5/6 Season One, Episode 19: Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Emilio’s.. whoo the beefy but effeminate guy who so sweetly takes off Dotty’s glasses for 101her must be Emilio the hairdresser.. There goes SMK with it’s 102stereotypes! He’s a walking cliche! It is very cute though how he is so careful with Dotty! Smile [now.. that is how I want to see a bandana worn on smk! tee heee]

Next thing we see Lee and Amanda are waiting outside Emilio’s in Lee’s car.. Lee is grumbling over women and their hair: How long does this sort of thing take?! … Love how it cuts to Carlo who is also grumbling over women and their hair though he puts it a little more gruffly: Is she having a haircut or surgery? Love the contrast between the two men.. though the sentiment is the same!

103Lee is impatient: I have to get that book to crypto.
Amanda is fierce here: Not until my mother is home safely! [ Don’t argue with her Lee!]

Carlo runs out of patience and demonstrates he really is a dill.. he’s tired of waiting and just decides to go in there and get Dotty! Madness.. And this guy is a so called professional? Hope he brought his bendy knife this time.. those sharp ones are dangerous Winking smile 

Lee and Amanda see Carlo heading into Emilio’s to make his move..
Lee as he leaves his car: You stay here you got that! [ Amanda has that look on her face like – whoooo!! No way!!! more fiesty Amanda!! ]
Amanda: alllll rriiiiiight!

104Love that Amanda doesn’t even pretend to try and stay in the car! Lee isn’t even through the door when she gets out of his car!! hehehee

Lee interrupts Carlo about to kill the blissfully asleep Dotty and absolute chaos is unleashed! I feel sorry for Emilio here! I hope the agency or someone helped the guy out!! Love how Lee catches the girl Carlo throws at him!

The joke of Dotty sleeping through the whole place being wrecked is just priceless!! Love how they cut back to Dotty slowly awakening from her 106‘beauty’ sleep – while everyone is furiously 107trying to fix up the place behind her and she calls out: Am I dry yet? the guy behind her just  walks off without answering tee heee.. Very funny moment!!!image

Back at the agency and Amanda is worried about her mother – she asks if they are sure she is being protected and Lee responds: yes yes, by the very best men at the agency. ( hmm but Lee! she 108doesn’t want the best! Winking smile ). Oh dear check out the little dude sitting behind the little dude in the big chair! Winking smile too funny!!

Now this is funny!! They’ve finally worked out what Carlos is after..
Microdot enlargements had the design of broadband filters, whatever they are.
Lee: They’re filters that neutralize the close-combat laser-assault weapon.
Billy: That’s high-priority technology. The East Bloc would pay a lot for it.

[My internet can neutralise close combat laser-assault weapons? bonus!! Winking smile ] ahhh technology.. it will make fools of us all one day Smile

109Did you see the look that flashed across Amanda’s face when Lee and Francine discussed the laser assault weapons? Call me crazy but Amanda looks a bit annoyed, or sad about this.. pensive.. I think this is related to her comments to Lee in the car coming up- but here in this scene I think she is not happy that they are all into their assault weapons- right now all she cares about is her mother! ( Hmmm Lee learns that one eventually – that is exactly what he is like in Nightcrawler huh! )

Amanda interjects to wonder aloud what she is going to tell her mother.. yep.. all she can think about is her mother.. poor Amanda!

Amanda: …Captain Galaxy’s a pile of plastic, Phillip’s book is a vital piece of national security, and I don’t even know what the right book was so that I can get him another one.
110Francine: The right book?
Amanda: Well, yeah, the book that my mother meant to buy, or that she did buy and got it got mixed up with another —
112Well, you know, I mean. . . . I should be able to figure this out. She said it 111was one of my favourites, and it’s about animals. . . . 113Oh!  Sky Chief Rides 114Again. Golly! It has to be Sky Chief Rides Again! It’s 115about a horse and Phillip loves horses and I loved 116horses. Oh. And I bet they have another one at that bookstore!

I love when Amanda is trying to come up with the real book- Lee and Francine look a bit : eh? but Billy is intensely interested!!!! He knows this is important to Amanda- bless him! hehehee.. plus he’s probably thinking he can get it for Amanda when he goes to see Keene when Amanda says ‘ Golly’ – the dvd subtitles say she is saying ‘ Oh Lee’ – LOL.. I listened a few times.. and I think it is a ‘ Golly’ to the room.. I don’t feel she is directing that specifically to Lee! Oh Lee doesn’t make sense to me.. When Amanda turns all happy to smile at confused Lee and Francine – Francine actually gives her a tiny 117fake smile but Lee.. is just confused! tee heee.. Lovely Billy will pick up a copy of the book at Mr Keene’s.. awh..
thank you Sir  I’ll need it by 2 o’clock tomorrow
Looking to Lee with a smile she adds: just like Captain Galaxy!!!!!!  Go Amanda!!!image
Love Lee’s half hearted chuckle in response.. (Lee’s turn for a fake smile!)

