5/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Carlos in the freezer.. LOL.. I like calling S2E05_Charity.flv_001932160Lee Carlos! Winking smile Wow.. Amanda whacks the guard on S2E05_Charity.flv_001936200the head from behind.. Go Amanda!! Is that the first time she has ever hurt anyone? (other S2E05_Charity.flv_001940240than indirectly?) Oh wait.. she did take out Sigrid the assassin with a car door Winking smile  Whoo hoo!

I love how Amanda opens the freezer door and whispers to Lee: come out!!! and waits for him to come out.. she doesn’t want to go in there!! ( I wouldn’t either!!)
Lee just stands there for a second or two, his numb mind needing time to register that Amanda is there, what she has said, Lee whispers: Amanda??? [I wonder if Lee thinks he’s dreaming of Amanda!]
Slowly he begins to move. awh!! Amanda coaxes him with her outstretched arms: Come on.

Poor Lee! Finally he gets out of there and leans back on the wall to hold himself up..
Amanda starts rubbing his arms to warm him up.. ( drat.. I wanted a hug!)
S2E05_Charity.flv_001960440 Lee: I’m so brittle, I feel like something could break off!
Amanda: ah ha! that’s a good sign you still have your sense of humour!

pulls Lee’s hand out and gives it a rub: give me your hand.
Lee: Amanda, you don’t have to worry about me. Get his gun.
Amanda: grab his gun.
So funny how Amanda doesn’t want to touch the gun but can’t put the gun in Lee’s still frozen hand- so she slides it into his trouser pocket! 😆
Lee: good, now get him undressed.

Amanda: get him undressed?
Lee: yes! I want to slip into something a little less consssssssspicuous! [I love how he says that!]
S2E05_Charity.flv_002004880Amanda: Ok.. I’ll do everything accept the pants! [only on smk!!! Smile ]
S2E05_Charity.flv_001993760Lee: suit yourself……

As Amanda undresses the guard she asks about the meeting.. and asks Lee what the formula is S2E05_Charity.flv_002003120for. Lee lays out the whole plan for us again.. Amanda says I don’t know what that means. Lee explains some more.. commodities markets.. lots of money blah blah.. Amanda says I still don’t know what that means –Lee explains even more! I’m thinking I really don’t need to know what that means! A way to make money for baddies.. got it.. that’s all the info I need.. yawn..
Lee: I’d be frozen stiff by now if it wasn’t for you. ( whoa! err I guess that is a thank you????)  Frustrating we don’t get to see Lee’s face here.. but I think he is not in emotional mode.. he is in work mode- there is still a job to be done here!

: oh well.. I just..
  [I think Amanda knows that’s about as much thank you as she can expect from Lee by now! Is it just me or do you wish Lee found out Billy told Amanda to go back to the bar and not worry about Lee?! ]
S2E05_Charity.flv_002039720Lee: ahhh if you don’t mind? ( ie look out Lee’s about to get changed!)
Amanda: OH! Smile and Amanda waits for him outside.. Love how she S2E05_Charity.flv_002041240throws him the security hat and he winces as he has to use his hands now.. I bet he could have still used Amanda’s help there Winking smile Whenever I watch this S2E05_Charity.flv_002053360scene and see Lee struggling with his stiff hands and his bow tie – mumbling ‘my hands my hands’ I S2E05_Charity.flv_002057400still keep hoping he will call out ‘ Errr Amanda? I could use a hand here!! ‘ Winking smile but.. he never does!
 Smile  Lee is actually grateful she found him.. and almost says so-Wow! At least he admitted he needed her. A little disappointed we didn’t have a blue boxers moment though.. he heee.. ( but then again, I shouldn’t treat Lee like he is a piece of meat right?!  Winking smile )

S2E05_Charity.flv_002073560Officer Lee orders Amanda to go back to the bar… I like Lee in that uniform Winking smile
Next thing, we see Perrine go to his car.. Masterson is watching him, he seems to pull something out of the car but we don’t actually see.. Uh oh.. Perrine has discovered London’s body.. Masterson is playing for keeps Perrine – I don’t know why he was invited in the first place, if Perrine knew he was broke! Anyway, Perrine has the formula, and is now trying to get away from Masterson! I love that Amanda was right! The formula really was hidden in the car!!! 🙂

