22/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

We’re back!!! Hooray!!

So Lee, Amanda and Joe have headed to the EAO head office for Joe to access their files and get the evidence he needs.. ‘state-side invoices’…
Apparently this is the EAO, anyone recognise it?!
Hmm this is what it looked like earlier..
I think the EAO has gone all out to hide their information, they’ve changed offices! Only.. why didn’t Amanda notice?! Winking smile

So, looks like Lee has broken in so Joe can get access.. This reminds me of The First Time.. when Lee broke into the post office with civilian Amanda…
I gotta say, that’s a pretty flimsy looking lock on the door!
This will only take a couple of minutes.
TWWH.avi_002160560(Joe sits down at a computer and gets to work ‘pushing papers’ Winking smile )
(Joe’s mad! The EAO file isn’t there!!!! He slams his fist on the table. We see Lee quietly look at Amanda,
they share a look.)
…They’ve purged the records. Everything I needed to prove my case. My only hope died with the Prime Minister.

Lee: What about Shamba?
[lol what a great line after saying the ‘prime minister’ is dead!]
Well, if he’s in on it he’s not going to say anything.
[Umm Joe, I think Lee knows a little more about this stuff than you do!]
Lee: He will if we give him a bad enough nightmare…
…Come on.
LOL Lee makes a move for the door. I think he’s kinda looking forward to giving Shamba a nightmare! Smile
Kiwismh’s script notes: (thanks Kiwismh!)
At the EAO trying to break into the computer records.

While Joe is checking EAO computer, the following scene occurs with Lee and Amanda
They are wearing black jumpsuits. Lee and Amanda have an array of sophisticated electronic gear. We hear footsteps off camera. Lee and Amanda move into the corridor.

Lee and Amanda in the corridor, waving their “sniffers” oblivious to a Federal Protective Service Guard who spots them. From here we can’t see Joe.
Guard-Hey you people! Freeze!
Instead of complying they continue to sweep the ceiling, the walls and desks with the blinking electronics. The guard comes closer, hand on his sidearm.
Guard –I said freeze! Just what the hell do you think you’re doing in here?
Amanda (checking gear)- I’m getting a reading sir.
Lee – Well, it confirms our hypothesis. Poor guy.
Before the guard can ask, “what hypothesis?”, Lee waves an elaborate plastic ID at him, several badges together. And while he’s looking at these Lee and Amanda pull their particle masks over their mouths and noses.

Guard – Okay, I give up. What’s a contamination sweep?
Lee waves his sniffer around the guard. It begins beeping rapidly.
Amanda – You’ve heard of ‘spy dust’, the powder the Russians are using on our Embassy personnel in Moscow?
Guard – Yeah.
Lee – Not just Moscow.
Here. Right here.
Amanda – I think you stepped in it. You’re covered head to toe.
Lee brings his sniffer close again. It beeps like crazy.
Lee – It’s invisible… at first. I hope you’ve got showers downstairs.
Guard (looking worried) – We’ve got showers. Lee – Then get in there and scrub mister. Scrub for your life.
Guard (back peddles) – I’ve got to send somebody up to be with you here…
Amanda – Scrub! You’re starting to glow.
The guard turns and runs for it. Amanda and Lee take off their masks and give each other “five”. ___________________________________________________

The episode version was pretty dull huh..
I think it would have been fun to see Lee and Amanda undercover, working together..and Dang!!! We missed out on Lee in a black jumpsuit??!!!! Nooooo!!!

I think it would have been good to see a light-hearted moment (other than Shamba).. why do you think they pulled it?
Needed to cut time? Budget needed to be reduced?? Or was there a plot reason for cutting this?? Were they not wanting at this point to show Lee and Amanda working as such a team? or for Joe to see Lee and Amanda working together? another plot reason? A political reason maybe?

(radioactive jokes not allowed until The Simpson’s started?!)

So what do you all think of the script version guys??
Okay I’ll finish here for the moment.. don’t want to get into the next scene till the next post – would love to hear your thoughts!! Soooo happy to be back walking through Wrong Way Home again!!! Hope you are too – byeeee!

20 responses to “22/ Season Three, Episode 11: Wrong Way Home–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Iwsod said: “I guess Joe is a calm guy 99% of the time.. and one little fist slam when his whole life looks to be a shambles didn’t strike me as extreme or dangerous. Maybe if he had picked up the old NEC monitor and slammed it against the wall yelling – death to the EAO!!! I might have felt differently 😉”

    Bwahahahahahahahahaha – that was HILARIOUS!!! Haha – Death to the EAO! Oh I can’t stop laughing!!! (I think I needed it after an hour in the pediatrician’s office with the four kiddos…)

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  2. Yay! We are back ( and so am I).
    Firstly, Welcome Marilyn. And thank you for being our eyes on the ground in DC.
    I agree the cut scene would have been fun for us to watch, but it would mess with the plot line. Joe would have figured out how well the two of hem know each other. I like that so much f this association is hidden and everyone is feeling out the significance of their current relationships as they walk out the duration of this whole case.

