6/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Tag Time- and Dotty in her dressing gown is still wearing heels, slipper heels!! The woman is amazing!  Amanda remarks they will have raised tons of money for charity thanks to this event..
Dotty: Well I’m not surprised. I mean the public loves a good scandal. Oh can you imagine arresting a man like Jerry Perrine?!! I can’t believe it! Federal agents swarming all over the place Ohhhh Amanda it must have been so exciting! Ha! Mrs Coleman must have been beside herself!

Love Amanda’s response: Oh yes mother, Mrs Coleman was definitely beside herself Smile
She really was- thanks to Amanda’s bohemian flings!

Whoo love Dotty’s nightcap of galliano and milk ( maybe she and Mrs Coleman could get along after all Winking smile ) Dotty wants to hear all about the drama.. but Amanda says there isn’t much she can tell her ( which is true!)..
Dotty: Amanda! you are not much for details are you! I am going to go upstairs and watch it all on the 11 o’clock news!.. wish you could tell me more! (Dotty is learning not to bother asking! or at least not to expect an answer!)

Amanda: me too mother. Good night.. Awh!! These two are great together aren’t they!

With Dotty heading upstairs, Lee taps on Amanda’s window.. man.. just how much does Lee watch Amanda and Dotty through the window?!!

You can practically feel the excitement oozing from Lee as he holds it in waiting for Amanda to slowly and quietly close the family room doors! Then, he wordlessly lifts the keys and dangles them with a big grin! I swear he is such a little boy here it’s adorable!! and Amanda is a great friend to be excited with: she doesn’t dampen his excitement at all and shares it! awhhh!
(how cute are they!! the key looks like a tiny key huh!)
Lee: Haaaa.. I picked it up today.. Hohhhh!!! pulls the road right up and corners like a track racer [I’m assuming that’s good! Winking smile ]
Amanda: you got a car!

Lee: haaa yeah yeah and it’s great! ….
S2E05_Charity.flv_002647240anyway, so I was out testing it out.. and I sort of errr.. [Lee waves his arms around!]…wound up over here

Amanda: Ohhh.
Lee: and errr… Well I mean [more arm waving! Winking smile] S2E05_Charity.flv_002655320you were there when I lost the other one and I thought maybe you errrrrr??…[ Lee signals out towards the car, not actually finishing the question.. but non verbally asking!]

Amanda: Ohh well you know.. I’m really glad that you came over and told me about it and maybe sometime I’ll get to take a ride in it. Smile
Lee: yeah, count on it….
I mean we will be working on another assignment err..
Amanda: Right.. I’ll count on it Smile

What a great Tag huh!! Sooo much going on!! Smile Where to start?!
1Woohoo-1It is quite a milestone that finally Lee is assuming Amanda has an ongoing place in his life- and he will be seeing errr ‘working’ with her again in the future! Purlease! They are friends now.. but hey small steps for Lee.. and admitting he will work with Amanda in the future is a big step for him! Another indication of Lee moving into a new phase in his life.. new car.. new work partner.. new season Open-mouthed smile 

This is another tag where Lee gets a little tongue tied and waving his arms around searching for 111words..1Emoticon cheekywink you know like in the mole where they are not.. you know *as he waves his arms around* involved! Winking smile

Isn’t it interesting that Lee ‘sort of’ ended up at Amanda’s???!!!!!   Open-mouthed smile   I think it is because he enjoys her company, and knew she would be happy for him, excited with him and understand how much it means to him.

Also, I think he wanted to include her in his joy because – she did save his life.. and he has a way of indirectly saying thank you to her! Open-mouthed smile He would have really enjoyed taking her for a ride in it..but at this stage, I don’t think he really analyses what that says about their relationship- too scaryscared0010!

What do you think? should Amanda have gone with Lee?

You may feel differently, but I am really glad Amanda didn’t jump at the chance, and that she turned him down – all while being very 2Womanencouraging to him.. she is a clever lady! Good for her I say, he can’t just show up at her house whenever he wants.. it isn’t work related and she isn’t always available for him! and.. they don’t have a relationship yet where he has ‘earned’ that kind of access!!!!! Plus, she is in her nightgown, it’s definitely not going to happen!! Judging from what Dotty said about going up to watch the ll o’clock news- it must be nearly 11pm! that is very late to be showing up at Amanda’s window!!

When it is a matter of national security and it can’t wait 11 o’clock would be ok.. but.. to share with Amanda your good news.. while great- nope buddy! You don’t have the kind of relationship for that (Yet!). Amanda is not available whenever and however! But isn’t it fun to watch their progress??!!!  holding hands thuddy 

One last thought.. I found myself wondering if this is ‘the first time’ Lee has stopped by to find S2E05_Charity.flv_002657240Amanda dressed in her nightgown- then I realised: ‘the first time’ he met her she was in her nightgown! S1E01_FirstTime.flv_000295253LOL! I realised.. Season one opens, in ‘the first time’,  with Amanda in her nightgown, and ends with her in her nightgown!! I don’t think this is a coincidence because we also S1E01_FirstTime.flv_000268226see Lee’s waiter’s outfit from where they met in ‘the first time’  [and where Lee said his first words to Amanda: Just Walk With Me! Smile] for most of this episode!S2E05_Charity.flv_000796920

In both episodes, Amanda helps  waiter Lee out of a tight spot!! So we see both characters have come full circle here Smile I love stuff like this!! well done smk!! A brilliant way to end Season one ( and yes if you hadn’t noticed I think this was the final episode of the season!)