121Back to Carlo and his partner.. whoo Carlo has on a red tie.. that’s the tie he had on for one moment at the beginning of the episode, before he swapped to his stripey tie! man.. this guy really can’t get anything right huh?! If I were his partner by now I would be having my doubts! but this partner just seems to do what Carlo says.. I guess moustache outranks no moustache in baddie land! Winking smile Oh ok.. they walk up to some poor cable guy in his van trying to eat his lunch.. poor bloke!

Lee and Amanda are stuck in traffic.. Amanda seems pensive, quiet and deep in thought..
Lee: Hey, are you okay?
Amanda: Hmm? Oh. Yeah, I think so, just worried about my family. I mean, we’ve got a dangerous spy after us and it’s all because of a book.
Lee: Yeah, well, that book is very important, Amanda.
Amanda: Well, sometimes I get the feeling that people get a little lost at the Agency. You know what I mean? Everybody is so concerned with, um,
123spies and stolen formulas and secrets that, well, I don’t know, sometimes it just starts to seem like it’s a . . . game.
124Lee: Yeah, well, that game gets pretty serious at times. We can play it like a game, but we know it’s just a cleaner battlefield.
I see Amanda’s point.. she’s concerned about her family, and Lee’s immediate response was that the book was important. So is her family.. and it is because people want to protect the people they love and the country they love that the book is so important.

Anyone want to have a go explaining Lee’s point??

I’ll have ago but I’d love to hear what people think of this.. maybe he’s saying we treat it like a game so it doesn’t seem so well.. dirty? or serious? He sounds pretty weary when he says this.. I think 125Amanda understands and that’s why she seems to quietly smile at Lee’s words and then choose to cut the moment short and go for a shortcut here..

It is so rare that these two have conversations like this, that when they do I want to understand it well! 

Dotty is foremost in Amanda’s mind, but the agency has other problems to deal with too..  I guess the compartmentalising is so they can do the job.. but as Lee showed earlier when he was frustrated at Hadj just being replaced by someone else – it does affect him emotionally…but the battle is still being fought so he keeps on going.. weary though he is..

Of course it is a huge shock to Amanda that suddenly her mother is in danger – and it isn’t even anything to do with the agency- it’s to do with her favourite book from when she was a kid.. If I were Amanda – I’d be considering leaving that town- too many spies!! err ‘ Lots of spies’ !  Thank goodness she happens to know the best spy in the business Winking smile I’d love to hear your thoughts on this guys!!

I’m going to leave it there for now, with Lee and Amanda taking side street shortcuts to get home faster…. Any thoughts or insights you would like to share? byeeeee!!

19 responses to “5/6 Season One, Episode 19: Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I think my favorite part of this episode is how Dotty just glides away leaving death/destruction/mayhem in her wake & being completely oblivious to it all. It just goes so perfectly with her character.

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  2. In the French version, the title of the book is “Mon amie Flicka” (My friend Flicka). It’s one the real book writes by Mary O’ hara. I’m disappointed, because I had read this book being a child and I had the impression to share something with Amanda 🙂 and I have just discovered that not ; – (
    I want DVD in VOSTF.


    • Hi Sylvie!

      You wrote: I want DVD in VOSTF.

      What’s ‘VOSTF’?

      Ah sorry your little connection to Amanda has been taken away!! argh!!! that’s sad!!! Well you still both like horse books no?!


  3. Ha! I’m willing to bet spends as much time and money in a salon as any woman. The man’s hair is nothing if not carefully coiffed!