Mrs Coleman is still waiting for Carlos propping up the end of the bar.. Hilarious!!!!
S2E05_Charity.flv_002173120Mrs Coleman very slurred and slowly greets Amanda as she returns to the bar: S2E05_Charity.flv_002177120Ohhh hello!! Ohhh no Carlos yet! Oh why?…. Oh it’s not your fault dear, dependable help has aaaallllways been a S2E05_Charity.flv_002179560pain haaa.. You just.. do the best you can! And start with a
Berrrhhhhh…. eemmmmiaaaannnn… errr.. thhhhhiiiiing!  [HAAAAA!!! I hope Dotty hears about this!!!!! :lol:] S2E05_Charity.flv_002181840Love how as Amanda turns away from Mrs Coleman she is trying to gracefully drape her scarf over her other shoulder – hilarious!!!!
Next thing.. we see a silent game of cat and mouse is happening between Perrine and Masterson.. Suffer Perrine.. what goes around comes around! Err I am guessing Masterson wants S2E05_Charity.flv_002200640the formula without paying for it! I guess so. and Perrine hides it in Amanda’s clipboard so he can’t get his hands on it?
Ahhh smk – Remember early in the episode? Lee said he couldn’t stay in the bar and wait for it to fall into his lap! LOL.. in the end.. that is what they do.. handing over the formula by hiding it in Amanda’s clipboard, sitting on the bar! hehehee.. Man the spy biz is easy. Winking smile
Masterson waits for his moment.. Amanda is busy creating another bohemian fling, [Love it! Now S2E05_Charity.flv_002259000Mrs Coleman’s scarf is dangling on the ground!!! This whole day is a complete unravelling of Mrs Coleman! Smile] then Perrine gets distracted by a guest asking to look at the Bugatti with him.. ( the guy who wanted his drink almost lethal! Man.. he gets two lines!) Finally,
Masterson snatches Amanda’s clipboard and  takes off .
Amanda: Oh Sir! Excuse me Sir! that’s my clipboard!! Sir!!!
LOL.. Amanda climbs up over the fence calling out.. man she wants her clip board!! [A random moment to notice but.. yet again- Amanda is wearing a white top and black trousers!!! enough already!!! ]

Masterson gets up to the carpark and tackles a guy in white.. we can only assume it’s Perrine but we don’t actually see him. weird! guess because it is stunt Perrine! Anyway, Officer Lee catches up in time to see Masterson take off with his porsche! (open like that, I’m surprised it didn’t happen more often!) and… the chase begins.. although why Amanda had to go along for the chase I don’t know… maybe moral support for Lee! Haaa Lee asks the same question of Amanda..
Lee: Amanda why did you get in the car?!

Amanda‘s response is funny: He took my clipboard.
Lee: Oh Amanda! [I love how he says that!!]Amanda: If I don’t get that clipboard back I’m in alot of trouble!
S2E05_Charity.flv_002352320More great lines!!
Lee: that’s my car!
Amanda: the poor thing!
Lee: I mean out of all the cars in the carpark, why did he have to pick my car
Amanda: I know exactly how you feel!…. [why because he took her clipboard? LOL!!]
Lee: that guy gets one dent in that car!!!…… I’ll dent him..

The car chase itself goes on way too long.. and is a big yawnWinking smile

S2E05_Charity.flv_002441200Well, the porsche comes to a stop hanging over a cliff, Lee the human fly jumps on fleeing Masterson and puts a dent or two in him.. love how Amanda goes straight for S2E05_Charity.flv_002447080the clipboard! ( funny the light in the close up and wide shot of this fist fight is completely different.. It’s like it was filmed at night! :lol:)

We see the Porsche’s last moments as it slowly creeps over the cliff edge.. Maybe another S2E05_Charity.flv_002455120reference to the cocktail ‘cliffhanger’ Amanda S2E05_Charity.flv_002464480mentioned earlier 😉 .. S2E05_Charity.flv_002466560[hey maybe this was the season finale.. after all they do tend to end with cliffhangers!]

The slow mo of it falling was so sad.. I cried and S2E05_Charity.flv_002494600cried and cried.. errr. actually not really.. but I felt S2E05_Charity.flv_002497720a tinge of sadness.. and then.. a tinge of impatience.. Winking smile 

S2E05_Charity.flv_002522000Love Billy’s response to seeing the wreck. Silence.. and then: Well, you were due for a new one anyway. did we get our conspiracy charge? (LOL!) Lee says the hard evidence is in the clipboard ( I guess he must have seen Perrine hide it there?!) Billy just wordlessly leaves.. Ahhh I guess he figures Amanda is better to comfort Lee!
S2E05_Charity.flv_002538160Amanda: well, maybe you can save some parts.

BANG!! and the car explodes!!! … no saving parts now! 1roflthey used this same joke in Groundhog day- I am sure they were copying smk! Where Bill Murray’s character drives off a cliff with the groundhog, and then someone says they may still be alive…. and then.. the truck explodes.. and oops.. not likely!