    I haven’t watched this scene lately, but if I remember correctly, I never felt as if Joe showed enough frustration here. I know the guy is at wits end. But I have gotten used to Lee and Amanda putting a lot on the line in situations like this and Joe seems to give up too easily. This may be another opportunity where Lee and Amanda see how closely knit the two of them have become.

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  3. I agree with Cindy. Lee wanted to protect Amanda and her association with the agency


  4. Hmmm, uber mild mannered Joe gets mad pretty easy, and straight to the violent hand-slam on the desk too. A little like Lee before Amanda’s calming influence . But Lee is and always has been a man of action so his little physical displays of frustration seemed less startling.
    Joe’s brief but intense flash of anger/frustration and defeat has always bothered me. Maybe it bothers Lee too.


    • (I always attributed this to Sam Melville not quite getting the scene right)


    • I wonder if it is because there was no lead in for Joe’s frustration. With, Lee you can always see him get slightly more aggregated as the scene goes on( except for burn out) with Joe we have only seen nervous/scared, love…but never anger

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    • I might need to go back and look again, but I didn’t think his reaction was all that violent. I did see it as frustration especially considering all he’s been going through with being shot at, accused of murder, rushing out of the country, being hunted, a lack of sleep and no real respite or place to go. I get the frustration. Maybe Lee’s look is to show Amanda why he didn’t want to jump on the Joe is innocent bandwagon just yet. He’s still waiting on some hard evidence.

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      • Interesting ideas guys! I hadn’t given Joe’s reaction any thought.. lol.. I don’t focus on him very much when Lee is in the room 😉 but.. I figured Joe was just having his version of a moment of despair.. as Valerie points out – things are looking very bleak for Joe at that moment and the one way he thought he thought he could get out of the mess he is in has just been deleted..

        I guess Joe is a calm guy 99% of the time.. and one little fist slam when his whole life looks to be a shambles didn’t strike me as extreme or dangerous. Maybe if he had picked up the old NEC monitor and slammed it against the wall yelling – death to the EAO!!! I might have felt differently 😉


        • My husband, a non-violent man, responds similarly to Joe when dealing with the idiosyncracies of a certain computer operating system….


  5. While I would have enjoyed the unfilmed section, maybe it doesn’t quite fit the tone of this part of the episode. Plus it would have clued Joe into L & A’s prior relationship. Even in imagining the scene, I’m grateful that Lee was in a black jumpsuit, not his orange pest exterminator outfit 🙂

    When I see Joe searching for the file on the computer, I can’t help thinking he gives up too easily. Couldn’t you have tried looking in another foler, Joe? Or varying the filename slightly? It might be there somewhere??? (Do I spend too much time on computers?)

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    • I agree with Learjet and Valerie.. as much as the idea sounds cute.. the context of it would have been all wrong! would have broken any of the tension they have built to this point..

      and yes that whole idea that Joe would know explicitly about Amanda’s work is actually not a very smk way to go.. I think when it can, smk likes to leave things like that in the subtext.. or.. at least open to interpretation.

      LOL Learjet, sorry but Joe checking different file names does not sound like riveting telly! rofl.. unless the file name was ‘blackjumpsuit’ whahahaahahaa


  6. The EAO in the top picture is actually the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I was just there last week! Didn’t see Lee and Amanda there, though. Rats….


  7. I’m going to assume that the lock was pretty flimsy because they probably wouldn’t need that much security for that type of office. With it being an aid organization they probably aren’t thinking there’s much need for deeper security. I guess I would be more concerned as to how they gained access to the building at night. I would assume they slipped in a side door somewhere.

    While I like the unused or un-filmed scene with Lee and Amanda I don’t think it really fits with what has already transpired. At some point they would have had to go back to the Agency to change into these jumpsuits and then Amanda’s previous story about James Bond movies would no longer hold water. There would have to be some fast explaining especially if Amanda was going to be a part of it. Joe would definitely know something is up. Plus they’ve already had a couple of these light-hearted ‘confuse the guard’ moments. There was one in TODW with the insurance forms and a couple in RFTS, at the elevator and the security desk. Maybe it was getting to be a redundant plot device.

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  8. Oooh the script version would have been funny. Maybe they cut it for time — there is usually a long fight scene at the end of each episode and the opening sequence with real footage did chew up the minutes. Or maybe the powers that be felt they didn’t want Joe to know the extent of Lee and Amanda working so well together.


    • Yep.. your last idea is resonating with me.. sad as I am to miss out on Lee in his blackjumpsuit.. it does make sense!
      [I’ll just have to use my imagination!]


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