  4. Some random thoughts:
    Dotty is so blissfully oblivious… it’s awesome. 🙂 I wish I could just let go of all the (irritating/selfish/…) people around me like that…
    The guy who plays Keene was soooooo much more loveable as Bernie–and Bernie was dead! (Weekend at Bernies is such a silly movie, but I love it! 😀 ROFL at stapling the wig to his head adn all the other silly stuff!)
    What is with Carlo’s handkerchief/pocket square folding? THREE points? (In the scene with Keene at the bookshop after Dotty left with the wrong book.) Oh, and then, when he walks into the tea room, he has four small points… and when he pushes Amanda in front of the car it’s back to three nice points again. 😦 Oh–and four points when he’s searching Amanda’s house! And then three points again… 😀
    Loving the idea of Dotty being in counterintelligence!
    Ugh–another instance of Lee-manhandles-Amanda (in IFF when he marches her out telling her to go home after the mugging). I hate it when he manhandles her like this–grabbing her and shoving her around like a doll. Escorting her with a hand on the back, or grabbing her hand, or even grabbing her forearm, OK, but the death-grip on the upper arm? No! 😦 Even in really swoony instances (e.g., Stemwinder part 1–Amanda’s bedroom, when he pulls her up to standing from the bed) it’s so uncool (and in that particular instance awkward looking)!!! Bad Lee! 😦
    Love Lee’s tiepin-thingie hanging from his collar with his loose tie in the identikit picture/Captain Galaxy-breaking scene…
    The hair salon scene is priceless!
    Amanda loved horses when she was a kid? She so didn’t love horses in ALaGHitM!
    Love that the street they turn onto when chasing the blue cable van is suddenly eucalyptus city–eucalyptus trees left and right of the road. Good SoCal scenery, that! (I bet they don’t have many in Washington D.C./Virginia!) In fact, I think this is the same road they use a couple of times in season 3 ep WtAMB. Oh–and there’s no houses, except when we’re looking backwards out of the van when suddenly there’s houses and other shrubs/trees–no eucalyptus. ROFL!


  5. Mincing is such a great word to describe Mr Emilio 😉 and I totally agree IWSOD that is how a bandanna should be worn 😉
    Dotty can sleep through anything, I wonder why Amanda worries about her mother realising she’s not home. If she can sleep through that kerfuffle then she’s hardly going to wake to realise her daughter didn’t make it home before midnight.
    Love the line about having hair cut or surgery……lookin’ good sure can take a loooooong time!
    Notice again how when Lee gets out of the Porsche it moves. Put the handbrake on properly Lee and it won’t roll. Good job he never parks on a hill!
    My take on the cleaner battlefield comment? (Bear in mind I am in no way as eloquent as these other ladies) I took the comment as reference to Cold War. War (as in invasion and land battles/air strikes) is generally dirty, lots of collateral damage, more people involved etc. However espionage is different. It’s played in the shadows, with fewer players and therefore “cleaner” but it is still a war. Amanda and Lee both represent the faces of those affected by war and their viewpoints. Amanda is the personal face, how it affects individuals way of lives on day to day. Lee is the face of the Government, acting for the greater good.
    SMK getting all profound. Who’d have thunk it 😉


  6. How is it, that “Sky Chief Rides Again” was her favourite book, is she not allergic to horses, does this not dampen the affection. Well, maybe not.


    • So true Julia!!! A few fans at various times have grumbled about that one.. I came to the conclusion that either Amanda developed an allergy later in childhood 🙂 that or she fell off a horse and really developed an allergy- if you know what I mean 🙂

      I agree though.. confusing!!


    • My favorite series of books when I was a kid involved dragons. I loved dragons.. I had stuffed ones and pewter ones and wall art. I never want t o be anywhere near a dragon in reality. The great thing about loving anything is that when you read about them you can safely escape into a world here you can experience them without fear or allergic reaction..


  7. I’m glad you landed on that statement of Lee’s, about the “cleaner battlefield.” That one is so striking to me, too. It was a great look into Lee’s perspective. We know Amanda’s way of thinking pretty well, and certainly the safety of her mother and the success of her son’s birthday party are the only things being compromised in her world. But this time, Lee gives us a peek at his troubles. The Agency isn’t simply a job to him, it’s a way of life. And more than that, the whole intelligence community is an arm of the military in the “cold war” going on all around them. Lee is a soldier. He is constantly at work defending the wellbeing of the nation from really tough, really aggressive enemies. It takes focus, commitment, and oftentimes a detachment from any civilian life. Lee’s been in this war a long time.

    I think that’s why he approaches Amanda with oscillating impatience and tenderness. She represents a civilian existence that he’s been mourning since he was five, defending his entire adulthood, and every once in a while, I think, resenting for being so oblivious to what he’s done to preserve it. In that scene, I think he was trying to express some of that sentiment, and yes, he sounds really weary of it all.

    Hee, I’m rereading what I wrote and feeling really sorry for Lee. Makes me want to give him a big hug!

