1/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

When I think of Filming Raul- I immediately think of…  ‘the car scene’ !! how about you??? I can’t wait to get there Smile 

The episode opens with Amanda driving down a DC street and into a parking lot- she says hello to the parking attendant Scotty and he welcomes her by name, gee she must come here a lot.. what is this her regular supermarket?? … that’s Lee’s car she is parked next to!!! Hmmm… Is she meeting him at this place??

Suddenly a white sedan comes tearing into the parking lot nearly taking out friendly Scotty (is he named after the director of this episode? Oz Scott?!) imageand pulls in next to Amanda’s car- and taking out the back corner of her car in the process.. Wait.. did I hear that right? Amanda’s immediate response was “oh my god! oh my gosh!!! would you look what you’ve done to my car!” – I never noticed she says oh my god and then corrects it.!! oops!!image

Love when the guy says “it doesn’t look that bad.”.. cut to the car and kerplunk! off goes the back bumper and the light! hehee.. So they argue for a while, He gets 05back in his car and drives off before he hands over his contact details or insurance info because two baddies arrive and he is trying to get away from them.. Man! this car 06park is in an interesting location! Lots of intrigue!  errrr… where exactly is Amanda?? imageimage She should have just taken the money.. does this moment remind anyone else of dead men leave no trails????!!!

Scotty comes over and tries to cheer up Mrs King 07by informing her he has most of it on film.. and let’s her in on a little secret- he has been filming people for a new documentary he is making without their 08knowledge… he says he has great stuff on Amanda, Lee Stetson, Billy Melrose, Francine and Fred Fielder.. (gee are there any names at IFF that we know that weren’t listed??? derrrr.. oh wait.. they are the only people that work at IFF aren’t they… oops..) So.. This is the IFF car park??? Wha??????image Where have they been hiding this car park all this time hmmm??? LOL.. the script calls for a car park, we suddenly have a car park! tee hee.. 

Scotty reluctantly hands over his tape to Mrs King.. which she requests after learning how he has been filming them all.. oops! 
Hey is it just me, or would you think that IFF would have someone guarding their cars who umm actually knows what they do???!!! Surely this car park would be baddie revenge central.. but.. what do I know, I’m just an assistant nit-picker!

09Love how Amanda says”I’d like to hear about it Scotty, in fact, I think I probably should. he he..” – go Amanda! good thinking..

Next thing we see the sign for International Film Fed. Amanda enters and there is Mrs Marsden.. oh she is still there.. they haven’t just left her out for a week or made her move to make room for a random car park! Love how Amanda says good morning and strolls by and tries to get away with not giving the password… she got nearly into the elevator.. and Mrs Marsden didn’t try and shoot her? I think she likes Amanda..image  image

Love how Amanda is all chirpy looking for the password – and the moment she finds it – snap!!! serious expression and voice.. “Backlash.” – I am surprised she didn’t put her hand on her heart and salute America or something.. oh and then as soon as she has said it she immediately is chirpy nervous chatty Amanda again..

Up to the bullpen and Lee is nervous looking for Raul.. a courier he is expecting with some hot info from the Rio station.. If it’s so hot, why isn’t Lee meeting him somewhere?!
12Billy: Scarecrow, Do yourself a favour, if you’re gonna get people jobs don’t feel responsible for them! (Love how the moment Billy says this Amanda enters the bullpen, Billy sees her and yells hello– Subtext!!!!Lee got Amanda her job.. interesting…)

Amanda turns up and immediately launches into one of her rants.. I like this one..Kudos to KJ!! Lee just silently takes it all in.. eventually even Amanda realises she needs to calm down and take a breath..

14imageFrancine: Is that supposed to make sense?
15Amanda: Yes, because, you see, if it hadn’t been for the accident, I
16wouldn’t have known about the documentary. And if I didn’t know about the documentary, then you wouldn’t know about it. And the minute that I found out about it, I knew that you would want to know about it because, I 17mean, he’s been doing it for — for weeks and he said it’s ninety-five percent in the can and . . . you don’t know about it.

