3/6 Season One, Episode 19: Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King

We continue with this episode, to find the baddie searching Amanda’s home for the book – cool shot there – like he is being watched by 47a spy camera!!  Uh oh biker moustache Carlo has a knife!! (hope it’s a bendy one!) He hears 48Amanda and Dotty arrive home so he hides in the hall closet waiting for his moment..

Whoo another clue of what Dotty knows of Amanda’s job..
Dotty: You should have come right home. I know you have business obligations, you’ve always been very responsible when it comes to things like that, but we should have come right home.
Amanda: Well . . .
Dotty: Did they like your work?
Amanda: They didn’t say.
Dotty: Ah, well, you see? That is big business for you. Ninety words a minute, no mistakes, and they 49haven’t even got the decency to say thank you.  It is a big company, isn’t it?
Amanda: Here. I want you to sit down just for a minute. [Dotty has a seat, but is a little impatient with Amanda making her sit still!Winking smile ] I want to try to explain something to you and it’s, uh, it’s a little difficult to explain —
50[I remember thinking when I first saw this – oh noooo!! don’t say anything too revealing-Carlo is waiting in the closet ready to pounce!! I think if she had given anything away he would have acted- he already suspects Dotty is intelligence]

Amanda gives her ‘Pinto! Pinto!’ monologue.. some people love this little story.. Me? not so much.. I find it goes on too long… I was agreeing with Dotty- Amanda is there a point? (thank goodness her dog’s name wasn’t Carlo! If she had yelled that he might have come out! Winking smile )
Dotty: And you thought I was bugging you about 51your work? Amanda, you know me better than that! I wouldn’t pry into your life. I mean, I have too much of my own life to worry about.
52Amanda: Well, I’m glad to hear it, Mother, because . . . you wouldn’t approve and you’d worry.
53Dotty: Yeah.

Oh yeah- that will put Dotty’s mind at ease Amanda!! Did Amanda hit her head when she was thrown on the road??!!! Poor  Dotty.. that just makes things worse! Although I love how she is all ‘yeah!’ and then realises what Amanda said is something she should worry about! 🙂 Love Dotty!!

Why doesn’t biker Mo attack Dotty when she is putting away her coat? any explanation for it? Hmm.. maybe it’s because he is hoping to not be noticed.. but then Amanda goes to put the toys in the closet and he pounces- because she has the bag with the book in it (he thinks).. No no! I know- he was waiting for the scary threatening music to kick in before making his move!!! ( Haa  there goes Deaf Dotty again – ignoring terrified Amanda screams.. ) oh .. and look! It seems the baddie doesn’t know how to use his knife! He should have gone with the bendy model- he hurt himself!.54 Love the gag with Dotty coming 55back for a Hammer!
56Dotty: Amanda, don’t we have a better hammer 57than this? See if you can find a box of nails.1HaHaHa

58Love how Lee rushes to Amanda after her ‘semi-hysterical phone call’! He is a little doubtful about it, but he still does it1love eyes
We catch up with the baddies, they’re back at Keene’s to patch up Carlo’s cut.. and show some more of annoying Keene’s grovelling.. ugh! Hmm this is interesting! What’s wrong with this line:
Carlo: I cut it at the King house.
Why is he calling it the ‘King’ house??? He has
59the details of Dotty West!!! He shouldn’t know the name King!!!

Ahh here is that theme again.. sound familiar?
Keene: . . . . Look, everybody knows that I’m a very generous man, and a man that, that, uh, you know, 60doesn’t think of himself or his safety, you know, before his friends.
Carlo’s partner: Friends?
Keene: Or – or business associates.
Very interesting!! It seems the bad guys struggle with this concept too Winking smile Uh oh.. Carlo’s fed up.. if he doesn’t get the book back tomorrow, ‘the woman dies’! eek!

Lee arrives at Amanda’s –Love how he 61immediately jumps in with ‘ are you alright?!!’ and she tells him what happened- Tee heee… Wouldn’t you mention he was the same guy who mugged you 62first? hm.. guess this way is more dramatic! Amanda hasn’t been tied in with anything worth killing for Lee? (ok.. maybe for one whole week!!) Everything Amanda is involved in that seems innocent and straightforward never is!! come on Lee! you should know by now !! Smile Even if it is nothing to do with the agency, it very quickly becomes something to do with the agency Winking smile 

How about this for swoonworthy: “I know what you’re thinking Amanda, I’ve already got a security team setting up right now, so no more unexpected guests.
1thuddy– whooooowww!!! and that was before he had even spoken to her! go Lee!!! You charmer you!! Oh my.. the smile he gives her when she says thank you…… whtowthwogtahgathyg

64Amanda: Thank you.
65Lee: Alright. 1thuddy
Dotty calls out to Amanda and Amanda turns to answer her, and Lee dashes off while her back is turned! Hey it’s been a while since he’s done that!! Love Amanda’s
66expression when she realises.. ugh! he did it again!! When is that man going to learn some manners! I love these little moments in season one.. I miss them in later seasons!

I shall finish up there for now.. and do a Lee! vanish!! – Till next time!! byeee

3 responses to “3/6 Season One, Episode 19: Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I’m with you – these little moments in season one are THE BEST! I so wish they had included more of these light-hearted, funny, but oh so romantic moments in seasons three and four!


  2. Meh I am so over the Pinto ramble. I love how Dotty starts to think Amanda is trying to tell her she’s dying but refuses to believe it. Dying yep sure, of boredom after that Amandaramble!!!
    Karlo’s knife looks super shiny and not at all bendy. I do like a bad guy who takes care of his equipment. Look after it and it will serve you for life. Until you get arrested. Or shot.
    Um Dotty are you never going to ask why Amanda is standing with a meat tenderiser in her hand?! Fearless Dotty?! Oblivious Dotty more like.
    Ah Lee you come in and protect Amanda. Well you arrange for others to do it but hey it’s the thought that counts.

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  3. I just watched this episode again this morning. I forgot how hysterically (unintentionally?) funny it is. Amanda’s Pinto speech – you have to feel for Dotty – how could she not think Amanda was dying after that piece of dialogue? I think you are right, Amanda must have hit her head pretty hard during the mugging. I like your theory about Carlo waiting for the menancing music to make his entrance. I guess in a dark closet it would be easy to miss your cue. Bendy knife – ha ha ha! I’ll sign off for now, I’m piggy backing my phone on the home wifi and it’s a real pain in the neck

    Liked by 1 person

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