man, who gives the note to Lee, is Russell Sinclair (Buzz Blade). The super dark sunglasses at night hide his eyes and the cap disguises his high forehead.


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  5. This is one of my favorite eps…when she comes home from the funeral she is so sad and depressed and when her mother asks her what is wrong, she says, “I just get too attached”…To me this is where her real feelings for Lee are revealed….does anyone else notice how when Lee finally pops up and she is really telling him off over the cover of his death, she starts to cry….she is suppose to wipe the tears away with her finger as she says, “I know you don’t like this sort of thing”…cue… finger wipe….but she jumps the gun and starts to wipe the tear before she says the line and realizing it pulls her finger away quickly. Just a tiny little blooper….but still love this show and I am addicted to it.


  6. Mr Nageta is so impressed with Lee’s answer and the fact that agents are *not* running away, that he later gives up journalism to join the Agency as their martial arts master (WTA, Mr. Brand). Just goes to show the power of words to change the course of someone’s career. 😉


    • He’s Dr Pain??????!!! roflmbo! So Lee’s courage was life changing eh.. Well done LASinLA!! haaaaa..

      I always thought Dr pain sounded like a false name! (tee hee)

      thanks LASinLA!!


    • “Mr Nageta is so impressed with Lee’s answer and the fact that agents are not running away, that he later gives up journalism to join the Agency as their martial arts master (WTA, Mr. Brand).”

      Great catch and loved your improvised career change for him! Dr. Pain is just the Agents’ nickname for The Agency’s martial arts master Stanley Chow played by Keone Young.


      • yeah a good catch lol! Early in the walk we were skipping ahead with referring to when we’d see future actors… eventually at some point, we didn’t do this anymore – when the whole concept of walking blindly ahead and staying in the moment really become solidified. Once that came about (hey this blog is a work in progress, I don’t know what I’m doing 😉 ) we instead had to wait till we saw the actor for the second time.. a tough thing to do!! But.. we get the pay off eventually 🙂

        Yeah there have been a few characters who have been so moved by the actions of Lee and/or Amanda that they’ve felt compelled to change professions! haaaaaa..


  7. When I first saw this I thought the plot was totally lame. But I’ve just sat and giggled all the way through so I guess things do improve on closer inspection 🙂
    A knife sticking out of the back of a dead agent. Seems a bit gruesome for a family show don’t ya think?!
    Ah Amanda is out with Lee. Don’t you wish you could have seen the little exchange between them when he asks her to come to Monks?
    Marcia that is a stupidly large hat to be wearing to be visiting a bar. Are you going to a wedding or a funeral?! Hmmm the way she says “Hello Lee” she almost purrs it, wonder if they have a history together? She’s a bit older than his usual birds 😉 I find it funny that espionage is all about keeping secrets and yet here is a bar, a well known hangout for agents LOL Does there even seem any point to secret identities and fake company covers when you can wander to the bar and meet them all?!
    Is Lee in a trench coat?! How did Wendell know it was Lee if he’s blind…..? This scene reminded me of Omar Sharif at the start of Top Secret – trench coats and blind men LOL
    It’s sweet Amanda wants to drive drive Lee home. He looks her up and down while considering her suggestion. Go on Lee you know you want to really 😉
    Ah relaxed Lee reading….Stalin?! ROFL seems a bit heavy going for a night in. His apartment looks to be on penthouse floor, what on earth did he think he would see out of the window?!
    Urgh Lee and Francine played backgammon *sticks fingers in ears* la la la I don’t want to hear it!
    Nice cowboy boots Lee 😉 would they belong to Ricky Joe? 😉 Where did the super loud ticking clock go once the picture was taken? LOL
    Away nervy Lee makes you want to wrap your arms around him. To protect him of course 😉


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  10. Melissa Robertson

    This is a cute episode. HeeHee Lee knows everyone in DC (of course he is the super spy 🙂 EWWW to think that Lee and Francine played backgamon….trying to get that out of my head.


  11. Another favorite episode of mine (good thing Lee has healed from his gunshot wound so quickly. AHEM!) Good call on how Lee knows absolutely everyone in the D.C and surrounding area, . Hey — maybe that is how our handsome spy found Amanda in ep. one — She does live in Arlington and probably has driven through D.C on occasion. What a great superpower to have!
    Francine is such a sl – not very nice person is she? If I am not mistaken, she is going to say the nastiest thing in the whole series to Amanda in the next installment. MOOO! (OK, I have just insulted cows, but this is a PG site, so I am limited)
    And not to spoil anything, but plaid seems to figue prominently this episode. Ha Ha Ha Ha!
    ASIDE — I had a great collection of MAD magazines (in almost mint condition) from the 80s until someone’s mother tossed them. I am not bitter. No, not me, not one little bit. Anyway, one of them had a brilliant spoof called “Scaredcrow and Mrs. Kling” and if I remembered correctly, they touched upon how Lee seemed to know everyone and have a personal connection with every case.


  12. I just love this episode and your recap just added so much to you, especially the bit on Lee behaving as if an alien had just appeared!!! Very funny. I know Francine’s character is supposed to make us love to hate her- but I just despise her. Even my hubby says she’s a pain !


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