: She’s just been in a car accident.
(love how Lee nods here as it to say Ohhhh right.. now I get it! he seems very patient here not reacting really. Good Lee!! Smile Francine is the awful and Billy is accommodating and kind..)
imageimageAmanda: I’m sorry, sir. If you’ll give me just a 20moment, I’ll . . . I’ll collect my thoughts.
imageFrancine: Oh, great, well, why don’t we all meet
21back here, say, a week from next Tuesday?

(How she can act so superior- in THAT outfit is beyond me!)
Oh dear.. it seems the writers are not yet done painting the picture of Amanda the scatter brain. Actually there is a reason for it this time- that makes it much more watchable for me! Smile Poor Amanda, they all literally turn their back to her and pretend like she isn’t there!! She takes a deep breath and perseveres… Good for you Amanda!
Amanda: I think the first thing we should do is 23develop the film… I mean, uh, the movies.
Lee: Movies?
Amanda: Yes, the ones Scotty took of the
Lee: What — ?
25Billy: Our Scotty, from the parking lot?
26Amanda: Yes! . . . sir. He has been filming people coming and going.
27Lee: All right, hold, hold. Are you saying that Scotty in the lot where we
28park has been taking movies of . . . everyone who enters and leaves this building?
Amanda: Yes.
Lee: And we don’t know about it?
Amanda: That’s right. He’s doing a documentary. The point is to catch you off guard. Now, the minute I heard about it, I knew you would want to
29know. Now, I got this cassette from him. The only thing that I need from it is just, uh, the license number of the car that hit my car, if you don’t mind, sir.

Billy, the boss, takes the film to get it developed right away.. LOL.. He’s so hands on Winking smile 

fashion police badge and warningOk, I have held it in as long as I can…What in heaven’s name is Francine wearing?? what designer is that ?? Maleficent and Co?? ugh! At least Lee doesn’t seem to be dressing all snooty again so far.. phew!

Lee is pretty patient with Amanda here don’t you think?.. he seems to listen intently and at least try to understand her- even though this time in the beginning she wasn’t making that possible! Amanda’s expressions and body language here are very funny- she is so amusing to watch-  KJ is such a champ, that whole scene is mainly one big monologue.. image

As a golden circle girl would say.. KJ we salute you! Smile

Hey this is smk-land (Hey Petra, there’s a plug for your website!! Winking smile ).. why didn’t Lee immediately assume that the man who hit Amanda’s car in the parking lot was the same man he was waiting to see? come on.. this is just the kind of coincidence smk does all the time!! Wouldn’t Amanda have noticed the guy was in a real hurry? and that he was followed by the screeching car behind him?? and.. it’s the car park to IFF!! maybe he was someone to do with the agency?? and she should tell someone hmm??? image

30There goes Lee’s bad manners.. walking off without saying goodbye.. Amanda almost looks around the bullpen confused! I guess she is still calming herself!!

Where is Raul?? there is Raul!! it look like he is on  the 31warner bros backlot! tee heee..  we see Raul’s car screaming down a dead end- notice- no damage has been done to the front of his car when he hit Amanda in the car park- HA!.. The bad guys nab him and the info.. uh oh..

Whooo hoo!! On to the funny scene with them all watching the movie Scotty made.. Scarecrow and Mrs King at it’s best!!! Francine slams the door on her finger or fingernail or something and Billy has a big chuckle..
Amanda tries to make her feel better: I know the feeling
Francine: It’s funny I never knew that coat made me look so-
Amanda: Biiiiiiiiiig!  1rofl
Amanda: Ohhhh it doesn’t.
(Good one Amanda.!) Love how Lee’s head quickly turns to look at Amanda as she says “Biiiig!” – very funny!!!