S2E05_Charity.flv_002496680Did you notice how when they looked down at the car with Billy, the car was lying face down in the water? and.. when Billy leaves and Amanda is S2E05_Charity.flv_002541200S2E05_Charity.flv_002545360trying to comfort Lee with maybe saving some parts- we see the car again as it blows up.. and.. it is lying face up! and.. in a different location in the river!!! whoooo magic porsche! Rest in peace Magic Porsche.. Poor Lee!
S2E05_Charity.flv_002546400Amanda and Lee quietly watch it burn.  Amanda: History. Awh!! A fascinating thing to say at this moment!! I will come back to that!! They share a look..
Amanda: I’m sorry I know how much you loved your car.
Lee: ah Amanda, you don’t love a car, but you sure do get attached to one!    [AWH!!!!]

(It’s cute how Amanda awkwardly brushes his jacket to comfort him here! They are not close enough for a hug.. but she wants to reach out to him and touch him somehow to comfort him. Awh!!!! )

Poor Lee.. that is a tough break! I love how Amanda calls it here.. ‘ History’ – yes… that is exactly what it is.. this is the closing of a chapter in Lee’s life.. and.. that means.. it is the start of a new one.. I like to think of it (IMHO) as Lee leaving his boyhood behind and heading into adulthood.. Even if Lee is a little developmentally delayed Winking smile It was a boy’s car.. not a man car.. does that make sense? And well.. we don’t know what car is coming yet.. but whatever it is,  it is a new beginning for Lee.. and it hints that there are even more changes ahead for Lee as we are about to head into season two Smile Of course, this episode is not over yet.. I’ll be back with the final post soon.. where the tag continues this whole theme of moving on Smile and the future!
byeee for now!

39 responses to “5/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Poor Porsche. I was so sad to see it go. That car was one of the things I remembered from watching when I was little. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I recall my dad saying “Why would a spy have such a conspicuous car? You think he’d want to blend in.”


  2. I think this was the first time Amanda had to commit an act of violence so directly. It’s so unlike her nature that I wish we would have seen some reaction afterwards, perhaps her wondering whether this job is changing her.

    I thought the ending, with Perrine hiding the formula from Masterson, was lame. They were on Perrine’s turf, and there were armed guards everywhere – why didn’t Polka-baddie just have his thugs take care of Masterson?

    I’m pretty sure Masterson ditched the car a lot further from the edge of the cliff than it was later shown to be – in fact, I remember thinking it would have to roll slightly uphill before it could go over the edge. I do feel bad about the Porsche. It was a sweet car.

    BTW, what was on that clipboard that made it so vital for Amanda to get it back?


  3. C’mon Amanda, you need to share body heat to warm Lee up 😉 help him with those buttons and give him a hug 😀
    Damn lee in a uniform looking far too good. Again.
    The poor Porsche 😦 I have to disagree IWSOD it’s not a boys car, it was lovely. I have gotten attached to cars before, even cried when we traded on in but we shall put that down to pregnancy hormones 😉
    Love how Amanda is still clutching her clipboard as she looks down at the car. Can’t possibly lose that precious clip board LOL


    • Well Jenbo, as Lee says you get mighty attached to a car. My hubbie hasn’t seen much of the show, but made me replay the Porsche’s demise a couple of times. Makes him nostalgic for his Porsche that he had way back in the day. He now keeps saying that maybe he will get another one. I think all this watching of SMK that I do is having an effect on him, car guy that he is!


  4. Amanda with the frying pan reminds me of Rupunzel in Disney’s “Tangled” and Flynn’s reaction when he uses it, “I’ve got to get me one of these.”


  5. Hi, IWSOD. Bittersweet is a good word for it. I can imagine how that scene would be filmed, but oh, I’d give a lot to be able to actually SEE it, for real. (You have very good self-control to wait all that time to read the script, by the way!)

    I’m not sure that I understand your question. Do you mean where did I buy the scripts?


    • Hi Redgold yes that’s right. where do you buy the scripts from? how do you find them?

      You have more self control than I!! waiting till those dvds come out to watch season 4 – wow!! I did not.. ( I only saw one or two season one episodes when the show was on tv in Australia ) so while my love of Lee Stetson originated from me as a 9 year old.. my love of the show has only been in the last 5 years or so if that makes sense! 🙂

      Plus, with my studies – if I started reading through scripts properly now, I would fall behind in posting on episodes here.. and I’m pretty sure someone might miss them being regularly published 🙂 At least one or two people anyway haa!