Byeeeee for now Smile Feedback? or Questions? Anything you would like to rave about? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this tag!!!


24 responses to “6/6 Season Two, Episode 5: Charity Begins at Home-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. OH SQUEAL! OH SQUEAL! OH SQUEAL! I never noticed the clothing thing before and now I’m just about losing my mind. That is so awesome! I just LOVE stuff like that!

    Did we ever hear why the ep didn’t air in Season 1? I remember thinking it was weird S1 only has 21 and S2 has 23 eps. Ticks me off.


    • My theory on the episode imbalance is that they knew the 1984 Olympics wee going to cause chaos in Los Angeles, so they held back an episode in case they couldn’t get stuff finished in time for the 1984 fall tv season. They got around filming difficulties by decamping to Europe to film those five episodes but then they would have had to get them all edited and scored etc once they were back in LA, and who knew how fast they could do that.


  2. I love this tag – Lee so excited about his new ride and eager to show it off to Amanda … and then she gives him the brush off. Amanda has consistently turned down Lee’s invitations (tacit and overt), like refusing his offer of a drink, turning down his chili dog, etc.

    I think Lee is unused to not having a woman fall at his feet, and that makes Amanda more intriguing to him. At the same time, it’s got to be hard for a guy with Lee’s ego to get put off again and again – perhaps that plays into his reluctance to acknowledge and pursue his interest in Amanda? Fear of rejection?

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    • Good thought about Lee’s ego and fear of rejection. There’s a good discussion of this at iwsod’s recap of the tag in ??? (I can’t remember the episode). The tag where Lee invites Amanda to the Kennedy Center concert . . . is it the first episode of S. 3 ??? Maybe you’ve read it already, but I enjoyed everyone’s thoughts about why he asked her out the way he did. 🙂


  3. Boy Lee sure can buy a new car quickly! He picked it up today?! Now is today the same day they arrested everyone (which given Dotty’s questioning suggests that to me) or is this a few days later?
    Anyway it’s lovely that he’s so excited about his new toy the first person he thinks to share it with is Amanda. Nice 🙂
    Should she have gone? You betcha. I would have. As others have said she needed to embrace spontaneity a bit more. I don’t see her saying no for any other reason than it was late and she wasn’t dressed, lets be honest she jumps to it any other time Lee asks 😉
    I wish they had kept this as the final for S1, works so much better especially with the symmetry of clothing with TFT (not that I noticed but now it’s been pointed out I can see it). The line from Lee where he says I am sure we will be working on another assignment…..nice ending to a first season with him acknowledging their unofficial partnership 😀
    Love his hand waving, I wonder in he would do that playing poker, it’s a definite “tell” of his.


  4. I can totally see your point about her not going, and how Lee can’t expect her to come running whenever he shows up. 🙂

    But I think I’d have preferred it if she’d gone, nightie and all. It would have been really fun and spontaneous, and that spontaneity is what was missing from her life and what she’s getting out of her friendship with Lee at this point. It would have been a great season finale to see them whizzing off in the night.

    I like how his new car is silver like the old one, because he’s a knight in shining armour or something. In my head, anyway 😛


    • Lee.. if you are out there – Paula Anne and Cindy are ready to take you up on that ride! LOL!!

      I think things work out so well for Amanda in the end – I wouldn’t do it any differently 🙂 but.. I see what you mean! 🙂 haaa..

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      • I bet Dotty would have gone 😀

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      • If Lee was going to take all his fangirls for a ride, he should have bought a double decker bus or something :p

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        • Oh dear!! see now that is one of the reasons I love Amanda not going ( btw – I also love that some of you feel differently and share it that is great! we don’t all have to agree 🙂 ) – I loved that Amanda was not one of his fan girls.. and remember in we’re off to see the wizard- we get to see just how many fan girls Lee had – oh boy!! Amanda saying No to Lee’s joyride is different.. Amanda is different to any other woman he has met.. and I just love that! I guess in this I am an over the top romantic! ( whereas at other times when some see romance I don’t see any! LOL!! I’m weird haaa)

          Anne, it’s funny you should mention a double decker bus for Lee – he and Amanda ride on top of one at the beginning of the next episode – To Catch a Mongoose!! 😀 haaaaa byeee! Lovely to hear from you!! ( are you in London? I need some help with scotland yard geography! and well maybe London geography in general.. so would love to hear a local point of view on the London episode!!! )

          Byeee for now!