32Doesn’t Francine look like she thinks she is the hottest woman in DC when she checks her hair and walks from the car????!!!! soooo funny!!
Ha! Then we have Billy getting out of his car with his hand full and oops!! He clears his throat.. uh oh.. he knows what’s coming.. haaa – there goes the donut onto the ground.. “Oh boy” he says.. very funny! he pushes it under his car after checking no one is looking!!
Love the little close up on the donut as he does it..it makes it that much funnier!! tee hee..( looks like Scotty guessed what he was going to do ) Lee finds it pretty funny too.. LOL at Billy making excuses that he was late for a staff meeting.. too funny! image

Then we see Amanda and Raul- Lee finally makes the connection…. It’s random, but I love the hand 37on the hip posture we see on Amanda as Raul drives off and leaves her in the lurch! such attitude! Go Amanda!! I love it!! so funny!!

They get a picture of one of the baddies from the film and start searching for his identity ( what? Lee doesn’t already know him?? why Lee you are slipping! Open-mouthed smile)

Amanda:  Well, since Raul works with the Agency, it should be easier for me to get the station wagon fixed.
Lee: Will you stop worrying about that car?
Amanda: I’m sorry, it’s the only way I have to get around.
Lee: I know it.
Look, I want to talk to Scotty about this film. He’s been shooting these pictures for weeks now, why didn’t you tell me? 
Amanda: I told you as soon I found out. He wanted it to be revealing.
Lee: Oh, it’s revealing. It’s too damn revealing. Let’s go.

Man! Lee, is Amanda to blame for everything that goes wrong?? She said she told them as soon as he heard about it .. he should have been thanking his lucky stars that they ever found out! Sheesh.. I think he is 38just venting that he wished he knew about this before.. but compared to Lee in the artful dodger- this Lee, while not terribly logical is still very likeable Smile (that hard edge from last week seems to have gone- hurray!) Lee listens to her worry about her car and acknowledges that he knows it’s important.  Hey, Lee holds the door open for Amanda on their way out!

I’ll leave it there for now!! Back with more when I can 🙂 Would love as always to hear your thoughts byeeeee

8 responses to “1/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I actually find Lee’s dickiness harder to take in this one than in the Artful Dodger – he seems impatient and snarky with Amanda for no good reason. I guess I can only chalk it up to him feeling stressed about Raul. By the way, I can’t make any connection between this episode and the film that its title obviously alludes to: Eating Raoul. Did I miss something?


  2. Ah subtext galore here, Lee shouldn’t keep feeling responsible for getting people jobs at the agency, Amanda parks her car in the space right next to Lee’s Porsche (his ‘n’ hers car parking spaces lol).
    So Scotty is the parking attendant and he films people without their knowledge. Ok he’s young and a bit cute but man that’s just creepy! He’s got a lot to learn about film making if the thinks he can make an entire documentary without people’s permission.
    Oh my what is Francine wearing? It looks like a Star Trek Next Generation Uniform!!! I love Amanda but jeez sometimes she would test the patience of Mother Teresa! I can’t believe even after she stopped to collect her thoughts she still didn’t make any sense! If I didn’t know better I would say Amanda needs to develop her Theory of Mind, because she talks as though they can all read her mind and automatically know what she’s referring to!
    Why is there no footage shown of Lee? I bet his would show him grimacing after heaving himself out of the Porsche along with the car giving a little roll like the handbrake isn’t on fully (this happens a lot on SMK!!!). Billy is hilarious with his donut and Francine surely you had a mirror at home, didn’t you check your reflection before you exited your home?! Quite frankly I think that coat is the least of your worries 😉


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  4. Haha…I too love this ramble from Amanda. It’s funny because at the end of the ramble they still have no idea what the film even is even though that’s what she’s trying to tell them!! I think this is one of the funniest SMK episodes…I don’t know why…but I crack up several times when I watch it – terrific acting by BB and KJ.


  5. Melissa Robertson

    I have to wonder what her insurance rate is by now with all the accidents she has had.


  6. HEY — Did you know that our Scotty became George McFly in Back to the Future 2 and 3?
    Love her slam on Francine and the Biiiiiiiiig coat. LOL!
    And Lee is much nicer this episode, but I think the fashion police would also be writing our favourite spy a ticket.


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