      Liked by 1 person

      • How interesting, IWSOD–I didn’t realize that you were such a newcomer to the series as a whole. Lee must’ve made quite an impression on you when you were nine–you remembered SMK all that time! What a wonderful first crush. I’ve read other people’s comments about their childhood devotion to SMK, and I think to myself that they’re lucky to have had Lee and Amanda form some of their early impressions of love, adventure, and romantic relationships. Talk about a great models!

        Good for your for waiting to read scripts so that you don’t fall behind on your posts. (But if you want to read only the scene I’ve mentioned, it’s the first one with Lee and Amanda and is found early on in the script. : ) )

        Polomare on the forum told me about the Ebay seller who had sold her a script, and I bought four of them myself, but not all of them are posted on Petra’s site yet. I just checked, and he’s not listing any SMK scripts there right now, but he still may have some. The name he uses, as I recall, is Hollywoodmavericks. Maybe if you searched for that along with SMK, you could locate him. Good luck!


  6. PPPS And by my saying that “I was the new girl from the comments for your 1×11 recap”, I actually meant that “I was from the comments to your 1×12 recap” (although I DID SPEAK about 1×11 in my comments – mainly on Lee’s hatred of plaid and how he voluntarily wore such a thing during the VERY NEXT EPISODE aka the afore-mentioned 1×12). *small lol* Sorry about the mix-up, at any rate. 😦 ~Sharma (again)


    • Welcome back to the party, Sharma. May I say, your delightful personality springs into the room from your posts. You are a riot, girl!


      • Hey Paula! Your personality does too! Very encouraging and welcoming! thanks for joining in and making this a fun, welcoming place to enjoy SMK!! 🙂 It would not be as much fun here without you that’s for sure!!


  7. Well, well, well, iwsod! 😀
    This is yet another bloomin’ brilliant and awesomely awesome recap/review that you’ve done! 🙂 Oh, and your being an Australian is totally a bonus in MY book. 😀 I LURVE ALL people, places, and things that are Australian. 🙂 (Weirdly enough, I love France and Scotland similarly too.)
    Anyway, to answer or midly correct what someone else observed, I AM from the Southern U.S. and it’s actually NOT a Southern thing to say “little hand” (or “little fingers” et al). Rather, it’s more of an AMANDA KING thing. Case in point: She says “my sweet little boys” when talking about Phillip and Jaime during another episode, even though they weren’t so little within the hour itself. 😉 I’ve also known New Yorkers (cousins of mine), who were born and raised in the upperstate part of that state) & use that same “little” turn of phrase.
    Now, onto your actual gorgeously perfect recap… is it sad that I wanted a blue boxers scene too? Even if Amanda didn’t get to see it, we would’ve. Oh, what could’ve been! *sigh* :S And is it just me or once this season starts, do we ever see Lee’s bare legs again? That would be a “NO-OOO-OOO…”
    After the shower/robe/bare legs scene in 1×20 Weekend, we never see him pants-less again (not even briefly). And then, after 2×04 aka “The Legend of Das Geisterschloss” (in which we admittedly only got to see a glimpse), we never ever even see a hint of his bare chest again. Am I right or am I right? *disappointed look*
    And the combined two times in the rest of Season 2 and all of Seasons 3 and 4 that we SHOULD have seen something (to be specific: the early-middle part of 3×17 “The Eyes Have It” and the tag scene in 4×16 “Do You Take This Spy?”), we were completely cheated. Not that I was expecting much, but a LITTLE something coulda worked.
    To be fair, he WAS concussed for most of 3×17 (and like you said multiple times Lee is not a piece of meat, even though sometimes I think he is… 😉 ), but they still coulda thrown us a bone, you know. Like we got back to Lee’s POV a couple of moments sooner when he’s still in that hospital room as he was struggling to get dressed & skip out of the proceedings to meet with that blonde Barnstorm Family masseuse chick. Maybe he’s still shirtless, trying to avoid his padded up arm as he slips into his new shirt. Or maybe we see a flash of blue boxers and/or thigh as he gives a final upwards pull/tug of his pants. After all, he WAS concussed, so shouldn’t know the location of the camera observing his progress. *wink* *wink*
    As for the 4×16 tag scene? Series-wide, we never see Lee and Amanda in bed together. (Except for that one time when they PRETENDED to be lovers waaaaaay back when in Season 1, Episode 11 aka “Remebrance of Things Past”…) And that goes for BOTH PRE-wedding AND POST-wedding. So, for their WEDDING night, I was expecting them to break the mold. Not end with both of them still clothed and a closed door, sporting a Do Not Disturb sign blocking the way. The director and/or writer might have thought that move to be clever. But, I thought it was just plain LAZY. Obviously, they didn’t have to show everything on-screen. BUT, they could’ve ended with a side-view of them totally covered up, except for their heads and shoulders, with bedcovers and just kissing and smiling at finally being married and left alone by that weird maid chick. Just saying… 😉 *wink* 😀
    ~your pal, Sharma 😀
    (yeppers, the late-to-the-party girl from your 1×11 recap strikes again!)