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    • This is a really interesting post, Paula, and I think you’ve expressed Lee’s personal and professional perspective very well. This conversation between Lee and Amanda always reminds me of the Rangers in “The Lord of the Rings.” Their job is to protect the hobbits and the other “good guys” from evil forces, but part of preserving those people’s way of life is to keep them from knowing what the Rangers are protecting them from or that they are even being protected at all, so that they’re not overcome by fear and dread. The hobbits don’t know what the Rangers are doing, so they aren’t grateful; in fact, they’re mistrustful of the Rangers. I think that Lee is saying, in part, that it’s tough to be a Ranger, always on the chilly periphery.

      I also think that Lee’s background has kept him from really understanding what everyday life is like for most Americans. This may make it easier for him to function in his job, but that distance, ironically, alienates him from the people he’s protecting. Amanda gives him a glimpse into the lives of “real people,” and he’s attracted to that world, although he’s not ready to admit it yet. Francine’s snobbery about “little people” doesn’t help matters. And of course, Amanda is a “little person” who already means a great deal to Lee; he’ll even give up a top Soviet agent and abandon his career to save her.

      As I write, it occurs to me that Amanda and Lee are expressing valid but contrasting viewpoints here. Amanda is drawing his attention to the small picture of individual people, and Lee is telling her about the big picture of weapons and threats. Both viewpoints are important and valuable, and over the course of the series, Amanda and Lee understand and share the other’s viewpoint more and more. (I haven’t seen the whole series, but that seems to be the trend.)

      By the way, I especially love your sentence about Lee approaching Amanda “with oscillating impatience and tenderness.” Great observation, beautifully put!

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      • Your post reminds me of a beautiful piece of dialogue during a certain scene in “Utopia Now” (you know which one I mean) where Lee does acknowledge that Amanda has taught him (and changed him) too. *SWOON*.

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        • Hi Cindy! Love it!! I love that Utopia now!( I can’t wait to get to season 3 it has been years since I have seen some of those episodes!) – oh yes ‘that’ scene was the very first scene I went to for clear pics when I got the official season 3 dvds!

          A Note About Spam:
          sorry about the darn spam – they are tricky little buggers! (I can get over 30 spams a day but most get caught) If I ever miss anything or approve something you have written and someone has just copied and pasted let me know -that is not ok!!
          I want to keep spam out of here but they are tricky!!
          So there is a tip to readers about to go for it and comment for the first time – firstly go for it because it adds to the fun 😉 but secondly, make sure you say hello and write enough that I can identify you as ‘not spam’ and approve your first post haaaa… After that.. you won’t need to to through approval 🙂 you can comment as much as you like without waiting on me to approve.. I want smk to be fun – not spam central! 🙂 byeeee!!


          • As for the scene you mention from “Utopia Now,” Cindy–all I can say is, “Oh, my gosh!” It is so important that Lee not only change his behavior and attitudes toward Amanda, but that he acknowledge to her that he’s learned from her. And of course, the learning and changing goes both ways. They complement each other so beautifully!

            I can see why you went straight to this scene when you got your DVDs, IWSOD. I’ve re-watched it MANY times since I first saw “Utopia Now” a month or so ago, and it takes my breath away every time. Your photo captures its potency very well!


    • Here Here! I agree with RedGold! Paula- Thanks so much for sharing your insights! They have really helped me to better grasp Lee’s point of view here!! I will mention your comments in the final post on that ep and tell people to read it – So beautiful and insightful! 🙂 I agree I totally want to give Lee a hug too.. I think the episode has just a little more to say about this whole idea too.. so I will get back to it in the final fearless dotty post 🙂

      Oh and Redgold – LOTR references??? LOVE IT!!!!! 🙂 can’t get enough insights thanks to lord of the rings!!

      I also had the thought that they are both contrasting views – but as the show progresses Amanda moves towards Lee’s point of view here and Lee moves more towards Amanda’s point of view – Frantic and single minded Lee in Nightcrawler brought that idea to mind for me.. and Amanda being all brave telling Lee not to give Birol the list – because you can’t give in to these people.. Hmmm the more I think about it, the more I think that episode gives us big insights – it is such a romantic episode that it distracts me from what it reveals about where the characters are at about their work you know?? 😉

      Well I am aiming to get up the final installment of fearless dotty today – am busting to get onto Weekend- I have never posted about weekend before so have been really looking forward to it! Oh and Redgold thanks for asking about my exams – at the moment I am waiting on results and totally trying to distract myself from worry about it.. can’t do anything about my results now so why stress? focusing on other things.. but if you hear big cheers coming from Australia- well that will be me 😉

      Byeeee!! Thanks Paula and Redgold for responding it’s been really helpful to read your thoughts on Lee!! You guys Rock!!

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