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      • Ah, no. I’m a hick from the north of England and I’ve only been to London twice (once just passing through) so I’m as lost there as any other tourist. 🙂

        Yes, I know Amanda’s not a fangirl who’s falling at Lee’s feet like his other floozies. She doesn’t generally come running when he snaps his fingers and I think he’s realised this by now; she’s certainly let him know in the past when he’s tried to take advantage of her (when he called her over to feed his fish in SBTB, for example)

        I don’t think it would have come across that way (in my eyes) if she’d gone with him this time; it would have felt more like two friends doing something fun on the spur of the moment, to celebrate the case and his new car. Just a one-off. But no worries, there’ll be lots of time for that kind of thing in the future 😀


      • @Anne — OMH — I was just going to post the same thing about Dotty. She certainly has a wild streak, doesn’t she? Funny how she is always trying to get her daughter to loosen up, but was trying to marry her off to Dean.


      • I definitely would have gone – sleepwear and all.
        When I was sixteen, I asked my parents for a silver Porsche. I got a Toyota Celica, but hey at least it was silver!!!!


      • Hm, I got a ’76 Dodge Aspen. It was maroon and I had to share it with my brother. We called it the “churchmobile.” Makes that Celica sound about as nice as a Porsche.


    • I agree with Anne. I see your points why she said no, but I wanted her to say yes. I was probably yelling at her to say yes. (This is why no one will watch tv with me.) After all, she isn’t opposed to going out in public in her nightgown…she did it in “The First Time!” I don’t know how she had the stamina to say no.

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      • Yeah, but she didn’t care who saw her in her flannel nightie when she was with DullDean. I guess things have changed for her too.


        • Good point Cindy! It is interesting to compare how Amanda’s look changes over the course of the show – become almost exactly like Francine in season 4.. both stylish and professional.. I was thinking about Amanda taking Dean to the train station the other day – and I thought.. surely if she is dropping him off in her nightie she wouldn’t park the car and walk him to his train? LOL! but.. so glad she did 😉 Wouldn’t it have been fabulous to have Lee reference that fact one day? ( err he doesn’t does he at least I don’t think so..)

          Thanks for stopping by Cindy – I love to hear from you!! I love to hear from all of you! Byeee


      • Hi guys.. as I mentioned in the comments on of ‘waiting for season 4 dvd’ – tiff’s tagalogue for this episode has Amanda change her mind and go with Lee for a drive in his new car afterall 🙂

        So for a bit of wish fulfilment you can check it out at:

        ‘Tiff’ has written a tagalogue for each smk episode which takes the episode just that little bit further – they are the only fan fic I read ( they take what 3 minutes to read?! It’s all I have time for at the moment! ) but they are very well done – and if you read this Tiff, thanks so much for continuing to share them with all us smk fans!

        I haven’t read them all.. but I am trying to read them now as I work my way through. Hope you enjoy them 🙂


  5. This is great! I didn’t catch all those parallels to The First Time in this one until now. It makes perfect sense this would be the season 1 closer. The writers did a nice job with this. Too bad the producers didn’t make it the season 1 closer in airing.

    I agree that it’s more reasonable that Amanda wouldn’t go with Lee on a ride at 11:00 in her nightgown, but if it were me…uh-uh. We’d be flying toward those very un-D.C.-looking mountains down the turnpike in that ‘vette and mother wouldn’t know what happened! Call me spontaneous that way.


    • Yeah, I’d go too 😉


    • Cool! glad you enjoyed it Paula 🙂 I felt going through the episode that I saw alot more this time than I had any other time I had seen it.. some may believe these touches are what we choose to see – and that’s cool – but i’m of the opinion that the smk writers knew they were doing these things and were alot smarter than they got credit for! – probably because when they did stuff up they did it in ridiculous ways.. LOL!

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  6. Isn’t this a great tag? And believe it or not, I agree with you that it was good that Amanda did not accept his offer of a ride, and for the reasons you mentionned. (If he were shirtless, I may be forced to change my mind Ha ha!).
    And thanks for pointing out the full circle of Lee in his waiter’s uniform, Amanda in her nightgown and the ‘death’ of his belived porsche (especially after his passionate rant about not letting the valet touch his baby in episode one and telling Amanda that you don’t love a car, but you sure can become attached to it in this one).
    I don’t know if these touches were intentional by the writers, but they are there. 🙂
    (Just an aside, I would think after what had happened to his porsche — which I adored, btw – he would be very vigilent about taking his car keys with him. Nope! I think I should keep a running tally of how many times Lee leaves his keys in the ignition. I guess with all the spies running around the Washington area, there isn’t room for run-of-the-mill car thieves. )


    • Oh yes.. was prepared for people to disagree with me on this one.. tee hee

      Good call on Lee’s baby being the porsche.. it just adds to that idea of Lee saying goodbye to his err childhood haaa.

      Oh yes sooo true – how could lee have left his keys in the ignition so often? I thought maybe the corvette was secretly like Kit in Knight Rider and would have gased anyone who tried to drive Lee’s car 😉

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