    PS Just curious, mate, but what part of Australia are you from? :S Sydney? Perth? Melbourne? Tasmania? Adelaide? (Somewhere else?) I actually have another friend named Katie who lives in Adelaide.

    PPS You’re only missing one thing. A gratuitous shot of Lee walking AWAY from the camera while wearing his cop/guard disguise. *drools* But, you’re right. He looks GOOOOOOOOD in that uniform. 😀 Heck, even that usually dorky-looking cop hat looks fetchingly good on him. I think that it had something to do with the fact that his shaggy (yet UN-mullet-ed) hair boyishly poked out & hung down from the back of it. 😉


    • ROFL Sharma! Paula put it so beautifully- your personality bursts off the page 🙂 so glad you have joined us and are sharing your smk fun with us all 🙂

      Hey I aim to please Sharma! Here ya go!!

      Best I could do.. drool away!

      Thanks for the encouraging feedback- you made my day! – glad you are enjoying the journey! 🙂 don’t worry about catching up- I won’t be able to keep up this pace now my studies have started again 😦 darn real life gets in the way of my smk time !

      I agree they did indeed pull back on beefcake Lee in further seasons. I think there are other drool worthy Lee moments though, stick with us and you will see 😉 blue boxers or an open shirt? are nothing compared to black jumpsuit Lee – hooo haaa.. (or houseboy Lee – if you fancy that kind of thing.. LOL! ) Lee in jeans is very pleasing to the eye also 😉 but for me, Lee is at his best in a tuxedo.. can’t top it – but YMMV!! 🙂

      I see your point.. though – a Lee and Amanda moment in bed ( other than me and the chick here paid for some privacy! )

      Bwhahahahaaha! this will have to do! 😀 – I didn’t need to see sexy times, just some married lovey dovey would have been enough for me..

      I mean we got to see drugged up Francine in bed with her – boyfriend(!!) at the end of season 4.. so why not Lee and Amanda? ugh.. I’ve got to let this go 😉 haaaaa.. 99% of the time, I wouldn’t want smk to change a thing 😀

      Have you been to Australia? I haven’t been to Adelaide- yet! but is Katie an smk fan?? tell her to stop by and say hi! 🙂 I love to hear from others all around the world.. but it would be fab to have another Aussie 🙂

      I am originally from Sydney.. but currently living a few hours north.. (just flew back from Brisbane today.. there’s another major city! )

      Keep the comments coming Sharma- great to hear from you!! 🙂



      • Petra has posted quite a few scripts on her SMK fanpage, including some that were never filmed. The original honeymoon script, “Mystery in a Minor Key,” is posted there; it was scrapped due to KJ’s illness. It has the kind of scene between Lee and Amanda that you’re wishing for. Even though I haven’t seen S4 yet, I know what happens in broad strokes concerning their marriage and honeymoon trip, and I decided to read the script because I figured it wouldn’t give anything away. I have to say that initially, it made me very sad to read “Mystery in a Minor Key,” mostly because I wanted so badly for that episode to actually exist in filmed form. Now, though, I’ve come to think of it as a delightful AU for the actors and the show as a whole as well as for Lee and Amanda–one where no one gets sick or hurt. I also remember that KJ recovered from cancer and is well all these years later, and I feel intensely grateful for that.

        (As I recall, the scripts are in the section called “Steno Pool.” You have to register with Petra to access them, but that doesn’t take long.)


        • Hi Redgold! Thanks for the tip.. yes I haven’t read that script.. indeed- it sounds like it would all be a bit bittersweet! I would love to be up to season 4 by the time the season 4 dvds come out..but I don’t think so!! LOL!! I will definitely have a read of that script once I have finished going through all the episodes.

          May I ask Redgold, where do you source your smk scripts? I would love to contribute one to the ever growing collection..



    • Maybe you should look at the series he did before (When the west was won). In the only episode I partially watched he was shooting around very lightly dressed indeed. But quite honestly this did not make me very inclined to watch this series immediately.

      I think, he is looking much better in a tuxedo. And probably was not in the shape for scenes like that as the seasons progressed anyway.

      Has anybody watched his western series? I read, it was a much greater success in Europe than in the US, whole generations being in love with ?!Luke. Or any other suggestions, what to watch?


      • You know, I’m a bit weird! drool away over BB if you like, but for me I have no ‘interest’ in BB.. ( sorry BB) – all my swooning is reserved for Lee Stetson..
        I see them as two different people still!! teee heee.. I blame it on my 9yr old crush on Lee Stetson being hard wired in!

        I don’t watch BB in anything else.. and have no desire to.. not sure I would ever want to meet him either – lest it took away from the onscreen childhood fantasy of it all 🙂 Sorry BB- but there are plenty of other SMK fans who love to love ya! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      • I understand what you mean, IWSOD. I feel the same way about Lee and Amanda; it’s the two of them together that I find so enchanting. I don’t think I’ll even watch the final episodes of S4 because I know that Amanda hardly appears in them. I’d rather have the series end (for me) with the two of them together.


      • That is funny, I have also thought about quiting watching Season 4 after the wedding episode, from what I read the rest is not really what I want to watch at all. But I do know your resolve is much better than mine.


        • Julia, a friend who loves SMK and has seen the whole series suggested just fast-forwarding through the last episodes to the scenes of Lee and Amanda together; I might do that. She said that some of those scenes are very cute. (Her words.)

          What do others think of “Mission of Gold”? I did think that I would watch that one, even though Amanda has limited scenes, because it focuses on the two of them in some way.


          • whooo I’ve got to get on with my studies now but Redgold, have I told you of my experience of season 4?? I’ll try and come back during a study break and share my experience – it is actually still readable on the internet.. LOL! byeee for now!
            (watch mission of gold for sure.. Lee in jeans.. Lee in jeans.. and ‘ I love you Mrs Stetson’ swooooon!!!!)


            • Well, no IWSOD, you never did tell me about your experiences with S4, and I’d love to hear about them, provided they’re not full of spoilers for me! I’m glad to hear that “Mission of Gold,” at least, should be included on the “must watch” list–that’s one more episode to enjoy!


              • hiya Redgold, I may have a different perspective on the back end of season 4- because I never saw them until I rediscovered the show in 2007 – I found the online forum, was informed about the anniversary dvds we were all making do with at that time – (season 1 was looking like it would never be released!) So.. I went ahead and purchased all 4 seasons of smk.. I had only seen ohhh about 10 episodes in total- all the ones released on video by columbia and If thoughts could kill.

                When it came time to watch season 4, I had heard lots of stories about how bad the final episodes were, and I was full of trepidation!!! Plus, I didn’t want it to end – I am sure I have heard you express this also- I didn’t want there to be no more new episodes to discover!
                But.. eventually I worked up my courage to continue on and watch them ( I must sound nuts to someone who doesn’t love the show! or maybe even to those that do 😉 )

                I decided I would watch one episode a week, and I would record my thoughts as I watched them, and share them with the forum – this is how I first started developing my love of doing episode recaps! I started small ( and they grew to ridiculous proportions- thus starting my own blog 😉 ) but I found I was able to watch the final episodes because I was going to be sharing my thoughts on the forum – and knowing others were along for the ride was very comforting!

                Discussing the show with others also made it much more enjoyable to watch those episodes, and helped me to watch to the end.. one each week.. and then have a little moan about how sad it is.. only to realise – wow! now I can start back at Season one and discover them all over again! That is exactly what I did!! I just continued on.. so in a way, the discovering never ends 🙂 Every time I watch an episode I see something new – or Lee in a tux.. which is just as good 😉

                So to answer your question of should you watch the back end of season 4: everyone is different..
                My view is: Yes, the episodes are not great.. there is no denying it. But they still have value. And I still had lots of fun recaping them! There are still some gems to discover in these episodes.. some fabulous Lee and Amanda moments.. or just Lee moments- ( Lee on the phone to Amanda: ‘ I want it hot! tonight! with my wife’ – but.. he was talking about beef wellington LOL!!) definitely worth watching for. But I understand why you would question it! If you want to read my thoughts about the individual episodes that would mean exposing you to spoilers! So I won’t direct you to where they are.. (email me if you want me to!)

                I would suggest though that you watch them – watch for the little gems which are there, and console yourself with the rest of us that it ended the way it did.. and that it ended at all!

                I am sorry it is going to take me soooooo long to get to season four to watch them- I would LOVE to recap along with you as you watch them!


                • Hi, IWSOD. Thank you very much for your thoughtful answer to my question about the value of watching the final episodes of S4. Your way of dealing with the last part of S4 is actually exactly what I’m doing with S3. I’ve never read about any episodes of SMK before seeing them myself, so that’s an on-going pattern, but with S3, I’m watching one a week, max., then writing up my first impressions and posting them on the forum. From there, I can go back and read people’s earlier comments and “talk” with them about their new comments. It’s working out nicely. (This weekend, “The Wrong Way Home” is up.) I do feel sad sometimes, knowing that the number of episodes that I’ve never seen is dwindling, but just recently, I’ve been feeling better about this situation because I really enjoy going back to episodes I’ve seen before–obviously! And frankly, that’s life! Nothing lasts forever, but that shouldn’t dampen our enjoyment of the present, right? I’m just happy and grateful that I found SMK at all, as well as other people who love it as much as I do. Thanks for providing me with the chance to make more SMK buddies.


                  • Hiya Redgold! I am glad to have you for an SMK buddy!! 😀

                    Yes I do the same thing – don’t read anyone’s comments before I write about an episode.. I look forward to reading your thoughts on season 3 when I get up to it! ( wish I could go faster!! but.. I’ve got only so much time to spend on SMK 😦 )

                    Maybe this is silly, but I remember thinking, when contemplating just not watching the final four epiosdes, that KJ must have gone to hell and back during that time – and that she dragged herself in to work – to get those final four episodes done.. and that also makes them worth watching – just because of the courage she displayed so we can have those final four.. I am in awe of how tough those final months of smk must have been for her!

                    Are you going to wait till the official dvds are out for season 4? I have never seen any season 4 eps in clear quality – other than the stems and nightcrawler – because they were released on video ( yes remember what that is ?!) I am excited to have offical dvds.. and work through all the episodes.. so much fun is ahead of us 🙂


                    • IWSOD, I don’t think that’s silly at all. In fact, I think you’ve provided a fantastic reason for watching the last four episodes. And that’s exactly what I now plan to do, full of gratitude for KJ’s inspired work on SMK and especially for her recovery from cancer.

                      I’ll wait until S4 comes out on official DVDs to watch those episodes since I like to see SMK with a good, clear picture. Plus, waiting for the official DVDs will make the whole experience last longer! You’re right–we have a lot of fun ahead of us, buddy!


      • I know, this might not fit with me liking Francine, but Francine playing parts meant for Amanda does not work for me.


      • IWSOD and RedGold, so I’ve been following your thread, and I thought you might like this quote on KJ from TV Guide, July 18-24, 1987 (don’t ask):

        Recently, at the end of shooting the season’s episodes of SMK, when it looked as if the series might be canceled, its star, KJ, felt that she was losing control of her life. One day she jumped into her car and drove from Los Angeles to Aspen, Colorado…By the time she reached Aspen, she was in a state of panic. “I was disoriented. I didn’t know if I should go to Alabama, or Beverly Hills, or the Caribbean, or Hawaii. And then I thought: ‘You know what? Wherever you go, you’re going to be there. Why are you so antsy?'” It was as though she’d just been presented with a bill for something she hadn’t even realized she had bought.

        Voice of Paula again: This is what goes through my head when I rewatch late season 4 now, and it does make me a little sad. You have to feel for someone who sacrifices everything for one goal, and it all falls apart regardless. It must have been really difficult for her to let go of that program and step away from it even before it ended.


        • Hi Redgold and Paula..

          Awhhh that quote from KJ is so sad Paula!! I really feel like she really did come through for smk fans, at great cost to herself in the end there – my admiration for KJ as a person grows and grows 🙂

          Ahhh Redgold thanks.. I am glad you understood my meaning.. at the same time – if someone chose not to watch the end of season four I would not accuse them of disregarding KJ’s work or courage with the whole situation either! I hope that makes sense! 🙂 Each to their own.. I am sure some of us have different perspectives on how to approach the ending.

          Wasn’t it also about getting the show to the magic syndication number of 88 episodes? I remember hearing something like that.. and I am glad they got there – because that means 30 years later, the show is still being shown [ ok maybe not in Australia! LOL!] and there was a market out there to buy the dvds from warners.. so in a way, you could argue that if not for KJ’s dedication there would not be so many fans today – and there would be no offical dvds to buy!! ( Just an idea!)

          Anyway, whenever it is I get to season 4 recaps.. I hope you will all be still along for the ride 🙂

          Paula I agree, it is all very bittersweet – real life even intrudes on smk enjoyment from time to time huh.. and I always see smk as my little haven.. my panacea from the troubles of the real world .. Thanks for sharing that quote. I hope KJ is happy now – and that she can ‘look back on that and laugh’ [- to quote Amanda from the first time! 🙂 ] and be proud of what she achieved and happy with the lessons that she learned in that time of her life 🙂 byeeeeeeee


          • I second your appreciation and good wishes for KJ, IWSOD. That quote that Paula provided is sad. And yet, the original fans never forgot SMK, and as you said, IWSOD, more people joined in through exposure to the show in syndication, and now, a whole new group of people (including me) are able to relish it in DVD form. People in countries all over the world now have those DVDs! (Personally, I use the German versions to study that language–honest!) There must be a lot of satisfaction for KJ, BB, and the other actors and creators in that. At least, I hope there is! Think of all the pleasure SMK continues to give, twenty-five years after the last episode aired! It’s astonishing, really. SMK has a quality that never grows old.


  8. “That $%&* took my car!”
    “Nevermind your car, what about my clipboard??

    Too funny 😀

    Yeah, it’s so adorable how she brushes at his jacket. She obviously just wants to throw her arms around him, but they’re not quite that comfortable with each other yet. Love those little early moments when they’re still tiptoeing around each other


  9. I love how when Lee takes another man’s uniform (here and in “Reach for the Sky”), the uniform fits perfectly! The guard in this episode is noticeably shorter and stockier than Lee, for example. I guess that everything Lee wears looks dapper on him. (Except for Dean’s plaid jacket and hat; even Lee can’t save those particular items of clothing.)

    I also appreciate how the name “Bahamian Dream” transforms itself in “Bohemian Thing” over the course of the episode.

    Cindy, you’re not the only one who’s thought of the tiny buttons on Lee’s shirt. I’m sure that I saw a fanfic written about that very scenario once. It’s so cute the way Amanda blows on his hand at one point and then says, “Put your little hand back in” and tucks it in his jacket. I think that’s a Southern figure of speech–“little hand,” “little fingers,” etc.


  10. Yep – you guessed it — the problem I have with the postfreezer (there, that’s one word) scene is — other than the fact you should never rub suspected frost bitten or nipped skin because you could do more damage — how would Lee manage undoing that tie and those teeny tiny buttons on his shirt? come on! — yes, I am shallow, but throw me some gratuitous shots of Amanda trying to unbutton his shirt (even if we don’t see anything and she is wincing like she did when she opened the bathroom door in “Weekend”). I think I deserve that much since I am trying to banish the image of the Polka Dot King’s polka dot skivvies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haaaaa!! My thoughts exactly, right down to the polka-dot skivvies. And the frostbite thing is just another instance of making Amanda look dumb. They definitely could have played up Lee’s physical dependence on Amanda more in that scene, and it would have been more rewarding.


      • Hi Cindy and Paula.. ahhh so that’s it!! Well as an Australian I have no idea how to treat or not treat frostbite so it didn’t bother me 🙂 – but a hug would definitely been a better errr ‘treatment’ – that for me made Amanda look dumb- not making the most of the opportunity 😉 haaaaa!

        Yeah it feels a bit like a missed opportunity for some Lee and Amanda sexual tension here.. but I figure the show was trying not to ramp things up too much in that department at this stage.(if anything they were trying to scale things back- just a theory!) and as much as I miss it.. I think they did the right thing..

        See now in Australia ‘Skivvies’ are turtlenecks.. so again that doesn’t bother me haaaa..

        Also, I didn’t think Lee was so cold he was frostbitten.. he was still moving and still (trying) to crack a joke – plus he still had to catch the bad guys so they couldn’t have him be too cold.. he was cold for sure.. but he wasn’t a Lee popsicle yet 😉
        At least this is how I interpreted it..


      • Any idea when the first aid treatment changed for hypothermia? Was it accurate in the 1980s? I know there’s another SMK scene where Lee’s ribs have been taped after an altercation with the bad guys (ACM Kid?) and that’s a no-no these days too. And I recall a scene on Hart To Hart (and wanting to scream) where they put butter on a burn, which they did back then, but now you should put the burn under cold water.

        I forgot about the hypothermia treatment before you mentioned that. I should probably take a refresher course. I think now they suggest warmth (blankets) and body heat (so a hug would have been even better). And having Lee change into the uniform was necessary for the plot, but probably a bad move on his part!


    • so a skivvy in Australia is a turtleneck. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂
      (and you should too next time you are over here and someone to show you their skivvies :P)
      The rubbing the arms thing bugged me because Amanda is supposed to be an expert in camping and outdoor survival. She should know basic first aid. At Redgold — yes, I agree with you. They finally found an outfit he couldn’t save.


  11. Is that the first time she has ever hurt anyone?

    Well, she sure dropped some tires on the baddies, but those baddies of course thought she was scarecrow, so does it count anyway? I do think so.


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